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    Prompt: 7. isolation Series: unofficial (and very outdated) whumptober 2k19 Fandom: Hetalia. Warnings/Tags: purple prose. dead dove do not eat: torture, mentions of non-consensual sexual interactions, referenced non-consensual drug use, psychiatric abuse, referenced suicide, mentions of physical beatings. historical (esque) hetalia. Characters: APH Est.onia. Pairings: n/a Summary: [sovi.et era] dissidents are not welcomed in the sov.iet u.nion.







    Additional Author's Notes: Sorry for the very early & mid 2000's intro there, I just wanted to make sure you all knew what was being put in this fic. Further author notes at the bottom as always.

    EXPLANATIONS OF THE WARNINGS: Just want to give a quick rundown of the warnings right here should you want it: estonia is being held in a punitive psychiatric hospital during the soviet union era for the crime of dissidence; there is no scene of torture or drug use or rape or suicide or physical beatings, they are all mentioned in his thoughts as he ruminates. suicide is mentioned in the first paragraph, torture and non-con drug use and psychiatric abuse is mentioned throughout, rape is implied in paragraph 12, 13, 22 & 23 (the last two just barely implied), physical beatings is mentioned in 12, 13, 22, 23, & 27. If any of this causes you any discomfort, please click off the fic, go to this video of callme.kevin being the cutest, and take care of yourselves!!! Anyway, onto the fic!!

    The air was stale, the barred window didn’t open – the doctors had said they were terrified he’d jump to his death; as if death would be a freedom. Maybe if he were human like the others in the building, but no, he was immortal, left to live a life that wasn’t even really his own.

    Eduard stared at the ceiling, trying to recount in his head how to say I hate you, go die, in all the languages he knew. Of course, he had started with his own language, the forbidden words falling silently from chapped lips over and over again until he had moved to Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, German, Livonian – he had even spoken Russian as he did so, though he had spoken them louder, so the doctors would hear him as he shouted.

    They loved hearing him speak Russian.

    He abhorred speaking it.

    He turned his head, facing the wall instead. It was empty. Blank. A brutalistic architecture meant to break down the spirit as the doctors with their drugs broke down the rest.

    A door squeaked from somewhere down the hall. Empty footsteps minded their way downwards, stopping every few seconds to check in with the other patients – prisoners, Eduard thought.

    (Estonia, he reminded himself, he is the nation of Estonia, the Republic of Estonia, not the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, not a piece of the Soviet Union, not a political dissident who needed to be silenced in the eyes of the government)

    There were no patients in the building, just unfortunate victims of a society that deemed them dangerous for disagreeing with the general idea of the state of the world; people forced to be pricked by little needles full of dizzying drugs and told they were insane when they were unable to handle it. He could handle it; at least, at the low dosages they started with he could.

    Nation physiology was weird; often what would knock out a human wouldn’t work on them, leaving the doctors here to up the dosages to the dangerous amounts of oddly mind-boggling drugs he was already being forcibly injected with. He didn’t like it.

    One of the drugs burned*, it felt as if his veins were on fire, coursing through him. He could barely cry with how hot he felt when it happened, barely curl himself into a ball and beg for release.

    Eduard – Estonia – listened again for the footsteps.

    He liked listening to them. They were better than the screams that echoed down the way, plus they warned him of the solider who’d visit at night. Bile rose in his throat. No, he thought, the man was long gone. He had been told that said solider was going back to whatever hellhole he had dragged his way up from, over a month – a week, a day? He wasn’t exactly sure, time had started to pass weird when they had found the right dosage level to give him – but still the thought of him left a sickening feeling in his gut.

    He had bruises from where that man had beat him, had held him down by his throat.

    All this because he had been caught with a pamphlet*.

    Sure it was an illegal pamphlet; one that spoke of dissidence and social reforms, of the notion of freedom and what followed. And yes, it wasn’t the first time he had been caught with such writings; sometimes they were in Russian, sometimes they were in his own forbidden language, and sometimes whoever language he could get his hands on.

    But none of that mattered. All that mattered – in the eyes of the Soviet Government – was that he had shown that he wasn’t going to be quiet in his capture, complacent in his own occupation, and as such, he had to be punished*.

    He clenched his eyes shut at that thought. Of how he had been dragged from the manor that Russia and the other nations lived at, all to the sounds of the others absolute silence – this was never supposed to happen, governments had no right to punish a nation, it was an written rule* – and brought before whatever politician had decided his fate.

    “Where did you get the pamphlet?” The politician had asked, “Give up the names and everything will be alright, yes?”

    Behind him had stood the solider who had followed him to the first two psychiatric hospitals.

    Estonia had kept his mouth shut.

    The footsteps stopped in front of his door, pulling him from his thoughts. Not from any of the fear. In fact, his mind flashed back to the first psychiatric unit he was sent to and he failed at attempting to swallowed a bit of the fear that tried to force itself from his chest.

    At first terrified of being sent to a Gulag, he had instead been blindfolded, driven around for what had felt like more than an hour, before being dragged through a building and deposited in an empty shower room. When they had ripped off his blindfold he could see that the tile had been a dirty off white, the silver of the open faucets covered in grime, and the sickening feeling in his gut had grown tenfold. They had shouted at him to undress – he was sure he had been sent to prison – before the guards had unclothed him, ripping fabric from him as they forced him under cold water.

    They had taken their time to make every single part of it was as painful as possible, making sure that by time he had been deemed clean enough, he had bruises forming on his body, some of them barely covered by the outfit he was forced in.

    Of course what had come afterwards was the true pain. Not even given the right of a (most likely false) declaration that he had gone insane, he had been tossed into a facility for those much like himself: dissidents.

    There were criminals, ones who had done bad but had decided that being mental was better than a Gulag – they were not wrong –but in the end it really didn’t matter. If one wasn’t insane when they entered, they became so before they left.

    More footsteps echoed down the hall. The bit of fear turned into a pit and Estonia waited with baited breath. Please just leave, he thought. He couldn’t stand the idea of more questions. He hated the drugs, he hated the people.

    Estonia turned his head. He could, in his ears, feel the sound of his heart pounding. He knew what was coming. It was a vicious cycle. Half the time they left him locked in a room, the only interaction with the nurses who brought food and the doctors who questioned him and the guards that beat him – the other half, he was truly left alone, for days no one would show up and he’d feel sluggish by time they had decided to let him see another person.

    He had been left by himself for a few days, left to stew and ride out the drugs forced down his throat the last questioning.

    It was time for people now.

    Bottom Author's Notes: You ever trigger yourself writing??? I did that when I wrote this. 😐 Welcome to my first ever dark fic in this fandom that I've shared! I hate it! No not really, I'm actually really proud of it. I just - sigh -

    Psychiatric abuse was, imho, one of the worst parts of the Soviet Union (though it is still an ongoing issue in Russia). They "created" their own form of schizophrenia as a way to silence those who disagreed with them; they also all but tortured those who were placed in mental facilities, stripped them of all of their rights even after being released from said facilities (y'know, if the torture didn't kill them!) and all but treated them as subhuman. Some patients were mentally ill, some were criminals who figured it'd be better than the gulags, and a lot were those who disagreed with the soviet union because "only a crazy person who disagree with socialism". As someone with mental illness, including being a person who deals with schizophrenia, the idea of abusing your privilege as a doctor to forcibly detain and torture someone who disagrees with your political party is a terrifying and physically upsetting idea. I had originally tried a different way with this prompt, going for a little bit more soft torture and everything but I kept getting stuck with that and while doing personal research for a different fandom, I found all this information and I decided to use the definition of isolation that means less "solitary confinement" and more separated from society instead. This fic then got away with me, because the more I researched what mental facilities were like in Soviet Russia, the more I felt sick and the more I felt tears, and the more I wrote a very disjointed piece of fiction. Hopefully you all enjoyed.

    Anywhoooooooo, sorry for coming back to the fandom only to drop a hot steaming pile of angst at everyone's door, I'll try to have something fluffy up in a couple days - honestly, I just need a palate cleanser after this. here's some prompt lists that i'm currently working on should anyone want to hit me up with a prompt from any of them: whumptober 2k19 | fictober 2k19 | fictober 2020 | whumptober 2020

    some quick info:

    One of the drugs burned*: Sulfozinum, caused a rise in body temperature and severe pain. Used in the Soviet Union for "treatment" of various things, it's been more than suggested that it was mostly used as punitive applications for those in the psychiatric prisons - I mean, hospitals, then any psychological benefit. Patients would also have muscle necrosis, immobility and fever.

    All this because he had been caught with a pamphlet*.: A good amount of people placed in punitive psychiatric hospitals were those who wrote, spoke out, and held beliefs of social reforms or just said things that the sensitive as fuck Soviet government thought was in some way offensive.

    he had to be punished*.: The Soviet Union was really insecure if nobody liked it and so was just threw everybody they could find who didn't like them in horrible places with horrible conditions and were just horrible. Again, fuck the soviet union and everyone who thought it was a good idea, it fucking sucked.

    governments had no right to punish a nation, it was an written rule*: A personal headcanon of mine. I figure that nations don't particularly like it when their governments try to interfere in what they consider "nation business" and as such have it written somewhere that nations deal with nations no matter what.

