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  • rthko
    03.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    This is so embarrassing lmfao. Imagine aestheticizing politics so much that you think choosing one label over another makes you radical

    #‘gay is the new straight’ okay and gargle my cock and balls is the new suck my dick
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  • clarys-heosphoros
    03.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    my name

    Petition to legally change my real name from Sunaina to Naina because that’s all anyone ever calls me.

    what say @revvs-trash @kitandtyarelife @julian-blackthorn-supremacy @time-is-the-stuff-of-dreams @others you know who you are

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  • lumfi
    03.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    being a daydreamer is hell sometimes. like I can't listen to music that doesn't fit the current plot of my story. I can't listen to music without thinking about a made up scenario. i really can't just sit back and just listen. like JUST listen. there always has to be something behind every sound and tune. and when there's a climax in the music i can't stop replaying that exact spot until i get the timing right with my scenario. like,,let me just chill please

    #i run when daydreaming too #when the song is exciting at least #thats why i listen to calmer stuff only because I wouldn't be able to sit still otherwise #like my legs are always bouncing #i come late to school because my plot isn't okay enough gor my brain do i run back in forth in my living room until it's right #i daydream while biking to school too and i just lose grasp of reality #like speeding up whenever the music gets more exciting #having near death experiences everyday isn't seggsy 🙏 #and in class I'm just not listening at all #ik everyone daydreams but I don't think mine is in a healthy degreee
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  • scrapbook-of-y-our-memories
    03.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    “Everything is happening/ but different than it has before/ this time it’s murky and foggy and just sort of off somehow/ it feels like emotionally, I’m in a liminal space.”

    Soooo apparently, if I really sit down with my feelings, things aren’t as okay as I thought they were. Like. I’m okay, everything is okay, nothing is crashing and burning… but wow, I need to process my feelings more. On purpose. There is so much stuff happening and it all feels kinda hazy. Maybe this is why I keep feeling like I need to draw but also like I don’t know what to draw about.

    What a time to not have therapy.

    #personal #okay to reblog #my writing #aaaaah about that #okay to comment
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  • t-252
    03.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

             @acehuntd​   requested   a   starter   !!

             a   slipspace   gone   wrong   is   the   only   way   she   can   fathom   this   -   she   doesn’t   remember   how   she   got   here,   why   her   body   is   fucking   aching,   where   her   weapons   and   armor   units   went.   there’s   no   HUD   appearing   in   her   visor   as   she   shakily   rises   to   her   hands   and   knees,   head   rising   to   take   in   the   environment.   reddened   leaves,   twisted   tree   branches,   an   almost   teal   lighting   to   the   sky.   yeah,   she   definitely   doesn’t   know   where   the   fuck   she   is.          gunshots   in   the   distance   snap   her   head   over   in   it’s   direction   and   she   gathers   herself   onto   her   feet,   feeling   the   weight   of   the   her   armor   settle   familiarly   against   her   bones.   well,   that’s   good   at   least.   nothing   damaged.          it   takes   her   a   while,   one   step   at   a   time,   as   she   moves   towards   the   sounds,   careful   in   her   pathing   when   she   hears   unfamiliar   growls   and   grunts   of   creatures,   cursing   and   questioning   why   her   AI   hasn’t   kicked   in   just   yet.   maybe   it   got   corrupted   in   the   slipspace?   something   electromagnetic?          a   voice   reaches   her   ear,   a   slight   robotic   tone   to   it,   cocky   in   nature   and   it’s   enough   to   quirk   her   eyebrow.   guess   she   better   see   what’s   really   going   on   here.

    #* ╰►   ❝ don't say goodbyes - i hate goodbyes ; i mean we're space warriors right?   /   in character. ❞ #( destiny verse tbd. ) #( hi let the chaos begin pls and ty. >:) lmao. #i hope this is okay !! v excited. ) #acehuntd
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  • greenscienceguy
    03.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    hi i made a small theory about the ending of dhmis five uhh

    So I’ve had this thought about the ending of five for a while, and I thought that maybe it’s interesting enough to put into post format and onto the internet, so here we go :)

    under the cut: long post, possibly upsetting screenshots from dhmis

    The basic set-up is that memory, for the traffic light trio, does not work quite the way it should. It’s just as tricky and temporary as some of the things that happen in the episodes themselves – the ruined kitchen in one, the aging in two. It seems that in between lessons, there’s maybe some sort of memory wiping or substitution going on. Each episode begins with them seeming a bit lost, like they just got placed there and now have to adjust to the situation. And while they can’t really remember what exactly has just happened to them previously, they do seem to have vague memories of the events.

