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    19.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    A Look Back at the Past Year or So

    Remember when #UnwhitewashTBB all first started? When all I had was a poorly designed carrd and a million anons helping me build it? When there were people who were detailing some of their more unsavory memories in replies and reblogs to help me round out the carrd? We've certainly come far since then: a survey, a petition, emails AND letters sent out, as well as more and more people every day made aware of Whitewashing and other forms of racism in Star Wars.

    Remember how primarily white fans reacted? How many of were called aggressive, bullies, liars, overreacting--how many of us are already stereotyped in our day to day lives? Remember the swift denials the racism, the speaking over people of color, the violent antisemitism, the dismissal of ableism by able bodied and neurotypical people? Remember when people such as myself and people whom I've never met kept getting harrased?

    I don't want a repeat of that. We all have a right to be here. We've come very far. I've met lots of new people and made a good deal new friendships. I learned a lot about myself, about disability rights and politics, about antisemitism, and about racism in other forms. I know many people learned some more about these things, too.

    First, thank you all for supporting me. I hit a rough patch, but I've come through it safe and sound. Second, thank you all for supporting this movement. This is NOT goodbye, this is me saying that even if Disney doesn't listen to us, we're not going anywhere. We won't shut up (or at least I won't) and we'll let racists and bigots know that just because there aren't a lot of us, doesn't mean we don't matter.

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    19.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
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    19.01.2022 - 10 hours ago
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    19.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Five More Minutes (Crosshair x Reader)

    I wrote the original version of this several months back, and I'm pretty sure it was actually the first TBB fanfic I ever wrote, but I wanted to give it a good editing and reposting. This idea came to me after I saw a pillow somewhere that said "If you love me, you'll let me sleep," or something along those lines, I can't remember. Hey, I can hardly remember what I had for dinner; how do you expect me to remember all the way back to July? Anyway, hope you all enjoy this!
    Word Count: 654
    Warnings: None. Just cuteness and grumpy Crosshair. :)

    You gave a gentle knock on the bedroom door. “Crosshair?”

    In the corner, Crosshair snored softly in bed. His arms were wrapped around the pillow and his face was half buried in it. He looked so peaceful, you hated the thought of waking him up. But you knew that if you didn’t wake him up gently, one of his brothers would give him a much ruder awakening.

    “Cross?” You spoke in a hushed whisper. He didn't respond. Gently, you nudged his shoulder. “It’s time to get up, Cross.”

    He moaned and swatted your hand away. “Go ‘way, cyare,” he mumbled.

    “Not until you're awake. Come on, sleepy head. Its morning.” You sat on the edge of the bed beside him.

    “Five more minutes?”

    Bargaining? You chuckled. He must be tired if he wasn’t going to outright demand those five more minutes. “If I leave, you'll fall right back asleep. And we can't have that, can we? So get up before I have to yank that blanket off of you.”

    “If you loved me, you would let me sleep.”

    A laugh escaped you. “I do love you, babe, but you can't sleep the day away. Omega and the guys are waiting for you downstairs and if the two of us don’t show up in a few minutes, then you know they’re gonna send a search party.” You bent over his shirtless form and peppered his bare back with kisses. “Come on, Cross. Let’s get going, huh?”

    “This isn’t exactly waking me up any, cyar’ika.” He turned onto his back and gazed up at you. Your heart skipped a beat at the tenderness displayed on his usually hardened face. He was always a good-looking trooper, but something about the foggy look in his eyes really appealed to you. Bending down closer, you cupped his face in your hand and gazed into his sleepy, honey-brown eyes.

    Your voice was barely above an enticing whisper as you asked, “And what exactly would make you wake up?”

    A smirk crossed the sniper’s face. He grabbed your hand, pressing a kiss to your palm, before he pulled you all the way down until you were laying beside him. You rolled your eyes and snuggled into him as his arms wrapped around you.

    “This isn’t really what I had in mind, Cross,” you hummed, though you didn’t try to stop him.

    “Mmm…” He buried his nose in your hair and took a deep breath. You knew you should be trying to get him out of bed, but you had to admit… His embrace was quite nice. His heartbeat was soothing, and the soft kisses he was placing on your forehead warmed your entire being. Crosshair didn’t often show this softer side of himself, not even to you. So, whenever he did, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Who knew how long it would be before he would pull you down for a little cuddle time again?

    “What are you guys doing?”

    The two of you turned to see Omega standing in the doorway, confusion registered all over her face.

    “What is it, Omega?” The sniper questioned. An expression of slight annoyance passed over his features at having been interrupted.

    “Um… Hunter sent me to come get you two.”

    “Oh! Right! Um… Tell Hunter…” You glanced down at your sniper. His expression was blank, but his eyes were pleading with you. You let out a sigh and grinned at him. How could you refuse him when he looked at you like that. To Omega, you said, “Tell Hunter we’ll be down in a few minutes.”

    “Okay. See you in a bit.” Omega shrugged and pulled the door shut as she left.

    You chuckled and curled up against Crosshair again. He sighed in relief. “Thank you, beautiful,” he whispered, holding you close.

    “You’re welcome.” You kissed his cheek. “But only five more minutes, okay, Cross?”

    He smiled. “Best five minutes of my life.”

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    18.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Reunion - Part 16

    Master List

    A/N: As always, thank you to the fantastic @teletraan-meets-jarvis for beta-reading this chapter for me! :)

    Hunter scrubbed his hands over his face once more as he rested his elbows on the table in front of him, trying to absorb the information Senna and Tech had just imparted to him. “Alright, run that by me again, but slower. Because I’m certain I can’t have heard you correctly.”

    Senna chewed her lip, risking a look at Echo. His brows were furrowed, and she could see him making the connections she already had with Tech, his lips moving silently as he studied his clasped hands that were resting on the table. Wrecker was glancing back and forth between her and Tech, still refusing to believe what they’d just told them. Rex stood off to the side, arms crossed as his shoulders rested against one of the columns in the small room.

    Rex had been the one to recommend they speak with Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker privately before they divulge the information to anyone else, including Omega. They were her brothers and her guardians, and he had wanted them to know what they were stepping into before anyone else found out. Senna had agreed, although she had wished Crosshair had been here as well. That can’t be helped, and this discussion cannot wait. Omega’s life is about to change significantly. And become more dangerous.

    She nervously tapped her fingers on the table. “Hunter, I know it seems outlandish and unlikely, but I’ve heard you try and speculate as to the reason why Omega was created before. It seems that this is it.” Her words did little to smooth the crease between his brows.

    “I just don’t…wouldn’t we have seen something? Something to reveal her as Force sensitive?”

    Senna laughed gently. “I know you’re used to being around Jedi like Anakin and myself who are more well-trained and admittedly flashy in our use of the Force, but none of us start that way.” She chewed her lip. “Can you recall Omega displaying any unusual talents? Anything that she picked up on quickly that caught your attention?”

    Wrecker piped up. “The first time she picked up a blaster was on Kamino while we were runnin’ from Crosshair. Was a hell of a shot, and she said she’d never fired a weapon before. She knocked his Firepuncher out of his hands from at least ten meters.”

    “And the Dejarik at Cid’s,” Echo said quietly. “She picked up on that after watching only a game or two.”

    Tech glanced at Hunter. “When you and Omega went after that Ordo Moon Dragon on that moon we crashed on, you said she tracked it herself once you were rendered unconscious. You even had difficulty picking up her trail. It would suggest that she observed your tracking skills and then was able to apply them herself.”

