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  • Hypmic related sketches

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  • Casting Ian Sinclair to voice a character in an anime dub is a sure fire way to make that character the best of the series. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

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  • fan art trovata nel web

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  • Heellooo, I’m not dead & I have my motivation back yesss,

    soooooo pls help me decide what to draw next: Continue Detective Au, Mermaid Au or draw Elf AU?? Pls comment! <3 Can also request specific ship or character, I might draw them :) [Only One Piece obvs]


    Originally posted by trashchaser

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  • Teach: I’m going to destroy your happiness, whatever the cost!

    Ace: My happiness?

    Ace, to Marco: Am I happy?

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    The ASL brothers! Did this design a while ago, thank you for watching!

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    New Trafalgar Law Novel Cover

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  • Zoro, Sanji, and to (Not) Strike a Woman


    While I, probably, do not agree on everything, this is an interesting take)

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    • Kidd is such a fucking child so there will be a lot of playful Moments with him
    • and he´s an idiot so that´s a given too
    • he Overall tries to make you laugh all of the time
    • one Thing he does is make joke Songs like ´All by myself´ by Green Day
    • he makes the best grimaces doing that too
    • it Always makes you crack up
    • he once wrote a song About your ass
    • and one praising Killer´s cooking
    • Kid will smack your ass at any opportunity he gets and will act like he didn´t do it
    • whenever Kid plans strategy stuff (yes, he does that) he uses Little objects he can find all over the ship
    • and he will Play the Scene of the attack with those objects
    • for example his hairbrush is his next enemy and he´s the screwdriver
    • he´s Always trying to impress you
    • while he does that out of the reason that he´s insecure and scared of you leaving him, sometimes he can cover it up in a playful and fun way
    • whenever he Trains for example, he´s shirtless and flexes for you
    • but has this insanely smug look on his face that Always makes you laugh
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  • after seeing how much Robin changed after the time skip, it got me thinking about her hair.


    I wonder how much her bangs bothered her during the two years. Growing them out must’ve been a pain.

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  • Chapter One, The Adventure Begins! I’m Gonna Be King/Queen of the Pirates!

    It was a peaceful and calm day on the seas. The sun was shinning high in the sky. The seagulls were flying overhead. However, there was a huge whirlpool in the ocean. Suddenly, a giant ship passed by and two sailors on the starboard side shivered at the sight of the whirlpool. Then the two of them heard a thump and looked down. Floating in the water, was a barrel. The two men blinked and looked at each other in confusion. 

    Brushing it off, the two men tried to hoist the barrel out of the water and onto the ship. Another sailor was on the mast, looking around until he spotted something. Another ship heading towards theirs. A pirate ship. It was pink with hearts on it’s sails. The ship fired it’s cannons at the other ship.  "Alarm the captain! The ship’s under attack!“ Shouted the sailor on the mast. The two men had managed to pull the barrel onto the ship heard the sailor, dropped the barrel onto the deck, which rolled away. The sailors ran into the ship’s ballroom.

    "The ship’s under attack by pirates!” Exclaimed the sailors.

    Everyone screamed and started panicking and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. However, one girl was not afraid. She had short, light orange hair and light brown eyes. As soon as she heard that there was another ship, she darted out of the room.

    Suddenly, the doors busted open as it was kicked and the ballroom was filled with blood-thirsty, vicious looking pirates. They all smirked at the scared passengers. "Heh, don’t worry. We ain’t gonna kill ya. Though, we will take all the rare stuff you got here.“ snickered one of the pirates.

    "Anyone who tries to resist will be spending the rest of their lives at the bottom of the ocean,” A new voice shouted.

    A large heavy set woman walked into the room. She had greasy looking hair and beady narrow eyes. On her head was a white cowgirl hat and was wielding a spiked mace in her hand. Everyone trembled, not moving a muscle. The orange haired girl watched from a far while she hid, with a light smile on her face. She tore off her dress and was now wearing a blue and white stripped shirt with black shorts and a bandanna tied to her head. She ran off the ship and jumped onto the other one, while everyone was distracted.

