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  • socialprawn
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    real smile that makes her look bean shaped, cos shes a bean 🤍🤍🤍

    #agape amell#agape #art tag! #the gray warden #imma tag her on the old stuffs cos its a redraw :V #i am really happy with this direction again hehe #cos back then i thoughbt i was SUPPOSED to be doing linework and pretty people with big eyes and low cut shirts and now having outgrown this #phase #im happy that my character can finally show through those IMPOSED rules #that i thought i was supposed to be following #in reality we're not supposed to be doing #anything #only showcase whats in our brain with whatever methods possible #hehehe #sorry for ramble `(*>﹏<*)′
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  • transyebaiyi
    12.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    everytime i see people saying "snl hasnt been funny since ____" i lose years off of my life

    #snl has had highs and lows but trust me so a lot of the old stuff is not that good and there is good new stuff #its just the nostalgia speaking #🐇☁️
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  • kiwi-radiostation
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Also I want everyone to know that Doomsday is coming soon. I asked my parents about the animation tablet I wanted (also i aparently need a computer for it to operate so we have to get that as well) and they said Maybe (yes leaning). I also asked my sister about it and she said the old drawing Ipad i have was worth more then the animation tablet i want and its like a Christmas present price. ho ho ho motherfuckers

    #i think youll become the next jaiden animations #kiwi rambles#shitpost #im gonna master animstion and make the best animations yet #i will be the new sad ist (one of my animators i admire;;;;;;;) and jaiden animation (also another animator i have stuck with since a young- #age. my old teachers daughter was writing a card based on our classes stuff when covid came and we had to pick up our shit and on mine she- #wrote on mine w a drawing of jaiden and. man that meant a lot;;;;;;;;;; #so yeah. im a soon-to-be animator (slimecicle reference) #december. (or earlier idk lol)
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  • karmantics
    12.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    girl WHAT is romance.

    #like............ oogufhfhfhgjgjn???? #in theory i very much would care 4 a romantic relationship just bc kissing n cuddling romantically or whateva.. fun. i like that #i also like the idea of being in a relationship. i guess #but also ehhhh?? yknow #obv idk much bc im not very old but still. feels wack. ive never really been in a relationship that wasnt initiated by someone else #fwb except its not sex we can just kiss a lil :) #/hj #is a romantic relationship not just a solid friendship where you sometimes kiss n stuff....... #ALSO I MISSBEING CUDDLED WHILE FALLING ASLEEP #that isnt just romantic obv but im not comfy doing that w most ppl thats the problem lol
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  • bulldykebutch
    12.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    hmmmm give me shows to watch. Just like. any show and a quick description of it. I like horror, d&d shows (preferably w visuals not just podcasts), and decent comedy but I'll watch anything really just tell me shit u like

    #shouts #just finished hannibal yesterday now im Bored #and not super in the mood to rewatch old stuff #stuff that isnt in english is fine but id prefer it was a dubbed anime or smthm so i can watch it while doing other shit
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  • hcneyboy
    12.06.2021 - 11 hours ago


    #ME #this ones also chewed up but #im gonna post repost some open starters from my old blog and answer some stuff :3 #time to distract from the sad ™ #ooc.
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  • etherealhowell
    12.06.2021 - 12 hours ago


    #for dans big three zero #i have deleted all my old fics from this blog #and some other stuff #honestly it would be easier to just delete this blog altogether #but the memory of my time with d n p hits too hard to let it all go so #mine
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  • charseraph
    12.06.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #my art#paper stuff #Old dooble number two 😋
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  • charseraph
    12.06.2021 - 12 hours ago
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  • noirandchocolate
    12.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Me A Couple Hours Ago: I have no idea who Bo Burnham is.

    Bo Burnham Just Now: *comes for my kneecaps with his song about turning 30*

    Me: This is fine, this is good! I’m not dying inside at all!

