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  • alexis-red-dragon
    01.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    It just occurred to me that level scaling is probably one of hardest parts of designing a Pokemon game

    #musings#pokemon #they really struggle to get it right #gsc is especially infamous for opposing pokemon levels stagnating for a while until they jump up too high in blackthorn #and nowadays the issue is the exp share ensures you're 10 levels or more ahead of just about everyone #now whether either of those things is bad is purely subjective #i prefer being overleveled than underleveled #but they're still unbalanced in one direction or the other #i don't know if they've ever gotten the level curve just right
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  • bi-80-s
    01.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Does it ever drive you crazy

    Just how fast the night changes?

    #bi80s#louis tomlinson#one direction #I have made five of those #lt
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  • mslarrystylinson
    01.08.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    i totally fell out of my one d phase for a bunch of months.

    is there even any Larries out there anymore?

    i need to talk, moots let’s chat!!

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  • bi-80-s
    01.08.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Does it ever drive you crazy

    Just how fast the night changes?

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  • 1dreason
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Zayn via ig story❤️

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  • itsonlyahiatus-ihope
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Louis Imagine

    Today I get to surprise my best friend for his birthday. Hes been on tour for 2 and a half months. I miss him like crazy, and lucky for me Zayn called me yesterday, and now I'm on a plane to New York where they are performing tonight.

    *at the venue*

    I was brought backstage as the boys were performing. I'm not really sure what's going to happen, but the boys said they had it covered.

    *last song*

    "Okay, before the last song we have a special surprise for Louis since today is his birthday." Louis was super confused as to what the boys meant. Then I was handed a cake and brought out on stage. Louis looked over to me and immediately smiled. The boys all walked over to me. Liam took the cake and I hugged all the boys. And when I got to Louis he picked me up and spun me around. I hugged him tightly, and then he set me in the ground. "If everyone could sing happy birthday to Louis..." Everyone sang as I was handed the cake again. I walked in front of Louis, and he blew out the candle. Harry was behind Louis and he winked at me and then I knew what to do. "Happy birthday Lou." I said with a smile, right before I smashed the cake in his face. "You are so Paying for that." He said before he wiped some off his face. I knew what he was about to do, so I ran. He caught up to me and wrapped his arm around my waist. He then wipes the cake on my face.

    *Last song*

    Louis still had Cake and frosting all over him while singing the last song. As he came off stage I hugged him again, getting frosting in my hair.

    "Thanks love." He said, "I mean, what are best friends for is they don't smash cake in your face on your birthday." I said while laughing. "Ha ha real funny!" "I know! I'm hilarious!" He rolled his eyes and I hugged him tightly. "Happy birthday." "I missed you a lot." "Yeah, you too." "Now, I've got to go get cake off my face." I laughed and he went into the bathroom. The other four boys came over and I hugged them all. "Thanks again Zayn for getting me here." "Of course." "Oh, and you guys sounded amazing on stage." "Thanks." Niall said. Harry, Liam, and Zayn walked away and Niall said, "So, now that you are here.... Are you going to tell Louis?" "No way! I mean if he doesn't feel the same way it could ruin our friendship. And if he does, that could also ruin the friendship." "You'll never know if you don't try." "I'd rather never know." "Come on! I know he likes you." "I'm not so sure." "I am!" "Well I don't c-" "Is everything okay?" Louis asked as he walked over. "Umm.. yeah." I said with a smile.

