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  •  tw:// panic attack in one part of the story, not very graphic, you might not like the mention of it :(

    note: listen to Renee Dominique’s Somewhere Only We Know for more feels (i think it adds to the ambiance or something :> )


               When Bokuto was upset, he’d have the tendency to hide in smaller spaces to avoid throwing tantrums especially off court. He was learning to control his emotions now, but sometimes it got hard, so he resulted to hiding either between spaces, or under the table where no one would see him. Akaashi and the rest of the team would notice this too, and would give the captain the space he needed until he could recover. This continued for a while, and Akaashi couldn’t exactly say that it was a good thing instead of crying and throwing tantrums. He knew Bokuto was trying his best not to lose his temper or get into one of his moods again when things didn’t go as planned, but he at least wanted the ace to feel better. 

                   And then you came along.

                   “Koutarou, come here.” You would say in a way that soothed Bokuto.

                   The ace wouldn’t budge at first, so you would sit down beside him. A comforting hand rubbing his back gently as you’d place your head on his shoulder and hum. It was a song you knew that would calm him down.

                   The first time you met Bokuto was when he had accidentally entered the music room while you were singing. He had been looking for a quiet place at that moment, but it seemed that your voice brought him to you without him even realizing it. You didn’t mind that someone had stepped in your little world at that time. It had always just been you and the unused piano in that room, no one else knew about it, but there he was; the ace of the volleyball team, sitting in the corner with his eyes closed as you continued to sing and play. You sang a couple of songs, and when Bokuto felt like he was better, he stood up beside you with a smile.

                  “Thanks for the songs, your voice is really soothing.”

                   That was your first exchange with him, and then there were more. At some part in the middle of the school year, you and Bokuto had ended up being good friends. You met the rest of the volleyball team, most of the third years you already knew since you were in the same year. The first years had been kind to you, and you found out that Akaashi was the only second year. You wondered how he would fair with most of the team graduating that year. During breaks you would spend your time in that room with Bokuto, and you would simply play for him. Other times you would be under the shade of the big oak tree and you’d share stories. Despite being in the same year, you never really got to know or spoke to the captain. He was such a big personality in Fukurodani, and he was always beaming at everyone. You, however, were a little bit of his opposite. You preferred not to be surrounded by big crowds, you liked to keep to yourself most of the time, but that didn’t mean that you were cold to people. You just preferred to be alone since it kept you calm most of the time.

                   You had expected to be drained by Bokuto’s personality during the times you were together, but surprisingly, you weren’t. In fact, it felt like you were being recharged every time you were with him. And he felt the same with you. Your smell was comforting; your voice was soothing—he couldn’t bring himself to complain about being in your presence. And somehow, you both ended up together. It wasn’t much of a surprise, but after some months of being friends, you started dating.

                   You always thought you’d be there for Bokuto, because that’s what you told him. At first you didn’t know about his habit of hiding in spaces when he was upset, and you’ve never seen him do that whenever you were around.

                But that changed.

                One day, you forgot to tell Bokuto that you would be dropping by his house earlier than expected. He had been alone back then, his parents out on a trip during that weekend. You knew he had an upcoming game, and you wanted to come over to spend some time with him before he became too stressed with the pressure. You did send him a message that you were on your way to his house, but you didn’t get a reply, so you assumed he was still sleeping in. You ran the doorbell thrice when you arrived, but no one came to get the door.

                “Hm. That’s odd. I thought he’d be awake by now.” You say to yourself as you look at your wrist watch; [13 : 30 ].

                 You knock again and call out his name, but there was no answer. With the assumption that he was still asleep, you looked for the spare key he usually keeps for you under a pot. You find it there and you open the door before stepping in and removing your shoes.

                “Kou? I’m here! I bought us some Banana Milk and spicy rice cakes.” You called out as you wore the slippers and walked to the kitchen to place the food.

                  Still, there was no answer. You were beginning to worry, so you went upstairs. You hear music coming from his room; it was loud. So you open the door to scold him for trying to bust his eardrums, but instead, you find him on the foot of his bed trying to catch his breath, big drops of tears rolling down his face. You dropped everything then and there. Turned off the music, and silence enveloped the room as you knelt in front of him, taking his face in your hands.

                   “Koutarou, it’s me… Hey…” you say gently, wiping his tears away as he opens his eyes.

                   Your heart hurt as you see the anxiety lurking in his golden orbs, and you brush his hair back before holding him close to you in an embrace. His bigger arms immediately find comfort as they wrap around your waist, his head buried in the crook of your neck and you feel his warm tears on your skin. You run your fingers through his hair slowly as you rubbed his back as gently as you could.

                   “Hush now. It’s alright, let it out. Breathe with me, Kou.”

                   You felt his body shake very slightly, and his skin was cold, arms trembling as he held onto you. You never knew Bokuto had these attacks. How long had he been going through this alone? You were sure his teammates comforted him and each other during losses, but what if he was alone? Did his parents know? You heart clenched as you heard him cry. That was the first time you had seen Bokuto in tears, which were not caused by your usual funny antics.

                   “I’m here, Kou. I’m here.”

                   You stayed like that, embracing him and trying to calm down his soft sobs. Bokuto wouldn’t let you go, his grip on you not loosening at all. He was afraid that maybe he’ll lose. He’ll lose and everyone would turn their backs on him again. Maybe you’ll be unforgiving because he gave all his time for volleyball, and you two barely had enough time to be together. Maybe you’ll look for someone who could actually give you what you needed and wanted—and that wouldn’t be him—and he’d be all alone again—

                   “Oh simple thing, where have you gone?

                   I’m getting old and I need something to rely on.

                   So tell me when, you’re gonna let me in.

                   I’m getting tired,

                   And I need somewhere to begin.

                   And if you have a minute why don’t we go,

                   Talk about it somewhere only we know,

                   This could be the end of everything.

                   So why don’t we go,

                   Somewhere only we know?

                   Somewhere only we know.”

                   Bokuto didn’t know whether he would cry more when you sang, but he felt lighter. Every stroke of your fingers through his damp hair, every kiss you placed on his head, every rub of your gentle palms on his back—Bokuto felt at peace. Soon, his sobs died down to sniffles, and then he pulled away. His eyes puffy and nose red from crying. He wipes his eyes with the back of his hand, and you smile at him gently as you cradled his face in your palms. You stayed in silence for that moment, looking at him and searching for any anxiety in his eyes, but you found none. There was only peace and the light it had was slowly beginning to come back. You went on your knees, holding him close to your chest as you placed a kiss on the crown of his head.

