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    06.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    For Better or Worse

    Evening Its Ishida Ayumi

    On June 12th and 13th I'll be in a, Stage Reading "Uchi Gekijo Onstage"

    The tickets are on sale I'll be waiting for your participation

    there are also stream tickets↓

    Forbidden Student Council ~Goddesses of Rudbeckia~

    Silent Voice

    My first stage reading... Thank you for your support!

    With Homare

    That's right,

    for better or worse,

    talking about how that phrase, its easy to use!

    I haven't done it!

    I use it normally from time to time,

    this, for better or worse......

    If I say for better or worse,

    Whatever I say will be forgiven, I've thought myself a bit, like, its bad--!

    I've realized that

    If its something a bit difficult to say, it makes saying it a easier?

    Being easier on it!?


    for myself

    I really like talking with people lately, I'll think, its fun--

    Isn't this recent lol

    again, is it?

    Therefore I've been noticing my own habits when talking to others like this!


    conveying something that's for better or worse,

    There are also those that don't agree with it, since I think I'm conveying that I agree with them, its not a bad phrase! This is important!

    I've realized I'm saying it too much!


    I've found my catch phrase! lol

    When I'm saying sorry and thank you, for either of these,

    "its nothing"

    is what I say

    To superiors.......

    Its fine, its no problem, its not a big deal, your welcome, don't worry about it, its all of this meanings but,

    its nothing,

    Nothing about that is in keigo (honorifics) is it?


    But in response to something that's been said, I'll abuse this phrase,

    Its nothing

    do you have a way of saying things?

    see you ayumin <3


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    06.06.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • hotarutranslations
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Me Too! Lol

    Evening Its Ishida Ayumi

     Somehow! Well--! I’m surprised!

     Hello Pro Solo Fest, Its been decided we’ll hold it again,


      Well there are various things but,


     I will first write,

      From MASAKI-san,

    I received (something like) a love letter

     A sudden confession

     An unusual confession

     What’s wrong


      Maa updated her blog this morning too, Now, there are a lot of things, That I want to convey,

     I always have a lot on my mind as well!

     But one way or another, thinking about it,

     Going out there and expressing yourself on stage, Conversely when I stand on stage, What I’m thinking about doesn’t matter, I have that sort of thing!

     This is me talking about myself but,

     Therefore for me as well,

      I want to perform, Soon, with Maa—

     It may not be good to say something like, She hasn’t been absent that long,

     For me, for Maa,

     Please come back soon!?!?!?!

     That’s what I’ll say-- Thank you---

     What I’m saying is,

     I can’t just wait, But I am

     I’m also doing my best!!!

       On June 12th and 13th I’ll be in,

     Stage Reading “Uchi Gekijo Onstage”

     The tickets will go on sale tomorrow the 5th from 10:00AM~! I’ll definitely be waiting for your participation!

     There are also stream tickets↓

     Forbidden Student Council ~Goddesses of Rudbeckia~

    Silent Voice

     Since I don’t have a lot of Maa photos, Getting a bit carried away, I think I’m going to post a picture of Masaki sleeping from a bit ago (I posted it before) (she got really angry though)


     Tomorrow, lets take photos

     If I can’t get a shot tomorrow I’ll post it again~←

      A photo taken arbitrarily before

    Tomorrow we’re having Cheki meets and talk meets to, Commemorate the album release,

     Its been a while since we’ve met!

     I’ve met with Homare in this time but, Its been a while since we’ve been together for the day!

     Nah, rather,

     Its been a while since meeting with everyone on the Kacho group! Lol

     Also, a space talking with the fans… its been a while for that!

      And, this!

     Solo Fest

     Somehow, Somehow we’re having it a 2nd time

     Its breaking the rules— I thought it would be limited to one time--!


      Named after the program, Everyone in Hello will compete in a solo performance

     But it felt like I did it last time,

     Competing, Nah I actually competed,

     Wasn’t everyone an explosion of charm, Everyone, Everyone was amazing,

     Realizing that, Its something really happy

     It’s a fun way to see the charms of the various people

     What shoullldddd

      I doooooooooo

      Look forward towards this time--!

