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    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hi!! Here's some soft babes kissing in the rain :D

    #oiiwa#iwaoi#Iwaizumi Hajime#oikawa tooru#my art#haikyuu #haikyuu!! #Jock Tooru!! & Soft Iwa!! AU
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    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Forgot to post this here but here’s a piece I drew for my baby boy

    Alt version

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    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    wip of an iwaoi morning comic

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    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    A sick person should lie down!!

    Oikawa found out that his childhood best friend won't become gentle even when he's sick......

    Iwaoi fluff
    Words: 1482
    Me and my friend had so much fun writing this. Hope you enjoy it!


    Looking at himself in the mirror, Oikawa Toru smiled. "Still as handsome today."

    But the message showed on his phone made his smile freeze. The corners of his mouth curled downwards.

    "Can't go to school today"


    Oh really, it would be so boring without Iwa Chan...

    "are you OK"

    "How can ace-sama be so weak~"

    Oikawa put away his phone. He sighed before he carried his schoolbag and went out.

    With the cool breeze of late summer blowing and the sky darkening, Oikawa zipped up his jacket and put his hands in his pockets.

    Walking on a familiar path, not to his own home, but to another place that is almost as familiar as home.

    After saying hello to Iwaizumi's parents, he came to the room where he had entered countless times. Without even thinking about it, he opened the door and went in.

    Iwaizumi was sitting on the bed with a quilt covering his lower body.

    "Oh hey Oikawa, you're here." He was playing with his phone.

    "Well, today we played a practice match with another school. Sure enough, it was boring without Iwa Chan." Oikawa dropped his schoolbag and sat down on the edge of the bed.

    "No one there to beat you up, huh?"

    "If Iwa Chan keeps getting angry, he will grow old faster."

    "Shut up Trashykawa."

    He poked Iwaizumi on the shoulder and said, "Hey, I specially came here to see you. Are you getting better?"

    "Well, had a bad headache this morning. It's not so bad now. I should be able to go to school tomorrow."


    The beautiful eyes curved. Even though he've seen it a thousand times since he was a child, Iwaizumi smiled as he watched.

    "By the way, I brought gummy bears" Oikawa took out the yellow package that both of them were familiar with from his pocket.

    Since he was young, Iwaizumi liked gummy bears so much that his parents had to limit him to only one pack a day. The only small bag must be cherished , but he would always share it with Oikawa.

    To Oikawa, the chewy texture and the fruity taste represent the time that they grew up together.

    Even as a high schooler, Iwaizumi's eyes lit up when he saw the yellow mascot on the package.

    "Iwa Chan," he tore open the package, and reached a gummy towards Iwaizumi, "Ah───"

    "Why? I can just eat it by myself."

    "Hurry up, a sick person should shut up and eat."

    "I have a cold, I can eat by myself." He stretched out his hand to grab the pack from Oikawa.

    He quickly moved away his hand and looked at Iwaizumi with a serious face, "I want to feed you."


    Pinching a candy with his fingers, he stretched out his hand in front of Iwaizumi again "Ah----"

    But then Iwaizumi grabbed his arm, pulled it over and bit off the jelly. He chewed.

    The released arm stopped in the air, and a faint blush climbed up to Oikawa's face.

    As if to cover up something, he reacted exaggeratedly.

    "The person being fed must lie down and be good! You're sick, so lie down!" He said, pressing down on the other one's shoulders.

    "Who cares, Trashykawa." Iwaizumi was keeping his arms straight and not lying down.

    "I won't be friends with you anymore!"

    "Who wants to be your friend anyway?"

    "Uuugghhh, don't people become gentle and weak when they get sick? Sure enough, Iwa Chan can't be considered as a normal person."

    "I'm tired now, otherwise I would have beaten you to death."

    "Don't forget that, these gummies are mine."

    Oikawa raised his head and the whole pack of gummy bears was in his mouth.

    He regretted it soon after, as the sweet taste filled his mouth.

    "Damn it, Crappykawa!!" Iwaizumi kicked him fiercely through the quilt.

    With his mouth full of gummies, he wailed, and complained words that Iwaizumi couldn't understand.

    When he finished chewing, Iwaizumi was still glaring at him. Oikawa smiled guiltyly.

    The sweetness in the mouth does not seem that bad anymore.