    #hws estonia #historical hetalia fanfiction #rape mention tw #non-con drug use tw #torture tw #psychiatric abuse tw #suicide mention tw #physical abuse tw #ii. character;; aph estonia #iii. story;; hetalia #iii. story;; mine #iii. story;; one shot #iii. story;; complete #vii. story;; whumptober 2k19 #vi. ooc;; memento's whumptober 2k19 #iii. genre;; angst #iii. genre;; historical #iii. warning;; rape mention #iii. warning;; non-consensual drug use #iii. warning;; torture #iii. warning;; psychiatric abuse #iii. warning;; suicide mention #iii. warning;; physical abuse
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    Kissing Lessons

    Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, slight Natasha Romanoff x Reader

    Words: 1600+

    Author's Note: So, I watched Black Widow this week and goddamn Natasha is so attractive, and I wanted to incorporate that somehow and came up with this!! I hope you enjoy it! Much love! xox

    You fiddle with the rim of your glass, watching Bucky talk to Sam and Steve from across the room. You press your lips together as the super soldier lets out a belly laugh, his vibranium hand resting against his stomach. A small sigh escapes your lips and you bring the glass to your lips before taking a drink of the cocktail.

    "If you stare any longer, he's going to notice," Natasha's voice mentions and you jump slightly, glancing to your left to see the Russian standing beside you.

    "I-I'm not staring," you stutter and the redhead gives you a look. "Shut up."

    Your friend shakes her head, a laugh bubbling from her lips. "Listen, you should just shoot your shot," she shrugs her shoulders and you look towards her, a nervous look on your face.

    "There's no way I'm ever doing that," you mumble while running a hand through your hair. "Bucky would never go for me. I don't even… I don't even know how to flirt."

    Natasha scoffs in response before placing a gentle hand on your arm. "Sweety, you guys flirt all the time," she informs you and your cheeks flush. "Luckily for you, you're a more natural flirt. You don't have to try."

    Your heart flutters at Natasha's praise and your gaze moves to the cocktail in your hands. "Alright, but I've never- I've never kissed anyone before," you embarrassingly confess to her.

    "You're serious?" Nat asks with a raised eyebrow, causing you to nod your head in response. "I can help with that if you want."

    Your breath hitches in your throat, snapping your head towards her. "W-What?" You whisper shyly, your cheeks heating up at the thought of you two kissing. "I-I… Nat-"

    The redhead chuckles before pressing her finger to your lips, cutting you off. "Sweety, it'll be fine. I've seen the way you've looked at me, but I also see the way you look at Bucky," Natasha mentions and you feel like your heart is going to explode in your chest.

    The Russian grabs your hand before leading you through the crowded room. Your heart pounds wildly in your chest as your eyes find Buckys. You smile at him, shyly waving as his blue eyes drift from you to Natasha.

    "Someone looks a bit jealous," Nat grins and you furrow your eyebrows before glancing towards her. "We could use that to our advantage."

    Your head is swimming as she leads you out of the room before suddenly pushing you onto the furniture. "Wait, jealous? Who?" You ask in confusion, looking up at her.

    Nat’s hands rest on her hips and let out a quick sigh. "Bucky, sweetness. Have you always been this oblivious?" She asks.

    Your cheeks flush as Natasha plants herself on your lap, causing your breath to hitch in your throat. "I'm just- I'm not good with reading people," you mention while your eyes roam her gorgeous face. "Has anyone mentioned how fucking pretty you are?"

    Nat grins ear to ear as her fingers cradle the side of your face, feeling the heat of your cheeks. "A few people have mentioned it to me, yeah," she smirks while inching her face closer to yours. "Are you okay with having me as your first kiss?"

    "Y-Yes," you almost moan, your eyes fluttering shut when Natasha's nose brushes against yours.

    "Cause I can go get Bucky," she teases and your heart skips a beat. "I'm sure he'd love to kiss these pretty lips of yours."

    "N-Nat," you stutter while grabbing a hold of her forearms. "Please just kiss me."

    She hums before grabbing a hold of your chin, gently pressing her lips against yours. Your grip on her tightens as Natasha's fingers glide down your jawline.

    "So sweet. So innocent," the redhead whispers against your lips, feeling her breath fan your skin.

    Bucky looks around the main room of the compound, desperately trying to find you amongst the crowd. He glances down at his watch, noticing that it's been almost half an hour since you and Natasha disappeared.

    "Have you seen Y/N at all?" He asks Sam, causing the man to whip his head around.

    Sam looks around the room for a hot second before shaking his head no. "Not since she walked by earlier. Why?" He questions with furrowed eyebrows.

    Bucky shrugs his shoulders and fiddles with the cup in his hands. "Just worried something might have happened," he mumbles and Sam gives him a look.

    "If she's with Nat, I'm sure she's alright. But, if you're so hell-bent on knowing then go find her."

    The super soldier sighs and finishes the drink before setting the glass into the bar top. Bucky mumbles incoherently to himself while walking out of the room.

    His ears perk up at the sound of gasping, turning the corner to see Natasha straddling your lap. His blue eyes widen as the redhead kisses down your neck, quiet moans leaving your lips.

    Bucky can feel his cheeks warm at the sight of you two, his flesh hand scratching the back of his neck.

    Natasha feels a presence behind her and you feel her lips smirk against your neck. "We've got a visitor, lovely," she whispers and your eyes snap open.

    Your breath catches in your throat as your eyes meet Bucky's blue ones. You notice his Adam's apple bob in his throat. "I- uh, didn't mean to interrupt," Bucky mentions and points his thumb in the direction he came from. "I'll just…"

    "Hold on, Buck," Natasha cuts him off and slides herself off of your lap, "did you know that our girl here has never kissed a man before?"

    Bucks furrows his brows, kind of shocked by the news. "Really?" He mumbles as Nat gets up from the couch, walking over to him.

    "Mhm, and I figured since you guys are pretty close that you could be her first," she insists and your eyes widen.

    "Nat-" you warn and push yourself up off the couch.

    Natasha hushes you as Bucky's cheeks flush at the thought of kissing you. "C'mon, you two," she grins while pulling Bucky closer to you. "You guys have been pining for each other for so long. I'm just here to give you a little push."

    Your heart pounds against your chest as Nat winks at you before leaving the room. Silence fills the room after your crazy friend leaves, still feeling the warmth from your cheeks.

    "I'm sorry about her," you mumble and look up at Bucky through your lashes. "She's- we've been drinking so…"

    "You've never kissed a man before?" Bucky asks, still finding it hard to believe.

    A short groan leaves your lips and you hide your face in your hands. "I-I mean, yeah," you whisper while fiddling with your fingers, avoiding eye contact. "It's pathetic, I know."

    Bucky shakes his head and raises one of his hands, gently stroking your cheekbone. "It's not pathetic, Y/N," he mentions while your breath hitches in your throat, your eyes meeting his. "I'm honestly a bit surprised that a gorgeous woman like yourself has never kissed anyone before though."

    "Really? Yo-You think I'm gorgeous?" You ask and Bucky grins before nodding his head in reply.

    Your heart flutters in your chest as the two of you stand closer to one another. "Would you mind if I kissed you?" Bucky whispers and you nod your head vigorously.

    Bucky lifts your chin with his two fingers before pressing his lips to yours. You bring your hands to the shirt he's wearing, gripping it tightly as you kiss him back.

    He moves his hands to your hips, leading you back towards the couch. A gasp leaves your lips when the back of your legs collides with the couch before you fall back onto it.

    You breathe heavily while looking up at Bucky, his blue eyes clouded with an emotion you haven't seen before. You gulp as the super-soldier kneels beside you before connecting your lips again.

    Your arms wrap around his neck, pulling him closer to you as your body shifts so you're laying down. Bucky hovers over you, his fingers running through your hair.

    "Is this the first time you've kissed a girl since the 40s?" You breathily ask after the brunette pulls away from you.

    Bucky's cheeks blush, causing you to giggle lightly. "Was it bad?" He questions and you shake your head immediately.

    "No, no. You were good, really good," you grin, taking your bottom lip between your teeth.

    "Would you want to maybe get breakfast with me tomorrow?" Bucky asks with a grin, his fingers gently stroking your hips.

    You nod your head in answer and lean on your toes before pressing a kiss to the man's lips. Bucky's grip on you tightens and kisses you back instantly. The blue-eyed man suddenly pulls away from you before moving his hands to your arms.

    "Wait, what about Natasha? W-What was that all about?" He questions and your cheeks flush.

    "O-Oh, that," you stutter and rub the back of your neck. "I… she offered to help me and I happen to think she's super attractive."

    Bucky's eyebrows furrow in confusion as he brings his flesh hand to your face. You feel his thumb drag across your bottom lip, causing you to shudder lightly. "You're not going to kiss her again are you?"

    You shake your head and grab a hold of his hand, lacing your fingers together. "Not if you don't want me to," you chuckle and gently bite your bottom lip.

