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  • obeythedemons
    26.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Lucifer, I just woke up. You cannot do this to me.

    #obey me#this game#lucifer#screenshot#yes #i will write a oneshot on this
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  • pocketfulofrecs
    26.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    on the importance of home (and all it implies) by nixtothou

    teen | 1.5k | wei wuxian and wen remnants | complete | grieving

    The Burial Mounds are empty.
    Wei Wuxian had expected this, yet for some reason it still hurt to see.

    Dee’s thoughts - This fic really hits you. There are so few that focus on the Wen remnants or WN and WWX's grief. This short oneshot captures the essence of it beautifully.

    Ju’s thoughts - Wow! Heartbreaking story! Set right before the second siege, when WWX, LWJ and WN are going up the Burial Mounds. It’s all about memories and grieving and it's so beautiful, heartbreakingly so.

    Author’s tags: Light Angst, Introspection, Burial Mounds (Módào Zǔshī), Self-Indulgent, wwx's bond with the wen remnants is very important to me, the wangxian is THERE but like, it's not really the focus

    Remember to leave feedback to the author! <3 Comments and kudos feed the author’s soul.

    Please be respectful to the authors and treat them kindly!

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  • 04thz
    26.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Angsty Remus oneshot from my drafts

    Was going through the note-app on my phone and I found this angsty thing I wrote right after SvS redux came out. Fitting, huh? Since I recently posted that drawing of Roman. Enjoy the sadness lol.

    TW: Unsympathetic!Sides (Basically all of them except Remus lol), implied Dukeceit breakup, ANGST

    Bonus warning: My writing was slightly cringe lmao

    Remus shifted a bit on his bed, cringing slightly as he did. Every muscle in his body ached and he could barely move more than a couple inches at a time. He'd been laying practically motionless on his bed for who knows how long, he lost count after only three days. He shivered a bit and tried to pull the thin blanket closer around his body, but it didn't really help.

    His room was freezing cold, damp and dark, like it always had been. Usually it didn't bother him but right now it really contributed to his misery. He was alone, left out, hated, wasting away on the bloodstained sheets of his broken down old bed.

    He had two friends in this world, or so he thought. Two people who actually seemed to at least tolerate him and his crazy, gross, weird mannerisms. Two people who didn't shut him out and leave him. Until they did. He was bummed out after Virgil left, but what was worse, SO much worse, was watching Janus go as well. The one person who'd always been there with him just walked out to join the others who'd shunned them both for most of their existence.

    Remus felt tears burn in the corner of his eyes, he let them be. Eventually they started falling and soon he was sobbing loudly into his already soaked pillow. Janus had left him, abandoned him and... He called him evil. That was, if possible, even worse.

    He could handle it when Morality called him evil, he could handle it when Logic shut him down, he could handle that Virgil was afraid of him, he could even handle being hated by his own brother, but he couldn't stand hearing the one person that he'd thought possibly even loved him calling him evil and then walking out of his life.

    AHHH WHY 2020 ME!?

    #sanders sides #sanders sides oneshot #sanders sides fanfiction #sanders sides remus #sanders sides remus angst #sanders sides angst #sanders sides angst oneshot #ts remus#remus sanders#ts duke #sanders sides duke #sanders sides intrusive thoughts #angst fanfic#angst fic #sanders sides angst fic #oneshot #writers of tumblr
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  • trashykawahq
    26.09.2021 - 30 minutes ago


    Pairing: Reader x Dazai Osamu

    Genre: Fluff; Crack?


    Jealous Dazai? Jealous Dazai.

    Now Dazai’s a confident man

    Handsome, charming, has the women swooning with a single smile

    He should have nothing to worry about when it comes to you

    He trusts you, of course, 100%. He knows how much the both of you love each other, and he doesn’t doubt that at all

    Anyone who’s seen all the bad sides to him and still stuck around would be trustworthy, after all-

    It’s the other people he doesn’t trust

    He knows what people are capable of...truly evil things.

    Being in the mafia for most his life, he’s seen people take advantage of others

    The strong prevail over the weak after all.

    He, by no means is calling you weak though. You’re one of the strongest people he knows. 

    Back to the jealousy though-

    He knows he has nothing to worry about, he knows

    But his grip on his drink still tightens

    Stupid house warming party thrown by one of your friends he doesn’t remember the name of.

    All he knows that said friend was standing a little too close to you

    And he was smiling a little too widely

    And you were laughing just a tad bit harder 

    His frowns when he sees the guy reach over you to grab something from the table behind you, face stopping close to yours.


    “I thought I lost you in the crowd, my love!”

    Two arms wrap around your waist, pulling you back into a familiar chest, away from your friend. 

    He props his chin on top of her shoulder and stares at the man with a cold smirk that you can’t see.

    Whatever plans the guy might have had are immediately dissipated as he shivers. 

    “Osamu?” You say happily and it makes him so very happy to hear his name come from your lips.

    Now, he would probably end it there if the guy backed off

    But if he didn’t...oh boy-

    Say the man stays his ground, trying to talk to you again

    Dazai’s smirk widens as he, in one swift motion, grabs the glass in your hand and slides it onto the counter, sipping you down for a kiss that’s much more filthier than it needs to be

    Sure, he gets reprimanded later, but when he cracks an eye open, mid-dip and makes eye contact with the guy, the crestfallen, slightly irritated look is so damn satisfying.

    He acts like nothings happened when he lets you back up, flushed and stammering.

    “Hmm? What’s wrong, darling? you’re a little red.” 

    The little shit

    He’s more clingier than usual the rest of the night

    An arm around your waist, or propping his chin onto your shoulder, holding your hand while walking.

    In conclusion:

    Jealous Dazai = Silent but deadly.



    #bsd#dazai bsd#bsd fanfic#bsd dazai#bsd anime #bungou stray dogs headcanons #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungo stray dogs headcanons #bungo stray dogs dazai #bungo stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs dazai #dazai#dazai osamu#dazai oneshot #dazai x reader #osamu x reader #osamu #osamu x y/n #dazai osamu x reader #osamu dazai#fanfic#bsd fanfiction #bsd x y/n #bsd x reader
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  • honeysweetcorvidart
    26.09.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    oh miss clarity

    #she’s a swashbuckler from a oneshot i did. i love her. #dnd#sketch#art#tiefling
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  • landooscurls
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Are you sure you still want that lando smut after this race? cause rn i feel ONLY ANGST RN

    #f1 one shots #lando norris x reader #lando norris oneshot #lando norris smut #lando norris angst
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  • penguintransporter
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Walker (John Stones imagine) Part III

    Okay, this is definitely turning into a story, rather than imagine, but I am so enjoying writing this, but I think since the chapters are much shorter, it’ll need two more chapters to complete it. This one is dedicated to everyone who has read and liked the previous chapters, but especially @rosie7703 hope you enjoy this one as well. Read, enjoy, like, comment, reblog, whatever you feel like doing. Love you all!

    Part I | Part II

    Rosie’s phone vibrated in the back pocket of her dark, denim jeans, and when she reached out for it to check it, she couldn’t help but smile like a fool at the name that was written on the screen. 

    Have a safe trip, Rosie.

    Sheepishly, she sucked in her bottom lip between her teeth, feeling her heartbeat accelerate - fingers hovering over the reply button. When she gave him the phone number the night before, and told him to text her, she never thought he would actually do it, but he did - the very same night, giving her the reason to stay awake more than she had planned too.

    Rosie kept smiling to herself as she thought about her answer, but as she was about to type it, the doors of her brother’s room opened with a small squeak, making her lock the phone and put it away. 

    “What drugs did you take this morning?” her brother asked, walking through the narrow doorway and into the kitchen, wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms and a wrinkled t-shirt with the emblem of his favourite football club, embroidered on the left side of his chest. Both items that he was wearing were way too small for him and his lanky figure - trousers barely reaching his ankles. “Having you smile like that so early in the morning is unsettling.”

    Rosie grinned, looking over her shoulder at her younger sibling as she filled the old kettle with tap water, suddenly feeling sad for him. He was slumped over in a single barstool, and with his messy hair and tired face-expression, he looked as if a boulder ran him over. Twice.

    “Obviously, not the same as you,” she answered, knowing perfectly that she was about to hit the right nerve. 

    “You’re annoying, you know that?” he muttered, lifting his head for a second from where it rested on the kitchen counter, “and I think, your happiness makes me sick to my stomach. Can you go back to being your boring self?”

    Rosie only rolled her eyes at her brother’s childish behaviour before placing the kettle on the already warm hob - droplets of water sliding down and onto the stove and turning into the steam instantly. 

    “It’s hardly my happiness that makes you sick to your stomach,” she spoke calmly, “it’s the amount of alcohol and God knows what that you’ve consumed in the past week,” Rosie added with a grin, opening the cupboard to pick a mug from the empty shelf. How her brother survived with three mugs and two plates was beyond the mystery to her. “Cuppa?”

    Her brother didn’t look up, but managed to raise his hand a little before flipping her off, and Rosie couldn’t help but laugh. 

    “What I need is something that will fix my head?” he muttered quietly, shaking his head before wincing - a small profanity leaving his mouth. 

    “I’ve got Ibuprofen,” Rosie offered. 

    “Nah,” he responded, sliding down from the stool before walking to the refrigerator - the white front of it covered in way too many red stickers, matching to the emblem on his t-shirt. 

    Rosie shrugged as she proceeded to pour the boiling water over her teabag, watching her brother from the corner of her eye as he took out a bag with, what looked like, frozen dumplings before putting it on top of his head - wincing a little as he did so. She tried to contain her laughter inside her throat as she looked back at her tea, pressing her lips together. 

    “Hey,” she started, trying to subtly change the topic, “I need to ask you something.” Her brother ignored her as he made his way towards the sitting room, and Rosie sighed, unsure how to formulate her question without sounding too eager. “Do you know any lads named John?”

    Her brother looked at her from where he was half-sitting, half-laying on the sofa with Walker sitting next to him - the dog’s head resting in her brother’s lap. 

    “Here? In Barnsley?” he asked as Rosie made her way towards him, stepping over her weekender bag that rested on the floor, along with her trainers and a tote-bag with some snacks for her trip home to Manchester. Rosie nodded, humming softly, while trying to contain her giddiness. “I know a few, why?”

    “Any of them have tattoos?” she asked, sitting down before setting her cup of tea on a random brochure from the local sushi place. 

    “John Sutcliffe has a panda bear on his arse, but you know him. Why?”

    Rosie made a small grimace, remembering who exactly was John Sutcliffe and why she remembered him in the first place. Their first encounter ended up with him stealing a pair of knickers from Rosie’s bedroom and taking it to the school with him to brag about sleeping with his mate’s older sister.

    “Ah,” she murmured, trying to pretend that she wasn’t bothered by the information that her brother gave her. “I just met a lad the other day in the park,” she started again, “his face was oddly familiar and I was wondering if I’ve met him before. I thought it was maybe one of your mates.”

    Her brother gave her a small, disinterested shrug, and Rosie sighed, reaching out to stroke Walker’s furry back as she took a small sip of her tea.

    “It’s none that I know. The Johns that I know, two of them live in London, and the other two visit the park only at night, to drink with the bums.”

    “I assume Sutcliffe is one of them,” Rosie murmured, making her brother throttle as he turned on TV. 

    Rosie leaned back into the sofa, taking her phone out of her pocket and looking at the screen - the stream of messages they exchanged last night greeting her. With a slide of her finger, she scrolled through them - a small smile appearing on her lips as she stopped at the particular text that made her heart skip a beat. 

    I really want to see you again.

    “Speaking of lads named John,” her brother’s voice caught her attention, stopping her train of thoughts, and she curiously looked at him, waiting for him to continue. “There’s John Stones, and he’s originally from around here, a bit older than me. But, he might as well not be from around here,” he said as he placed his feet on the coffee table in front of them. “Don’t like him.”