    During the chaos, the barrel had rolled itself into the kitchen. The ship’s kitchen doors open and a small timid looking boy walked into the room. He had light pink hair and grey eyes and was wearing blue glasses and a cabin boy’s uniform. "Is anyone here?“ The boy asked. He received no response. He sighed and started looking around the kitchen. Then he spotted a barrel.

    "Wow, that’s the biggest barrel I ever seen,” He said to himself as he started to push the barrel. Suddenly, three pirates blocked his away as he did as they walked into the kitchen.

    “Hey, Coby. You’re not hiding from us, are ya?” One of the pirates asked. Coby began to sputter. His whole body began to tremble, terrified.

    “N-n-n-n-o way, g-g-guys! I-I was just talking to this b-barrel I found back to the ship. It looks like it’s full of s-sake.” The three pirates smirked.

    “Sake, huh? Why don’t we inspect it to make sure. Are you with me, boys?” One of the pirates asked as he took the barrel. 

    “But Lady Alvida will kill us!” Shouted Coby. The other pirates smirked.

    “We won’t be killed as long as you keep your trap shut! Now quiet!” Snapped one of the pirates. Coby trembled. The biggest pirate cracked his knuckles. “Hold on, boys. Let me open this the old fashion way,” He said as he raised his fist and threw them down onto the barrel.


    Suddenly, the barrel’s lid popped open as someone busted out of it and shot out, colliding his fist with the bigger pirates face, knocking him out. The other two pirates and Coby gasped as their mouth’s dropped as they gaped at the boy in the barrel. The boy looked like he was seventeen. He had short black hair, light tan skin, and small beady onyx-black eyes. Under his left eye was a small scar. He wore a red vest with a light blue shorts which reached his knees, straw sandals, and resting on his head was a straw hat. He blinked before he looked around at his surroundings.

    “Who’s he?” He asked as he saw the pirate he knocked out on the floor. He looked and also saw the other two pirates and Coby. "Who the hell are you guys?“ He asked.

    "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!” shouted the other two pirates, angrily. The boy stepped out of the barrel.

    “Your friend will catch a cold if he sleeping like that,” He said.

    “You’re the one who knocked him out!!!” Shouted the other two pirates. One of them pulled out his sword. "Hold on. Are you playing with us, when you know we’re vicious pirates!?“ He demanded.

    "I’m starved. Is there any food on this ship?” The boy asked Coby, ignoring the other pirates.

    “I’m talking to you, brat!” Shouted the pirate as he and the other one raised their swords and slashed at the boy. Crack! Somehow, their swords broke in two. The two pirates stumbled back as they gaped in shock seeing that the boy was unharmed.

    “What’s wrong with you guys?” The boy asked.

    “W-who are you? What are you?” Asked the pirates as they stared at the boy in horror. The boy brushed off the dirt off of his vest and smiled.

    “Me? Oh, my name is Money D. Luffy! Hi!” Said Luffy as he grinned widely, showing his teeth. The pirates screamed in fear as they grabbed their knocked out comrade and ran out of the room, terrified.

    “What…what just happened?” Asked Coby. Luffy shrugged his shoulders.

    “Beats me.” He said. Coby stood up.

    “Quick! You gotta run! If they come back with their buddies, then you’ll be killed on the spot!” He shouted. Luffy smiled.

    “I don’t care. Where’s the food? I’m hungry.” He said.

    “How can you not care?! They are hundreds of them and they’re willing to kill anybody!” Shouted Coby. Luffy wasn’t listening. His nose twitched as he smelled a wonderful scent. He tried to walk towards the source while Coby was trying to hold him back. Luffy made it to the cellar and his eyes lit up.

    “Food, hooray!” Luffy cheered. He ran around the room with his mouth drooling. Coby looked around making sure no one was coming as Luffy began to dig into a crate full of apples. 

    “Um…hi, my name is Coby. You’re Luffy, right? It was really cool what you did back there.” Said Coby as Luffy wolfed down the apples.