    Hunter waved his hands dismissively. “All of that could be beginner’s luck,” he muttered.

    “Hunter, what about the bow? Or how fast she learned to fly the ship?” Echo said softly. “The evidence is staring us in the face, and honestly, a Force sensitivity explains a lot of our questions about her.”

    “She’s a smart kid,” Hunter snapped. “She picks up on things quickly.”

    Senna reached across the table to grip his hands in hers. “For some of that, sure, it may be that Omega is just a smarter than average kid. But Hunter, you’re a soldier. You know how long it takes to learn to fire a weapon like Omega’s bow. And from the story I heard, she couldn’t really do it until it was demonstrated for her. It took Tech years to train as a pilot, and Omega learned in a few months on a modified ship.” She could feel his concern and confusion whirling like a cyclone within him, and her heart ached as she sensed its source: fear. Fear for Omega’s future and what would become of her, what her next steps would be. She squeezed his hands, and his amber eyes focused on her finally. “I have a theory,” she continued. “Every Force user’s connection to the Force manifests in different ways. For me, it was a mental connection to those around me, an empathetic sense that allowed me to feel the emotions of people and the ability to communicate with others like I’ve done with you. I think for Omega, hers is making itself known in the form of mimicry. I think her attunement to the Force helps her pick up on certain skill sets quickly, like piloting, shooting, and tracking.” She could feel the pieces falling into place for Hunter as his emotions slowly shifted towards acceptance, the whirlwind within him slowing to a steady thrum of concern.

    He nodded, his eyes dropping to the table, and she released his hands, sitting back. Echo, Tech, and Wrecker were watching him, gauging his reaction. He cleared his throat, his shoulders rolling back. He’s shifting into his thought process as a military leader. Assessing threats, making calls based on logic rather than his emotions. It’ll help him remain objective, and he knows it, she thought. Hunter’s face was impassive as he finally met Senna’s eyes again.

    “What does this mean for her then? What are the next steps?”

    Senna glanced over at Rex, who gave her a subtle nod of encouragement. She took a deep breath and wet her lips. “I think we have to tell her. She’s going to notice it herself eventually, and the sooner she knows the sooner she can start controlling it.”

    “Will you help her with that?” Hunter asked, and Senna’s heart stuttered in her chest. “Will you train her?”

    The Jedi hesitated. I never thought I’d take a padawan. And yet, here we are. She thought of Anakin’s teasing. If only he could see me now.

    “If that’s what she wants,” she said quietly. “I’m not sure I’ll be very good at it, but if it’s what Omega wants, I’d be willing to try. For her.” Her heart was still a little broken that the Force user they’d evacuated from Naboo had opted to not pursue any additional training, but she understood the reasoning, and she wondered if Omega would feel the same. “When we talk to her, I want to ensure she understands all of the risks of strengthening her connection to the Force. Other Force users will be able to sense her if they’re nearby and-“

    “Like Inquisitors,” Hunter said stonily, and Senna paused again.

    “Like Inquisitors,” she confirmed.

    He huffed out a breath, crossing his arms across his chest. He wasn’t necessarily angry, but he certainly wasn’t happy. Senna felt herself grasping at anything that would comfort him.

    “If you’d want, I’d like you to be involved in her training,” she said quietly. “I think having you all involved would be good for her. At the temple, she’d have been surrounded by peers and masters that she would come to know as family. In this instance, you all are the ones she shares those connections with. You are her family.”

    “What good could we do?” Wrecker asked.

    Senna smiled at him. “Encourage her. Learn the right things to say when she’s struggling. You’ll be able to see how I coach her in certain areas, so if you’re out with her when I’m not around, you’ll be able to guide her in my stead. This would by no means be a standard master/apprentice relationship. I don’t want her to be isolated from you all, and there will certainly be times where I may not be around.”

    She turned back to Hunter. “I know this is a lot to take in right now, and there’s not necessarily a rush to do anything right away, but as I said, Omega will start to notice things. If she hasn’t already.”

    Hunter stood abruptly. “I need some air.” Without so much as a glance at any of them, he turned on his heel and marched quickly out of the room. Wrecker stood, tossing an apologetic look at the rest of them.

    “I’ll go make sure he’s alright.” With that, the giant clone disappeared.

    Senna leaned back in her chair, releasing a deep sigh and scrubbing her hands over her face. “That went about as well as expected I suppose,” she muttered.

    Echo hadn’t moved yet. “I’m sorry for the way Hunter reacted,” he said quietly.

    Senna sat up, dropping her hands to her lap as she looked at Echo. His shoulders were slumped, and she could feel the same fear Hunter had rolling off of him in waves.

    “Echo,” she said softly, and he turned and met her gaze. “If she decides to train, I promise I’ll do right by her,” Senna offered gently.

    He huffed a dry laugh. “I’m not worried about that. There are few I’d rather have train her than you, if I’m honest. I just…” he paused, the words seeming to elude him.

    “You’re scared for her,” Senna finished softly, and he confirmed it with a slight nod.

    “I am.” He rubbed the thumb of his flesh hand over the knuckles of his cybernetic before flexing his fingers nervously. “I know what happened to you, Senna. How could I not be?”

    “I think I was wrong, Echo. I don’t think the Inquisitors can track Force users from a distance.”

    “Right, only if they’re nearby,” he said, his voice still low and eerily calm. “And what if they enter this system? Is that near enough? Then she risks compromising this entire base just by being here.”

    The realization hit Senna like a speeder. “You’re afraid she’ll leave,” she said quietly.

    Echo met her eyes once more, his eyes glistening. “She might want to. And what right do we have to keep her here when she endangers everyone?” His hands were trembling. He’s afraid she’ll want to go alone, like I did. Senna’s heart shattered, her vision blurring from unbidden tears as her eyes fell to her lap.

    Rex straightened off of the column, coming to stand at the end of the table near Echo. “I don’t think we should start worrying that many steps ahead yet. We need to take this one thing at a time, and I think the first thing is figuring out how you all would like to discuss this with Omega.”

    Echo nodded quietly in agreement, but Senna sensed Rex’s words brought him little relief. Tech had been uncharacteristically silent since Hunter left, and Senna turned to him.

    “What do you think, Tech?”

    He sighed. “I agree with Rex, although things such as these are not my forte.”

    Senna laughed dryly. “You mean things that don’t involve a wrench?”

    “Precisely,” he replied, although there was little mirth in his tone.

    Echo stood slowly, resting his palms on the table before rapping on the smooth surface twice with the knuckles of his organic hand. “Right. Well, one step at a time then. It’s late, and Omega’s already asleep. Hunter won’t want to wake her for this. We should go find the others, Tech, and start talking through things.” Tech nodded and Echo’s eyes met Senna’s. “Would you like to be involved in those discussions?” he asked.

    She shook her head. “You all are her brothers. If you want me there, I’ll be there, but I’m following your lead on this.”

    He glanced down once more before straightening and glancing at Tech, who bobbed his head in understanding. “Goodnight,” Echo said quietly before he and Tech exited the room.

    Senna still hadn’t moved from her seat, her eyes burning as she picked at some dirt under her fingernails on her right hand. She felt Rex come to sit in the chair next to her, but she couldn’t bring herself to meet his gaze until he took her right hand in his, gently rubbing his thumbs over the back of her hand.