    “And he lives in Barnsley now?” she asked, eager to hear the answer - anticipation eating her on the inside. Her brother grinned at her, adjusting the bag of frozen dumplings that he still held on top of his head. “What?” Rosie inquired, almost defensively. 

    Her younger sibling kept his smirk on as he pointed at the TV screen with the hand in which he still held the TV remote. “You are so useless,” he muttered, “how do you even live in Manchester? It’s just bloody amazing…” he trailed off, and Rosie huffed slightly in annoyance, causing her brother to chuckle. “No, he doesn’t live in Barnsley, Rosie,” her brother drawled out, “because he’s a bloody Citizen. Liked him much better when he was at Everton.”

    With a confusion etched across her face, Rosie slowly moved her gaze from her brother’s amused face and at the TV - the phone she held in her hands instantly dropping into her lap as her eyes met with the familiar blue ones.

    He looked tired, but content as he stood in front of a Sky Sports backdrop, wearing a light blue jacket - his hair as sweaty as on the day when she first met him. With a small smile, John was nodding at the journalist who was asking him something, but despite the volume being high, she couldn’t hear a word because her heartbeat was drumming loudly inside her ears. 

    She kept her eyes focused on the man on the screen, and when he laughed at whatever they were talking about, Rosie’s heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach.


    Hope  you like it. Tagging quickly @avenirdelight because she asked me to do so. If you want to be tagged as well, let me know.

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  • snowbellewells
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Self-Promo Sunday: “Cake by the Ocean”

    (This one is set post-season five finale, and Killian, Emma, and Henry are enjoying their new life together as a family. I don’t know that there is too much else you need to know to enjoy this one. I’m just imagining some of the lovely domestic moments that we don’t always get to see.)

    This little one shot from my larger “Of Swans and Swords and Hopeful Hearts” collection popped into my heart the other day. I wasn’t sure I had ever featured it, so I made some art and decided to make it my self-promo entry this week. I hope you will enjoy if it’s new to you - or if you decide to read it again for old time’s sake. :)

    Also on AO3 and ff.net, if you prefer

    “Cake by the Ocean”

    “Oh come on!” Emma Swan’s voice rang out in a dismayed cry of frustration over the blaring wail of the smoke detector, even if reluctant humor tinged her words as well. “Seriously, Killian? This is exactly what I warned you about!”

    A deep, resonating chuckle followed her as surely as his footsteps when she tore back into their new home’s kitchen, grabbed a towel, jerked open the oven door, and began frantically fanning the clouds of smoke which poured from within. “Come now, Darling,” he chided gently, his hook stroking lazily down her spine until she shied away from the touch. Though she refused to turn and look, Emma knew her pirate was leering at her. “Let’s not pretend you didn’t enjoy the distraction.”

    Huffing out a breath, Emma turned to offer him an unimpressed look, fighting stubbornly to keep from either a blush or the concession of her attraction in her eyes, but instead rolling them at him and conveying annoyance. Whether or not his waylaying her had been delicious fun, he had caused her to ruin the birthday cake she’d worked so hard to make – for him. Baking much beyond macaroni and cheese or Pop Tarts was still a learning process, and she wanted so badly to create something delicious that Killian – or at least the ridiculous sweet tooth of his she’d recently discovered - couldn’t resist. However, thanks to his accosting her in their bedroom, what was meant to be moist, rich chocolate cake was now a charred, blackened hunk of garbage.

    She turned to look at her erstwhile man, who was much too attractive for his own good and looking inordinately pleased with himself. When he had the gall to wrinkle his nose in distaste at the burnt smell now taking over the kitchen, she glared at his expression and took the intended dessert from the kitchen and strode to the back porch to dump the whole mess into the outside trash bin in a huff. “Don’t wrinkle your nose at me, Buddy,” she warned, “and no complaints about the smell. If you hadn’t been so determined to sidetrack me, we wouldn’t have a problem.”

    Killian arched a brow maddeningly, looking at her with entirely too much knowing confidence and making Emma unsure whether she wanted to smack him or jump him. “Now, now, Love,” he purred in her ear silkily, hook rising again to trail along the edge of her wide-necked sweater and making her shiver. “Don’t lie to yourself. You were all too pleased just a moment ago when this nose and these lips were trailing along – “

    “Oh no, I don’t think so!” she interrupted abruptly, pushing away from him and blushing furiously despite her best efforts. Emma wasn’t really that angry with him, and she also couldn’t deny the sheer magnetism her ridiculously handsome pirate held over her the moment he decided to wield it, but she was just stubborn enough to deny how affected she was, and to want him to show even the tiniest hint of remorse for ruining his own belated birthday treat. “You’d think I was making that cake for someone else, as determined as you were to sabotage it,” she grumbled, wiping her hands on a kitchen towel and then turning to him and almost unconsciously resting her palms on his chest, deliciously warm even through the cotton of his shirt; pretending to be cross with him worked about as well as trying to resist him in the first place.

    Still, a genuinely sheepish look did cross Killian’s face as he stepped closer to her and brought hand and hook to rest on her waist, caressing softly. “Apologies, Lass, truly,” he offered in that gently lilting voice she really couldn’t resist. “I suppose I simply failed to see its importance to you.”

    In that moment, understanding flooded over Emma, catching what was really going on in a flash of insight that would probably have been immediately clear were their situations reversed, Killian being so good at reading her it sometimes seemed he was in her head. Her handsome sailor wasn’t sure he wanted any fuss about his birthday, didn’t think anyone beyond Emma and Henry should care too much, didn’t want to put anyone out or cause any trouble; it made sense now why he had been subtly slowing her down and distracting her every step of the way as she had tried to put together a party, invite guests, make a cake, and find the perfect present. Now she saw why it had only been a slip with Henry that allowed them to know his birthday had passed at all.

    Looking up into his beloved face, Emma sighed, bringing her fingers to trail along his scruffy cheek. “I shouldn’t be messing with all of this anyway, should I?” she whispered, searching his gaze hopefully, and seeing the way it cleared with relieved happiness at her words. “I’m sorry, Killian, this got out of hand and it should be about what you want anyway, not me.”

    His eyes were so gentle and adoring, and his low, rich voice warmed her as he started to protest, “Oh Lass, I didn’t mean to imply that – “

    She shook her head, grinning crookedly and taking his hand to pull him after her. “It’s alright,” she reassured, flipping off lights and making sure everything in the house was off as she lead him to the front door. “Come on, Pirate. Change of plans.”


    They ended up at the beach, princess and pirate, laughingly huddled together on a large piece of driftwood not far from the water line, a little colder than expected as the brisk New England weather had turned decidedly toward autumn, but laughing all the same, and both digging forks into a cake procured from Granny’s.

    “We might have known that the formidable Widow Lucas would have some grasp of what a pirate such as meself would most enjoy as a birthday dessert,” Killian smirked joyfully, though his usually distinct speaking style was somewhat hampered by a mouthful of the rich, flavorful cake he was so happily enjoying he couldn’t seem to wait even a moment to shove another fork full of it in.

    “Well, I should have known a rum cake was the way to go,” Emma agreed wryly, “if I’d known such a thing existed.”

    Both of them chewed and savored the sweetly spicy cake, and Emma couldn’t help fondly remembering Granny’s response when she had called the older woman a few hours back. After she’d explained her kitchen mishap and that she needed a cake for Killian, Granny had sounded so mischievously pleased with herself when she told Emma ‘I’ve got just the thing. Give me two hours and you can come pick it up,” that only Killian himself could have rivaled her tone of voice.

    “Never fear, Darling,” Killian interrupted her reminiscence then as he nudged her shoulder and shot her a wink that made her pulse flutter. “I am certain I would have loved the cake you made me equally well. It is my fault after all that it was ruined, not a reflection on your skills.”

    The way his lips formed the word “skills” and the inflection he placed on it made Emma shift anxiously on her perch beside him, almost unable to sit still without grabbing onto the edges of his new black vest and hauling him into her to taste the rum and sugar on his tongue. Trying to be satisfied just gazing at his profile for a second, the spell was broken a bit by more innocent affection when she saw that the sugar granules which had been dusted on top of the cake were now scattered in his beard and scruff.

    Reaching out to brush it away for him, she grinned crookedly and murmured, “Aren’t you the sweet talker?” without any real bite to her words.

    “Aye, Love, that I am,” he replied saucily, running his ridiculous, sinful tongue over his lower lip and then biting said lip as if he knew precisely what it did to her. “At the moment, I can say that quite literally.”

    Both of them fell companionably silent for a moment, finishing up their delectable treat from the Diner’s wily proprietor and then curling into each other’s arms as the waves crashed against the rocky coastline before them.

    Humming contentedly, Emma eventually pulled away from her pirate just enough to look up into his eyes with a teasing smile and add, “You know Henry has a present for you too when he gets back from Regina’s this evening.”

    Killian tilted his head in genuinely confused surprise as he returned her happy gaze. “Truly? He needn’t have worried about that.”

    Emma shook her head at him, having known he would feel Henry didn’t need to get him anything, but equally entertained by how determined Henry had been to find this man they both loved a perfect gift, and how set he had been on a reluctant Regina being the one to take him shopping. “You won’t be able to keep it a secret from him, Mom,” Henry had argued.

    Emma worried again briefly if her newly teenaged son had too much an idea of Killian’s methods for making her talk, but all she said in response, scratching her fingernails through Killian’s hair behind his ears was, “There was no stopping him.” She paused then whispered with added emphasis, “He loves you, Killian…we both do.”

    It was a touching, but no longer surprising, sight to see the infamous Captain Hook swallow a clear lump in his throat before he could respond, touched enough by her words that he had to gather himself before he spoke. “And I you,” he breathed out, voice a bit soft in awe, “both of you.”

    Looking down just a moment, he wet his lips, watching their joined hands on his knee as he interlocked their fingers, and Emma waited, sensing he hadn’t finished speaking yet. “I am honored your boy would go to so much trouble, Lass. I don’t exaggerate when I say an actual age has passed since anyone cared to celebrate my birth…not since Liam gifted me with a sextant on my birthday just before I was made lieutenant and we set off on our ill-fated mission to Neverland.”

    Emma could not have stopped the tears welling up in her eyes at that moment for any price; just considering again the long stretch of years Killian had lived alone in a burning agony of anger and vengeance, no longer able to see or imagine a way back out to the light. She reached out to brush her fingertips lightly over the faded scar high on his cheekbone soothingly. “Well,” she vowed solemnly, her voice trembling a bit with emotion, but her tone conveying just how seriously she meant every word, “you have two people now who can’t wait to celebrate birthdays with you from now on. More than that, actually. I mean, did you see how pleased with herself Granny looked when your eyes lit up at the sight of her rum cake? And my dad is really proud of what he and Mom picked out for you too.”

    Killian’s eyes had been suspiciously shiny at the emotions their talk had stirred up, but at this last, they sparkled more mischievously. “Is that so, Swan?” he murmured, that eyebrow of his quirking adorably again. “The Prince picked out a gift for me, did he?”

    Shaking her head at his antics, Emma chuckled softly and leaned in to kiss the tip of his nose. “Yes,” she affirmed emphatically, not quite ready to give up her seriousness until Killian understood this point. “You know very well that you ‘won him over’ a long time ago. You’re part of our family…You have a family again, Killian.”

    His face straightened once more as he gazed down at his love with full sincerity. “Aye, though I can barely believe it, I thank my lucky stars every day for that fact.”

    This time, it was Emma’s gravity that dissolved into playfulness once the fraught moment had passed. “Oh, and one more thing,” she teased, making every effort to wiggle her eyebrows seductively as he did, even if she probably failed quite comically. “I have another gift for you before we meet up with the rest of them.”