                   “I love you, (y/n).” His voice was quiet, as he pulled away and looked at you in the eyes, smiling ever so slightly.

                   “I love you, Koutarou.” You respond as you lean closer, your lips meeting his in a soft and gentle kiss.

                   You both pull away. His heart is at ease. You were there, you were with him, and you will be with him no matter what. You made him feel that he was more than just Fukurodani’s ace; he was Bokuto Koutarou. His own person. Without the titles and everything, he knew you would still love and accept him, and that warmed his heart more than you could ever know. Taking your smaller hand in his, he places a kiss on your knuckles as he looks you in the eye with a soft smile.

                   “Can we go somewhere only we know?”

    #bokuto#bokuto koutaro#haikyuu #haikyuu!! #fukurodani#oneshot #bokuto x reader #fluff #a little bit angsty??? #soft hours
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  • Analogical [ Logan x Virgil ]

    Summary: Virgil has a bad day, so when he gets home, him and his boyfriend pursue their usual ‘bad day’ routine. [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

    had a giant lee mood, then worked an 8 hours shift. the lee mood is still here, but work killed it a bit. here is a thing. i am tired.

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  • Kinda wanna write an Iolaus oneshot, maybe smut or fluff. Not sure what the plot will be, need to look up some prompt ideas.

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  • A/N: this is for my Dabi Simp Anon <3 It’s been in my drafts for a while and I wasn’t sure if I was going to add anything to it since it’s not exactly NSFW but it does get a little racy! Also it’s just pure thirst for the man. Which I’m sure we all know by now that we’re all okay with that ;) ALSO Pepper is totally a self insert of my more ‘rational’ sense of self LOL And this hasn’t been edited or beta read so if there are mistakes its my bad aha

    Warnings: Swearing, make out session with Dabi.. So don’t expect it to be too spicy but he gets a little handsy ;)

    Word Count: 4.1k

    “Ugh, don’t look now but your stalker’s here, [Name].” Pepper sighs and I look up instinctively.

    Although the store is a little busy he’s easy to find. He’s taller than most so he’s above the height of the crowd. I catch his gaze and instinctively smile as he jerks his head to the back.

    “Why you flirt with him, I’ll never know.” Pepper rolls her eyes and pushes me playfully. “Go schmooze out back, you dork.”

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    #Dabi Simp Anon #Dabixreader#dabixyou#dabixy/n#dabi#Oneshot#fanfic#x reader#reader insert #my hero academia #boko no hero academia #bhna#mha#divinewhimsy #Dabi is a todoroki #Dabi is Toya Todoroki #toya Todoroki#Toya#Blueflame #god I love him so much?
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  • SoKai Week Day 7. Prompt: Down the Road

    Forever Growing

    Sora and Kairi had finally gotten their happily ever after.

    King Mickey told them both that he suspected that all of the evil had been defeated in the universe… and that if it ever came back, it would be long after their lifetime. And so, the two of them had had their storybook wedding on Destiny Islands, like they’d always wanted—like everyone had always wanted for them—and were now spending every second together to make up for all the time that they’d lost.

    But even though they now had that happy ending, they hadn’t rushed into parenthood or anything like that. Eventually they would have kids, Sora knew. But not quite yet.

    They also weren’t going to other worlds that much anymore. Sometimes they still did, of course. But since Sora and Kairi had actually done some world traveling together now, they found that nothing quite called out to them like home did.

    For so long, Sora had dreamed of getting to come home and staying there. And now the dream was a reality, and no longer sand slipping through his fingertips… and he couldn’t have been happier for it. And neither could Kairi.

    And it seemed there was so much to their world that they hadn’t even known about! And new things kept being born on it, too. And it thrilled Sora to no end, to know that he could still have adventures in this way, but be back home for dinner and actually get to see Kairi and his parents.

    “Kairi, look at this!” Sora exclaimed, as he looked at the newspaper whilst Kairi stirred a batch of brownies just above his head. “The bottom of the islets all around us, are reported to be turning pink… which is different from the brown it used to be, and what I saw in other worlds on my—our—quests… And they’re saying it could actually lead to some volcanoes being born there… oh. That’s not necessarily good…”

    And Kairi laughed, at what Sora assumed to be the concerned expression marring his face at the moment. And Sora couldn’t help but to chortle himself. If the scientists were right about this, it could be a bad thing, indeed. But they were also saying it could be a thousand years that they grew to such a state. So, there was probably little Sora or his loved ones could do about it now. But still… maybe he’d have a look at some point…

    “Sora, if the science can be believed—and hey, don’t give me that look. You know one day they can say one thing, but the opposite the next—we may have to whip out our Keyblades and use blizzard spells on said volcanoes. But I wouldn’t worry about it just yet.

    “But on the subject of you wanting to know more exciting things about out Island, did you hear that we’ve found a way to copy, and to create our own if needed? Or how there are hints that there’s even a floating island here, that’s in hiding from ours for some reas- Sora, why are you looking at me like that?”

    Kairi had stopped stirring the brownies at this point, and had finished the batter and put a pan filled with it into the oven… with her bare hands, Sora had seen, which made him love her feisty self all the more.

    But to answer her question now… Sora couldn’t help but to duck his head away from her somewhat and blush, even after all these years, because his answer was him putting his heart on the line. As always. “N-n-nothing. Just thinking how perfect our domestic life together is, and all the adventures we can still have together… and I love it.”

    And Kairi startled Sora by leaping onto his lap right then and there—the newspaper falling out of his hands as she did so—and she kissed his cheek sweetly. “And it will always be this perfect, too. With the World Order being a thing of the past, you know Destiny Islands will get more ideas from the other worlds… so it’ll always be changing.”

    And as Sora’s hand found Kairi’s—that had been resting on her stomach—he thought there were no more beautiful words, then her promise that they could have this amazing life forever.

