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    23.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Low Risk (Sherlock X Teen!Reader) *PLATONIC

    Characters: Sherlock X Teen!Reader

    Universe: Sherlock

    Warnings: Stabbing, blood, mention of hospitals

    Request: hello!! i see you're opening the request, can i request a sherlock holmes × teen!reader (gender neutral) where the reader get hurts badly, almost dying, and sherlock gets protective of them? i adore your writings so much aaaaaaaaaaa

    Sherlock had registered the situation and case as a minimal danger. He had deduced that the killer had a preference when it came to his victims, and it was very specific- certain height, certain hair colour, hell, he even noticed that the victims even had the same style of parting in their hair. All of these traits were traits you did not possess, making the chances that you would be in immediate danger extremely low- essentially the same percentage as the chances of himself being harmed. That was why he felt comfortable in his decision to accept your request to shadow him during his investigation. 

    It wasn’t anything new, and Sherlock had been rather delighted to have you at his side as he worked. You’d met the private detective when your own curiosity had gotten the better of you when a teacher at your school had been killed and displayed in his classroom, and you snuck in near midnight to the crime scene, being caught by Sherlock, though as Lestrade was about to arrest you, you calmly pointed out missed evidence in the room, evidence that led them straight to the killer. Sherlock had taken a liking to you because of this, and it wasn’t long till you were sniffing around his other crime scenes, and Sherlock never stopped you, instead taking a moment when available to ask your opinion, or to explain how he did something so you could learn to do it yourself, and then you’d later show your new skills and help him crack a case. You’d become a sort of student to the younger Holmes, and some people could even see the little hints of parental care. Everyone knew that Sherlock cared about you, further proven when he would decide whether a case was too dangerous or not for you.

    It was low risk. You’d been involved in so many similar cases, and you always came out without a scratch. He had been confident in his decision to let you follow him. How had he messed up so poorly? That was all he could think about as he looked down at you as you leant on him, his hands pressed firmly against the open wound in your stomach. 

    Sherlock had been able to locate the killer, tricking him into an evacuated gallery, and you two had cornered him, police brought along as well. However, he didn’t expect the killer to bring a knife, and as he attempted to run and your attempt to block him, he stabbed you. Sherlock hadn’t even registered what he’d done, only hearing your gasp of pain before Sherlock barged into the man himself, unknowingly knocking the knife out of your stomach, causing you to start to bleed out rapidly. As soon as he saw the red dripping onto the marble floor, it was all he could focus on. He didn’t go after the killer, though he was caught by the police immediately after. All he could focus on was you. You were hunched over, a hand softly feeling the growing stain of blood on your shirt. Sherlock sprinted to your side, wrapping his arms around you, gently lowering you down to the floor as you were in shock, leading him to where he was, trying to keep you alive as he waited for paramedics. 

    “Sherlock, they’re here.” Lestrade announced to Sherlock, who looked up at the paramedics with a stretcher. Sherlock looked back at you, taking a moment to remove his hands from your injury to quickly scoop you up, placing you on the bed, and they moved with you quickly. Lestrade didn’t stop Sherlock as he followed closely behind. As soon as he was back at your side in the ambulance, he kept his eyes focussed on you. Your eyes sometimes fluttered, and he could see your chest rising and falling, the thin layer of sweat on your head, sometimes if you took a deep enough breath in, your lips parted to let it back out. Little signs that told him you were still with him. He hardly blinked, hyper focused on the one thing that mattered. It was only when the nurses pulled him away from you as they were leading you into surgery that he snapped out of it, everything speeding back up again. 

    He saw the nurse who had stopped him asking if he was hurt as well, and in confusion he looked down at himself, seeing he was stained with your blood. “No, I’m fine.” He said simply, before turning and going to find the closest place to sit and wait for you to come out, or for an update, whether that be good or bad. 

    Eventually one came when the doctor came out, followed by you in a bed. He stood immediately, able to see you breathing, and with that, he breathed with relief. However, all tenseness wasn’t gone, and as you were laid to recover, he returned to your side, watching you like a hawk. That final tenseness in his body finally left when you opened your eyes the following morning. 

    “Sherlock?” You asked, him being one of the first things you saw. He smiled, glad you were able to recognise him, before he panicked as you tried to sit up, his hands resting on your shoulders and making you stay down. “What happened?” You asked him. 

    “You were stabbed. You’re fine though.” He explained shortly, you seemed a little surprised at first, before it seemed you remembered what had happened. 

    “Did he get away?” 

    “No, though that doesn’t matter... I should have been more aware. I should have noticed he had a weapon.” He blamed. 

    “You couldn’t have known, he kept it hidden to last second. If I’d seen the knife I wouldn’t have tried to get in his way.” You assured. Sherlock guessed you had a point. “How long till I’m well enough for another case?” Sherlock couldn’t help but smile. He knew you too well, and he knew you’d be rearing to get up and go. Just like him.

    “Not for a while, I want you to be at your best. The last thing we need is you reopening the incision and having to rest for longer.” He insisted. “But in the meantime, there’s plenty you can help me with from the comfort of your own bed.” 

    Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in! 

    *Not my gif

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    #aaliyah.asks #🌒.anon #oneshot: under the persimmon tree
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    500 followers. Thank you.

    To celebrate I’ll open my ask to pretty much anything. Character analysis, headcannons, fics, whatever. Send them my way & if I like it then I’ll write it.

    Thank you all again.

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    23.06.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Surprise.. Surprise.. Part Two.

    One shot: Fluff and tiny mention of smut implied.

    Part two.

    // Vinnie’s POV //

    I couldn’t believe my eyes. This isn’t real right? Was I dreaming? I mean, I didn’t have a lot of sleep last night because I was worried sick due to Y/N not responding to me anymore.

    I rub my eyes as I watch in the direction of the person again and there’s no way it couldn’t be her.

    Then she turns her face into my direction and my heart starts pounding. There she is, the love of my life, the only person who can make my day just by popping up in my notifications, Y/N.

    As I try to open my door, I hear Alex locking it.

    ‘’ Let me out! ‘’ I look at Alex as I try to unlock the door, but unable because he keeps his hand in front of the lock.