    (a/n: just pretend there is only a little bit of frosting on Louis' shirt)

    "Oh Lou, I think you missed a spot." I said. "Oh, really!?" He said while laughing. "I'm just gonna go..." Niall said while turning around and purposely nudging me. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "So how long are you going to be on tour with us?" "I leave in the morning." His smile then turned to a frown. "Hey, what's with that frown." "You just got here. I don't want you to leave in the morning." "Lou, you only have 2 months left. Actually less than that. Only 2 and a half months. Then you will be home and we can spend time together." "It's just- Nevermind." "No, talk to me." "It's nothing. There is just something that I need to tell you, but I can't. And if it goes the way I want it to, you leaving tomorrow would make it even harder." "Well what is it?" He looked around us and then back to me. "Lou, talk to m-" I was cut off by soft lips being placed on mine. I started to kiss back. We stayed like that for a second. We pulled apart and I said, "So, what was it you wanted to tell me?" He laughed then said, "Don't you already know?" "Mmm... No, I don't think so." I said with a smile. He leaned in and kissed me again. This time it lasted a little longer. As we pulled apart he looked at me with a small smile. "TOLD YA!" I heard from behind me. I laughed then turned around just to see all of the boys staring at us. "Ooooooooooo!" They all said making me blush. I hid my face in my hands, and Louis noticed, so he wrapped his arms around me and I hid my face in his chest. Which not gonna lie, it kind of smelt like frosting. After a few moments I pulled away, and Louis looked at me and said, "Soooooo...." "Soooo..." "I really like you y/n." "I really like you too." I said with a big smile. "Sorry to ruin the moment, but we have a bit of a surprise." "What?" I said as I looked to Harry. "Well, we kind of knew something like this was going to happen. So, we got a way for you to stay with us the rest of the tour." "Wait, WHAT!?" "SURPRISE!" The four boys said. "Oh my God! THANK YOU!" I hugged them and then looked to Louis. "Guess won't have to leave in the morning." He hugged me again and then pecked my lips. "Okay, again... I hate to ruin the moment, but we gotta get in the bus." "Wait, I only brought enough stuff for tonight and tomorrow morning." "Don't worry, we already have that covered." "Okay...." We left the venue and went to the bus.

    *later that night*

    It was late, but I couldn't sleep. There were too many thoughts running through my head. "Y/n? What are you doing up? It's like 3 in the morning." "Can't sleep." "Are you okay?" "Yeah, just my brain isn't ready to shut off just yet." "Well, what have you been doing while everyone had been asleep?" "Thinking." "About?" "Everything." "Wow, you really know how to explain stuff." I let out a small laugh then said, "I have just been thinking about people." "People?" "Okay, one person." "Who?" I rolled my eyes playfully and smiled. "You know who!" He laughed and said, "Do I?" "Oh no no no! You are not using my idea against me." I said while laughing. "Hey, I was thinking.... Our next stop in Ohio maybe we could do something before the show." "That depends. What do you mean by 'do something'?" "Like, a date." I smiled and said, "Yeah, I guess I could try and fit that in my busy schedule." We both laughed, and I kissed him lightly. "Now, you should get some rest." "Ugh! I don't want to!" "What if we just go on my bunk and cuddle till you fall asleep." "Okay, I like that idea." We went into his bunk and got under a blanket. I laid my head on his chest and cuddled up to him. I could hear his steady heartbeat, and his slow breathing. His fingers played with my hair, causing me to go into a deep sleep.

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  • tommogirll
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    louis layout

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  • dolphinbabe
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Louis performing 'Summer Nights' in his infamous school musical of Grease is probably the best thing I've seen this year omg

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  • catbreon-draws
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’m watching the fox and the hound because apparently I enjoy making myself cry uncontrollably

    #emmett says stuff #I wish we could have gotten a sequel tbh #a proper sequel #the direct to video second one that took place when they were still kids wasn’t very good #I wanna see more of todd and vixie #and the two fuckin idiot gay birds
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  • loyalhearts
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    {{ if we have a thread, drop it in IMs for me to work on a reply }}

    #ooc #another one of those nights where I need direction
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  • rayneistired
    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i just think they're neat

    #one direction#louis tomlinson#liam payne #liam payne smile #1 direction#lilo paynlinson #liam and louis #louis and liam
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  • wujuhour
    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i hope that one day we’ll get a movie about elaine of astolat that’s got the same spirit as the “the green knight” movie.