    At the beginning of five, Duck and Yellow can’t remember that Red is missing. Even with the photos. The drawings on the fridge. They’ve got a vague sense that something is wrong but they don’t know what.

    In the It’s Nice That interview, there’s that moment where they’re asked, “What is love?” and Yellow says, “I can’t remember. I think he’s a little baby pigeon.”

    There’s the part of the computer song where Colin mentions time and Duck freaks out for a second, like he’s suddenly remembered everything that the clock did to them.

    And maybe it’s not just in between episodes.

    As Duck becomes increasingly upset with the song in five, Yellow stops going along with the song too and sort of just stares at him, trying to figure out what he’s doing. He stops responding to the teachers.

    But once Duck knocks over the camera and is on the gurney, he looks over at the TV screen broadcasting their kitchen, and it looks like this:

    You can hear Yellow in the distance, talking about pizza slices or something, suddenly going along with the song again.

    Once Duck is gone, Yellow doesn’t really remember his existence anymore, just like he did with Red. When his friends are kicked off the set, he’s not supposed to remember them anymore. And he doesn’t. Everything goes back to the way it was.

    Memory is not a stable thing in the felt world.

    But then there’s the beginning of six.

    How does Yellow remember his friends now?

    It can’t be because of the pictures in his scrapbook, the photos on the wall didn’t work in the beginning of five. There’s got to be another explanation.

    We’re going to backtrack a bit and talk about the phone now.

    It’s pretty heavily implied that Red is the one calling them, trying to get through to them from the outside world.

    What happens when Duck picks up the phone?

    I think it’s Red trying to tell him what’s going on. That their lives aren’t real. That they’re being controlled. That’s why Duck sees the monitors broadcasting the kitchen, that’s why he’s sucked into a place with machines like the one Red found at the end of six. And him ending up in that hospital room is his attempt at escaping.

    I think it’s notable that the last line Fridge gets in before Duck flips the camera is “or it could be too late.”

    It’s too late for Duck to escape. It’s too late for him to get out safely, the same way Red did.

    And then there’s the end of five. It’s just Yellow. Alone. The teachers are gone and so are his friends.

    And then the phone rings.

    He looks at it.

    And then it’s the credits, and the next time we see Yellow, it’s the beginning of episode six and he’s crying over the scrapbook because he remembers that his friends exist, and he knows that they are missing.

    I think he answered the phone.

    I think, in between five and six, that final phone call from Red was answered, and on the other end of the line there was Yellow. Yellow, immediately after all of the horrible (really, really horrible – the whole heavily implied force-feeding and,,) things that have just happened.

    You can imagine how the phone call went.

    I won’t try and define every word said. I’m sure your imaginations can supply just how awful it must have been to witness.

    But I think Red tells Yellow everything he needs to know. He exists. There’s an outside world. The songs are bad.

    And maybe Yellow tells him what happened to Duck.

    And maybe Red tells Yellow what he’s going to do .He’s going to get him out of the felt world.

    #theorizing about dhmis in 2021? it's more likely than you'd think #this is way too many words i think #felt a bit inspired after the fake news of the episode titles lmao #speaking of which uh rip #really had me happy stimming for a minute there #okay uhhhh yeah #hope you guys found this fun i guess #don't hug me i'm scared #dhmis#dhmis theory
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  • munniexmuses
    03.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #first interaction starters~ #muse // seojun~ #( teacher oc ) #seojun // answers~ #seojun & hyunwoo~ #// hopefully this is okay ^^ #( accepted ♡ )
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  • dams-racing
    03.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    oleg you are so sexy even when you are the only one to fail <3

    #sir i love you #i’m single #i dont speak german but it’s okay my friends will translate
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  • tothestarsandback
    03.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago
    #alex #what DID u imagine #okay last post now im offline
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  • werewolves
    03.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago
    #adam cole#adam page #hangman adam page #hangman page#wrestling#edits #two things i love about wrestling: #how affectionate and intimate wrestlers are with each other #and when they low key check on each other to make sure their opponent is doing okay during their matches
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  • aro-culture-is
    03.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #aro culture is #aro#aromantic#actually aro#actually aromantic#ask#mod kee #10 asks in a week did really used to feel like a lot! #but the increase was so gradual that it honestly feels okay #and it gets faster and easier to establish a procedure to go through submissions
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  • charliethe2nd
    03.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    it’s so grey outside and i’m sleepy today so i guess i’ll just watch some bad colin firth movies and play animal crossing or something

    #mine #okay yes i have a crush but its not my fault hes so charming #i'll see what we have on dvd and cuddle up on the sofa #my hand hurts from drawing anyway so itd be good to take a break #i'm gonna make coffee now anyone want some?
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  • bagelbeee
    03.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    A glance at mM cooking breakfast

    ft. Gang-tae (not) trying to burn the kitchen down

    “Aish. I should have not offered to cook breakfast,” Mun-yeong says next to him. He chuckles while he slips into the kitchen apron.