    #kidk says stuff #i just turned 38 #is all this guy’s stuff like this special? #I feel like I’ve seen small bits of his stuff before but I didn’t know his name because I’m old and don’t know what the Youths like #this is good shit though I’m like alternating between cackling and being like oh
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  • coffeeordeceasement
    12.06.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #putting those tutorials to use #procreate#citrus scale #look it made me laugh lol #fanfic stuff #im old what of it
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  • 1pfeli
    12.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    just when you think you’ve seen it all, there will ALWAYS be Hetalia official art you’ve never seen before in your life

    #feli.txt #hetalia #fan of 6 years now and still finding stuff I’ve never seen before #and I don’t just mean new official art that gets released I mean out of the old old stuff too
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  • mariek-artblog
    12.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    [DeviantART repost]

    I saw the light fade from the sky

    #thorin oakenshield#thorin fanart#the hobbit #the hobbit fanart #old stuff #from my deviantart
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  • despisydraws
    12.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Okay so, as you might have noticed I turned 18 like two weeks ago or something, and theres this thing I havent really thought about until now

    I know I follow some minors one here and theres probably one or two in between who happen to have a dni if 18+ somewhere on their blog too

    It hasnt really occured to me that Im in that group yet, so if I happen to follow you and you are uncomfortable with it please please please let me know, I'll unfollow you immediately, no questions asked

    Same goes for if I start following you and I somehow missed you having it put up on your blog, because I sometimes oversee these things

    I want everyone here to feel as safe and comfortable as possible, and if I can support that in any way, in this case by not being around you, I will absolutely do so

    Ill try to be as conscious as possible about it from now on, but I probably wont have the time to search through every blog I started following when I was a minor as well for this message, so I highly encourage you to tell me right away if you feel uncomfortable with me around!

    Stay safe!❤️

    #I feel like this needed to be said #Id feel so bad for making anyone uncomfortable by my presence #I forget that Im considered an adult now an awful lot #So if I started following you when I was a minor and if it makes you uncomfortable that I still do now that Ive aged up a year tell me pls #Like I said I wont go any deeper into it Ill respect your wishes and unfollow your blog immediately #I just follow so many blogs that I cant possibly comb through them all and Im so sorry for that #I really wish I could search you out and leave in quiet so you dont have the hassle of having to message me #Reblog this if youre a fellow fresh adult who was so oblivious to this being an issue now as well #I literally didnt think of it #Theres so much stuff to consider already now that Im SUPER OLD that the fact I might seem like a threat to younger people now just... #Kinda slipped my mind... #I guess Ill keep it as a pinned post for a little because this feels important to me #Adulthood #(Spoiler alert: its shitty) #Definitely a psa
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  • o-lucy-hearfilia-o
    12.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Safe (Kamado Tanjirou x Reader)

    Fandom: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

    Summary: After getting separated from your friends on a mission, Tanjirou comes to your rescue.

    Pairing: Kamado Tanjirou x Reader

    Rating: Fluff, hurt/comfort (SFW)

    Word Count: 2,373


    It was cold, the chill permeating through your haori and uniform, and you shivered as you walked alone, katana drawn, puddles formed by rainwater from the earlier shower splashing under your zori. You could feel your tabi getting unpleasantly wet, and you wished for a moment you’d worn boots, or something more to protect your feet.

    This was a mess.

    You and your companions had been assigned the task of finding and eradicating the demons that inhabited an abandoned town in the middle of a forest. The forest was on the edge of another small town, one which was rapidly growing, so people tended to get lost there. This had never been more than an inconvenience at first; people would vanish, the town would send out a search party, and the missing person would be found usually to too far from the path they strayed from.

    Until it got more complicated, and people stayed gone, no matter how many people went looking for them. The locals knew of the abandoned village, it used to be quite nice. But the people living there suddenly left, and the village was left alone for years. A few people went to investigate it, only one came back. A man, who told the townspeople of the horrors that lurked behind the village gates.

    Enter Tanjirou and company.