    Author’s Note: And that’s the end of SoKai Week! …Though I may upload one more dark story (somewhat Dark Angel inspired), that I’d almost posted for AU Day instead, but didn’t when the ending got pretty violent. Though, actually, I still might not, since it deals with some sensitive subject matter. I don’t know…

    But about this fic… even though I thought “Down the Road” could have been the perfect opportunity to write about Sora and Kairi’s daughter, who I’ve had walking around in my head since I was, like, nine (and there’s maybe a hint to her, with Kairi perhaps being pregnant in the last sentence here)… I decided to let other people write about their fan-children for now. Because I love the idea that even after Sora and Kairi settle down, they can still find adventurous things to do on the Island. That’s their perfect ending for me, and I’m glad I got to explore that here.

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  • since i hit 800 followers, i figured it was time to start clearing out my inbox, so i let all of you pick my prompt! the number that was both a) sent in first and b) sent in the most was prompt #8, which is from @redhoodiejt:

    prompt: Spideytorch, trying to embarrass the other in front of their respective teams (FF and Avengers), like with nsfw complements or playful insults. 

    here we go!


    “Hey, hot stuff.”

    Peter freezes, then slowly looks up to see Johnny’s smug face. He’s half-perched on Peter’s desk. “Excuse me?”

    “I said, ‘hey, hot stuff.’ Since you’re hot stuff.”

    Peter quickly glances around to make sure no one else in Tony’s workshop is paying attention. “What do you think you’re doing?”

    Johnny raises an eyebrow. “What do you think I’m doing?”

    “I think you’re being an ass, Storm.”

    Johnny rolls his eyes. “Oh, come on. It’s not like they’re listening,” he says, nodding his head in Tony and Bruce’s direction. To be fair, they do seem very focused on a hologram of the mechanical arm in front of them.

    “Not the point, Johnny,” Peter points out anyway. “I’m at work.”

    What, afraid they’ll hear our dirty talk?” Johnny jokes, but Peter doesn’t laugh, so he sighs. “Fine, fine. But I’m telling you, they really wouldn’t care, sugar.”

    Peter glares, and Johnny puts his hands up in surrender. “I’ll come up with something better for next time.”

    “Do not–” Peter starts, but Johnny’s already walking away.

    “See you later, sweetheart!” he calls with a wink, and then he’s gone and Peter’s alone with Tony and Bruce’s confused stares.

    He offers them a confused shrug and turns back to his work.


    It’s four days later when Johnny walks into one of the Avenger’s quarterly meetings and says, “Hey there, sugar bear!” before he plops down into the empty seat next to Peter.

    There’s an awkward pause as everyone turns to look at them, and Peter slowly turns to face Johnny, who has a horrible grin on his face.

    “Did I do something to you?” Peter asks.

    “What, did you forget?” Johnny says back, tilting his head.

    Peter frowns. “Forget what?”

    “You made me fall for you, my darling. Nothing’s worse than that.”

    Peter gives him a bewildered look, but Johnny just smiles.

    “Anyway,” Cap says from the front after a pause, breaking the moment. “Let’s begin, shall we?”

    Peter feels himself blushing under his mask for the whole meeting.


    It’s been two weeks since the incident in Tony’s workshop when Peter sees him walk through those glass doors again and feels his shoulders tense up. He watches Johnny looks calmly around the room until he spots Peter and his whole face lights up.

    “My love!” Johnny exclaims, drawing the attention of the whole shop as he walks over to perch on Peter’s desk again. “How goes it?”

    Peter hates the thought, but he realizes he’s getting used to the weirdness when all he replies with is, “Not much, Johnny. What’s up?”

    Johnny’s grin only widens. “I was just looking for you, of course.”

    Peter rolls his eyes. He can feel the gazes of the other Avengers burning in the back of his neck. “Of course. What for?”

    “To watch you work,” Johnny says simply, as if that’s something he’s ever done before.

    Peter shrugs and turns back to his work. He feels Johnny settle in next to him. They sit in silence for a few minutes before Peter says, “Nothing else?”

    “Hm?” Johnny hums, looking up at him.

    “No more loud declarations of your affection? You’re just gonna…watch me work?”

    “Yep,” Johnny nods, “Unless you want more, of course, I’d be happy to–”

    “Nope.” Peter interrupts. “This works.”

    It feels a little weird having Johnny sit with him, but eventually he tunes it out and gets to work.


    It becomes a routine, somehow.

    Whenever Johnny sees him, there’s some big declaration, or an assault of horribly cheesy nicknames and winks, and then Johnny just sticks around for whatever Peter’s up to.

    It’s only really at the Tower, since that’s where Peter sees him most, but it feels like Johnny is there as much as Peter is now. He still doesn’t really know why Johnny’s been following him around, and he doesn’t really have an explanation for the other Avengers, but he figures he’ll figure it out eventually.

    He’s thinking about it as he’s walking over to the Tower. Normally he webs, but it’s nice out, so he’s taking the less-scenic route. 

    He’s really not expecting to hear a, “Hey, lover boy!” yelled out behind him.

    Peter freezes and turns around, seeing Johnny jogging to catch up with him. The New Yorkers around largely ignore them. Peter waits for Johnny to catch up before he starts walking again.

    “Whatcha up to, darling?” Johnny asks, a little out of breath.

    “Same thing as always,” Peter answers. “What about you?”


    Peter tilts his head, considering Johnny’s answer. He stops walking, and after a moment Johnny stops, too. “What?”

    “Do you–” Peter starts, then stops to try again. “What do you get out of this?”

    “Out of what?”

    “Following me around the Tower. The nicknames. All of it. What’s your endgame?”

    Johnny tilts his head. “What do you mean?”

    “Did you just wake up one day and decide to follow me around? And make jokes?”

    Johnny frowns. “Jokes?”

    “The pet names.”

    “I never said those were jokes, sugar. I’m in this for the long haul.”

    “See, that!” Peter exclaims. “What is that? Where did that come from?”

    Johnny shrugs. “I’ve never been one for subtlety, I guess. My passion burns too brightly.”

    Peter fights the urge to roll his eyes. “Sure, pal,” he says. “I guess being chill isn’t really your strong suit.”

    Johnny shrugs, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “Nope.”

    They start walking again, but Johnny seems more subdued this time. Peter wonders if maybe he said something wrong, and starts replaying their conversation in his head, and that’s when it hits him. He stops walking again.

    “Wait, were you serious?”

    Johnny frowns. “Serious about what?”

    “The–the names. Were you–actually flirting with me? Oh my god, have you been actually flirting with me?”

