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  • A drawing for a friend who is hardcore simping for this rad dude

    #aero diddlydoots#lethal league #lethal league switch #huh #not a lot of tags for this fandom? #oh well #here you go you fucking simp #literally the most complicated pose I've ever done #and this motherfucker was hard to draw #but I don't hate this so #nice
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  • #what a strange analogy? #oh well#asks#hahahahaha
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  • A quick drawing of Kuroko.

    I’m always torn between wanting to call him my son and wanting to call him my little brother.

    #kuroko no basuke #kuroko tetsuya#knb#黒子のバスケ#黒子テツヤ#黒バス #ebw.op #drawing#whiteboard #ahh the actual marker color is a lot prettier than this #but it looked darker when i took the pic and it only got darker still when i adjusted the contrast #so i tried to adjust the color but i couldn't get it quite right #it's not vibrant enough #oh well #teach me to draw things at night i guess lmao
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  • 23 hrs ago you said “appreciate u”

    i said it back, but i hope that this isnt our last conversation for a while :(

    #i wanna talk to you forever #jesus christ there will always be a piece missing in me until you return #im so fucked up over you #fucking pathetic#oh well
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  • new theme, who dis?

    #theres a weird thing happening with some of the blockquotes that i can't figure out #it happened on another theme i did once before and i fixed it but i can't rmember how... #oh well #now i need to update my mobile theme hmm #nicole.txt
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  • Lesson of the day: do not dye your hair on your own without your glasses on and no one around to tell you where all the colour went

    #spoiler alert #it went everywhere #oh well #gonna have some purple ears for a few days #fabi's foolishness
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  • I got lazy and redownloaded the tumblr app for my phone. And it’s still not great, but I figured out how to add to my queue when reblogging so that’s cool.

    #except for when I don’t hit it quite right and just reblog it #oh well
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  • Second week done. In all honesty, this week has been pretty rough for me, so I’m glad I’ve still managed to post every day, even though it’s been around midnight every time. Something’s better than nothing, though, right?

    Fire - Water - Electricity - Wind - Plant - Ice - Earth

    I’ve figured out a few more things about posting on here, like having an actual profile picture and titles that make sense and tagging stuff so that it can actually be found. I might end up discontinuing @seven-reblogs in favor of reblogging stuff here, just not at the same time that I post my own writing. I’ll sort that out at some other point though.

    Other writeblrs, if you find this post and are intrigued by my writing or would like me to check out yours, please interact! I am always looking to find more people here. I particularly enjoy poetry and short stories, but I will try to look at longer WIPs as well!

    My next series will be Cardinal Sins. Yes, it’s a bit clichéd, but that means that I can actually write it while on low-energy mode. I’m hoping to establish a buffer but if I keep falling behind my next series might be a set of 6 or 12 to give me a day off. Eventually, I’d like to start doing more creative things with the seven-days format, like having a continuing thread throughout the week, but for now whatever keeps me writing and posting consistently is the best.

    Thank you for all your support so far, I’ve really enjoyed interacting with you all and I’m so looking forward to spending more time here! ♡

    #elements series#poetry#writeblr #meet other writers #writing community #writers on tumblr #short story collection #poetry collection#daily writing #daily writing challenge #poets on tumblr #poets corner #you may have noticed that the original names were based on #genshin impact elements #but i decided that that wasn't very easy to understand #so i changed 'anemo' to 'wind' and whatnot #but 'dendro' was hard to recreate #plant? growth? #still not sure what's best for that #oh well #it turned out alright
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  • ….

    #I don't wanna complain #but it is sad to me when one of my gifsets fails to hit the 100 notes mark #even if ir is like 20 reblogs and 80 likes #at least it would've hit the 100 mark #some of my gifsets #are either a big hit (in my standards) or just nothing #hamsi.txt #oh well #like the Japanese would say #it can't be helped
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  • *sees other fics getting hundreds of comments, try not to get sad at my 1 comment, gets sad anyway*

    #thank u one comment person :'( #i must reconcile with the fact i do not write popular content #i used to get slightly more then people dropped off #oh well #such is the way of internet fandom i suppose #work hours do not equal engagement
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  • lmao they tried to integrate vibez vid and it officially crashed

    #OH WELL #i have a meeting at 11 anyway
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  • Me, fixating on Hetalia when I haven’t finished my Yunolink fics yet?

