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  • pathyfindy
    31.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    vent in tags ignore me

    #bbbbhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooh my goooooooooodddddddddddd #literally right when it gets better #every single time it gets better it just. oopsies! pivots down to rock bottom again #great great great great #oh well. i’ll let myself deal with it all tomorrow . goodnight #gonna ahve this looming over my head all the time until it inevitably just woooshhh and makes everything suck again #whatever .it’s my job #STARTING TO THINK maybe i’m not fit for this job hgfjnghh
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  • ambitious-zombie
    31.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Okay, so tentative personal ranking of Dreamcatcher's Summer Holiday is

    Alldaylong - Overall sound is just my thing and the lyrics are so touching, thank you Jiu!

    Whistle - Sucker for whistles in songs and again the lyrics got me 🥺

    BEcause - The creepiness might as well be lost on me bc it's all too beautiful

    Airplane - Sounds like the too sweet ice cream I used to love as a kid

    Heart of a Sunflower - My heart is in shambles? Death by a thousand cuts?? And I would play it again and again???

    Also like, one of my favorite intros ever

    #so many thoughts and feelings #my heart hurts tho 💔🥺💔 #and yes i wouldn't survive a horror movie #oh well #dreamcatcher is just everything I like #they've got me hook line and sinker #what does it take to cancel out one listen of heart of a sunflower? #idk man#kpop
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  • hyper-revenge-sio
    31.07.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    when I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band. he said

    "did we forget Mikey?"

    #asgkgkv sorry this is probably funnier in my head #its also been done before but oh well #my chemical romance #welcome to the black parade
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  • bsdparadise
    31.07.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    How to Move On

    This was originally going to be the death of his son but then I thought to myself, why stop there? Plus Jade seemed eager to read some angst so there's that too :D
    Genre: Angst(?), Very bittersweet tbh
    Pairing: Chuuya Nakahara x GN!Reader
    Word Count: 1.3k
    Synopsis: When you loved him back his heart was full. Now, he must learn to love again without you. In which, Chuuya discovers a note you wrote to your child and how he chooses to move on.

    Watching the light fade from your eyes was probably the worst moment of Chuuya’s life. Death was an inevitable concept. A sort of idea that puzzles the most ingenious minds. But to think a precious soul such as yours could be extinguished so easily.

    Chuuya shifted through boxes. The clouds of dust rising and falling into the air as he moved items to and fro. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for anymore. It had been only thirty minutes since he put down his young son. The little one was happy to hear a story before bedtime. Now, Chuuya was sitting in his bedroom gazing at the large cardboard boxes that held your beloved items.

    He wasn’t sure why he kept them. He honestly shouldn’t have. But the idea of bits and pieces of you being with him were like fragile memories he could never replace. And he was aware that holding onto your memory wasn’t healthy for him.

    He didn’t miss the way people whispered about him at work. Curious to know how he was raising his child without his lover, or intrigued as to why he seemed so hollow inside.

    Chuuya wasn’t sure how to get rid of that pestering feeling. It had bubbled up inside of him and frozen solid. Missing you was the only thing he seemed to remember how to do.

    Life began to feel the same. The vivid routine of getting up, smiling proudly at the child you had left behind for him to care for. He still remembered when you first mentioned the idea of starting a family. He had been so nervous and yet you smiled about it the whole time. He’s not quite sure how to be a father. Not without you by his side at least.

    On the off chance Chuuya gets to take a small break and relax in the wallowing pleasures of his personal indulgences, he tries to think of you. It’s getting harder in all honestly. He can’t quite seem to picture the shade of your eyes anymore. Nor can he recall the sound of your voice in the early mornings. He remembers what you would say and how you would say it. But your laugh and voice are merely an empty blank screen in his mind.

    The boxes were something he always meant to go through. He was always supposed to search through them for bits and pieces of you. But he honestly couldn’t bring himself to pour through them properly. A part of him was scared to move on from your memories.

    If he forgot you, would he move on?

    If he remembered you, would he ever move on?

    Sipping the tangy red wine in his glass, his eyes scanned the edges of a stack of papers. He acknowledged the importance of the stack. To anyone else, it was merely a strange composition of unordinary sheets.

    But to him, they were worth more than thousands of pounds of gold. Brochures of places he promised to take you, ticket stubs of movies he invited you out to, menus of restaurants he had taken you, even the music sheets of his favorite songs.

    He delicately shifted through the papers, carrying them as if they were made of thin layers of glass. Eventually, the bittersweet smile on his lips morphed into a blank frown. He couldn’t do it.