    "Actually, I still have a pack..." Searching through his pockets, he took out a new pack of gummy bears and handed it to Iwaizumi.

    "Childish as hell." He took it, opened it and started eating.

    Oikawa's upper body leaned towards him "I'm sorry, Iwa Chan" his arms loosely wrapped around his shoulders. He looked at Iwaizumi that was chewing aggressively.

    Iwaizumi lowered his eyes, and the two were silent for a while.

    He moved the gummy bears towards Oikawa.

    Oikawa was taken aback for a moment, and his smile widened.

    "Iwa Chan is so nice~ Are you more docile when you get sick?"

    "If you want to eat, hurry up."


    Oikawa leaned his head to the side, and then gently touched Iwaizumi's mouth.

    "I have eaten too much, just the taste is enough."

    Oikawa admitted that without Iwaizumi at school all day today, he felt extremely empty.

    But he can't say that out loud. He can't tell what Iwaizumi will say to him.

    So now he seems cool on the surface, but his heart is turbulent, with butterflies exploding.

    Being proud of his natural movements and sultry, a sense of weightlessness strikes.

    Iwaizumi threw him down on the bed, holding his hands on both sides of his head, looking down at him.

    Oikawa hadn't had time to move his hand from his shoulder, and now they were hanging on Iwaizumi's neck.

    Such a heart-pounding posture ——But Iwaizumi's face seems a little stiff?

    "Iwa Chan...Civilized people say things nicely, don't just hold people down......"

    Oikawa was nervous, and his strong will to survive made him choose to be soft.

    Then, to his surprise, it was not a fist or lips that fell. Iwaizumi's arms gave out and his whole body fell on him.

    "Iwa Chan?''

    The hot body temperature pressed against his skin.


    Was he having a fever all along?! Oikawa mentally facepalmed at his own dullness.

    Is he okay?

    He needs to get up and check him quickly.

    "Iwa Chan? I will be crushed to death by you, get up!"

    Oikawa struggled under his 70 kg body. The head that was tickling his neck didn't move.

    His arms are still stuck on his shoulder. No matter how hard he try, there is no way to move Iwaizumi.

    After a while, Oikawa gave up.

    He was sweating with Iwaizumi's body heat pressed against him, and his hair was all messed up.

    "Ah! Are you dead or what?!"

    Regardless of the fact that the guy in front of him was sick, Oikawa slammed his head hard against the other one's head.

    After the collision, Oikawa regretted it. What a bad move to hurt yourself!

    He ran into tears from the pain and lay on the bed filled with Iwaizumi's smell.

    And the owner is still lying on his body.

    Just when Oikawa planned to free himself and yell to attract Iwaizumi's family to help him out, he finally slowly opened his eyes.

    He looked up in confusion and saw Oikawa's flushed face, teary eyes, messy hair, and disheveled clothes. Plus he was looking at him with a pout and a frown.

    Iwaizumi really wanted to faint again.

    Oikawa didn't realize that his current appearance was extremely suggestive. He just wanted this giant hand warmer to leave him.

    "Iwa Chan! You finally woke up!"

    "Are you okay? You seemed to have passed out just now."

    Oikawa was happy and worried at the same time.

    Then... he said sternly

    "Get, up, from, me, now!"

    The adorable appearance disappeared in an instant...Well, Crappykawa is going to be crappy, no matter what.

    He turned to the other side of the bed in silence and sat up.

    The weight was finally lifted, and Oikawa sighed in relief.

    With a muffled sound, Iwaizumi fell back on the bed. "It's cold...''

    Oikawa turned to pulled the quilt to his chin and patted his hair

    "A sick person should be good and lie down."

    "Shut up." The sentence never sounded so weak.

    Sitting next to Iwaizumi, watching him fall asleep, Oikawa muttered to himself.

    "Don't try to act tough when you're sick... it'd take longer to get better."

    "I'm still waiting for you to come back to play volleyball together..."

    "Are you a kid...? Even this, you need someone to tell you......"

    After that, he reached out his hand and touched Iwaizumi's forehead. It’s not that hot, maybe the fever is going down.

    "Well then I'm leaving, Violent Izumi should take a good rest."

    Looking from the door for the last time, he closed it and left.

    The next day, Oikawa looked at the pregnancy test(x) the thermometer in his hand and sighed.