    “It’s okay. We both know I’m the better cook, Mun-yeong.” He shows his back to her, asking to tie the ends. Mun-yeong rolls her eyes - notices his poor attempt to have her help out when he had more "kitchen experience" than her - yet, ribbons it nonetheless.

    “That sounded like a challenge, Mr. Moon,” she pulls the ends a little harshly, playful.

    Gang-tae shrugs. “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

    “Are you implying that I’m going to lose?”

    He cocks an eyebrow, amused. “How confident are you about winning against me?”

    “I’ll fake it ‘til I make it,” she says, squaring her shoulders.

    “… Ko Mun-yeong, you cannot fake cooking.”

    "Watch me."

    I'm pretty sure they'll need the local firemen on stand by just to be sure.

    #WIP #i'm enjoying their banters too much #and if they're like this every morning? #bye kitchen#iotnbo #it's okay to not be okay
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  • vxctorx
    03.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    @fxckingmoran​ continued x

      ❝——Ah, yes. That would be back when I was invited to the Buckingham Palace for tea, years ago. She loved the company’s Darjeeling so much that she threatened me with knighthood, if you would believe. I also got to meet her corgis, which was really the best part. Is that what you’re being so grumpy about?❞

    #fxckingmoran #[ okay but the fact that the highlight of that day for vic was meeting the corgis lol ] #; CHAT#V; Entreprise
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  • sputnik-arts
    03.08.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    i had the best fucking idea in my entire art career last night when i was attempting to fall asleep (it’s a miracle i remembered it)

    now don’t get me wrong i am mainly here for star wars and DnD


    Lego Ninjago redesign

    not as lego figures but as people. it crossed my mind last night as i was brutally hurled into a flashback of watching it in the background with my brother and i want to draw the main gang as people people.

    #mainly because i want to draw nonbinary lesbian Nya #i can’t remember anyone’s names but thats okay #i just want to learn to draw asian features better #isnt one of them a robot? #and i’m pretty sure Cole turned into a ghost #idk i lost track past season 2 #the snake people have helicopters???? #it’s like anime but they keep powering up #yep there was definitely a love triangle between nya cole and the blue one #jay???? #eitherway i ship cole and jay #ninjago#ninjago art#ninjago fandom#ninjago cole#ninjago nya#ninjago jay#ninjago kai
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  • breadtickles
    03.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    proof i know how to be cozy!! look at all my cuddle options!

    #ryan rambles#not tickling #okay time for bed #have a good day today pls
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  • endlesslymissed
    03.08.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    had a one year break from my university and for months just a thought about it made me nervous. and now it's time to write some e-mails (ugh) and actually get ready for coming back there and I realised I actually miss uni. this is peak stockholm syndrome

    #like i am still scared #bc it means going back to a lot of things i tried to avoid for such a lung time now #but a lot changed and i am actually letting myself hope that it will be fine #it doesn't have to be perfect and spectacular.....just okay #yeah that's my wish for now
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  • legendarilymessedup
    03.08.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Oh wait spn is trending??? Finally yes I just had a BAD work day and wow I need some entertainment

    #mel's musings#spn#like #i should just know by now #when i have a breakdown of a reallly bad day #spn is probably gonna trend sometime soon to help me recover #oh my god #i might not be in the spn fandom but i wanna thank the spn fandom for having my back #y'all really out here providing eveeyone in this hellhole some entertainment #but also are yall okay #HUGS if u need them
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  • mjvnivsbrvtvs
    03.08.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    whenever I get over the thing I’m currently working through, I’m going to reveal the forbidden mark antony content that only one other person knows about

    #on the other hand if you remember the dc com/cs scarecrow x oc thing i briefly was going on about a few years ago #you've already unlocked hidden backstory lore to it lmao #OKAY GOOD NIGHT FOR REAL i'm logging off and making eggs and watching scary shows
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  • professionallydeadinside
    03.08.2021 - 29 minutes ago
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