    “These are so awesome.” Luffy said as he wiped off the juice from his lips. He smiled. “I bet she would love some. I’d better save some for later.” He thought as he stashed some in the pockets of his vest. "So, are we on a pirate ship or what?“ Asked Luffy as he continued to eat.

    "No. We are on a passenger ship that’s being raided by pirates. Pirates under control of Lady Alvida.” Coby said.

    “Ah, I don’t care about that. I just wanna know if there are any little boats on this ship,” Luffy said.

    “I think there might be a few,” Coby said.

    “Great! I need a new one ‘cause my old one got sucked in by some whirlpool.” Luffy said.

    “You mean that huge one outside! And you survived?” Coby asked. Luffy smiled.

    “Yep. You can say it was a great way to wake up after a long nap,” He laughed. Coby smiled timidly. "So are you a pirate or a passenger?“ Luffy asked. Coby looked down.

    "Neither. I’m just some cabin boy. I was forced to be one because Lady Alvida’s pirates captured me. They found out I was a great navigator, so, they let me live. That was two years ago.” He confessed, sadly. Luffy stopped eating.

    “You’re pretty stupid, you know that?” He asked bluntly. Coby sunk his head.

    “Gee, thanks for your honesty.” He said, sarcastically.

    “If you don’t like it here so much, then leave,” Said Luffy. Coby shook his head.

    “No way! There’s no way I can do that! I can’t!” He yelled. Luffy smiled.

    “Ha! You’re stupid and cowardly. I hate people like you,” He joked. Coby sulked then he smiled weakly.

    “Heh, you’re right. If I had any courage, I could sail away in a barrel and be free. I could live out my dream.” He said. Luffy was quiet. “Oh, what about you, Luffy? What’s the thing that drove you to sail on the seas?” Asked Coby. Luffy grinned.

    “I’m gonna be King of the Pirates!” He exclaimed. Coby’s mouth dropped.

    “K-King? Are you serious?” He asked quietly with disbelief.

    “Yep. You heard me,” Luffy said, smiling.

    “But-but that would mean you’re a pirate too,” Said Coby.

    “That’s right.” Said Luffy.

    “Your crew?” Asked Coby. Luffy shook his head.

    “I don’t have one yet, well, except for one,-”

    Suddenly, the door slammed open and the two looked to see a girl standing there, sopping wet from head to toe as her clothes were completely drenched. Coby had to do a double take as his eyes darted back and forth at Luffy then back towards the girl.  He saw that the girl was identical to Luffy. A twin in fact. 

    The only thing that was different, was that she had long black hair, which reach the middle of her back. Her skin was a lighter tone to her brother. It was a sickly pale white, which looked like she didn’t go outside much. She was wearing a blue shirt with short sleeves and brown pants which reached down to her ankles and black sandals. What really draw his attention, was that she also had shimmering sea foam green eyes, instead dark black, like Luffy’s. Then the girl narrowed her eyes as she glared at Luffy. She began to stalk over to them.

    “Aya! You made it!” Luffy shouted happily.

    “IDIOT!” Aya smacked Luffy hard on the back of his head with her fist. 

    Coby immediately backed away from the two, watching in fear. Aya grabbed Luffy by his shirt and began shaking him violently like a rag doll. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW WORRIED I WAS?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET HERE?!”

    “You’re alive aren’t ya?” Luffy groaned.

    Aya repeatedly smacked him. “I had to swim across with sea infested sharks! Nearly drowned in the whirlpool! And almost died in a barrage of gunfire!!! All because of your stupidity!” She screamed.

    “Love you too, sis,” Luffy smiled and laughed. His face was now swollen and beaten up. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an apple holding it to Aya’s face “Want one?” Asked Luffy. Aya blinked as she stared at the apple. She felt her stomach growl at the sight of it.

    Aya rolled her eyes and sighed. She snatched the apple from his hand and dropped Luffy as she let go of his shirt. He slumped to the floor, rubbing his head. “This doesn’t mean I’m letting you off easy,” Aya murmured as she took a bite of the apple. “You’re still in the dog house.” Luffy smiled.