    39.6 degrees, awesome super fever.

    Members of Seijoh: Someone said idiots don't catch a cold... well we have two at once.


    🤍Thank you so much for reading🤍

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    10.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    they come in pairs U_U

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  • zumiicookiie
    08.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    [Final Haikyuu Quest] "What's wrong, Iwa-chan? Is that all you got?"

    My entry for IwaoiWeek2021 on Twitter <3 https://www.instagram.com/p/CP3M2_Lgnbi/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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    06.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    w-what... who said that? ahahaha

    #haikyuu!! #hq incorrect quotes #iwaoi#oiiwa#q #mod mei shamelessly shitposting
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  • kenhina-supremacy
    06.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    People are so dumb y'all over here loving oikawa and only putting stories and harem over him while you ignore iwaizumi not once did I find a story with iwaizumi harem in it

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  • kaitycole
    05.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Chapter 6: waldosia

    waldosia: scanning faces in a crowd for a specific person

    Chapter Summary: Iwaizumi makes an announcement that upsets Makki and shortly after he makes a big move. Oikawa makes a shocking visit home before trying to tackle something he’s not sure he’s ready to tackle. 

    Pairings: Alpha!Iwaizumi x Omega!Oikawa

    Word Count: 4139

    Chapter Warnings: Mention of alcohol. Light angst. Remembering painful memories. This chapter is pretty tame compared to everything honestly.

    Rating: 18+

    Tag list: Open (send an ask to be added)

    Japan – 2016, End of March

    “Congrats!” Hanamaki shouts, slinging an arm around Iwaizumi’s shoulder from behind, causing the Alpha to stumble backwards a little.

    The three of them decided to meet for drinks after Iwa’s graduation and to be honest, it’s much needed. The last year and some change, the Alpha has been swamped with schoolwork and getting things ready for his internship, along with picking up a part-time job to save up for whatever the future brought.

    “Tonight’s on us!” Mattsun bumps Iwa’s shoulder before sitting next to Makki at the booth, the Alpha slides across from the pair.

    “You sure it’s okay for me to be here?” Iwa looks around, mostly Betas and Omegas, feeling a tad uncomfortable.

    “Of course!” Makki waves him off, “it started as a bar for Betas, but Omegas find it comforting. Just don’t go flaring scary Alpha pheromones and you’ll be fine.”

    Iwaizumi just nods, still feeling a bit strange, not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable. Thankfully, as he matured, he’s been able to better control his pheromones when he became emotional, especially when he gets angry.

    “Any plans now that you’re done with school?” Mattsun passes Makki a napkin, turning his attention to Iwa who has been quietly sipping on his beer.

    “I was gonna wait to say anything, but I guess now is good,” he finishes off his drink. “I’m moving to America.”

    “Excuse me?”

    “Is this about Oik—”

    “You knew that I got the internship offer after I went to California and there’s really no reason to not go now that I’m done with school.”

    Hanamaki crosses his arms, a bit dejected from being interrupted, but also at the fact that the Alpha was just planning on leaving. Whatever happened to young people making big life plans but never following them through? First Oikawa and now Iwaizumi, he felt like he was losing everyone and he didn’t like it, not that he would say anything about it either. Not to mention, he really did think that those two would’ve made up by now, it had been four years already, why hadn’t one of them cracked yet?

    Mattsun swings his leg a bit to the side, hitting Makki’s ankle, “how long will all of that last?”

    Iwaizumi fiddles with his keys that are in his pocket, not really sure how to answer that. How do you tell your best friends that you have no reason to really stick around? That it offered a permanent position there’d be no hesitation on Hajime’s part to accept it, to stay 5,521 miles from home.

    Hanamaki nods, the weight and meaning of Iwa’s silence tells the Beta all he needs to know. “You aren’t planning on coming back, hah. You and Oikawa really are two peas in a pod.” He shoves himself from the table, storming out of the bar.

    “’Hiro!” Mattsun calls out, but he’s already out of hearing range, sighing as his attention refocuses on Iwa, “he’s just been upset lately. I should go make sure he’s okay.”