    You and the others arrived together, had some onigiri, and separated into pairs to fan out across the village. It really was creepy, you decided, the buildings, obviously once quite beautiful, were crumbling, the paths unkept, the wood beams holding up the houses splintering. One part of a house had completely collapsed, leaving a pile of roof tiling and torn screens. Fog seemed to hug the village, spread over it like a blanket.

    And you could hear whispering. From the look Zenitsu gave you, you could tell he heard it too.

    You went with Tanjirou and Nezuko while Zenitsu and Inouske paired (unwittingly) together.

    The fog was dense, swallowing its surroundings in a wispy shroud. You kept your guard up as you passed the doorways to houses and small business, the cobblestones slick under your feet. It was weird that they were wet. The rain had fallen yesterday, while you and the others were staying in the village, and it was mostly dry as you made your way through the forest. Maybe things worked differently here, you reasoned. Demons inhabited this village. They never seemed to play by the rules of normality.

    It was when you turned around to ask Tanjirou to give you some more background on the village when you found him and his sister gone, thick fog and the groaning of wood against the breeze that blustered about left in their place.

    You called out, which you realized was probably a stupid thing to do, and as panic began to sink into your chest, you shoved it to the back of your mind.

    Remember your training.

    You were a demon slayer. You needed to keep calm. You took a slow breath, gathering yourself, drawing your nichirin form it’s sheathe to defend yourself at a moment’s notice.

    Where did they go?

    You didn’t like this. Demons had a way of playing with your mind. You knew they’d be looking for you. And they couldn’t have gone far. At least, you hoped so.

    You began to walk, eyes darting to empty doorways and alleys between shops and houses, anywhere a demon could be hiding. But despite your scanning, you saw nothing. It was dark, the moon above you the only thing providing light, casting rakish shadows across the ground. You had to be prepared for anything.

    An open doorway caught your attention, something inside the small tea shop it led to. There was a lantern lit inside, sitting on a low tea table. The table itself was decrepit and faded, but the lantern was glowing bright. You took a step forward.

    This village is so strange.

    Without stepping fully inside, you snatched the lantern with an outstretched hand, smiling to yourself as you cast light on your surroundings. It couldn’t be that easy.

    You set the lantern on the ground by your feet, barely able to react in time as a waifish boy with stringy black hair lunged towards you with a low snarl. The lantern must have been his trap, the promise of light to whatever poor soul wandered into the village. You deflected his scrabbling hands with your blade, slicing his arms off cleanly.

    He looked up at you through his hair with pitch black eyes as he scrambled back, spitting in rage and pain. In his momentary recovery, you struck, slicing his head off with a single stroke. He fell to the ground and crumbled to dust.

    You picked up the lantern, thankful it didn’t end up meeting its owner’s fate, and went on your way.

    Sorry lantern boy, I think I need this more than you.

    You continued walking, lantern in hand, much more alert now that you had regained your vision. You now noticed that there were dead leaves littering the ground, among other things. You spotted a long, thin and pale object that you hoped was just a stick.

    You knew you were probably wrong. People had died in this village, after all. You used the hook attached to the ring at the top of the lantern to fasten it to your belt, sure that you’d need a free hand eventually.


    You started at the sound of your name being called, seemingly from very far away. You strained to see if you’d hear it again, and there it was, after a moment of silence.

    You realized with a start it was Tanjirou’s voice. You took a few steps, trying to see if you’d hear it again.

    When it came, it sounded off. Distorted. You froze.


    Your call was quiet, a half-shout, cautious. Your grip on your katana tightened. You didn’t dare call again, breath caught in your throat.

    You needed to find the others. But you didn’t think that was Tanjirou.

    You pointedly didn’t go in the direction of the voice as you continued walking, cursing to yourself for answering back, even if it wasn’t at a loud volume. Demons would be able to hear that.

    Good thing you knew how to kill them.

    But your katana was not much comfort as you continued to think about the voice. There had to be a demon in this village that could mimic voices, and imagining people hearing the voice of a loved one, hope flowering, only to run to their deaths, that filled you with dread and sorrow.