    Its more likely than you think!

    #look #im moving this month #my mental and physical health is tanking #and i just want to play video games and write angst about a ghost falling in love with a human #so forgive me #for not doing my duty for the fandom #besides #all 14 of the yunolink week fics will be posted eventually #just #when i get around to them #oh well
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  • moodboard: jeremy x kol

    #jeremy x kol #the vampire diaries #thevampirediariesedit#tvd#tvdedit#my moodboards #im like 30 percent sure they had a ship name btu i can no longer rember it #oh well #they were quality and also anotehr great example of a ship that would have Def happend if one of them was a girl #they are also a ship that i foetn forget exists #bc yeah they are built mostly off imagination but thats not rare and also they have good ass base #but its the fact that in tvd i gave mostly no shits abotu kol but he still existed as that actor #so like when he came to theorginals i honestly forgot every stroyline he had been in in tvd #and it took me a while to line the two same characters up lol #i knwo they went back to his actor at somepoint #but to s2 is my sweet spot lol #idk what im even talkign about #liek i know btu idk why #im just talkign about nothing pretty much #just my boring thoughts on kol i guess lol
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  • image

    the sweetest lil set

    #my face #yes im aware u can’t see the top #oh well #also yeah i don’t have a waist fuck off about it #:-) #girl with tattoos #lingerie
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  • Oh Arahabaki I have an idea but it’ll need energy and I don’t have that right now.

    #oh well #stores in the drafts #see you in a month! #hana rambles
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  • goodnight

    #meow #idont remember if i already said it or not and ive been on this websie for 5 seconds only. #oh well
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  • atsumu runs his hands through his hair when hes frustrated. atsumu will hold people accountable and expects the same. atsumu bottles up his true emotions until he bursts. atsumu wants someone to hold his hand in the middle of the night and tell him it will be ok. atsumu wants someone to say “i’m proud of you” because he doesnt get words of reassurance since everyone thinks he already gets a lot. atsumu will snap at you, but from a place of love and because of the comfort he feels when he is with you. atsumu wants someone to understand that while he does have flaws, they do not make up all of who he is.

    #this doesnt make sense does it #oh well #kinda wanna write for haikyuu #atsumu miya #haikyuu!! #HQ#head canons #atsumu x reader
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  • Ace culture is sitting in bed with your partner and talking about a Barbie makeover website you used to play.

    #original #ace culture is #ace culture#asexuality#asexual#actually ace #I think they were annoyed by it XD #oh well #I broke up with them later on down the line lmao #not bc of the bed thing #nah turns out I’m just a non-partnering aroace
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  • Yesterday I was having a mf peaceful day

    Like I was working on just a friend, I got a chem lab done, enjoying playing some Minecraft with the homies ya know




    so the plan is for me to hopefully finish up like 3 chapters of just a friend maybe 🤡

    but also now I have to plan to rig his place with tnt and call him to court

    #Feature#it is#7:43 am #I’m supposed to be paying attention in class #oh well
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  • Cuddy, Luke. BioShock and Philosophy : Irrational Game, Rational Book. Chichester, West Sussex, Uk ; Malden, Ma, John Wiley And Sons, Inc, 2015.

    This book is one of my favorites for discussing the inherent political and philosophical issues in games. The Bioshock franchise has a lot to say about rejecting control and programming, be it the programming of polite society (“would you kindly”) or the more metaphorical rejection of a tyrannical parent’s expectations (Elizabeth Comstock’s entire character arc), and these myriad messages are parsed and considered through numerous philosophical and sociological frameworks. It constantly questions the ethical and moral implications of the many decisions a player can make in these games and pushes many varying views on the arcs of the different characters. It is a fascinating look at how games can help develop a critical mind towards structures in power through consistent diegetic writing and references to prominent (and wrong, in Ayn Rand’s case) thinkers in its scant dialogue.