     I’ll do my best, so its enjoyable


     With that, It seems we’re accepting song requests on Twitter

     The deadline is the 10th but, Those that do it sooner may save the members, ……I’ll sneak a peek lol

     Thank you very much for your support, everyone

        The summer concerts have also been decided!


     The FC advance tickets information is out~

     From this concert, Homare will be joining after having took a break!

     Maa will still be taking a break, I’m sorry

     The summer concert is, Hello divided into 2 teams

     Who will be with who!

     Its like that, In the fans head right lol

     I saw it and thought that,

      I don’t think I’ve been with Kiso-chan at all……lol

      See you ayumin ❤


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  • homatantranslations
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I’ll be waiting☺︎ Okamura Homare (2021-06-04)


    I’m Okamura Homare🌼

     Thank you as always for all of your likes・comments⸜❤︎⸝

    All of your warm comments give me lots of energy´`*


      Upon announcing my return to the stage、Welcome back!Congrats on your return!I’m glad you’re well!Don’t over-do it!I received lots of these kinds of warm comments so thank you very much✨

     I read each and every one。

     I’m so happy(;_;)

     Saying I’ll exceed your expectations is a big promise and I’m not sure quite what I’ll do but I definitely want to enjoy my first live in ages with all of the members and everyone who comes to watch!!

     Today from 17:00

     「Hello! Project 2021 Summer Sapphire & Ruby」

     FC advance reservations will begin‼︎


    「Hello! Project 2021 Summer Sapphire & Ruby」 FC先行受付のお知らせ|ハロー!プロジェクトオフィシャルファンクラブWebサイト2021年7月17日より開催の「Hello! Project 2021 Summer Sapphire & Ruby」が決定いたしました。一般発売に先駆けてファンクラブ先行受付を行います。【注意事項】※転売チケット等、不正に購入したチケットで入場を発見した場合は、いかなる理由があっても、その場で退場していただきwww.up-fc.jp

      I will be on

     team Sapphire💎

      Also、tomorrow is our

     Morning Musume。’21   16th Album 『16th〜That’s J-POP〜』

    Release commemoration event<Cheki・Sign・Long talk event>。

     For the talk event we’ll be able to talk even more than usual so I’m really excited…!

     I definitely want to hear your thoughts on our album too✊🏻

     Let’s meet at Belle Salle Shinjuku Grand Event Hall〜


    I’ll talk about that another day😅


            Reservations are currently being accepted for 『Morning Musume。15ki OFFICIALBOOK2019-2021』!

     Regular Version


    【事前予約】モーニング娘。15期 OFFICIALBOOK 2019-2021【特典:生写真2種】wani-special-edition.com

      DVD-included Version


    【事前予約】モーニング娘。15期 OFFICIALBOOK 2019-2021(メイキングDVD付き限定版)【特典:生写真2種】wani-special-edition.com







     Original - https://ameblo.jp/morningmusume15ki/entry-12678647526.html

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  • homatantranslations
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Announcement Okamura Homare (2021 - 06 - 03)


    I’m Okamura Homare🌼

     Thank you as always for all of your likes・comments⸜❤︎⸝

    All of your warm comments give me lots of energy´`*


      Today it was announced that I will be participating in the 「Hello! Project 2021 SUMMER」performances from July onwards。

     While I was on break from concerts you supported me through your comments。

    As a thank you to all of the fans who have been patiently waiting for my return I’ll be working hard to exceed your expectations of me so please keep supporting me!

     I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the concert halls✨

      I’ll talk about Hello!Kitchen tomorrow instead。

     Those of you saying I haven’t watched it yetー、and those of you who want to watch it one more time⤵︎


        My dad said reading my blog is like being attacked by emojis so I’m kinda banned from using any笑lol

       Reservations are currently being accepted for 『Morning Musume。15ki OFFICIALBOOK2019-2021』!