    A laugh leaves the super soldier's lips as his vibranium arm wraps around your waist. "Mm, well, I'm not one to share, doll," he whispers before capturing your lips with his. A quiet moan leaves your lips when Bucky trails his lips down your jawline. "But, I could be open to it."


    Taglist: @metalbuckaroo​ @jessalyn-jpeg​ @queen-of-mischief​ @bumblebet-20​ @thewxntersoldier​

    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes imagines #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky barnes one shot #bucky barnes oneshot #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes fic #bucky barnes mcu #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes smut #bucky barnes preference #natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff x reader #marvel #marvel x reader #marvel x you #marvel x y/n #marvel imagine#marvel imagines #marvel one shot #marvel oneshot#marvel fanfiction#marvel fanfic#marvel fic#marvel fluff#marvel smut
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    Ruri-Chan! [Obey Me! Levi X Voice Actor!MC]

    A/N: MC can do higher pitch voices for a female character, but is otherwise gender neutral.

    Obey Me Fanfic Masterlist

    Word Count: 795


    Being a voice actor was fun, you wouldn’t deny it. Though, you still wanted your privacy and used a stage name. Then, you also ensured that your image wouldn’t leak so people couldn’t connect you with the characters you portrayed. It also meant that you could still go to conventions without being mobbed by a bunch of sweaty, sometimes handsy fans. As long as you didn’t do the voice, you were fine.

    That is until you went missing.

    Levi came stumbling into the dining hall, nearly knocking over everything in his path. His head hung. The strands of purple hair blocked anyone’s view of his face. A dark cloud stormed over him, bringing down the mood of everyone who was previously enjoying their breakfast. Well, Beel was still happily eating away.

    “Is everything okay, Levi?” you questioned cautiously. The envious demon shook his head but remained silent. “What’s wrong? Can I help with anything?”

    Levi was still for a moment before he pulled his D.D.D. out from the pocket of his hoodie. The Ruri-chan charm dangled from his phone. You eyed the character you were the voice actor for as Levi swiped away at his screen. Then, he turned his D.D.D. to show you.

    You read the news story. “Oh.” The Magical Ruri Hanai: Demon Girl’s Season 5 Delayed: Voice Actor Missing. “Ohhh.”

    “I-I can’t believe it,” Levi choked out as if he had been crying. “They’re talking about replacing Ruri-chan’s voice actor, too. It wouldn’t be the same!”

    “Gee, I’m sorry, Levi.” You poked at your food awkwardly, knowing that you were the person missing. “I’m sure they’ll turn up, though.”

    “How? No one knows who they are or what they look like! What if they have amnesia and took up a whole new life? Like they were reborn in the anime My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!?! What if that happened IRL?”

    “I mean,” you tried to say something, but nothing was coming to mind. “Just give it a little less than a year. I’m sure they’ll magically pop back up safe and sound. Until then, you can try watching a new anime? I’m sure Ruri-chan’s voice actor has other anime that are completed?” There were a couple of series that you finished recording for, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    “I’ve already done that,” Levi huffed and hit his head against the dining table. “FML.”

    Your heart broke as you watched the demon slump away from the table and shuffle away back to his room. He looked like his entire world had shattered into a million pieces.

    “Well, we probably won’t see him for at least a week,” Satan remarked and stood to go clean his dishes.

    “He didn’t eat,” Beel said between bites.

    “I’ll bring him a plate.” You stood up and filled a plate with food, making sure you added a few pieces of toast. Once it had a variety of foods, you trailed after Levi.

    In a matter of minutes, you were at the familiar door you’ve knocked on dozens of times. Each time, having to try and figure out the ever-changing password. Your knuckles rasped against the door. You were rewarded with silence. The frown on your face deepened. You could tell he was in there by the changing colors of lights coming through under the door.

    “Levi, please, I know you’re in there,” you called out. “I brought you some breakfast since you didn’t eat. I wanted to make sure you got some food before Beel ate it all.” Again, there was silence. “Open up!”

    After a moment or two, your patience wore out. Taking a deep breath, you flexed your vocal cords to make your voice go up. “Petunia’s stand together! Flowers never say never! Evil demons be on alert as I’ll plant your rears in the dirt! Hana Ruri! Ru-Ru-Ruri!”

    The door swung open. Levi looked down at you, his eyes wide with shock.

    “Y-you s-sounded just like R-Ruri-chan. OMG. How?”

    You laughed nervously and scratched the back of your neck. “I’m assuming the voice actor was reported missing around the same time I showed up here, right?”

    “You’re Ruri-chan?” Levi asked, his voice just above a whisper. Slowly, his face started to turn into a blazing red. “I-I mean, I guess that’s cool. I-I’m not freaking out or anything.”

    You laughed lightly. “You want me to sign some of your figurines?”

    Levi froze. His brain stopped working. The idea of his figurines being signed by the mysterious voice actor was a dream come true. No one else would have something this valuable. It was too much to handle for the poor otaku.

    “Levi!” The demon fell forward, forcing you to hold his weight up while he tried to reboot.

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    20 Angsty Song Lyrics That Make Great Writing Prompts

    "I'd climb every mountain and swim every ocean, just to be with you and fix what I've broken." You Are The Reason by Calum Scott

    "I'm ready to die. I'll let you take me out, and it doesn't matter how you do it." READY2DIE by Jimmy Edgar, Messer

    "Before you go, was there something I could of said to make it all stop hurting?" Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi

    "You've left me so empty." Moving on by Taylor Henderson

    "If I could, I would lift your burden because I know how much you're hurting." Host Of Angels by Taylor Henderson

    "Am I not built to be the one?" Can't Do Better by Kim Petras

    "If I wanted to go, I would have gone by now but I really need you near me to keep my mind off the edge." Better Than I Know Myself by Adam Lambert

    "It knocks me off my feet... I'm coming apart and I can't breathe." Goodbye From Lonely by Superfruit

    "So I've been told, I've been cold, I've been merciless." I'll Be Good by Jaymes Young

    "Just keep breathing because I'm not leaving you anymore." Far Away by Nickelback

    "Every time I see your face, I break a little." Break A Little by Kirstin Maldonado

    "I've been told to get you off my mind but I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind." Bruises by Lewis Capaldi

    "If you don't want more, you gotta tell me now. Let me let go." Tell Me Now by Mario Jose

    "You battled hard, the war is done." Mountain Hymn by Rhiannon Giddens

    "I would have stayed up with you all night, had I'd known how to save a life." How To Save A Life by The Fray

    "I'll pick up the phone whenever you call. I'll never leave you in the dark." Machine by Messer

    "I don't want to lose it but I'm not getting through this." Train Wreck by James Arthur

    "The day after you said goodbye, all I did was lay in bed and cry." Remember That Night? by Sara Kays

    "You're always there, you're everywhere.. but right now, I wish you were here." Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne

    "I know that your intentions weren't to break me but it cuts so deep, I'm dripping slowly." This Is What A Broken Heart Feels Like by Marina Lin

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    my body hurts so much but i am being so brave about it

    #i’m not LOL #every othr second i’m like finnnnnnn :((((( my joinks………. #personal #i am just happy i am not feeling the full effects but there is still time #also lol @ the pharmacists literally humiliating me in front of a large group of people #they called me up to ask about my gender which isn’t even relevant to getting a vaccine (?) #and then had a huge loud argument about what to mark me as under gender even though there was literally a nonbinary option which i chose….. #but the one pharmacist doing my shot felt bad abt it and was obviously trying to correct the othr pharmacist #so that was good i guess but omg god damn
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    Just Smile and Nod | JJ Maybank (TikTok Trend)

    Summary: You show your boyfriend some ugly clothes, pretending that you bought them, in order to gauge his reaction.

    Word Count: 622

    Warnings: None

    A/N: Funny story, this request was from last year when I was doing a whole bunch of TikTok trend fics but I cleared out my inbox yesterday and deleted the request because I thought I would never get around to it, BUT when I checked my Drive, I had already written the story so now I’m posting it LOL.


    “So, I got this,” you show a photo of a polka-dotted body suit, the material bright orange with blue spots, gauging JJ’s reaction for approval.

    “Huh,” JJ observes the photo, head tilting quizzically before he gives you a slow nod. “Okay,” he finally concludes, not finding the piece entirely horrendous after a few moments of contemplation.

    Smiling happily, you swipe to the next photo, “And this.” An image of pinstriped jeans are on display, the black and white pattern being quite an eyesore to anyone, even if they have a lack of style.

    This causes JJ to second guess. Giving you a cautious look, he carefully considers his next words. “Okay,” he pauses, “So, like, you bought it already?”

    “Yeah, do you like it?” you quiz, beaming at him.

    JJ subtly tries to change the subject, choosing not to answer your question as he inquires about the “Other clothes? What else did you buy?”

    “Oh, I think this one is my favorite,” you inform him. Swiping to the next item, you proudly show him a picture of a bedazzled, neon tank top. “Do you like it?” you ask once more.

    Pursing his lips, JJ’s eyes quickly flicker up to Pope, silently asking for assistance, only for the other boy to give a small shake of his head with an amused smile before taking a swing of beer.