    Dyer-Witheford, Nick, and Greig De Peuter. Games of Empire : Global Capitalism and Video Games. Minneapolis, University Of Minnesota Press, 2009.

    Yet another book to feature leftist views on the history of gaming (this entry was written like third to last chronologically), this one is more concerned about how technology that was once used to code subversive counter-culture gaming experiments in the 1970’s has since been expropriated to further capitalist and neocolonial interests and goals. As visual mass media like films and video games and TV has since supplanted print media (posters and print ads), all sorts of insidious agendas and troubling trends can and have been implanted subtly into what we normally consume, such as the glorification of warmongering and conquest games that then link through to the literal army website for enlistment.

    The book itself is a critique of late stage capitalism and neoliberal interests that have made up the backbone of real-life simulation games like Second Life and America’s Army, and a galling look at the slimy ways we are fed ideology through games. 

    Guillaume De Laubier, and Jacques Bosser. Sacred Spaces : The Awe-Inspiring Architecture of Churches and Cathedrals. New York, Abrams, 2018.

    Growing up in a majority Catholic country with a highly devout grandmother and many aunts and uncles subscribing to that grift masquerading as a religion meant getting dragged to upwards of 40 church ceremonies and a lot of subtle proselytizing and covert conversions. All it did for me was make me fall in love with the gaudy excesses of its aesthetic sensibility. This book feeds my irrepressible need to look at Gothic architecture and stained glass and informs a lot of my aesthetic choices. The photography of church interiors and descriptive passages of the historical significance of Gothic architecture in relation to churches constantly informs my many aesthetic choices as both a goth and an agnostic/Jewish designer fascinated with the aesthetics of high Catholic camp and excess.  

    Hernandez, Patricia. “The Cyberpunk 2077 Crunch Backlash.” Polygon, 7 Oct. 2020, www.polygon.com/2020/10/7/21505804/cyberpunk-2077-cd-projekt-red-crunch-youtube-jason-schreier-labor-the-witcher-3.

    DISCLAIMER: While I am aware of the opinions surrounding Polygon and its purported corporate agenda, I have elected to source this article regardless, as it is reporting on an important aspect of the industry and the future we as designers have to look forward to as crunch becomes more and more normalised.

    This article details the ways that CDPR (CD Projekt Red) treats its designers and developers, with six day work weeks and broken promises of ending crunch. It also shines a light on how netizens and players respond to negative reporting of this trend and how worryingly apathetic and downright disdainful the responses are. Exploitation isn’t new in any industry, but it scares me that someone could die of overwork and the people they’re slaving away on a game for wouldn’t care because “that’s just the way the industry is”.

    Kakutani, Michiko. The Death of Truth. London, William Collins, 2018.

    This text is invaluable for anyone who cares about how biases in the media they consume changes and warps news based on what they care about, while also addressing the trend of fully fabricated news to scare less informed (and often conservative) constituents further into their holes of prejudice and uneducated opinions. As a media student it’s fascinating to consider, but as a person living in the world it’s downright necessary. The sooner a person is aware of the biases in the media they consume, the faster they can learn the importance of diversifying the voices they listen to and address the blind spots in their information pipelines, and this book is really good at diving into the kind of language and rhetoric to be on the lookout for to parse out bias, which keeps me on my toes about the media I want to put out in the world.

    Löwy, Michael. “Capitalism as Religion: Walter Benjamin and Max Weber.” Historical Materialism, vol. 17, no. 1, 2009, pp. 60–73, www.urbanlab.org/articles/moneyspeak/Lowy%202009%20-%20capitalism%20as%20religion.pdf, 10.1163/156920609x399218. Accessed 28th November 2020.

    This article attempts to interpret one of the socialist critic Walter Benjamin’s reflections on capitalism as a societal framework, and how it had at the time of writing (1920s) come to resemble something closer to a religious cult. The unpublished paper makes allusions to Max Weber’s book The Protestant Work Ethic and The “Spirit” of Capitalism and Ernst Bloch’s (then unpublished) Thomas Münzer as Theologian of the Revolution.

