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    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
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    So a lot of folks have headcanons about meds to repress rut and heat.

    Would those be prescribed or over the counter?

    I like to think there would be something similar to birth control that could be taken to try to regulate a heat/rut cycle and tamper down the effects, but since birth control is by prescription it would probably be as well. Tho there would likely be emergency OTC options too (compare to things like Midol for the pain and possibly emergency birth control for folks who can't afford RX) especially for first heat/rut since those would likely be worse than regular ones and often unexpected. But I think in my personal headcanon, heat/rut control would be free irregardless of insurance status.

    So for medication, there would be 3 kinds, probably with a lot of variations. RX Heat Control for omegas, RX Rut Control for alphas, and Emergency OTC Heat/Rut Control. There would probably be something comparative to Midol for pain, since heat and rut function similarly to menstrual cycles in my personal AU.

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    “Trick or Treat?”

    Requested: Yup

    Request: Alpha S/O finding Omega Twice in heat

    a/u: Hey, everyone! Long time no see! I’m so sorry it took me so long to finally get a fic done and yes, I’m aware it’s December. But in light of it being my birthday I finally found the inspiration to finish this. So as a great thank you to all the love and support y’all have shown me; this is my gift to you. I love you guys💙

    Category: NSFW and Fluff

    Word Count: 6.8k

    The sun was barely starting to set as you felt your phone buzz, it was a text from Nayeon: Since you hate Halloween so much, come by the dorm and we’ll prove you wrong ;)

    You’d be lying if you said that this didn’t intrigue you as you found yourself standing in front of Nayeon’s door. The rest of this dorm’s lights were completely off as you shook your head as a playful smile broke out onto your lips as you stood in front of Nayeon’s door; lifting your fist to knock, “Trick or treat?”

    There was a brief pause before Nayeon’s voice broke through from behind the door, “Treat.”

    This piqued your interest as you carefully turned the handle to get into the room, your eyes widening as you took in the sight before you. The brunette was kneeling on the bed facing you, her body wrapped in sheer lingerie that made the lower part of you stiffen as the scent of a horny Omega permeated the room.

    Your senses were overwhelmed as an embarrassing bulge was already making its presence known at the front of your pants. You smiled sheepishly at Nayeon, “Sorry.”

    The Omega just shook her head, “No need to be, that’s exactly the reaction I was looking for.” She pulled you further into the room as she placed a kiss on your neck and began sinking to her knees, “Is this okay?”

    You nodded rapidly as Nayeon unbuckled your belt and brought the garment to the floor where you easily kicked it to the side, leaving you only in your boxers as the idol hooked her long fingers into the elastic. Giving you a smirk as she dragged it down your legs as well, your alpha-hood immediately sprung out and stood proudly in front of you as Nayeon eyed the appendage.

    The tip was already leaking beads of precum as Nayeon reached a hand up and began moving it up and down, squeezing your throbbing dick in her fist. She leaned in and licked the head of your cock before, alternating with sucking on it heavily or just licking along the tip. You whispered encouragement and the jerking of your hips told Nayeon she was doing exactly what you love. You pushed into her mouth as your hips continued to cant forward.

    She groaned to herself when she felt a dribble of precum on her tongue. She feels her own pussy grow wet when she leans back and kisses the head of your dick before taking it in her mouth. She sucked on the head, her hands finding their way to your balls. She fondles them softly as she takes more of your dick into her mouth. She can feel your cock straining in her mouth, getting harder as she licks up the length of your alpha-good before taking it back into her mouth.

    Nayeon gags slightly when the head of your dick taps the back of her throat, forcing herself to breathe through her nose as she relaxes further. Slowly but surely, Nayeon takes your cock deeper and deeper into her throat. She looks up and her entire body tingles with arousal when she sees your head thrown back, your mouth open, and cheeks flushed, clearly enjoying the treat.

    Then you looked down at her and your eyes met. You groan when you feel it slip inside Nayeon's throat. Nayeon's hands moved to play with your knot as she felt it tensing up. You let out a strangled moan as you looked at Nayeon, indicating your impending orgasm.

    She scrapes the bottom of your dick with her teeth lightly, making sure it brings pleasure and the slightest hint of pain. It's enough to send you over the edge. Nayeon pulls back until only the head of your cock rests on her tongue again, and sure enough, she can now taste you perfectly as you cum. Load after load of hot seed spurts on her tongue and she eagerly swallows it, sucking on your dick to get even more cum out of it.

    When your dick starts to go soft in Nayeon's mouth, she pulls away, freeing it from the warm confines. A cocky smirk is present on her lips as she uses a finger to wipe a bit of your cum that had seeped out before licking her finger clean, a shocked look covers your face as she couldn’t help but laugh as she pulls your boxers back up your waist and fixes your alpha-hood.

    A content smile played at the eldest member’s lips as she stood back up and began leading you to the door. “I hope you had fun, you’ll be seeing Momo next.” She placed a light kiss on your cheek as she pushed you into the hallway, “Behave, will you?”

    You shrugged as you headed down the hall to the eldest Japanese woman’s room, “No promises.”

    You could faintly see Nayeon roll her eyes as she shit the door behind her leaving you standing in the darkness of the hall, you held your breath as you raised a fist to knock on the door. “Trick or treat?”