    Then the girl noticed Coby cowering in the corner.

    “And who the hell are you?” Aya asked. Coby jumped when she spoke to him.

    “C-Coby,” Coby sputtered, “Who are you?”

    “I’m Aya, I’m this idiots sister,” Aya said as she jerked her thumb at Luffy. “I’m gonna be Queen of the Pirates.”

    “Q-Queen?!” Coby sputtered.

    “Geez, what a wimp,” Aya said as she finished her apple and tossed the core away.

    “So, you two are gonna be King and Queen of the Pirates. You’re talking about gaining the treasure of fame, wealth, and power! The treasure you want is the One Piece!” Coby shouted. Luffy smiled.

    “Yeah, you’ve got it all right,” Luffy said.

    “But, practically all the pirates in the world are looking for that treasure!” Coby yelled.

    “Yeah, so?” Aya asked, shrugging.

    “No way! There’s no way you could survive them! They’re ruthless and mean and they’ll kill you right where you-oww!” Coby shouted as Aya and Luffy both punched him on the head. “Why did you hit me?” Coby asked as he rubbed his head.

     "Cause I felt like it.“ The two twins said together.

    "Ah well, I’m used to stuff like that. My shipmates bash me on the head all the time,” Coby mumbled. 

    “It’s not about if I can. I’m doing this because I want to,” Luffy said. “My sister and I decided long ago that we wanted to be King and Queen of the Pirates. If we have to die fighting for that, then we die,” said Luffy as he placed his hat on his head. Coby stood frozen in his spot.

    “Well, I’m off. Now that my belly’s full, I might as well get my new boat. I bet if I ask nice enough, they’ll give me it,” Luffy said as he and his sister began to walk out of the room.

    “I never though about it like that. If I had that much courage, then do you think I could do it too?” asked Coby. Luffy and Aya turned to look at him.

    “Do what?” asked Aya.

    “Do you think…do you think I could ever join the Marines?” asked Coby. Luffy tilted his head.

    “The Marines?” He asked.

    “Y-yeah! Catching bad guys is the only thing I ever wanted to do! It’s been my dream ever since I was a child! Do you think I could do it?” asked Coby. Luffy smiled and shrugged.

    “I don’t know. Do what you want to do.” He said. Coby nodded.

    “Ok, I will then! I won’t be a cabin boy for the rest of my life! I’ll leave and then become a Marine and then I can capture Alvida!” He shouted. Suddenly, the room started to shake then the ceiling came crashing down. As the dust settled, it was revealed to be Alvida.

    “Who is it you’re going to capture, Coby? You really think that these pieces of crap are going to help you!” Roared Alvida. Coby quivered at the sight of her. Alvida looked up and saw Luffy and Aya. “My guess is you’re not Zoro, the pirate hunter, aren’t you?” She asked Luffy.

    “Zoro?” Luffy asked, tilting his head, blinking.

    “Who’s he?” Aya asked.

    “Coby! Who is the most beautiful of all the seas!?” Demanded Alvida. Coby flinched and nervously looked around.

    Aya leaned and whispered to Luffy “She’s kidding, right?” She asked.

    “w-w-w-well, um…I, um,”

    “Hey, Coby, who’s the old hag?” Luffy asked. A dead silence filled the room with Alvida’s and Coby’s mouth dropped open. Aya was laughing. Alvida grinded her teeth as many veins appeared, pulsing on her face.

    “Don’t you ever think before you speak?” Asked Aya, still laughing as she tried to catch her breath.

    “What?” Luffy asked as he shrugged his shoulders. "She’s huge! This lady’s a bloated whale!“ Aya lost it and keeled over in laughter.

    "Luffy, shut up!” Coby shouted.

