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  • sherrylephotography
    03.08.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    In the spirit of travel

    Surprised unique castle

    Spanish flair dazzle


    #original photographers on tumblr #photographers on tumblr #my photography #my haiku poetry #gimp gimc#photographic art#abstract #la posada hotel #old photo from 2012 #Winslow Arizona
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  • askansaras
    03.08.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Hahhhh, more content of my favourite orange man!

    I really, REALLY want to create more minecraft content (regarding herobrine and steve), but brainrot is preventing me from drawing anything else but the orange man.

    So, if any of you got any requests or just general ideas, please let me know! I am happy to accept any and all of them!♡

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  • baalzebufo
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    those moments, sweetheart

    woke up at 3am the other night and couldn’t sleep due to my brain overacting, so I decided to write it out. ended up with this saccharine kazumaji. it’s a lot more stream of consciousness than my usual stuff, but I figured someone else might enjoy it and I need to get better about posting my writing. contains two happily retired old men living on the beach together. they kiss


    But he allows it. Allows Kiryu to plant another kiss against his forehead, too. It’s a tenderness that’s foreign to him. It feels like love. Love.


    Warm. Clammy. The heat of Okinawa sticks to him like the drip of the grape popsicle that rolls down the line of his chest. It's a suffocating heat that he still isn't used to- it's only been a month. Hopefully he adjusts. He's always been adaptable.

    Majima kicks his foot into the burning sand and recoils it back to the safety of the shaded porch. The view from their house on the beach is nothing short of breathtaking, but with the heat suffocating him like this, Majima can barely open his working eye to appreciate it. He scratches the red line on his face- still working on getting rid of that eyepatch tanline. He's been wearing it less here, at least at home. 

    Home. The word leaves an uneasy aftertaste in his mouth, and he suckles the grape ice to wash it down, to replace it with artificial sweetness. Still it refuses to settle with him. Leaves his stomach fluttery and tossed like the waves a hundred yards from their shore. Maybe in time it will come to him- he hopes, at least.

    His fretting thoughts are interrupted then by a soft yawn and the sounds of bare feet padding on wood. A shadow falls behind him and years of violence rear their head- he aches then to turn and strike before the knife sticks his ribs, to gouge and claw and show that he is worthy of the names given to him, a dog ready to bite. But he swallows that down, too. Holds himself. This is not Kamurocho. He is safe.

    Kiryu lands heavy on the porch next to him, exhaling softly with the effort, still blinking the sleep from his eyes. Majima looks, runs his gaze up his body. His skin has taken to tan much quicker than Majimas- already he can see a dusting of freckles on his shoulders from the sun and Majima yearns for nothing more in that moment than to kiss them, to trace constellations between them and map Kiryu's body like an uncharted sky. He holds that urge down, too. Later, perhaps.

    Instead Kiryu smiles at him through a haze of sweat and his hand finds Majimas, laying limply at his side. Fingers entangle and Majima cannot help himself. His head slumps, rests there on the shelf of Kiryu's shoulder and nuzzles. An arm wraps around his shoulders and pulls him tight. Its sticky, a little unpleasant, but welcome. Words find Majima’s tongue at last.

    'Ya okay?'

    Kiryu simply hums, the rumble felt in his chest. His hand creeps up to brush the back of Majima's undercut, freshly shaved. It tickles, and he squirms under the touch- headbutting the side of Kiryu's chin lightly, he snorts. Kiryu rumbles something again, and it resonates as a purr to Majima, calming him. His eye feels heavy.


    Oh- he hadn't even realized he was drifting. Kiryu had asked him a question and he hadn't even heard it. Majima looks down at the purple liquid dribbling down his hand from the last dredges of his popsicle. He brings it up to his mouth to lap at the sugar.

    'Mm- sorry, Kaz. Ain't used to this heat. Makes me dizzy.'