    “Trick.” The response was almost immediate as you couldn’t help but feel your heart sink slightly. You hadn’t expected to get that response till later but it was no time like the present as you turned the doorknob and entered the room.

    It was bathed in a soft glow of red LED lights that were strung up along the ceilings perimeter, your eyes quickly met Momo’s as a look of lust completely covered her face. You swallowed your saliva nervously as you noticed the two chairs facing each other in the center of the room, “Sit.” The black haired woman commanded as she motioned to the seat closest to the door.

    Without any more hesitation you did as she had asked and sat down in the chair your heart felt like it would beat out of your chest as she stood up, her hips held a slight sway as you twirled a pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs in front of you. “Just relax.”

    “If you say so.” Momo just smirked in return as she quickly moved behind you to cuff your hands to the chair. Preventing you from doing anything more than just sitting there as she readied herself, she turned on her phone as she quickly selected the song she would be using, she flashed you one last soft smile before she let her professionalism shine through.

    Your pupils were the size of saucers as you watched Momo find her place in front of the chair you were tied to as the music began flowing from the speakers. The sound of smooth jazz filled your ears as Momo began moving effortlessly, her hips swayed as she maintained direct eye contact with you as she ripped open the white button up she was wearing to reveal the lacy, black bra she had on underneath. Running her hands along the front of her body as she leaned forward giving you a direct view of her barely hidden cleavage, the action nonetheless, left you completely hard and panting like a dog in a rut. But as much as you wanted to relieve the straining you could feel in your boxers, your struggling was no match to the binds that held you in place.

    So you focused all your willpower on just enjoying the show as the Japanese woman suddenly dropped to sit down on the chair across from you, spreading her legs as she rolled her body forward and pointed towards you. She didn’t sit for long as she resumed her standing position, shaking her hips before turning to the side throwing her ass out. A devilish smirk was painted across her face as she stood back up and turned to your direction, getting closer so that she was almost touching you as you watched her body move in the most tantalizing of ways as she put her hands on your knees and pushed her breasts into your face.

    The action stunned you and you only processed what had happened after she pulled away, a disappointed pout appeared on your face as Momo sank to her knees and slid back towards you. Her body dropping to the floor as she grinded against the hardwood, but she kept one of her legs in the air like a scorpion’s tail, flashing the lingerie she was wearing as she practically humped the ground before going back into a kneeling position where she gave you another excellent view of her bra clad breasts. You could feel the pressure in your balls grow harder to resist as you remained transfixed on her.

    Nearly coming in your boxers as she spread her legs in front of you giving an excellent view of her soaked folds as she was back between your legs. She spread your knees so that she could see the very visible outline of your alpha-hood and the growing wet patch by the head of your cock as she trailed her hands up your thighs until she reached the hem of your underwear, but just as the bubble of hope and desperation could rise up inside of you she was quick to pop it as she sat up on her knees and placed a kiss to your abdomen. Her red lipstick left a very visible mark as she stood up and made her way behind you and undid the cuffs keeping you in place.

    A desperate whine left your throat as she helped you stand on shaky legs, “Well that was fun.” Momo mused as she suddenly grasped your erection making you gasp in surprise, the noise made the Omega let out a laugh as she let go. Pushing you out the door as she slapped your butt, “Happy Halloween, Y/N-chan. Have fun with Chaeng.”

    You couldn’t help but laugh as you waved Momo goodbye as you found your way to the last bedroom of this dorm. Sighing to yourself as you knock, “Trick or treat?”

    There was a long pause of silence as you heard shifting from behind the door before Chaeyoung’s voice broke through, “Trick.”

    Your jaw fell open slightly as you couldn’t help but muse to yourself, ‘Two in a row!? They gotta be kidding me!’ But you followed through regardless and entered the room.

    The bedroom smelled faintly of lavender and sandalwood as you noticed Chaeyoung standing in front of a large candle on top of her dresser. “Hi, Y/N.”

    Her voice was light as you shut the door behind you, “Hey, Chae.”

    “I’m gonna get straight to the point,” She was now facing you as you gave her your undivided attention, “I want you naked on that bed on your back, understood?”

    You nodded as you began stripping off your clothes so that you were as naked as the day you were born. Quickly finding your way onto the bed as the blonde got set to work.

    It didn’t take much to work you up since Momo had already left you hanging so you whimpered with desperation and need when she turned around, the large candle burning away in her hands. It makes you squirm as a devilish glint grows in her eyes.

    “Stay very, very still for me Y/N-ah, no squirming please.”

    You know you’ll struggle with the command, but you’re determined to follow it. You freeze, tensing every muscle in your body. It’s a long wait, all you can do is stare as Chaeyoung takes agonisingly slow and careful steps back towards you.

    When Chaeyoung finally makes it to the bed, she plants a knee right by your hip before her other leg swings over the rest of your body so she’s straddling you. A tiny splash of wax escapes during the movement and lands on your stomach.

    It’s hardly hot but it’s a surprise, you tense again, while using every ounce of your willpower to stay still.

    “Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to do that,'' Chaeyoung looks concerned for a moment until she sees your eyes are squeezed shut with concentration and a wolfish, predatory grin slides onto her face. “I meant to drop a bit more…” She chuckles as she lets a few more drops splatter across your ribs. You suck in a short breath and Chaeyoung keeps grinning and tips the candle again.