    “You are doing the right thing for her,” he said softly.

    “I know,” she replied, a lump lodging itself in her throat. “I’m just as scared for her as they are though. They’re right about all of it.”

    Rex sighed, searching for the words. “Maybe not all. There’s still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the Inquisitors.”

    Senna huffed a dry laugh. “There’s as much danger in that as comfort.”

    Rex grunted, shrugging his shoulders slightly in agreement. They sat in silence for a few more moments before he stood, gently tugging her to her feet. “I think perhaps it’s time we turn in as well. Like Echo said, there’s not a whole lot more that can be done tonight.” He cupped her cheeks, his thumbs grazing her cheekbones until she met his eyes. “One step at a time,” he said quietly, giving her a small smile, and she covered his hands with hers, returning the expression, although she knew the expression didn’t carry all the way to her eyes. He noted it, but didn’t say anything as he slipped his hand into hers and led her out of the room and back to his ship.


    Senna stood on the bridge of the Venator, the expanse of space stretching out in front of her through the viewport. A dark figure stood at the end of the walkway, their back to her as they looked out at the starfield stretched out before them. Her fingers drifted to her hip, grazing the cool metal of her lightsaber’s hilt, bringing her some comfort.

    At least that much is the same.

    Her steps were slow as she approached the figure. Her eyes darted back and forth, looking for Rex, certain he’d appear at any moment, beaten and bloodied.

    “Do you know what I’ve become?”

    The voice was deep, modulated, unfamiliar. The statement was bracketed by the sound of air filling and escaping false lungs. As she approached, Senna could see the figure wore a gleaming black helmet that flawlessly reflected the lighting of the bridge.

    “Who are you?” she demanded.

    “A friend long dead. The enemy who hunts you even now. You may have escaped my Inquisitors, Master Aven, but you will not escape me.”

    A shock of cold shot through Senna’s body, blades of ice slicing into her veins. She’d felt the cold of a dark presence before, but never like this. She fell to her knees, her lightsaber clattering from her grasp as she gasped for air. Despite the shiver that ran through her body, there was a haunting familiarity, another warning sounding at the back of her mind. She couldn’t pinpoint it, couldn’t decipher it.

    The figure turned, facing her now. She could see the mask covered the Sith lord’s face entirely, sinister and emotionless as he stepped forward. He was tall, imposing as his cape billowed out behind him, his large boots thudding against the durasteel deck.

    She felt a squeeze of her throat, slowly building until she was clawing at her neck, sobbing for air. The Sith flicked his wrist, and she was pulled into the air, shooting towards him. As she approached, the mask began to grow blurry as if it was out of focus.

    A shout echoed to her left and Senna whipped her head around as a gloved hand wrapped around her throat, dangling her feet off of the ground. She squinted into the darkness as her fingers wrapped around the arm that held her.


    A flash of blonde hair and amber eyes.

    “OMEGA, RUN!” Senna screamed as the young girl stepped into the light.

    Omega stood motionless, her head tilting slightly as she looked at Senna.

    “DO AS I SAY! RUN!” Senna croaked, the grip around her neck tightening.

    Blue and white armor appeared behind the young girl. A helmet adorned with the scratches and scrapes of a hundred battles. And the Jaig eyes.

    “Omega!” Rex shouted, gripping the young girl’s arms.

    “REX! TAKE HER AND GO!” Senna gasped, struggling to find the air. The helmet snapped up to look at her, and Rex froze where he stood, his visor trained on the Sith lord. Senna slowly turned her head back to face her assailant.

    He was no longer wearing the helmet. His face was covered in scars, eyes that were once a soft brown glowing yellow and red with hatred as he snarled at her, his grip tightening. The handsome Jedi knight that she’d known was long gone, replaced by this monster wearing his face.

    “Do you know what I’ve become?” he asked again.

    The voice. Unmodulated. Pained. But undeniably his.

    “Anakin,” she gasped.

    His brows furrowed as he stared at her. “Anakin’s dead, Sen.”

    The nickname ripped another sob from her, and she reached for his cheek. “Anakin, please.”

    He brought her closer to him, his breath hot against her ear as he whispered to her. “I know you’re alive. And I will find you.” Reaching out, he hovered his other hand over her face. A searing pain shot through Senna’s head, more intense than what she’d experienced with the Inquisitor years ago. She screamed as tears poured from her eyes.

    “I’ll find you, Sen.”


    Her eyes snapped open and she sat up quickly, scrambling backwards in the bunk until her shoulder blades slammed against the hull. The cold metal combined with the jolt broke the dream’s hold on her, and her eyes darted around wildly. Her hands flew to her throat, the feeling of the cool leather still ghosting over her flesh.

    “Senna.” Rex was kneeling in front of her, his hands resting on her knees as he searched her eyes. She was drenched in sweat and trembling. Rex took her hands, trying to calm her, but a sob ripped from her throat, tears leaking from her eyes.

    Rex moved quickly, enveloping her in his arms as he stroked her hair. She sobbed against his chest, holding him tightly.

    “I’m right here,” he mumbled against the crown of her head. “I’ve got you. You’re safe.”

    “Anakin,” she gasped. “O-Omega.”

    Rex paused his rocking, freezing at the mention of his former general. “What about them?”

    “They…they were there. He…he was…it can’t be.” She took a deep stuttering breath and held it for a few beats before releasing it. “The Sith lord was there, the one there are rumors about. He said he was going to find me. It…he had Anakin’s face, Rex.”

    She met his eyes, and found them distant. “That…that can’t be Senna. Anakin was killed when the order was given.” His voice broke and Senna leaned forward to rest her forehead against his.

    “I know that,” she whispered. “He’s just been on my mind a lot lately. Ever since you asked me about him. I…I watch you and your brothers, and I miss…I miss him. He was the closest thing I had to family before I met all of you.” She felt her voice crack, and Rex placed a kiss to her forehead. She could feel the dampness on his cheeks as he gathered her in his arms again, before laying back down. She draped her leg across his hip, snuggling into the divot in his shoulder and wrapping her arm around his waist. He turned, resting his lips against her forehead as his fingers gently combed through her hair.

    “I miss him too. Every day,” he said softly. “He wasn’t a clone, but he was my brother in arms. I trusted him implicitly, and I know he trusted me as well.”

    Senna squeezed Rex gently. “He did. I know he told you about him and the senator.”

    Rex pulled back to glance down at her in surprise, and she smiled. “I tried to discourage him from marrying her, not because I didn’t like Senator Amidala. If I’m honest, I can’t believe she fell for him.” She chuckled and felt the rumble of a laugh in Rex’s chest. “I just knew the toll it would take on him to have to hide that part of himself. Anakin was so proud of her and the family they were starting.” She swallowed the lump in her throat at the thought of them all, now gone. “He would have been an incredible father,” she whispered.

    “That or you and I would have been on permanent babysitting duty,” Rex said, his voice still sad, but with a hint of laughter sprinkled in. Something in the way that he said it made Senna believe Rex had thought of this often, what it would have been like to be around Anakin’s children and what role he might have played. She squeezed him tighter and felt him return the gesture.

    They were quiet for a few moments before Rex asked, “Do you think he would have left the Order once they were born?”