    Iwaizumi slumps in the booth, he’s not sure the way he handled things were wrong so to speak, but obviously he could’ve handled things better. Knowing Makki, the two of them would be a while, he really loved the way Mattsun would dote on him so he’d draw it out a bit. Part of him is a bit jealous, seeing how perfectly they complimented each other, wondering if that’s how he and Oikawa ever looked to others. Curious if they’d still be together (in some capacity) if he had doted on the Omega more rather than trying to push him into someone else’s arm.

    ** Matsukawa finds Makki leaning up against the side of the building, a cigarette loosely dangling between his lips.

    “I thought you quit?” Mattsun pulls the cigarette out from the Beta’s lips, taking a drag before putting it out in the outdoor ashtray nearby.

    Makki rolls his eyes when he sees his boyfriend’s smirking face. “I did.”

    Mattsun didn’t really care to smoke, but when Hanamaki started, he would dabble because it meant he could excuse himself for a smoke break too, especially when they first started seeing each other, still keeping it lowkey. For Makki, it started as a way to help when he got really anxious, then it was a constant thing until he moved in with Mattsun, this was the first one in months.

    “Talk to me, ‘Hiro. Tell me what’s wrong.”

    “It’s nothing, I just needed some fresh air.”

    “Yeah, okay. I’ll go back to Iwa then, come back soon.”

    Makki’s at a loss, usually he wouldn’t leave his side so fast, that he’d gently push and push until he opened up about whatever was bothering him. It was the little game that they’d play and it bothers him even more that Matsukawa is just leaving him so effortlessly.

    “Issei!” He grabs the Beta’s jacket sleeve, tugging on it slightly. “It’s just…the three of you all had future plans…if they could leave, well so could you.”

    Makki feels himself being pulled into Mattsun, letting his forehead rest on his shoulder, face buried into the curve of his neck. He once asked Oikawa what Mattsun’s pheromones smelled like and wasn’t in the least bit surprised when he said they smelled like laundry after it’d been dried in the sun, that fresh airy scent. He’s not able to pick up on it, but he lets the thought comfort him, feeling Matsukawa’s arms tighten around him.

    “All my plans include you, ‘Hiro.”

    *                      * California – 2014

    Utsui looked up from the folder of paperwork he’d been looking at and over at the Alpha sitting across from him. Grade-wise, things were close to perfect, sport’s record wasn’t bad either, but he couldn’t exactly see what drove the young man to this profession.

    “Iwaizumi-san, why do you want to pursue a career in sports science?”

    “I believe I have the type of knowledge to succeed in this particular career field with my background as an athlete…” Iwaizumi continued to stammer out a professional and corporate answer, a thin layer of sweat broke out on his palms.

    Utsui smiled a little, watching Iwa nervously sit there reminded him of himself, young and eager to dive into things head first. When their eyes met, Iwaizumi looked a lot like a sad puppy, wearing a signature ‘I just messed things up’ expression.

    “I agree with what you’ve said, the paperwork here supports that,” he saw the Alpha perk up, “but I want to know the personal reason behind your choice. Not the professional interview answer, not the shell of an answer that people in suits want to hear, but the one that feels almost embarrassing to say aloud.”

    Iwaizumi felt his face start to burn, wondering why it felt that everything circled back to things he’d rather leave buried. He started to say he didn’t have one like that, there was no deep reason to it, but he watched Utsui raise an eyebrow and it reminded him of the same expression he dad would wear when Iwa was trying to lie and he already didn’t believe him.

    “I, uh, there was a friend in high school…” he hated this, the everything always goes back to Oikawa feeling he’s getting, “he got hurt during practice one day, we were having a fight and I said something uncalled for. He’s always had big plans for his volleyball career and I couldn’t shake the hopeless feeling I felt until he got cleared.”

    The room was silent, the Alpha not wanting to make eye contact, knowing that he’d turn multiple shades of red, Utsui had been wrong, this reason felt completely embarrassing to say aloud. Maybe he should’ve said a relative or even himself instead of mentioning Oikawa, maybe that would’ve been better and not so pathetic.

    A friend, huh. Utsui pressed a hand close to his mouth to cover the smirk on his face, he wondered if the Alpha realized how easy he was to read, but that wasn’t a bad thing, especially when you could see how sincere Iwaizumi was being.

    “Iwaizumi-san,” Utsui reached his hand over the desk, “I think you’d be a great fit in our fellowship program.”

