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  • hallowcactus
    17.10.2021 - 1 minute ago


    Give your loved one some gentle love and care because he needs it.

    Damsel by @abhainn-leth

    #CereusBlueArt#OCtober#drawtober#hollow knight#hk oc#damsel#daze#damselfly#dragonfly #day 15 handle with care #every ship this man ends up in depending on the AU just makes me very soft- #and I just wanna say I love Leth's work and I just want them to post more often. #yall should see some of their sketch work its amazing
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  • lemonscrochet
    17.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #love for vintage #crochet #crochet free pattern #crochet pattern#free #free crochet pattern #crochet ideas#handmade
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  • nocturnalazura
    17.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #sent with love
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  • xbuster
    17.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #star twinkle precure #precure #i love this tengu man
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  • kirishimas-manly-eyeliner
    17.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #kme: crack-squirrels<3! #ellie loves her moots! #ellie's serotonin levels rise #OHSCHSIUHC#THi#wh#WIUSHIUC#ILY #WHAT.I #HOW #IS ONE PERSON #JUST#SCIUHDLUICRIUCHDILUSHCUFHRCIABKUC
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  • nyangel-catstiel
    17.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    there is no “ace validation” in saying the “i love you” was familial. i feel like i’m going insane reading some of these takes

    #i'm SO sorry for actorposting #this is the least fun kind of 'actors saying stupid actor shit with their stupid beautiful actor faces' event #i only care about actors when they're funny or hate each other #stop twisting yourself in knots trying to make them look better #they don't love you back!!!
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  • infam0uslyme
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Love sucks.

    Especially when it's not the way you imagined it would be.

    Butterflies in your stomach. Holding hands. Cuddling. Kisses.

    Deep conversations. Hours and hours of just time together.


    THE ONE!

    But you look at reality and it's not peaches and cream.

    It's hard work. It's fights. Arguments over nonsense, at times.

    Even moments when you want to RUUUUUNNNN!

    For now, just seeing where life leads.

    But don't know how much longer I can take.

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  • mntdew
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago
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  • neverfruit
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Sometimes I can feel love for my coworkers and it's whenever they let me out early

    #thank you i will forget this kindness next time you ask me to do something i dislike #also why is line so much easier than fry!! I love it so much more #give me more line shifts A i beg of you
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  • ageless-aislynn
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Argh, the struggle when an actor you just don’t enjoy watching is playing a character you love and so therefore you’re going to watch the dang movie when it comes out but GAHHHH.

    #it's kinda like when an actor you love is in a terrible movie but you watch it anyway BECAUSE #i've tried to just... appreciate the character and block out the actor #a lot of times i can #but this one just bugs me argh #:S #not tagging the movie or actor because i'm sure a lot of people are excited for this #and i certainly am not trying to be a mean ol' anti raining on their parade #this is a *just only my opinion* sort of thing you know? #oh well#ageless aislynn
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  • the-notorious-s-i-p
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    who said you could do this?????

    #pics#screen caps#yells#koichi zenigata #when will he stop breaking into my house and making me love him ù_ú #>:(((#SIP
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  • gazelessmenagerie
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    one / ( alias / name ): Kuro

    two / ( date of birth ): May 3rd, 1995

    three / ( zodiac sign ): Taurus

    four / ( height ): 5′3″ 

    five / ( hobbies ): Writing, gaming.. crochet.. watching shows/movies with buddies.. overall just existing.

    six / ( favourite colour ): Emerald / Maroon / Violet

    seven / ( favourite books ): The Inheritance Cycle, The Last Dog on Earth, Long Night Dance, Dragon’s Breath, a lot tbh.. read a lot during lunch in middle / high school cause I’m was a nerd like that. :’3

    eight / ( last song listened to ): Don’t Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

    nine / ( last film or show watched ): BNA (Brand New Animal) / The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    ten / ( story behind url ): Originally I had intended to make it for N’doul, particularly the OVA version of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure but then I thought about my past muses. Mainly they were made with my Ex so I kinda left them to rot after a.. well, a bad breakup but given that happened about 3-4 years ago, I decided I wanted to take a crack at them again. Or try to, at least. I mean it was just a ‘ hey if I want to, they’re there ‘ sorta deal. So then I spent a good few hours trying to think of a good url that encompassed a similar enough trait for all of the muses I took. At the time I had N’doul, Eileen the Crow, and Walter C. Dornez so I tried to find a common theme between them all and welp it came to me they all were blinded in some way for their ambitions. I mean one was literal than the others but the theme still upholds cause they all died in the end for one reason or another. Took ‘Gazeless’ to represent that and ‘Menagerie’ cause its just a ragtag group of muses I took even if like half are only on here for Nostalgia Reasons(tm)

    I dunno man.. I could try to write them, its just hard cause I wrote them with my Ex so much and after everything it gets hella difficult. But hell, they’re there if I ever do need them. ;w;b I just don’t wanna abandon them completely if that makes sense??

