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  • dreamyygeorgenap
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #hey georgeas where's my hug #george trying to act like one of his love languages isn't touch is cute #my clip#merch podcast#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#dnf#dreamnotfound#liveblogging#fave
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  • worstloki
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #also he has to hold Loki's hand the whole time and they hug at least twice to make up for everything #we go with the reading that at the end of tdw Thor figured it was Loki on the throne and still left it to him #even if Loki worked on changing things they should've looked into what patriarchal imperialist stuff asgard had going on tbh #legit if they were settling on earth alone that should've brought up their superiority complex #loki being jotun was never addressed again ever #odin's the villain here and idk i think hela could've been given a reason that like. literally was anti-Asgardian views?? #like maybe Asgard wasn't always so divided by gender but Odin decided on it one day #maybe Hela was told she couldn't inherit #maybe Odin decided none should surpass his own might #idc just why was Hela put to blame but not Odin ?????????????? #wack
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  • lordlykisses
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago


    #omicron better literally stop because if i can’t hug my mom in the next three months i’m setting the whole globe on fire #it’s a rough one tonight folks #caity talks to the void
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  • ponchoenthusiast
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Found sith anidala art and I combusted

    #Ruby Blurbs #I'm so bi/pansexual it's not funny #Really wanting a padme hug tbh #Sith or not they are a power couple and I want In #LET ME IN #I'm gonna write anidala x reader fic and no one can stop me
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  • billiewena
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    just some kevin & linda tran moments from the “captives” script outline that have me lying on the floor (x)

    [Image text:

    Kevin got dealt a bad hand, forced into a life he didn’t choose, made to work tirelessly and thanklessly in defense of the world, and he was repaid for his efforts with death.

    They get to work on the wires. Sam is overwhelmed, but Mrs. Tran says they’ll get this gate open, they’ll go save his brother, and then he will take her to her son. Sam, troubled, is on the verge of coming clean about Kevin… but Mrs. Tran pointedly silences him, repeating: “You will take me to my son.” Eyes watering but chin stiff, we realize she senses the news about Kevin is bad. But until she gets out of here, she wants to know only one thing that she will see her son again, in whatever form.

    “Kevin?” Mrs. Tran enters the bunker. She is overwhelmed with emotion, shocked at the sight of her son in his condition, but she swallows it: she’ll be strong for her son. There’ll be no discussion of his death, no crying over the fact that she can’t hug him. /end ID]

    #she can't hug him..... #the fact that this is the last episode we ever see linda too :( #rewatched it recently for an amv and was just thinking how insane it is that they barely followed up on it #like chuck came and banished kevin to hell one day out of nowhere did linda even get to say goodbye??? #realistically she would've contacted the winchesters like IMMEDIATELY after s11 when that happened to see wtf happened #linda tran#kevin tran#spn scripts#spn 9x14
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  • ackerfics
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #rorytalks#anons 💌🥰 #the parent trap au #this gave me butterflies 🦋 ✨🦋✨ #sending you so many virtual hugs owo i hope you receive them one at a time ✨
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  • mysteriousmagicx
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    okay I know you guys are here for jjk and aot content, but I wanted to write a fluff imagine with luffy from one piece bc he is a sunshine boi:

    like just imagine it's night on the ship. the sea is calm, the weather is calm, everything is nice and quiet. except luffy. you both are in bed together, luffy is fast asleep but not you. he has his rubbery arms coiled around you many times to ensure that you're trapped against him. he's snoring, loudly. he sleep talks, mainly about 'meat...I want meat...,' he moves in his sleep a lot too, but you always move with him bc well, you're trapped in his arms. oh and he drools on you too.

    you'd think that this is the reason why you're up at night, but no. you've actually grown accustomed to luffa's antics. well accept for his drooling, you grimace at that. sometimes he bites you in his sleep bc in his dream he's eating meat. but other than that, it's almost soothing in a way, the way he snores and sleep talks. because it tells you that he's alive. it's nothing knew that luffy throws himself in danger and s stupidly strong and more than capable of winning fights, but it still hurts you to see him beat up and injured, even if he does smile in the end. his big, shining smile that you love to see. sometimes, with great difficulty, you shift in your sleep so you can lay your head against his chest to hear his heart. just beware of more drool.

    I hc that if you tickle luffy at this one specific spot, he just does this 'shishi' laugh and uncoils his arms, but he's still asleep. you do that sometimes bc there are nights where thoughts keep you up at night and so you get out of his hold and go out to the deck to watch the stars. so you're leaning over the rails, watching the sky. and all of a sudden you hear random thumps and crashes from the bedroom. lo and behold it's luffy sleep walking. specifically sleep walking to you. you don't know how he manages to navigate himself while he's sleeping, but logic never makes sense with luffy. so in his asleep state, he finds you and wraps his arms and legs around you, dropping his head on your shoulder. you just sigh, shaking your head with a smile on your face. you go back to the bedroom so you both can sleep.

