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  • realneverever
    17.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    A Várban lakni Budapesten talán kiváltság.

    Bajorországban a "normális" lakások adottságaihoz képest kényelmetlen, nem túl drága, hétköznapi romantika. A fenti toronylakás apró lesőlyukja figyelemre méltó.

    Az egykori városfalon teregetni. Apró, sötét, hideg és alacsony belmagasságú szobákban élni. Szétbaszni a felfüggesztést hullámos macskakövön. Körbepakolni a házat egy rakás giccsel. Küzdeni a vizes falakkal...


    Traufgasse. A középkori házak eltérő magasságban épültek, sokáig eresz nélkül. Ide csorgott le minden a tetőkről, hiszen az utca felé lejtő tető ritka a fachwerkházaknál. A fél-egy méter széles jaratba vezették a ház lefolyóit. A fekáliát is. A keskeny Traufgasse az utca felé lejt, így minden kifolyt a macskakőre. Pár naponta összeseperték-lapátolták a matériát, ami végül a szántókra került. A sikátorok többsége ma be van falazva. A szélesebbek átjáróként szolgálnak, és szinte zavartalan óvárosi vizelési lehetőséget nyújtanak. Lásd Pissgasse (húgy-köz) fogalom. #real bavaria

    Bérelhető nyaraló. Tó a túloldalon. 110 m2 napi 95-ért, max 3 főre. Mindenfelé vannak ilyenek.

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  • hanna-marins-logic
    17.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland

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  • lexisimz
    17.06.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #and it was around here that I decided to move towns cause a) i didn't feel up to watching midnight and blush and boohbah die of old age #cupid goth#goth2 #pastel goth rainbowcy #ts3 legacy #ts3 berry sims #berry sims#ts3
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  • only-wonder
    17.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    My want to play the male characters cuz I'm a guy vs. My want to marry the male love interests FIGHT

    #rice rambles #playing harvest moon games is Tough ok #i wanna marry a guy but also i wanna be a guy but sadly homophobia is a thing #been thinking abt digging out some of my old hm games and playing one but the gender decision is so tough #i have to be 100% sure on who i want to marry b4 i even start playing. oh the woes of being queer. #story of seasons friends of mineral town was Incredible purely bc i could be a guy AND marry Cliff #i just need a new game set is forget me not valley so i can get gay married to my beloved Skye #or Gustafa. or Rock. I'd settle for either of them #cuz im pretty sure Skye only exists in HM DS Cute so idk if they'd actually include him in remakes :/ #ive always prefered forget me not valley over mineral town or any other farm sim location. #maybe its the nostalgia but i just like how its laid out. it's easy to find your way around. especially in the 2d games #i always get lost in mineral town 😭
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  • ratsonas
    17.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    sometimes u are playing 4 animal crossing games at once

    #been playing my old new leaf and wild world towns... so nostalgic #and then i bought another new leaf game so i have two towns now lol #plus new horizons #dare i say it is my favorite game
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  • capetowncapers
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I wanna paint my nails black but I only want my nails painted black in the way that boys have you know?

    I think it all just boils down to “I do see myself as a woman but I wanna be able to play with gender even if I do perform fairly traditional femininity”

    #for all intents and purposes I’m a cis woman who uses she/her pronouns but there are some things that. gender envy isn’t the right term but #I wanna be able to perform femininity in the way guys do ? if that makes sense agh #guys with black nail polish makes my brain go brrr in the same way David Bowie/singing songs where I call myself a man does #something about like.... singing good old fashioned lover boy... or singing line without a hook and saying ‘I am just a boy’ I don’t get it #I don’t know what it is ? if it’s something as simple as I’d like my performance of gender to be somehow more subversive? I don’t know #masculinity/femininity are so arbitrary and are societally defined sure sure but there’s also real implications of how society defines that #this might be completely incoherent and I’ll likely delete it later #tag rant #cape town rambles
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  • therpsource
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    Pride Month is here! Follow the rainbow to Follow, Baby.

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  • corvidaedream
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    finished my host script and i need to send it to kelly for feedback/approval but i think mostly its good. feels honest, even the filling-in-the-blanks character parts, so im feeling confident about it.