    Standing, Emma tried to employ a bit of breathy flirtation in her voice as she pulled him after her. Rubbing her curves up against his side for just a moment, she added huskily, “Why don’t you grab the rest of your cake and follow me? It’s on your ship.” She walked forward a few steps, then looked back over her shoulder and had to bite back a giggle at the way his eyes almost bugged seeing the extra sway she put in her hips.

    “Is that so?” he asked, voice rasping huskily in spite of the feigned calm in his demeanor. “Will I like this mystery gift?”

    She knew she had him then as she continued to lead him back up the beach to the docks, commanding herself to keep up her languid sashay instead of taking off at a run. She threw a wink back over her shoulder before she purred, “Oh, I’ve been assured that you love every part of it.”

    Killian’s booted feet closed the distance between them in seconds and he was soon wrapping his free arm around her waist and propelling them forward at greater speed, much to her delight. As the sounds of their feet echoed on the rough wooden planks of the dock, he breathed in her ear. “In that case, my lovely little minx, I believe I know exactly what it is…and am already anxious to unwrap it.”

    She could feel the flush spread hotly from her forehead to her toes as his lips brushed against the shell of her ear. Her knees suddenly quivered with so much anticipation that she merely waited unsteadily for his hand up to help her onto his ship.

    He winked at her then, and murmured lowly, “After you, Love.” Then he swept his hand out to beckon her forward and followed her to the captain’s quarters.

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  • m00nsthet1c
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    carefree, but never reckless

    RanbooLIVE x fem!reader (platonic!) 2, 233 wordcount


    "if it’s alright, may i request one where reader (she/her ) is like SUPER afraid of thunder and lighting during storms and ranboo finds her hiding somewhere, shaking because of fear and he comforts her and calms her down with cuddles and calming words?"

    ah, storms..

    some people conclude it to be.. well.. relaxing, some say it's 'fun' as a way to somehow have an excuse of skipping classes. As much as you love the rainy weather, you also despise it. The chances of hearing a struck of lightning 1 or 2 times always removes you from the relaxed daze you would always have with the slight pattering against your windows.

    The bad weather didn't make you think much of it's downside as you've been stressed and much more focused with the work that requires immediate accomplishment, only letting out a sigh of relief when your teacher had made an announcement of cancelling classes due to bad connection. If only you could still stay as thankful as you were for the sudden change of atmosphere

    A loud crash was heard from the outside, at a far proximity. Despite it's far distance it's sound was clearly heard through your earbuds, making you jump off where you were previously and start to cover your ears, earbuds still intact as to block out the noise. Time passes by and you start to feel your ears getting sore from the earbuds and your arms getting tired of staying in the same tight position. As much as you wanted to, as much as you wanted to just calm down, to stop being dramatic and relax. You couldn't. The storm was somehow worse than any usual storm, the lights flickering and the once relaxing sound of small droplets multiplying dozens more, making the slow and steady atmosphere quicken with the cold wind in the air

    Another muffled crash can be heard through tight, enclosed ears. Then another, another, another until you can't count the times it has occured, time slipping by your fingers with ease trying to breathe while you feel your throat closing up with a tightening chest. It was like.. a rope, somehow. Trying to find it's strength and tighten more around you with every passing second.

    Ah, how long has it been since this storm had occurred? You couldn't remember. You could only focus on the lack of oxygen and your sore ears, your tears dampening your warm clothes that made them icy cold. Your body feeling like it's experiencing a terrible earthquake that could engulf you in one sitting, the sudden thought of being struck through the electrical cords that were scattered throughout your room shook you to the very core, anything can happen after all.

    So scared, so frightening. The thundering bangs going through your ears like loud fireworks during a festival. So loud yet the light made it so majestic to look at, maybe it was its way of calming you down, the distorted glowing lines that look so beautiful to look at, no matter how simple it looked, it.. 

    Huh. How do you say this? 

    It looked like the inbetween of life and death. How absurd to compare it to something way different. But how else can you really express the fear of something so beautiful, yet so deadly? 

    Death is unpredictable, you never know when it can strike you-- or anyone, no matter what you're always gonna be so easily fooled with how it can gracefully get you off the very world you live in, taking its precious time to decide your path, your faith, your ending against the world you loved or hated, despised or worshiped.

    You love the wondrous surroundings there is to find in life, the busy city, the trees that swayed in every pathway, and maybe even the little birds that always had its way of being inside a restaurant. Who am I kidding? Looking at them hopping around as they explore the room with curious eyes are always entertaining. Yet..

    We're so blinded with how beautiful the outside world is that we forget how every direction we take, there's always gonna be at least one bound death to happen. Like the chances of lightning striking someone dead, yet it looks so beautiful from any other perspective. We forget the cause of death from its outside beauty. We always focus on being more careful, we're always scared to let our guard down yet it can somehow always get to us when we least expect it. We think of how death can be so cruel, so scared and so frightened of dying so young, yet we can never help ourselves when the beauty of something from afar tells us to come closer.

    "y/n? A-are you okay?" a familiar voice asked, a hesitant tone. Cancelling your thoughts and deciding to look up, a tall figure, blurred from the tears that were soon wiped away with such gentle touch, such care put into action that combined with such a quiet and low voice. With its other hand gently tugging away your hands from your ears, removing the earbuds before putting your hands back to its original place.

    You couldn't help but just sit there, and stare at the figure that embraced you in a warm hug, rubbing your back to ease the tension your body was in. In the midst of fearing the worst, he was the light that made you ignore the possibilities of crossing the bridge to death. The life that made you wanna continue on to the fullest, the little glint of light that would always touch your heart in the midst of being consumed in anxiety and darkness that drained you.

    He was comfort, the light of a dark room through the eyes of many. Yet the fear of messing up always struck him like lightning, the victim to be accused of by one simple mistake in a website-- an app filled with pure love and pure hatred, the fear of being turned against on, and the fear of being consumed by draining darkness that can engulf any.

    But he doesn't always think about that, does he? How does he do it? To manage a brave face and continue giving light to others who are in need, and to give what he can to those who plead. Oh how you wish you could be just like him. You always took the role of the person to be relied on, the one who comforts any that cross your path from plain habit, yet never took in the habit of being comforted. Was this what it felt? Was the relaxing warm feeling of embrace the feeling of comfort? The kind of comfort that you, for once, don't wanna push away? Huh..

    How nice.

    The storm took a calm turn, hands that were as cold as ice feeling the intense body heat from the other, and soothing-- gentle back rubs. But what complemented it all was the reassuring words that he would let out so softly, so carefully, like fragile glass that fears it will shatter onto concrete floor. Like the gentle grace of the paintbrush on sulked out paper, fearing it will tear if much more force was applied. “It’s okay. The storm's over, you’re okay” ranboo reassured the young girl, focusing on the once rapid breathing calming down as the dark, cold clouds started to dissipate slowly but surely, letting the rays of the sun show and glisten the wet windows, letting the stuck droplets shine more and more

    “Do you want a glass of water?” ranboo asked, knowing fully well that she must’ve been crying for hours before his arrival, and knowing that she definitely didn’t drink water as much due to being too occupied, her throat must’ve been dry. Really dry.. And a small nod from the other was enough for him to get on his feet and fetch her a glass, making sure to return with blankets to keep the girl nice and warm.

    She never knew it felt this nice to be comforted


    “How do you do it, ranboo?”

    “Huh?” the male questioned, looking up at her from scrolling through tiktok. “How do you manage a brave face? Despite fearing so many, so many possibilities to happen'' she pulled the blanket closer to her body, embracing more of its warmth. “Like.. How do you know what to do whenever you get anxious, whenever you’re in a situation where you know you’re overthinking something but still manage to keep yourself grounded”

    “Oh..” was all ranboo said before he actually thought about it. It had crossed his mind, of course. But it was never really something that consumed him, that consumed his mind wherever he went. He knew the countless possibilities to face fate one on one, but is it really something he can answer?

    “I don’t know honestly” he answered in defeat, disappointed that he couldn’t muster up a clearer answer than that. To be fair, he doesn’t even think there’s any answer to that other than not wanting people’s attention to face him. But he doesn’t wanna leave it as just an ‘I don’t know’ he at least has to answer in some way!

    “I think it’s the thought of not wanting to draw attention” he exclaims, but the tone of his voice also spoke how unsure he was of what he had said. “I.. try and not let it get to me so much. But I know that’s not usually something easy to do, sometimes it doesn’t even work for me either” he sighs, placing his phone down on the coffee table, drawing all his attention towards the girl beside him. “I try and enjoy myself more. Even if I know anything can happen, I always try in not drawing the line just to have fun, even if it may seem fun to others. Taking the risk is being kind of.. Reckless. In my opinion” he concludes with a small grin

    “Ah, I see..”

    “You know y/n, try and enjoy a little, if not with others then have some time for yourself” ranboo advises her with a caring tone, in the few months of staying with her he knew how unhealthy her habits were. Though he can’t lie that his is pretty unstable as well but it’s led the girl to the point where she’s hurting herself, from the constant stress to the unhealthy schedule. He still wants her to enjoy herself as a teenager, not to become far too young of an adult.

    “How? I have so much left to do..” the teenager sulks, looking at her warm drink in hand. “I know you have many responsibilities y/n, but you need to take time on yourself too.” 

    “If you continue pushing those responsibilities all at once then you’re gonna be too tired to actually finish them in a pace that you want” Looking at her with a mix of worry and disappointment visible in his eyes, oonly receiving silence as an answer “Look. How about I help you try and sort things out? I can help you with your schedule and I'll let you work on your own unless you ask for help. But please promise to at least leave the room a bit and take care of yourself" He gives her a stern look, not accepting no as an answer.

    Staying with you for awhile, and having known you for a long time, he knew how stubborn you can get and how guilty you can feel when someone at least helps you with work that's clearly assigned to you. He's left you alone as your request when he wants to check up on you, and has already let you do the work to avoid any conflict. So he hopes you'll at least give in this time.

    a genuine happy smile graces on his features when you agree, happy that he can finally help his struggling friend from all the work they have struggled on for the past month


    and so it started. And it became a daily routine, to help each other with their schedules. And it worked like a charm to say the least, and you were happy that you were able to finish your work just like he said, and less work meant more time to hangout. But you will never forget the one advice your dear friend gave as you two were working together on different topics of essays, cracking jokes here and there and typing away with little smiles on your faces

    "just remember to be carefree, but never reckless" the typing sound of the keyboard on his end clearly heard. "Even if you have many things to do, make sure to have time for yourself. But never let those go to the point where you neglect your responsibilities on purpose" you explained more, making him laugh out loud and say "YES! Exactly! And I hope you make yourself remember that"

    "Not only me ranboo, you also have to take care of yourself" you remind him. After all, both your physical and mental health need to be stable and at least healthy while still a bit enjoyable. "Let's promise to take care of ourselves then" ranboo finishes with his essay, submitting it and turning his chair to face you. "Sounds good to me!" Finally submitting your essay, you turn your chair to face him as well, as if you both already knew what you both had in mind. And just like that, both of you raced to the living room, seeing who could get to the couch first and pick the movie

    you were teenagers, after all.