    “YOU LITTLE RAT!!!” Shouted Alvida. She brings her mace down on top of Luffy, narrowly missing him as he dodged it. Luffy grabbed Aya’s wrist and Coby’s shoulder and jumped out of the cellar and on to the deck. He landed on his feet and smirked at Alvida’s crew. Several men charged at them. Aya pushed Coby away as a pirate came at her with a sword. She dodged out of the way as she stepped to the side and the sword sliced in the air between her and Coby, missing them. Coby stared in wide eyes, with his knees shaking. Aya quickly kneed the pirate in the gut and he fell down and she kicked him on the back of his head, knocking him out. Coby scurried away as the pirate fell at his feet. Several pirates charged at Luffy but he managed to evade them. A pirate was sneaking up from behind, but Luffy dodged out of the way.

    “How rude. Attacking from behind is cheating,” Luffy said. He turned and saw more pirates glaring at him, with large swords.  He blinked and started running. “Why is everyone ganging up on me?!” He shouted as the pirates were right behind him, chasing after him. Then Luffy grabbed onto a post and continued running. His arm began to stretch as he did. The pirates stopped, and watched in confusion then saw Luffy coming back towards them as he slingshot himself. They tried to run away but it was already to late. Luffy smirked. “Gum-Gum Rocket!” He shouted as he charged through the men. All of them were knocked out from the blow as they fell to the floor one by one. Alvida and Coby stared in shock and awe. Aya smiled. Luffy smiled and fixed his hat.

    “L-Luffy, what are you?” Asked Coby.

    Luffy smiled and pulled on the corners of his lips and stretched them. “I’m a rubber man,” He said. Coby stared at him with disbelief while Alvida jumped onto the deck, shaking the boat. Coby trembled and he ran behind Luffy and Aya. Alvida glared at the two of them.

    “So, you’ve eaten one of the legendary Devil Fruit, haven't you?” She asked. Luffy smiled and nodded.

    “Yeah. It was the Gum-Gum one,” He said.

    “Ah, I’ve heard rumors that they existed. But I never seen evidence of them until today. You’re very skilled for just a young man. Tell me, are you a bounty hunter or a Marine?” Asked Alvida.

    “We’re pirates.” Said Aya.

    “Pirates? By yourselves? How stupid are you?” Taunted Alvida.

    “Who are you calling stupid, fatty?” Asked Aya. The veins on Alvida’s face looked like they were about to pop as she glared at the girl, angrily.

    “It’s just us for now. But we’re going to start building up a crew. Maybe ten or more guys in a week or two. I don’t know yet,” Luffy said, shrugging.

    “Ha! Tell me, if we’re both pirates, and we’re not under the same flag,” Alvida held up her mace. "That make’s us both enemies, correct?“ She asked.

    "Luffy, Aya,…” Coby whispered. Luffy winked at him. Coby blinked before remembering Luffy’s words. “My sister and I decided long ago that we wanted to become King and Queen of the Pirates. If we have to die fighting for that, the we die.”

    “Well, Coby? What is it you wanted to say?” Alvida asked, smugly. Coby blinked then he glared at Alvida.

    “YOU’RE THE BIGGEST AND UGLIEST PIRATE OF ALL THE SEAS!” He shouted. Silence filled the whole ship as Alvida and her crew jaws dropped. Alvida looked even more madder than she did before. Luffy threw his head back laughing, really hard. Aya covered her mouth and snickered.

    “What did you say?” Growled Alvida.

    “I’m leaving and joining the Marines! And I’m going to lock away dirty pirates like you!” Shouted Coby. 

    “Do you have any idea what you’re saying to me?” Alvida growled.

    “I know what I said and I’ll do what I want! I’ll go to the Marines and I’ll join them! And as soon as I do that, I’m gonna catch your fat ass first!” Shouted Coby. Alvida roared in anger and thrusted her mace at Coby. Coby froze in his spot.

    “Spoken like a true Marine!” Shouted Luffy as he stood in front of Coby. The mace came down on his head. Alvida gave a shocked look, seeing that Luffy was unharmed. Luffy grinned. “That won’t work. I’m made of rubber,” He said in a sing-song voice.  He threw his fist back and it stretched all the way into the sky. “Gummm-Gummm…” Luffy started as his fist came back. “PISTOL!” Shouted Luffy as his fist connected in Alvida’s gut as he punched her, sending her flying. Aya smiled seeing Alvida sail off in the sky, drifting farther away. Coby and the crew stood with a dumbfound look on their faces.