    You moan. It’s gloriously hot, now that the flame is so much closer to her body, “More Chae.” You beg, trying not to let the desperation seep into your tone.

    Chaeyoung flashes her sweet smile before getting to work, painting a white line up your chest and to your throat. Your breath comes heavy and labored as Chaeyoung continues to paint web-like patterns of wax over every inch of your body, only leaving your face untouched.

    Chaeyoung varies the height she drops the wax from, studying the changes in your reactions when the wax is hotter or cooler. She alternates between dropping senseless dots or painting beautiful portraits, even writing her own name along your stomach

    You have to concentrate harder than you’ve ever had to before, both to keep yourself still and keep your dignity intact by not crying and begging for more, you refuse to give the Omega the satisfaction.

    Chaeyoung was hovering above your thighs, pouring lines of wax up and down them, edging slightly closer to where you wanted her but never quite close enough to where you were craving it.

    Desperation was clear on your face as the mixture of pain and pleasure caused the coil inside your belly to tighten even more. “Chaengie, please?”

    The idol just tsked as she shook her head, “Nope and come to think of it, I think my time with you has run out.”

    For the second time that night your jaw dropped, “Are…are you serious?” The blonde shrugged as she blew out the flame and placed the candle on the bedside table.

    “Afraid so.” She began lightly peeling off the cooled wax making you flinch every so often with the sensitivity as she placed a kiss on almost every little burn mark. “Sana Unnie will be surprised to see these when you see her.” The small Omega mused to herself as she got off your lap, your erection painfully hard as you slowly stood back up to get dressed.

    “That was fun, we should do this again sometime.” You winked to the blonde as the dimple on her cheek deepened.

    “You gotta deal.”

    You laughed to yourself as you closed the door behind you and made your way out of NaMoChaeng’s dorm and into the larger hallway that connected the rest of the dorms together. Making the short trip across the hall to the adjacent door before walking in.

    Your body was beginning to feel sore from all of the night’s activities so far as you began walking down the dim hallway, finding the first door on your right marked with a posted note on it labeled: Sana.

    You smiled to yourself as you knocked, “Trick or treat?” You held your breath in anticipation as you prayed you wouldn’t hear another ‘Trick’.

    There was a small pause before Sana’s voice came through, “Treat.” Your shoulders relaxed in relief as you quickly made your way into the room.

    You were instantly greeted with the Japanese woman’s bright smile as she walked over to give you a hug, but you flinched as soon as her body pressed against your slightly burned skin. “Are you alright?”

    Concern was clear in her voice as she pulled away looking you over as you nodded, “I’m good, Chae just used a candle on me.”

    Her eyes widened in surprise as she hummed, “I didn’t think she’d go through with it, I hope she didn’t go too far. Did she?”

    You quickly shook your head, “Nothing I couldn’t handle, but she and Momo have left me with a serious hard on.”

    Sana laughed lightly at that as she turned on some soft music, “Well I’m glad to hear that your pride has been the only thing seriously injured.” She smiled as she motioned to the bed, “Lie on your back for me Y/N-ah. I’ll give you the treat you’ve been waiting for.” The Omega’s voice was smooth as you did what you were told. Sliding your way up the silk sheets as you rested your head against the stack of pillows waiting for you as you looked to Sana for further instructions. “Close your eyes and run your hands over your body. No touching your cock, not yet.”

    You could practically hear the wide smile the Japanese woman had plastered on her face as you were completely at her mercy. Your breath hitched as you traced your finger along your stomach and along your chest, the faint pain from the slight burns of the wax still had your nerves on edge as you moved a hand to play with one of your nipples. Lightly twisting it between your fingertips as a groan spilled past your lips before switching over to the other one and repeating the action as your other hand played with the hem of your boxers. Lightly teasing the skin below your stomach as you did your best to avoid your throbbing alpha-hood between your legs. But you found it growing harder and harder - no pun intended - to do so as you felt your self-restraint slipping away with every second that passed.

    “Cup yourself.” Sana’s voice made you flinch after the long period of silence, you had practically forgotten she was there at all as you eagerly moved your hand to stop toying with the skin that rested between your stomach and groin before taking hold of your shaft through the fabric of your underwear. You groaned at the feeling as you felt pleasure shoot up your spine at finally being able to touch where you needed it most, you lightly played with your balls as pre leaked from the tip of your cock and created a growing dark patch at the front of your boxers. “Take your alpha-hood out and pleasure yourself.”

    Sana’s voice sounded strained as you pushed down the front of your underwear so that it was no longer confined by cotton, you opened one of your eyes to see that the Japanese woman was pleasuring herself at the other end of the bed as you began stroking yourself. A cocky smirk found its way onto your face as you opened the other eye to stare directly into the Omega’s, your hand twisting upward around the head as you let out a sinful moan. “Oh, Sana-yah! You make me feel so good.”

    The idol’s face turned a pretty shade of pink as her hand quickened between her legs, her bottom lip was caught between her teeth as she watched the way your hand moved rhythmically up and down your shaft. Your hips were beginning to roll into the movement as Sana dipped two fingers into her center, moaning out loud as she looked at you with hungry desire. It almost seemed like she was daring you to finish, but you knew better than that so you stared back in defiance. Hoping that in your game of chicken you weren’t going to be on the short end of the stick.