    Then along came Broly and well, he fits the bill. Just lmfaoo I fall for the minor villain/noncanon villain/side characters I think deserved better. can’t tell ya any different.

    eleven / ( inspiration for muse ): AHAHa.. oh my god, well if you haven’t heard me scream about it enough, I took N’doul’s inspiration from the OVA of JoJo. I mean shit, that gave him so much more personality to me with his mannerisms and how his fight was handled up to his dying speech. I just.. OVA hit me so different compared to the anime.. and funny enough I had watched the anime first and didn’t have any thoughts on N’doul bc he just... seemed nothing special in that adaptation. He was just some shmuck for the Villain of the Week following Dio’s goddamn vampire ass.

    Now OVA?? Damn.. the asshole suddenly became 100x better with how he was introduced and how he handled his opponents. He literally came the closest to outright slaughtering the entire Stardust Crusaders and I will Live on this hill, but even then he was just... so.. charming about it. OVA N’doul wasn’t arrogant like his Anime counterpart is, nah.. he acknowledged when he was outwitted for a bit and sought to fight Jotaro in a Death or Glory final battle than grovel like many other villains once they got cornered/beat. Even then, his dying speech was short but damn it added so much to his character of just how being a Stand User affected him and how fearless he was until DIO showed up and he felt the moment of not wanting to die by him. Evil as he is, there was a sense of honor to him and just every damn time that scene gets me right in the heart. It just did him so much more than the anime and that’s how I ended up writing him bc he left such a big impact on me.


    Now, for Broly.. lmfaoo oh my god I remember the first time I seen that dude when I was a kid watching Toonami on one of their DBZ movie nights. I thought he was handsome, loved his attire and just how he was introduced was just.. idk it felt different. Thought it was cool there were more Saiyans and welp, my dumb kid brain didn’t put 2 and 2 together that Broly would be the villain till he lost his shit and then flashbacks and then cue him beating the absolute fuck out of everyone. It didn’t help the music choice they had for the American version ( or whatever the censored one was called ) really set him apart as this semi mysterious guy up until the major rock happened and you know how it went. I wouldn’t think much more than just he was so freaking cool and strong to actually decimate everyone like that... and then disappointment when the hype was at its highest of ‘ NOW THE REAL FIGHT BEGINS ‘ and bam.. Goku saves the day. Man, that sucked cause I was rooting for Broly so hard lmfaooooo i wanted to see a legit BRAWL.

    Cut to .. idk the last few months? I was just looking through some dbz content on tumblr cause hey, nostalgia and then ran smack headfirst into Broly through the wonderful comics of Kibble-Bits’ AU of ‘ The Legendary Super Saiyan and the Power of Friendship ‘ and Chickenoptyrx’s comics of Broly and Trunks being friends. Really loved the whole idea of giving this angry bastard friends and having a better life (if you can’t tell already from how much I hollar about it but keep getting denied bc of my own muse being an Asshole), and I took that in stride while picking up Broly. Watched his movie again and just.. fell in love all over again. Of course I also wanted his anger and just overall unpleasantness cause idk, I like the struggle of overcoming nature in oneself bc one decides they want to do that along with gaining/realizing the Freedom of doing so. Figuratively or literally breaking of the ‘shackles’ of Fate or w/e keeps them chained.

    And plus i mean.. come on, it’d be hilarious to have this asshole show up to obliterate the Problem and go back to w/e he’s doing bc Fuck you.

    Maybe it’s cause I’m a sap for these tragic characters but man, I love them so much. Love how much of absolute bastards they are and ofc they aren’t held by the heroic traits to stop and help those less fortunate, which honestly makes for some hilarious and frustrating scenarios with other muses-- especially when their immense power could literally stop the Problem(tm) in like 5 minutes tops. I love the mess of just ‘ you’re the only person I tolerate.. everyone else can die / I’ve only had this stupid idiot for 5 minutes but if anything happened to them, I’d destroy the entire world and then kill myself.  / unexpected friendships or relationships and how it affects their views intentional or not.. just.. there’s so much that can happen with these assholes and I love that so much but also they frustrate bc they’re so fucking stubborn and I want to kick them in the balls for being Bastard Asshole Dicks.