    “JJ?” you continue to poke.

    Grimacing, JJ gives you a strained smile, nodding along.

    “There’s also this, this, and this,” your finger swipes across your screen, each image being worse than the last.

    Hand covering the lower half of his face, JJ’s brows are raised as he nods along to each clothing item you show him, each piece shocking him more than the last.

    “I think that’s all,” you conclude. “So? What do you think?”

    “Uh,” JJ stutters, his eyes turning to Pope once more only for the intoxicated boy to dismiss him with a wave of his hand.

    “You’re on your own, man,” he states, before taking his leave, in search of the other Pogues.

    With no other plan of escape, JJ simply leans back on the couch with a groan. “I,” his tone is pinched, “I think it looks great.”

    Stifling your laughter, you attempt to make your tone serious as you ask, “You mean it?”

    Quickly sitting up, JJ grabs your hands in his as he reassures, “You’d look great in anything.” He pauses, face scrunched in hesitation as he slowly adds, “But I would just like to ask...do these stores have a return policy?”

    “JJ!” you exclaim, continuing your act.

    Shushing you, JJ places your head on his chest. Stroking your hair, he talks over you as he hastily claims, “You know what? It’s okay. You can just wear my clothes this summer, it’ll be fine.”


    “No, just,” he pries your phone from your fingers with one hand, the other one keeping you tight against his chest. “I’m just going to return these, okay?”

    “But I—”

    “No, shh,” JJ shushes you numerous times, forcing your head onto the expanse of his chest as he rubs your head.

    “No, look, listen. You are so gorgeous.” You offer a muffled reply. “So beautiful. Truly.” Your muffled replies continue. “Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. Horrible, awful, borderline making me want to take you to an eye doctor, mistakes—”

    You lift your head in protest, only for him to push you back down once more. “But it’s okay. I still love you. And the great news is most stores have a 30 day return policy.”


    “Sh, no, just lay here,” he shushes you once more and you can’t help but burst out laughing. “Thank God for return policies,” he murmurs under his breath.

    #jj x y/n #jj outer banks #outer banks jj #jj blurb #jj x you #jj x reader #jj fanfiction#jj fanfic#jj fic #obx jj fluff #jj fluf #jj maybank imagine #jj maybank outer banks #jj maybank fanfic #jj maybank one shot #jj maybank x reader #jj maybank outerbanks #jj maybank x you #jj maybank imagines #jj maybank #jj maybank fics
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    Growing closer

    summary: Harry and Loralie spend the night at Y/n and Milo’s flat for the first time and the kids spend time getting closer to the others parent. 
    warnings/disclaimers: mentions(?) of smut, its not much. i wont ever write much again because i hate writing it and i’m horrible at it so this is the most you will get, sorry! barely edited so sorry about that!!!

    Y/n invited Harry and Loralie to spend the night. She decided to take their relationship to the next step and make plans for Loralie and Harry to come over and spend the night. She went down to the market earlier and got some ingredients for dinner, stress cleaning her flat, and helped Milo clean his barely used room before the two came over. 

    Now they sit in Y/n living room, Milo and Loralie on the floor playing together while Harry and Y/n set up on the couch together, sipping some wine. A random Disney movie plays, none of them are really paying attention to it, it’s mainly on for background noise. They finished dinner not too long ago, they had an arugula salad, then garlic Parmesan pasta. It was amazing and they all scarfed it down but now they are bloated and tired. “It’s almost Loralie’s bedtime.” Harry whispers, pecking Y/n’s jaw. She giggles, pulling her head away from him and standing up. 

    She pulls Milo up, kissing his cheeks. “It’s time for bed, babe.” She says, softly bouncing him on her hip while she takes him to his bedroom, glancing back to see if Harry was collecting Loralie and joining them. They settle the kids for bed, changing them into pajamas and saying their goodnights, tucking them into bed then checking for monsters and leaving a kiss on their heads. 

    They head back out to the living room, sitting on the couch and resuming their wine drinking and movie watching. They cuddle under a thick fluffy blanket, Harry’s head resting on her shoulder while they both sag into each other. “Thanks for inviting us over.” Harry hums, his lips finding her shoulders. 

    Y/n nods, kissing the top of his head. “It’s no problem. I love being around you guys.” Harry’s kisses travel further up, tickling Y/n’s neck. “Yeah,” he hums on her neck, his nose rubbing alongside her jaw. She giggles, pushing him away. “Our kids just went to bed!” She says, also a little nervous because this would be her and Harry’s first time if it goes anything past kissing. Harry shrugs, lifting her up bridal style and giving her a rough kiss. 

    Y/n laughs, jumping down. She wraps her arms around his neck, slotting her lips with his. Harry’s arms wrap around her waist, pulling her impossibly closer to him. He sloppily leads them to her bedroom door, knocking over an empty wine glass on the way, knocking into a wall, and finally accidentally slamming the door against the wall once he got to it. 

    Y/n giggles on his lips, pulling away to look around the corner. Milo and Loralie yank open Milo's bedroom door. “Shh!” Milo says, his hair already a mess and his eyes dropping with sleep. The parents hold on a laugh, Y/n covering her mouth with her hand. “Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s go back to sleep.” Harry whispers, turning the kiddies around and leading them back to the bedroom. Y/n joins them, a small smile on her face. They tuck them back in, kissing their foreheads and heading back to Y/n’s room. 

    “We better just head to bed.” Y/n says from her closet, tossing out some pajamas for herself. Harry nods, deciding they can try again another night- a night there their kids are being baby sat. They get cozy in bed, flipping on the TV. They watch some news for a bit, getting updated on a few things before they switch it off, turning off the side table lamps. They settle into bed, giving each other a goodnight peck. “There is always next time.” 


    When they wake up the next morning it’s absolute chaos, grumpy children and tired parents, everyone trying to get ready for the day and make breakfast. “No, sit down. You can play later.” Y/n says to Milo, pointing to his chair and setting his breakfast in front of him, some eggs, a half piece of toast, and two pieces of sausage. Usually she is lucky if most of his food doesn’t end up on him. 

    “Okay! Wear your pajamas for the rest of the day. Whatever, just go eat, please. And no more raising your voice at daddy or you're taking a nap early today.” Harry says, trying to keep his voice calm while he tries to settle down his two year old. 

    Y/n softly laughs, “looks like we’re both struggling.” Harry nods, still in his pajamas and his hair a mess. They have both been so focused on their grumpy children that they haven’t even had time to brush their teeth let alone take a gander in the mirror and see how frightening they truly look. 

    “Here’s some breakfast for your troubles.” Y/n offers a plate to him, setting a fork down on it making a little clink. Harry thanks her, joining the kids who are rudely eating with their hands and not even giving their forks a thought (but they were toddlers so no one cared). Y/n eventually joins them, setting her own plate down with a yawn. 

    “What are we doing?!” Milo asks, Harry tiredly laughing. “We are eating breakfast, mate.” He says, giving him a tired smile. Y/n laughs at the interaction, covering her mouth, “No, H, he means like… what are we doing today?” Y/n informs him, a giggle in her voice. Harry raises his eyebrows, “ohhh,” Harry nods, “yeah, I knew that.” 

    “Well we’re gonna let them go home, baby. Then I gotta go down to the shop.” Y/n smiles, pushing Milo's sippy cup toward him. 

    They finish up breakfast, Harry helping Y/n clean the kitchen before they finally get themselves ready and part ways, having a long goodbye. 


    Harry was taking Milo out today and Y/n was taking Loralie out. Harry and Y/n talked and they thought it would help grow their relationships, even though Harry was already best buddies with Milo, and Y/n and Loralie were the best of friends they needed to become more or parental figures than best friends with the kids. So they arranged to take the other out and get to know them more, treat them like they would their own children instead of a friend. 

    Harry was going to take Milo out to a baseball game and Y/n is taking Loralie out to get Mani pedis, to the mall, then to dinner. 

    Harry and Milo were already at the baseball game, getting settled in while Y/n and Loralie are on the way to their nail appointment. 

    Harry and Milo get settled in their seats, the game not started yet. “Are you excited for the game, bub?” Harry asks, looking down where Milo is sitting in his stadium seat. Milo nods, giving him a thumbs up while he plays with his toy dinosaur. “Dinosaur.” he says, making it walk up Harry's arm before making the brachiosaurus bite his shoulder. “Munch munch! He got you!” Milo dramatically says, standing up in his seat. Harry laughed, gasping and backing up a little, “Ahh!” Milo giggles. Harry didn't even know where he got that dinosaur from, he didn't see it on the ride over so he must have stashed it in his pocket. 

    “Okay, bub, smile for mummy. Gotta let her know we made it here safe.” Harry says, pulling out his phone and opening his camera, leaning toward Milo and smiling widely, Milo smiling widely and closing his eyes, his small dimples poking out. Harry chuckles, pulling the phone away and sending the photo off to the little boy's mum. 