    But it seemed like the odds were in your favor as the Omega’s face suddenly scrunched up and a loud moan ripped itself from deep in her chest, her entire body shaking as she curled into herself ever so slightly. Her eyes finally met yours again as she gave you one command, “Cum.”

    You quickly did as you were told as you tightly fisted the head of your cock before your release came spilling out of you in off-white flecks, “Oh god!” It landed on your stomach, legs, and her bed sheets.

    Your breathing was the only thing that filled the room for a solid minute as you regained your senses, only to find Sana happily back at you. “My, they really did have you at your wit’s end.”

    You gave her an incredulous look before chuckling, “Thought I was lying?”

    The Omega quickly shook her head, “No, but I wish you luck for what Jihyo has in store for you.”

    Your stomach immediately dropped at hearing who was next as you slowly sat up to gather your few items of clothing. “I’m gonna need it.” You leaned down to place a kiss on the crown of her forehead, “Thanks for tonight Sana, I’ll see you around.”

    “You’re welcome, bye Y/N!”

    You smiled happily to yourself as you walked back into the dorm’s hallway as you found your way in front of Jihyo’s door, outside on a collapsible table was a bottle of water and a packet of crackers with a posted note that read: Remember to hydrate and eat up, knock when you’re ready. -Hyo :)

    You couldn’t help but smile as you drank the water and ate a bit of the crackers before you knocked, “Trick or treat?”

    “Trick.” The answer was practically instantaneous as you immediately felt worry bubble up in your stomach.

    ‘Of course she chose, trick.’ You sighed heavily to yourself as you mentally prepared for whatever Jihyo would throw at you.

    Your mouth dropped open to release a guttural moan as you carded your fingers through Jihyo’s hair, looking down into her big, brown eyes as you thrusted into the tight passage she created between her breasts. The tip of your cock peaked out from the top of the leader’s boobs as you thrusted in at a smooth pace trying your hardest to enjoy the feeling of your cock rubbing in between the two massive mounds as Jihyo’s tongue occasionally peaked out from between her lips and played with the tip of your shaft. Heightening your pleasure as you felt your balls pulse signaling that your release was imminent.

    The sounds of your thrusts grew louder as you moved your hips in erratic bursts chasing the high you were so desperately trying to achieve. But much to your confusion Jihyo spoke up just as you were about to cum, her eyes held an evilness that you had been too distracted to notice but your eyes squeezed shut before you had time to process it as you groaned, “I’m...I’m gonna cum!”

    As soon as the words left your mouth a spurt of thick cum came shooting from the tip of your alpha-hood and with it went the warmth and pressure of Jihyo’s tits wrapped around you as you looked at her in confusion as your cock shot rope after rope of spunk onto her chest without any further stimulation. A disappointed look was plastered on your face as you looked down to see that your dick was still hard and Jihyo’s chest was covered in your release.

    You watched as she took a finger to swipe some of it off her chest before sucking it into her mouth, your jaw dropping at the action, “Mmm, this was definitely a treat for me.” Jihyo giggled to herself as she helped pull your boxers back over your erection. “Have fun with Jeong.”

    You nodded dumbly as you forced yourself to leave the room, “Thanks Ji.” The Omega laughed as you started closing the door.

    “Anytime Y/N.”

    You were back in the dim lights of the hallway as you stumbled your way to Jeongyeon’s door, your legs were shaking so bad it was a miracle you were still standing at all as you knocked, “Tr…trick or treat?”

    The door suddenly opened to reveal Jeongyeon’s concerned face as she caught you just before you were about to fall. Hauling you onto the bed as she laid you down, “Treat, are you okay?”

    You let out a long breath as you nodded, “Yeah, my legs feel like jelly though.”

    The blonde chuckled as she ran a comforting hand along your cheek, “Jihyo tends to have that effect on most people.”

    “You don’t say.” Your sarcastic reply made the second eldest member giggle as her eyes accidentally trailed down to find the sizable tent at the front of your boxers.

    “Need some help with that?” You nodded immediately.


    It didn’t take any more begging, only your part as Jeongyeon was already pulling down your boxers so that your alpha-hood could spring free. A hungry look came over her eyes as she dropped the robe she was wearing to reveal she had nothing underneath before moving to straddle you on the bed.

    Your breath caught in your throat as Jeongyeon sank down on you, her inner walls squeezing your sensitive cock as she rested her hands on your shoulders. Grinding forward as you both let out strangled grunts and moans, “Oh god!”

    The Omega smirked as she rose so that only the head of your shaft was still inside of her before sinking back down, “No, Jeongyeon.” You didn’t have time to roll your eyes at the joke as she began riding you. Her body moved up and down as she chased both her pleasure and yours, your hands found their way to her hips as you simply held her not wanting to ruin the moment by taking over as you let her do as she pleased with you.

    From all the fun you’d already had that night on top of the fact Jihyo had left you hard after she ruined your orgasm it didn’t take long for you to reach your peak as you began to thrust up when Jeong went down. Tightening the coil in your abdomen as you thrusted up for a final time before your pleasure reached its peak. You moaned out loud as thick ropes of cum spilled into the woman on top of you.

    Your orgasm didn’t last for a substantial amount of time but it was still powerful as you laid spread eagle on the bed. Panting as you regained your breathing, noticing that Jeongyeon had somehow pulled herself off of you and was now cuddling into you as you recovered. “That was great. Thanks Jeong.”