    He could never move on from you. Despite the things people had told him, time didn’t seem to be doing anything but bringing him unresolved pain. A hollow emptiness that not even his child could fill. He didn’t want to blame you for it. He couldn’t blame you. You had just been another victim of fate.

    And he shouldn’t have been surprised either. It wasn’t like the people he loved ended up staying forever. He must have been cursed to never have a forever with someone. Chuuya let out a rough sigh, taking another sip of that wine. It was beginning to taste overpoweringly sweet.

    Pulling the papers out and then back into the box, he was somewhat surprised to hear the sound of crisp paper meeting his senses. He had gone through practically everything in this box. It was growing abundantly clear that there was nothing he could do to avoid the disgustingly bitter taste in his tongue.

    But he reached to the side of the box, pulling out a small crumpled letter. It was strangely petite. He was almost amused at the sight of it but he froze upon seeing the twisting, familiar letters of his child’s name. Your handwriting. A mishmash of everything he loved about you. He had seen it over and over again but knowing it was his child’s name made it feel all the more poetically tragic. Fingers traced the letters.

    When had you written this?

    Why did you never mention it to him?

    Why find it now?

    Inhaling slowly, he slid a finger into the ripped edge and tore the envelope open. The note was short. It only took him a couple minutes to read.

    To my Fumiya,

    I'm sorry. You look so sweet today. You're currently napping in your dad's arms. He looks so in love with you. I'm so in love with you too. But I know I won't be around for long. Don't be mad at me. I know your dad might be a little lonely when I'm gone. Keep him company for me.

    I love your dad very much. I always will. But I don't want him to be lonely. So be nice to the next parent that comes into your life. Tell him that it's okay to marry that person. As long as he's happy, I'll be happy wherever I am.

    Your dad's been through a lot. He shouldn't have to lose any more people. I want to stay like I promised him, but I have to go away soon. So be good, my Fumiya. I love you.

    Chuuya wasn't sure when morning came. It was a blur of tears and wine that spun his head into a circle. Something about your letter was enlightening. Yet, Chuuya still couldn't bring himself to let go of it. The letter slipped from his fingers and onto the top of the box he had found it from.

    His schedule was the same. Your son bounced into the room, chatting his ear off while getting ready for school. And as usual, the young boy stopped in front of your picture at the door. He bid you good morning with a bright smile, promising to tell you all about his day after school.

    "Bye, dad!" With that, he headed out the door and Chuuya was left alone again.

    He wanted to laugh at the irony of your written words. He was lonely.

    God, he was so so lonely without you.

    The brief scent of coffee instantly hit him when he entered the coffee shop. He wasn't sure why he chose today of all days to go to this place. It had been a while since he had. You would have loved to get your favorite pastry and chat his ear off while asking about his morning.

    Your letter had done little to dictate his feelings. He still missed you more than ever and yet he wanted to trust that perhaps he could move on. He was still scared to move away from you.

    "Good morning, sir. Would you like your usual?"

    Chuuya blinked at the woman behind the counter. Her smile was strangely reliving in the midst of this uncrowded coffee shop.

    "My usual?" he asked with a slightly unsure smile. The woman flushed and awkwardly stared at the counter.

    "I uh... Well, your order comes in so frequently I just thought I'd memorize it."

    Chuuya chuckled softly. "Then, I'll have my usual."

    He always believed you were his endgame. That you were his happily ever after in this torturous fairy tale.

    But he was willing to listen to your final request. He could try to move on without forgetting you completely.

    Taglist: @paradise-creator @todorokichills @alittlesimp @greenshirtimagines @internetkilledtheroxstar @nameless-shrimp @whorefordazai @diary-of-a-poltergeist @jadegreenimmortality @requiem626k @missrown @rirk-ke @kiyokoxd @jessbeinme15 @starglow-xx @shadyteacup @colourless-cora @scul-pted @kuraxmasha @yochicoz @pompompurin1028 @trashykawahq @kyuus4ku

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    #ariel writes #this looks really bad in retrospect #oh well #chuuya x reader #bsd angst #bungou stray dogs chuuya #bsd chuuya #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs x reader #chuuya x you #bungou stray dogs #bsd fanfic
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  • flamejob
    31.07.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    it's 95 degrees outside but i'm still dressed like an anemic batcave dweller because a bitch never gets hot. or something

    #i was SUFFERING in these but oh well look at my new corset <3 #my face #ok to rb
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  • oretscvs
    31.07.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    carlacia grant & madelyn cline as CLEO & SARAH .

