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  • monaxikos-skantzoxoiros
    16.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #audio #explosions in the sky #an old peasant like me #Spotify
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  • daisyducklover2021
    16.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Minnie & Cuckoo Loca Restored Daisy’s Special Van to Surprise Her. 

    Also “Happy Birthday Daisy”

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  • advertisingpics
    16.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Title: 1962 Bakers Angel Flake Coconut advertising

    Source: https://reddit.com/r/vintageads/comments/mu7yk3/1962_bakers_angel_flake_coconut_advertising/

    Author: https://www.reddit.com/user/Paul-Belgium

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  • vviciously
    16.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    want to unbecome

    #how do u break the cycle/change urself its impossible i always return to the same old #*e
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  • chucklulz
    16.05.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Found out some absolutely awesome news yesterday....

    I've been pretty bummed the last few weeks. My car group routinely takes a trip to Georgia for what's very quickly turning in to one of the largest VW shows in the country. I'm hell bent on getting out of debt, so i was going to miss this year, and it hurt. I've had a lot going on, and work has been insane (Supply chain issues due to COVID. Everybody is changing prices on a monthly, and in some cases, bi weekly basis. I do pricing...) Last night six of my friends got together and pretty much said "We've got about $600 together. You don't have any excuse to not go." So i get a five day vacation next week. First one i've taken in two years, and the first major car event i've gone to since COVID started. I also get the added bonus of not pining over anyone this time.

    #personal#me#road trippin #good thing i just did the brakes on my mk2 #I take a 30 year old car cross country round 2
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  • imwhateverimis
    16.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #look at little old me getting transphobic anon hate #why are you so scared of my pussy that you're even on anon #tell me that shit to my face you piece of shit
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  • littlerosetrove
    16.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Bro. One of my absolute favorite moments (that I swear never gets old) is in AUs for The Old Guard when Joe and Nicky meet and see each other for the first time, and no matter which POV we’re in (Joe or Nicky), they have this mental and emotional pause trying to compute the fact that, “Oh no... Oh wow he’s so fucking cute.” 

    That shit gets me every time like ✌️🥺 and 😏 

    #The Old Guard #Joe/Nicky#Joe#Nicky #you know?? especially for some meet-cute AUs #or modern and no power AUs #LOVE IT#ramblings
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  • cantteachanoldguardnewquotes
    16.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Quynh: Are you sure the first few moments in a tornado isn't fun? Like the first few spins??

    #The Old Guard #Quynh#incorrect quotes
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  • loethlifeyoulivelietelifouloe
    16.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    One autumn morning in Montmartre, Paris, France, 1954.

    Photographed by Ernst Haas.

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  • advertisingpics
    16.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Title: Attention!....1961.

    Source: https://reddit.com/r/vintageads/comments/m8i16j/attention1961/

    Author: https://www.reddit.com/user/Dhorlin

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  • nei-ning
    16.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Oooh noo! I found information about a book which is written by Eero Ojala. His book is about Finland's mythical birds, beliefs of old Finnish people about birds. Like if woodpecker comes to knock the walls of your house, it was a sign of death. From cuckoo's cuckooing you could count the years you still have left to live and / or how many years it will take before you get married. Also, if this bird cuckooed very near you, it was a sign of your wishes coming true. If magpies fought on your roof, it was a sign of troubles at home (arguing, fighting, divorce, moving away etc.). Also, while in other countries owls are seen as wise birds, in Finland they were seen as dumb :'D but cranes and swans have been seen as good omens. I found it so fascinating, but since the book has been done in 2015, it's no longer on sale anywhere! Damn :'D Why I always find things which I like too late?

    #Text#Birds#Finland #Suomen myyttiset linnut #Eero Ojala#Book #I want it #Old Finnish beliefs
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  • not-xpr-art
    16.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Worlds Apart - AndromaQuynh digital painting ~


    SO excited I can finally share this! This was my artwork for the amazing Epoch @togzine !

    My idea for this piece was Andromache & Quynh in the early stages of their immortality, dreaming of each other from opposite sides of the world… Sounds depressing but we know that they found each other eventually & had centuries together, along with Lykon, Joe, Nicky and Booker :’) 

    #artists on tumblr #the old guard #the old guard fanart #andromaquynh#digital painting #andromache x quynh #digital art#tog fanart#wlw art #it was honestly such an honour to be a part of this!
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  • agendratum
    16.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    also i’m aggressively trying not to think about weining’s shishu and what happened to him

    #maybe i'm watching woh #woh spoilers #he aCCEPTED THEM #and tHEN THAT GUY #FUCKING OLD MAN
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  • xmenacing-experiencex
    16.05.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Look , I wish I could tell what's going on here but we all know that ain't gonna happen

    #jojo bizarre adventure #illustration#weird#depressing shit#jojo#kars art #jojo part 3 #abul#kakyoun#jokaro #old pickle jomseph #HOUSE POLANEREFF
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  • advertisingpics
    16.05.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Title: Not an Oatly Ad! From Oasis' Refreshing Stuff Campaign, by The Corner London [512x768]

    Source: https://reddit.com/r/AdPorn/comments/jari3h/not_an_oatly_ad_from_oasis_refreshing_stuff/

    Author: https://www.reddit.com/user/strivelyco

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  • mogoliz
    16.05.2021 - 33 minutes ago
    #it counts for the old aa art too i see y'all reblogging it and i'm cringing internally 8'))))) #Anonymous
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  • wangseunie
    16.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    love how stan twt is so pressed about a grown ass man who isnt even a kpop idol anymore having a nude photograph on his studio wall

    #give me a break 😩😩😩 #im really too old for this shit #got7 leaving jype should have been my wake up call
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  • bythewayy
    16.05.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    They don’t like each other I mean at first 🤷‍♀️

    And then they become partners.

    Dazai: 😒

    This will be the last post about 15 year old Dazai (plus bit of Chuya), Thanks for reading!

    List of 15 year old Dazai - first one is here, second one is this one.

    #dazai osamu#bsd #bungo stray dogs #chuya nakahara #15 year old Dazai
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  • atlasanhidup
    16.05.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    I don't miss them, you do >:(

    Old stream doodles when New L'Manberg was a thing :V

    #hhhhh old sketch #bcs digital art on my phone is hard lol #so have sketches instead <3 #misferns#fundy#eret#nihachu#ranboo#tubbo #lost and found #idk what their group is actually called but whatever #ghostbur#dream smp #sometimes i draw
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  • fictional-worlds-are-exquisite
    16.05.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    why are people like oh you don’t drink? haha why not???

    i may be missing something but i feel like a lot of the time the answer to that question is something heavy or at least less light that you don’t bring up in casual conversation like?? are you SURE you want the answer to that question?

    #ppl will ask with all this lightness and this joking-with-you vibe #and it's like #it all started when i was about 11 years old and my dad came home after drinking- #the answer literally never matches the tone they go in with. it's like well if you must know let's get heavy for a sec #i've taken to just saying 'i'm just not interested' or 'it's just not my thing' #and then if they push i'll drop the full reason and they can deal with that #you pushed #if you don't like the absolute change in our interaction maybe you shouldn't have asked #my reason really isn't THAT heavy but it's enough to make people feel awkward #ppl that actually know me asking genuinely is not something i'm bothered by #it's the lighthearted approach that always throws me off #i have three main reasons why i don't drink with a fourth minor one but 'i'm just not interested' should be enough #like that's all the reason i need #stop pushing
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