    The blonde smiled as she stroked your cheek again, “Of course, Y/N. If you’re ready you probably shouldn’t keep Mina waiting.”

    It didn’t take long before you let yourself out of SaJeongHyo’s dorm and made it to your final destination. Your body was feeling all sorts of ways as your mind replayed every single encounter you’ve had so far, a lopsided grin formed as your mind wandered back to each of the girls. Causing a not so subtle tent at the front of your boxers again.

    You couldn’t help but palm the hardness as you adjusted it so that it wouldn’t be the first thing that greeted Mina as you reached her door and knocked, “Trick or treat?”

    There was a beat of silence before Mina’s soft voice replied, “Trick.”

    You gulped nervously as you twisted the handle to enter the room, Mina stood only a few paces away as you eyed the youngest of the Japanese trio, her eyes practically boring holes into your soul as you gawked at the strap-on she had on. The mint phallus seemed to stare you down as Mina crooked a finger at you signaling that she wanted you to approach her. It didn’t take much more convincing than that as you practically tripped over yourself to get to her. A satisfied smile grew on the Omega’s lips as you stood in front of her, the tent in your boxers already visible as she brought a hand to stroke your cheek.

    “So needy already Y/N-chan, we haven’t even started and I can see,” The brunette suddenly reached a hand down to cup your balls, squeezing them slightly as you felt your breath catch in your throat, “just how much you want me. Right?” The action still had your mind reeling when Mina suddenly squeezed harder, “Right?” Her tone was harsher as you whimpered.

    “Y..yes, mistress.” Your legs shook as the Japanese woman finally let go of your sack.

    “Good. Now get on your knees.” You complied almost immediately as you sank to the floor so that you were eye level with the Omega’s “cock”. “Suck.”

    Your eyes widened at the command, you’d never done this before. But your hesitation only spurred Mina’s impatience as she thrusted her hips forward so that the toy brushed your lips, finally taking the hint as you opened your mouth and began coating the rubber shaft in your saliva. Humiliation burned in the back of your mind as your inner Alpha screamed at being dominated by an Omega like this, but you quelled your irrational (and old fashioned) thoughts as you began bobbing your head back and forth on the toy.

    The Omega smiled down triumphantly as she began rocking her hips in time with you taking her into your mouth. God, she wished she could feel it.

    “Enough, on the bed Y/N.” You pulled your mouth of the toy with a pop as you slowly rose to your feet and walked the short distance to the bed, “Hands and knees.”

    You wanted to roll your eyes at how predictable that request was but you did so anyway, “Yes, mistress.” It felt foreign to be on the receiving end of this position and even more so when you felt something cold and slimes touch your back entrance, “The Hell!?”

    You turned your head to see Mina smiling gleefully back at you as she began lubing your asshole slowly loosening your entrance as she finally worked a finger inside of you, it felt weird beyond belief to have a finger up there until she pushed in a little further and touch a spot inside of you that nearly had you cream the front of your boxers. “Wh..what was th..that?”

    The Omega slowly worked in a second finger as she hummed, “That’s your prostate, think of it as the Alpha or male g-spot. You think you’re ready for my alpha-hood?”

    You gulped down your saliva nervously before nodding, “As I’ll ever be.”

    That was all the Omega needed to hear as she began pushing the toy into you, the stretch felt foreign to you as it felt as though she was splitting you open. Your eyes were squeezed shut as your breaths came out in pants trying to keep up with the new sensations coursing through your veins. It felt like forever until Mina bottomed out inside of you eliciting a loud moan from deep within your chest as the Omega began to pound into you.

    The sound of skin hitting skin filled the room as Mina grunted with every thrust of her hips, the strap on hit deep within you as your balls tensed. Small lines of precum coated your stomach as your shaft slapped against you. Your eyes fluttered close as the sensation of being railed was the only thing your mind could focus on.

    “Mi…Mistress, please.” Your voice became a desperate whine as the Japanese woman continued thrusting into you. “Please, I’m go…gonna cum.” Mina’s lips pursed into a line as she reached a hand to wrap around your dick, moving in time with her thrusts as you moaned helplessly. “Mi…mistress!”


    Was the only thing that she uttered as she sank deep inside of you one last time, perfectly hitting your prostate as you spilled all that you were worth onto the bed sheets.

    “Oh god!” Your arms shook with the force of your orgasm until they finally gave out and you fell onto the bed.

    Mina slowly pulled out of you as she rubbed your back, “Good job, Y/N-ah. You did so good for me.” She placed a few kisses along your shoulders as she removed the harness to cuddle up to you. “Need a minute?”

    You nodded as you cuddled into her embrace, “Thanks Minari.”

    She smiled as she kissed your temple, “My pleasure or shall I say yours.”

    You snorted at the joke as you turned to lay on your back, “That was lame.”

    Mina slapped your chest playfully, “Humor me then.”

    “I’m trying.” You chucked as you felt your body regaining its strength.

    “You should start heading over to Dahyun before she thinks I’m hogging you all to myself.” Mina smiled fondly at you as you got up from the bed, dressing yourself slowly as you exited the room and made your way to Dahyun's room down the hall.

    You lifted your fist to knock, “Trick or treat?”