    ‘’ You haven’t answered my question yet. ‘’ Alex smirks at me, but I do not find it funny at all.

    ‘’ Please let me out and I’ll show you what I would do if she were to stand in front of me ‘’

    And with, I heard the door unlock. I jumped out of the car and ran as fast as I could to the person who I longed for the most.

    // Y/N’s POV //

    I just stand there, frozen, as Vinnie is trying his best to escape from Alex’s car.

    I think to myself: ‘’ Oh my god, okay this is really happening. How’s my hair? Does my breath stink? I mean, I just got of a 11-hour long plane flight. What if he doesn’t like the way I look? What if I’m not even near what he expected me to be? ‘’ I start to panic, but no time for that because before I know it I am attacked by two strong arms that lift me of the ground. Almost instantly, as I feel his warmth, my entire body relaxes as I wrap my legs around his torso. Feeling safe and calm in the arms of the boy that I love.

    ( Vinnie & Y/N )

    ‘’ Vinnie.. ‘’ I feel my eyes getting watery as my hands find their way into his dirty blonde curls.

    He looks up at me, with tears glistening in the corners of his eyes as well. God, he’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

    ‘’ Y/N, I can’t believe it.. *sniff* you’re finally here. ‘’ His voice cracks a bit as he tries to hold back the tears.

    ‘’ Oh baby, yes I am. And I’m planning on staying that way for a while. ‘’ I wipe his tears as we stare into each other’s eyes.

    ‘’ May I kiss you, please? ‘’ He asks, in a hesitantly way.

    I nod as our lips come closer. This is the moment I have been waiting for.

    // Vinnie’s POV //

    The moment I held Y/N in my arms, I could feel our hearts melt together as one. This was everything I have ever dreamed about. She was finally where she belonged, with me. I tried to hold back the tears from escaping my eyes but failed terribly. I didn’t care though. It were tears of joy, the tears you get when you finally found your forever home after all the disappointments from past experiences. We both were ready to give up, on finding someone. Instead, I can almost with 100% say we found the one. The kind of person who you want to share the rest of your life with, who doesn’t back out easily and is ready to fight for it, no matter the cost. I’m ready to be that person for Y/N, to show her that real love indeed does exists. Whatever it takes.

    ‘’ May I kiss you, please? ‘’ I couldn’t wait to kiss and love her, but I’m not one to rush things in.

    As soon as she nods, I caress her cheek with my hand, while my other hand supports her body.

    This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.

    We connect our lips at the same time. I swear to God, if you looked closely, I’m positive you would’ve seen fireworks coming from between us. Her lips are soft, like velvet rose petals. I set her on the ground, as I deepen the kiss. Both hands on her cheeks. Her face, not her butt, I am a gentleman okay.

    ‘’ Well, guys I guess this is the answer we’ve been looking for. ‘’ Alex zooms in on our kiss before turning the camera towards himself.

    ‘’ I hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe if not already and we will see you in the next. Vinnie, Y/N say bye to our viewers!” Y/N pulls back from the kiss first to turn towards Alex and blows kisses while smiling. The most beautiful smile you’ll ever get to see if you’d ask me. I wave as well, while holding Y/N close to me.

    Alex stops recording and walks towards us, he greets Y/N and gives me a hug.

    ‘’ So, I gather you like your surprise? ‘’

    ‘’ Yes, I do. Thanks Alex. I appreciate it. ‘’

    ‘’ Hey, sometimes I can be a nice guy, plus the number of views we’re getting once I put this video online will be insane. ‘’

    Y/N giggles at Alex’s comment and my heart almost bursts out of my chest just by hearing it.

    Alex walks inside of the house as I take Y/N’s hand.

    ‘’ Want to see my room? ‘’ I smirk as she blushes.

    ‘’ Vincent Hacker, are you trying to fuck me? On our first date? ‘’ I freeze, panic, start sweating.

    ‘’ What? Me? Never. ‘’ I relax as Y/N begins to laugh.

    ‘’ Sure, and for the record, I wouldn’t mind though. ‘’ She smirks as we start walking towards the house. This girl will be the end of me.

    // Y/N’s POV //

    We walk through the house as I greet everyone.

    Vinnie takes my hand and leads me up the stairs.

    ‘’ Ayo, don’t forget to use a condom lovebirds. ‘’ Michael yells.

    Vinnie turns around to flip him off as we continue to walk up the stairs.

    We walk into his room and it’s bigger than I had imagined.

    I stare at the wall with the painting on it, it’s beautiful. When I turn around I see his desk with his filming set up. I remember the nights on which I got a notification that Vinnie was streaming on Twitch. He told me that he streams when he’s tired because it gives him an energy boost. But once he ends the stream, it doesn’t take him long to fall asleep.

    I look around his room further as I feel two strong arms around my waist. Warm breath in my neck, followed by small kisses. I giggle.

    ‘’ What do you want to do, baby? ‘’ He asks me in a huskily voice.

    ‘’ Well, first of all I would love to take a shower. My hair looks rough, and I could use a bit body wash as well. And after that, I want to be anywhere as long as I am close to you. ‘’ Vinnie turns me around as he gives me a long and loving kiss on my lips.

    He walks to his closet and pulls out a big sized T-shirt of his own. One I recognize from our late night facetimes. ‘’ Here, wear this. It’ll look amazing on you. ‘’ I smile as I take it from him.

    ‘’ Care to join me in the shower? It’ll save water and I would love to see you in your natural thirst trap habitat. ‘’ Vinnie blushes. I haven’t seen him blush before and I think it's the cutest thing ever.

    ‘’ You... you want me to? I mean... it’s no big deal. We live in a house full of people who work. We earn enough money so don’t you worry about the water bill; I can stay here and shower when you’re d...’’

    I pull him closer to me as I stare into his eyes. I ghost my lips over his.

    ‘’ Vin, I want you to join me in the shower. I’ve been waiting for this long enough. Please join me, I promise I won’t bite. ‘’ I wink at him as I give him a quick peck on the lips. He moans against my lips.

    Before I can say anything else, I feel Vinnie pull me into his bathroom and locking it. It’s going to be a long night.