    #it'll be a different body but similar spirit #@all the studios who produced/sponsored the movie and david lowery #although i'd rather someone else write the screenplay and him direct it but still #i want another round of this #a lancelot movie would be appealing too #then again he'll show up in the elaine one anyways #arthurian mythology #elaine of astolat #elayne of ascolat #the lady of shalott #alfred tennyson#david lowery #the green knight
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  • animalbread
    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    literally crazy that mcyt fans are just every where ever since i made those same and max drawings they are just interacting with me -_- i hate you all btw i want you dead with my whole life

    #last bit only directed mcyt fans every one else you are normal and will live forever
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  • amthenowherechild
    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I don't listen to Louis 'Walls album because I don't like to cry lol. Seriously, I was looking at the translations of the songs and I didn't want to cry, but on Walls I couldn't take it. I only listen to "Kill My Mind" lol.

    It's funny the way all the songs connect to Harry. If you analyze, they talk between songs and these thoughts that make me want to cry lol.

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  • theoreticslut
    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
    「 everything you do is magic 」
    fred weasley x reader
    keeping his relationship a secret is driving fred insane. // based on the song magic by one direction
    requested: for @ch0colatefr0gs ‘s 500 follower writing challenge
    word count: 3.7k
    warnings: slight angst, occasional swearing, very slight suggestive comments
    a/n: ahhhh, i’ve been dying to get this fic written and posted. i’m thankfully getting it out before the deadline, but I seriously wish I could have gotten this out sooner. regardless, i love this song so much, and I’m just hoping i did it justice with this fic! happy (probably belated now) 500 followers mel! Xx

    ❝  Baby c’mon over, I don’t care if people find out ❞

    There’s no stopping the small smile that grows on Fred’s lips as he watches you from across the courtyard. It was one of the first few beautiful days of spring so the majority of students took to spending their free time outside, and you and Fred were no exception.

    He watches as you chat with your friends, a beautiful, genuine smile on your face while you laugh at something they’ve said, your eyes alight with pure happiness. You’re undeniably attractive, so why would he deprive himself of such beauty?

    It’s not like anyone’s around to keep him occupied anyway. George is off talking, more like flirting, with Angie and Lee is in detention.

    Catching his eye, you can’t help the smile that seemingly grows on your face and he notices. It’s only natural to notice when you’ve been dating for nearly three months now. 

    He smirks, nodding his head, silently motioning for you to come over. You nod, smiling lightly as you hold your pointer out down by your thigh, telling him to wait a little which is only to be expected.

    For three months you’ve been making him wait. He can’t just come up to you and kiss you whenever he wants. He can’t hold you like he dreams to. He can’t even talk to you like a boyfriend would, at least not in public. As far as the rest of the school is concerned, it should seem that the two of you are just barely friends.

    He understands that you don’t want people inputting their opinions on your relationship - that you’d rather keep in low key, especially since he does have the reputation of being a player, but it’s starting to drive him crazy. For three months he’s had to pretend he’s not madly in love with you when people are around when all he wants to do is shout it from the top of the castle.

    He watches as your friends slowly leave you. He waits until he sees that you’re alone, only then trying to motion you over again. He can’t help the smile that overtakes his face as you finally make your way towards him, a smile on your face as well.

    “Hey, Freddie.”

    “Hey, love.” He beams, patting the spot beside him.

    You smile, making your way around the benches, sitting opposite him. At his frown, you sigh, heart aching at how disappointed he looks.

    “You know I can’t sit right beside you, Fred.”

    “I know, but it won’t be the end of the world if you do it just once, right?” He tries to convince.

    “It only takes one time for someone to notice and then start talking. And you know what they’ll say.” You frown, watching him sigh in defeat. 

    “I know, I know. They’ll say that we’re no good together and that it’s never going to work out. I just, it’s dumb.” He huffs.

    “I know, Freddie. I’m sorry.” 