    OUTER BANKS 2.02  : the heist .
    #obxedit#sarah cameron#cleo obx#outer banks#madelyn cline#carlacia grant #see i don't love the way this turned out but OH WELL #look me in the eye rn and tell me sarah cameron is str**ght #u can't <3 #i know she dated topper but like .. . . . #ignore that#obx spoilers
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  • just-a-glittery-fan
    31.07.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Also what the fuck is up with the instagram descendants fandom? Most comments seem so fucking okay with this? Like... how do y'all don't feel like setting disney on fire?

    #descendants #and also i gonna say #every time we complain about anything in this franchise someone says: #oh it's just something for little kids to enjoy🙄 chill it's not for you #now y'all can tell me: does it seem plausible to kill off a character loved by many little kids then? #when there were alternatives for that? #fuck they are having the mother of the groom there without her actress #even though she's ALIVE and WELL and WILLING to participate #tell me they couldnt reach a less heart-breaking answer?
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  • feua
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    sometimes I wish I just had no social media and was just chillin

    #r.txt #being a teenager on the internet is so fucking scary and damaging but oh well #this is part if the reason why i have hardly any interests cause literally everywhere youll find people being like #'this thing is bad for x reason' and it really fucking sucks #i just wanna enjoy shit man #also having so much stuff blocked and worrying abt accidentally talking to some fuckin weirdos unknowingly #this was just a rant abt how much i fucking hate the internet
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  • paxpengvina
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    After MONTHS of not touching it im almost done with my s/i and au carrd!!! I have to add some info to 5 more s/is which shouldn't take long and then... it will be complete....

    #caw of the void #god i really do have 11 s/is dont i #and ofc theres a couple sources i have 2 s/is for 😔😔 #oh well all the lore is in my head so it wont take too long to type it out for them
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  • nyaiiaii
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    color pallete and expression meme requests (meme template by abisalli)

    #hermitcraft #hermitcraft season 5 #hermitcraft fanart#stressmonster101#zombiecleo #stress and her allium alliance banner!!!!!! #remind me to never draw perspective art for fun <3 especially wo references #i havent done palette stuff in literal years i dont rememner if ur allowed to mix the colors together or not but oh well #had to color these on my phone
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  • sandycookie
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #genshin impact#artifacts#FUCK #i hate this game #just... #god#all defense #and 2 crit stats #what if...what if a crit stat was that instead of def? #that'd be pog #oh#well #guess i can use this on a cryo character that uses def #but that doesn't exist
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  • chatterbox010
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Are these tears of guilt? Relief? Gratitude? You don't know. Perhaps it is all three in equal measure; you don't care to figure it out and Eli even less, scrambling forward as he does to hug you once more, this time like he means it.

    - @mage-parivir, A Mage Reborn

    Ten years later and Eli Hugs are still better than any cure-all 😌💕

    ft. Elias Revelios and Saro Yulevine

    #my art#mage-parivir #a mage reborn #yall dont understand #i read this scene and went into a frenzy #like frothing-at-the-mouth three-days-and-an-all-nighter type frenzy #to bust this out #they just #they make me so soft #idk if i love how saros outfit turned out tho #i was 100% winging it #it will probably change if i ever draw her again #and i realized when i went to look up elis arm things that i made him like #waaaaay darker than he is in the official art #i think i had some of the fan art in my head when i was doing the coloring #oh well ¯\ (ツ) /¯ #and his hair #not spikke enough #too fluff#too somft #but aside from that i honestly?? #love how this turned out #this may actually be my all time best art work #no joke #and eli came out so buff??? #his thighs???? #his aRMS?????? #he thicc #this has been a buff eli appreciation post
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  • yourlocalsewerdragon
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #dragon shows what you seek #oh i do remember #~agalaxyofshadows~ #i remember very well
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  • wyvilleijelli
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Unfortunately, i have created content.

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  • thesnowflake18
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I've been thinking, with all the different types of fandoms I post about, I wonder how Tumblr processes that. Like, my blog, who is it promoted or recommended to? I've been drawing a lot of Undertale lately, but I sprinkle some MHA here and there. Then I talk about streamers every once in a bit. There's also the fact I was originally an SVTFOE fan and that stuff is still circling around 😂

    Lowkey, it makes me wanna consider making a separate blog for my fandoms but, I really want to keep my art in a single place, ya know? And that's also the thing about my blog, some people are just peeking into my blog and never follow bc there's not enough of that kind of content. But I'll get around to it people, believe me. I'm just a slow person lol

    #snowspeaks #felt like rambling a wee bit tonight #no seriously #how does anyone even find my blog? #mha#undertale#svtfoe #lol this doesn't need tagging but oh well
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  • redding
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “ @authorsnet ​ event 02: folklore —  from the ashes ”

    From the ashes came the Four. From nothing came salvation. The story is the same every time, ancient and cherished, clutched to the heart of thousands like a charm. They tuck it close, basking in the thought of being worthy of their gift. A world, built from the ground up. An unpayable debt. They do not wonder what came before, because to them, it did not exist. 