    'I know…' 

    Guilt. The unspoken sorry. Majima can't help but sense it in his voice. That tiny flicker of doubt- maybe he should never have taken Majima out of the life, maybe he shouldn’t have brought him so far from home and implored him to set aside the years of facade he built for himself. Kiryu feels selfish in this. Selfish in anything that brings him joy, really. Majima decides then and there he never wants to hear that in Kiryu's voice again- never. Never allow him to feel guilt over this. He turns to face him, and takes Kiryu's cheek in his hand. 

    The sight makes him wish he still had two eyes. Kiryu, glimmering and sun-kissed, his face soft and smiling. Majima used to think Kiryu couldn't smile. He's been doing it much more since they moved here. It suits him, Majima decides. His brow relaxed and the sun catching off his eyes and glittering like the waves, casting the gentle swoop of his eyelashes onto his cheeks. The faintest hint of a wrinkle, a laugh line. Majima's heart swells with something he still struggles to believe in.

    'Hey. None of that.' He chastises softly, no venom in his voice. 'Got plenty of time to get used to it, yeah?' Plenty of time- all the time in the world, now. It's a prospect Majima still finds scary, living past 20. Living for anything beyond a reason to throw it all away. But nothing so scary he can't overcome it- that they cannot overcome it, together. 

    Kiryu smiles. There it is again.

    'Thank you.'

    He turns to kiss Majima’s wrist and he decides in that instance, no- and leans forward to meet his lips instead. Even feeling the upwards curl of Kiryu's lips against his- it makes him giddy. Lightheaded, and not just from the heat. The kiss tastes like grapes- it tastes like Majima. It tastes like Kiryu.

    Soft and gentle, it ends quickly. Majima almost whines when Kiryu pulls away, much too used to chasing his kisses, to aggression even in his romance. But he allows it. Allows Kiryu to plant another kiss against his forehead, too. It’s a tenderness that’s foreign to him. It feels like love. Love.

    Majima swells with it. Had he ever been in love like this before? He has loved, certainly- a desire for companionship, for normalcy, for something to protect. But not like this, not so fully. In such a quiet moment sat on the porch of their shared house with the sea lapping at their shore and their daughter asleep soft in her bed and their, their, their. Together. Majima had always thought himself stronger alone and only now does he see how wrong he was. They can stand alone and shoulder their burdens but together, they are unbreakable.

    Kiryu runs a hand through his own hair, the sweat sticking to his forehead. He exhales heavily, and pulls himself up. Moving slow like the tide. Unhurried- nowhere to be, nothing to fear. He holds a hand out to Majima and he takes it without thinking. It’s instinctive, now.

    'Let's go inside.' Kiryu says, and Majima simply nods. No other words needed, really.  Hands still joined, Kiryu still smiling, grape juice still dripping from Majima’s palm. He’s home.

    #kazumaji#goro majima#kiryu kazuma#yakuza#fanfiction #i need a writing tag tbh i want to post more #im way more nervous abt it than my art so i dont post 99% of it #despite the situation this was written in im quite fond of it actually #i should. make an ao3 sometime to post these properly instead of shovin em here #regardless #enjoy some very sickly sweet old men #they deserve nothing but happiness
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  • no-thought-artboo
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    corvid keeps putting things on the wrong account

    #/nm #it's honestly funny #its like teaching an old person what alexa is #keep trying corv youll get it eventually <3 #art boy >:)
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  • boredspicy
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #illustration#digital art#digital illustration#disney #beauty and the beast #tales as old as time #artwork#art #artists on tumblr #digital artist
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  • varividchicken
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Twst OC Sheet of Patches

    Template by @pearlwhitecats

    More info:

    Has a Twin Brother

    Extended family back home living in a high tech mansion on an archipelago

    Has a few pictures of all of his family with him (they're group photos)

    He crashlanded due to accidentally pressing a button causing it to go rapidly when driving his space ship for a test drive due to it getting updated.

    He admires Reece for their capabilities without magic amongst all besides him in NRC. Even he knows he is stronger than Reece, finds that cool on what they have and their knife tricks

    Teases Grim around which is fun though respects him for how far of a rascal he is to being able take steps to reach his dream of becoming a powerful wizard

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  • kingofthemonkel
    03.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Finally doing another studio ghibli aesthetics print! this time it’s Spirited away 

    #studio ghibli#spirited away#digital art#anime#anime aesthetic #I'm gonna go back and fix some of the old ones to post together but I'm really happy with how this one came out!
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  • chocomintiice
    03.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I can be your angle...... I can be yuor devil.....