    For my other muses.. Eh.. it’s.. unfortunately less detailed cause they’ve been collecting dust so much ;w; but case in point, just I liked them either for their introduction and personality to their tragic ends as characters in a world that just flat out was unfair or cruel to them and it just couldn’t be helped.  

    Tagged by: @likesguyskakarot​

    Tagging: UHHHh the hella awesome person reading this, just say I tagged ~ ;3c

    #|| Tag: OOC #|| Tag: Kuro the Eternal (Bastard) #( thank you so much Shin for tagging me in these things <3 always welcome to do so ;w;b ) #(lmfaoo oh my god a fucking essay for both n’doul and broly.) #( what can i say.. i love them. ) #( i just dont touch my others cause.. well its still kinda heavy on me to write them bc of my goddamn ex so much ) #( but thats a whole nother essay for another time cause i spent enough words ahahfsg )
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  • brainsoulnyou
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    The power of thoughts can either cause you illness or recovery.

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  • re-decorate
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    guys I love hds

    #I love that song so much!!! #I didn’t really have an opinion on it at all before ers but then I heard it live and it changed my life #if I didn’t love polarize and hometown so much it’d be my favorite on bf for sure #txt
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  • theninthgirl
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    i would d*e for them actually,,,

    #not friends unit aka duality unit #im broken i just love these stupid girls so much gOD #loona
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  • arsenicaddictions
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    OK, I think I’ve got Cianán’s change of heart figured out.

    #lovelink#lovelink spoilers #??? #anyway love this headless horseman and his chaotic dumbass
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  • maltruenorth
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Love is literally insane and I say that watching Joe for 2 and a half seasons now

    #i mean id love to **** antivaxxers too but maam...
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  • ohmuqueen
    17.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    [a comment by user Milinda Wilson on Youtube]

    The outfit you see Taemin wearing for this performance is his look and style he had for his "Want" comeback promotions. So during this time period, whenever he performed "Want" he wore an outfit that was styled similarly and he always had one glove. When Idols promote their new song or album they always have a style that represents that song and/or album and they usually keep that style throughout the whole promotions, so what he is wearing is what you will see him wearing in any performance of "Want" around this same time. You can often tell what time period a video is from by what their outfits and style looks like, because it represents a specific promotional period.
    And Kpop concert videos are never just a tapping, they are videos of live concert, award show performance or special event performance, etc. It's all live.
    If you think 1,000 people in the audience felt like a lot, just imagine performing on a regular basis to 55,000 fans who are there to see just you. For example, SHINee regularly holds concerts at the Tokyo Dome in Japan and that concert venue holds 55,000 people. And in order to be allowed to perform at the Tokyo Dome it's pretty much an unwritten rule that you have to be able to fill the place to capacity and sell out.
    Taemin actually doesn't really have any formal training in any style of dance. Before joining SM, he had never taken a single dance class nor learned to dance from any kind of teacher. He started out by teaching himself dance moves by watching dancers on TV and he was chosen to be an SM trainee with only his natural talent. As a trainee, SM had him focusing on hip-hop and popping and locking because they thought they wanted SHINee to be a hip-hop group. And he didn't even do any type of contemporary dance training until his Japanese solo debut in 2016 with his song "Sayonara Hitori"/"Goodbye" which was introduced and taught to him by the choreographer, who also happens to be the same choreographer who choreographed "Move" and "Want." That's just how talented he is. Dance just comes naturally to him. But that's not to say, he hasn't also put in a ton of hard work to get to this level.
    There really is no one that pushes him or holds him to a higher standard then himself.  Taemin has said that he really has never taken a true vacation since he was a trainee -- he started with SM Entertainment when he was around 11 years old -- and he doesn't know what to do if he isn't constantly working and training. As he has said, there has never been anything that has come easy to him and he has only gotten to where he is today because he has worked hard to accomplish everything. He is constantly pushing himself to become the best of the best in everything he does.
    Taemin's style of dance can't be defined. As he has said, he has worked his entire career to create a style of dance that is unlike anything in the Kpop industry. And I would argue that that now extends to the entire industry of dance. Taemin started out with only self-taught skills, and, even then, as a trainee it was clear his skills as a dancer went far beyond the average dancer. Over the years, he  has infused those popping and locking skills into his now more contemporary style of dance. But, when it comes to dancing, he can do it all and there is no one better at it than him.

    [end of comment]

    This is my favorite genre of Youtube comment. They legit wrote the essay

    from this reaction video

    #when i actually have time i really love youtube surfing shinee stuff #taemin#shinee#lee taemin#ltmshinee#shinee video #especially now missing taemin #i need to refill my taemin memory bank #taemin video#taemin t #i knew most of what's in this comment already but damn do i love reading it on a youtube reaction video
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