    Those who did not have to wonder didn't last long. Between one breath and the next, the Four scrubbed clean the old world and gave birth to the new. They wrote the story, scribbled in the margins, smudged the ink and penned it anew. It was told as they wanted it; the original sacrifice. The great victory.

    And so nobody thought about the before. There were more generations, the next Four and the next, all martyred as was their duty. Their memories were held in lanterns, in yearly ceremonies, on the bowed shoulders of the elders. It was their birthright, to be remembered. Worshipped. 

    Saviors are much more palatable than annihilators. Before nothing, there is always something. A place to start. Buried in a forest, somewhere deep in the ground, sharing tall tales with the dead. This is where the true story starts, and where it ends. Both at the hands of the Four. They found and mastered their gifts over years, became bold and brash and unchallenged by nature. And so, they challenged themselves. Their hubris unearthed a curse, created solely to charge a price for their power. Foolish and young, time on their side, the Four became dangerous and untrained. Towns and cities began to feel the effects of their power; plagues and fires, storms that shook the earth. And still, the Four remained trapped in their pride. People pleaded, begged, prayed. For an end. For mercy. They were answered.

    At the edge of the world, gray spread over the land like a stain. A blight that stole across grass, across stone and fabric and flesh. It left ash in its wake, raging and bleeding from the four corners of the continent. And for once, the Four saw. They listened, too late. At the center of the continent, they huddled, desperate for a solution. Their curse supplied one: their lives, forfeited. And all four lives of all the generations to follow. Oh, how they begged. They couldn't have seen it, had no way to know. They couldn't have stopped it, they said. But their curse needed lives, and so they had no choice. On their own terms, they decided. The curse would be held at bay for as long as the lives of the Four continued to be sacrificed, and the people would live. The terms were accepted, the story fabricated hastily. One last stitch in the gaping wound that was their pride. They had doomed this world, but saved the next. And as soon as they were lost, four more would take their place. For as long as it took. And took. And took. 

    This story belongs to the Four. Their hubris burned the world they were born in to ash, but from the ashes, a new one was born. One that had never seen darkness. One that, for as long as the curse was upheld, never would. 

    #authorsnet#eva writes #this sucks ass i kinda forgot to write it but oh well! i like the graphix #just remembered i havent posted in like two months oops
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  • thewronglong
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #aybs #are you being served #mrs slocombe#watercolor#art#fanart#fan art #still re learning #no one will ever buy my art #oh well
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  • davyperez
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    mice (from most to least italian)

    - topo gigio

    - rizzo (italian coded - new jersey and his name is rizzo)

    - geronimo stilton (italian series w italian first name but hes supposed to be dutch american???)

    - remy ratatouille-linguini (by marriage)

    - fievel mousekewitz (not italian but does immigrate to nyc)

    thoughts on this?

    #edit: this was supposed to stay in the drafts oops #oh well. enjoy #phin.etc
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  • meanderingstream
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I just reached out to my cousin’s ex-wife to see if her sibling still took art commissions. When I first met the siblings years ago, they were teenagers raised in an uber-conservative, southern-baptist family, and they outwardly espoused those beliefs.

    So I asked her if her sibling still paints, and she said yes, but actually he came out as a trans man a couple years ago and this is his new name, so that’s why you couldn’t find him of FB.

    And I just...

    I’m so happy for him, that he had the bravery to come out, and for her, that she’s using her brothers real name and pronouns.

    Just 🏳️‍⚧️💙💗🤍💗💙🏳️‍⚧️🎉

    #I’m so happy for them! #and like #I don’t really know him well enough to be proud per se #I mean #he came to a family reunion when we were all teenagers and so we all hung out together #but that was like 10 years ago now #and I have not seen him in person since #so I really don’t know him that well #but at the same time #oh my god I’m just so proud of him #good for him #and good for her #my heart is full #transgender#trans#trans man#ftm #trans happy ending
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  • atouchofshadow
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #forgot how fuckin long to drive from KC to Denver is #and this airbnb has no ac #i guess that's what you get when you just try to save money but also i prefer to exist in temps cooler than 85° #oh well tomorrows is nicer anyway
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