    Please let me know what you think and if you want a part 3. Smut or more fluff. :)

    #vinnie hacker angst #vinnie hacker #vinnie x reader #vinnie hacker imagine #vinnie hacker blurb #imagine vinnie hacker #vinnie hacker x you #vinnie hacker smut #imagines#imagine#female pov#smut#fluff oneshot#xreader#pov#romantic
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    STAY (J.T.)

    STAY (J.T.)
    Pairing: Jason Todd x reader
    Dialogue Prompts
    Requested by: @citrinesparkles
    warnings: vague mentions of injury
    "stay, please"

    He couldn't stop blaming himself.

    Something about seeing you in danger affected him differently than when it was someone he didn't know.

    Which meant that when he had called out your name while in his Red Hood suit, Jason had only realised after you recognised him that he had made a huge mistake.

    Looking at your bandaged hands, he hated that his momentary distraction had gotten you hurt, when he'd been trying to help.

    He had to leave.

    This hadn't been how he'd wanted you to find out about his other life. His dangerous life. In fact he hadn't wanted you to know. You probably didn't want to be around him anymore, of course you'd blame him for putting you in danger. Now you knew why he was always away, you wouldn't possibly understand. You had such a normal life compared to him. So enviously normal. God, his suit felt so tight and so wrong in this setting. Half of him wished he could just put his helmet back on. He was probably about to lose a friend. Not that he was good at making them anyway. And now he'd been the reason he was about to lose you. He had to leave, he had to leave before you asked him to, before-

    "Jason? Where are you going?"

    Your surprised voice broke the torrential nature of his thoughts, unknowingly saving him from drowning in them.

    He hesitantly turned to you, letting go of the door handle.

    "I just thought I should go so you can get some rest." He tried to smile so you wouldn't worry, but found that your intense gaze was too strong for him to put up the mask.

    "I'm not mad, Jay."

    "But I- "

    "No. It wasn't your fault. This is Gotham. This kind of stuff happens all the time, and not everyone is lucky to walk away from a mugging - or much worse things - alive."

    He should have sighed with relief, but his thoughts still weighed heavily on him.

    "You still got hurt. You still found out. You weren't supposed to." He was mostly mumbling to himself, but you still heard him.

    "I walked away with a couple of scrapes on my hands, and I was already in danger before you came. And yes, while finding out that my best friend is one of the bat-people was quite a surprise, it doesn't change anything, Jay. You're still my friend."

    Jason only moved away from the door once you tapped the space next to you, inviting him to come sit. Which he did, but still put a considerable amount of space between the two of you.

    "I've had a rough night, and I don't wanna be alone. Stay, please? I could use some friendly company."

    He scoffed at the friendly mention, it felt ironic given his suit, but otherwise stayed put.

    The overwhelmingly loud and negative thoughts in his head had calmed down somewhat, and he decided that your words would be what he would listen to.

    You shuffled closer to him and lay your head on his shoulder and gradually relaxed until you fell asleep.

    He'd eventually carry you to your bed so you wouldn't wake up with a sore neck, but he allowed himself to be comforted by your presence next to him until then.

    #jason todd imagine #jason todd fanfiction #jason todd x reader #jason todd x y/n #jason todd #jason todd oneshot #jason todd fluff #jason todd angst #ink and screen
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    23.06.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Dating Peter Parker and Working at Avengers Tower Would Include...


    You knew Peter Parker long before he ever showed up at Avengers Tower

    He’d been the starstruck elementary schooler awestruck over science classes, the suddenly withdrawn boy who’d lost his parents, the sometimes shy high schooler in your chemistry class who was just as likely to come up with a bad joke as know all the test answers

    You’d heard rumors that he had an internship with Stark Industries, which would mean that you should run into him at some point, yet you never have

    When you finally saw him at the Tower, you were completely shocked, and not just because you didn’t expect to actually see him

    No, you were surprised because he was wearing the Spider-Man suit and practicing his web-slinging, which must mean that-

    “Peter?” “Y/N?” “Are you-” “If I say no, will you believe me?”

    In the end, you’d had to sit down for a lot of explanations, which were often interrupted by Tony Stark popping in for the most unnecessary of elaborations

    “Did he tell you about the time he tried to take on the Vulture and nearly drowned so I had to fish him out of the lake and-” “Mr. Stark, please stop-”

    You owed Peter some clarifications too- why would you have the security clearance to be in the Tower at the first place?

    You were actually there because you’d saved Tony’s life a while back, similar to how Harley had saved Tony years ago

    You’d managed to fend off HYDRA agents and help him fix his suit long enough to get to safety, and the genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist had never forgotten it

    You’d gotten an offer from Stark Industries a while back, and when you showed up to your first day on the job, they hadn’t handed you a soldering iron and some scrap metal but a shiny new badge and access to many S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets

    You worked as an undercover operative, as you were able to get into a lot of HYDRA-controlled areas with little interference

    People just didn’t suspect a high schooler to wander into suspicious areas and steal information, which was their mistake

    At first, you’re not sure what Peter would think about this, or if he’d even want you there at all

    But let me tell you, that boy is thrilled

    He already thought you were one of the coolest girls at his school because you always laughed at his jokes and were super smart, and now this? He’s practically in awe

    You join Ned and MJ as official Friends of Spider-Man, which basically means helping Peter with his latest trouble and listening to him complain about all the robbers in New York with a raised eyebrow and a smile

    Sometimes he needs you more than that, like when he shows up to find you, bleeding out from some wound or another

    You always patch him up, making sure to get him talking about something so he doesn’t think about the pain

    Sometimes, Peter can’t believe how lucky he is to have you always there for him, never once turning away or letting him down

    On one of these days, he’s standing with you on a balcony on the Tower, watching the city rumble on below you

    Peter had turned to ask you a question, and he’d lost track of everything in his head the second his eyes landed on you once more

    It’s just the way you were standing there, wind tugging gently at your hair, golden sunlight practically making you glow

    And when you turned to face him too, a slight smile on your lips? He was utterly smitten

    He didn’t realize he was kissing you until he’d already started, and he found he didn’t want to stop, not at all

    Ever since then, he always walks you to your classes hand in hand, exchanging a kiss for a cup of coffee on the late nights when you’re both working far too late

    You can’t help but worry about him whenever he goes on some particularly difficult mission, and he feels the same way about you

    However, you always know that he’ll try his utmost to come back to you, and the sight of his returning smile is enough to chase all your worries away

    peter parker/marvel tag list: MY superhero @underc0vercryptid​, @mycosmicparadise​, @namoreno​

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    Hetalia headcannon: America can be very apathetic sometimes. He has a bright smile most of the time, which is his default expression. He has a very thick skin, and can be very insensitive without realizing it. For ex;

    Alfred hummed, walking into the meeting room. His smile was as big as ever, and he made it to work on time. 'Which is a suprise because traffic was hell.' He made it to his seat, paperwork in hand, ignoring his brothers arguing from behind him.