    Oh my god, finally.” Johnny groans. “How fucking long were you just going to let me go on before you said something?”

    Peter blinks at him, trying to process. “I–so this whole time–you’ve–and I–”

    “Wanna go get a coffee?” Johnny cuts him off.

    Peter pauses, thinks about it. “Uh, sure?”

    “Cool,” Johnny says, then starts walking again.

    Peter doesn’t follow; he’s too caught up in replaying every interaction he’s had with Johnny for the past three weeks. It takes Johnny a few strides to realize he hasn’t moved an inch.

    “You coming, Parker?” he calls, and it’s the first time he’s used any part of Peter’s actual name in a while.

    It snaps him out of it, and he hurries to catch up. “Yeah yeah, I’m coming, hot stuff,” he calls back.

    Johnny grins at him, and they’re off.

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  • image

    (Note: This is aimed at female readers since I made the reader having to deal with menstrual cramps aha. But still anyone is free to read, I just wanted to point this out first)

    Walking over to the pile of blankets on his bed, Rei sighs as he rests his hands onto his hips. You have been like this for the past 3 hours and he was sure that you’re awake. He could hear you shuffling around his apartment, but for some reason you’ve been quiet.

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  • PJO Dear Theodosia AU

    Percy Jackson paced back and forth in a hospital waiting room. He was currently digging a trench into the cheap linoleum floor. His amazing mother, Sally Jackson had just gone into labor hours ago and he hadn’t heard a word about her progress since. Paul Blofis, his stepdad, had gone in the room with her refusing to leave his wife’s side. Percy was alone in a room of strangers who were all waiting for news of their own. 

    He had been at camp for Spring Break and the Big House had gotten a call at 3 in the morning. He had grabbed a grumpy Nico, and made his cousin shadow travel to his apartment just as his parents were leaving. Nico had passed out on the couch and probably would remain there for several hours but Percy didn’t care. His entire world had shifted to the well being of his soon-to-be sibling.
    So there Percy stood pacing at 5 o’clock in the morning awaiting the arrival of his sister. Annabeth would not arrive until well after the sun had risen and Paul’s parents were on their way.  

    Surprisingly it was silent in the maternity ward of NY General, so Percy was able to make out a small but strong cry.
    Tears welled up in his eyes, and in his heart he knew his sister had arrived. A half an hour later, a petite woman in nurse scrubs entered the small space and looked around. She glanced around and then called out “Family of Sally Jackson?”. Percy’s heart stopped and he quickly made his way to the nurse. The nurse glance at him warily, probably due to his appearance but she silently lead him to the room where his whole world was.

    His mom laid in a bed, exhausted but happy, and Paul sat in a chair with a bundle of pink in his arms, grinning so hard his face was probably hurting. His mom smiled despite how tired she was and gestured for Percy to come closer. He slowly dragged his feet to bring himself to Paul’s side. His mom and Paul gave each other a look and Paul cleared his throat. “Percy,” Paul began, “ meet your sister, Estelle.” Paul gently guided Percy’s arms to hold his sister and when she was settled Percy looked into her warm eyes. A tear made its way down Percy’s cheek, and he smiled.

    Hours had passed but Estelle remained in her brothers arms as their mom slept and Paul had left to greet his parents.

    “ My father wasn’t around,” Percy whispered to the empty room, “ I swear that I’ll be around for you.”

    It didn’t matter that she would have her father, Percy swore she would not grow up like he had.  

    “I’ll do whatever it takes,” Percy vowed, “ I’ll make a million mistakes.”  He admitted.

    “I’ll make the world safe and sound for you.” Percy promised.

    Percy thought of everything he’d been through as he grew. “We’ll bleed and fight for you, we’ll make it right for you.”

    He just hoped he lived long enough to keep his promise.

    “And you’ll blow us all away.” He hoped.


    #sorry for the format i dont know how to function #hope you like it #percy jackson #dear theodosia au #percy jackson fanfiction #Percy Jackson and the Olympians #oneshot#drabble maybe#pjo fandom#song fic#dear theodosia #hamilton the musical
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  • Kaminari x (plus size)Reader Oneshot

        this is my first oneshot so.. you know.. just a warning PFFT 

    {{ TW: This story is between Denki Kaminari and a plus sized reader! In it, the reader expresses self deprecating thoughts, body image issues, and ED behaviors. They are comforted by Kaminari. Weight and skipping meals are mentioned. Read at your own risk! <3}}

          You sat at the foot of your bed, feeling numb. Tear streaks seemed to be permanently etched onto your cheeks at this point; you hadn’t been able to get a good night’s sleep in over a week. Prior to that point, you had been doing well. However, recently your depression has been beating you down and rendering you incapable of being your usual chirpy self. If the inescapable melancholy mindset wasn’t bad enough alone, you had extreme body image issues. The combination of the two had you beyond down in the dumps, you could barely function. You hadn’t been eating much, but it wasn’t exactly out of self neglect. Your brother had been trying to get you to eat, cooking you curry and other meals. He would leave it in your room for you, but you rarely ate it. Occasionally, he’d succeed in getting you to eat something; however, the guilt you felt after eating always overpowered your hunger for the next meal. You wanted to be thinner; despite the fact that skipping meals was unhealthy and unreasonable, you couldn’t help yourself. You didn’t like your reflection. In fact, it seemed all you could do was obsess over it. 

         As you sat cris-cross on the edge of your bed, you faced the mirror that was set up parallel to you. Your eyes skimmed your reflection, picking apart your body and obsessing over each individual imperfection and flaw you could possibly identify. You sat in silence, feeling as if your chest caved in. You had moved beyond the point of self sympathy, you were just hurting. You felt disgusted with yourself and you hated your reflection more than anything. As you were entrapped in your self deprecating thoughts, you slid off the end of your bed and landed on the carpet below you in a heap. You pulled your knees to your chest as tightly as you could, planting your head firmly in the tops of your arms and allowing yourself to wallow in your emotions and drown in the horrible thoughts that wracked your mind. Before you knew it, your body was shaking with sobs. You couldn’t help yourself, you were hurting and you couldn’t continue fighting the stinging behind your eyes. 

         Beneath your room, you could faintly hear the cacophonous chorus of eager voices. Your brother had his friends over. You spent time with them often, they sort of adopted you into their group. They were enrolled in the hero course at UA, meanwhile you had taken to the general studies option. They often spent the night at your house, tonight being one of those nights. They were spread out around your living room, all tightly gripping a controller as they stared at the screen they were playing games on. They had always been a competitive bunch, your brother Katsuki in particular. 