     Regular Version


    【事前予約】モーニング娘。15期 OFFICIALBOOK 2019-2021【特典:生写真2種】wani-special-edition.com

      DVD-included Version


    【事前予約】モーニング娘。15期 OFFICIALBOOK 2019-2021(メイキングDVD付き限定版)【特典:生写真2種】wani-special-edition.com







     Original - https://ameblo.jp/morningmusume15ki/entry-12678456335.html

    #Okamura Homare#homare okamura#homare#homatan#homatan translations#Morning Musume #morning musume member #morning musume translations #morning musume 21 #mm#mm21#15ki#15ki member #hello! project #HelloProject#Hello Project#HelloPro#hello pro #H!P #hello project translations #hello project blog translations #blog translations #morning musume blog translations #Japan#japanese#japanese idol#J-IDOL#idol#hello station
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  • homatantranslations
    02.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Today’s dinner was delicious Okamura Homare (2021-06-02)


    I’m Okamura Homare🌼

     Thank you as always for all of your likes・comments⸜❤︎⸝‍

    All of your warm comments give me lots of energy´`*


      The hot days are continuing huh🌞

    Sunscreen and parasols are indispensable

     I don’t wanna get sunburneddddd

     This year I bought a new parasol〜

    I bought one last year too、but it was kinda big and hard to walk around with so I wanted a smaller one。

     Now I have a grey parasol with white hearts on it♡♡

     I love it

      Well then。

     Have you already watched 「Hello!Station#378」which premiered today at 19:00??

     A certain popular corner has been renewed✨

    I Okamura Homare was able to appear

    And that certain thing that appeared

    Made me so happy I was jumping up and down笑lol

     I imagine some people still haven’t seen it so I’ll write about my own thoughts on it more in tomorrow’s blog✊🏻

         Reservations are currently being accepted for 『Morning Musume。15ki OFFICIALBOOK2019-2021』!

     Regular Version


    【事前予約】モーニング娘。15期 OFFICIALBOOK 2019-2021【特典:生写真2種】wani-special-edition.com

      DVD-included Version


    【事前予約】モーニング娘。15期 OFFICIALBOOK 2019-2021(メイキングDVD付き限定版)【特典:生写真2種】wani-special-edition.com

      If you order via Wani Books-san’s home page you will receive 1 of 2 raw photos each(2 total) as a present!

    Also、if you order by 6/21(Mon) at 23:59 you will be entered into a lottery with 200 winners receiving a 「Personalised Signed Copy」!

     I hope lots of people get it💗







    Original - https://ameblo.jp/morningmusume15ki/entry-12678263469.html

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    29.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • hotarutranslations
    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Homare, Kokoro-chan, Dan-chan, Mother!

    Evening its Ishida Ayumi

    May 9th

    Today is Okamura Homare-chan's birthday! Homare, congratulations~~~!

    With a congratulations~ I sent her a video with a strange filter


    Then, Homare-chan also, responded to be me with a video with a strange filter

    I liked it <3


    Today Homare, I wonder if she celebrated by eating meat~

    Ah! but on the radio the other day,

    From the question, what is a luxury food for you?

    she responded with boat sushi

    it has the image of being gorgeous and luxurious, Homare is like boat sushi......lol

    I wonder which she celebrated with today

    I'll ask her next time I see her! (although if I texted her I would know right away←)

    This talk about sushi boats is on radio, excuse me! it aired on Radio Nihon-san yesterday!

    Conversely I'm sorry! For people in the area where it hasn't aired yet, I mentioned it!←

    If you missed listening to it yesterday, on radiko's time free,

    From here

    Since you'll be able to listen to it, by all means! Definitely listen to it!

    With Okamura Homare-chan, Kaga Kaede-chan, you'll also hear some cute lines


    there was also a battle to not say certain lines, it full of things to hear--- <3


    Was a concert in Saitama!!

    Maeda Kokoro-chan's hometown <3


    Before joining Hello Pro, at this venue,

    She would come watch Morning lives here

    Like, that seat--!! she excitedly pointed to the 2nd floor,

    it was cute

    This kind of girl joined Hello Pro,

    And so, there was another coincidence,

    Today we were togeher for this concert

    I'm super happy about it......

    With her straight forward sparkling eyes, she is a a reallyyyyyy cute girl!

    Todays performance daily

    I drew Koko-chan with the image of big round eyes

    Also Ruru-channnnn

    The other day she turned 20, Today was her first stage!

    her first performance as an adult


    Today was peformance in Saitama

    the huge applause really reverberated... I did my best!