    England poked the americans arm, smirking a bit. "Greetings Alfred. You would never guess what happened this morning!" Alfred turned to look at the brit, tilting his head. "Hmm...did you learn to cook per chance?" Arthur gawked at him in disbelief, furrowing his brows. "How dare you-" "Everyone to their seats! The meetings about to start!"

    Hearing germany call for the meeting to begin, everyone went to their seats. Alfred organized the paperwork in front of him, humming. Cuba sighed with annoyance, shoving the american with his elbow. "Hey Alfred, can you shut up for once?" "Maybe I will once you stop interrupting me everytime something fun happens, do you mind?"

    Alfred was in charge of organising the trade papers this time around, and it happened to be a topic the american enjoyed. Germany heard their chattering, and decided to butt in. "Is there an issue?" "There's going to be an issue if you dont allow me to finish this." Alfred kept his eyes on his paperwork, not noticing the stares directed towards him.

    Canada just watched from the backround, sighing while shaking his head. 'You're really hitting all the right nerves today, arent you al?'

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    #writing#Scaramouche #scaramouche x reader #oneshot
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    Looking at the wrong one - Jesper Fahey

    Request: yes! “Firstly, I just want to say I really love your writing! I’ve had this idea for a while and wanting to find someone to write it because I love it so much. So basically reader has feelings for Kaz but he’s obviously in love with Inej so she confides in Jesper who comforts her and she eventually realizes that he’s been the one for her the whole time. I hope you can write it but if you can’t that’s totally fine too!!” Pairing:  Jesper Fahey x reader Summary:  Jesper is the first person you go to when you need advice about something - or rather, someone. It takes you a while to realise you’ve been sneaking glances at the wrong person. Warnings: none Word count:  2.7K A/N: I loved this request sm!! been busy busy busy lately so sorry if your request is taking a while for me to write, finish and post! enjoy reading :)

    You glance over at Kaz while he’s explaining the blueprints laid out in front of everyone. You’re trying to pay attention to what he’s saying, you really are, but it’s hard. It’s hard to focus on what he’s saying when Kaz is the one who’s talking. 

    There’s no denying it, Kaz looks good. For weeks you tried to push your feelings away, but soon what started as a little crush developed into something more. And now you can barely keep your eyes off of him. 

    There’s just something about his mysterious aura. The dark hair, sharp jaw, how he never seems to smile - though you did catch him smile once when he thought no one was looking. There’s so much you don’t know about him, and you’re dying to find out. 

    Apparently, you’ve been staring at Kaz for a little too long, because you feel someone nudging your shoulder, and turn to face them.

    ‘You know.’ mutters Jesper to you from the corner of his mouth. ‘If you want to talk about it, or just need to rant and have someone listen to you, I’m always here. I’ve heard I’m excellent company.’

    ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’ you say. ‘Do you think we can pull this job of?’ 

    You hoped Jesper wouldn’t ask about Kaz again, and he senses your need to change the subject.

    ‘We better.’ he says. ‘We can score big with this one.’

    Jesper starts talking about what he’s going to do once the job is done, but your eyes are already shifting back to Kaz. You can’t help but to feel a knot in your chest as you see him looking at Inej.

    While you’re always looking at Kaz, you catch him looking at Inej. 

    Inej is one of your closest friends, and you would die for her. Hell, you almost did die for her a couple of months ago. Still, you couldn’t help but to feel jealous of her. Of the way Kaz looked at her.

    Whenever Kaz was looking at Inej and you caught him, it didn’t take long for you to fall down a rabbit hole of insecure and jealous thoughts.

    You’d think of everything Inej can do that you cannot do. She has a gifts for knives, you know your way around guns, not knives. When she’s sneaking around, she almost becomes one with the shadows, you couldn’t soundlessly sneak up to someone even if you tried. 

    You always concluded Inej was better than you on more than one aspect. You figured she would be a better match for Kaz than you could ever be. You were ashamed of being so jealous of your friend when all Kaz did was look at her. But no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get rid of the jealousy. 

    After Kaz has rolled up the blueprints and everyone went over the plan one last time, you say your goodnights and all head back to your own rooms. You’re barely aware of your movements as your legs carry you to your room. When you move to open the door to your room, a familiar whistle makes you look up.

    ‘The offer for some company still stands.’ says Jesper, and he winks at you before entering his own room, next to yours in the hallway.

    While Jesper didn’t have Kaz’ gift for coming up with plans, he wasn’t stupid. He had caught you looking at Kaz a couple of times, then decided to speak up. As soon as the opportunity presented himself, he’d taken you apart from the others and confronted you about your staring. 

    You were shocked, asking him how he could have possible figured it out. Jesper merely raised his eyebrows and told you you’re always looking at Kaz. You hadn’t realised you looked at Kaz so many times. Ever since, Jesper has offered a listening ear. And though you appreciated it, you weren’t ready to talk about your feelings just yet. 

    As you’re taking your boots off, your mind wanders to Kaz again. And the way he looked at Inej. He didn’t show his feelings that often, but you couldn’t help but notice how soft his eyes were when he looked at Inej. It drove you crazy, and you didn’t like that it did. You felt like you were going to explode if you kept pushing these feelings down any longer. Maybe having someone listen to you didn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

    Not bothering to put your boots back on, you get up and leave your room. You take a few steps to get in front of Jesper’s door. Though it’s not that late and he’s probably still awake, you hesitate. What if he just wanted to be a good friend, but wasn’t actually interested in your thoughts on Kaz?