    Harry: Already having bunches of fun! *1 attachment* 

    “Loralie, text your daddy back and tell him I'm trying to drive” Y/n jokes, making Loralie look up at her while she's strapped in her car seat. “What?” she asks, making Y/n laugh, pulling into the nail places car park. “Nothing, Lora. Let's get our nails done, girl!” she sings, unbuckling her car seat and pulling her out, softly setting her down on the concrete and holding her hand while they walk into the nail salon. 

    They get seated together, Loralie giggling at the chair massaging her back. Y/n snaps a photo of her to send to Harry later when her fingers aren't wet. “What color did you pick out?” Y/n asks Loralie, turning toward her. “I got purple, daddy likes it.” Y/n heart swells, Loralie is such a sweet girl. “Good choice!” she smiles, looking at the light pink color she picked for herself. 


    “Are you having fun, Milo?” Harry asks, watching the boy eat a snow cone almost the size of him that he purchased for him not too long ago. Milo nods, smiling up at him while he spoons another mountain of the ice treat in his mouth, getting it all over his nose and around his mouth. Harry laughs, “Here, bub.” he laughs, handing him a paper napkin. Milo takes it, messily wiping around his face. Harry nods watching him try and get it off, glancing back at the game. 

    The announcer yells as the better runs to home base, making a home run. Milo cheers with the crowd, pumping his small fists in the air. Harry's eyes widened, laughing for the thousandth time today. How did he know anything about the game? Milo looks around, still excited even though the crowd has died down. Oh, he was only excited because everyone else was. 


    “Our nails are so cute!” Y/n cheers, walking out of the nail salon. Loralie squeals, looking at her purple fingers and toes. “Lets send daddy a photo!” Y/n says, putting her hand out, Loralie quickly joins her hand between their bodies. Y/n takes the photo, sending the one she took earlier of Loralie and the one she took just now to him before getting them back in the car. 

    Y/n: Our nails are done :) *two attachments* 

    They zoom to the mall, hopping out and walking around first, looking at some stuff through display cases, perfume, pretty (but super expensive) jewelry, and some old lady jewelry. Then they head up the escalator (Y/n and Loralie holding hands extra tight because Loralie was scared), going to look around at all the different stores they have. 

    Loralie stops a candy store, gasping and pointing to it. Y/n instantly laughs, leading her to the candy store. “Okay, we're only getting a little, we aren't telling daddy, and we are gonna eat it after dinner, ‘kay?” Y/n asks, Loralie looking up to her, nodding as if she was keeping the most precious secret. They collect their candy, definitely getting more than they should have, but it was worth it to see the little girl so happy. 

    Loralie squeals, running out of the candy store, one arm clutching the candy bag and her other hand still holding Y/n’s hand. Y/n laughs, walking with her. Y/n had expected to feel a little awkward today, not sure what to talk about or how to treat Loralie but she's had a bunch of fun with her and she already feels that parental role taking over. 

    They end up in a random kids store, filled with stuffed animals, toys, kids jewelry, and clothes. “Look!” Loralie basically yells toward Y/n, showing her some play pearls. Y/n smiles, taking them and nodding. “Like what daddy wears!” she gushes, making Y/n pout, she's the most adorable girl. “Yeah, let's get them and you can match daddy.” Loralie nods, pulling another off of the display and holding it up to her. “For Milo” she smiles. Y/n pouts, kissing the top of her head. 

    “Sounds good, babe” 


    “Want a hat or something, Milo?” Harry asks, looking around the gift shop with the boy. Milo shrugs, more interested in making his toy dinosaur crawl up Harry's leg. Harry chuckles, pulling the toy up on his hip, “let's get you this hat” he says, flopping the small hat on the boy's hat before stomping over to the cash register, feeling heavy and bloated from all the crappy baseball stadium food they ate today. 

    They buy the hat, Harry placing it back on the toddler's head and walking back to the car with him on his hip since he was half asleep. “I've had a great day with you, bub.” Harry says to Milo, almost to the car. Milo sleepily places his head on top of Harry's, closing his eyes, “me too.” Harry's heart squeezes, thinking he could cry. “I'm happy you did.” 


    “Dinner was good!” Y/n smiles, throwing away their trash from their huge slices of food court pizza. Loralie smiles, wiping the rest of the greasing from her face on the back of her hand then wiping it on her pants. Y/n laughs at her actions, wiping off her hands. “Well, I guess it's time to go meet daddy and Milo!” she hums, pulling her up on her hip and heading back down the escalator to hop back in the car to drive back to her flat. 

    They get back to her flat in about twenty minutes, heading up the stairs. She unlocks the door, placing a sleeping Loralie on the couch before she heads to her bedroom, changing into some pajamas. She hears a soft knock on her door, unlocking it and opening it to find Harry with Milo sleeping in his arms. Y/n laughs, “just lay him on the couch” she whispers, pointing over to the couch. 

    Harry places the boy on the couch softly, making sure not to wake him. He walks over to the counter, watching Y/n get a glass of water. “How was your day?” he smiles, leaning over the counter, kissing her. “It was a lot of fun.” he admits, smiling widely. Y/n smiles widely back at him, “Good. I had so much fun with her. We had a blast.” 

    Harry smiles, “That's amazing to hear, babe. Now I gotta get the sleepy girl home” he peers over the couch, watching his daughter sleep for a second. Y/n shrugs, “or you could spend the night again?” she smiles, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head on his chest. Harry smiles down at her, kissing his head. 

    “Yeah, maybe I'll stay the night.”

    please reblog if you liked it and tell me what you thought!!!

    taglist: @romionefp @harrystyles-tpwk @wholesomestyles @evanjh @hopeyoustaythenight @harrysddtittys

    #meet cute #singledad!harry #singledadrry #harry styles x reader #harry x reader #harry styles fanfiction #harry fanfiction#fic#fanfiction#fineline#harry styles#harry#watermelon sugar #harry styles au #harry styles one shot #harry one shot #harry styles imagine #harry imagine #harry styles writing #harry writing #harry styles preferences #harry preferences#au#golden#one shot#imagine #single dad harry x reader #single parent x harry #harry styles blurb #blurb
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    #anonymous #reaLLY i just have a fic that i know i can't finish UNTIL the sequel happens so like............ #but also what kind of nonsense will i come up with after the sequel???? #who knows #this time last year i had like HALF a zelda fic idea #now i'm over 13 ideas and that's not counting all the one shots #im excited for the game on all fronts!
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    STARDUST MEME  // ROY HARPER ||  @daniwrit // BARBARA GORDON ASKED:   “ and  risk  you  being  too  embarrassed  to  keep  saying  such  lovely  things ? ”

    “Me?  Embarrassed?  Pft.” He tosses his head to one side, screwing up his face in a playful scowl, “You have to feel shame to be embarrassed -- and saying nice things to pretty people is not something I feel ashamed of.” He teases back.  He takes two fingers and makes a point of pinching his own arm, “See? Thick skin.” 

    #daniwrit #;; some kind of one man arsenal // roy harper #babs how do you think you can get shot down this often and still keep flirting #is thick skin a curse who knows.
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    WIP tag game

    Guess it's my turn. I got tagged by @booksfoxesandcoffee and @disdaidal sorry if I missed anyone that tagged me. I've been a bit AWOL recently. Anyway, i have quite a few WIPs because, as we all know, i have no self control.

    From earliest to most recent, here they are:

    I Don't Understand: "People are complicated and few people probably know that better than Billy hargrove."

    Bad at Being Human: "After quickly packing lunches for himself and Will and Steve- because he'd be damned if he let his friend go hungry- they all step out into the winter air and to their respective cars, driving to school as though this were a perfectly common occurrence."

    Just a green Thumb: "Billy and Tommy chatted by the camaro while waiting for Max."

    Nancy Driscoll: "The court date comes and Nancy is silently grateful she lives within walking distance of the courthouse"

    (Unnamed) Coldflash gc: "smoakonthewater: Knowing Barry 'the definition of sunshine' Allen? I believe it"

    Mini Marshmallows: "'I thought you said we weren't out of the mini marshmallows,' Len eyed his giggling boyfriends with increasing calculation."

    There would be an entry from my proper book, but i haven't written any copy of that just yet, so have the title that i finally decided on: Upside Out

    I'm tagging anyone that wants to do this. You can say i tagged you, but i literally just have no idea who's done is and who hasn't.

    #tag game#wip tag #yes im aware that my number of wips is becoming increasingly concerning #but i get an idea and my brain goe weeeee #im literally writing mini marshmallows as im typing this #its just a one shot tho #most of these are harringrove #except the last two #coldflash#coldflashwave #ok technically the first two are jarringrove #but shush #im having fun #j writing
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    sooo if i made a podfic of one of my fics, would anyone be interested 👀

    #i have a fic in mind #but let me know if there's one you'd want to hear #anyway i've been interested for a while #and now im alone in my apartment #and i've had a glass of wine #so this seems like the perfect time to give it a shot
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    😭 is buster posey even real or more likely DEAD??