         Sero smirked, “That would be me,” he stated proudly as he passed Bakugou on the second lap. 

         “BRO! Denki you’re going the wrong way! Look at the sign the floaty man is holding, it means you’re going on the map backwards!” Mina scolded, briefly glancing at the determined, yellow haired boy.

         “I know! I’m trying to catch Kiri, he hit me with a shell!” He responded, laughing as he got behind Kirishima to pelt him with the three red shells he had collected. As Kirishima got hit three times in a row, he threw his arms up into the air in exasperation. 

         “Dude! There’s no way for me to catch up to Bakugou!” Kirishima whined, tossing down his controller as the FINISH! pop-up appeared on his screen.

         “It was too late anyway, shitty hair.” The fiery blonde responded, smirking as he dropped his controller on the couch and put his hands behind his head. “Too easy.” The room was filled with various sounds of desperation, every player having lost to Bakugou countless times. 

         Denki smiled, not as concerned about his loss and more focused on the vengeance he got over Eijiro. “Good job Bakubro, I’ll be back though. I gotta use the bathroom, play a round without me!” 

        His exit was only briefly acknowledged as the determined bunch went right back to their cutthroat way of playing, insulting one another and starting the next round. 


         Kaminari had just finished in the bathroom, heading for the staircase. He faltered in his gait as he heard soft whimpers echoing through the hall. He glanced down the hallway in confusion, his eyes meeting your doorway. Katsuki told them when they first got to his house that you wouldn’t be playing because you weren’t feeling well. You were all off from school, Denki felt especially bummed that you were sick during one of the few breaks you got. 

         Not to mention throughout getting to know you, he had found himself feeling more and more attached and attracted to you. He admired your beauty and personality from the day Katsuki introduced you to their group of friends, ever since that day the two of you had grown closer. Concerned about you being in pain, he walked carefully to your door. He brought his knuckle up to the door and knocked gently, the pressure easing it open. Not anticipating the door to be open already, he glanced away out of respect for your privacy. However, he couldn’t help but do a double take when he noticed your crumpled figure in a heap. 

         “Y/N?” He softly inquired, his tone dripping with concern.  

         Your body jolted, startled by his presence. Quickly processing that it belonged to the caring boy you had grown to love, you quickly turned away from him and began frantically wiping at your face. You gulped, praying to whatever higher being there was that your voice would be strong. 

         “Kaminari! Everything is ok-“ your voice cut out in the middle of your statement, you had planned on assuring him that everything was fine and he should leave so he wouldn’t get sick. However, your body had different plans. Your voice was raspy and revering with every word, and a sob brought your sentence to a streaking halt. 

         The now wide-eyed boy in your doorway froze for a moment, having a brief internal conflict. It was obvious that something was wrong and he didn’t want to overstep his boundaries by entering your room without permission, but his desperate desire to comfort you quickly overpowered that sentiment. “Y/N, I’m coming in, I hope that’s okay-“ his voice trailed off at the end as the sound of your sobs flowed through the room. He felt like his world stopped turning for a moment, immediately deciding that he never wanted to hear that sound again. He immediately sat down beside you, setting a hand gently on your shoulder. 

         Your body tensed at the contact, but immediately relaxed afterwards. You attempted to organize your thoughts and what you wanted, but it was difficult to do in the moment.

         “Y/N, what’s going on? I’m here for you to talk to. Do you need medicine?” He asked, his yellow eyes staring intently at you, desperate to get to the root of what was causing you to cry and resolve it in any way he could. 

         You slowly turned your body to him, bringing your eyes up to meet his gaze. “I’m not sick, Kaminari.” Your voice came out as a whisper, you wanted so badly to be perfect for the boy in front of you. Only now, you were exactly the opposite. You were in the same outfit you had been wearing for days, a massive hoodie and shorts. Your hair was tied into a messy bun, you hadn’t had the strength to comb through it. 

         Denki’s brows furrowed in confusion for a moment, before realization flooded his mind. Despite his ability to seem like a dunce sometimes, he was pretty intuitive when it came to situations like this.  When your eyes met his, he could see the pain behind the usually sparkling irises. The heavy, dark bags under your eyes and salt-coated streams down your face did enough to show him that this wasn’t a stupid stomach virus, you were hurting. “Y/N-“ he trailed off briefly, brushing the pieces of hair that had fallen from your flimsy bun out of your face. He gathered his words carefully before he spoke, “I’m here, talk to me about it.”

         His voice sounded so soft and comforting in that moment, you felt comfortable just hearing it. Before you could speak again, your eyes were already streaming tears again and you were choking on your sobs. It felt like you were crying harder now than you ever had been in the last week. As he witnessed you shattering before him, he felt like he was going to short circuit. He’d never seen someone so vulnerable in front of him, let alone the girl he’d grown to care so much about. Before he could think, his hands were holding your hips gently and he pulled you into his lap. Being so close to him felt so natural to you that you wrapped your legs around him, your arms around his waist as you curled your head into his chest and sobbed. 

         Denki looked down at you, wrapping his arms around your back, resting his chin in your hair and running his hands gently through your hair. “It’s okay, Y/N, let it out. Breathe. I’m not going anywhere.”

          The two of you sat there for a moment, the only sounds to be heard were your gentle cries and deep breaths as you tried to collect yourself. You tilted your head, flattening your cheek against his chest as you looked to the side. “I just-“ you paused, surprised at the sound of your voice. It sounded so shallow, your throat raw from crying for so long. “I don’t want to be me anymore. I hate me. I hate my body. I’m so tired of my reflection, I’m tired of being Y/N. I’m so fat, it’s disgusting. I feel like all I can do is look in the mirror, and every time I do it hurts more. I hate what’s looking back at me. I want to be thin, but I’m not. I’ll never be able to be good enough.” As you spoke, you subconsciously unwrapped your arms from his hips and grabbed your stomach with your hands. You squeezed around your abdomen tightly, as if it would make it smaller. 