    Currently I believe this critique of capitalism has only become more relevant. He couldn’t have predicted the ravenous cultlike behaviours of Apple fanatics but that’s nothing more than the end point of the behaviours he was critiquing a hundred years ago come to roost. It’s important for people involved in games to understand this and take it to heart if we don’t want the industry to be more overrun with triple A yearly sports releases and the latest instalment of “grizzled white guy with gun and traumatic backstory”.

    Skal, David J. The Monster Show : A Cultural History of Horror. New York, Faber And Faber, 2001.

    This work is basically a historical look at the western media’s depictions of its greatest monsters, often discussing contextually as part of the cultural zeitgeist of any given time. It’s a fascinating look at the intersection of fear and semiotics in our current cultural landscape and additionally details the creation and eventual decline of the Hayes Code and normalisation of queer-coding villains, although my personal viewpoint on the matter is that it would have benefited the text to have delved into monsters and their depictions across nonwestern cultures, because fears (outside the unknown and darkness) aren’t really universal, and it would have made an interesting contrast to see the differences between a traditional western vampire and a manananggal, but I digress.

    Unrelated to its cultural discussions, it also serves as a pretty scathing report of theatre writer pettiness and old Hollywood drama.

    Weber, Max, et al. The Protestant Ethic and the “Spirit” of Capitalism and Other Writings. New York, Penguin Books, 2002.

    This seminal work by turn of the century German theorist Max Weber proposes that a line exists between the puritanical beliefs that heavily relied on working oneself to the bone to be considered a moral person in the eyes of the lord and the eventual rise of industry and capitalism in western Europe. He juxtaposes the Protestant beliefs in productivity for its own sake to wash oneself clean of sin with the way that work under capitalism is presented as a way to contribute to society and, in some instances, repent and atone for transgressions and wrongdoings, arguing that one indelibly led to the other.

    As a socialist (and non-Christian) myself, I believe I should be able to critically analyse the ethics of working myself (and others) to the bone, and why we’re taught it’s good and moral to push ourselves to physical and mental exhaustion. I don’t want my work to be created under conditions that are both spiritually and physically crushing, and this text is paramount to the analysis of so-called worker-oriented games companies and their policies towards worker welfare.

    Woodcock, Jamie. Marx at the Arcade. Haymarket Books, 2019.

    As a socialist myself I found this book to be a great insight into gaming as transgression from the systems of hierarchy around us. In a world where all anyone cares about is money, capital and the almighty bottom line, the idea that taking time for yourself is a revolutionary act fighting capitalism is definitely an interesting one. Yes, there are systems to serve within the game, but it’s a fascinating look at what we can consider transgression from the oppression of real life. Gaming is, according to the writer, an inherently unproductive activity where capital is not served (unless you work for a warcraft gold farming operation), and therefore a revolutionary action where you put yourself first. It can be an outlet for passion, and in some cases a coping mechanism for mental issues. It really made me hopeful in the industry I want to work in. (Disclaimer: I realise this barely scratches the surface of the book but it’s what stood out to me the most and what resonated with me the most.)

    Wright, Alexa. Monstrosity : The Human Monster in Visual Culture. London, I.B. Tauris, 2013.

    Another look at monsterhood, this time analysing our fears through personhood and how we as a culture project our fears on those who are different from us. I did a lot of research on monsterhood and how we see the other as inherently frightening for my final paper for university (which I will eventually upload as a reflective post because I still stand by a lot of it), and I think it’s valuable to know why we’re afraid of things so we can begin to unlearn harmful misconceptions of people who aren’t like us. As someone who wants to work in games art (focusing mainly on character art), I personally want to challenge the fear of the other through my work, and I want to use signifiers that are traditionally thought of as fearful to create more thoughtful art and hopefully help humanise that which was once considered hateful and gross.  

    #annotated bibliography #since apparently i needed one big post for it #i like how i laid mine out better BUT I GUESS I GOTTA DO IT THIS WAY FOR THE SAKE OF SUBMISSION #researchandinquiry #frickin making me redo my whole tag with one post #oh well
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