    #wee #ranboo x reader #ranboolive x reader #ranboo x you #ranboo x y/n #platonic x reader #dsmp x reader #mcyt x reader #dream smp x reader #mentions of death #maya's fics #first 2k oneshot woo #I was stupid enough not to put this as the ask answer thing sigh
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    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ENHYPEN Mini Series

    E N H Y P E N as a Mafia Boss (teaser)
    pairing: enhypen x reader
    summary: seven mafia boss found their love interest that they will protect with their own lives. “i fear nothing but losing you.”
    warning: contains violence, guns, murder, obsessive love, manipulation, illegal stuff & mafias.
    a/n: I just want to remind everyone that will encounter this blog, that this is all fictional, none of this reflect to any of enhypen members. The way I write their personalities here is based on the concept of a bad boy and purely from my imaginations.
    Yeah i am starting this series now! i cannot believe! please do interact with my blogs. it really means a lot to me whenever you let me know what you think about them. btw, i love you guys and thank you for supporting me up until now. have a nice day/night! 🌸
    tag-list: @rubyanne​ @en-sun @studioreader @map-of-border @hwangjangmi @crjwon @love13tter @definitely-not-kyuzu @ririshi @minamoons @pshlvr​ @astxrism03  (tag-list open)

    Yang Jungwon

    — yang jungwon was the most powerful mafia boss in your town. people, gangs, police and even the government fears him. he was your boyfriend. it was cool and almost everyone in the town treats you like a queen.

    — not until... “let’s break up! i cannot take this anymore.” you dramatically told him. jungwon rolled his eyes as he heard those familiar lines of you. it was almost the same scene you pull every time things doesn’t go on your way or he goes against you. since you are the biggest brat he met in his life, he knew very well you mean none of the things you said.

    — “the boss said you should wait for him in your room, ma’am.” one of his body guards stopped you from entering the meeting hall. your brows furrowed as you glared at him but still, he refused to let you through.

    — just then, you realized jungwon ain’t taking your words seriously anymore. so that night, you planned out a very brilliant plan to escape from the mansion, his mansion. it didn’t became easy but it was worth it, you felt like finally, you are deciding for yourself without him stopping you.

    — you then started your pretty little adventure at the town. since they still thought you are yang jungwon’s girl, nobody dares to mess with you. it was a perfect opportunity for you to take your time to pull yourself together.

    — on the other hand, jungwon loses his mind the moment he knew you ran away. the thought of you roaming around the town all by yourself made him crazy mad. “search the whole town for her...” he muttered seriously as he starred down over to your necklace that you left at your shared room. “now!” he clenched his jaw.

    — your freedom didn’t last long as the news of your break up with the great mafia boss spread across the whole town and suddenly everyone you mistreated were coming right after you.

    — you spit out blood after the person in front of you hit you hard at your face. you smirked, despite the cut at your lips you aren’t afraid of him at all. you know him, he’s one of those losers who’s scared of jungwon and now that they learned about the break up, they went to burst their anger at you.

    — a gun was pointed straight at your forehead and you were still smirking, you never fear gun. being a mafia boss’ girlfriend made you lose your fear from it. even before you knew it, the guy pointing the gun at you was shot dead and the familiar men of yang jungwon invaded the whole places.

    — “you’re seriously gonna be the death of me, y/n.” you heard him muttered angrily in front of you. with a seductive smirk, you faced him, “i would love to see it with my two eyes.” and you winked at him before rolling your eyes.

    Lee Heeseung

    — living a life where money is never an issue, people fear you, and you have power over other people seems ideal for other people. being the only girl mafia boss, lee heeseung, have ever loved was the title every girl would die for. lucky for you, you have the notorious mafia boss wrapped around your fingers.

    — you thought you’re used to this kind of life but years later, some things changed and realizations dawned unto you.

    — “what happened to you? are you okay?” you asked, as you approach him carefully with worry in your eyes. he came inside your shared bedroom, holding his black coat and his white polo stained with so much blood. it had made your heart fell out of fear.

    — heeseung smirked as he walked towards your bathroom, you followed him and you saw him washing off the blood at his hands. you sighed and slowly walk closer and made him face you so you can help him unbutton his polo. 

    — “aren’t you tired of this kind of living?” you asked him so sudden. he was starring at you before you asked that question. admiring and telling himself silently inside his mind how lucky he is to come home to you every night like this.

    — “what do you mean?” he asked and raised his hand to brush away some of your hair. you gulped and inhaled heavily before you lift your gaze up at his. “this... guns, killings.” you said. heeseung rolled his eyes and stepped away from you to face the sink once again.

    — you clenched your fist and pursed your lips, “i can’t keep living like this, heeseung.” you tried arguing once again. he shut his eyes and sighed heavily to calm himself. “are you saying you’ll leave me? because you know what it’ll cost you, right?” his eyes were darkly starring at you.

    — “i’m saying if you plan to be with me for a very long time, get married, have kids and build our own family, you have to stop this.” you said seriously. he clenched his jaw as he balled his fist that was resting at the sink, his eyes were looking at you through the mirror.

    — “you know its impossible for me to get out now. once you’re in- that’s it. you won’t get out.” he mumbled, angry. “i want a normal life. where i don’t have to be accompanied by many men, where i won’t always worry at the corner of our room during nights whenever you ain’t home yet.” a tear left your eye as you look straight at him.

    — “you have to choose between me or this type of living, heeseung.” you said and turned your back at him. you ignored his groaning tone as he called over to your name over and over.

    Park Jay

    — you grew up without even meeting both of your parents. it was said that they died because of a dreadful accident and so your uncle, the brother of your father, was left to take care of you.

    — it was okay, despite the shortness of financial sometimes, you have nothing else you worry about. not until your uncle was chased by this group of men because of his debt. his own life was in line and so he had no other choice but to sell you as his payment.

    — that’s how you end up in the mansion of the family of Nam. its horrible and inhumane, the things they do for a living, but its not like you can do anything about it. you are now one of Mr. Nam’s so called properties.

    — he had many business partners, all of them mostly were leader of gangs and other mafia bosses like him. he often takes you at the meeting like a date. he was nice but a bit too old for your liking, you guess he’s more than ten years older than you. good looking, but way older.

    — one time, he held a big meeting at his mansion, inviting every mafia family near the town that he knew. you are spending your time inside your room, alone. since its mostly men, Mr. Nam had told you to stay inside instead.

    — “what are you doing here?” you asked, a bit surprised when someone entered your room. he’s wearing this black suit that made him look even hotter. his hair was pushed back showing off some of his forehead, he looked so good.

    — he smirked, “oh sorry, i was actually looking for the bathroom.” he said obviously lying as one of his hands were inside his pocket, the other one was holding a wine glass. you sighed, trying to calm yourself.

    — “you shouldn’t be here, Mr. Park.” you mumbled. you knew him. the oh so notorious Park Jay. a young mafia boss from a couple of towns away from yours. his name is pretty popular as he was a playboy. you’ve also met him a couple of times and he’s nothing but trouble.

    — “yeah? and who would stop me?” he asked in a playful tone as he slowly settled the glass of wine at your side table. he walked closer to you in a slow pace, causing for you to be breathless.

    — “he w-will kill you.” you said and was about to try and get away but it was too late. he got you locked by one of his arms as he pulled your body close to him, he smirked, eyes fixed at yours. “or it can be the other way around, baby.” he whispered in front of your lips before he leaned closer for a passionate kiss.

    Jake Sim

    — love is something you take seriously and when you fall in love with someone, you pour everything you have. you’ll do everything for that person and so your world fell apart when your boyfriend for three years betrayed you. 

    — “how can you do this to me, (name)? i helped you build your company! i gave everything to you!” your voice trembled in pain. you have no idea what you would do if you lose him and the business. but what he did was also unforgiving.

    — “its not my fault, y/n.” he said smugly before shrugging off his shoulders. you had followed him to his business trip thinking you can surprise him for your anniversary only to find out he was cheating on you.

    — “give me all my money back.” you demanded although you know its impossible because he made you sign papers that you willingly gave him that money. it was a stupid action, you know that now.

    — “too late, y/n.” he mumbled with a smirk. a tear fell from your eyes as he stood up and put both of his hands inside his pocket. “don’t you get it? you are left with nothing without me.” he said. and the next thing you know, your bestfriend walked inside, a smirk was also plastered over her lips as she slowly cling her arms over your ex-boyfriend’s arms. “you ready to go, hon?” she seductively ask and you realized they had both betrayed you.

    — on your flight on the way back home, you were very scared because this time, you had no one beside you. when the plane was about to take off, you felt your hands tremble in fear. “u-uhm, excuse me?” without hesitation, you had called the attention of the person seating next you. he looked at you with a blank expression.

    — “d-do you mind if i hold unto your hand as we take off? its j-just i’m scared of planes and—” he quickly held to your hands silently. his hands were warm and very comforting making you feel like crying. that day was just too much for you.

    —  you thanked him after it and thought to yourself that it will be the last time you two will meet each other, not knowing that’s only the start of the new chapter of your life.

    — “tell me what you want me to do to them, love. anything, just name it.” jake whispered as he stood behind you mightily, hands resting at both of your hips. he leaned down and dropped a warm kiss at your exposed shoulders. you pursed your lips, “i want them left with nothing but scraps.” you said as a tear left your eye. 

    — “as you wish.” and he dropped a swift kiss at your cheeks before you turn around to embrace him tightly. you used to be weak not until you had found him,  jake sim, your new found love that you swear to fight for no matter what.

    Park Sunghoon

    — you are a normal girl living a normal life. beautiful, have a nice job, and a sweet loving boyfriend. it was almost like you can’t ask for anything else anymore. but one night, as you roam around the city alone, trying to get some fresh air, you didn’t know your life will change from that day on.

    — “fucking let me go! don’t you know this is kidnapping?” you yelled at the people who suddenly just abducted you the road and took you at this expensive hotel. they were wearing black suits and don’t talk much, like as if they were waiting for someone to command them.

    — your heard the door opened and it someone ethereal looking guy. his face was blank and it seems like he’s the one in-charge. you were taken aback for a bit because he was very good-looking. “did you hurt her?” he asked. “no, boss.” they answered.

    — he nodded and slowly walked closer to you. if he’s good-looking from afar, he’s breath-taking up-close. he looked so handsome and intimidating. those moles all over his face sure add some charms in him. “i’ve been searching the whole world for you, love.” he softly mumbled before he raised his hand to caress your cheeks carefully like as if you’re something so fragile.

    — “fifty men, one girl and yet she managed to escape?” he wasn’t shouting but yet its enough for the men around him to be scared. they knew sunghoon is someone who don’t get mad easily but if he get angry, you should run for your life.

    — “search for her or else i’ll kill all of you.” he threatened and right away, they moved to go and look for you. he clenched his fist hardly as he calmed himself and to stop himself from killing his men for letting you escape.

    — “let me go! i said let me go!” you shrieked as you try get away from his hold from you. sunghoon clenched his jaw and threw you over the bed. he was slowly loosing all his patience for you. “try to escape once again and i won’t hesitate to do something you won’t like.” he threatened you.

    — despite the teared stained face, you still didn’t showed any fear. n “you are a sick asshole, do you know that! fucking let me—” you were startled as he held you by your jaw, brows furrowed hardly at you. “you are mine, y/n. you hear me? fucking mine, all mine.” he mumbled at you.

    — “i am not yours. never was and never will be.” you bravely said. you saw how his face reflects anger, his eyes turning blank. “let’s see.” he said coldly before harshly letting go of your face and he stood up. “don’t let her out from this room unless she changes her mind.” he ordered.

    — “you keep claiming that you’re doing all of these because you love me but this ain’t love!” you yelled at him that made him stop from his tracks. he slowly turned over you and with cold, blank eyes he says, “i’ll love you the way i want.” before he left the room and you crying in desperation for him to let you go.

    Kim Sunoo

    — your line of family was all assassins and so you grew up to become one as well. you worked hard and now you are one of the most high-paid assassins in your clan. you were hired to spy this one mafia clan. you had no worries since it was like your usual job. it was the family of Kim, their mafia boss, kim sunoo. it was said that he’s known for being ruthless, his soft features almost made you doubt it.

    — you successfully entered their line of people. you thought everything’s going smoothly not until you slowly got close to the mafia boss himself. he was a nice person to the people under his power.