         Denki stayed quiet, listening to what had been plaguing your mind for so long. Every negative word you uttered about yourself hit Kaminari in the pits of his heart, immediately striking a flame of determination in his mind. He also took notice of you squeezing at your stomach, immediately leaning away from you and moving to stand up. He carried you gently to your bed, setting you down in front of him as he sat down with you. He nudged your chin up to make eye contact with you and took your hands in his, interlocking your fingers firmly. “Y/N. I can’t explain how those words just made me feel. I had no idea you were feeling that way, I never even imagined there was a possibility of you thinking of yourself like that. The thought of someone being able to dislike you-“ He swallowed harshly, nervous but determined. “It’s so alien to me. When I look at you, all I see is beauty. I say that with full sincerity. Take it from someone who can’t help but steal glances at you every moment I get the chance. You are gorgeous…in every way I can imagine. The way your eyes shine when you speak on what you’re passionate about, the way you dance to those kpop songs I never understand…I even started listening to them because of watching you dance! T-that’s besides the point. The way your face lights up when you get excited, the way your laugh echoes when you find something genuinely funny, the quiet giggles when you laugh at something small, the way your arms feel around me, the way you look every single time I look at you…there’s always something new for me to admire. For me to smile at. For me to love.” 

         You stared at him with wide eyes, taking in every word he said. Before you could try to speak, he continued. “As if your personality wasn’t enough to capture my attention the moment I met you, your appearance brings that much more to the table. Your body is perfect in my eyes. You’re not too big, you could never be. You are beautiful. You don’t have to be  super thin, you don’t have to be a twig.  I love your body the way it is. It’s okay to be a bit bigger, there’s nothing wrong with it. You look beautiful. You’re not fat either, you’re curvy. You carry your weight beautifully. There’s nothing wrong with having extra meat on your bones, you are beautiful. You look ethereal. Every single time I’m blessed enough to look at your body, all I see is a gorgeous girl. With an even more beautiful personality, if it’s even possible to top your looks. I’ve always wanted to be able to hold you like this, to tell you these things. Not under these circumstances, though. I never want you to feel that way about yourself.” 

         You sat there for a moment, taking in everything he was spouting out. For such a clumsy dude, he certainly was saying all the right things at the moment. Before you knew it, your previous concerns were gone and forgotten. You had liked Kaminari for so long, you wanted to be with him. You weren’t usually the type to let others opinions determine your worth, but hearing those words come from Denki with such sincerity, it meant so much to you. They broke through the walls you put up around your heart, they got through to those self deprecating parts of your mind. In that moment, you made up your mind.Kaminari, he was the boy you wanted to be with. Anytime you had a moment of self doubt, you knew he would be there to pick you up. You are enough for him, and that’s enough for you

        You had tears in your eyes again, but this time they were out of joy. “Kaminari, do you really mean it?” 

         “I’m surprised it came as a shock to you-“ he paused, winking, “no pun intended. I haven’t exactly been discreet, Katsuki has hit me in the back of the head every time he caught me fawning at you. And that’s happened more times than I can count.” By the time he was done speaking, he had a pink dusting to his cheeks. 

         You smiled at his cute joke. “I feel the same way, dork. You mean a lot to me, and…that meant a lot to me.”

         Denki turned serious again. “Y/N…how long have you been like this? Hurting and cooped up?” He asked softly, taking in your appearance. 

         “Um…a little over a week.” You said sheepishly, hanging your head. 

         He nodded, standing up and making his way over to the vanity beside your bed. He picked up your hair brush, going back to your bed and sitting down with his back to your headboard and patting his legs, gesturing for you to sit between them. You hesitated before doing so, a bit confused. Before long, you felt his fingers working through your hair and untying the knotted ball of hair you called a bun. You sat like this for a while, him gently brushing through the knots until your hair was smooth again. By the time he was done, you were dozing off. The pure exhaustion had taken a toll on your body and was finally catching up to you. Denki noticed, setting down your brush as you eased the back of your head into his chest. He blushed, the extent of the situation suddenly weighing in on him. He was with the girl he liked, in her room, in her bed, her laying on his chest. And she just so happened to be his explosive friend’s sister. “Y/N, I should go. You need to rest.” You shook your head, turning around so that your face could rest in his chest. 

         “Please Denki, don’t leave me. I don’t want to be alone anymore, I want to stay with you,” you said, as you rested your head against his chest. Your tired eyes were once again leaking tears, you didn’t realize how tired of being alone you were. Isolating yourself from the people you cared about had been damaging you even more. 

         Saying that Denki felt fulfilled and content in that moment would be an understatement. Hearing you say you wanted to be with him, it made his heart skip a beat. If he wasn’t already blushing, he definitely was now. He pulled your blankets around the two of you and turned off your lamp, wrapping his arms around you. One hand laced into your hair, the other began tracing shapes on your back. “Please, princess, if you ever feel that way again- talk to me. I will always be here, I want to be the one you can go to.”

         He felt you tense slightly at the use of the pet name, before you melted into his hands like putty. He thought he overstepped for a moment, but the blush that flooded your cheeks and the content hum that left your lips led him to think otherwise. “I love you, dork.” You quietly trailed off, your eyes fluttering shut as sleep overcame you.

         He planted a gentle kiss to the top of your head. “I love you too, princess.” He laid there soaking up the feeling of having you in his arms for a while, falling asleep not long after you. 


         “I swear if he blew up my bathroom I’ll blow up his face.” Katsuki snarled as the group that was once playing Mario Kart climbed the stairs. Kaminari has been upstairs for nearly 30 minutes and they were all pretty sure he was either doing something dumb or having some difficulties. 

         “Bro is he constipated or what?” Kirishima asked as they made their way down the hallway, the bathroom being at the very end. They all were knocking on the door and taunting the boy they thought was inside, all of them except Katsuki. As they passed your doorway, he noticed the open door and the two of you laying together beyond it. 

         His fists clenched at his sides, “What the fuck-“ he was about to barge in and go ballistic, but then the realizations starting filing into his mind. You were asleep, fully clothed, on top of a fully clothed, also asleep, Kaminari. Katsuki was hard headed but he wasn’t stupid. He had noticed you weren’t eating or sleeping, he knew you weren’t sick either. That was just your lame excuse. He had tried to help in his own way, bringing you bowls of extra spicy curry and meat buns. But, he didn’t know how to help you in the way you needed it. The two of you had always been relatively close, you just had a weird way of showing it. Though he would never admit it, he missed your incessant ramblings and obsessive rants about your dumb interests. He knew you were depressed, you hadn’t tried talking to him about it. That behavior was unusual in and of itself because usually you don’t shut up and he screams at you for being annoying. It was like a ritual for you two, but in the last week, he had no pesky brat to be annoyed with. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like it, but you needed help - help that he couldn’t provide, but apparently his battery brained friend could. However, he was already planning out his overprotective brother monologue that he’d be yelling at Denki before the day was over. Like any other brother threatening any boy who could potentially break his sister’s heart, just with a more explosive, aggressive, and threatening twist. Others may beat up their sister’s ex-boyfriends, but he would detonate Denki into oblivion. 