    Anyways I love Angie's shitty lil skater outfit

    #She looks like an 8 year old boy who was allowed to choose his outfit for the first tine #*time #This was mostly for coloring practice so the linearts rlly messy lol #Biotop#Hatopopoko#art #artists on tumblr #anime#manga
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  • yumoirail
    03.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i came to offer crumbs of Botw x Atlantis AU qwq

    #no thats not zelda's father i literally pulled out of my ass an oc to be her grandparent who is already dead asdnadsb hsdfsdf #i dont like rhoam sorry #i have the intros of the other characters but i need to finish the lineart and color x((((( #botw#tloz #breath of the wild #the legend of zelda #atlantis au#princess mipha#zelda#zelpha#my art#robbie #the good old pal robbie #zelda went to find a lost civilization and found a new fish gf #wish that were me y_y
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  • glam-rock-space-wizard
    03.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The beans at my high school tasted like piss

    #Did You Piss In My Beans Officer #my art#shitpost#old shit#idk #exactly one other person on the planet would get this
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  • the-book-ferret
    03.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “It was such a strange tormenting feeling when your daemon was pulling at the link between you; part physical pain deep in the chest, part intense sadness and love. Everyone tested it when they were growing up: seeing how far they could pull apart, coming back with intense relief.” ― Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass

    #thebookferret#books#booklr#book worm#book nerd#book pets#book addict#book photography#bibliophile#ferret#diggle bear #the golden compass #hannah hitchman art #illumicrate#daemon #still one of my favorite pieces from a subscription box #posting old drafts
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  • monsterboytrash
    03.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Tuxedo Rick is superior

    #this may or may not be practice for a new animatic im planning #rick is a disgusting old man #but if I draw him hot enough maybe itll be true #rick sanchez #rick and morty #rick c137#my art#fan art#digital art#rick
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  • mitch-a-bitch
    03.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    sometimes you find ship art from 2016 and then redraw it 

    #thats my oc and bart allen #god this is such an old ship and i still love it #the art improvement is insane #but its also been 5 yeats #artsyfartsy
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  • whalien96
    03.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    every day i wish i could go back and tell my 17 year old self that my old bitch of an art teacher was literally lying to me when she said nobody would be interested in my art and unless i learned how to properly draw a stupid fucking apple that i could never sell my art lol what the fuck fuck you mrs horche hope u rot in hell dumb bitch

    #17 year old me was doing such cool shit and literally sketching every day #and i believed in myself cause other ppl told me i could #AND THEN I QUIT ART FOR YEARS I BARELY DREW ANYTHING #FCK FCK FUCK
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  • sandrinessketchpad
    03.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    (Old Drawing)- Romulus I finally drew another OC I have. I haven't drawn Romulus since August 5, 2015. I can see improvements I've made and things I'd need more improvement on. Romulus in my OCs Universe is the God of creation, he is peaceful but will fight if need be. He cares about Htrae more then anything for his wife is Mother of Htrae. I need to give the plant an actual name but one hasn't come to mind other than that.

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  • minecraft-cow
    03.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    happy birthday big man !!

    (lyric from further on up the road by johnny cash)

    #jack manifold #jack manifold fanart #dsmp#dream smp#my art #WOOOO HBD C!JACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! #drew a little bit for u guys :] ! #yes i listen to old man music shut uppp /lh
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  • asthecrowrambles
    03.08.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #this art is old and idk if i've already posted but #GOD is it cute #LIKE #GORDON MY BELOVED... HEHEHEH #i like my current gordon design #but older design is also very cute #red hair... ooghgghhg #hlvrai#gordos feetman#gordon feetman#benrey#benry#frenrey#lovecore #the them are in LOVE!! #oh also i drew this in mspaint <3 #digital art#ccrowart
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