    “It’s not your fault, y/n. I’ve told you I’ll take it as slow as you want. I just wish people wouldn’t be so judgmental. Who are they to say we’re not good for each other or if it’ll work out?” 

    You nod, sighing solemnly as you glance around to see if anyone’s attention is on you.

    Fred notices this of course, sighing defeatedly before bringing a smile to his face.

    “Anyways, you’re coming to the party on Friday, right?” 

    “Of course I am. I wouldn’t miss it.” You chuckle. 

    “Good. I can’t wait to see you there. You’ll have fun, I’m sure.” He smiles, admiring you as you smile back at him. He could never tire of that sight.

    “I’m sure I will. There hasn’t been a party yet that I haven’t had fun at.”  

    “Hey guys. Freddie, y/n.” George greets, smiling wifey as he sits down near his twin.

    “Hi, George. How are you?” You politely ask, shifting yourself to seem like you were just casually talking with Fred and not having some serious conversation.

    “Good! How are you? You planning on coming to the party Friday?”

    “I’m good,” you chuckle. “And yes. I was actually just talking about it with your brother.” 

    “Yeah? Trying to charm you into being his date for the night?” George teases, immediately getting an eye roll from Fred.

    You chuckle, shaking your head, trying not to let on how freaked out you are at his comment. Not even George knows that you and Fred are dating, Fred wanting to keep you to himself and evade any teasing from his family.

    “Not quite, but yeah, I’ll be there. It sounds like it’ll be a good one.” You smile.

    “It will be! We’ve got a bunch of alcohol already hidden away for it. It’s not a party until people are drunk.” 

    “If you say so.” You chuckle, shaking your head and rolling your eyes at him.

    “I’ll catch you guys later, yeah? I’ve got some homework I should do.” 

    “Okay, it was nice talking to you, y/n!” George smiles, lifting a hand in farewell.

    “You too, George. Fred.” You nod, sending your boyfriend a small smile, silently promising him that you’ll see him later.

    ❝  And girl when you’re looking like that, I can’t hold back ❞

    You can’t help but laugh and squeal as your friends start twerking on you. Out of the three of you, you were definitely the more reserved one. 

    “C’mon y/n! Dance,” Hannah pouts, grabbing your hands and trying to get you to move.

    “I am!” You defend, chuckling as she takes one of the drinks that cedric brings over.

    “Another drink, y/n?” He offers, holding out a cup to you. 

    You nod, thanking him as he smiles, nodding back before disappearing again, more than likely to find his friends or Cho.

    You smile, chuckling lightly as you shake your head before taking a sip of the drink. Looking around the party, you meet the gaze of your boyfriend, the smile on your face growing.

    Fred nods, eyebrow raised in amusement as he watches you get coerced into dancing yet again. He’s been watching you for the majority of the night, ever since he’d seen you walk in in that tiny little dress.

    He can’t help but let his mind wander, wondering what you wore underneath it, if anything at all, or what it’d feel like underneath his hands as he trails his hand over the swell of your ass. He can’t help but wonder what it’d look like on his dorm room floor.

    “Looks like y/n is having fun.” George states, coming over to stand with Fred.


    “Y/n? It looks like she’s having fun.”

    “Yeah, I guess. Why’re you bringing her up?” Fred asks, eyebrows furrowed as he tries to figure out George’s game. 

    “Oh, no reason. Just noticed that you’ve had an eye for her tonight.” George answers nonchalantly. 

    It’s not hard to miss that Fred’s attention has been on her all night, but he can’t help but wonder if there’s another reason aside from the fact that she looks stunning tonight.

    “Do I?” Fred questions, feigning ignorance as he takes a sip from the cup he’s holding.

    “It sure looks it. Can’t blame you though, she does look rather good tonight, yeah?” 

    “I guess so.” 

    It takes a lot in him not to let his jealousy seep through. He’s sure that George is just digging, having always been able to read him no matter how hard he tries to hide something, but he can’t stand listening to another guy comment on your appearance. He can’t stand the thought that other guys, guys that aren’t him - your boyfriend, are ogling your body.