    You sigh and shake your head, clearing your mind. You then raise your hand and knock on the door. After a few seconds it opens, revealing Jesper. He’s taken off his coat and boots, leaving him in just a shirt and a pair of trousers. He smiles when he sees you.

    ‘I see you do want my company?’ he says. ‘Only if you don’t mind.’ you say. ‘Of course not.’ he says, stepping aside so you can enter his room.

    You take a seat in the only chair in the room as Jesper closes the door. He walks over to his bed and sits down as you tuck your feet under your legs, getting comfortable.

    ‘So.’ says Jesper. ‘Am I problem solving or listening?’

    You frown at his words. ‘What does that mean?’ you ask him.

    ‘Well, it’s the easiest way to prevent a fight.’ explains Jesper. ‘If I’m problem solving, I’ll give you advice and come up with solutions. If I’m listening, I’m just going to shut up and, well, listen. So, am I problem solving or listening?’

    ‘Listening, I guess.’ you say.

    ‘Alright.’ says Jesper, leaning back against the wall and stretching his legs in front of him. He gestures with his hand to you. ‘Let it all out then, love.’

    You don’t know where to begin. Jesper is patient as you’re searching for the words. Without realising, you start to play with your fingers, a habit of yours which you do when you’re thinking or anxious.

    ‘It starts... Well, when I became a member of the Dregs, I guess. I was young, but Kaz was around my age. We became close friends. That is, as far as being close friends with Kaz goes. I trusted him, he trusted me. We spent months working our way up to the top and along the way you tagged along, and Inej, Nina, Matthias and Wylan. I care about all of you, but there’s just something  different about Kaz.’ you tell him.

    Jesper looks at you but doesn’t say anything. He’s just listening, exactly like he said he would.

    ‘It started off as an innocent crush. Saints, I sound like some school girl. Anyway, somewhere along the way that little crush developed into something more. And now I can’t stop looking at him or thinking about him. And now that I’ve said this out loud, I realise you are the first person I’ve talked to about this.’ 

    You’re silent for a while as you look at Jesper. You were afraid he’d laugh at you, but he’s just sitting on his bed, looking at you. 

    ‘I can tell there’s still something else on your mind.’ he simply says. You let out a sigh and nod, and start talking again.

    ‘He’s always looking at Inej. Whenever I look at him, he’s looking at Inej. I know I shouldn’t feel the way I do, but I cannot pretend it doesn't make me a little jealous. The first time I saw him looking at Inej, I wished he looked at me like that. I know this sounds stupid, but I really can’t help it. And once I catch him looking at her, I start to think about how I’m not worth it.’ you say.

    Now Jesper frowns. ‘But you’re worth it.’ he says. You chuckle softly and shake your head.

    ‘She’s everything I’m not. She’s pretty, she’s very skilled with her knives, she can sneak up to anyone without being seen or heard. She knows the secrets of everyone in the Barrel. She could take down the Merchant council all on her own if she wanted to. I can’t do that.’ you say. 

    ‘I know I said I was listening, but can I just offer you one piece of advice?’ asks Jesper. You nod. ‘You say you notice the way Kaz looks at Inej, I have noticed that as well. He looks at her the way you look at him. Don’t you think you should try to admit to yourself that he’s only going to be looking at her, and not you?’

    ‘Deep down I know that.’ you say softly. ‘But I can’t fully wrap my head around that. Not just yet, at least.’

    ‘Alright.’ says Jesper. ‘Maybe not now, but if you give it time, maybe it’ll hurt less.’

    You look at him and smile as you get up. ‘Thank you Jesper.’ you say. ‘This is nice. Having someone listen to you.’

    Jesper gets up as well as you walk toward the door. ‘The door’s always open to you.’ says Jesper as he opens the door for you. ‘You can always swing by.’

    ‘Thanks.’ you say as you step out onto the hallway. ‘Goodnight, Jes.’  ‘Night, Y/N.’ he says as you walk the few steps to the door of your room.

    After that conversation, your nightly visits to Jesper’s room increase. Sometimes he’s problem solving, sometimes he’s listening, and sometimes you just sit in silence when all you want is some company.

    There’s even one night in which you actually fell asleep when you were sitting on his bed, and when you woke up the next morning, you found Jesper sleeping on the floor while using his coat as a blanket. Your heart melted a little, but you decided not to speak up as you snuck out of his room.

    Weeks pass, and slowly your visits turn from seeking advice about Kaz to enjoying a conversation with Jesper. He makes you laugh as he tells you stories about how he used to drive his parents crazy doing god knows what at their farm. In return, you tell him about the life you lived before you came to Ketterdam.

    Another couple of visits later, and you’ve almost completely forgotten that you originally started visiting Jesper to talk about Kaz. You notice you’ve stopped sneaking glances at Kaz. You’re not even jealous when you catch him looking at Inej again. 

    Instead, your attention is on Jesper. More than once, he caught your eye and sent a wink you way, making you smile and turn away.

    Your nightly visits increase even more, and you can be found in Jesper’s room almost every night, laughing at his jokes.  

    After a particularly long night that involved keeping tabs on the security of one of the banks for hours, you find yourself in front of Jesper’s room again. Kaz had sent you out on the job, and you had hoped Jesper would be in his room when you got back.

    But after knocking three times, he still hasn’t opened the door. You whistle a familiar tune, hoping he’d answer the door. When he doesn’t, you kick over a tiny tin can that sits on the floor next to the door.

    ‘So predictable.’ you murmur as you bend down to pick up the key that was underneath it. Knowing Jesper probably wouldn’t mind, you let yourself in and walk over to the only chair in the room.

    You let yourself settle in and reach out to take the deck of cards Jesper always keeps on his nightstand. 

    You’re fooling around with the cards, if only to keep yourself busy as you wait for Jesper. You’re shuffling the cards, moving them smoothly in your hands.

    ‘Can you teach me that?’ 