    — “where are you heading, boss?” you asked him as he dress himself into this white suit. he looked at you through the mirror and smiled a little. “funeral. one of our men’s wife died and so i will go to offer my condolences.” he mumbled. it had you dumbfounded and made you realized how great of a person he truly is.

    — the most unexpected happened and that’s for you to develop something deeper for the said mafia boss. it was wrong because he was nothing but your project, but love is not something you can control. if its bound to be felt, it will take over your heart.

    — “we have a traitor, boss.” one of sunoo’s men came over to him to report that news. no emotion can be seen over his eyes as he eyed his men. “kill him with no mercy after you know who he works for.” he said.

    — “she, boss. its y/n.” he said and you cannot describe the emotion that was plastered over kim sunoo’s face after he heard about it. his mind went blank and he felt his heart grew cold. of all people, why you?

    — “shall i still execute the plan?” the men asked him. he knows he should say yes and give no mercy about it. you are y/n and you may mean the world to him but a traitor is a traitor but no, he tried to convince himself that he had spared you because he will need you to kill the person who sent you.

    — “i know i’m in no position to ask you for your trust but—” you were interrupted when a gun was pointed straight at your head. sunoo was in front of you, holding the gun with his emotionless eyes. it pains you, how his used to be bright stares turned cold.

    — “believe it or not, i love you.” you said ready to face your death. at least you had said what you truly feels for him. he scoffed, “its too late for that don’t you think? your love for me won’t save you.” he said while starring straight to your eyes.

    —“yeah, but it’ll save yours.” and you saw something flickered through his eyes after hearing what you said.

    Nishimura Riki

    — being born in a family of mafia, things were a lot different for you. guns never feared you. it had became part of your daily life to see men die for your family and for your men to kill other people. 

    — even in the young age you are trained to learn how to fight and hold guns, your father had decided for it thinking you need it since you are next in line to inherit the family clan.

    — “you will never win over me,” you smirked at the young ni-ki as he was still at the ground at one of your combat practices. you were ten that time. he’s ni-ki, son of your father’s best friend. you two basically grew up together and both the one next in line. “one day, i will grow strong and be the one to protect you, y/n.” he said as he slowly get up, dusting himself off. you chuckled, didn’t taking his words seriously, “well, a boy can dream.”

    — you can say, you and ni-ki was best of friends. you even do that promises typical best friends do, that ‘nobody can ruin our friendship.’ it was back when you two were just children.

    — but things started to get complicated when some of the important things in mafia rules was broken by your own father. trust were broken and loyalty became just a word, greed took over him.

    — “you’re gonna kill everyone from their clan?” ni-ki asked his father when he heard that what he’s planning to do. “of course. i don’t need traitors like them, son.” his father said seriously. he clenched his jaw and was silent after that.

    — “even y/n?” he asked him. “she didn’t know anything about what her father did, father.” ni-ki added. “maybe. but the blood of that person runs through her. we can’t let them live, right?” his father said.

    — ni-ki’s eyes were blank as he starred down at your tied up state. you cannot believe he’s the same ni-ki that was together with you back when you were ten. he changed so much. his height, built and even his aura. he’s so much intimidating right now.

    — he crouched down so you two will be in the same level, “i’m here to tell you that i will fight for you.” you scoffed at him even if you felt your stomach turns and heartbeats fasten because of what you just heard. “it will be a bloody fight, ni-ki.” you said.

    —  he sighed, “then bloody it shall be. if it means you’ll be safe and mine, i’m sure it will be worth it.” he was serious. you gulped, “you’re father will go against you.” you said. he starred straight at your eyes, “if pointing a gun at my father’s head is what it’ll cost. i will not hesitate.” he said as he leaned closer to you, “all for you, baby.”

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  • bluexiao
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    #call me that again

    —where you are multilingual and you call them by an endearment from your native language

    CHARACTERS. Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Zhongli

    THEMES. fluff!

    NOTES. this is actually based on a request that was sent by @soft-simp-ichigo so thank you very much! i also plan on doing a oneshot with this one soon so do expect that<3 guess who it will be for? hehehehe it’s a secret for now! also, thanks so much for 3.5k aaaa you guys are the best!<333


    ALBEDO either was familiar with what it was or he already has knowledge about your native language because he took the time to learn it beforehand. After hearing you call him that one time, it certainly perked his attention and sensing that you haven’t realized what you did, he smiles to his own and wills to call you the same next time.

    “Did I say it correctly? I just assumed it was what it meant, please tell me if I misunderstood it.”

    CHILDE will probably ask you about it, which in turn became the reason why you called him with the endearment sooner than later in the relationship. He’s rather giddy whenever you call him with it, a grin curving on his lips in almost an instant, leaning to press a chaste kiss on your cheek and sending a wink at you. The audacity of this man.

    “Call me that every time, yeah? Do you want me to do the same?”

    DILUC wasn’t even aware you were multilingual until you told him you were. He didn’t particularly care—or more like minded, for the matter. Whatever you call him with, he’s more than pleased. However, you would not be able to miss how he stops and freezes for a couple of seconds when you explain to him what you just called him with.

    With a smile, he kisses your forehead and whispers a “Thank you,” and calls you just the same.

    GOROU is quite attentive, but with his busyness and things he had to do, he may not be able to give you much attention that he wanted. You had probably taken him off-guard when he got home and he was embracing you, hearing you call him such an unusual greeting that you probably saw or felt his ears twitch afterwards.

    “Hm?” he pulls away slightly, looking you in the eye, “What… did you call me, honey?” he carefully inquired, still unsure if he heard you correctly or not. When you explained to him what it meant, he’ll get heavily flustered, pausing a while before he looks up with a smile and asks, “Again?”

    KAEYA knows a lot of things and he probably knows a few words that you know of. He may even be the first to call you the endearment to catch you by surprise. He’ll chuckle at your embarrassed state, asking how he knew about it, to which he replies, “So my guess is correct, then? Call me with it first before I explain how.”

    KAZUHA is definitely the type who had learned your native language early on and courted you with a poem with such words. That’s why when you call him with the endearment, he inwardly smiles—oh, his smiles are one of the most difficult things to figure out. And what does he do?

    He pretends he doesn’t know about it.

    “What did you called me, dove?” he had you on one of his knees, his eyes focused on your face as you find it hard to look him in the eye with the intense gaze he had on. After explaining to him, he simply pecks you on the cheeks and teases you briefly by calling you the same.

    “Oh, you liked that? Should I start referring to you as such? I could if you would.”

    SCARAMOUCHE does not know. Don’t expect him to when you don’t tell him first, so he’s one of those who are fun to prank with if you plan to call him with an endearment you wanted to call him to. He notices it immediately; brow raising, eyes darting towards your form, “What’d you call me?” his tone was harsh as usual but you can hear how it faltered despite its strong start. He may not have knowledge about it yet but he had a feeling that it was something that you have up your sleeve just to tease him.

    When you explained to him about it, he scoffed but there was a small smirk on his face, pretending that he was busy with his paperworks but he felt the flutters he couldn’t stop even with his own abilities churn in his insides.

    Oh the things you do to him.

    THOMA, as also the people of the town, he might have hints of your language but he’s not quite sure what they meant so he’s just guessing while he accidentally let it slip out one time.

    “I mean, uhm, did I use it correctly, perhaps…?” he awkwardly laughs, only to hear you giggle.

    “Wait, I got it wrong, didn't I? Ugh, Ayato and the others told me about it and-Oh I was right?” he grins, “Well then, what do you say? Let’s go on a date tomorrow night, alright?”

    VENTI had a hunch all this time and would definitely act like he knew it. Keyword: act.

    “Of course I know what that meant!” he huffs his chest proudly; chin up, arms crossed, “It meant… an endearment, right? Just like how I call you Windblume!”

    Apparently, he looked overjoyed when you revealed that he got it correctly that it was fairly obvious that he originally had no idea what it was.

    “What? Where’s my congratulations kiss? I told you I got it right!”

    XIAO doesn’t have a clue at all. If you attempt to call him with the special endearment, he’d only look confused and may not even question you especially if you said it in the morning. If at the evening, however, when he’s not that much busy defeating demons, he will actually pay more attention to it than the latter situation.

    “You called me that earlier,” he says, “what… does it mean?”

    Actually, he had a feeling what it already meant earlier but he did not want to deal such “unnecessary thoughts” even if he knew it bugged his mind most of the day. He thought that you wouldn’t tease him if he questioned you about it, only to prove that he was wrong.

    “What do you mean-“ he scoffs, turning away to hide the flush on his cheeks, “I… I don’t mind it-It doesn't mean I like-I mean…” he shuts his lips and sighs, “I’m only letting you off this once.”

    But let’s just say even if it was with the endearment while he’s away, he still comes in an instant when you call.

    ZHONGLI is quite difficult to read. You don’t know if he actually knows what it meant or if he was pretending like he didn’t know it just to say that you had caught him off guard.

    “I really didn’t have any knowledge about it, dearest,” he chuckles lightly, brushing his knuckles on your cheek when he sees the pout on your lips.

    “But you didn’t look surprised at all!”

    “Was I?” he pauses, “It might have been not obvious, but believe me when I say that you had caught me, love,” he says before catching your lips and pecking it softly.

    He really doesn’t know about it hahahaha

    TAGLIST (send me an ask to be added~)

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  • make-me-imagine
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    In His Arms

    30 Day Writing Challenge Day 26 - 'Oh my God, there's only one bed'

    Pairing: Napoleon Solo x G!N Reader

    Word Count: 1.5k

    General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire Requested Taglist: @spuffyfan394

    *A bit basic, but I struggled getting this one out, so it’s expected. I still hope you enjoy it though :)


    You let out a sigh as you walked through the doors of the small hotel. Going on a mission during tourist season turned out to be a bad idea. “Third time’s the charm.” You muttered as you and Napoleon walked towards the front desk.

    You saw Napoleon smile a little, in amusement before he spoke to the clerk in a clearly pessimistic voice “Please tell me you have two rooms available.”

    The clerk smiled, amused, clearly figuring you two had been on a mission to find some rooms for some time. “Two? No. One? Yes.” The clerk smiled.

    Napoleon looked over at you and you nodded “It’s better than nothing.”

    “We’ll take it.” He said while taking out his wallet.

    - - -

    Pushing open the hotel door, you looked around the small, and quaint room. You smiled a bit before your eyes landed on the single bed in the room. Realizing you had forgotten to ask if it had two beds or one, you felt your face grow hot.

    Napoleon walked in behind you and looked at the bed as well “Huh.” He said as he set down his bag “I’d say I was disappointed, but I’d be lying.” He said with a smirk and flirty tone in his voice.

    You looked at him with a sarcastic smile, and joked “And I’d say you’d be sleeping in the chair...if there was one.” You set your own bag down and walked over to the window.

    Napoleon smiled at your comment before looking over at the bed again. Clearing his throat a bit, you looked at you, watching you as you looked out the window. “In all seriousness, I will sleep on the ground if you’d prefer.”

    You turned and looked at him, and then the bed, before looking back at him. “Figuring you’d never offer that option to anyone else you’d be stuck in this predicament with, I’m not sure if I should be offended or not.”

    He let out a short laugh as he walked over to you, keeping his eyes locked on yours. He licked his lips a bit, as he smiled at you “It’s not that I wouldn’t love to share a bed with you Y/n, I’m honestly thrilled with the idea. However, I don’t want to force you into a situation you might be uncomfortable with.” His flirty tone disappeared halfway through his sentence, before being replaced with sincerity.

    You smiled slightly at him “I trust you Napoleon. I don’t mind sharing.” You replied, sincerity present in your own voice.

    He smiled and nodded before turning away. “Do you mind if I use the bathroom first?”