    *                      * California – May 2016

    Iwaizumi sits down the last box in the empty apartment. He has a mixture of pride and fear in his chest, this move is a big step, not just for his career, but in his life. It’s the first major decision he’s made without Oikawa in mind or his opinion. Even the university that he ended up going to was one that Oikawa said he liked, that Oikawa had researched to make sure it had a good sports science program for Iwa. He shakes his head, erasing the thoughts of Oikawa before locking the apartment behind him, he still had furniture to pick up.

    He’s walking down the hallways when a mess of chocolate brown hair catches his eye, his mouth dries, there’s no way that he’d be here, right? Iwa opens his mouth to say something, to call out, but he’s met with dark blue eyes when the other man turns around.

    Embarrassment burns the tips of his ears, the man friendly smiling at him, introducing himself as Iwaizumi’s neighbor, telling him how excited he was to finally meet Iwa and have someone new move in. He continues to talk, inviting the Alpha to drinks, making it an open invitation, but all Iwa could focus on was how he could mistake the smell of caramel for honey and the fact that he was going to be extremely flustered the next time he ran into this person since he had already forgotten his name.

    *                      * He proudly admires the couch and end table that now sits in the living room. Other than a few miscellaneous boxes, he is completely unpacked. He’s a few beers in when he picks up the cell phone next to him. It’s been four years since he’s seen or even spoke to Oikawa but he still has their last text messages. Pathetic, he knew, but he learned when you lose someone, you cling to anything of theirs that you can. He clicks on the thread, reading over their last exchange.

    Iwaizumi: Can we talk? (2:15 PM, February 28, 2012)

    Iwaizumi: Aren’t we a bit old for the silent treatment? (3:51 PM, March 17, 2012)

    Iwaizumi: C’mon it’s been long enough. (7:38PM, March 18, 2012)

    Oikawa: Yeah. Meet me outside in 5. (7:40PM, March 18, 2012)

    Iwa thought they’d fix things, go back to being a team, best friends who knew everything about the other, well almost everything Iwa never got around to telling him about his feelings, but instead he let Oikawa end things without a fight. Maybe if he had the courage, he would’ve just confessed to Oikawa that night, let all those bottled up feelings out, it couldn’t have made things worse, but he didn’t. The alcohol was affecting him, or at least that’s what he was blaming his actions on. His thumbs hover over the keyboard before he starts typing.

    Iwaizumi: I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but I’m overseas now…


    Iwaizumi: I saw your last interview, you looked happy…


    Iwaizumi: I miss you, do you…


    Iwaizumi: Hey Oikawa. Been a while.

    He quickly notices that the message doesn’t send, so he tries to resend it but gets the same outcome. He clicks the call button, throwing all fucks out the window before his heart sinks, the automated tone drying his mouth.

    “We're sorry you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel this is in error, please check the number dialed, and try again.”

    For the first time in four years, Iwaizumi feels like he’s officially lost Oikawa because if anything, the number in his phone was like a life raft to him. Something that allowed him to stay afloat as he tried to navigate life without his better half, but now he doesn’t even have that and it terrifies him.

    He tosses the phone to the other side of the couch, stumbling slightly as he pushes himself up off the couch to head into the kitchen. He grabs the last beer from the six-pack he had gotten earlier that day, he didn’t really like to drink, he didn’t like the fuzzy feeling it left in his head or the headache he’d have the next day, but he wasn’t sure how to cope right now.

    He’s all alone, in a new place, miles away from everything that he ever knew and he had just learned the one person he never thought he’d permanently lose, he lost. He grabs one of the last sealed boxes, the one with a large black X through the name ‘Iwa-chan’, before he just shoves it in the hall closet, kicking it further back before it hits the wall.

    He didn’t know why he shipped it all the way here, why he ever thought he’d need the things in the box, but deep down the Alpha thought maybe one day Oikawa would be in this apartment and that having those memories, photos, trinkets, would tell the Omega how he felt. That having all those memories would help him speak the words that his heart had reserved just for Oikawa, but now they were just in the way, now they held no value to the Alpha at all.

    *                      * Japan – July 2017

    Five years. 60 months. 260 weeks. That’s about how long it has been since Oikawa’s been in Japan. He takes a deep breath, taking in the fresh air that smells less like home than he thought it would. He looks around until he spots the familiar sight of pink hair and a smile breaks out over his face.