    “I think you should go dance with her.” George suggests, smirking lightly as he watches his brother scoff.

    “I couldn’t. I doubt I’m even her type.” Fred chuckles, knowing more than anything that he’d be out there in a heartbeat if he could.

    “Alright, if you say so. I’m just thinking that before long someone else will be asking her.” George states, still with an air of nonchalance.

    “If you’re so insistent.” Fred grumbles, pushing his way off the wall to make his way towards you.

    He knows he’s only on his way over here because of George’s words. He doesn’t like the thought of someone else dancing with you the way he’d like to, so why not just make his presence known to any guy watching you.

    Chuckling at the small gasp that escapes your lips as he rests his hand on your lower back, he gives you a soft smile.

    “Hey, love.”

    “Fred, hi.” You smile, glancing around to see if any of your friends - or anyone in general - is watching. 

    “Having fun?” He asks, taking a sip from his cup.

    “Y-yeah. It’s a great party.”

    “Yeah? Glad you think so.” He smiles, nodding his head to the music.

    “Freddie, what are you doing over here?” You ask after a moment, only loud enough for you and him to hear.

    “Couldn’t resist myself. I just had to tell you that you look real nice tonight.” He chuckles, enjoying the little blush that rises to your cheeks at his compliment.

    “That and George practically drove me over here.” 


    “Yes, George. He can be rather pushy at times.” Fred chuckles, rolling his eyes teasingly.

    “Oh yeah? That’s no surprise knowing his brother.” You tease.

    He laughs, bringing a proud smile to your face. You love hearing his laugh, and you love being the one to draw it out of him. You wish you could do so more often, but you know that if you made your relationship public you’d have so much backlash. Not only from some of your friends, but from all the girls that fawn over him. 

    You’re not dumb, you know all about how a lot of the girls find fred attractive. Whether it be his looks, because in all honesty he is rather gorgeous with his bright red hair, freckles, and sculpted body, or his loud and confident personality. You understand exactly why so many girls want him, but you can’t understand how some of them can be so rude. 

    You’ve heard them when they see him talking and being flirty with a girl that’s not them. For just crushing on him, they’re rather possessive and mean. You know that you couldn’t handle them if they knew he was with you of all people. You’re quiet, responsible, reserved…the complete opposite of him. 

    “Hey, what’re you thinking about?” He gently asks.

    “Nothing much.” You smile, trying your best to push all the worries about other girls hating you from your mind. It’s a party and you should be having fun. 

    He studies you for a second but ultimately accepts your answer, offering to get you another drink which you accept. 

    ❝ So let them take a picture, spread it all around the world now. I wanna put it on my record, want everyone to know now ❞

    Since the party, Fred has been more and more insistent about making your relationship public. He’s tired of hiding, and pretending that he barely knows you. 

    He wants to be able to hold you and kiss you and show people how in love with you he is. He wants to be able to say that he’s taken instead of having to find other ways of rejecting girls’ advances. It’s been getting to the point that it’s causing issues between the two of you. 

    You’re still afraid of what people will say, wanting to keep your relationship private and away from prying eyes, where you both can love each other without any judgement from anyone, but Fred is getting fed up with it. He keeps trying to push the boundaries you have for being in public which has been leading to more and more arguments. 

    “I understand it, y/n, I do, but what about what I want?” Fred asks as you argue about him getting a bit too physically affectionate. No one was around, but that’s not the point.

    “Freddie, I know you want to tell the world about us and to love me whenever and wherever you want, but I’m just not ready.”

    “I’m not in the same circle as you. I’m the quiet, keep-to-myself girl that no one pays attention to, whereas you’re this loud, outgoing, live-in-the-spotlight person. You’re fun and admired while I’m honestly pretty boring and not even noticed half the time.” 