    “Feel free.” You commented softly as you looked back out the window.

    As Napoleon grabbed his toiletries bag from his suitcase he looked back at you, forcing himself to look away as thought of sharing a bed with you wracked his brain. It was no secret to either of you that Napoleon shared a bed with many people, usually in a quite different situation. But the idea of lying in a bed with you, even knowing it would be to only perform the act of sleeping. Still made his heart race as his hidden feelings ricochet through his chest.

    And as you stared out the window, your own heart was beating heavily from similar thoughts. Sometimes you thought he might have secret feelings for you. Due to the way he treated you compared to others. Not to mention the flirting becoming so common you couldn’t help but think there was something truly behind them. But you often pushed the thought away, not understanding why he would have feelings for you over anyone else.

    Hearing the shower in the bathroom start, you wandered over to your bag. Pulling out your pajamas, you got dressed, you’d take a shower in the morning, you were far too tired now. Grabbing the book you always brought with you, you sat up against the headboard and began to read. But as your thoughts raced over the mission you were working on, as well as your current situation, your mind never processed anything you had read.

    Hearing the bathroom door open up, you turned, seeing Napoleon walk out in just a towel, tied around his waist, and a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth.

    Your eyes lingered for longer than you meant before you forced yourself to look back at your book. Napoleon glanced up at you, having caught the movement of you looking at him, and smirked.

    Noticing you were in your pajamas, he straightened up and took the toothbrush from his mouth “Are you going to take a shower tomorrow?” You simply nodded, refusing to look over at him. He smiled again, aware of your refusal to look at him. Grabbing his clothes, he wandered back into the bathroom. A moment later you heard the sound of a hairdryer, and beneath the noise, Napoleon humming to himself.

    A smile ghosted over your lips at the sound, an odd feelings of domesticity rushed over you before you pushed it away. Feeling yourself growing sleepier, you glanced at the clock, which now read 10:04pm. You felt a yawn escape, just as Napoleon exited the bathroom again. Getting under the covers, you looked over at him as he threw his worn clothes back in his bag “I’m going to lie down now.” You said softly and somewhat awkwardly.

    He turned around and walked over to the light-switch “You can keep it on until you’re ready to sleep.” You said and he just smiled as he turned it off “I am ready.”

    When the room was plunged into darkness, you tried to steady your heavily beating heart as you lied down. You were facing the wall as you stared into the darkness. As he slipped into the bed beside you, you were suddenly aware of just how small the bed was. You could practically feel the warmth of his skin beside you.

    You shut your eyes and turned your head so you were buried in your pillow. You tried to focus on falling asleep, but your mind continued to race with nervousness. Eventually, without you noticing, you did finally fall asleep.

    As Napoleon lied on his back, he felt he was also unable to fall asleep. Your presence beside him was all too obvious to him. Part of him wanted to turn over and wrap you in his arms, but no matter how tempting the thought, he had to resist it. So he closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind, though he failed to do so, he did eventually fall asleep.

    - - -

    As the soft light of dawn began to fill your hotel room, you began to wake up just a little, as you became somewhat aware of your surroundings. You felt warm, and comfortable. And as you breathed in, your nose was filled with a familiar scent. A deep, almost woody scent that sent a small tingle up your body. Feeling something tighten around you, you realized that the familiar smell was Napoleon, whose arms were now wrapped around you.

    As your eyes shot open, you found yourself curled up against his chest, and his arms wrapped around your waist. You pulled away just a bit, and found yourself staring into a pair of familiar and beautiful blue eyes.

    When Napoleon realized that you were in his arms, he felt a smile spread across his face. And as you met his eyes with a nervous look, he almost wanted to pull you closer to him. But instead he just smiled at you “Well, hello there.”

    You let out a soft nervous chuckle “Hi.” You said softly. Swallowing, you begin to pull away from him “Sorry, I-” You stopped when he didn’t move his arms for you to move, but instead pulled you a little closer. You met his gaze again and silently questioned him.

    “Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m quite comfortable. And I don’t think I’ve slept that well in ages.” He said matter-of-factly before smiling lightly “It would be a shame to ruin it now...don’t you think?”

    You were unsure of what to say as you felt your neck and ears burn hot, as your heat heavily in your chest. His smile got a little wider, and you were sure it was because he could read it all over you.

    Bringing up his outer arm, he suddenly caressed your cheek a bit, and you felt yourself even more speechless than before. You found yourself smiling at him, a small soft and shy smile. He smiled back, his gaze soft, but still piercing through you.

    You silently admitted that you wanted nothing more than to stay in his arms, and that he was right, it would be a shame to ruin such a moment. Leaning forward, you curled up against his chest once more.

    Napoleon smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around you again and pulled you as close as he could, relishing in your touch. Pressing a kiss to the top of your head, he closed his eyes and relaxed, wanting this morning to last forever.

    xx End xx

    I hope you enjoyed it! :)

    #Napoleon Solo #Napoleon Solo x Reader #Napoleon Solo/Reader #The Man from UNCLE #The Man From UNCLE x Reader #The Man from UNCLE reader insert #Napoleon Solo x You #Napoleon Solo/You #Napoleon Solo x Y/n #UNCLE #The Man From Uncle/Reader #Henry Caville x Reader #meras30daywritingchallenge #oh my god theres only one bed #fluff #Napoleon Solo one shot #Napoleon Solo oneshot #The Man from Uncle oneshot #The Man from Uncle one shot #oneshot#one shot
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    A/N: i think it's easily the juiciest smut i've written. just woke up and i was like "oh yeah, this is gonna be good" and needed to write it so... enjoy!

    PAIRING: Harry X Reader

    WARNINGS: smut, dom/sub stuff, edging, mouth fucking, a bit of degrading kink? idk im really bad at these tags lol

    WORD COUNT: 5.3k


    “Thank you so much, Y/N!” the fans say in unison as the last photo is taken and you make sure everyone got what they wanted.

    “Of course. Have a great time tonight!” you smile at them, knowing that they will be down in the pit later tonight at the concert. They told you all about how excited they are to finally see Harry perform and you assured them that he is just as excited to be on stage.

    “She is so nice,” one of the shorter girls whispers to her friends, standing already a few feet away, but you still heard her, a smile tugging at your lips. You’ve been trying to build up a great relationship with Harry’s fans knowing well they are so significant in his life. Unlike his previous exes, you might have had it a bit easier than them, having been friends for a long time with Harry before you finally took it to the next level. Now you’ve been together for four years and even though there will always be people feeling bitter about you, most of the fans approve of your relationship, seeing how happy you are making each other.

    You wave at them one last time, ready to continue your walk back to the hotel when one of them calls after you again.

    “Yeah?” you turn around, not at all irritated that they are holding you up. It’s just one tiny gesture from you, but they will probably always remember meeting you, you’d rather give them a nice experience.

    “Do you know why he doesn’t play To Be So Lonely anymore?” the brunette girl asks shyly and you breathe out. It’s come up several times since tour started, but you genuinely have no idea why the song never made it to the set list.

    “I wish I could tell,” you tell them with an apologetic smile.

    “You could convince him to play it!” the tallest of them chimes in.

    “You guys really like to call him an arrogant son of a bitch, huh?” you smirk, making them laugh. “I’ll… ask him, okay? But I can’t promise anything.”

    “It would be so great, because we will be here for night two as well,” the brunette muses. You can tell they are huge fans, queuing for two nights in a row, that’s dedication, not even mentioning the money they invested into it.

    “Give me an Instagram name, I’ll let you know what he said,” you sigh, giving in. They excitedly get back around you as they decide whose username to give you. Putting it into your notes you bid them your final goodbye and head back to the hotel.

    It’s only noon, so Harry is still lounging in the hotel room. Arriving you find him only in a pair of shorts, lying across the bed, scrolling on his phone. His head shoots up when he hears the door open and close, already smiling when you come into his vision.

    “Hello, love. Had a nice walk?” he hums, following you with his eyes as you drop your bag and kick your shoes off, changing them to the fluffy slippers the hotel gave you.

    “Yeah, you should have really come,” you smile back, thinking how the girls would have lost their shit if you were with Harry when they met you. But Harry felt a little too tired, wanted to get some more rest before tonight’s show. All the traveling has been taking a toll on him, though he wouldn’t admit it, he is too proud for that, but you notice the way he is out like a light almost every night, turning into a pile of bricks when his head finally hits the pillow. Okay, not instantly, he surely makes sure to fulfill his boyfriend duties more than enough. And now as you see him lying in bed shirtless, you just can’t stop your eyes from wandering around his naked chest. It’s always like the first time over and over again, he never fails to stun you with just… existing.

    Putting his phone aside he reaches out, grabbing the air to show you he wants you there with him. Without batting an eye, you shimmy yourself out of your tight jeans to make you comfortable, leaving you in only your tour merch shirt as you climb to bed, Harry’s arms wrapping around you, pulling you on top of him as he kisses your cheek sloppily.

    “Missed me?” you grin at him, his hands moving up and down your back, reaching lower with each stroke, his fingers brushing over your bum until he finally just grabs it shamelessly.

    “Always,” he smirks, lifting his head so your lips could meet.

    Walking into the room you had the intention to ask him about To Be So Lonely, but quite honestly, when you feel his hands slide under the fabric of your panties and turning you over he gets on top of you, the song definitely slips your mind… you’ll ask him later, right?


    It’s impossible not to grin as you watch Harry surrounded by all those signs. It’s impressive how they all got together to demand justice for a song. Harry is pretending like he can’t see any of them, but you know it’s hard for him to do so.

    These girls really do want to hear that song, why wouldn’t he finally give in? You’ll have to step in. After all, they should get what they want for their money, whether it’s Harry twerking, his naked chest or… a song where they can call him an arrogant son of a bitch.

    He is still on his adrenaline rush when you leave the venue, all handsy and touchy, he can’t tear himself off of you, not that you mind it.

    “H, stop!” you giggle, when his hand slides under your skirt. His driver, Malcolm has seen and heard enough of the two of you on this tour, doesn’t need any more trauma.

    “Sorry,” he growls, but doesn’t seem to actually mean it. Cupping his face you smack a kiss to his lips before patting his chest gently.

    “Behave a little.”

    He is trying his best, he really does. Keeping his distance as you head up to your room, but as soon as you step inside, the beast is out.

    “Harry!” you squeal when he throws you over his shoulder, carrying you to the bed like a caveman as you hold onto his waist so you don’t fall face first.

    “I’m so fucking horny!” he growls and you can’t help but chuckle and smack his ass that just riles him up even more. He throws you to the bed, making you bounce from the action as the sheets wrinkle around you. Climbing on top of you he is quick to attack your lips with his, putting most of his weight on you, a moan slipping through your lips, your legs locking around his waist. But as his mouth travels down your saw and throat, devouring you eagerly, your eyes open and you remember what you were supposed to talk to him about tonight.

    “H?” you sigh, lacing your fingers through his hair. He just hums in response, but doesn’t stop. “Why don’t you just put To Be So Lonely on the setlist?”

    He stops, your question clearly surprising him. His head lifts so his hungry green eyes meet yours and you can tell how puzzled he is.

    “I’m sorry, did you just ask me about my setlist when I’m trying to get some sexy time?”

    You chuckle at his words, nudging his butt with your heels. Pushing himself up to his hands he puts some space between the two of you, but his hips are still pressed against yours.

    “I met a few fans today and they were curious why you wouldn’t just play it. They’ve been begging you since the beginning of tour and I know you saw the signs tonight.”

    As you speak, you trace his features with the pad of your fingers, when you reach his lips he gently bites on it before kissing it.

    “It was just a general, creative decision to leave it out,” he gives you the diplomatic answer, but you know it’s not the truth.

    “Okay, so then make another creative decision and put it on the list.”