    #messages from the ouija board #sadies day job #i dont know /why/ lucy and seth dont have kids for four years until after the war #for all i know they could have been trying but their world is so fucking bleak in 1774-78 #so im filling it in w the same emotions i hear friends express about fearing damning a child by bringing it into the world #bc our world is on fire and they have no money and they have other family to think about #and i can see those arguments applying to these starving kids our age back then w a 6 year old brother/in law to feed #and no idea how long there will even be two of them alive to care for the baby if they had one or what world that kid will grow up in #i also like that kelly and josiah are encouraging me to make the guests uncomfortable in places #like not softening some more difficult or ugly realities w jokes or sarcasm but remaining completely in character as a woman whose only #reality is that one. like be like of course i cant be at town meeting. almost none of us can #its for rich white men. like she hasnt even considered a reality where that isnt true and just make the guests Sit In That Discomfort. #which is really cool if i can pull it off well.
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  • shinylitwick94
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Intellectually, I know Pokemon games are for 6 year-olds and I should not get mad at them for being to easy

    Emotionally, the fact that SwSh allows me to wipe the floor with two gym leaders within like an hour of each other and OHKO every single one of their Pokemon makes me feel so depressed

    #swsh #you literally just cross a bridge and you're in the next town and here's the next gym #ffs i feel like i'm soloing this game with my starter and the bird #doesn't help that movesets are oddly limited too for this kind of levels #and i'm deliberately making things a little harder for myself and only using completely new pokemon #idk it feels like i'm too old for pokemon now and it makes me sad #maybe they'll bring up the difficulty levels again for the next gen but it's been all downhill since V so i have little hope #to say nothing of Dexit #at least the spinoff games are still fun
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  • pasionabroad
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Brunnen am Plaça de l'Ajuntament unweit des historischen Stadtkerns von Valencia.

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  • sheheartsrain
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I remember seeing this place in Bratislava and thinking how nice it would be to there.

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  • faradaysketches
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mönche Museum for Modern Art, Goslar, Lower Saxony. April 2021

    I was forced to stop when it started snowing and continued hours later. The scene hadn’t changed. It hasn’t changed for 500 years.

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  • mllorei
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I had this math tutor. We still talk sometimes, and had it not been for the pandemic, I’d surely visit him.

    I honestly miss our classes. He is a good teacher, or perhaps our personalities just clicked - I don’t know, although there are more sentences than I’m willing to write down, all explaining why those classes were different and how they were better in those non-standard ways.

    But, one of the biggest things was that, my tutor did not particularly care about societal norms. For once, I was not a girl, not a student in the common school-type dynamic, quite honestly - I was not really anything. I cursed like a sailor during those classes sometimes, and so did my tutor, but at the end of the day, there was not a single task we touched and did not end up solving eventually.

    My tutor did place some expectations upon me, but it was more so... Joking? And if I failed, nothing ever happened. It was okay. I was not his best student, some damn sort of representative, and eventually I ended up realising the expectations were more of options than anything else. Looking back at it, nobody was his best student. He did not care.

    I don’t remember what it was exactly about. I only recall being made aware of some norm, and not understanding it at all. I remember my tutor telling me my life would be hard.

    I think I understand now.

    First, I’m a girl.

    I’m a student.

    I’m a daughter, a sister, a woman - and although single, all assume I will definitely want a conventional sort of family one day.

    But, when confronted with what any of those mean, with what the expectations are to fit into those... It is not me. And I don’t care enough to make myself small and to change myself for those to entail me.

    #tired brain posting lol #honestly its also like #idk even how to write about my tutors bc the outlook on children-adult relationships is so black and white #like it was completely platonic. sort of a mentorship? #its like an odd sort of friendship you have with a grandparent #this is literally the closest i can describe it lol #but it's accurate? #during most classes he'd prompt me to rant about school chat a bit about good old days sometimes the history of our town #it was really nice. i also got chocolate if another student gifted him any #and would sometimes run small errands for him like dropping by a store on my way to the class #but ye where was i? #ah yes well. i really think that there are people on tumblr who was see it as inherently predatory simply bc we're not blood related? #which is stupid but oh well. im legit hesitant to write about math grandpa for that reason lol #im also sure some people would take this and say its justifications bc i need some yada yada - its a lose lose situation imho
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