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  • staypeachysweety
    19.01.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    It feels kinda innapropriate to have a mental breakdown on full display through tumblr with this mfer as my profile pic

    #peach speaks#omgcp #check please!
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  • staypeachysweety
    19.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I now have my school's "Baking and Pastry" course as my first period of the day


    Call that-

    #Call that Bittycore #peach speaks #i know it's literally only in the tags but #omgcp #just the one #for funsies
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  • ransomsleftnipple
    19.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    oh ho ho this holsom scene is so goddamn cute you guys aren’t fucking ready

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  • ransomsleftnipple
    19.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    writing the first kind of holsom scene in my fic and i’m 50k words in and still very much fleshing out the jackholtz part of this story so it’s gonna be a slow burn you guys ;))))

    #i'm so excited for you guys to read this #i'm having so much fun i love what i'm writing #jackholtz#holsom#slow burn#jack zimmermann#adam birkholtz#holster#justin oluransi#ransom#omgcp#check please #omg check please
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  • doggernaut
    19.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Pucks and Recreation

    Eric Bittle is the director of the City of Samwell's Parks and Recreation department. He loves everything about his job, including overseeing the city's municipal ice rink, where generations of kids have learned to skate. Unfortunately, a citywide budget crisis has put Eric's proposed rink renovations on hold, and out-of-town auditor Jack Zimmermann is insistent that the best course of action would be to shut it down entirely. Too bad Eric isn't willing to give up his rink without a fight. He's got a plan. And he may just melt the heart of Samwell's iciest auditor along the way.

    Chapter 6 is now on ao3!

    “And, um. Just remember that before you froze my budget, I had a plan to renovate this place. It’s probably not as nice as the facilities you play in. I know I was a little shocked when I first saw it myself, but I got used to it and it does have its charms—”

    “Because it has feelings, right?” Jack can’t resist chirping.

    “Stop mocking me,” Bittle groans. “Maybe it doesn’t have feelings, but I know even you, deep down inside that ice cold Canadian heart, remember what it feels like to get out there on the ice and just skate. Not because you have to, not because people expect you to be some ice god, but because it makes you feel good. That’s how I feel every time I come in here.”

    God, Jack remembers that. Back before everything, when it was just him with a puck and a stick… that was everything.

    “Maybe it’s silly and romantic of me, but I think all of those good feelings build up in a place like this,” Bittle says quietly. “They build up and fill the rink up and that’s what makes it feel so magical.”

    “So let’s go see some magic,” Jack says, mostly because he knows if he doesn’t make a move, Bittle’s will keep rambling.

    Bittle reaches for the door and hesitates.

    (This is the longest chapter so far, and this chapter marks the halfway point of the fic, so if you've been waiting until the word count got to something of substance to begin reading, we're at a little over 26K.)

    #omgcp#zimbits fic #Parks and Rec au
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  • fanartshmanart
    19.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    🌻🦈😄Chris Chow 😄🦈🌻

    #christopher chow#chowder#chowder omgcp #chris chow omgcp #omgcp#check please #omg check please #moodboard #someone needs to stop me #i made this entire thing during a lecture that i'm supposed to be paying attention to #chowder is really easy to make moodboards of because he's so like. #he's got his aesthetic down
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  • ransomsleftnipple
    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    so can i name ransom and holster’s family members whatever i want because officially they don’t have names?

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  • ransomsleftnipple
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    can i just post this one part from my jackholtz to holsom fic because it makes me laugh

    Friday, December 21st - 9:02 a.m.

    Holster: stop it you

    Holster: im gonna get an erection in ransoms parents car

    Jack: ;)))

    Jack: Have fun, Holster

    Jack: Merry Christmas in advance

    Holster: im jewish actually lmao

    Jack: Oh whoops

    Jack: Sorry

    Jack: How did I not know that about you

    Holster: i dont practice tho

    Holster: because thats not really what we want to talk about when were alone ;)

    Jack: Sorry anyway ://

    Jack: What do you celebrate?