    “Hey!” The crew flinched when Luffy turned to them. "Go and find a boat and give it to Coby. He’s leaving the ship and joining the Marines. Don’t stop him alright?“ He asked.

    "Y-Yes!” The crew stuttered. Coby blinked before smiling.

    “Thanks, Luffy, Aya,” He stuttered. Luffy smiled. Suddenly, there were cannon balls being fired at the ship, landing near it. The ship tilted side to side as the rough waves hit against it. Luffy, Aya and Coby looked and saw a Marine ship a few feet away.

    “Those are Marine boats.” Said Coby.

    “Sweet! What luck, huh? Let’s say our hellos!” Said Luffy as he ran towards to where a group of boats were.

    “Luffy, we’ll get arrested on the spot! Think about it first!” Aya scolded.

    “Wait up! We’ll get captured if they spot us!” Shouted Coby as he followed after her. The three jumped into the boat and the boat went crashing into the water. Aya and Coby nearly fell overboard as it did. Coby clinged to Aya and she tried to get him off of her. As the two fought, Luffy noticed another boat next to theirs and saw the orange hair girl. Their eyes met each other briefly before the girl started paddling away, leaving them.

    Luffy, Aya and Coby were now sailing in the middle of the ocean.  "I can’t believe we managed to escape.“ Coby said as he looked at the water.

    "Yeah, what fun!” Luffy exclaimed as he laughed.

    “Hey, you two. If you’re searching for the elusive One Piece, that means you’re heading for the Grand Line, right?” Coby asked. The two nodded. “You know, a lot of people call that place the Pirate’s Graveyard.” Coby said grimly.

    “Yep. That’s why we need a really strong crew. You guys were talking about some pirate hunter, right? What’s he like?” asked Luffy.

    “Yeah, who is he?” Aya asked.

    “Oh, you mean Roronoa Zoro? Last time I heard, he was held prisoner at some Marine base.” Coby said. Luffy looked a little disappointed.

    “Oh, so a weakling, right?” He asked. Coby stood up and shook his head.

    “No way! Roronoa Zoro is as vicious and violent as a demon and three times as horrifying! Wait, why are you asking about him anyway?” Coby asked. Luffy made a grin.

    “I guess if he’s strong as you say, he could be good enough to join my crew,” He said.

    “Yeah, he sounds like a bad ass!” Aya said, agreeing. Coby nearly fell out of the boat.

    “You’re kidding, right? He could kill you two with one strike,” He said. Luffy shrugged.

    “You never know. He might jump at the chance to join us,” Luffy said.

    “No way! He’s one of the most wanted men ever! He’s big and mean and-oww!” Shouted Coby as the two twins hit him on the head again.

    “Why’d you hit me?”

    “'Cause we felt like it.” The two twins said together. Aya smirked. “Ow!” Luffy groaned, as he rubbed his arm as Aya punched him hard. 

    “Jinx!” She exclaimed.

    While Luffy and Coby stared at the ocean, Aya leaned back and reached into pocket and pulled out a necklace with a round gold coin attached to it. She held up into the sky staring at it, twirling with her fingers. The coin had a skull in the center of it. "I wonder what the One Piece is?“ She thought as she stared at the coin.

    "What’s that?” A voice called out to her.

    Aya looked to see Coby looking at the coin. She sat up showing it to him. “I don’t know. It’s something I had ever since I was a baby.” Aya said. Coby took it looking over the details of the coin, tracing his finger of the rough and detailed edges. “It’s beautiful,” Coby said as he stared.

     "Yeah, it’s great,“ Aya said sarcastically. "Can I have it back?” She asked holding her hand out.

    “I’d give it back if I were you,” Luffy laughed. “The last time I tried to look at it and wouldn’t give it back. Aya tried to break my arm.”

    Coby yelped and immediately gave Aya back the coin. She took it and put it back into her pocket. The three of them sailed off heading towards the Marine base.

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