         Before Katsuki was done thinking over the situation, he had gathered an audience. The three stooges were behind him, peering over his shoulders and into the room. Once they saw, they all let out a collective gasp and formed their own thoughts on the situation. He gently pulled your door shut, turning around to the gaggle of idiots he accidentally associates himself with  and began pushing them all away from the door and toward the stairs. 

         “Did you see the way he was holding her? So manly!” Kirishima said, pumping his fist in the air. 

         “I totally shipped them from the beginning! He always short circuits around her, so cute!!” Mina squealed, cupping her face in her hands. 

         “They grow up so fast!” Sero croaked, wiping a fake tear from his eye. 

         Katsuki groaned, “Shut up dumbasses! His ass is grass once she wakes up. Stupid battery, I’ll blow his ass to bits if he lays one finger on her!” 

         Sero covered his mouth, holding in a laugh. “He already has his fingers on-“ before he could finish his sentence, Katsuki was already chasing him through the house screaming at him. 

         Mina and Kirishima looked at one another, Mina crossing her arms sassily and looking at Eijiro with a smirk. She popped one hand on her hip and held out the other, “You lost, pay up!” 

         Kirishima groaned, slapping a wad of money into her hand. “I didn’t think he’d have it in him!”

         “I told you they’d be together by the end of the break! The way they’re totally in love? It was just a matter of time!” She smiled cheekily, tugging an arm up onto his shoulder and pulling him into the living room where Katsuki and Eijiro were already back to fighting in the video game. 

    THANK YOU FOR READING IT!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT!!! It’s my first work, so it may not be the best. If you want me to make more, pls leave suggestions! Thank youuu <3

    #plus size reader #my hero academia #mha#denki kaminari #tw: ed behaviors #first oneshot#oneshot#kaminari oneshot#denki oneshot #my hero academia oneshot #plus size oneshot #denki#kaminari #denki kaminari x reader #kaminari x reader #denki x reader #bnha#bnha oneshots#mha oneshot
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  • Okay so posting late because I was at work all day and I’m super tired again so this one is short and sweet and is fairly a simple idea.

    It’s obvs post Tokyo and by quite a bit, since I made Robin, Nightwing.

    Hope you guys like it though. Will edit it tomorrow when I’m not literally about to pass out.


    Wedding Bells

    Clouds thinned overhead as the day began its descent into slumber, the sky full of light blue and golden splashes of colour. Dusk was starting to smother the city, the sun on a countdown to lower beyond the horizon; the perfect time of day, for some people.

    The warmth was tantalizing, the heat so enveloping that it made skin tingle with pleasure at the sensation of its rapidly fading rays. The Summer caused a state of bliss for every citizen in Jump, like everyone was caught in a sunny haze with nothing but happy smiles and kind gestures all around. 

    Aromas of barbeques and fruit clung to the air, swirling and invading the senses of anyone walking along the streets. As the darkness started to seep in, just a little, the bulbs of the street lights dotted along the sidewalks, flickering several times before illuminating the glass sanctuary it was placed within. 

    The scent of sand was palpable and the closer they got to the beach, the more intense it became. It smelled of the baking heat which contrasted greatly with the ocean fragrance; salty yet fresh and irrevocably enchanting to passersby.

    It was easy to stop and gaze at the water, gushing and trickling over the pebbles embedded in the sand granules. The frothy edges soaked up, onto the sand, pausing to indulge before the tide reclaimed itself and receded back. 

    The waves piled over one another, like each and every one was fighting for the front spot, to be the section of water that humans dipped their toes in. 

    Starfire hummed happily to herself as she leaned into her boyfriend’s back, her arms tightening around his middle. The wind was refreshing; the sun shining and licking her skin, recharging her energy as Nightwing steered left, making a turn on the bike and speeding up to encourage a thrill to spark their nerves. 

    She grinned and lightly wacked his stomach, narrowing her eyes at him through the dark visor of her helmet, “Do not do that.” She muttered, the mic in the bubble around her head picking up her playful tone.

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  • “I’ll always choose you”


    (Elize Ryd POV)

    After Jake Abandoned the band I confessed to the guys that I didn’t know what to do, since we were staying in Montreal, about to go on tour. Even though I knew several people who could probably take his place in the vocal line, I didn’t feel like contacting them. However, Alissa White-Gluz came into my mind that night. And it was exactly 12:30 am when I was lying on my bed while looking up at the ceiling, and I suddenly felt that my oppinion changed…by just thinking about how beautiful and talented Alissa was. With a subtle smile drawn on my face, I started remembering every single moment we spent together, from going out, to singing together…and she even taught me how to growl! Even though I’ll never do as good as her. Luckily, Alissa was staying in the same place as I, so I wondered if she would be awake right now, so she could get a short visit from me, just to see if we could talk things through. And it was then when I decided to send her a text message, to which she replied a few minutes after I got to the kitchen to grab some midnight snacks.

    > Good evening, sweetheart…Ah, can’t sleep again?

    > Maybe…look Ali, I’d like to talk to you about something…could you pass by?

    > Of course, actually I was finishing some lyrics for Arch Enemy, but you know that I’ll always make up some time for you.

    Receiving that response just made me blush, as usual. Which got me even more convinced that I could like her, even though I didn’t felt capable of telling so. Minutes passed until I received a call from her, reminding me that I hadn’t changed my clothes yet. And it was only because I didn’t want to receive her just by wearing pajamas and my bathrobe over it…but I didn’t want to make her wait, so I answered.

    — Hello?

    — Elize, dear I’m at your door already, could you open up for me?

    I shivered. Just by the thought of her calling me “dear” made my heart go nuts. And this was it, I did like her, so I took a deep breath and few seconds before answering.