    “Makki!” He rushes over to the man who is staring down at his phone, he barely looks up before Oikawa crashes into him.

    “Oof! Oikawa!” Hanamaki reaches down to pick up his phone that fell out of his hand before returning the short embrace. “You look tanner.”

    Oikawa rolls his eyes, glancing around the walkway to see if anyone else is there or rather looking for a specific Alpha he hoped might show up.

    “He’s not here.” Hanamaki points into the parking lot for Oikawa to see where Matsukawa is waiting with the car.

    “Mattsun’s right there, silly!” Oikawa gives a small smile, trying to mask the disappointment. Could he blame Iwa for not coming? It’d been five years and he never bothered to reach other, not that Iwaizumi had either.

    “Yeah, sure, anyways,” Hanamaki passes Oikawa’s suitcase to Matsukawa who puts it in the trunk before getting in the car. When everyone gets in, Hanamaki turns around, looking at Oikawa in the backseat, “he moved to America.”

    The air is sucked out of his lungs and he can barely hear the conversation that Matsukawa and Hanamaki are having in the front seat as he tries to catch his breath. Had this been how Iwaizumi felt when he left? Like the rug had been pulled out from underneath him, that all the color in his world was being washed away. Did he feel that too when Oikawa essentially threw a tantrum and booked an earlier flight?

    Originally, he had planned to leave later in the summer, truly wanting to make things right with the Alpha before he left, but instead the last conversation went differently than he planned. He had decided once he calmed down, he had nothing keeping him in Miyagi anymore and left a few days later.


    He snaps his head up, looking at Mattsun through the rear-view mirror at the sound of his name. “Hm?”

    “Do you want to just get drinks tomorrow? You seem tired.” He knows that it’s more than jet lag causing Oikawa’s quiet mood, to be honest he was a little worried about the Omega, though he assumed maybe his mother would’ve told him about Iwa’s move. He bites down on his bottom lip, waiting for his response, already knowing he’s going to want to go home.

    “If that’s okay. The time difference is a lot.” Oikawa laughs, but everyone knows it’s far from sincere. He starts to fiddle with the strings on his hoodie, looking out the window taking in the familiar scenery.

    “It’s no problem at all.” Makki looks back at Oikawa who's lost in thought before glancing over to Mattsun. They share a look, the same one they shared constantly through high school whenever Iwaizumi and Oikawa were at odds, especially their third year.

    Anyone could see those two were meant to be together, that they were made for one another, but maybe that’s what happened when you meet too young. When you find your mate before you even know what the word means, leaving you to try to navigate through friendships, instincts, hormones, and emotions alone because how do you go to your best friend about feelings you have…for your best friend?

    Matsukawa reaches over, squeezing Hanamaki’s hand which gets him a warm smile in return. There was a time when Hanamaki wished he had been born an Omega, when he thought being a Beta was lame and boring, especially when he learned that the other sub-genders could communicate through scents that he couldn’t even smell.

    Then he met Matsukawa and everything seemed to fit into place, nothing about his life seemed so dull anymore even though they both always looked exceptionally bored. More recently though, he was thankful for his sub-gender when he watched the turmoil that Iwaizumi and Oikawa were going through and how a lot of it had to do with their own sub-genders.

    ** “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Oikawa smiles as he waves goodbye to his former teammates. The smile quickly drops when he turns away from them, dragging his suitcase behind him as he walks towards the front door.

    He glanced towards the Iwaizumi’s house, noticing not much has changed other than the car in the driveway and what looked like some new rose bushes that were planted in the flowerbeds.

    “Tooru! When did you get home?” Miyeko runs over to her son, frantically throwing her arms around his neck, pulling him into her. Her comforting lavender smell filling his nose as she presses herself closer into him, scent marking him.

    “I just got here, Mom.” He hugs her back, tears pricking his eyes as he finally lets the wall down that he built up to protect him from coming home and blocking out the yearning he feels for a certain Alpha’s earthy scent, allowing his mother’s scent to be enough.

    ** He’s lying on the couch, the hum of the television that’s too low to hear fills the silence of the room. It’s late, though he’s not sure how late, but late enough to where his parents went to bed hours ago and there’s nothing on any of the good channels. His suitcase and backpack are still near the door, he told his mother he was just too tired to carry them when he got home, but the reality is he wasn’t ready to face his childhood bedroom. When he and Iwa had their major fall out, the fight that ended all fights, he went through three cans of air freshener trying to get the Alpha’s thick scent out of everything in his room.

