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  • sugarandpearls
    21.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Let’s not downplay our self, sis. You come from Mob, 80,000 to 150,000 years old and are THE longest continuing living culture in the whole entire world. Never underestimate yourself and be proud.   

    #oldest living culture in the world #aboriginal#indigenous#aboriginal australia #black lives matter #blm #black is beautiful #black women#deadly#be proud#black#culture #black and proud
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  • ave-the-enby
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I know it's easy to constantly force me to be the one to tell my siblings no, and I don't care at this point, but can you at least stop acting like I want to? You can't sit there and ignore them when they're doing something they're not supposed to and only speak up when I tell them no. Like you don't want them running around either but I'm the dick because I tried to get them to calm down? But when I do nothing I still get told off because why didn't I intervene? I swear everyone just waits for me to do something so they can complain. Yes, just yell and take your frustrations out on me because I deserve it, and then snap on me when I vent about anything. It's bullshit. I'm not the reason you're miserable but you are the reason I am!

    #vent post #obviously just why is it constantly blamed on me? #i'm not even the oldest! #is it really that difficult to just treat me with a little bit of respect and like i'm family #also once i stepped back everything has gone to shit #but i contribute nothing and i'm the reason everything is messed up in our lives #then they wonder why they don't know me #i'm fine#just frustrated
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  • delicatesquashblossom
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Leontyne Price, a 1980 honoree, is the earliest surviving Kennedy Center Honors recipient. The second earliest surviving is Harry Belafonte, a 1989 honoree.

    Angela Lansbury, a 2000 honoree, is the oldest living recipient.

    #I think Tony Bennett is the second oldest living recipient #but don’t quote me on that
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  • odelettes
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    ever since I moved to tx, I have managed to catch every illness EXCEPT covid-19 simply from being around children. 🥲 im exhausted, my legs hurt, I had a mild sore throat but not really bothering me now, have a lot of congestion and headaches. I was feeling nauseous earlier but I drank a lot and forced myself to eat and I feel okay so far so HOPEFULLY it’s not another stomach virus because that almost took me out 🤒

    #I have the flu caught it from my little brother who coughs into his hands and then touches everything in the house #last time I had the flu it took me over a week to fight it off #really hoping it's the same strain so i fight it off faster this time #fever is 102 right now and i never get fevers this high #that little bastard beat it in 4 days i WISH 😤 #so I have caught 2 colds from oldest nephews #the flu and a stomach virus from my youngest nephew #another cold from my uncle #and now another flu from my brother #I have lived here for SIX MONTHS AND GOTTEN SICK 6 TIMES
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  • gefuehlswelle
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago


    #my grandma is turning 100 tmrw??? like how #i swear she's gonna be the oldest person that's ever lived
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  • fairycosmos
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    i feel exactly like an over tired toddler and i understand why they scream and cry in the street

    #which is weird because I also feel like th oldest woman who ever lived
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  • historybetweenthepages
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Bluey, an Australian cattle dog who lived to be the oldest dog at 29 years (age 105), with her owner ‘Les Hall’

    Rochester, Victoria, Australia, 1930′s

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  • awaldosiaday
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #i'm sorry i didn't see this sooner #confinesofmine#declan answers #being the oldest of three kids #but being transmasc and having two younger brothers makes the feelings i have about only eldest daughters in all man families so complex #like i feel like wanting to be your father and ALSO live up to your mother are only feelings an eldest daughter (gn) can only feel #but from what i've seen kendall just SCREAMS eldest daughter syndrome
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  • somebody-in-this-world-who-lives
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Character Dream my litlle ageist :3

    Good to know my fave has been deemed problematic yet again

    #/j /j /j #but for real its very interesting that because they are all streamers and stuff we have come to this world where the oldest person ever is #imortal but also 32 and is expected to drop dead at any moment #they are really living that medivial life expectation lmao #Its just fun because if this was a book it would be strange world building how everyone is on their early 20s and stuff #fuck them boomers I guess
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  • senoritaimperfecta
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Can’t believe it’s been over a month since I found out bruno wasn’t the middle child