    At the sudden voice, you drop half of the cards. You hadn’t seen or heard him coming. Jesper chuckles as he walks over and stands behind you, looking out over the city beneath you.

    ‘This is my favourite view.’ he says, looking out the window.

    ‘Mine too.’ you say, while you look at the reflection of his face in the window. You then fully realise you haven’t talked about Kaz in weeks, that you just come to Jesper’s room for a conversation and some company, and you remember the night he slept on the floor.

    ‘Jes?’ you ask him. ‘Yea love?’ he says. ‘The other night when I was here-’ ‘Care to specify which night?’ 

    ‘I fell asleep, and when I woke up you were sleeping on the floor.’ ‘Oh, that night.’ he says. ‘Well, would you rather I had pushed you off the bed?’ ‘No.’ you laugh.

    Jesper laughs too and you look at each other in silence afterward. It’s a comfortable silence, and he’s the first one to speak up.

    ‘You haven’t talked about Kaz in a while.’ he says. ‘Finally realised his heart belongs to someone else?’

    ‘Yes, well, I realised that so does mine.’ you say. This makes Jesper frown. 

    ‘Already moving on?’ he says. ‘Thought your feelings for him were more serious.’

    ‘They were.’ you say. ‘But I've found someone who listens to me, who sees me, who makes me laugh.’ you cock your head to the side a little and look at him. ‘Nice to look at, as well.’

    Jesper raises one eyebrow.

    ‘Who is this mystery person?’ he says. ‘And am I problem solving or listening?’ ‘Well I hope you’re gonna do something else.’ you say. Jesper frowns again, making you playfully roll your eyes.

    ‘Not the smartest tonight, are we?’ you say. ‘Let me repeat it: I've found someone who listens to me, sees me, and makes me laugh. and not bad to look at.’ 

    He’s still frowning. ‘Another hint?’ he says. ‘This is why Kaz does the planning and has the brains.’ you say, laughing.‘Rude.’ says Jesper.

    ‘It’s a he, and he’s caring and sweet, sometimes struggles to sit still, loves a good gunfight, he’s an excellent shot.’ you say.

    Jesper smirks at you and then fakes a look of confusion on his face. ‘Still not getting it.’ he says. ‘Tell me more about him.’

    You laugh and get up, standing close to him. ‘He’s not just an excellent shot, he’s the best damn sharpshooter in Ketterdam. Saved my ass a couple times as well. Owns a pair of stunningly hand made revolvers. He’s Zemini, taller than me, and..’ your voice drifts off.

    ‘And?’ says Jesper, stepping closer to you. ‘And I've been wondering if he’s a good kisser.’ you say softly. 

    ‘Well, let’s find out, shall we?’ says Jesper and he cups your face with both of his hands and presses his lips against yours. They’re soft, and you can taste a hint of his last drink on them. He kisses you gently but passionate, and takes a  breath when he pulls away.

    ‘Hmm.’ you say, pretending to think. ‘Yea, pretty good.’

    ‘Pretty good?’ says Jesper. ‘I've heard I'm more than a pretty good kisser.’

    ‘Prove it then.’ you say.

    Jesper smirks and pulls you in for a kiss once more. This one is different, it’s more demanding, and leaves you breathless as you struggle to keep your knees from buckling. 

    He pulls away and rests his forehead against yours. ‘How about that?’ he says softly.

    You smile and press a quick kiss to his lips. ‘You live up to your reputation, Fahey.’ you say. ‘You’re an excellent kisser.’

    ‘Just like I thought.’ says Jesper. ‘Do you want to stay here tonight?’

    ‘I would love to.’ you say.

    You spend the rest of the night talking with Jesper until eventually, you feel yourself falling asleep. You feel how Jesper moves next to you, to take his spot on the floor again. You lay a hand on his arm to stop him, silently telling him it’s okay and that he doesn’t have to sleep on the floor.

    Kaz wasn’t the right match for you, Inej is. But Jesper certainly is your match.

    A/N: If you want to request something, make sure to read my house rules Here’s the list of characters I write for. Everything that I have written can be found on my masterlist. Please don’t repost my work, as I spend much time and effort on it!! Thank you for reading! Much love, Marit

    #yea I would die for jesper I love him sm #that one video of kit showing off his revolver skills lives in my head rent free #triptuckers#jesper fahey#kaz brekker #shadow and bone #grishaverse #jesper fahey x reader #jesper fahey x you #jesper fahey fanfiction #jesper fahey fanfic #jesper fahey fanfics #jesper fahey fic #jesper fahey fics #jesper fahey oneshot #jesper fahey oneshots #shadow and bone fanfiction #shadow and bone fanfic #shadow and bone fanfics #shadow and bone fic #shadow and bone fics #shadow and bone oneshot #shadow and bone oneshots
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  • generalfoolish
    23.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Sweet Talk

    Prompt #248:

    Who needs a guardian angel when you can have a half-decent demon?

    Day Five of the Follower Party!
    Pairing: Din Djarin x gn!reader
    Word Count: 350
    Warnings: 18+ CW mentions of violence blood, gore, s'plosions, some spiritual stuff (mentions of guardian angels/demons); a little OOC for Din Djarin
    A/N: All prompts from @creativepromptsforwriting Top Ten!

    Masterlist | Day One: Ezra | Day Two: Loki | Day Three: Obi-wan | Day Four: Marcus Pike

    As always, let me know if you want to be tagged!

    Din watched as you sliced through the remaining troopers. He could have easily joined in, his fingers inching toward his gun still in the holster. Unsnapped, of course. He wasn’t willing to let you come to any harm, but Din wanted to see what kind of skill you had. Turns out, Din thought as he inspected the wounds, quite a bit.

    “You gonna help, old man? Or is this one all me?” Din angled his helmet at you, and you smirked as you pulled your blade from the last trooper. Din walked towards you and gestured inside. You wiped the blood off on your tunic and followed the suit inside.

    He dispatched a few troopers quickly, and stalked over to check out the weapons cache. You were moving to check the tech out, when the hairs on the back of your neck stood straight up and goosebumps pebbled your arms.

    You saw it before Din did, a sweeping hand and a swift knife displaced the hand holding the blaster. Din whirled to face you, and you could tell something was off.

