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  • TikTok has given me so many cool old people to appreciate. I’ve already lost grandmayoyo, if I ever lose tequilaanddonuts I will literally riot.

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  • Y'all🤣🤣 So my grandmother just spent like thirty minutes looking for the phone she was talking on. When she finally figured it out, my grandfather looked at me and said, “The day they were handing out brains, she thought they said rain and went back inside” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #CoupleGoals

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  • This might just be because @rainbowrowell is an original trilogy fan…

    But I can’t stop thinking of how Simon reliably reaches every other relationship mile marker with Baz first. Examples include: kissed, asked to be boyfriends, came out in public,(proposed??? please?)

    Is that like how Han shot first?

    If there is ever a Carry On film series we need to fight to preserve the original timeline.

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  • I’ve been cutting people out of my life like it’s my job. If you’re not genuinely good to me you could go like yesterday.

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  • image

    🎶can you smell the musk tonight?🎶

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  • This is my gramma.  I saw her today, took this picture. 

    She’s probably 90?  Her second-oldest kid is 70.  

    She’s more open to conversation and progressive ideas than most of my cousins, and many of my nieces and nephews. 

    Yeah, she’s still got prejudices and some backwards-thinking ideas - she grew up an spent her entire 90+ years ten miles outside of a very small town, no job outside the farm. But she’ll still talk about it, and try to learn.

    And as far as voting and policy?  She is across the board wanting to do what’s best for everyone.  

    Last time I was able to sit down and talk to her, she realized that “the economy” doing well didn’t mean that actual people were.  She was like, “Well, damn.”  

    She’d never actually say “damn”, but I could see it in her face.

    So don’t fall for that bullshit about “too old to change”.   It’s a choice to stick their brains in concrete.  

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  • It’s the way he smiles,

    And then drops, and gets up,

    And sits down, wood and bones creaking,

    Twists his head, side to side,

    Like a dancer in a diner, flips,

    A metronome, only at the centre for a split-

    He turns again, as the cogs twist

    A shamed and speckled clock chimes twice

    Treading its dust and skin powder

    What day, what time is it

    We reply, sunday, grandad

    Slow, loving, kisses

    Rosy cheeks, and dark eyes

    Though they are buried far inside.

    He still turns

    Where did our Saturday go

    You spent the day with us, grandad

    We were together, grandad

    And we recall those well loved memories

    To a rosy brick wall

    And on that wall, somewhere, hangs our speckled photos,

    Cherubs, teeth, and hair and focus

    He was unaware of what tooth-centered smiles he’s caused

    In that day, on a Saturday.

    We’ll hang our photos proudly

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  • Me: alright today is the 15th *filling out audio sale form* what is your first name

    Him: Tony

    Me: last name?

    Him: Smith

    Me: live in town?

    Him: no I live in home

    His wife: he means the next town over

    Him: oh yea my bad

    Me: :) that’s fine I’m glad you live at home she hasnt kicked you out yet

    His wife: not yet

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  • I had to explain to my 60 year old father what asterisk roleplay is because he saw a Facebook post that said “*checks notes*” and he thought it had something to do with identifying counterfeit money and boy I tell you if that wasn’t the most awkward, confusing conversation I’ve ever had in my life

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    I remember drawing this one night when I was bored. It took maybe around 4-5 hours to get right

    It was titled “Golf with Friends”, and depicts a younger version of Doc in his old attire, playing a game of golf with 3 other characters of mine. One of which, is an earlier stylized version of Dan

    Of course joining Doc, is his lovable bean bag boy Nark Nark, and his loving Dog which I never made mention of. 😕

    … It is shocking how much lore and story I wrote for this guy, that I haven’t shown at all in the 1.3 years I’ve been on Tumblr.

    Anywho! I wanna give a shout out to my two newest followers @cartoonwarrior210 and @icytealvixen . I’m so happy that I can make people smile with what I make on here!

    A little extra support is always appreciated, so feel free to like, reblog, comment, and follow for more

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  • I know nothing about martial arts (sorry @curly-eyebrows 💜), but all the young actors on Cobra Kai look as if they’ve trained like crazy between seasons 1 and 2 👀 (as in, they all look differently, and as if they do more of their own karate scenes)

    #cobra kai #so not a tumblr show I'd say #old people#80s film #but at least the gen z kids call out the casual ignorance from the older characters :-D
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  • What IS vintage anyway - September 13th, 2020

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  • ~diary thoughts~ #150

    Dear Parents Not Born in this Generation,

    Fuck off. I get that you guys think technology is complicated and that it’s made us worse. No one fucking asked you.

    I play games because they help me with my depression and anxiety. I’m not addicted to leveling up, I literally just like feeling okay for a few minutes.

    You don’t want us to rely on our phones, and expect us to do research on our own. I get that you hate Google is at your fingertips, you’re used to searching by yourself. But we don’t have too! The world is changing and you need to fucking understand that.

    I like playing a random kids show while I try to sleep, for the noise/it’s not scary. I’m not fucking binge watching a show! There’s no fucking difference between listening to music, and playing a 20 minute episode that you’re not actually watching.

    You don’t want me to rely on any technology, what the fuck do you want me to do? Even schools have adapted to using the fucking internet. I still read actual books (I don’t like audiobooks/e-books), and you think all I ever do is use my phone.

    Sorry the world is changing. Just because you’re old does not mean you’re wiser.

    #depression#anxiety#family#elderly#old people#generation#generation gap#gen z#technology#phone#google search#books#reading#high school#college#school#cheating#research #i want to die #i give up #dead inside #i am alone #i am stupid #i am dumb #i wanna kms #i wish i was good enough #i don’t wanna do this anymore #i don’t want this #i don’t want to feel like this anymore #i don’t want to live anymore
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  • I hate when older people tell you what not to do or say on an application of any kind, graduate school, cover letter, masters program. man FUCK YOU, and all these “rules” you are looking for. I literally hate applying for anything because i literally have to mold everything to these old white people’s liking. I understand people need to see your writing, your accomplishments, goals but fuck all this correctness and “perfect application” bs. I would think these old people know how hard it is to find a job and would appreciate originality, character, and just desire!!!!!!!!! It’s sucking the life out of MEEEE. I’m pissed 😤

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  • Aight, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the trope of some richer than Scrooge old person whose entire family is just waiting for them to die so the rich person leaves it all to one person or a cat or sumn.

    But, here’s what I would do, I’d make sure that they have no one to blame but themselves. I’d give my lawyer a stopwatch, and have them gather everyone in one room before the reading. Then I’d divide the pot up evenly, and have the lawyer keep track of the arguing, so that any one person is arguing about this payout loses, like, a grand for every minute they argue and that grand goes to their least favorite charity and, like, double it for anyone who didn’t cry at the funeral. I swear I’d tell the reaper to fuck off just so I could see the looks on everyone’s faces when their cuts are all gone.

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  • pics of their grandkids is the cryptocurrency of grandmas

    #can be traded for goods and services #old people#cryptocurrency#bitcoin
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