    “Y/N, it’s not that easy to mess with the set list,” he sighs dramatically and you give him a look.

    “Uhuh, so you can just randomly sing about a girl dressed as a banana, but can’t put To Be So Lonely on the list beforehand? With time to rehearse and all that?”

    Harry growls, his head falling forward to the nook of your neck. A few seconds pass by and no answer comes, but you feel his lips nibbling on your skin, he is trying to avert your attention, but he is not gonna win this.

    “H? Why are you so against the song?”

    “Because quite frankly, when I wrote it, I didn’t think thousands of women will scream at me at my concerts, calling me an arrogant son of a bitch,” he snaps, giving you a stern look, but you know he is not mad, just a little frustrated that you brought it up when he was trying to get into your pants.

    “You can’t be that narcissistic, baby. It’s a great line and… kinda true.”

    “Okay, you have the right to call me that, but I would like to keep it that way.”

    “It’s not against you. It’s like a joke you share with your fans and they are sad you took it away.”

    “They will get over it,” he shrugs, trying to lean down to kiss you, but you move your head out of the way.

    “Or you can just give them what they want,” you suggest, giving him the puppy eyes.

    “Babe, are you seriously talking about this when I’m literally throbbing for you?” His hips push against you and it’s pretty clear how much he wants you. It’s taking everything in you not to drop the subject and just jump his bones, but… you feel like you owe this to those girls and all his other fans.

    “We would be over this if you just told me you’d put it on the list.”

    “Not happening,” he shakes his head stubbornly.

    “Okay, then…” you push him off of yourself, breaking up the position you’ve been in, his shocked eyes following your movements in disbelief as you stand up from the bed. “Then this is not happening either.”

    He stares at you, like you’re a ghost as you fix your shirt and walk over to your suitcase, digging into it aimlessly. You just need to do something so you don’t bend and get back in bed with him. Then you hear his laugh and you dare to peek at him.

    “I can’t believe my own fans are cockblocking me!” He is kneeling on the bed, shoulders curled forward as his head hangs low, shaking from side to side with a chuckle. And you can clearly see the outline of his hard cock that makes your thighs shudder.

    Folding your arms on your chest you watch him climb off the bed, nearing you but he stops a few feet away, hands on his hips.

    “So no sex?”

    “Not until you put the song on the list.”

    “What if I told you I’ll perform it tomorrow?” he asks, narrowing his eyes at you, but you weren’t born yesterday. He is a sneaky arrogant son of a bitch who doesn’t shy away from playing you when sex is on the line.

    “Nah, I don’t trust you. You’ll get this,” you say, pointing at your groin, “after I heard you play the song.”

    He stares at you for a couple of long moments, probably hoping that you’d break, but it’s not happening, not this time. He then gives up, his head falling back as he growls in irritation.

    “I can’t fucking believe it,” he mumbles under his breath, heading into the bathroom and you know that the setlist will be longer on night two in Chicago. You won.

    Grabbing the doorknob he stops, glancing back at you one last time.

    “Babe, I’m going in there and I’m gonna use my own hands. Probably for the first time since last tour,” he informs you, referring back to the time when you spent the most time apart at the beginning of your relationship. The two of you often sought relief on FaceTime, using your own hand, pretending like you were touching each other as your moans travelled through the call across the world. But now you’re in the same room, and he is forced to touch himself. You don’t particularly like the idea, but his ego could use the punch for one time and besides, he’ll get what he deserves tomorrow night if he really plays the song.

    “This is your last chance, Y/N,” he warms you, his hand moving to his crotch, palming himself through his pants and your mouth waters, but you keep a straight face.

    “Well... to be so lonely…” you sing, grinning back at him, which just earns another grunt from him before he disappears in the bathroom.

    He is definitely grumpy when he returns, you can’t tell for sure if he jerked himself off or not, the running water covered any other noise. You take a quick shower too and when you come out, he is out on the balcony, talking to someone on the phone as he leans against the railing. You just get under the covers, making yourself comfortable, listening to his muffled voice through the sliding glass door. Then you hear him get back, moving around the room until the mattress dips under you, his warm body pressing against yours from behind, His hand slides to your stomach, toying with the hem of your sleeping shirt.

    “Babe?” he whispers, kissing the soft skin behind your ear.


    “Can I just… put it in?” he murmurs and you can feel him grow hard again. Well, if he took care of himself in the shower, he is one horny motherfucker for trying to go at it again. Turning your head to the side you smile at him sweetly.

    “You can do more than that tomorrow, after I heard you sing the song.”

    You feel him freeze and then sigh, rolling to his back, the warmth of his body disappearing from behind you. Turning around you cuddle to his side and pushing yourself up you smile down at him, proud of yourself for winning this game.

    “But I still love you,” you hum, kissing his lips softly. “Do you love me?”

    “I guess,” he sighs, but wraps his arms around you, pulling you against him tight as he closes his eyes.

    The next morning while Harry is in the bathroom, you search up the girl who gave you her username and send her a quick message that tonight is going to be the night, but keep it a secret so others can be surprised when he plays the song. Macy, as you see on her profile writes you a lengthy reply thanking you for convincing him and ranting how much they love you. It’s sweet and you can’t wait to see the reactions when they finally get what they want.

    Harry seems to be holding up his mad act, but you know it won’t last long. He still holds your hand, still makes sure you eat right and still kisses you all the time.

    Right before he goes on stage, he pulls you in for one last kiss, but before he pulls back, he leans to your ear, his lips brushing against your earlobe.

    “I hope you know your ass will be red when I’m done with you tonight.”

    A whimper slips through your lips and you need to clench your thighs together as he gives your ass a light smack, running off to get into that stupid box and get rolled under the stage. You mumble a soft fuck under your breath, but you’re excited to see him go all crazy on you.

    The fans finally get what they wanted. When the opening accords of To Be So Lonely fill the arena, they lose their shit and Harry just stands behind his mic, smirking to himself. Of course, they scream that one line at him like there’s no tomorrow and you can’t help but laugh.

    You know he is riled up, it’s written all over him and you know you’ll be ruined by the end of the day. But you don’t mind it.

    You thought he would at least hold it together until you get back to the hotel, but oh boy, were you wrong! Because as soon as Harry finds you when he is off the stage, you see the fire in his eyes. He runs up to you, grabs your hand and starts pulling you after him to the dressing room.

    “Harry, are you—“

    You don’t get to finish, he pulls you into the room, slams the door closed and pushes you against it, his lips devouring you right away. His hips strain against yours and you can already feel his hard cock pushed against you.

    “You got what you wanted? Are you proud of yourself?” he growls, a hand coming up to grab your jaw, keeping you in place, not that you’d ever push him away. No words come out of your mouth, you just can’t get yourself to talk, not when his other hand is already sliding into your pants, rubbing your clit through the fabric of your panties.

    “Answer me when I ask a question,” he grits through his teeth, his fingers pushing on your sensitive bud, making you moan from the sensation.

    “Yes! Yes, I got what I wanted,” you choke out when his mouth sucks hard on your skin under your ear, for sure leaving a mark on you.

    “Want to know what I want?”

    “Yes,” you breathe out, legs turning into jelly as he is still working on your clit. Your panties are flooded, this very short sex ban wasn’t only hard on him. You missed out on the lazy morning sex and you couldn’t get your hands on him when he was parading around in the room in only his underwear.

    “I want to fuck you until your legs give up and collapse onto me. I want to show you what you were missing last night.”

    You gasp when you’re pulled away from the door and you vaguely process him bringing you to the vanity, helping you up until you’re sitting on the wooden top. He basically rips your shirt off of you, throwing you behind him before his hands start kneading your breasts in the black lacy bra you put on purposely, knowing well it’s one of his favorites.

    He licks and bites down your neck and chest, not even bothering to unhook the bra, just tugging on the cups so your breasts spill out for him. Your legs wrap around his waist out of instinct and you grind against him, your chest heaving wildly from the way he sucks on your hardened nipples. You want the bra off though, so reaching behind you unclasp it and throw it to the side, an approving grunt leaving his throat as he keeps leaving marks on your breasts.

    You can’t stay still as his mouth moves down on your stomach, his fingers working fast to unbutton your pants. He tugs them off of you easily along with your soaked panties, leaving you completely naked in front of him while he is still wearing his stage outfit, but it seems like he wants it off just as much as you do.

    Dragging the suspenders off his shoulders, he moves his hands to tear the shirt open, but you stop him with the remaining of your responsible thoughts.

    “No! Lambert will fucking kill you!” you chuckle, reaching up to unbutton the shirt carefully. He just breathes out heavily, letting you undress him as he works on his pants. The slacks pool at his feet by the time you’re done with the buttons and he rids himself of the shirt fast, pushing back between your legs, now only in his underwear.

    “Always so thoughtful,” he murmurs, kissing you hard as his fingers dig into your waist, pulling you to the end of the vanity table. “But weren’t so thoughtful when you denied this from me.”

    Without warning, two of his fingers push into you, curling inside, sending a shiver down your spine. His name tears out of you loud and clear as you gasp for air while Harry starts pumping his fingers in and out of you.

    “Did you enjoy playing with me? Did you like making me suffer?”

    “Harry!” you moan, your thighs starting to shake as your orgasm is building up rapidly.

    “You were a little brat, you know that? I should punish you for it.”

    You want to protest, you want to say you’re sorry, but you just can’t form the words, the only thing that leaves your mouth is his name over and over again. But right when you’re about to cum, he pulls back and all the air gets knocked out of your lungs.

    “I don’t think you deserve to cum just yet. Now get on your knees,” he orders and you jump off fast, not even thinking for a second about obeying him. He has full control over you and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

    You eagerly pull his underwear down, his throbbing, hard cock springing free and your mouth waters at the sight, the head glistening from the precum. But before you could wrap your lips around him, he stops you, making you look up at him confused.

    “No, I don’t want you to suck me,” he hums shaking his head, cupping your face in his hands. “I want to fuck that bratty mouth of yours so you know that your words have consequences.”

    Fuck, he is so hot! You need to clench your thighs as a moan rips out of you.

    “Stay still,” he orders, one hand on the base of his cock as he pushes himself into your warm, wet mouth, a whimper of your name slipping through his pink lips. Then both his hands come to cup your head and he starts thrusting in and out of your mouth.

    Putting your hands on his thighs you try to keep as steady as possible, his head reaching the back of your throat every time he pushes into your mouth. Tears are stinging your eyes, but you don’t want him to stop. Looking up you see how much he is enjoying it, how you’re the only one who makes him feel this way and you can almost feel yourself getting closer to your orgasm again. The urge to touch yourself is strong, but you know he would punish you for that, he doesn’t like you touching yourself, unless he asks you to do it, so you just try to breathe and stay still just like he asked.

    “Fuck, your mouth is perfect,” he growls, pushing in one last time, your nose touching his pelvis and he keeps himself there for a few heartbeats, until you start gagging. Then he pulls back, his whole dick glistening from your saliva and it’s such an exciting view, one you’ll never have enough of.

    He helps you up, your knees are sore, but you couldn’t care less. Kissing you hard his hands squeeze your ass before he turns you around, bending you over the vanity and you push your ass up high instantly.

    “And now…” he hums, his hand cupping your ass as he pushes his cock between the cheeks, sliding it back and forth a few times, making you whimper. “I’ve been thinking about this since last night.”

    His hand smacks your ass, making you yelp, then he massages it gently before his palm meets the cheek again. Fuck, this feels so good and he is not even inside you yet.

    “Harry,” you whine, your upper body pressing against the wooden surface as he keeps kneading your butt with no mercy. Then he bucks his hips back, just enough so his cock now slides between your soaking wet folds and he starts rocking himself against, teasing and edging you.