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    art brings people together

    Warnings: Mild language

    Word Count: 2389

    Character(s): Aston Bradley (playby Daniel Brühl) and Thomas Hawkins (playby Tom Hiddleston)

    Summary: During the summer of 1995 (a year following Voldemort’s return to power at the Triwizard Tournament), Aston takes a few weeks for holiday in Egypt to visit his younger cousin Tom and for some business. At this time, Aston is twenty-one and gradually taking on more assignments for the Bradley Company (his family’s art business); Tom is fifteen and a few years into his tattoo apprenticeship. Now that they're older, the tensions between the Bradley and Hawkins families are starting to have a greater impact on the two boys stuck in the middle.


    Egypt was nothing like England.

    Aston’s father was a bloody liar. And as a result, his young adult son was feeling surly and cantankerous. Not to mention sweaty and overheated.

    It was hot and dry in bloody Cairo. And there was sand everywhere. Aston swore that he would be shaking it out of all of his belongings for weeks after he returned home. How the hell did his fifteen year old cousin stand being here for a majority of the year, let alone a good portion of his life?

    Aston was too polite to ask such a bitter question, however. Instead, he sat and mildly sulked to himself at Aunt Mel’s kitchen table in the small rental flat. His chin rested on his arms, looking much more the age of the younger boy across from him than his twenty-one years. Aston watched quietly as Tom sketched odd symbols and designs in a notebook, his hair ruffled by the breeze drifting occasionally through the open windows. It was a Godsend, that coolness; but to Aston’s dismay, it never lingered long enough to mellow out his mood.

    Aston’s father had been a little surprised to learn that his son had never visited his wife’s family in Cairo. There just hadn’t been much of an opportunity, considering how Aston and Tom shared very different lives. They did get to spend time together over Christmas when the Hawkinses came to Bradley Hall, and then for one year at Hogwarts during Tom’s first year and Aston’s last. But other than that, the suggestion had never been mentioned. This was both surprising and not, considering the boys’ age gap and how their fathers did not often see eye-to-eye on a quite a few things.

    Aston had been eager to spend time with his cousin. It had been a while since they had had one-on-one time. Tom was the closest he had to having a sibling, and the pair had done a bit of bonding during Aston’s seventh year at school. Aston did his best to be like a true older brother, looking out for Tom as he found his way. Indeed, Tom had caught on well enough and made friends quickly; but he did make a point to spend time with his cousin when possible. They enjoyed some playful competition while spectating Quidditch matches for their houses, then rooting just as passionately for the other’s team when they played against one of the remaining two.

    It was only one school year they had together, but Aston looked upon it fondly. One moment he was particularly proud of when Tom felt comfortable enough to reveal that he was thinking about becoming a tattoo artist. Aston had not been surprised that his cousin had already thought about what he wanted to be when he was older, considering how he himself had essentially been set to work for his family’s company since he was born. What had surprised but yet intrigued him was the fact that Tom was considering a job that was not something either of his parents did at all. But when his cousin had shown him the sketches he had started based off the Egyptian hieroglyphs his father had introduced him to, Aston knew that he was on to something.

    Four years later, Aston wondered just how much Tom had improved upon his already impressive talent. Therefore, Aston hadn’t fought against the notion of coming to Egypt for a few weeks, especially when it included overseeing the exotic paints being shipped back to England for one of the Bradley Company’s artists. However, he had been a little hesitant to embark on such a project on his own, his thoughts quickly switching from interest about his cousin to his own career path.

    Aston’s inquiries had flowed out of him like a raging waterfall after his father had revealed that he would be doing this for the business: How would the paints fair in the change of climate? Would he be able to handle them properly without his father’s watchful eye? Would he negotiate a fair price? Would the paints meet the proper standards and not be poorly mixed? And why on earth did they need such specific paints made from minerals in the Nile River -

    “I appreciate you taking time to think about all of that, Aston,” Stefan Bradley replied quickly, cutting off Aston’s stream of concerns with a wave of his hand. “But this is about more than completing this job.” He scratched his chin thoughtfully for a moment before looking back at his son. “What I want you to get out of this trip is that… Egypt is like England. Full of life and culture and experience. And just like England, there is also a unique side of Egypt that expresses its beauty. You have yet to truly experience this. England has shown you its elegance; now you must see Egypt in order to embrace theirs.”

    Okay, so perhaps his father had not literally implied that England and Egypt were one and the same. But that didn’t make Aston any less bothered by the heat he was “experiencing.”

    Aston exhaled sharply before sitting up straight and running his hands through his hair. “Hey,” he said to Tom.

    His cousin paused his sketch, eyes flickering over to him. “What?” he asked, faintly annoyed at being interrupted.

    Aston wet his lips, then made a face as he tasted sand. “You still working on that tattoo stuff?” he asked.

    “Yeah.” Tom’s response was blunt. His quill started to move across the paper once more.

    Aston sat up a little bit more, peering more closely at what his cousin was drawing. “What are you working on?”

    “None of your business.” Aston raised an eyebrow. That was odd. Tom had never snapped at him this much before. They had had a few sibling-like banters before, but this seemed different.

    “What’s your problem?” he asked. “I was just wondering.” Tom didn’t look at him, mumbling something under his breath. “What was that?”

    “Dad doesn’t want you to try making money off of my stuff.” Tom actually seemed a little embarrassed to say it out loud. The slight Egyptian touch to his British accent became a bit more prominent with the emotion, but he made himself heard this time.

    Aston stared at him for a moment. The cousins both knew that their parents did not always agree on the subject of money and business, especially when there was alcohol involved. But that statement, now bringing him directly into it all… It struck a harsh blow. Aston slumped back into his chair. “I wouldn’t to do that,” he muttered, now a little bothered himself. “And I’m not going to do that.” He swallowed and wet his lips again, although this time the aridness and sand were the least of his problems.

    Tom shrugged, still avoiding his cousin’s gaze. “That’s what Dad thinks.” His quill scratched and scratched at the paper until it was bone dry. “You’re here to do business, right?” he asked after he had reached for his inkpot. This time when he spoke, their eyes met.

    Aston couldn’t help but be stunned and hurt. A small part of him should have known that someday he and Tom would end up dragged into this ridiculous family dispute, but now that it was starting to actually occur… It was one thing to have his uncle suggest that Aston would try to take advantage of Tom’s artistic skills; but to hear his cousin, who he had laughed and engaged with often during their shared year at school, think also so lowly of him was heartbreaking. “Not… just that,” he replied, lost for words for a moment.

    Indeed, it was such a twist of fate that the one time Aston was able to come to stay in Cairo with the Hawkinses, he also was given a work-related assignment. Perhaps Stefan had done it on purpose to mess with Uncle George somewhat… Whatever the case may be, the entire situation was messed up. Each of their parents had their own opinions on the business and money, but that didn’t mean that he and Tom would end up at similar odds. Aston was not going to let that tear him and his cousin apart, that he knew for sure. He was better than that. They were better than that.

    “Tom,” Aston began carefully, sitting up straight in his seat. Tom dropped his eyes again. “I have always loved your designs,” Aston said. “The way you make them flow and weave together so beautifully while also still allowing runes to shine in their own glory… It’s so captivating! I’m six years older than you, and I can barely even make my signature look any good.” He chuckled lightly shaking his head. “And then there’s your incredible understanding of those symbols that lets you convey even deeper meanings… That’s a level of magic so ancient and misunderstood that hardly anyone years older than you can even comprehend as well as you can.”

    Tom said nothing in return, although he stopped trying to avoid Aston’s gaze. Aston sighed gently before at last standing up and approaching the younger boy. He knelt before him, resting his hands on Tom’s shoulders. “Words can’t express how amazing that is,” his cousin continued. “What I would want -” Aston made a point of placing one hand on his own chest. “- if we were to ever work together, is to share that with the world someday. Not to make a profit off of or to claim it as my own. I want the world to see and appreciate your talent as much as I do. But even then, I would never force you to give it to me. You deserve to have your skills displayed across the world, but only if that’s what you want to do. I respect you, and all the artists out there, too much to take that right from you.

    “And that I can promise you I will do.” Silence fell between the pair of them. Tom didn’t look entirely convinced. Aston knew that he couldn’t blame him. His cousin had to figure out whether or not to believe him or his own father. An idea came to Aston then. It made his stomach twist a little bit, but he knew he had to try. He rested both of his hands on his knees, rest back on his haunches.

    “How ‘bout this,” he began. “How about you give me a tattoo, huh?”

    The suggestion at last brought out a reaction from Tom, which was a burst of laughter. Aston couldn’t help but smile as well at the sound. “What of?” Tom asked, folding his arms casually. “The Mona Lisa on your arse?”

    “You little git,” Aston chuckled. “I’m serious. And there are more works of art out there, you know.”

    Tom rolled his eyes. “Whatever. What do you want then?”

    Aston thought carefully for a moment. He did wonder if this was a stupid idea, but it had seemed to perk his cousin up. When he didn’t speak for a minute, Tom got up from his chair. Aston blinked and got to his feet as well, brow furrowing as he watched him leave the room. He was mildly confused about what was happening until his cousin returned with a ratty suitcase in hand. Aston face paled ever so slightly as Tom set the case down on the table and pull out his tattoo gun, some gloves, and a bottle of black ink. “Just… something small,” he croaked out.