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  • anapologethicc
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i think what set me off the most this week was when i was in my class which was about being able to identify and cater to the needs of gifted students and students with special needs (THAT is an entirely separate discussion and i'm gonna use the word neurodivergent)

    So this semester because we're finally back face to face after a year and a half of being online (might go back online cuz of omicron ://) anyways i made it a point to sit in the front of every class so i don't get distracted and to make sure i pay attention. so last week i went to this class that i mentioned above and the really liked my discussion answers (mind you i was the youngest person in this class) and we were also made to form groups to do little discussions during which this fifth year guy says to me "you seem to know a lot about this topic (ND children)" to which i was like yeah i've researched a lot into it cause i'm interested and want to be able to help students in my classroom in the future. and then class ended and yadda yadda.

    and then THIS week. i went back to class and we had to watch this short documentary/news video on how much the government here (and mostly everywhere else too) SUCKS at providing for students who need extra help and support in the classroom. and we saw a couple of case studies. and this documentary thing must've been quite old cause they used the term and diagnosis "asperger's syndrome" which obviously since 2013 doesn't exist as an official diagnosis anymore.

    it's placed under the ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnosis instead. and so i told my group members this information and they were all like surprised and everything. they then went on to discuss how ND children actually had the ability and capacity to be social and emotional. (which once again pissed me off because everyone's idea of ND people comes from the media who mostly always portrays them incorrectly)

    and then i got asked again why i knew so much. to which i unfortunately replied "i have ADHD and a lot of the symptoms or characteristics of ASD or even of gifted students can sometimes be quite similar so i relate to the experiences and that's why i can speak on the topic quite well"

    to which this bag of dicks replies "yOu dOn'T loOK LikE yoU hAVe ADHD" and here is where i wanna take of my shoe and throw it at him but i control myself and explain to him in layman's terms that i'm a grown adult who has control over my actions and impulses much better than a child who doesn't have any idea how differently their brain or body functions.

    if he was smarter i would've tried to explain to him that i spent a lot of my life masking and trying to fit myself into the box of NT people and how harmful it was and how after i learnt that i might have ADHD (which i do) and maybe autism (which i need to get assessed for) how much i've read up on both diagnoses and watched so many hours worth of videos and read so many ig posts or even tumblr posts about the different experiences.

    and that day i left class so pissed off. because he would never have any idea how hard someone with a ND brain needs to work in order to keep up with NTs. how little schools do for kids who are neurodivergent and how much these kids struggle all their lives because the proper treatment or resources are just not available or even accessible in a lot of cases.

    i worked my fucking ass off last semester. i had 8 courses (2 more than we're required) each of which had 3 hour lectures (have you any fucking idea how much it takes my brain to focus for even half an hour). on top of that i was working under a prof for her research project. i was interning once a week at a kindergarten and i had no time off on saturdays because i come from a religious family where on saturdays we spend the entire day in different religious assemblies. which only leaves me with a sunday to recharge.

    so imagine this. i have to work extra hard to focus for 3 hours (on mondays i had 2 lectures back to back which meant sitting still for 6 fucking hours). extra hard to be able to participate in class so the fucking prof can even remember my name correctly. and i had to do about 9 group presentations which required me to interact with people who barely gave a shit. that means taking over and making decisions and making sure things get submitted on time.

    and then on top of that at the end of the semester. within the timespan of a month i have to come up with at least 15k to 20k words worth of essays that need to be submitted on time (I CAN BARELY REMEMBER WHAT DAY IT IS on a daily basis)

    as someone which adhd. i don't have the attention span required "I'M AN INTEREST BASED LEARNER" i don't have the energy it takes to interact with so many people. "MY SOCIAL BATTERY IS AT -53% AT ANY GIVEN TIME" i don't have the brain power required to submit things on time because my brain's "do this and i will reward you" system IS BROKEN. and i only got 2 WEEKS to recover from about 4 months of working non stop.