    “People are going to say things.” You sigh, dropping your gaze as Fred paces the empty classroom you’ve hidden yourselves away in.

    “Who? Who would say anything?” He questions, completely oblivious to the makeshift fan club he has.

    “Well, for starters, half the female student body who, if you haven’t noticed, are jealous and possessive when more than half of them haven’t even talked to you.” You state, perhaps a little jealous yourself. There are far prettier girls that Fred could have dated who are willing to worship the ground he walks upon.

    “Then there’s the issue of my friends being protective of me, who never think anyone is good enough for me.” 

    “For godric’s sake, do you think it really matters what any of them have to say? They have no influence over our relationship, y/n, as long as I love you and you love me.” 

    “You do love me, don’t you? Or is that why you want to hide us? Because you don’t?” He questions, suddenly wondering if he’s got this all wrong. 

    “Fred, no. Why would you even consider that? I love you so much. That’s why I want to hide us, because I don’t want everyone’s words to convince me that you don’t love me or that I’m not enough for you.” You huff, leaning against one of the desks.

    “You’d really take others' opinions as truth over my own words and actions?”

    “What? No, I just -“

    “Y/n, if you can’t believe that I love you and that you’re more than enough for me then, I don’t know, maybe we won’t work out. Have I not proven just how much I love you since day one?” He asks, and you can’t tell if it’s rhetorical or not.

    “You have.”

    “And have I not continuously reminded you  and shown you how much you mean to me?”

    “You have, but-“

    “But what, y/n? I love you. You’re everything to me. What more can I possibly do to reassure you of that?”

    “I just, what if we go public and you realize you could do better than me?” You huff, irritated that you two aren’t communicating well. 

    He’s trying to get his point across, not listening to understand where you’re coming from, but because he’s frustrated, you’re frustrated thus not able to get across what you want to.

    You watch as he ices the room, too worked up to think.

    “Freddie, why don’t we take a breather and clear our minds so we can talk about this better? We’re too frustrated right now to find a productive solution.”

    “What solution? This isn’t something you can just weigh the pros and cons on. You either want to make us public or not.” He deadpans, starting to shut down emotionally.

    “Can we discuss this later, when we’ve both calmed down?” 

    “I’m not sure there’s anymore to discuss, but sure. We’ll talk later.” He states, heading towards the door.

    “Freddie, wait. Don’t just walk out on me. Are we okay? We’re not breaking up, are we? Because it kind of feels like we are.”

    He sighs, barely turning around to answer you.

    “I don’t know. I’m tired, y/n. I know what I feel and I don’t see why what anyone could possibly say would affect that.”

    “I love you, Freddie. Promise me that this isn’t the end?”

    “I love you, y/n. I’ll give you time to think things over.” He sighs, leaving the room without promising that this isn’t the end of you. 

    Closing your eyes, you feel your emotions get caught in your throat as sobs, but you won’t let yourself be that person. You’re the one that’s practically caused the fight, you’re not going to be the one crying over it.


    Over the next few days, you try to get a hold of Fred to talk but he’s either in detention or making himself busy and hard to find.

    It seems that the only time you’ve seen him is in your shared classes like now in transfiguration.

    “Mister Weasley.” You hear McGonagall reprimand and you're almost afraid to look back. What could he possibly be doing now to get himself in trouble?

    “10 points from Gryffindor and detention this afternoon.” 

    You sigh, not bothering to look back at him, already knowing that he’ll be ignoring you. You know that the only reason he’s acting out is because he’s still frustrated with you.


    It’s another couple days later without seeing him, or even getting a chance to talk and you’re fed up. You may not want to make things public, but that doesn’t mean he can ignore and avoid  you for days on end.

    You decide that you’re going to talk to him today, regardless of whatever idiotic thing he does to get himself in trouble.

    You wait all morning, finding yourself glancing over to him whenever you can. In all honesty, this is the first time in a long time that you’ve been so unfocused and your professors notice.