    The door was pulled open before getting a response as Dahyun stood in front of you, “Treat.”

    “Hey, Dahyun-ah.” Your voice held a quiet excitement as you entered the pale girl’s room. The lights were dim and the curtain covering the large floor-to-ceiling window was pulled back allowing the soft glow of the moon to cast light onto the hard wood floors. You had been so focused on each of the girls that you hadn’t realized how late it had become, but you were far from complaining as you set your sights back to the woman on the bed.

    She had a soft smile on her face as she began standing up, “Hi, Y/N. Having fun so far?”

    You chuckled lightly as you ran a hand over your sore ass lightly, “Yeah, some of you girls are mean as hell.”

    That made Dahyun laugh as she wrapped you in a hug, “Well, let me take care of you then.” When she pulled away it didn’t take long before she pulled you by the hand to stand in front of the window, your eyes widened as you looked out to see the constant hustle and bustle of Seoul below you. Your heart rate also seemed to spike as you noticed all the lights of apartments across the street full of people who could just look over and witness the absolutely sinful act that was about to transpire between you and Kim Dahyun as she deftly sank to her knees so that she was at eye level with your crotch.

    You looked down at her to see that she gave you a questioning look silently asking for your permission as she ran her hands up your legs till they reached the elastic of your boxers, you nodded in return causing a smile to form on her lips as she began dragging the fabric covering your alpha-hood to the ground. Leaving your semi-hard cock directly in her face as she reached a hand up to grab it. Her hand felt soft around you as she slowly began pumping her hand up and down feeling the appendage grow harder the longer she continued the motions.

    It didn’t take long before your cock was at full mast and beads of precum were already leaking from the tip as your head began killing back in pleasure. This was a blissful change in rhythm from all your other previous encounters that night. It didn’t feel rushed, it was just you, Dahyun, and any “Peeping Tom” who bothered to look out a window.

    The brunette tightened her grip ever so slightly around you as her hand quickened it’s up and down motion. You let out a surprised grunt at the new pace as you felt your knees start to buckle under you, your hands found its way into Dahyun’s hair to try and stabilize yourself as the girl began working over time to get you off. “Oh, Da…Dahyun! I’m close!”

    You could barely get out the words as she began fisting the head of your shaft, you could feel your balls tense as your hips began rocking into the motion. “Cum for me Y/N.”

    A muffled scream filled the room as you tried to stifle your cries by biting your lip as the orgasm ran through you, white flecks of cum now covered Dahyun’s face as she slowly brought you down from your high and guided you onto the floor. Your legs spasmed as you felt the aftershocks start to dissipate, your breathing came out in labored pants as sweat covered your brow.

    You couldn’t help but laugh a little as you saw the mess you had made of Dahyun’s face but the Omega didn’t seem to mind as she used a finger to take some of your release off her cheek before bringing it into her mouth and sucking. A wave of embarrassment washed over you at the action causing the idol to laugh as she pushed your shoulder gently.

    “If it’s any consolation, you taste pretty good.” Her smile was almost blinding as you groaned and began getting up from the floor.

    “Thank you, Dahyun, that was lovely. I’m gonna go see Tzuyu now.” You quickly pulled your boxers back on as you stood on slightly jellied legs. ‘One more to go.’

    The pale woman just rolled her eyes playfully as she rushed over to open the door for you, “Have fun!”

    You sent her a smile, “I’m sure I will!”

    Your body shook in anticipation as you knocked on the final door for tonight, “Trick or treat?”

    “Trick.” You could practically hear Tzuyu’s smile through the door as you felt your stomach twist in nervousness for what she had in store for you.

    As you opened the door Tzuyu stood behind a chair facing the door as she made a motion with her arms for you to sit.

    The maknae smiled evilly as she had you tied to a chair. The soft ribbon held you nearly stock-still as your hands were tied behind your back and your ankles to the legs of the chair as Tzuyu circled you like a dominatrix. One of her hands with perfectly manicured nails lightly scratched your bare shoulders as she held a hitachi in the other with a hummingbird attached to the top. You swallowed nervously as your overused and sensitive alpha-hood grew hard for the ninth time that night.

    “Well isn’t that sweet.” The Taiwanese woman’s voice had a teasing lilt to it as she ran a finger up the underside of your cock. “I can’t wait to make you cum.”

    Your eyes widened in fear as she turned on the toy, smiling as she quickly slid the toy onto your aching shaft. The vibrations complemented with how sensitive you were already had you on edge as you moaned out loud. “Oh god! Oh my god!”

    Tzuyu’s laugh filled your ears as she moved the vibrator up and down slightly, testing out your reactions as she pulled it up so that the tip of your cock was fully engulfed in the sensation. The sudden overflow of attention to the most sensitive part of your shaft caused you to scream and thrash in the chair as the orgasm you had no idea was building suddenly came spilling over as you came on yourself. Both you and Tzuyu looked surprised as she watched your balls visibly tense with each spurt of cum.

    But it didn’t seem to deter her since she didn’t turn the vibrator off. You looked at her in pained confusion as your oversensitive-cock was being forced to endure more of the post orgasmic torture. “Tz...Tzuyu, what are y..you doing?!” Your nails were digging into your palms with how hand you were clenching your fists as the sensations didn’t cease.