    Holster: merry xmas to you tho

    Holster: hanukkah but thats over

    Holster: we just use christian people time to see each other in december

    Jack: Okay ahaha

    Holster: my familys the face of the war on christmas


    Holster: does that scare you

    Jack: Not in the slightest :))

    #i'm not jewish and almost forgot that holster is heavily headcanoned that way #so i wanted that to stay in my fic #it doesn't have much importance but i still wanted to mention it #and i think this text convo is funny #jackholtz#jack zimmermann#adam birkholtz#holster#omgcp #omg check please #check please
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  • fanartshmanart
    18.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    matching moodboard to this one

    #eric bittle#jack zimmermann#omgcp#check please#zimbits #omg check please #moodboard #someone STOP ME #THIS IS TOO ADDICTING #I'M HAVING TOO MUCH FUN
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  • virgosfreckles
    18.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    @jaskierstransmascswag always sends me the most delightful and ominous requests <3

    this is the first time i’ve ever drawn kent in my life. thank u darrin bestie!! <33

    (commissions still open btw 👀)

    #g’s scribbles#check please#omgcp#kent parson #i finished this within about in hour which is insane for me #made that stock sticker from scratch i hope i don’t get sued <3 #THANK U AGAIN DARRINNNNN <333
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  • fanartshmanart
    18.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    jack zimmermann juniors era

    #jack zimmermann#omgcp #check! please #moodboard #omg check please #jack zimmermann omgcp #i got BORED #and felt like making a MOODBOARD #i found a colour palette maker and it went off
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  • ransomsleftnipple
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    another random question: do we know when kent showed up to a kegster at samwell after having won the cup? he shows up in jack’s senior year, but when did he show up before after having won the series?

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  • cello-trash
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    I feel like Bitty introduces Jack to the world of weighted blankets. Like Jack thought they were like Mumbo jumbo and even if they did work he wasn’t going to spend that much money on a fucking blanket (even tho he and his family are loaded). But then one day Bitty brings his weighted blanket with him to visit jacks apartment and Jack is fully like 👁👄👁 and he spends 20 straight minutes just running his hand over the bumps and his autistic brain is just like yes… this is THE texture… this is it and it grounds him and Bitty notices and buys Jack a weighted blanket of his own. Also this is the first time I feel like Jack just like… accepts a gift from Bitty without trying to argue and pay him back bc he realizes that this is how bitty loves people (Altho he does get bitty something really nice for the next time he visits)

    #omgcp#jack zimmermann#zimbits #check please! #eric bittle #Jack is autistic #I don’t make the rules he just is
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  • ransomsleftnipple
    18.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    shitty speaks in a fake british accent sometimes (usually to deliver wisdom in the locker room) and holster tries to imitate him but his fake british accent is horrid

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  • plz2daysatan
    18.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    I made a sad ass playlist for my Tater/Kent soulmate fic. It‘s probably half the reason the fic isn‘t finished yet. I get too in my feels. Last chapter is in fact in the works.

    #omgcp#omgcheckplease#kent parson#alexei mashkov#check please#playlist #seriously i need to stop listening to it and just write #i swear one day it will be done #Spotify#patater
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  • dontnotcatchme
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    the state of being alive || 17k words || T || written for @omgcpbigbang2021!

    Justin has a love-hate relationship with the piano they find in the park.
    On one hand, it makes Holster happy to play it. And when Holster’s happy, Justin’s happy.
    On the other hand, it’s maybe causing Justin to fall a little bit in love with him.

    Ruminations on art and change and falling in love with your best friend 💖

    ‼️ With a fantastic video playlist by @omg-whiskey ‼️

    (photo credits below the read more)

    Boston Common in fall, originally posted to Flickr by chase_elliott x, licensed for use under Creative Commons x

    “Being Alive,” Stephen Sondheim

    “O You Whom I Often and Silently Come,” Walt Whitman

    Map of 1926 proposal for Boston rapid transit lines, public domain x

    Jaymar 25-key Toy Upright Piano, licensed for use under Creative Commons x

    “Do Friends Fall in Love?” Rachael & Vilray

    #omgcpbigbang2021 #literally have no idea if this is good at this point and am already wishing i could re-write it BUT #it's written and posted and i think some of it is good #holsom#my fic #my first fic! #omgcp#justin oluransi#adam birkholtz#ransom#holster#shitty#lardo#shardo
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  • yukippe
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #goes and does whatever i want now because uve given me expertise over the omgcp cast #💌#mae tag#ask games
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  • crypt1dbun
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    CW: Slight B100d

    So I was thinking to myself how there would be an AU for one of my most favorite webcomics, Check Please! and for my AU would be Monsters and Cryptids AU (originally called Cryptids and Friends) and instead I would make Bitty as a killer bunny. He has some aspects of my main OC which they too is a killer bunny. ( I was gonna make Jack first but then I gave up and did this). (This was probably if not the hardest things I ever drew). (I might make a few characters other than Jack tho).