    “Yeah, I think that’s for the best,” Tom replied, smirking. “Now that you’ve offered, I’m down. Come on, sit down, cousin.” He snapped on the gloves as Aston did as he was told. “Where do we want this ‘something small?’”

    “Ah… some place not super visible,” Aston replied. His eyes were still locked on the tattoo gun, barely noticing his cousin pouring out some ink into a smaller vessel.

    “Ankle’s going to hurt like hell,” Tom said, setting down the tiny cup and getting a few alcohol wipes out. “What about somewhere on your inner arm?” Aston gulped, but nodded. “Okay… Now what’s something that means a lot to you? Maybe that will help you pick something.” Aston’s mind went blank for a moment as his cousin took his left arm and began to sanitize his inner wrist. “You know, like a paintbrush or those paint board things -”

    “A pawprint,” Aston suddenly blurted. The image of his whippet back home sprang to mind, and his heartbeat immediately began to slow a little. “For my dog.”

    “Done.” Tom moved his chair so that he was in front of his cousin. Aston stared at the tool for the job moved from the case, to the ink, and then just above his skin. The tattoo gun was clearly magicked, as it was not connected to anything and yet sprang to life as Tom began to work without so much as a warning.

    “Bloody hell -” Aston’s breath caught in his throat at the sensation, his mouth dropping open as his cousin just started to create the design much sooner than he had been expecting. It was the strangest painful feeling he had ever experienced, and yet he didn’t force his cousin to stop. Aston was somehow captivated by how smoothly Tom worked, a clear image appearing on his skin as easily as it would when he sketched on paper.

    Within twenty minutes, Tom had finished. He wiped the excess ink off Aston’s arm with a paper towel before resting back in his seat for the final reveal. “Never thought I’d see the day,” Tom chuckled, looking quite amused by how amazed his cousin appeared. “Aston Bradley is no longer a tattoo virgin.” Aston couldn’t help but laugh too, gazing at the stinging skin. The tiny black pawprint stood out against his pale skin, and the longer he looked at it the more he fell in love with it. “Mum almost murdered me when I got my first,” Tom said. “So I’m sure Aunt Evie isn’t going to be too thrilled either.”

    Now it was Aston’s turn to shrug, a grin growing on his face. “My father did want me to ‘have an experience,’” he replied. “It looks great, Tom. This means a lot to me. Thank you.”

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    The Bad Batch Our World Au One Shots


    Proof read by the wonderful @nahoney22​ and @kaijusplotch​. They have been wonderful enough to give me feedback on what to improve and edit in my Bad Batch stories.   GENERAL NOTES:  1. If you’re triggered by stuff, then don’t bother reading. I sympathize, but I’m not going to baby anyone over 18years old. You’re an adult, you can choose what to read and when to stop reading.  2. If I make romance scenes, they will be posted separately as a kind of choose your own adventure. They will be just for fun and will in no way impact the main story lines of any of my stories.  3.This is for fun and not to be taken seriously.


    Hunter woke up in the middle of the night with a yawn. Even though he and his squad were safe, he still woke up periodically to do a headcount. It was a habit he might never stop doing, he would often think. Standing up from the inflated mattress he and Crosshair shared, he looked around the dark room.

    Crosshair was sleeping peacefully. Not noticing his brother’s absence and if he had he wasn’t bothered enough to say anything. He saw Tech snoring lightly in the recliner, his data pad and glasses neatly placed on the desk not far from him.

    Wrecker was sprawled out on the fold out sofa’s mattress. The Mickey doll, as he was told was its name, held lovingly on his chest with one arm.

    In the kitchen Echo was sitting at the little island trying to read one of the books Cole had in her home.

    They had learned early on that Earth’s English was written how Basic sounded. It was odd, but not impossible to learn with some time. Of course, Tech managed to get the hang of it in only a day or two.

    Hunter quietly walked over to the former arc trooper. He knew the man didn’t sleep as much as he should, but never pressed him to rest unless he had to.

    “How’s the reading?” He asked him in a hushed tone. “I feel like a cadet again to be honest.” Echo answered equally as quiet, with a grin. Hunter nodded, his head raising to look up at the loft.

    “Omega’s fine. Came down earlier for some water and went back to sleep.” Echo recounted. “What about our host?” He asked. “Still sleeping in her truck.” “I don’t know why she thinks that’s necessary.” “Probably the same reason she stays up late in her shed.”

    Hunter turned to fully face his older brother; having been unaware of this particular bit of information.

    Cole glared into her laptop’s camera to emphasize her displeasure.

    “Stop glarin, it’s unbecomin of a lady.” Said a male. “Shove it Corderoy. I don’t need a lecture from you on maintaining a healthy work life.” She snapped.

    The man on the screen shook his head at her. “I’m not the one goin around at all hours tryin ta help folks I barely know.” He told her “You can’t do everythin, you’re not Superman.”

    “No I can’t, but I’m still going to go as far as I can, even if it kills me.” Her voice was quieter than it had been. “They need help finding a way home to their family. Until I find out where their family is, I’m going to do everything I can to protect these kids.”

    There was a moment of silence from the man as he rubbed his temples. He couldn’t understand how he was friends with such a frustrating person.

    “You are a very stubborn woman.” He grumbled. Cole smirked. “Yes, I am. Now that you’ve done your usual mental health check with me. What do you make of those markings I sent you?”

    The man leaned forward a bit, his eyes focusing on something off camera. “I think one of my colleagues in Canada may know somethin. I’ll email you later today with what I find.”

    Cole gave her thanks and the two parted ways. She hadn’t noticed Hunter standing in the doorway of the shed as she clutched her fists on the work table.

    “If the elders don’t find anything, what am I going to tell them?” She wondered allowed. “The truth would be good.”

    Cole nearly jumped out of her skin, her hand grabbing the nearest item to defend herself as she spun around. Hunter had his hands up in surrender, giving her a coy smile.

    “Heh. Nice weapon.” He chuckled. Cole looked at what she was holding. It was a simple ruler covered in paint.

    “I don’t know.” She grinned “I could measure you to death.” “That was a horrible joke.” he told her.

    The two chuckled as Hunter walked closer to her. His eyes glided over her face; taking in how tired she appeared.

    Since the squad reunited, Cole had insisted on sleeping out in her truck. Saying she didn’t feel comfortable sharing a bed with Omega, as she wasn’t related to her and the kid deserved her own space.

    “You haven’t been sleeping.” Hunter said, looking into her eyes. “I get enough.”

    Hunter lifted his hand to brush loose strands of hair from Cole’s face. A light blush spread over her cheeks at the small gesture. It wasn’t the first time he had seen her blush and he didn’t want it to be the last.

    “You need to get a good night’s sleep.”

    He hadn’t noticed until he spoke that Cole had pressed her head into his hand. She could feel the roughness of his hand from his time fighting. Protecting his family.

    Cole opened her eyes to see Hunter watching her with a soft expression. She quickly straightened up, as she apologized, and tried to turn. But Hunter had gently turned her to face him again.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked. Cole took a deep breath before looking him in the eyes. “I’m not sure.” She answered. “Talking to Corderoy I started to think about what my life is going to be like without all of you in it.”

    Hunter let go of her arms as he listened to her. His eyes never leaving hers. He had wondered the same thing. It had been nice having her around. She was able to keep Wrecker in check when it was needed. Enjoyed listening to Tech’s long monologues about whatever he was thinking about at the time. She had managed to gain Echoes trust and throw back whatever sarcasm Crosshair gave her. Even her bond with Omega was something else. She was very patient with her, listening to her stories and troubles. She would give her useful advice and informed them of things that could help as the girl grew older.

    “Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be happy when you guys finally get to go home, but,”

    He gently held her shoulder. A silent encouragement to continue. She rested her hand on top of his. Her slender fingers wrapping around his larger ones to hold.

    “It’s going to be real lonely without any of you around. Especially you.” “It’ll be lonely without you too.” He admitted. “Wha-you-“ Cole was at a loss for words. She hadn’t expected him to feel the same way.

    He had always come off as someone who was looking after his men, but never once had she seen any sign he thought of her as something more. The few times she had seen him show a sign of wanting more, she had brushed it off as her imagination.

    Hunter closed the gap between them, wrapping his arms around her small frame. He held her close; gently reaching up and pressing her head to his chest. She could hear his heart beating steadily, unable to tell how nervous, how frightened he was to let her go. He could feel her body relax against him as they stood there.

    Cole wasn’t sure how long they stood like that. Their arms securely holding each other. Neither ready to let go. It was only when Hunter loosened his grip that she looked up into his face.

    Without words he bent down to her, their lips pressing together and pulling away. They looked for any sign the other wanted to stop. Finding no signal to part ways, their lips met again and again. Each connection growing more desperate than the last. Hunter slipped his hands down to Cole’s thighs, easily lifting her up to set her atop the workbench. Now closer to his height, she was much easier to kiss. His lips trailed down to her neck. At the crook he focused his attention on kissing and suckling, earning melodious moans from her. When he was done, he returned to her mouth to plunge their tongues into a battle of wills.