    It failed, which he was pretty confident he knew it would, but he blamed the store for having a sale and his dad for passing on the stubborn gene. He knows it’s stupid to avoid a room, that on the surface it’s just four walls, two doors and a window, but on the inside, emotionally, it’s much more than that. It’s four walls that held in the echoes of several years’ worth of laughter, cries, shouts, that held years of unrequited love, years of pining after the boy next door. Walls that had been hit repeatedly with a volleyball as he took out his frustrations, his inability to just open his mouth and let his heart tell Iwaizumi what he felt.

    His feet drag along the wooden flooring, shoulders drooping as he creeps closer and closer to the wooden door he really doesn’t want to open. Maybe it’s just some metaphor for him, that it’s the physical representation of the door he’s locked in his heart and that he doesn’t want to be unlocked, so to him opening this door will start that process. But here he is, hand on a cold doorknob, shaking as he twists it, an old familiar scent rushing over him.

    Twelve years’ worth of memories collide into him, leaving him feeling like he’s been plunged into ice cold water as his chest tightens and his body stiffens. The feeling quickly becomes too overwhelming for him, the earthy scent engulfing him before he yanks the door shut. He runs back down the hall, his socked feet slipping with the speed as he grabs the side door, sliding it open and falling on hands and knees in the backyard.

    He aggressively forces the air into his lungs, fingers gripping the grass underneath him as the cool night’s air twirls around him. His breathing slowly calms down, tears dripping down his face as he sits up. The grass is cool, feeling almost wet on his bare legs as he stretches them out, tilting his head back. He reaches to the side, grabbing his phone that fell out of his pocket, checking the time he sees that it’s 1 in the morning.

    Looking to the right, he can see Iwaizumi’s backyard, the same one he spent hours in if they weren’t over here. It still looks the same even with the dark masking it, things didn’t feel right being back home knowing that Iwa wasn’t there too. Through his first year in Argentina, Iwa was never far from his thoughts, seeing things he couldn’t wait to tell him about, to share with him, but that day never came. He had a journal full of thoughts he had that he wanted to share with the Alpha, he even bought a camera to take pictures with so he didn’t use too much phone storage.

    Iwaizumi’s number was the only thing he kept from his old phone other than a few pictures he emailed to himself, mostly ones of the two of them. It was about two years into his move that he dropped his phone, shattering it and he had to get a new phone, new number, trying to transfer everything was a nightmare.

    Unlocking his phone, he goes to Iwaizumi’s contact although he knew the number by heart, looking at the picture he had saved for his icon. It had been one they’d taken at Inter-High their third year after proudly proclaiming they’d be going to nationals. It feels oddly empty not having a thread of messages from his best friend, former best friend, whatever he was.

    Oikawa: Remember when we tried to dig a tunnel under the fence to connect our yards…


    Oikawa: How was your birthday? Sorry I miss…


    Oikawa: Iwa-chan…


    He lets out a muffled scream, how was it this hard to figure out what to send someone who you used to know like the back of your hand. But that was the catch, wasn’t it? That Oikawa no longer knew the boy that grew up next door, he knew nothing about him, he didn’t even know he would ever consider moving to America, but that’s where he was instead of at his side.

    He clicks the call icon, afraid that one more failed message would kill the courage he had to actually reach out first. After Makki told him that Iwa had moved and his mother had confirmed it, he researched the time difference, so he knew that it was 9am there and he should be awake. His heart starts racing as he waits to hear it ring, but it never does. The phone falls from his hand, eyes widening as he bites his lip to keep from crying.

    “We're sorry you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel this is in error, please check the number dialed, and try again.”

    The Omega pulls his knees up to his chest, forehead resting on his knees as he starts to sob. When the pair first met, Iwaizumi promised he’d always be there for him, that there wouldn’t be a day in Oikawa’s life where he wasn’t within reach when he’d need him. Apparently, that was the first lie Iwa ever told him, leaving him to wonder just what else he had lied to him about.

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    Oikawa: Iwa-chan, Do you know what bees make?

    Iwaizumi: Some stupid annoying sound. What the fuck do you want?

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