    You heard the voice again, only this time, it sounded closer. Not a lot, but enough to make you nervous. You held your katana in front of your chest, ready to strike, but as you did a 360, you saw nothing.

    Tanjirou, where are you?

    You straightened your back as you carried on, determined to find the real Tanjirou.

    Gods, you hoped he was safe. He was tough. You were sure he was. He had to be. You didn’t know what you’d do without him.

    You didn’t have his uncanny sense of smell, so you couldn’t track him or Nezuko, if they hadn’t been separated, in that manner. Your ability was closest to Zenitsu, but not as strong. You were better at feeling vibrations and tremors. You could feel when someone was approaching.

    You could feel quick little footsteps, which you realized was only a mouse crossing the path in front of you. It scurried away at the sight of you, disappearing back into the shadows.

    You felt something bigger, something with a weight closer to your own, which made you grip your sword in the ready position, in both hands, pointed out.

    You heard your name called again, and it was closer than ever, still in Tanjirou’s borrowed voice that wasn’t quite right. Your eyes went wide as you backed up against a wall.

    Then, you saw it. It was a woman, crawling on all fours. Her limbs were bent at severe angles, and her neck was a little too long. She wore a kimono patterned with maple leaves, the silk faded and torn in places. She advanced towards you, head cocked almost quizzically. Her face was deathly pale, eyes cloudy and veined with red, something dark dripping down her cheeks. Her mouth was popping open and shut like a fish.

    You readied your blade, ignoring the sudden terror that her appearance brought.


    That was Tanjirou’s voice.

    And it was coming from the Onryō.

    Your eyes went huge, and in the moment you were caught off guard, the Onryō leaped into the air, knife-like fingers spreading as she poised herself for an attack. You rolled out of the way, watching as she went crashing into the wall you’d been leaning against. The lantern dislodged from your belt as you fell, rolling across the ground to flicker and go out. You cursed colorfully, wrestling yourself to your feet.

    You advanced towards the woman as she regained her bearings, but as you swung your sword, she dodged, giggling. The sound of her laugh was a high, shrill noise, like nails on a chalkboard, grating against your mind.

    If that was her real voice, you understood why she used others.

    Her claws clattered and scraped as she rushed you again, and this time, you managed to land a hit, cleaving the arm she raised to strike you off. She howled in pain.

    She wasn’t much of a talker, you noticed.

    She shoved you to the ground with the heel of her palm, and you fell hard, sword clattering away, breath forced from your lungs.

    Oh no.

    She crept over you, lips pulling into a smile full of wickedly sharp teeth. You reached for your sword, shoulder lacing with pain as you extended your arm a little too far, but the hilt of your katana was just out of reach.

    You were about to die. And by the sadistic glee in the entity above you’s eyes, you knew it wouldn’t be a quick death. Tears beaded in your eyes as you kicked at the woman’s legs, clawed at her arms, but you were pinned. You had no chance. Your eyes flicked around to see if you cold find any opening, anything to stay alive. You had so much to do, so much to say, so many people to meet.

    You hadn’t even gotten the chance to tell Tanjirou how you felt.

    But just as the Onryō raised her newly regenerated arm to drive her claws into your chest, she was catapulted off of you, slamming into the ground with a cry of fury. You turned to your side, propping yourself up onto your elbows.

    It was Tanjirou, and you turned just as he swung his blade through the demon’s throat. His face was pinched with fury, eyes blazing, and as you realized you were going to survive, your eyes filled with tears. As soon as the demon lay on the ground, body beginning to disintegrate, he was rushing over to you.

    His hands fluttered over you nervously, finding your face to tilt it this way and that, expression serious. His eyebrows furrowed as he noticed the scrape on your cheek from when you’d fallen, fingers hovering over it before his hand fell.

    Then, you were in his arms, enfolded against him. You wrapped your arms around his neck, fingers curling into the fabric of his haori. You were suddenly crying, unsure of why. Maybe it was the fear, maybe it was your worry for him, and how seeing him now quashed any thoughts of his safety being at risk.