    “It’s a trap.” You hissed as you grabbed his arm and tugged him towards the door. The explosion rattled the building, and singed your clothes as the fire burned behind you. It knocked you to your knees, but Din lifted you up and righted you without breaking stride, like you weren’t a fully grown person. You marveled at his strength for a moment.

    “How did you know that was a trap?” He asked, scanning the area for life forms. There were none.

    “Intuition? Guardian angel?” He scoffed at your downplayed response.

    “Who needs a guardian angel when you can have a half-decent demon?” He joked, gesturing to you. You took a moment to take yourself in and laughed darkly. You were covered in blood, and parts of your tunic were burnt.

    “Fair enough, tin man. I’ve got your back.” You felt the intensity of his stare through the heavy visor, but you both let the moment pass. Better to stick with what works.

    #din djarin x gn!reader #din djarin x reader #din djarin oneshot #din djarin#star wars #Star Wars fic #100 follower party!
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  • imagine-a-fangirl
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    A/n: Spoiler alert for Loki Ep. 3!

    “What about you? You are a prince? Must have been would-be princesses or perhaps another prince?” Sylvie grinned

    “A bit of both, I suspect the same as you.” Loki answered honestly, but he debated with himself if was going to tell her who he was really thinking about when he thought of love. There was only one person who immediately popped into his mind when he thought about love. The one person that he had known for years, the one that always saw the good in him, the one that always helped him get back on the right path when he was lost.

    He had seen the footage at the TVA, of things that could have been, maybe even should have been. He had seen them smiling that bright smile he loved so much, he had seen them stare at him as only they could. He had heard them declaring their love for him, not just to him but in front of everyone he ever cared for. That version of him was the lucky one, the one who had everything by having them even if it only was for the short period of time they would have had.

    But to him, you’d always be the one that got away.

    “But nothing ever real.”

    #loki x reader #loki imagine#imagine loki #loki laufeyson x reader #reader x loki #loki oneshot #loki odinson imagine #loki series#loki spoiler #loki spoiler alert #marvel imagine #loki series spoiler #loki episode 3 spoiler
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  • heartbreakweatherharry
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    goodbyes (t.h)

    requested: no

    warnings: none, it’s just sad

    author’s note: i wasn’t sure how to finish this because honestly it hurt to write. i loosely based it off of an experience i recently went through, as i had to say goodbye to my best friend. anyways i hope this breaks your heart as much as it broke mine

    “This is the last box.”

    Y/N softly huffed as she dropped the cardboard box— filled with some of her best friend’s belongings— into the trunk of his sedan. The November air bit her skin as she studied the stack of boxes, each intricately placed to take up as little space as possible. She dusted her hands onto her pants, turning to the man beside her, watching him slam the trunk shut.

    “Thanks,” Tom spoke, “that’s everything then.” Y/N nodded in response, taking a deep breath at the realization that was hitting her: this was the last time she would— possibly ever— see her best friend again. All of the things they would do together (late-night convenient store trips; watching a documentary on Netflix as Y/N threw gummy bears into Tom’s mouth because he had cocooned himself under the blankets; piggyback rides through the town’s nightlife when Y/N’s feet began to ache), they would never do again. No more them. And no more Tom.

    “So,” she trailed off, eyes falling to the pebbles of loose gravel below her feet. “This is... this is it.” She promised herself she wouldn’t cry, no matter how many times Tom had previously seen her mascara-stained cheeks. Though, as their best memories flashed through her mind, what else could she do? Bottom lip quivering against her own will, “you’re leaving.”

    His brows furrowed with sorrow, arms shooting from where they lied at his sides to pull the girl closer, holding her (trembling) hands in his own. “Don’t think of it like that, darling.”

    “How else am I supposed to think of this, Tom?” She scoffed, choking out a sob, “you’re leaving and I’ll be stuck here for God knows how much longer. And what am I supposed to do without my best friend?” One of Tom’s hands traveled to her right cheek, cupping it before gently wiping away the stream of tears that had managed to escape despite her wishes. Y/N’s eyes flickered between her feet and the man before her, “we said we would get out of here together, Tommy.” Voice breaking, “you promised me.”

    Sighing, Tom could feel his heart break at the use of his childhood nickname. He snaked his index finger under her chin, lifting it ever so lightly, forcing her eyes to meet his. “do you know how much I’m gonna miss you? How much I love you?” This time, Y/N threw her arms around the man’s torso, burying her wet cheeks into the navy blue sweater adorning his chest. Her body heaved, muffled sobs slipping past her lips. “We can get through this. I promise you.”

    “Please don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she whispered into him before slowly pulling away, wiping her own tears. “I should probably let you get on the road.” He nodded, lips pursed as he dug through the pockets of his jeans, fishing for car keys. They silently walked to his driver-side door, the other vehicles on his street quietly passing by. She watched him slide into the leather seat behind the wheel, tucking her bottom lip between her teeth. “I love you,” Y/N meekly added, “I’ll see you later.”

    The walk back to her own car was a somber one, the sun wouldn’t shine as bright as it used to, all of the colors surrounding her seemingly lackluster.

    He was gone.

    #tom holland blurbs #tom holland one shot #tom holland imagine #tom holland fanfiction #tom holland imagines #tom holland fanfic #tom holland fan fic #tomholland#tom holland #tom holland writing #tom holland angst #tom holland oneshot #tom holland oneshots #pippa writes! #tom holland fic #tom holland fics
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  • juke-fic-recs
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    dust and snow (oh, don't let it go) by @pawprinterfanfic [Pawprinter]

    Teen And Up | One-Shot | 6.7k | Complete

    Select Tags: Canon Compliant, Angst, Family Fluff, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Friends to Lovers, First Kiss, Christmas Presents        

    When Luke loses one of his favourite items from the 90s, the band is determined to make it right.