    — Yes, I’m coming…

    ━━━━━━━━━━[ ☾ ]━━━━━━━━━

    Yoohoo! your caribbean beastling is here! haha :D

    After being on a very long Hiatus I’ve decided to re-activate my blog, so here’s a little Elize Ryd x Alissa White-Gluz one-shot! These two are my otp so I truly enjoy writing about them…I really hope you liked it! Tell me if you’d like to read another part of this :)

    Love, Blue LightBeam💙

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  • The Vampire Diaries Masterlist!

    Kol Mikaelson-

    Klaus Mikaelson-

    Stefan Salvatore-

    Damon Salvatore-

    Enzo St. John-

    I Remember Everything

    The person behind the grin.

    Turned against will.

    Kai Parker-

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  • Bokuto thinks you deserve some R&R

    “I’m home, Ko!” You call out into the oddly quiet house. You hear rapid footsteps approach the entryway before a head pops out from around the corner.

    “Welcome home, (Y/n)!” Bokuto greeted cheerfully. You blinked at him before a sweet but tired smile spread across your face. You walked up to the owl-like man before wrapping him in a tight embrace.

    “I missed you.” You sigh as Bokuto wraps his arms around you in return. His hugs were the best.

    “I missed you too!” He chuckled as you put all of your weight on him. He could tell that you were drained of energy. Your job as a neonatal nurse was not an easy one. You were often called to work late hours into the early morning. Bokuto often saw you when he left out for morning practice. He decided that you needed some time for yourself.

    He gathered you in his arms and began to lug you down the hallway.

    “What’re ya doin’?” You question, your voice muffled by his neck.

    “I just finished running you a bath. I figured you’d be tired when you came home.”

    He opened the door to the bathroom and set you down on the lid on the toilet. On the counter were your favorite PJ’s along with your favorite lotion. You looked back to Bokuto doe-eyed.

    “That’s so sweet, Ko. Thank you!” You grab his face and plant a kiss on his lips.

    “Anything for you, (Y/n). You take your time in here and I’ll handle dinner!”

    Once he said that, you looked at him with skeptical eyes, “Are you sure you wanna cook?” The last time he attempted cooking, he tried to put out a grease fire with water.

    “Nope! I’m gonna order us some take out,” He chortled and walked out of the bathroom to give you some privacy.


    After soaking for a while and scrubbing yourself clean, you put on your pajamas and walked out to find Bokuto. He was taking to-go boxes out of a paper bag. You plopped down in a chair opposite him.

    “How was your bath?” He asked, placing a box in front of you.

    “It was wonderful. Thank you.” You replied; content.

    For the rest of the night, the two of you ate and chatted in peace. Before you knew if you were out like a light.

    You woke the next morning to a warm hand rubbing your back. Slowly opening your eyes, you see Bokuto hovering over you. You turned to look at the clock on the nightstand.


    Sitting up straight you turned to get out of bed, “Why didn’t the alarm go off?! I’m late for work!” You panic. Bokuto chuckles and forces you back under the covers.

    “Don’t worry! I called your work yesterday and asked if you could have a couple of days off. They even agreed with me that you should have some time off. Now just lay back and relax. I made breakfast!”

    This new information was beginning to make you misty-eyed. You pulled him down and buried your face in his neck.

    “You’re so sweet, Ko.” You whispered. You pulled back and planted kisses all over his face. The amount of love and care he showed for you was so overwhelming, you couldn’t help but cry.

    “You’re such a crybaby.” Bokuto kissed your forehead. “Now come on before the food gets cold!” 

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  • The 100 Masterlist!

    Bellamy Blake-

    Panic Room. MASTERLIST

    John Murphy-

    Lincoln Kom Trikru-

    Clarke Griffin-

    Dating Clarke Griffin would include…

    Lexa Kom Trikru-

    Luna Kom Floukru-

    #the 100#the100#the hundred#john murphy #lincoln kom trikru #clarke griffin #lexa kom trikru #commander lexa#wanheda #luna kom floukru #one shot#imagine#oneshot#fanfiction#fanfic#fic#bellamy blake #character x reader #headcannon #bellamy blake x oc #clarke x reader #john x reader #lincoln x reader #bellamy x reader #lexa x reader #luna x reader
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  • #enzo st. john oneshot #enzo x reader #enzo st. john x oc #enzo st. john #enzo st. john imagine #enzo x oc #enzo st. john x reader #enzo oneshot#enzo imagine#enzo fic #the vampire diaries #tvd#imagine#oneshot#reader #character x reader #enzo#john #st. john
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  • Genre: angst, hurt/comfort

    Pairing: romantic Logicality, familial DRLAMP

    World: canon

    Content: some strong language, forgotten birthday, food mentions/eating/appetite loss, overworking mention, sympathetic dark sides, self deprecation, lying, crying, fluffy sweetness, first kiss. 

    Word Count: 4.7k

    Comments: In my head, I pictured this as a 1k oneshot kinda deal. And then this happened. It’s still a oneshot, but like?? A big one?? Is there a size limit to a oneshot??

    In retrospect, he shouldn’t have expected much. After all, he was always the one to remind everyone of their fellow side’s birthdays. He was the dad, the heart, and he loved the others with everything that he was, so it wasn’t a huge surprise that he was the one to wake up before the sun had even properly risen to set up the whole downstairs. In past years, it had been Logan who had taken charge of Patton’s birthday; it was clear by their traditional birthday banner hung in a perfectly straight line, the streamers exactly one foot apart with no wiggle room, and the balloons all blown up to the exact same size. The cake in the evening was meticulously decorated with some printed picture of the baby animal Patton was obsessed with at the time and light blue frosting flowers on the side, and whatever activity Logan had planned in The Imagination (with Roman’s help, of course) always went off flawlessly. And I mean, what could you expect? Logan always had things planned weeks in advance, the multiple calendars above his bed and desk made sure of it. 

    But knowing that Logan was always in charge of Patton’s birthdays and the fact that Thomas had a huge video deadline just around the corner still didn’t properly connect in his mind as he almost sprinted down the stairs, still in his pajamas. He screeched to a halt on the last step, his giddiness fading to sad confusion at the complete lack of… well, anything. Virgil was lounging on the couch, scrolling through his phone, ignoring Roman who was dramatically reenacting his latest adventure. They both turned as he entered, giving a two finger salute and a loud “good morning” respectively. 

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