    #omgcp#omgcp au#omgcp art#cryptid au#monsters au #cryptid and monsters #au #omgcp art au #lineless art #I loved but hated drawing this so much #why is lineless art hard
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  • jaskierstransmascswag
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    check please fic recs time

    Ever read fics that are dreamy, gentle, and sweet but also slowly twist a knife between your ribs the more you read? Yeah.

    Precarity by @lilacborrower

    T-rated, nurseydex, 5.4k, complete

    Nursey, a professional ballet dancer, meets technician Dex for the first time at a motion-capture shoot for the animated movie Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses. Working together is essential for a smooth production and a high-quality film. Everyone on set needs to do their job perfectly.
    Naturally, Nursey promptly trips over several very important cables.

    Feat. miscommunications, personal growth, criticism of capitalism, and a mental breakdown that’s almost poetic to read.

    Screaming at the sky by @bittysthesis

    M-rated, pimms, 21.7k, WIP

    Kent Parson and Jack Zimmermann from start to finish.
    Juniors era.

    Full disclosure, I was a beta reader for this fic, but I think that just makes me even more qualified to tell you how good it is. This fic portrays Jack and Parse’s relationship during Juniors perfectly, including the soft moments that make you want a happy ending and all the messy mistakes and loose strings that remind you what’s coming.

    white flower oil by @stanthefrogs

    T-rated, Chowder/Caitlin, 8.1k, complete

    Caitlin falls sick and Chris worries.

    Feat. anxiety, loneliness, the odd space of life called college, and the realization that you are not only known but also cherished.

    a life of our own by @parseisflat

    T-rated, Katya/Georgia, 5.2k, complete

    George shaves her head to escape the suffocation of having long hair. Katya follows suit.
    written for the prompt: 2 butches shaving each others heads <3 getting cold heads in the winter is worth it for the tenderness of ur partner buzzing ur hair over the bathroom sink :)

    Feat. gender realizations, the inherent intimacy of touching another person’s hair, and finding yourself through your reflection in other people’s eyes.

    Forever and ever with(out) you by @tingo-tango

    T-rated, nurseydex, 2.3k, complete

    Nursey couldn’t put his finger on it, but looking at Dex now after all these years (years spent longing for something he couldn’t have), Nursey still sees the man he fell in love with.

    Feat. growing up and moving on, despite yearning for the past.

    Isn’t It Just So Pretty by @omg-whiskey

    M-rated, whiskent, 18.6k, complete

    Kent Parson and Gender.
    You know how after you come out, you start thinking back and you come up with a bunch of moments that at the time should have made things obvious? These are Kent Parson's

    This fic made my stomach hurt. In a good way but also in a Wow I Am Trans way.

    In Another Life by @alocalband

    M-rated, nurseydex, 21.1k, complete

    Dex goes to bed his first night in the basement and wakes up in a slightly altered version of reality for the day.
    A few nights later, it happens again. And again. And again...
    Which is fine. Really. He will handle this insanity the same way he’s handled every other weirdness Samwell has thrown at him since he got here.
    He’s just not sure how to deal with the implications of how often he wakes up in worlds where Nursey is in bed beside him.

    Feat. learning to love vs. realizing you always did.

    #omgcp #omgcp fic recs
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  • pridetape
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    jack all pretty in rope and panties 🥰 he’s waiting for instructions from bitty and he’s soooo happy

    #omgcp#jack zimmermann #sub!jack #lemon #(?is that how we r tagging now??) #this ​image that has been plaguing my every waking moment for the last 2 weeks #finally FINALLY i had some time to myself this evening to draw smut 😌😌😌 #dont look at the face too closely thats always my weak spot #i want to scan this into photoshop to make it more of a full picture w colours and bg and maybe even bitty hehe #but for now i am happy 😊 look how pretty jack is in that pose 😊 just a lil bit tied up 🥰 #mine
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