    Today my bangs are a bit long,

    When they collapsed from the sweat,

    Man! I can't see! They're in the way!← while it became like that,

    With my feelings of thanks, I was looking at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors

    I also recived "Taroyaki" a Kawaguchi specialty!

    It was delicious!

    there was custard and red bean!

    Today I felt like red bean!

    Speaking of I've always liked red bean paste, recently, suddenly,

    huh? Maybe I like course red bean paste?

    I've had those feelings


    Thank you everyone for your hard work today too!

    you're great!

    Also since today is Mothers Day, being thankful for your mother more than usual

    Also towards my mother......

    All around the country,

    to the many mothers!

    Really every day! Wonderful! too great!

    Thank you for your work!

    I'm always watching, Kajisak's channel,

    like, mothers who have lots of children,

    like, making baby food...

    like, children's likes and dislikes...

    Really, a mother is always thinking about these things, Ah although it may not only be mothers, its also the parents, I think its a great duty,

    With that actually, my mother also did that--

    I can't remember anything myself

    Now, I'm realizing how hard it must have been!

    but of course, within those problems,

    its also like, they're healed by looking at their cute childrens face

    Mother, I'm thankful

    please everyone create a relaxing time

    This kinds of goods are available

    by all means pair it with the Dmaga

    Hey, why is this out of stock? Isn't that fast? I laughed

    thank you~

    see you ayumin <3


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    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • hotarutranslations
    26.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Lots of DVD's Coming Out!

    Evening its Ishida Ayumi

     We recorded Morning Jogakuin

     These 3 will be sending it out during the 2nd and 3rd week of May! It was fun talking with them~!


     On this page, You can listen if you missed a recording,

     The classroom time that can only be heard here but, we’re having interesting conversations again, It’s something to pay attention to~

     Today as well  was interesting……! lol

      It’ll be on the 2nd and 3rd week of May, Since the broadcast times vary depending on your area, Please pay attention

     Don’t miss it

      I have a number of announcements for everyone… Hello! Project presents… “Premier seat” ~Morning Musume’21 Premium~

    Before, it was live streamed on dTV-san, But its been decided to be released on a Blu-ray~

     It was recorded on my birthday lol

     Also, I gave live commentary on Twitter~ It’s a bit nostalgic~

     The first performance of Renai Destiny ~Honne wo Ronjitai~… Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT… KoiING was also a highlight… It’ll release on May 26th!

     Look forward to it!


     “M-line Special 2021 ~Make a Wish!~”

     I previously made an appearance as a secret guest,


     I got to perform with Tanaka Reina-san and Miyamoto Karin-chan, “Watashi no Dekkai Hana” As a surprise in Miyagi!

     This video is,

     Somehow~ going to specially make it into the video~!!!

     By all means!! This opportunity!!

     You can experience the emotions…. preorders will begin on April 30th at 6:00PM~ Look forward!

     MORNING MUSUME ’21 SPRING DVD Magazine Vol.133

     A new DVD is also going on sale

     A Morning Musume ’21 original card game, Since this is interesting, I want everyone to play it~ lol

     I wonder if you’ve already received the DVD’s~?

    Have you watched it~? Lol

     With Oda, Nonaka, and Homare, The 4 of us had a lot of fun talking

       And there are various announcements accompanying the state of emergency……

     May 1st (Sat) 16th Album “16th ~That’s J-POP~” commemorative release event postponement announcement

     5/5 (Wed) Nakano Sunplaza Performance Cancellation Announcement

     Having the opportunity to meet, Again, they’ve ended up decreasing

     Its really sad… Like, we can meet on this day! Those looking forward working or studying, Even though you’re doing your best…… that is, I’m really thankful for this feelings

     Like, what to wear, How you’re preparing for it, I’m thankful for that as well

     With the exciting meets in Shinjuku, Since we’re postponing them, Please wait for another announcement

     I hope that it will be convenient for everyone

     Towards the Nakano performance, Perhaps it was difficult to postpone it

     As they made the announcement to cancel it

     Performing with my beloved Team Wind, Even though I want lots of people to see it, An announcement like this is really……

     ……frustrating ❤

      Lets definitely meet again, ok

      (click here for the entire announcement) Kacho Fuugetsu

     Everyone, please, take care of yourself

     See you ayumin ❤


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