    Senna had often contemplated the question as she had watched the Senator near the end of her pregnancy. The war had been clearly drifting towards its conclusion, and with it, she assumed some sort of change in the galaxy. She didn’t imagine there would be any drastic changes to the Jedi Order, but she knew Anakin would have tried to press the Council to see a different side of things. “I think he would have tried very hard to stay. The Council was stubborn, but Anakin gave them a run for their credits in that department.” She laughed gently before stilling, growing more serious. “I think he would never have given up what he had with Padmé, even if that meant giving up the Order and walking away. Watching Ahsoka leave changed him, made him realize that perhaps the Jedi weren’t right in all things. The cracks in the foundation of his beliefs were already forming, and she accelerated their growth substantially.”

    “I guess we’ll never know,” he rumbled.

    “Yeah. I guess not.”


    Rex’s snoring eventually resumed, but Senna’s mind wouldn’t stop racing as she laid next to him in the bunk.

    It’s just because I was thinking about him. That’s all. And Omega was there because I’m worried about her. Just my mind tormenting me with my incessant worrying.

    After a few hours, she finally gave up. Carefully, she slipped out of the bunk, closing the sliding door to let Rex sleep a little longer as she pulled on her clothes. The first rays of morning were shining in through the viewport of the ship, flooding the walls and floor with orange and pink light. Senna lowered the ramp and opened the hatch, stepping out in the dewy morning air. As she reached the bottom of the ramp, she noted a figure sitting at the end of the tarmac, facing towards the sunrise.

    Quietly, she approached, coming to sit next to the young woman. Omega had her knees pulled up under her chin, her arms wrapped around her legs. Senna reached out gently with the Force and could feel the unrest radiating off of the girl. Without a word, Senna plopped down next to her, leaning back on her palms.

    “I know,” Omega said after a few moments, and Senna turned to her in surprise.

    “When did they talk to you?” she asked.

    “Last night. I heard Hunter and Tech arguing and woke up. I stood outside the door listening for a while, and when they calmed down, Hunter realized I was out there.” She laughed softly. “It clearly wasn’t how they’d planned on doing it, but they did their best.”

    Senna nodded slowly. “How do you feel?”

    Omega sighed, crossing her arms on top of her knees and burying her face in them. “Overwhelmed,” she said, her voice muffled. “Scared.”

    “That’s understandable,” Senna replied. “It’s a lot to take in, even if your brothers had been able to plan it out. Not a blow that can be softened very well.”

    “They said you might train me,” Omega said, turning her face so that one eye peered out from below her mop of blonde hair.

    Senna watched her carefully. “If that’s what you’d want,” she replied evenly. “There’s no obligation here.”

    Omega nodded, mulling that over. “And if I say ‘no’?”

    “Then the most I’ll do is teach you to control your Force sensitivity. I’m sure you may have noticed certain things that seemed unusual. I’d help you learn how to keep things in check, so you don’t accidentally do anything that could hurt yourself or others. Or give you away.”

    “And I wouldn’t get stronger?” the young clone asked. “I’d stay the same?”

    “As much as possible. The focus wouldn’t be on strengthening your connection. Just keeping yourself in control.”

    “Have you ever…lost control?” she asked carefully.

    Senna wet her lips. “A few times when I was younger. My Force sensitivity manifested as me being able to feel the emotions of others, and before I got a handle on that, I wouldn’t be able to control myself in the presence of strong emotions. I’d be inconsolable if someone around me was grieving. I threw something once when I was first at the temple because someone down the hall got very angry, and I shared in their rage.”

    “Was it only when you were younger?”

    “No,” Senna said softly. “I…I almost hurt Rex a few years ago. It was before I knew him very well. I got very angry at him one night and…threw him against a wall. My emotions got the best of me, and I’d let my connection to the Force fade, but in that moment, I acted out of anger. I wasn’t in control.” She could see Omega’s eyes widen, and floundered, worried she was scaring the girl. “These are all things I can help you avoid, Omega. Even if you don’t want to become a Force wielder, I can just teach you how to be in control.”

    The young girl rested her chin on her arms, staring out at the sunrise. “And if I say ‘yes’? If I ask you to train me?”

    Senna felt an unexpected soaring sensation in her chest. She hadn’t realized it until just this instance, but she was hoping Omega would allow her to train her. Desperately. She did her best to keep her voice even and her emotions in check. “Then I will take you as a padawan and will pass on everything I learned to you. It’s an important bond between two people, a sacred relationship in the eyes of the Jedi. You would be my charge.”

    “Would I have to leave and go with you?” Senna wasn’t certain if this question was stemming from Omega’s knowledge of how the Jedi did things or the fear Echo had voiced, so she treaded carefully, trying to select a neutral approach.

    “I wouldn’t take you away from your brothers. I’d want them involved in your training so that if I’m not around, they know how to help you. I won’t take you anywhere you don’t want to go.”

    Omega nodded silently, staring out over the trees again. Senna scooted closer to her, turning so that she was facing her completely. She gripped the young girl’s ankles, rotating her so that they faced each other. “Omega, whatever you decide, I want you to understand that there is danger for people like us. You have no obligation to me or anyone in terms of what you choose, but I need you to know that if you choose to strengthen your connection to the Force, life will become more dangerous for you. And even if you don’t, there still will be those that wish to do you harm.”

    “Because of the Empire.”

    “Yes. They want to find people like us. We are powerful weapons in their eyes.”

    Omega’s brow furrowed as she picked at her fingernails. “But I could be a powerful weapon for the rebellion instead.”

    Senna felt herself searching for the right words once more. I kriffing knew I wasn’t cut out for this. Anakin is somewhere laughing at me right now, I’m certain. “No. You won’t be a weapon. That’s not what this gift is for,” she said firmly. “You are a person with special abilities that allow you to connect to the living things around you. Life is sacred, and should be treated as such. Your gifts are only to be used in defense of life.”

    The young clone’s eyes narrowed. “But wouldn’t I be helping protect life if I fight for the rebellion?”

    Senna gave an exasperated sigh as she ran her hands through her hair. “I didn’t anticipate a philosophy lesson before I’d had any caf,” she joked, and Omega gave her a small smile. Senna gathered her thoughts. “You can fight for what you believe in certainly, but I don’t want you to feel that you’re some weapon to be wielded. You are a person with agency, and you should always think of yourself as such. Our choices are what define us, and this decision you have before you is one that will set you on one of two paths for the rest of your life. There’s no right or wrong, but only you can make that call. Do you understand?”

    Omega nodded, grinning a little more. “You’re not as bad at this as you think.”

    Senna sat back on her heels, puffing her cheeks up and blowing out a deep breath. “Not sure I’m good at it either.”

    “Not yet, but maybe we’ll get better together.”

    Senna chewed her lip hard to try and keep herself grounded. “You’re talking as though you’ve made a decision already.”

    Omega glanced back towards the base, her lips pursed as she thought. “I think I have. I didn’t really go back to sleep after they told me the truth, so I had a lot of time to weigh my options.”

    Senna nodded. “If you need more time, that’s perfectly fine.”

    Omega turned back to her, her eyes burning intently. “No. I don’t think I do. I’d like you to take me on. As a padawan.”

    Senna felt as if she’d been plugged into a power converter, her nerves singing with electricity. “If you’re sure. We’ll get started right away.”

    She stood, offering a hand down to the young clone and pulling her to her feet. Her padawan looked up at her, eyes sparkling in the golden light of the morning, and she smiled. “I’d like that very much, Master Atiniir.”