    When the two finally broke away long enough to catch their breath; Hunter decided to ask her what had been tormenting him for some time.

    “Come with us.” he panted “Wha-? You…you won’t mind? Your brothers or Omega?” Her eyes darted across his face, trying to find any sign of hesitance. “You fit in with the squad. My Vods trust you and Omega likes you.” He told her.

    Cole sat there quietly, leaning forward to rest her forehead against his shoulder. “It wouldn’t be the same without you with us.”

    Her hands clutched at his shirt. Desperately praying this wasn’t a dream. That they would all still be there when she woke up. All of them.

    “Are you sure? You won’t be able to get rid of me if I go along.” She asked, fear tinting her voice. Hunter rubbed her back, resting his chin on top of her head. “Yes, Cyar’ika.” He answered.

    “Cyar’ika.” She repeated. It was a word Omega taught her. A word that wasn’t used lightly amongst soldiers. It meant darling, beloved, sweetheart; all these things in just one simple word.

    Closing her eyes, she tightened her hold on him and took a deep breath. “How do you say Yes in Mandalorian?”

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    cant wait to play echoing void just so i can laugh at the heart of ender for being so tiny now

    #I KNOW THEYLL BECOME STRONGER AT THE FINALE BC… DUH #but until then THEYRE SO FUCKING SCRAWNY AT THE MOMENT #?? I WANT TO MOCK THEM SO BADLY #i know #the devs said ender is going to be the toughest boss yet #bc unlike the rest itll relentlessly stalk you #BUT LIKE… #its a fucking space worm now how am i supposed to take it seriously #evil danger noodle… #AKAJSKSHSKSNSK #im probably eating my words rn. watch as he one-shots you on contact #help#my post
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    Sneak peek of meet cute part 4!!!

    “Okay, bub, smile for mummy. Gotta let her know we made it here safe.” Harry says, pulling out his phone and opening his camera, leaning toward Milo and smiling widely, Milo smiling widely and closing his eyes, his small dimples poking out. Harry chuckles, pulling the phone away and sending the photo off to the little boy's mum.

    Harry: Already having bunches of fun! *1 attachment*

    “Loralie, text your daddy back and tell him i'm trying to drive” Y/n jokes, making loralie look up at her while she's strapped in her carseat. “What?” she asks, making Y/n laugh, pulling into the nail places car park. “Nothing, Lora. Let's get our nails done, girl!” she sings, unbuckling her carseat and pulling her out, softly setting her down on the concrete and holding her hand while they walk into the nail salon.

    #sneak peak#meet cute #singledad!harry #harry styles imagine #fic#harry imagine #harry styles au #harry styles one shot #harry x reader
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    Seaside Escapes ~ Min Yoongi

    “Look, the sea!” You heard Yoongi exclaim as you pulled into the small road that your rental was on, following the point of his finger down the road to where the beginnings of the ocean were.

    “I can’t remember the last time I saw the sea,” you softly responded.

    “Can we go down there straight away?” He then excitedly asked you, “I’ve been dreaming of sitting on a beach ever since we booked to come down here for the weekend.”

    With a few days to yourselves, it seemed like the perfect chance to get a bit of an escape from the city life and enjoy time just the two of you. The beach seemed like the perfect destination for you both, calm, fun, and most importantly a place to spend time together all alone.

    You barely had time to park in front of your house when you pulled up before Yoongi was climbing out. You watched on with a chuckle as he stood still, taking in a deep breath, embracing the smell of the fresh coastal air.

    “Feel good?” You questioned as you climbed out too, enjoying the breeze that hit you from just a few metres away.

    “I’ve already decided I don’t want to leave this place,” he joked as he moved to the boot of the car to grab your bags, “are we allowed to stay forever?”

    Your head shook back at him as you made your way over to the house, with the owner having left the key underneath the doormat for you both. With intrigue, you both made your way in, astonished by what you sat before you as soon as you took your first few steps.

    “This place looks incredible,” you whispered, drawn particularly to a large window in the living room which overlooked the full stretch of the beach before you.

    It didn’t take long before the two of you dumped your bags and began your adventure down to the beach, heading as far down as you could before the water began to hit you both, dipping your toes in just where the waves began to crash against the shore.

    “This is the sort of place I’ve missed recently,” Yoongi whispered to you, “a place to just relax.”

    “You’ve worked hard,” you reminded him, shuffling closer towards him, “it’s about time you had a proper break and gave yourself the time to gather your thoughts once again.”

    You knew that Yoongi was never going to completely switch off from work, even if the point of the trip was to help him relax. Inspiration was always around him, especially in a place that was as calming and comforting as the beach you found yourselves at.

    “I think one night I might just come down here with my notepad and watch the sun set,” he then informed, “that’s a view that I definitely think I could get a few lyrics from with ease.”

    Your head nodded, knowing that it was a waste of time to ever argue with Yoongi when it came to work. Seeing how excited he was to try writing a song again had already made the trip worthwhile for you, and it had still only just begun.

    “Will you come with me if I watch the sun set down here? You’re the final piece of the puzzle that I need for some motivation,” he whispered.

    Your eyes looked away from the water to him, noticing how keen he was by the way that he looked at you. Your head soon nodded back at him, as always, you were willing to do whatever it took to help him out when it came to work.

    “We’re going to have such a good few days,” he then spoke up once again, draping his arm over your shoulders, “it’s been too long since we got the chance to do something like this.”

    For some time Yoongi had been counting the days to your trip, desperate to escape the busy city and have actual time with you. No interruptions, no unscheduled meeting, just all of the hours in the day to enjoy your company.

    “Maybe we could try and find a shop nearby and bring a picnic down here too,” he suggested, unable to get the idea of the sunset out of his mind. “We drove past a little convenience store not too far back, didn’t we?”

    You could vividly remember the tiny store that you passed, concentrating on the roads. Whilst you knew it probably wouldn’t sell much, it was all part of the fun for you both to try and see what you could come up with what little you’d have.

    “Do we know what the store was called to check it’s opening hours?” He asked.

    Your head shook, staring back at him with wide eyes. “You were the one that was in the passenger’s seat, shouldn’t you have been looking at what the shop was called?”

    “You know I’m not good with things like that,” he whined, throwing his arms up innocently, “it’s it too risky to go back and just hope that the store might still be open at this time?”

    Your eyes met Yoongi’s, letting go of a sigh. “I guess it’s all part of the adventure of being on holiday, we’ve got a few more nights to watch the sun set if we end up missing it tonight.”

    “Exactly, let’s just go to the store and hope for the best, what’s the worst that could happen?”

    The two of you made your way back up to your house after a few more minutes at the beach, grabbing a bag to put your food in. With the weather still warm, you left your car keys behind, opting to adventure on foot instead.

    “Can you remember the way in?” Yoongi asked as you began to walk up the small road that had given you your first sightings of the beach.

    “The Sat Nav told me the way,” you sighed, scratching the top of your head, “but I’m sure we came from the left and turned right into this road earlier.”

    Slightly optimistically, Yoongi trusted you, beginning to veer to the left and walk back along the road. It was surprisingly quiet for the middle of the summer, which immediately left him feeling uncertain about whether you were on the right path.

    Each junction that you came to was a bit of a guess, hoping that you could remember the way. After twenty minutes you finally found yourselves at a familiar bit of road again, recognising the store at the end of the road.

    “This isn’t looking as good as I hoped,” you could hear Yoongi mutter ahead of you.

    “Why?” You questioned, although as he stepped aside and you noticed how dark the windows of the store were, your question was answered. “Have we really walked all this way just for the stupid store to be shut this early?”

    Yoongi sighed lightly beside you, “well, we did agree that this was going to be all about adventure, whether it was a good one or a bad one.”

    Your head nodded as his arm wrapped around you, determined not to let your smile drop so quickly into your holiday. “What are we supposed to do for food tonight now? Are we close enough to any other stores around here?”

    “Maybe we should have thought about this earlier,” Yoongi laughed, “I can cook, but that doesn’t count for much if we don’t have any ingredients.”

    “Shall we walk for a while longer? See if we find somewhere else?” You suddenly suggested.

    “But what if we find nothing?” He groaned.

    “We’re on an adventure, right?”



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    Got an L Lawliet fic coming ya'lls way tomorrow 👀

    It's short slight fluff but part of my death note series i decided to make

    It's a pre/sequel to this fic with Light, so make sure you check that out before it's posted!

    #l#l lawliet #l lawliet x reader #l lawliet x oc #l lawliet one shot #l lawliet oneshot #l lawliet ff #l lawliet fanfiction #l lawliet drabble #l lawliet drabbles #l lawliet imagine #l lawliet imagines #l lawliet hc #l lawliet headcanon #l lawliet headcanons #light yagami #light yagami x oc #light yagami x reader #light yagami oneshot #light yagami one shot #light yagami ff #light yagami fanfiction #light yagami drabble #light yagami drabbles #light yagami imagine #light yagami imagines #light yagami hc #light yagami headcanon #light yagami headcanons
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    #swan queen #swan queen fanfic #fic rec#swen #swen fic rec #swan queen fic rec #one shot#SoullessCreatures
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