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    02.12.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    you can't tell me katsuki "i will follow deku 'til the ends of the earth and never let him leave my sight" bakugou didn't follow izuku to the forest

    like I just KNOW hes either leaving a wake of destruction in his manhunt for deku or he's just fucking lurking behind the trees like:

    #i will not take criticism abt this ✋ #also bkdk in the colourspread? literally married. #im not into a/b/o....but its def giving alpha and omega #I may be ranting abt bkdk to distract myself from the absolute pain this chp gave me and the fact that izuku lost his smile again 😀 #bakudeku
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  • whmptxts
    02.12.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    a/b/o kinktober 2021 – iii. claim fuck

    omega & bottom!Tony x alpha & top!Peter, intersex omega cw

    Tony has never really believed he'd actually find an alpha he'd want to mate, just alphas that could kind of satisfy him enough to keep him going without much more than the fuck. He's a proud omega slut, got his cunt – sometimes his ass – pounded by almost every single alpha he met. And he's really proud of this achievement, thank you very much.

    His life completely changed in the moment he saw Peter for the first time.

    The younger man doesn't look like an alpha at all, Tony thought he was a beta at first. Even an omega for a brief moment when Peter opened his mouth to say Mr. Stark. But he figured out Peter is an alpha real quick, just a hot making out session and his hands under the boys pants, he touched alphas enough to need barely a touch to recognize an alpha's cock.

    In the moment Peter's cock did as much as barely touch Tony's cunt, the older omega was fully sure that this was his alpha.

    However, they're not mated yet. And other alphas still flirt with Tony, try to court him because it's the 21st century and most alphas don't have a stupid ego so large that stop them from wanting to be with an omega that earns all the needed money. Tony shines like a beacon for those alphas. And, well, he's glad to know that Peter doesn't like it.

    The alpha doesn't say anything during the whole party, he's too polite and respectful, but Tony almost feels the jealousy coming from him in waves.

    And as soon as they're in the backseat, Peter is all over him. Kissing and sucking and biting, marking him and growling at how Tony smells of other alphas. Every disapproving grunt and mine growled makes Tony get wetter and wetter. Until he's soaking the boxers and his clit is fucking aching.

    Peter teases him all the way to their place.

    And when they step in, Peter pushes him against the door, a hand on the back of his neck, pressing his face against the wood. Tony just sighs, he knows that one word and Peter will stop. He doesn't want the alpha to stop.

    Peter pulls his pants and boxers down, halfway to his thighs. Pulls him back and a minute later, he's pushing his cock into the omega's dripping pussy. It always fits so well, like Tony was made for this. Like Peter was made for this.

    It feels right.

    Peter fucking him hard and fast against the door. Fucks with a jealousy and possessiveness that makes Tony feel so wanted, needed, and loved. Feel something he never thought an alpha could make him feel.

    It's like he belongs.

    "My omega?" Peter asks. Tony knows he's asking for permission to claim him.

    "Yes. Your omega."

    Peter sighs and a second layer, his teeth sink into Tony's shoulder. And the action pulls both over the edge, making them cum at the same time and same intensity.

    Your omega.

    #a/b/o kinktober 2021 #starker fic#starker smut#a/b/o smut #alpha peter parker #omega tony starker #bottom tony stark is supreme in this household
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    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i hate all of you

    #straight up cant normally process words alpha and omega anymore #m says
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    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #consistency <333333333 #his eyebrows are so beautiful #he looks so soft #i’m about to start crying mid-lecture babes #jaehan#omega x#spectrum#bias#p
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  • clydesducktape
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Holiday Prompts Day 02 - Frozen Lake

    Alpha!Will Miller x gn!omega!Reader

    Holidaytimes 2021 Masterlist

    Warnings: Fluff, A/B/O dynamics, Allusions to sexytimes (kinda)

    Wordcount: 925

    Day 2 - Frozen Lake || Cold hands, Scarves, and Snow.
    “Are you a heater or something?”