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    Morning y’all!

    I’m just popping in her to drop this lil Fett Sibling parallel for you… something to think about 👀

    Unfortunately I don’t have time to write about my theory related to these scenes now but I’ll try and do it later!

    Boba is looking at the only family he ever had as a kid: Jango… Omega, on the other hand, never had anybody else but herself before she joined TBB. Boba wanted to go in his father’s footsteps and that was his future, but Omega was an experiment - the test tube is the only future she knew before TBB saved her.

    #omega tbb#tbb omega#omega fett #book of boba fett #boba fett #the bad batch #star wars theory #theory#star wars#clone wars#siblings#painful #why did you do this to me #god why
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    How The Bad Batch Plays Animal Crossing

    I know that Nintendo doesn’t exist in Star Wars, but bear with me.


    Was the first one to start playing, being the only child around and all.

    Always chooses the kindest interactions possible. She once accidentally hit Cookie with her net and felt bad about it all day.

    Plays pretty casually and has no real island theme.


    Started playing so that he could help Omega get the items and villagers that she wants.

    Has a shitload of rare items and DIYs that he gives to Omega or let’s her catalog.

    He definitely doesn’t play it for himself because he actually thinks it’s fun. What is he, a cadet? (He does, in fact, get way too into it. He just tells himself it’s all for Omega).


    Openly and shamelessly obsessed with the game. He has no intention of pretending to be disinterested, unlike a certain grumpy sergeant.

    Most of his villagers are jocks. He also likes peppy villagers.

    Likes to throw parties on his island and invite everyone over. Yes, even Crosshair. Crosshair never actually shows up.


    He’s the guy that builds all sorts of elaborate stuff all over his island. His island is a work of art.

    Wants to find every bug, fish, fossil, and sea creature in the game.

    Documents game mechanics as he plays. He has spreadsheets in his datapad for this very purpose. Knows exactly how flower hybridization works as a result.


    Was reluctant to play a “kids’ game” at first, but now finds it relaxing.

    His favorite villager is Lucky, the little dog covered from head to toe in bandages.

    Wants to find and create every DIY in the game. He gives his duplicates to Omega.


    Plays the game in secret. Rampart and Tarkin would never take him seriously if they knew he played.

    His island is cursed and creepy AF. There is a torture chamber in his basement. He thinks that corrupting such a cute game with horror elements is hilarious.

    Makes it a point to get all of the “goth” villagers.

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    The Bad Batch on a beach vacation:

    Echo: tanning and genuinely enjoying himself

    Tech: reminding everyone to put on sunscreen and spending time on his tablet as well

    Hunter: napping but constantly checking on the others because stressed dad vibes

    Omega: exploring the sand and collecting seashells

    Crosshair: sitting under a palm tree with a margarita

    Wrecker: canon balling into the water to splash Crosshair

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    WIP: Echo: A Love Story

    Will it work out? I dunno. The story isn’t finished and I’m not one for sappy saccharin stories, and maybe it won’t end the way you expect. The story I have written is pretty much finished (and the sequel is almost finished in my head). If you like it I can easily post the rest. I just need some motivation. Like it? I post more :)  Here’s chapter 1

    The men of the Bad Batch encounter a working girl who lives upstairs from Cid’s Parlor. 

    Cheap perfume. A woman, she’s aroused, ready. Hunter’s senses flared. His eyes flicked to the door of Cid’s office back to the trandoshan as she explained a simple drop off job.

    “Hey! Bandana! I’m talkin’ here. Where’s your head at?”  asked Cid.

    “Oh…nothin’” Hunter said as he snapped his attention back. “We got it” he said taking the datastick from Cid. I never had these distractions on Kamino. Just another thing to get used to in this dump.

    The others noted Hunter had seemed distracted during the briefing and after they exited Cid’s office they all looked at him expectantly to explain where his mind went. Hunter didn’t say anything but glanced at another door in the hallway with Cid’s office. The other’s saw where their Sargent’s eyeline lead and said nothing.

    Omega noted all the subtle glances and asked “What is it? What is everyone looking at? What’s that door?”

    “Nothing. A closet” said Hunter not inviting any discussion. “Tech do you know the coordinates for this job? It’s not too far, right?”

    “The specific coordinates are indeed stored in the Marauder’s navigation banks” said Tech and shared a confirming nod with Echo.

    Echo picked up what was happening and continued the conversation focusing on the mission to keep Omega from asking questions about the other door in the hallway. “Yeah, even if we didn’t we were actually in that sector a few months back. Maybe we can cut down travel time, minutely.”

    Wrecker picked up on their trick and said “Oh yeah! Was that the place with the blue trees?”

    And once he gave Tech the opportunity to share tangential knowledge there was no opportunity at all for Omega to interrupt.

    “While it was vegetation, Wrecker, they were not trees…”

    Cid watched them leave then glanced at the backdoor at the other end of the hallway as a male humanoid with a wide brim hat and high collared coat obscuring his identity entered. He stood at the other door in the hallway. Cid shrugged and turned away, listening to the man be buzzed into the locked entrance.

    The man made his way up a narrow set of stairs to a second locked door. He pressed the intercom and the occupant of an apartment upstairs confirmed the visitor’s identity and allowed him in.  The occupant of the room upstairs was a scantily clad human woman with long brown hair and wide hazel eyes. She wore a racy red negligee and said “Welcome. Precisely on time, as usual!”

    Later that week the Bad Batch returned to Cid’s parlor and griped about the usual lack of information, unexpected challenges, and lack of payoff. They walked straight back to Cid’s office to debrief and pick up their payment. A portion of the pay went straight back to her to cover expenses and into drinks they were about to consume.

    Upstairs Reelie was sitting at her vanity using it as a desk to review her bills and administrative work. She checked how many clients she could reasonably fit into the coming weeks. “How much time do I have?” She mumbled, but really she was thinking How much more of this can I take?

    She looked at a paper calendar and dragged a finger across the dates. She nodded and accepted the schedule she had, double checked how much she was projected to make against her end goal. She picked up a holo still and it opened up. She balled up her fist as she looked at the image of a large farm house out on a backwater planet. “You can do it!” she shook her fist to encourage herself.

    She then turned her attention to what she had made from the previous week. Her encrypted account transfers made it through and she was pleased with the few extra credits she could save. Lastly she opened a draw and pulled out a lockbox full of tips and cash payments she received over the week. I do not want to walk down the street here with a lockbox full of all these credits. I bet Cid has larger denominations. I could hide them on my body until I get to the bank for deposit.

    Reelie dressed in a simple blue tunic and pants, checking each angle of her body in her mirror. I look respectable, yes? Yes. She then descended the stairs to Cid’s office with her box in her grip. She checked the indicator to see if Cid was marked busy, saw not, and popped into Cid’s office. She stopped short. The office was full of the mercenaries that had been hanging around the base lately. And they weren't happy.

    The men stopped their grumbling, but not their scowling when she entered.  The furrowed brows of four grown human men, and one powerful trandoshan made her grip her cash box tightly to her chest. A blonde adolescent girl then leaned out from the shadow of black and red armor. Clone armor?

    The girl cheerfully waved and smiled. “Hello!”

    Reelie shut her mouth which had gaped open at the height and  breadth of the one eyed tank of a man nearest the door. Cid greeted Reelie with a bark “WHAT!?”