    #one piece #one piece luffy #monkey d. luffy #luffy imagine#op luffy #mugiwara no luffy #he would give warm hugs #but also he would need a bath bc I'm sure he doesn't bathe rip
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  • patchworkpoett
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    ANSWERED     //     from CONNOR   >>   @detectiveconnor​​
    "I trust you."

    That means something. Especially since it's Connor saying it. Vin ducks his head as he smiles, wondering how to acknowledge that statement in kind. He still hasn't figured out any sort of love language from Connor that doesn't take time. He can take time - he'd be happy to - but that statement is something he should acknowledge now. 

    Direct and perceptive, that what Connor likes, and that's what Vin likes too, really. He doesn't have to be wasting time on overthinking it. 

     "I appreciate that, Connor. The sentiment is mutual." he emphasizes, because that's important too. "That's . . . not a simple statement in our career." 

    Is he making too much of a thing out of this? Possibly. But if Connor's going to leave Vin his cases while he's gone, then he's going to point out the affection there, particularly being that Hank is here, this time - and Hank had been assigned a few, too, but now Vin is allowed to have one. He's beaming. 

    Vin silently offers a hug, opening his arms to allow Connor to walk into them, if Connor so chooses. Maybe he's just touchy-feely today. 

     "If you're gonna be gone for two weeks, I gotta bother you extra while you're here," he adds in explanation, with a lopsided grin.

    #(( alternatively - *vin vc* 💕♥️🥰🥺💕🥰 i love my friends 💕♥️🥰♥️💕 )) #(( adorable. does connor even like hugs? i do not know and neither does vin but he's gonna find out. )) #(( amazing how much of vin is corrupted by social anxiety. he's bothering me bc he's worried connor will get offended by the hug #(( sir please calm down. he's ur buddy it's fine the worst situation is he says no )) #ic. #interactions. #character; divinity > do not stand at my grave and weep #ic; divinity #android verse > my eyes were closed. they're open now #android verse; divinity > to serve another as oneself #detectiveconnor #friends [divinity] > connor/detectiveconnor #(( ingrid i apologize if i am flooding u vin is simply Awake and you are the only one in my inbox ;-; ))
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  • nitro502
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Remember when Hot Topic sold this Steve Harrington body pillow?

    And I was too much of a coward to buy it?

    Biggest regret

    #stranger things#steve harrington #I really wish I owned this #pretty sure I put it on my Christmas list one year lol #yes the one my mom and my aunt see #they never said anything about it #but they also didn’t buy it for me #I think they were lowkey judging #I just wanted to hug Steve! #hot topic
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  • lurkinglurkerwholurks
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #batfic#fic recs#Tim Drake#bruce wayne #Tim needs a hug but also he will remove your arm if you try to give him one
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  • uchihashisui-kun
    02.12.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #uchiha shisui#uchiha kagami#woohoo #ghost!shisui #maybe a non-massacre au?? #Idk something like that I guess #I like to think Itachi went to Kagami after That Night #although the idea of Itachi telling Kagami about Shisui is heartbreaking #people scouring the river to find the body #give it a proper burial #before the river could take it away forever #Kagami hugging his son's lifeless body #one last hug #damn I made myself sad
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  • selfshippinglove
    01.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    honestly, I'm feeling so exausted. and I'm sick and tired of dealing with this crap. I get teased so much for stupid shit, that I don't even wanna talk anymore, not that it'd matter, I have to repeat myself so much that my throat hurts from raising my voice trying to get them to hear me. I'm tired of being told that I've been slow even though I always be ask quick as I can. I either hear I'm doing a great job, or I hear that I've been slacking it that I've become slow. I'm just so tired. and I feel all alone and it's bullshit because I know I'm not. but, at the end of the everyday, I go home to an empty apartment, where there's nothing but freezer food, or canned. I go to bed, wake up and repeat the same day over and over. it's been so tiring that, I'm starting to not care about anything. I feel so damn exhausted. at first it was just physically, but now it's emotionally. it's like no matter what I do, no matter how much I rest, or keep myself distracted, I'll always end up still being tired