    Anonymous says: this story is so sweet and heart-warming! perfect juke and found family fluff, it makes me so emotional!!
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  • stilloutofmyvulcanmind
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #sherloque wells x reader #sherloque wells imagine #sherloque wells oneshot #sherloque wells
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  • the-hotel-cortez
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    Send them in!!! It doesn’t have to be detailed, and can be anon. Even if you just want something of a specific character, just let me know!!! I can handle the rest.👍🏼

    Just let me know what y’all are interested in!!! Can be characters, kinks, scenarios, headcanon ideas, etc. Please don‘t be shy!

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  • i4deonu
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    anything for my sunshine | ksn

    a birthday boy and bf!sunoo x gn!reader

    genre fluff. warnings cursing. word count 768.

    — a:/n: hello! happy sunoo day! i hope you all enjoyed this, i had a lot of fun writing it :) the only thing i wanna say is i’m saying he turns 19 bc he is 19 in south korea. anyway, i love sunoo so much and i hope he has the bestest day ever <3 make sure you wish him a happy bday!

    “i fucking hate belift lab.”

    your boyfriend!sunoo let out a hearty laugh at your statement, surprised at your choice of wording. “y/n, it’s not like i have much of a choice to come in or not.” he tried to console you, rubbing the small of your back. “it’s not fair! it’s your birthday, we have to spend the day together.” you sulked.

    “and we will find the time to, but i have to work.” you pouted at his answer. little did sunoo know, you were acting your ass off to convince him you were upset. in reality, you had made a plan with the rest of the enhypen boys and belift to distract sunoo on his birthday. you were going to throw him the best party ever, it was your duty as his s/o to make him the happiest on his special day.

    you planned everything out; belift would distract sunoo with vocal lessons until you finished decorating his dorm with the rest of enhypen. jungwon would be with him at all times, just in case he tries to get home a bit too early. jay and riki were in charge of making his favorite foods, which included persuading riki to go out and buy mint choco ice cream.

    heeseung, jake, and sunghoon were in charge of decorating. the three got balloons and streamers in all of sunoo’s favorite colors, jake even had the idea of creating a photo wall for pictures later on in the evening. that just left you, in charge of giving him the greatest gift ever. thinking of a gift for the most amazing boyfriend in the world was a bit hard, but you loved what you came up with.

    on that morning, you could hardly contain your excitement. as soon as you woke up you left a voicemail for sunoo, who you figured was already hard at work. you made your way over the enhypen dorm, greeting the boys as heeseung let you in.

    “hey guys, how’s everything going so far?” you asked, as you pulled everyone into short side hugs. from what you saw so far, everything was going well! the entire dorm was filled with the sweet smell of a cake cooling, light banter could be heard coming from jay and riki, jake and sunghoon were in a corner blowing up giant number 1 and 9 balloons for the photo wall, and heeseung was setting the small table in the middle of the common room.

    “everything’s pretty good for right now, i think we’ll be finished with decorating right before sunoo and jungwon come back.” jake assured you. “that’s great! i’m gonna go check on riki and jay.” walking into the kitchen you could now smell the different spices of tteokbokki cooking on the stove, the two boys in front of you bickering over what else to make. deciding not to bother them, you make your way back to the common area to finish decorating.

    moments later, you got a few new messages from jungwon:

    garden boy


    lessons are over and he wants to be home

    we’ll be there in 10 minutes

    “oh my god.” you panicked, all of the boys rushing to see what’s going on. “okay, don’t panic y/n, let’s just finish up quickly.” sunghoon said, rounding everyone to quickly finish their jobs. everyone was on edge the last ten minutes, you and jay even almost dropped all of the foods while bringing them over to the table.

    finally, sunoo and jungwon returned home. “no one bother me, i need to call y/n back and tell them about my day.” sunoo said, starting to make his way to his room. before he could do so, you all started singing happy birthday, you front and center bringing his cake to him. you couldn’t get over the shock on your boyfriend’s face. he blew out the candles and laughed.

    “wow, who planned all of this?” sunoo looked around at his friends with stars in his eyes. jake took the cake from you and slightly pushed you towards your boyfriend. “i did, of course. i got all of them to help me.” you grinned. sunoo wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a tight hug. you could hear the others whine and groan about how gross you two were, but you didn’t care. you felt like you were floating in his arms, happiness taking over the both of you.

    “thank you so much, y/n. this is perfect.” he whispered in your ear, still holding on tightly. you let go of his embrace and cupped his cheek. “anything for my sunshine.”

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  • bluexiao
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    #genshin x reader #diluc x reader #venti x reader #kazuha x reader #genshin drabbles#genshin oneshots#diluc headcanons#venti headcanons#kazuha headcanons
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  • slettlune
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    au stories aren’t usually my bag but i admit sometimes in quiet moments i’ll sit and just ponder justice riders boostle

    it’s about the CHANGED DYNAMIC. characters that have been socialized differently than their earth-1 counterparts

    card sharp conman booster who’s put even MORE points into charisma but who has to dig deep to allow himself to be truly genuine with another person (but when he does it feels like such a relief even though it’s terrifying to him)

    crackpot inventor ted who’s been left to his own devices for so long he’s unlocked Thinking Outside The Box Level 8, but is incapable of holding a normal conversation anymore (but it doesn’t bother him bc social mores were just holding him back before). ted kord but in a feral state

    #i have not read this comic in a decade #one day i'll write that justice riders oneshot (no i won't bc i can't get the voice right)
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  • newts-fan-case
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    Love is...

    Here is a small Drabble of an idea that I might develop further down the line, and has been brought up in my mind with the new Loki episode. 

    I hope you like it, as always it is under the cut for better scrolling. even though is less that 200 words I think.

    OFCxLoki and it’s from Loki’s pov

    The way she looks at me with her hair all tousled in the morning, and bleary eyes that aren’t focused yet. 

    The way the sheets tangle between her bare legs and her messed up makeup on the pillows.

    It is the way her breath catches every time I touch her and her heart starts beating rapidly.

    It is the way she messes up my hair when we kiss. And the way our tongues tangle between each other.

    The way we messily take our clothes off and a cacophony of noise takes place between labored breaths and warmth and cold and noise and silent screams and loud screams and whimpers and pain and pleasure and...


    Love is... chaos.

    #loki#loki drabble #loki x ofc #loki x reader #loki laufeyson #loki one shot #loki oneshot#mine#my writing
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