    Reelie flinched then said “I'll wait in the hall…” and made a hasty exit.

    A few moments later all the men exited the office and settled at the bar. Omega and Wrecker went to get some Mantell mix instead of drinks. Tech, Echo, and Hunter settled down with their favorite adult beverages and Echo spied Hunter was distracted again. Reelie slipped into the office after they left.

    “Hunter…what is it?” asked Echo.

    Hunter looked at him, glanced at the entrance as assurance Omega wasn’t in earshot. “That woman has a new perfume. It’s awful” he grumbled.  

    Echo’s brow jumped at the sensitivity of Hunter’s nose. Tech offered “Perhaps you could speak to her about it and explain-“

    “I’m not talking a woman like that, Tech!”  snapped Hunter.

    Echo looked away and tried to hide the frustration with his brothers that played across his face.

    Tech persisted “I doubt she will charge you for a conversation, Hunter. My minimal dealings with her she has been very reasonable and polite. Cid would not rent to her if she was trouble. Prostitution is legal here and she is fully licensed and supervised by the city. I see no reason why you hold such unfounded hostility towards her.”  

    “I don’t want Omega thinking that line of business or it’s people are legitimate. It’s not. I’ve seen men ruined by women like that. They get wrapped up in all sorts of other questionable trades. I don’t want Omega exposed to that mess.”

    Echo and Tech shared a glance and both withheld the eye rolls they both so desperately wanted to unleash. Echo said “Hunter, we just escorted a few crates of really questionable materials to a really questionable place.”

    Tech added “And made a really questionable profit off it which does not get reported to the government. In this regard Ms Reellie is more legitimate than us. She pays taxes.”

    “Would you say that if Omega wanted to take up …” his eyes jumped towards the hallway and back at his men. “…that profession you'd be fine with it?” Hunter raised his glass at his men to emphasize the point.

    Tech said “If Omega said she wanted to be a companion or prostitute, I indeed, would not recommend that path. However, not everyone has the same talents, support, nor access to options as Omega. I do not see Ms Reelie’s choice as an ethical nor moral failure on her part.”

    “It doesn’t matter” said Hunter. “I have to…I want to protect Omega from all of that” Hunter took a longer drink, trying to collect his thoughts. “I don't want her befriending someone so…you know…trashy.”

    “I will talk to Ms Reelie then” said Tech. Echo hid a smirk behind taking a drink knowing Tech was saving his extra cash to have a quick visit with the woman. And when Echo finally gulped down the last of his drink he tried to hide his grin further by covering his mouth with the back of his hand like he was wiping his mouth.

    “No….” Hunter sighed. “It doesn’t matter” he said sounding defeated and somehow not aware that Tech was itching to visit the woman upstairs.

    The sound of Wrecker and Omega laughing down the stairs caught their attention and they all wordlessly decided to end the conversation. Omega said hello to everyone and ran up to Hunter to tell him all about the latest little thing she learned along the way.

    Echo whispered “Dealings? When have you spoken to her?”

    “I admit we have not had lengthy conversations, but I have passed her in the hall before.”

    Echo was amused by his brothers minimal dealings with women. He knew many of the interactions between most clones and women were fabricated. There were no women on Kamino and the battlefield generally did not allow any real socializing outside of escorting terrified crowds of civilians. Even the bases and stations on various worlds were secure and isolated from the general public. Elite troopers who were allowed time on Coruscant did not all get a chance to visit 79s, also known as ”the Clone Bar”. Most other establishments did not accept credits from clones.  Any interaction with the opposite sex was limited, and the glimpses into civilian life were often magnified.

    “Didja talk to ‘er?” Echo asked already knowing the true answer.

    “Indeed I did” said Tech when he took a drink.

    “I mean beyond an excuse me” clarified Echo.

    “Your question was if I spoke with her, not if we shared our deepest thoughts and feelings.”

    Echo merely laughed.

    Cid exited her office with Reelie who held her red metal cash box in her arms. Cid said “C’mon. I can help you with that” she told the petite voluptuous woman walking behind her. Cid called out to Hunter “Hey, dark and broody, did you spend all those credits already?”

    Hunter frowned “We haven't had all that much to drink.”

    Tech slid from his stool and approached and settled behind Hunter observing and eager to talk to Ms Reelie.

    Cid asked “You got some larger denominations? Ms Reelie here wants to bring some cash to the bank but doesn’t want all the attention that credits jangling in her pockets would bring. Want some smaller denominations?”

    Echo, Wrecker, and Omega approached and each put a large credit on the bar. Reelie quickly saw she was in a predicament. She put a few smaller piles of credits down on the bar and picked up the larger ones and plopped them into her box. She looked down at the five brassy credits they gave her on top of the pile of various chips she already had. Reelie looked back at Cid and said “You really don't have anything?”

    “I already told ya. The armored truck comes early morning and picks up my cash. I got nothing big.”

    Reelie closed the lock box and thanked everyone. Before she slid the box off the counter Cid said to Hunter “Why don't you just walk ‘er over to the bank,  Bandana? Or one of your goons here.”

    “Not gonna happen, Cid” said Hunter, looking away, not able to meet Reelie’s eyes.

    Echo went back to his stool on the other end of the bar, losing interest in the situation.

    Wrecker looked at Hunter for direction, and Omega looked at Wrecker then Hunter. Before Omega protested Tech stepped forward and said “I can-“

    But was immediately cut off by Hunter “NO Tech.”

    Echo looked over in surprise. Perhaps Hunter had picked up on Tech’s interest in the illicit woman. Hunter spoke to Cid, ignoring Reelie. “I'm not having my men walk around or getting into trouble with her.”

    The outright insult surprised everyone. Cid scoffed and shot back “Ain’t none of you able to afford her anyway…” Cid remembered Omega was there and quickly amended trying to add vagueness “…her services…I mean.”

    Omega piped up “She needs some help Hunter. It's a simple task!” She didn't know yet why everyone was so uncomfortable with Ms Reelie. Omega hadn't gotten a chance to ask either.

    Hunter sighed and said “Fine…Echo, you go with her.”

    Cid whispered to Reelie “Good choice. He smells the least bad.”

    Reelie giggled and thanked Hunter who ignored her. Reelie glanced over at her escort at the end of the bar and walked towards him. She winked at Omega along the way.

    Echo's face showed his surprise, then twisted into contained anger. Reelie introduced herself and thanked him for his help. They walked towards the exit and spoke briefly about the destination.

    Wrecker thought he was an obvious choice for the job, but then Hunter cleared up why he chose Echo “He won't get into trouble, even if she tries” said Hunter under his breath.

    Tech tried to hide his disappointment. Wrecker shrugged, still not connecting the dots and motioned to Omega to continue the game they were playing. Cid just shook her head with irritation at Hunter and walked back into her office.

    Echo and Reelie walked down the filthy dank alley where Cid’s parlor was located and turned onto the broader avenue. Echo kept his eyes peeled for anyone who may try to mark them. They didn’t speak much except for when Reelie gave directions. Soon they were in a nicer part of town and Echo started to feel out of place. They waited at a cross light and he admired the tall glass buildings and the clean new sidewalks. “Do you, eh…want me to wait here?” he asked.

    She looked at him surprised and asked “Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?”

    He furrowed his brow at her and said “No, but I’m… This area looks nice. Do you need me?”

    “Yes” she said, a bit irritated. The light changed and they continued across the street. She said “Just because it’s clean doesn’t mean it’s safe.”