    Well, in your line of work, technically, your safety was always at risk. But it certainly didn’t feel like it now that Tanjirou was here.

    “You’re not hurt?” Tanjirou whispered, nose burying itself in your hair, “I’m so sorry we got separated, I shouldn’t have gone to investigate that building, I was around the corner for one second and you’d gone. Gods, (Y/N), I was so worried you’d been hurt, or... or killed. I don’t know what I would have done.”

    You swallowed back a few sobs. “Where’s Nezuko? Is she okay?”

    “Fine. She’s fine. She’s just by that shop.”

    You looked over Tanjirou’s shoulder to find Nezuko looking up at the moon, giving you what you figured was a smile when she saw you looking at her.

    “And you?” You breathed, fingers tracing Tanjirou’s face. He smiled.

    “I’m fine, don’t worry about me.”

    His eyes filled with emotion as he tucked your face into the curve of his shoulder. “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you, (Y/N), you’re so important to me.”

    “And you—“

    You started sobbing again, prompting Tanjirou to smooth back your hair, shushing you quietly.

    “It’s okay,” he muttered, “I’m here now. You’re safe.”

    It took you a moment or two to regain your bearings, but you eventually did.

    “I love you,” you whispered, which just made Tanjirou’s embrace grow stronger.

    He pulled back ever so slightly to press a warm kiss to your mouth, catching you by surprise, but you responded anyway, kissing him back sweetly.

    He broke the kiss to hold you again. “I love you too. I love you too. Thought you didn’t feel the same.”

    You wiped your eyes with the back of your hand. “Of course I do, I—“

    Your sentence was broken by a yelp of pain or fear, you couldn’t tell, but it was unmistakably Zenitsu.

    “—I can’t think of anything not to love,” you finished, glaring pointedly in the direction of the yell.

    Tanjirou helped you up, bending down briefly to retrieve your katana, which you took when he handed it to you.

    His hand found yours, fingers weaving tightly together.

    “Let’s not get separated again, okay?”

    Nezuko hurried along to walk along side you and Tanjirou as you set off in the direction of Zenitsu’s cry.

    You leaned your head against Tanjirou’s shoulder.

    “Let’s keep each other safe,” you said, thinking back to his earlier statement.

    With Tanjirou by your side, even in places like this, you knew you’d always be safe.

    #kamado tanjirō #kamado tanjiro x reader #kny tanjirou #kny x reader #Hurt/comfort#sfw#fluff #this is an old as hell draft #Like #it’s been sitting in my draft folder for nearly a year #I’ve been getting a lot of notifications for this blog lately #I’ll write more stuff in the future #expect some haikyuu fics #I have like three
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  • ibxrmeith
    12.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    bo burnham inside is so good every song slaps its licherally art

    #i rewatched his old stuff and i know its of its time but its also so shit compared to inside honestly
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  • braingobbrbrbrbbrr
    11.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Me, having a moment of Realization: This is going to be so bad for my Spotify Wrapped…

    Me: Oh well! *listens to blink-182’s entire discography twice in a row*

    #once I get to the most recent stuff #it’s been long enough that listening to the old stuff is fresh and fun again #but any more than twice in a row is too much #perfect balance #not hyperfixation related #even though blink-182’s sorta a spinterest for me?? a little??
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  • cosmicdingbat
    11.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Yes yes, I know 'everyone' gets a screenshot of this iconic moment /pose in SWTOR KOTFE, but I really had to! ❤️

    Theron looks like he's doing a James Bond! 🔫

    Dat look! 😍🥰🤩

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  • hanahashira
    11.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    capping at 5. please specify a verse if u have a preference! i have a bunch of new ones :oooo

    #am i scrapping my old starter call? yes #IVE DONE ENOUGH INBOX STUFF!!! TIME 4 STARTERS!! #out of character. #starter call.
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