    #vent #for the first time in a while. ive wanted to end it or just stop taking care of myself #i feel so empty nowadays #even when comforting my sister. yes i was sad. but after a while of seeing her cry #i just stopped. all i felt was resentment and emptiness. thibking abt how much i hate being there for her when shes hardly there for me #i raced to her place when i got the news. i rushed in to hug her and comfor her #vut all she did was just give me one short hug and talk with her bf whole i sat on the floor trying hard to keep from crying #im so fucking tired if it #i pive my sister ill always be there for her when she needs me. but i cant help but feel so dead when i do #bc i know I'll never get back what i give #ask to tag
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  • laineeey00-ontherun
    01.12.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #💌: received #what a nice way to start a day #i feel so soft hdhhdhdhhd 😩😭 #istg one day I'll fly to u and give u the biggest hug #and also ask for your autograph hsgshwhshhshd
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  • liamslarents
    01.12.2021 - 14 hours ago


    #bro listening to my roommate on the phone with whoever her bf probably and then hearing her say i love you at the end makes me so fuckingsad #listening to anyone be able to talk to the ppl they love is fucking heartbreaking #like. i havent talked to anyone… really. #like. i ask and nothing. everyone is too busy for me i guess #or they just straight up ignore me #its fucking heartbreaking tbh #months of silence… it just. it fucks with me mentally to another dimension #*months or weeks whatever #i guess i just don’t know… what i did to deserve this #i always try and show everyone how much i love them and then… this is what i get #and not to mention how hard of a time ive been having with one certain thing #its a cycle of bothering me lol #and also. im struggling so hard to do my school work #i have so much #but when i get down like this i cant #good lord i just need a fucking hug #i just need someone who fucking knows me and understands me but alas #yet another night where i failed to do my shit <3 #😃😃😃 #all because i feel so genuinely unlovable and like nobody even cares #i know im not unlovable #but i feel like all the people who i love dont care so its like whats good ig #gabrielle gabs on
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  • asfdhgsdkjhgb
    01.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    yall ever have a panic attack but like,,, in a /pos way?

    #like YES i am / have been having the physical affects of a panic attack for a few hours but like... it was a positive trigger? #i got dropped off at school and checked in at the office and like as i was checking in i heard the ''block 4 will begin in 1 minute'' #thing over the announcements so like i was sad bc i missed lunch so i start walking to my block 4 (which is my favorite class btw) #and im like on the look out for my friends and pretty boy comes out of the bathroom behind me in the hallway n just YELLS #my name and runs over and BIG HUG we held each other very tightly for a little bit too long (we were both late to class but #class is small potatoes compared to getting hug) so immediately my entire day was better bc mmm friend beloved and physical #affection go brr and then i headed to class and i was uploading pictures i took and like sorting through n stuff for our photography #project and i got all that done and chose the final ones that i was gonna edit for the project and like did the edits in photoshop #for the first one and kinda liked it but was unsure if like i was supposed to edit more or like if itd be ok for the project so i called #the teacher over (currently probably my favorite teacher- hes awesome) and was like can i get your opinions on this? so i #like flipped the edit layers on n off a couple times and he like??? genuinely really liked it??? like he said it was a good edit and #that i was spot on and that he really loved the picture??? #and i just??? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA??? #mmmm the fact that both of the media arts teachers genuinely really like my photography and have complimented me on it before....... #hhhh I Am Having A Normal Time #Very Normal Mhm #not like my brain is going a million miles an hour with pure unbridled joy. pfft what no never. im a normal person having a normal time #just me rambling again #<3
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  • sparklylesbiantrash
    01.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Dear Me by A.J.

    You were so sad

    And remembered your past

    And cursed yourself for not

    Appreciating things you lost

    And I know

    You're still confused

    I understand

    You still feel used

    But cry into my arms

    As I hug you close

    I know you're confused

    But I'm not someone you can lose

    So dear me,

    Cry if that's what you want

    Dear me

    Let's go deep into our haunts

    Dear me

    I'll hug you when you're afraid

    I'll always be

    Here on your bad days

    I know your fears

    Truths and lies you say

    I promise to try

    To show you the way

    Dear me

    There will always be panic attacks

    And doubting that

    There's something that you lack

    But I love you

    And I don't care what people think

    I won't ever, I swear

    Let you sink

    And that regret for the

    Wounds you kept

    I know how they were

    Formed and their depth

    And I can see

    Through your act

    I promise

    I love your true laugh

    Because you are

    Not the reason they leave

    They just don't try to see

    Through your transparent sleeves

    I promise

    I love you as much as I love me

    And what you try to show people

    I'll try my best to actually see

    I'll be the friend

    That should've stayed

    Until you're okay with

    The friends that went their way

    #my poetry #poets on tumblr #poem#self love #self love is important #self love poetry #love yourself#self worth #to my 13 year old self #you are loved #you are worthy #you matter #you are enough #take care of yourself #poetry stuff #poems on tumblr #poetry #hug your self when no one does :) #to me #and to you
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  • stillknd
    01.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    I just... need u to understand how smol he is... for my sanity

    #the soft tol / angry smol energy of these two pictures #one gives out free hugs the other will burn the world I accept no other plot #vis;
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  • goleb
    01.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Roy, in all his pastel glory. 