    He nodded “True.”

    She said “My bank is on the next block.”

    Echo glanced at their reflection in a shop window and then back on their path. He saw no immediate threats and offered no conversation. He absently scratched his neck and Reelie spotted his skin just under his blacks.

    “Mr Echo, that rash looks pretty intense. Do you want to stop at a pharmacy?”

    He winced and then patted the spot “No no…it’s…it’s fine.” He looked embarrassed and said “I know what it is.”

    “Do you have something for it then?”

    His mouth flattened into an annoyed grimace and he shook his head. “Yes and no.”

    She stopped before they got too far from the pharmacy and said “Well what is it?”

    “Our shuttle only has a half fresher. I…” he stopped, really ashamed. “I wipe down every day, but it’s…”

    “It’s no use if the clothing you have isn’t clean” she stepped closer and got up on her toes to get a closer look “So a rag cream isn't going to fix it.”

    He nodded. “We don’t exactly have a full laundromat aboard either.”

    “And the places in that neighborhood are questionable. Putting your clothes in those quick dry machines could result in a louse infestation.”

    He was clearly disgusted by the idea and stopped scratching. “Sorry” he said quietly, really embarrassed.

    She shrugged. “I understand. It's alright.”

    He slid her a look that said yeah, right.

    Reelie hesitated,  but then decided to confide in him.  “I…I was homeless for a while” she said quietly remembering the lowest point in her life. “I bathed in public fountains at night. I dodged the authorities, but I just couldn’t…” she shook her head. “If I offered for you to use my shower, would you…”

    Echo’s face softened, then went hard. “I think if any of us went up to your place…” he shook his head. “I appreciate the offer, and would love to just step into a fresher, but…”

    “He really hates me” she said.

    Echo grimaced. “I think if he spoke to you he would see you’re just… a…nice…woman.”

    They continued walking. “Thank you” she said “If it’s any consolation, you don’t smell as bad as the rest of those guys. Or much at all, really.”

    He chuckled and said “That’s a low bar.”

    They came to the bank, and Reelie made her deposit. She then went into an office and met with a Mythrol in a business suit in a small glass office and Echo stood outside the door. He looked around the bank and secretly enjoyed the crisp clean air and quiet murmurs as everyone kept their eyes on their screens and phones. The office door opened with a click and slide interrupting his day dreams of working in a sanitized environment. The banker smiled and waved off his client and her strange companion.

    Echo knew he stuck out and did his best to obscure his face without looking like he was obscuring his face. He just looked down.

    They began to walk back and Reelie saw a treat-transport making its way down the street. It's repetitive nursery chimes attracted a bunch of kids who ran out and up to the large window on the side of the transport where a corpulent Calamarian began to hand out treats to the kids. The treat-transport continued to drive 1 down the path. As it approached, Reelie ran over and waved it down. “C’mon Echo! What do you want?”

    “Oh, uh…nothing, thanks…” he said almost confused about why she would stop the truck. “I’m not hungry” he said just before his stomach gurgled revealing a his constant gnawing hunger.

    She smirked and asked for a colorful cold treat in an edible cracker cup for herself and a box of rainbow colored candy for Echo. The truck continued on it’s way and when Reelie handed Echo the box she said “If you don’t want it, you can give it to the girl. Your…daughter?”

    “Omega? She’s my…our… sister” he replied trying to find a way to answer her question. The neighborhood began to get darker, and the streets grimier.

    Her eyes searched Echo’s face and glanced over his armor and prosthetics. “Anyone ever tell you that you look like a clone?”

    He sent her a warning look “You could say I’ve heard that.”  Echo was full well aware that he was an outlaw, a deserter. If found by not just Crosshair and his ilk, but any Imperial,  he would be executed and his brothers would be endangered. He took the treat and rattled the candy around in the box.

    They were back in the seedy neighborhood and she said “I…wasn’t certain…I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions.”

    Echo visually swept the area and while he saw a number of shady characters starting to emerge, there were none he couldn’t take alone. “Right. Well. Best if you don’t.”

    She halted before they went down the stairs to Cid’s and said “I usually go in the back door.”

    He grunted in response and was about to stomp down into the parlor and thought about drowning himself in a drink. He was too disciplined to actually do so, but he sometimes found consolation in staring at a full drink and debating whether being too drunk to walk would help his frustrations.

    She stopped him with a hand on his shoulder and said “Mr Echo?” He looked back at her and she handed him five 20 credit pieces. “For your troubles.” She then turned around and sprung into a run around the corner toward the back door with her empty cash box.

    Echo returned inside and placed the credits next to Hunter on the bar.

    “What’s that for?” asked Hunter.

    “For my troubles, she said” said Echo.

    “I don’t want her dirty money” said Hunter looking over at Omega cheering as she scored a goal on the holo game against Wrecker.

    “It’s a hundred credits, Hunter. We need every cent we can get. She has a bank account and reported income. Our money is dirty. This is the most legitimate cash we’re going to make for now” argued Echo.

    Hunter noticed Echo was a bit angrier than usual. “What’s your problem?”

    “Nothing. We just made us a nice chunk of change and you’re being unreasonable. We should be asking you, what your problem is.”

    Echo heard the rattling of the box of candy in his belt, surprise widening his eyes. He turned around and saw Tech examining the text on the back of the box. “Tech! What is wrong with you? Are you a pickpocket now?” and he swiped the box out of his hand.

    “I thought it an unusual item for you to be carrying” explained Tech. “I was merely examining it’s contents.”

    Echo shook his head then saw the sound caught Wrecker and Omega’s attention on the other side of the room. Echo shook the box at Omega “For you” he said. The girl skipped over eager to get her hands on whatever it was.

    “What is it?” she asked once she settled at his side.

    Echo crouched down and Hunter looked on. “Candy, I dunno” said Echo. He read the colorful box. “Looks like fruit flavored…” he found the description “hard candies that pop, snap, and crackle in your mouth.”  He placed the box in her hands.

    She cheerfully said “Thanks Echo!” and peeled open the box. She offered to Echo, Hunter, and Tech and they waved it off. She ran back to Wrecker and showed him the candy and they shared the sweet snack.

    Hunter looked critically at Echo “I thought you just went to the bank and came back?”

    Echo shrugged “She…she stopped a treat transport” before anyone responded to that he said “I didn’t even know that was a thing! She grabbed a frozen dessert for herself and got me a…” he shrugged “… box of candy.”

    Tech’s eyes went wide “A treat transport? I thought those were only found in suburban areas with picket fences and many children?”

    Echo shrugged “It was a nice area. We were walking out towards the green parks in Sidell.

    “Indeed” said Tech. “That is a nice area. I guess it was an enjoyable walk?”

    Echo frowned at Tech and shook his head. “It was uneventful” Echo knew Tech was desperate to talk to the woman and was going to pepper him with all sorts of questions.  “Look,  I didn't want to do it anyway. Just…” Echo shook his head in irritation and walked off toward the bathroom “I gotta take a piss.”

    Echo came out of the bathroom and Hunter was standing there waiting for him. Echo was ready to dig his heels about keeping the money and Hunter said “I’m sorry Echo. I…I couldn’t send Tech because he is growing a bit obsessed with her. And Wrecker…” Wrecker and Omega both cheered as the game played a colorful holo for the winner. “Well, he is keeping Omega busy today and I suspect that woman could have manipulated him a bit too easily.” He looked back at Echo. “I knew I could depend on you.” He was holding the cash. “I thought you escorting her would earn us some favor from Cid, but cash is good too” he conceded.