    You shivered, the ice at your back felt as if there were no layers between you. The insulation your coat offered practically useless, you’d laid there for so long staring up at the stars. You even smelled cold. Not distressed or terribly uncomfortable but cold and content.

    The alpha by your side, your alpha slid closer. Pressing his side to yours and intertwining his fingers with yours. “Are you a heater or something?” you whisper at him, leaning your head towards his. You gently connect with the woven cap on his head.

    He chuckled in response. Smiling towards the inky sky, flecks of glittery stars twinkle and sparkled in an unheard symphony above you, laid on the frozen lake. Will pulls your intertwined hand up to his lips, peppering kisses against your cold skin before curling his hand against yours and puffing a breath of warm air between them.

    He entertained you and your idea of stargazing on the lake next to the cabin. No light pollution for miles and miles you exclaimed with wide eyes, fingers wrapped around the ends of a soft scarf. He smiled again, the smile mild, endeared, and reaching his sapphire eyes. With a nod your scent blossomed to the contented one that now mingled in the cold air, the pine, and the smoke of the fire that burned in the cabin’s fireplace.

    You pointed up towards the heavens, closing one eye and tracing the constellations with your finger. He followed, pressing his head against yours, closing the eye furthest away from you, following along and counting. He was always counting. He purred against you, at peace and at rest with you and your stars.

    When you could no longer take the cold, you turned to him. The movement slight and only halted by your closeness, his lips pressing to your forehead. “Ready?”

    Humming, you sat up and Will pulled you to your feet. You teeth chattering, he removed the scarf you held earlier, had wrapped around his neck, and placed it around yours, bundling it around you snuggly. He paused a moment, breath clouding in the air to rub your nose with his before leading you back to your cabin to properly warm you up.


    Thanks for reading!

    #cdt holidaytimes #cdt holiday 2021 #aerynwritesDC21 #will miller x reader #alpha!will miller x omega!reader #alpha!will 'ironhead' miller #a/b/o au #will ironhead miller #will miller fanfiction #omega!reader #gn!reader #thia writes#clydesducktape
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    December 2, 1976; the day after Bill Grundy’s career was forever ruined.

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    Our Legacy 

    Gonkillu - Freeform

    #personal#SOBS LOUDLY#LOOK #I am still scripting authors out so it shows things I don’t wanna see people who tag it as both but if you subtract those who tag it as both #It’s Prim and I against the world 😤😤 #US AGAINST THE WORLD #Before I restarted I also had way more in the tag for that but I when reposting bunched a bunch into one #anyway the only tags I check out this one and bottom Ki and Omega Ki and I still Gotta block or well script out people #SOMEDAY PRIM WE CAN GO TO GK WORLD AND IT WILL BE GREAT #TINY KI 😭🥺 and soft Ki and tall Gon and GK 😤 and Ki IN DRESSES 😤
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    Jamaruli Apresiasi Kunjungan Yayasan Omega Generation Ke Lapas Klungkung

    Jamaruli Apresiasi Kunjungan Yayasan Omega Generation Ke Lapas Klungkung

    Jamaruli Apresiasi Kunjungan Yayasan Omega Generation Ke Lapas Klungkung barbareto.com | Klungkung – Rutan Kelas IIB Klungkung bekerja sama dengan Yayasan Omega Generation melaksanakan kegiatan Konseling Adiksi yang ditujukan bagi Tahanan dengan Kasus Narkotika. Konseling dilakukan oleh Petugas Konselor dari Yayasan Omega Generation. Konseling Adiksi merupakan bagian dari rangkaian proses…

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    #Lapas#Yayasan #Yayasan Omega Generation
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    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Close-up of bumpers, lanes, targets, and spinners on a KISS pinball playfield.

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  • ourladyomega
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The day after the Bill Grundy Show debacle.

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    It’s missing Kenny Omega hours. I hope he’s doing well

    starts sobbing uncontrollably

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    Bringing back the pirate au with stowaway Omega

    #the bad batch #Star Wars #Star Wars the bad batch #clone force 99 #pirate au#digital art#fanart#ipad art#sunflowerpirateart#wrecker#tech#omega
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