    “I want you to cum again.” You felt your breath catch in your throat as tears began to form in the corners of your eyes. Every nerve in your body felt like it was on fire as the Taiwanese woman moved the vibrator up and down your cock even fast and raised the setting so that it was even more powerful.

    Your mind felt like it was spinning as the sensations took over your every sense of being. You couldn’t think, you could barely breathe, all you could do was feel as the most powerful release of the night came tearing through you.

    It hit you like a freight train as your eyes were shut tight and you could hear loud wails bounce off the walls, only realizing they were your own as pleasure and pain all blended into one as you made a complete mess of your lap.

    Much to your relief the vibrator was quickly turned off after that, your alpha-hood already softening as the tip remained an angry red color. Your eyes were a little foggy with stray tears and your throat felt raw from how loud you screamed. It was a miracle you were still conscious at all as Tzuyu began untying you. You barely noticed how two hands quickly became eighteen as each of the girls came in at once to help you onto the bed.

    You felt completely spent as you looked up at the ceiling in a daze, you were surrounded by all of the girls as they cuddled either you, each other, or a bit of both. You couldn’t help but laugh a little to yourself as you felt sleep already taking you, ‘Maybe Halloween wasn’t so bad afterall.’

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  • absoloutenonsense
    04.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Last Line Challenge

    Thank you @wabadabadaba @uhoh-but-yeah-alright and @kingsofeverything  tagging me today (and @disgruntledkittenface and @crinkle-eyed-boo for tagging me earlier in the week)! I’ve just been having fun writing this week without taking it too seriously. The issue with that is now I’ve hit 9k in my doc for a fic that I expected to be 4k. It’s a chaotic mess, but at least I’m on brand.  From my Christmas Fest fic set in a holiday-themed singles event:

    “I never claimed to be subtle,” Louis says.

    Tagging you five back and @eeveelou @daggerandrose @elsi-bee if y’all have something you want to share!

    #omegaverse speed dating fic #louis does some /hardcore/ flirting #love that for him #let me tell you it's taken some turns this week #fun turns! not complaining (*only complaining a little)
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  • ai-yumee
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    La primera vez de o! Kirishima (dibujo de portada para mi week tdkr (que subiré así sea lo último que haga)

    "-Esta noche, no solo nuestros corazones están  conectados. Nuestros cuerpos y almas lo estarán también y seremos uno por fin".

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  • neon-spirals
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #neon.txt #neon.ask #THATS SO GOOD #GOING INSANE #omegaverse scoteng... my one weakness....
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  • lovecinnatwist
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #JayTim#Omegaverse #alpha!tim #omega!jason #cinnatalks#filthy ideas #I like where your head is at anon #more feral alphas #more filth #more dom Jason
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    ✨ = Authors pick









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  • kpop-omegaverse
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    ✨ = Authors pick








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  • froggypocket
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    not to post about omegaverse in the year of 2021 but i feel like. certain parts of this whole thing need to be discussed?

    uh anyways this whole thing is literally just talking about aspects of the a/b/o or omegaverse trope, so if you're uncomfy, pls don't bother reading :>

    ok so for starters i will be referring to the whole a/b/o thing as secondary gender, as that's what i saw most fanfic writers do when i used to regularly read this shit.

    one of the things that always genuinely confused me about a/b/o and continues to confuse me is the fact that you'll have characters complaining about whatever secondary gender they have, but... there's. never any mention of people being able to transition from one secondary gender to the other.

    why not. there's literally no reason you Can't have that. like. the whole secondary gender thing is (in the majority of the fics i've read) something that is biological, much like the whole normal biological sex thing humans normally have outside of fiction. (side note: i do think that, with this in mind, a better overarching term for the "secondary genders" would actually be "secondary sexes" as it's been established irl that your biological sex =/= gender :>)

    there's. actually quite a few key characteristics of the a/b/o or omegaverse trope that lend quite well to not only having trans-secondary gender characters already??? i'll just point to the whole "hidden omega" trope as key example of this: in this universe, there's all sorts of medication and cosmetics (i.e. scent blockers) available for omegas to present as and live as betas/alphas. So the question should be asked - why isn't this worldbuilding being used to have, for example, a trans alpha character?

    i really do wanna know tho. like. sure, the a/b/o trope has a bit of a bad rep, but i'd honestly like to see something new like this done with it :D

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  • ghostlynimbus
    03.12.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #chapter 10 is out now #reddie#it #one sided a/b/o #omegaverse #omega eddie kaspbrak #it stephen king #evil clown fandom #unnecessary update
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  • apxthetical
    03.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐧𝐨𝐰. + 𝐚𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐚!𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐱 𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐠𝐚!𝐬𝐮𝐚 

    ( 𝐀/𝐍 : 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐟𝐢𝐭 𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐬 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐨𝐧 𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐮𝐭, 𝐬𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐟 𝐬𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐝 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐧 😳😫😏😍😘 @yun-ash-070314​ I FINALLY DID IT OML)

    you don’t hesitate to drag bora into your room, shoving everything out that was in your way. you were going through your rut, and you needed your mate to sate this hunger and neediness of yours for her. you both enter the room, slamming the door shut and locking it. she yelps  as you aggressively slam her onto the bed. your scent lingers in the air, needy for her. “m-my alpha, please calm d-down. i’ll d-do my best t-to help you.” bora whimpers. you climb on the bed, your tall figure looming over bora’s small one. “i’m sorry if i’ll be too rough, but I just fucking 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐧𝐨𝐰.