    Echo looked sad. He said “I know why you picked me, Hunter and it’s nothing to do with what you said. Thanks for trying to frame it different, but I know the truth.” He walked back into the area and Hunter’s brow hardened, frustrated with himself. Echo was right and Hunter didn’t know how to approach the situation. Hunter and the rest of the Batch, save Omega, were aware that Echo’s lower torso had been torn to shreds. Tech was very familiar with Echo’s physical wounds and knew their extent, in intimate detail. Hunter could sense Echo had a lot of prosthetics, but once he learned Echo had lost his manhood he suddenly had this feeling that he had to treat Echo different. I know I shouldn’t. I know he’s the same guy, but that loss changes a man…if he still even feels like one. Is that what Tech meant by more machine than man?

    Hunter lingered in the doorway to the bar looking over his ragtag squad. We’re all different than our brothers, but Echo is different even from us. Not a reg, not a 99. He sighed feeling ill-equipped to handle their situation, nevertheless an exceptional clone like Echo.

    Tech filled Echo’s cup and they started to chat about other things. Hunter checked the time and went over to check on Omega and see if she had finished the assignments Tech had given to her. She had learned via similar flash training, but as she aged normally she had gaps in her knowledge that Tech was slowly filling.

    When Reelie made it in the back door she saw Cid entering her office. Reelie smiled in greeting “Thanks Cid. I know they would never have considered it if you hadn’t said something.”

    She shrugged. “It ain’t all of ‘em” Cid threw a reptilian glance over at Hunter at the bar.

    Reelie instinctively whispered “But they all follow his lead. So thanks” she said dropping some credits in the lizard lady’s clawed hand.

    “Nice doing business with you” said Cid.

    Reelie then pulled an envelope from her back pocket “Here. A confirm I've paid my rent.”

    “Early as usual” said Cid approvingly wiggling the envelope in the air as she turned to go back into her office. “This is why I like you, kid.”

    Reelie returned upstairs and placed her lock box away in her storage closet. She looked around her small home from the door way. It was a spacious place, but also where she worked.

    When a client walked into her home there was a cubby for shoes and hooks for cloaks and overcoats. Two steps up brought people onto a pristine neutral colored carpeted floor. The space was a rectangle, and directly across the entrance was a doorway out onto a large balcony that hung over the entrance to Cid’s parlor. Across the way, towards the right,  next to the balcony door was a round window covered by sheer white curtains. Between the door and the window was a large king-sized bed.

    She was a companion prostitute, on the higher end as Cid had noted earlier, but not the type of high end woman that the men of Coruscant and Core Worlds would show off at private parties. She was a woman they craved in secret. She found that the seedy location added excitement to the experience of her clients, but that her place of business had to be extremely clean. To further save money, she did her business in her home.

    She paid special attention to neatness. The bed had small night tables on each side and lighting controlled by her voice or independent switches. There was a small but complete kitchenette along the right-hand wall that contained cooking devices, food storage, as well as a sanitizing unit for clothing and textiles.

    Following the same wall as the kitchenette towards the back of the apartment brought you to a full bathroom. The bathroom too sometimes played a part in her work and was equipped with a modern refresher stall, but also a large bathtub as well as the usual and necessary plumbing. Next to the bathroom door was where she placed her vanity, that she also served as a desk. It had a well lit mirror and several drawers. What she placed on the surface depended on what client was visiting her that day.  

    Beyond her desk vanity was a closet door. It was often locked shut and contained clothing and accessories, as well as a large collection of linens. In the back of the closet she put a false wall and a hidden door. In this hidden storage space she kept her valuables and her lock box.

    Reelie walked out onto her balcony and saw Wrecker and the girl, Omega as Echo called her, walk outside. They were headed somewhere when they saw a young woman being cornered by a couple of unsavory characters. Reelie leaned forward, about to call out to them when Wrecker spotted the situation.

    After a few moments of Wrecker merely posturing and Omega shaking her fist at the attackers, the scene was over. The young woman clearly did not belong in this neighborhood. Reelie’s stomach tensed with envy. Idiot girl. What is she doing here? Reelie sighed, took a deep breath and corrected herself. Don't. It's not her fault others attacked her. Just as it’s not your fault you ended up here.

    Reelie went back inside and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She smoothed out the fabric of her jumpsuit and wondered if it would be obvious what she was when she finally moved on.

    Reelie shook her head to dismiss the thought and went to her vanity. She sat at the desk and opened her top drawer and pulled out the holo-still again. She placed it on her desk and turned it on. The 3D image of a house lit up. It needed some work, but it was hers. I just need a bit more cash to move and live there. And never have to do this work again.

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  • arcjesse
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    does anyone have that artist who drew that piece of omega growing up where she starts out w white skin and blonde hair but as she grows she gets browner and darker hair w armor even

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  • theballerinajedi
    15.01.2022 - 4 days ago


    #the bad batch #star wars #clone force 99 #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars #tbb#sergeant hunter#tech#echo#omega#wrecker#tbb hunter#captain rex
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  • techslander
    15.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    the batch’s most listened Spotify artist

    Hunter: Eminem

    Crosshair: My Chemical Romance

    Echo: Florence + The Machine

    Tech: Hans Zimmer

    Wrecker: Megan Thee Stallion

    Omega: Pogo

    #hunter is That Guy #hans Zimmer ISNT techs FAVORITE just his most listened. It’s background music for piloting the shop #omega would like pogo because they make fun sounds and I like it #echo my beloved #the bad batch #the bad batch headcanons #tbb hunter#tbb wrecker#tbb omega#tbb tech#tbb crosshair#tbb echo
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  • multifandomnonsense
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Omega, looking at map: It really is a featureless, barren wasteland out there, isn’t it?

    Hunter: Other side kid

    #star wars #the bad batch #the dad batch #incorrect quotes#tbb omega #clone trooper hunter
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  • ilikemymendarkandfictional
    14.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    *Bad Batch theme intensifies*

    I got my set of the boys without their helmets today 🥰

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  • void-tiger
    13.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Proof that Boba and Omega are siblings:

    They both just wanna snuggle and ride all the baby rancors.

    #book of boba fett #book of boba spoilers #tbb#boba fett#tbb omega#rancor#fett clones
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  • multifandomnonsense
    13.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Book of Boba Fett Theories, but they slowly get stupider less realistic:

    He teams up with the sand people in current time

    New republic shows up to check on things because they heard someone knew was in charge and they send Han

    Hondo Ohnaka attempts to take advantage a tatooine’s instability while at war to make profit

    Omega shows up because she heard Boba Fett and wants to meet the only other living clone

    Cal Kestis shows up because I say so (he’s the same age as Boba so he would definitely be alive) and they team up

    Din shows up, challenges Boba to a game of sabacc and throws the game on purpose, he then says “you have defeated me”, drops the dark saber on the table, and leaves. Boba now has two planets to run

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  • gobsamdi
    13.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Had to do more of the batch... Plus Howzer

    #gobsamdiart #Wrecker: BEHOLD- my fav sister Omega #tbb wrecker#tbb hunter#tbb omega#tbb howzer#captain howzer #star wars the clone wars #star wars #the bad batch
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