    i had a meeting with my program head earlier this week. IT'S ONLY BEEN A FUCKING WEEK INTO SEM 2. and he told me that i shouldn't be worried because i'm already doing more than most people. i'm doing a 5 year degree with 2 minors (personal choice and prolly overcompensating). i'm still working on that research proj for my prof and i have a mentorship program i have to complete for my course which requires me to shadow a teacher for about 2 months. I AM EXHAUSTED. I AM TIRED.

    and i want it to be heard and recognized that just because there's a bunch of memes and jokes on adhd all over the internet that yes i enjoy and rb sometimes. doesn't mean it isn't fucking exhausting. i have no physical energy. no social energy. and i'm ALWAYS OVERWHELMED. I CANNOT BREATHE.

    when i was younger i would stay up all night doing the things i enjoyed because i felt like i never had time during the day cause of school. and now i'm constantly finding ways to get more sleep. i'm always exhausted. and i know that because i'm so exhausted i'm gonna go into my "i'm so overwhelmed my brain has malfunctioned and sent me into adhd paralysis" where i can't function. i can't eat. i can't work. all i can do is sit there and cry because my brain refuses to work like it does for normal people. i have a presentation due in the last week of jan ALREADY.

    my calendar makes me wanna curl up into a ball and sob. while other students in my course are fine with the course load because they didn't drop out at the end of high school because they had a complete mental breakdown and failed the year. i dropped out and completed a 2 year course in one year once my learning environment changed and improved. so i am by no means dumb or slow (like people think). i'm smart and i'm capable. i just live in a society where if you're not constantly productive you're fucking useless. and they make it a point to make sure you feel like that every singe day of your life.

    #i feel like this is why people don't stick around #because eventually i'll get into a place academically that i'm so so so fucking overwhelmed by #and by the time i recover from it people are always in a different place in their lives and have no space for me #and this is what i mean by i'm always playing catch up #no matter how hard i work or how hard i try i'll never be able to catch up #and that's one of the most depressing things i've ever had to feel #that i'll always be left behind even if i'm trying my hardest #i'm so tired #i wanna drop out #i have about 3 and a half years to go #i am my family's oldest child and i'm not allowed to be sick or screwed in the head #as my parents would so kindly put it #i just want my brain to listen to me #and not have a brain of it's own #i love saying that on most days #that my brain has a brain of it's own #or that me and my brain are seperate entities #anyways #i have to be up at 6:30 am tmr #gotta go work #night yall #sorry for putting this on your dash lmao #long post #ananya's brain babies👶🏼
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  • eileennatural
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    succession and the righteous gemstones are literally mirrors of each other. like these have exactly the same foundations but have completely opposite energies.

    #dysfunctional families with an agin patriarch who doesnt know when to step down #oldest son who wants to take over the company and change things for the modern. daughter who married a man fathoms beneath her class #weird gayish youngest brother #super weird dialogue. characters who speak like no real human has ever spoken #but succession is abt a massive media company and the gemstones are about evangelists who run a megachurch in TN and are richer than god #but the righteous gemstones is SO much funnier and lively than succession its SO fun wheras succ is so exhausting to watch
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  • artish-boi
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Isabela preddy :)

    #encanto#isabela madrigal #i love me a good oldest sister hiding everything original about herself in order to be perfect #and live up to the expectations that have been placed on her since she was five years old #idk why i vibe with this i promise
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  • murkyhazed
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    randomly gonna shout out some of my faves cause its 7 am im at work and im tired and idk give some positivity to the dash

    @surviev @unheald @strnza @petrovafired @doginthecorner @wexarethewalkingxdead 

    #* &. ooc. #if you're not following these blogs you really should #harmo: has been an icon for years in my honest opinion and there won't be a time in my life where i don't follow them #alice: my wifey and love of my life been my best friend for many a year and the person i can go to for all things trashy #sophie: another loml my side chick the best oc i've ever seen i will forever ship my muses with her because i love her #sabrina: funny i know nothing about tvd or anything like that but i love katherine so much and having a solid partnership with my boy ray-- #-- has given me a will to live #galia: ah yes another beautiful soul who is one of my favorite people to bother when its super late at night #larissa: one of my oldest mutuals from way back in the day and someone i love writing my caryl babies with! such wonderful characterization
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  • in-the-middle-of-difficulty
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Ahhhhhh!!!!! Emerson is coming home today!!!!!!!