    #sub dreamcatcher#dreamcatcher #sub!kpop #dom!reader #dreamcatcher smut #sub dreamcatcher smut #omegaverse #omega!dreamcatcher #alpha!reader #kpop omega verse #dom reader smut
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  • justmydrawingsandfandomstuff
    03.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    A chibi of Yuuzen, Ginga and Kouetsu from There's No Way This Is Fate by Chifuyu. This manga and its sequel, are my favorite omegaverse ever <3 I really need more cute polyamorous BL manga...

    #omegaverse #There's No Way This Is Fate #Chifuyu
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  • omegaversehellscape
    03.12.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #omegaverse#omegaversehellscape#asks #alpha beta omega #alpha beta omega dynamics #omegaverse nesting
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  • anonfememes
    03.12.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #bestie im afraid the idea of it predates omegaverse
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  • cockles-is-pure-love
    03.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Will be Destiel, omega verse, young omega Dean chapter 2

    Dean struggle with accepting who he is and he must chooce

    Link or under the cut

    Dean struggle with acceptance

    The body of creature melted, he didn't care what was the kind of it, he dud what John told him to do like always risking his own life, when he went after John to car, "if I ever decide to being you back I'll find you, until when you dead, no son of mine it's fucking omega", Only when John left Dean let himself cry, alone in middle of night in city with only clothes on his body, position their mom afraid John would leave him if he knew.

    He had money enough to one bus and did rest of way walking to Bobby, hour of walking that felt like never ending his legs was hurting, heat waso very but his body was tired, hungry and still recovering? Cars stop him on his way, alphas that smell omega, last one tried to pull him but Dean managed to kick him in the balls before running into the woods, the wild animals that might see were less dangerous to him when this grown horny alpha truck driver. He saw the house and old cars and other scraps that had always been there. He saw light in the house , probably in the living room. Bobby was awake at the same time as the sun was starting to rise. He managed to knock on the door before all went black.

    "Good morning" he heard Bobby as he opened his eyes, he was on the couch and felt his head hurts, "you hit you head while you fainted" said Bobby giving him tea, "I prefer coffee" said Dean, "and I prefer million bucks, we not always get what we want" pushing cup to Dean hand while he sat, he took the cup holding it with shaking hands, you dad called said you probably will come here, you said you ran away", Dean looked at him rolling his eyes, he know Bobby won't believe it, "Dad found out, he smelled me during last heat". "One day I'll kill this man, sending omega during the night, lucky no one.. I don't want to think about what could happen to you. I make you something to eat" said Bobby, Dean not even looking at him, "he act like I wanted this, like I want to be born ega, like I can control it" said Dean, he wished he wasn't one, the heat, the desperation for finding mate, knowing that alpha will expect him to obey them, being baby production machine.

    Bobby brought him sandwich with old salami he had that was dry but Dean was desperate for food so it felt like best thing he ate in months, "I'll make you another one" said Bobby, "I saw ad that small operation omega can't stop being omega" said Dean, Bobby slapped him on his head and Dean hold the place, "don't be idiot, you need to stop listing to your dad, there nothing wrong with being omega", Dean signed, he looked strange Bobby, he wanted to say how easy to say it when he also alpha, "without omega human world be extinct hunters years ago" "The human race will survive without me, I'll never mate" said Dean, "never say never" said Bobby messing with Dean hair, anyway you are too young to look for one".

    He took Bobby's computer while Bobby went shopping for food that fit Dean, he was looking into Sam's distance school account. He managed to convince their dad to do it, he wanted him to finish school and smiled seeing he was online, Sam continued studying and even did assignments that probably did while their dad was asleep or drinking again. Dean signed in relief, he didn't want Sam's future to be a hunter like he knew his would.

    He was looking for happy omega stories in forums, "he us my man", "I love rubbing his feet every night" and pictures of omegas tired and he didn't believe their smiles. How can you be happy with three sets of twins a year apart? He thought seeing so many of them probably being mated each heat. He won't like this he promised to himself while scrolling these photos, he caught himself holding hand on stomach while looking at another pregnant omega holding a one year old baby in his arms and dropped it when he heard door opening with Bobby holding bag with stuff, "Dean," he got up helped him, "my car doing strange noises want to check it", he closed the sites in the computer and took the keys from Bobby.

    The days passed was wonderful until John came with Sam in the backseat, Bobby didn't want him to go but Dean felt he didn't really have a choice, Sam was sitting in the back seat playing with his phone, before Dean even close seat belt John gave him bottle of pills, "people ask where my oldest son, this will stop you smelling like omega" he said with disgusting voice, Sam was looking at him, he could see him saying no in their own sign language, "will it hurt my possibility to be pregnant" said Dean, "I hope so" said John, "being omega and staying here or take the risk and and go with us" said John, Sam was looking at his phone when Dean looked at him, "you got one minute to decide" Said John.

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  • capesandshapes
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Also great news, if Zuckerberg does buy this website this is going to be an omegaverse blog and by default everyone who follows me will also be omegaverse. None of you get a choice. We're crashing the value of this website.

    #meta#facebook#omegaverse #rule number one we're always talking about knotting #also can you tell i cant sleep
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