    #DHMIS#DHMIS Roy#Roy Gribbleston #Don't Hug Me I'm Scared #Dont Hug Me Im Scared #Roy #The Arts Parable #One of these days I'm gonna have to draw this shirt pattern again but for as long as I can avoid it I will not
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  • fanfictasia
    01.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Deadcember Day 1

    Natural Causes

    Note: Everything for Deadcember will be from the same fanfic, a fanfic which I created just for this. Lol. Just keep in mind that everything is not as it seems. ;)

    Death is unstoppable, and even the strongest and wealthiest will cow before it. No one will escape. At times, it is almost welcomed, a reprieve from the horrors of life, the only place where a slave will truly be free. Death is common on Tatooine; it happens so frequently that individuals become inured to it. That is not true for everyone.

    Anakin Skywalker doesn’t think he will ever be able to accept death the way so many of his fellow slaves have. He feels the loss of life keenly, as if something inside of him breaks apart every time someone dies.

    He doesn’t hear the news for a few days, each passing day troubling him more and more as he fears for his best friend. When he hears, at last, nothing can stop the wave of pain from washing over him. And nothing can stop him from going to Kitster’s bedside. “Kit,” Anakin whispers, reaching out, touching his best friend’s arm lightly. “Kit.”

    “Hey Ani,” he whispers, dark eyes focusing on his face with some difficulty. He’s flushed from the intensity of his fever, even through he’s wrapped under a blanket, trembling with chills. Natural causes, they said, and it makes Anakin feel sick. This is wrong. It’s as if – as if they’re saying it’s good, as if they’re saying that death from a severe illness is somehow better than death from their masters’ hands.

    It’s not.

    Anakin has no words of comfort, no words to reassure Kitster that he’ll be alright. He won’t be. Anakin knows it. Kitster knows it. Their parents know it. All he can do is stare at the face of his best friend, engraining it forever in his memory so he will never, ever forget, regardless of whatever his life brings.

    “You… go out… find freedom, yes?” Kitster says with some effort, lips quirking into a faint smile that hardly reaches his eyes.

    “For you,” Anakin vows solemnly. He could cry, but he won’t, because crying wastes water. Instead, he does everything he can to make Kit’s last moments more comfortable, staying beside him all throughout the night.

    “It’ll be okay,” Kit whispers as dawn breaks. His gaze is distant, mind addled from the fever, and somehow, he manages to be lucid. His hand reaches out, closing around Anakin’s, his fingers icy cold. It’s wrong, so very wrong, for Kitster to be offering comfort when he is the one dying.

    Anakin could protest, could beg him not to leave, but he’s far more mature than most children his age. He knows, already, that there’s nothing he can do except accept the inevitable. “We’ll see each other again someday.” His best friend’s voice weakens, trailing off entirely as his eyes fall closed again. This time, it’s different, and something shifts in the atmosphere around him as his body stills forever.

    (Wrong, something whispers. Wrong! Anakin pays it no heed, bowing his head in silent grief.)

    #star wars #star wars fanfiction #fanfiction#deadcember#deadcember 2021 #deadcember day 1 #day 1#anakin skywalker #anakin and kitster #anakin#kitster banai#kitster#natural causes#death#day one #anakin needs a hug #anakin needs therapy #slavery#tatooine #major character death #tragedy#angst#anakin angst #hurt no comfort
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  • whumpypepsigal
    01.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    i’m so happy rn. oh happy tears! finally got a PROPER break from work.…like a whole ass month long holiday, can you believe it?😭! i am traveling now to visit my parents. i haven’t seen them for almost two years now. so i am emotional and excited. hopefully i will end this clusterfuck of a year (this year so far has just been 2020 2.0) in a good note *fingers crossed*

    while i’m away, let me know if i miss any good whump hehehe. hope you all are having a good day/week/month. it’s the last month of the year already…crazy!

    #i need my mama’s hugs and love and homecooked meals 😭 #just wanted to share some personal good news #i don’t enjoy traveling but after being in one place in what feels like forever i look forward to crowded lines & plane ride & plastic meals #will be watching la brea real soon to kill time (have a feeling this episode will have whump 😋) #i will be back here after i settle 😃 #my posts#my rants
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