    They won’t be here until pretty late cause its a three hour round trip with an hour of paperwork but dear god I’m excited to have my little sibling back!!

    My parents are getting legal guardianship of them too, so the kid is here to stay!!!

    #for context #Emerson is my sisters oldest kid #my sister got pregnant in highschool so for the first like 7 years of Emerson’s life they lived with us #and then my sister decided she wanted to actually try and be a mom and long story short she has too many issues to be a mom to this kid #especially since the kid has issues of their own #so after the chaos that was the last two weeks and Emerson being sent to a psych hospital #my parents finally convinced my sister to let them take the kid again #god Im so excited to have them back #like shitty circumstances but good outcome #i get my little sibling back #woooo
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  • illuminatedlover
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #mailbox #originally before canon I had Pepa as the oldest with the most problems bc it was so gut wrenching but then everyone yelled at me that #Julieta was older so let me live my Pepa is the oldest au fantasy through this!!! #its probably going to end up being a series I have so many ideas #i still think of Pepa as the oldest I just don’t say it out loud anymore bc y’all were not letting me live it down
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  • brockachu
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    hm hhmm. thinking bout how jack & luke refer to michigan specifically as home, but when q talks about home he’s usually referencing his parents/family home, rather than a hometown/state. thinking bout how the family moved a ton & finally set down roots completely in mich once q was at umich & jack was in usntdp & luke was likely on the ntdp track too. thinking bout how the family roots grew in this place when q was basically out of the house, at this stage when q knew this may be the last time he would be nearby more often than not. thinking bout how home became mich in 2017 but by summer 2018 q knew his future was in van, so he had one solid year then he had to go while jack & luke figured out home in mich.

    #this is Largely projection prolly #i just. i’m an oldest sibling (socialized as a daughter but i’m nb) #and my family moved around a ton bc of my parents’ jobs until i was like 10. and then i was a ‘gifted kid’ so i got scholarships to charters #and admission-only middle/high schools. i moved to a prep boarding school when i was 16. went out of state for undergrad when i was 18. #i eventually moved back to ok for work & to be closer to my fam + health & financial reasons #but i only lived in my parents’ home for 2 years before getting my own place #so i haven’t had a home in my parents’ home for a while. and i had a lot of trouble figuring out what home was as a kid #plus my fam are viet refugees so that’s an extra layer for me #but i just hmm. i think a lot about hockeys who’ve moved a lot and i get lost on the transient nature of home as a place #ok imma just let this sit here now #aily talks #i’m only tagging q bc i wanna be able to find this post again #quinn hughes
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  • moonsbijou
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    imagine king arthur chilling on the porch with a couple of black grannies i-

    #legendborn#lol #Bree’s grandma and oldest ancestor side-eyeing their yt ancestor like…that’s why your wife was a hoe 😂😂😂 #my post#my posts #the ending of that book tickled me not thinking about the whole darker aspects of American history #or world history in general #legendborn book#tracy deonn #the three just living in Bree’s mind just chiming in throughout the day
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  • ohthemisery
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    ok fun cents fact before i go to bed: most of the kids(alive and dead) dont know or care what species he is and call him a dog. which gives him the nickname guard dog :)

    #oc: cents #technically he wasnt a guard when he worked at the diner he was a server but shhh... i like jokes #imean he guards the other animatronics in a way cuz he's oldest ???? idk. let me live my life #i could make him a daytime guard. would the diner hire a 19 year old as a daytime guard though (yes they would. i will think about it)
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  • alliluyevas
    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    me when I know what a state funeral is

    #also like no a person who literally died today (oldest living wwii veteran at 112) was not given a state funeral bc #a) he died TODAY b) Covid
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