    “Ms. Y/l/n, I would suggest you pay attention.” Professor Flitwick reminds you.

    “Yes, professor.”

    You try your best, but ultimately fail, proved only by the little explosion you happened to procure when you go to demonstrate the charm.

    “Ms, y/l/n! Detention with me tonight to clean up the mess and hopefully learn the correct way to cast the charm.” Flitwick demands to which you nod.

    “Of course, professor. I’m sorry.” You mumble, keeping your head down as you fall back into the wall of your classmates, trying to hide yourself as much as you possibly could.


    You sigh, feeling ever so slightly less embarrassed after your detention with flitwick. Once you were able to fully concentrate on the material, you had no issue casting the charm. 

    Now it was just a matter of finding Fred and telling him exactly what you’ve come to figure out over the last week.

    Hoping that he’ll be out on the grounds along with a good majority of the student body enjoying the nice weather again today, you're glad to find him sitting on the ground with his friends.

    Swallowing back a wave of nerves, you start making your way towards the redhead. You hear your friends call for you from over by the lake but you ignore them, needing to keep at your mission before you lose all nerve.

    As you get closer to Fred and his group of friends, you can only hope this goes well. 

    Finally standing above him, you wait for him to acknowledge your presence. All of his friends have turned their attention to you, but you try to ignore them as you wait for Fred to look at you.

    “Can I help you, love?” He questions, cocking a brow at you.

    With a deep breath you tell yourself that it’s now or never. You can’t keep pretending that you don’t miss Fred and how happy you are with him. If this is what it takes to show him your serious, then so be it.

    “I love you.” You start, immediately throwing him off and shocking his friends. 

    “I love you, and I miss you. I don’t care anymore if people know, as long as I’ve got you and you love me back.”

    “Y/n…w-what are you doing? This is a sure way to make people talk, you know.” He states, suddenly feeling awkward himself about just how public this is. Not only are both your friends watching, but he’s sure that anyone close enough to hear you is now paying attention.

    “I don’t care. I mean, I do. Trust me, I do. I feel like I might be sick, but I’ve realized just how much I miss you when you aren’t around.”

    “You’ve got a spell on me, and it turns out I’d do just about anything to keep you around. If you’ll still have me that is? You never did promise me that the other day wasn’t the end…” you mumble, afraid he’ll reject you now after everything.

    “Get down here.” He says, grabbing your hand and pulling you down onto his lap.

    “I love you, too. I’ve loved you since day one and haven’t stopped.” 

    You smile as he presses a kiss to your forehead. 

    “I kissed you once and then couldn’t leave, because everything you do is magic.” He admits, chuckling at his terrible pun before  pressing a kiss to your lips.

    Upon pulling away, you rest foreheads against each other, gazing into each other’s eyes.

    “Are you sure you’re okay with making our relationship known?” He questions, talking only so you could hear him.

    “Not completely, but I’m working on it. I just can’t go any longer with you ignoring me, Freddie. I love you too much to not have you around.”

    He chuckles, nodding in understanding before kissing you once more.

    “I’m sorry, love. I was being a bit of an ass.”

    “It’s alright. You were upset, and you had every right to be. I was being unfair in making you have to hide our relationship.”

    He hums, nodding in petty agreement, chuckling as you roll your eyes. For the first time he can pull you closer to him when you do that, showing everyone that he’s the one able to drive you insane.

    “Uhm, so you two have been together?” George questions, looking beyond confused at what has just happened.

    Looking around at everyone, you realize that they’re all rather confused.

    “We have. Guys, meet my girlfriend, y/n. We’ve been together…four months now?” He questions, looking to you for the time.

    “Four months.” You smile, leaning into his body as he beams.m while his friends all try to wrap their heads around the news. 

    Even though you’re nervous for whatever comes next in the relationship, you’re ready to face it with fred. It may have been cheesy, but you have to agree that everything he does is magic. You’ve never been happier or more ready to face life with someone.

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