    “What is it? Now you want my cock? You didn’t want it last night?”

    “I did! I wanted it!”

    “So you just chose to be a brat, letting me use my hands?”

    You don’t answer, his tip is nudging at your clit every time he pushes forward and you clench your walls around nothing, you need to feel him inside you or you’ll go nuts.

    “Just for your information, I didn’t jerk myself off last night. It was hard to resist, but I didn’t want anything else than your sweet pussy.”

    “Then take it. It’s all yours, Harry!” you cry out and yelp again when he smacks your ass again.

    “Gonna fuck you so good you’ll never want to play games with me,” he growls, grabbing the base of his cock and finally pushing inside you, both of you gasping from satisfaction. “Fuck, nothing feels like this, baby,” he breathes out, staying motionless for a few seconds, his cock buried balls deep inside you.

    Then he grabs your hips and starts pounding into you so hard, your thighs keep hitting against the edge of the table and you need all your energy to keep yourself up. His stamina is impressive, he just gave a whole ass concert and now he is fucking you so hard, as if he’s been training for it his whole life. Fingers digging into your flesh, his hips smacking against your ass every time he thrusts inside you hard and fast.

    “Are you close?” he pants and all you can do is nod eagerly. “Don’t cum yet. Don’t cum!”

    “Harry! Please!” you beg, almost crying for relief.

    “Not yet!” he barks and pulls out of you, the lack of his hardness inside you making you gasp. “Come on, baby. Just a little longer,” he murmurs, pulling you up from the table, he presses a kiss to your forehead and lips as he walks you to the sofa. He turns you to face him and you throw your arms around his neck like a little monkey, you just need to be close to him. He has edged you so close to your orgasm two times, you’re not sure you can take a second.

    You hear voices coming from the other side of the door and for a moment you wonder if he locked the door, but when he kisses you, sucking on your bottom lip, you forget about it instantly.

    His hands find the back of your thighs and he picks you up easily as he sits down, making you straddle him, knees pushing into the soft cushion. His lips melt against yours, a tad bit softer than he has been treating you, but you love both sides of him equally. Strong hands run up and down your naked, sweaty back before one of them moves between the two of you, lining himself up with you and then he pulls you down, his cock filling you up again as you softly gasp against his mouth.

    “Ride me. Wanna see you bounce on me,” he tells you.

    You feel tired, like not much energy is left in your body, but you nod, mustering up everything you have to obey him. His hands grab onto your waist, guiding you in your first few movements as you roll your hips back and forth, up and down, riding him in his dimly lit dressing room, his thousands of fans still lingering around in the building probably. It excites you, knowing that so many others want him, ache for him, but you’re the only one he wants and needs.

    Grabbing onto his broad shoulders you keep up a steady pace, bouncing on him, panting heavily and every time you feel like you’re too tired to continue, you see it in his eyes, the want, the desire, how in awe he is with you, like you’re the only person on this Earth. He leans forward and kisses your throat, collarbones before wrapping his lips around your nipple, sucking and biting it to edge your senses.

    “H, I’m close,” you moan, pulling his head up so you can kiss him.

    “Wanna cum around my cock?”

    “Yes! Please!”

    He wraps his arms around you as he rises from the sofa and turning the two of you he lays you down, getting on top of you. It’s a small sofa, one of your legs is thrown over the back while the other one falls off of the seating just so he can get between your thighs, but when he starts pounding into you, bottoming out every time you forget about how uncomfortable it is.

    “Cum for me. Let me feel your pussy tighten around my cock,” he grunts, kissing your hard, his tongue pushing past your lips.

    A few more thrusts and you finally fall over the edge, coming so intensely, you can’t hold a scream back as you drag your nails down his back. You’re seeing stars, gasping for air as he follows you with his own relief, burying his face into the crook of your neck.

    “Mine. You’re all mine,” he grunts, so animalistic and raw as his thrusts become slower but even harder, his cock jerking inside you.

    “Yes, I’m yours!” you breathe out, holding him tight as he rides the last waves of his orgasm until he comes to a stop, but still remains inside you.

    You’re gone, melted into a puddle, barely able to move your limbs, but it feels so good. The thought of getting up from this sofa feels so painful, you just want to stay here, like this forever, even though your back is starting to hurt and your leg is kind of going numb.

    You feel Harry’s lips gently kiss your shoulder before he pushes himself, up, lifting his weight off of you and sliding out of you at the same time. You must have whimpered unapprovingly at the feeling, because he kisses your lips softly.

    “I know baby. Gonna take care of you,” he murmurs and you hear him move around the room, but you can’t bring yourself to open your eyes.

    You feel a damp washcloth between your legs, he cleans you up gently not to hurt you since he knows how sensitive you are, especially after a round like this. It hurts to get your leg off of the back of the sofa, but you just need to. Pushing yourself up into a sitting position Harry returns, helping you up and as soon as you’re on your feet, he picks you up bridal style, carrying you to the shower where the water is already running.

    You take a nice, hot shower together, Harry washes you with so much care and keeps kissing you murmuring sweet nothings to you. It always amazed you how dominant he can be during sex, but then he turns into this soft bundle of joy, taking good care of you, no matter what you did or said.

    While you get dressed, you inspect your reddened butt in the mirror and you swear you see the outline of his hand on it. Walking up behind you he squats down and kisses the red marks, making you chuckle.

    “Does it hurt?” he asks, regret glistening in his eyes.

    “No. I would have told you on the spot,” you smile down at him. Grabbing you pants he helps you into them, caressing your bum over the fabric gently. He stands back up and cups your face in his hands, kissing you tenderly.

    “I love you. But if you pull this shit on me again,” he warns, but can’t push his smirk down.

    “I did it for your fans.”

    “Then tell them it earned you a good fuck.”

    “Oh shut up,” you laugh, pulling him down to kiss you again.

    Thank you for reading! Please like/reblog if you enjoyed!

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    ♡— [9.32pm]

    — pairing: shy nerd!changbin x gn!reader

    — genre: fluff, crushes au????, college / library au

    — warnings: none

    changbin’s eyes wavered over your sleeping figure. you were slumped on the table, your head resting on your folded arms as your soft snores sounded throughout the empty library. it was about to be dinner time so the students have already scurried out of the library, leaving the two of you alone.

    changbin’s textbook long forgotten as he couldn’t help but to take sneaky glances at you. he sighed. oh how badly he wanted to pick up the courage and ask for your number but every time he tried to do so, his knees would buckle and he would sit back down. but what he did do was inch closer and closer to you.

    every 5 minutes, he would sit at the table in front of his previous one, slowly making the distance between the two of you smaller. now, he was just one table away from you.

    5 minutes have passed and it was time for him to make a move. unfortunately, his big phat ass bottom accidentally pushed the chair he was sitting on, causing it to drag along the hard marble floors. the noise awakened you from your slumber and you started rubbing your eyes.

    upon seeing your groggy state, changbin had no choice but to sit down again, this time hiding behind his book which was so clearly upside down. you, of course noticed and you let out a giggle. changbin, still oblivious, furrowed his eyebrows, pretending to scrutinise the mass of numbers.

    he really thought he was being slick. clever. but it was so obvious. how could someone sitting at the farthest corner of the library suddenly appear in front of your table without you noticing? his cute antics made a small smile appear on your face and when changbin noticed, his heart fluttered.

    “you come here often?” you asked, pulling out the chair opposite him and plopping down.

    “the weather is great huh?” he replied, mentally face palming himself. that was a great start to a conversation. there goes his chances.

    “i’m studying math and math is pretty cool, especially when the number has eight numbers in it — just like phone numbers. do you like phone numbers? i have a phone number and ma—” he ‘tried’ to save himself but his flustered state could not get him anywhere. your index finger touched his lip, shushing him as you fished out your phone and passed it to him.

    “number?” you asked, making him sigh in relief. thank god for your bravery, he thought.

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    Star Wars: The Clone Wars One-Shot

    Ashla’s Secret

    Based on E.K. Johnson’s Book, “Ahsoka”
    Ahsoka Tano x Fem!Reader
    From my Wattpad @ pompomii

             "Have you ever dreamed of traveling the galaxy, Ashla?" you asked, waving your hand across the ink-black sky that was splashed with stars, "I've always dreamed of getting off of Raada and starting anew. This place has nothing for us, especially now with the Stormtroopers."

              Ashla nodded, her lekku bouncing up and down, "Yeah. I've seen a bit, but nothing fancy. I've always dreamed of going to Tatooine. My friend was from there."

               "Tatooine?" you snorted, "Tatooine is one place I've been, and let me tell you, it's less pretty than this moon."

               The girl laughed, "Okay I'll admit, I just remembered, I went to Tatooine once. It was horrible."

    The two of them shared another bout of giggles, and then silence. You had met Ashla while scavenging for parts to make an Astromech companion. It just so happened that Ashla owned a droid shop for repairs, which you somewhat knew about, and she had all the equipment that you needed, so you snuck in. Long story short, Ashla beat the Tauntaun scat out of you, and you picked up an apprenticeship under her,

    "What was your life like before you came to Raada?" you continued. You rarely ever pried into the Togruta's past, because you knew she hated talking about it. It made her change. Made her sad and angry.

    She shuffled awkwardly, drawing weird shapes into the dry dirt beneath the two of you, "Definitely an adventure. I had a friend. We were inseparable, but one day I decided to leave for the better of everybody."

    "What happened to them?" you asked, knowing you were probably asking too much, and she would get mad and go to sleep, "They're not here now."

              "He. He's not here now," Ashla corrects, glancing back up to the sky with sad blue eyes, "And the same thing that happens to everyone happened to him. The Troopers got Anakin, I assume."

               You laid your hand on her shoulder and squeezed softly, "I'm sorry I brought it up. If you thought of Anakin as a friend, then I'm sure he was the best. I'm sorry you had to lose him."

               "Yeah, me too. Thanks, (Y/N)," she sighed, laying her large head on your shoulder, "I never really talk about him because it's so hard. When I finally do talk about him, sure it hurts, but it does feel better."

    "I had a friend too once," you admitted, remembering his gorgeous face, how it curved perfectly when it met yours into a kiss, and how you were never afraid to speak your mind around him, and the way his life got snatched away from you so quickly, "You remind me a lot of him in many ways."

    "We all have our secrets, our regrets and our memories. It's all we have now," she calmly commented, still laying on your shoulder, "We should head back to the village. It's almost curfew time."

            Helping you up, Ashla lead the two of you back quietly into the lonesome village that you had grown up in. You never had particularly wanted to ditch the moon, but ever since the Stormtrooper's invaded, it's all you wanted to do. Pack a bag and leave with Ashla. But you knew it was impossible, and very dangerous.

             Ashla laid a hand on your shoulder and squeezed softly, "You okay, (Y/N)?" she asked while slowing down so she could talk to you better, "You seem... off?"

            How could she tell? You thought you were acting just fine, "I hate these Troopers," you spit out venomously, "They think they own the place just because they have the numbers and the guns. They abuse their powers without remorse. I'd do anything just to hurt them, even a little bit."

             "Where the hell did this come from?" Ashla chuckled at your sudden outburst, her hand not leaving your shoulder, "And what I've learned from my experiences, is the best way to both outsmart and defeat the enemy, is patience."

             You cocked your head to the side in confusion, "Your experience?" you chuckled, beginning to calm down, "Where did you say you were from again?"

              Ashla sighed and scratched her head, "Not now, (Y/N). Maybe another day. But one thing I've been taught, is never run headfirst into danger. It's a suicide mission."

              "Are you a bounty hunter or something?" you guessed, wondering how this young Togrunta could know so much, "Oh, we're you a Jedi? What about a ship escort? You seem to know quite a bit about this kind of thing."

             She shushed you immediately, cupping an orange hand over your soft lips, "Never say anything like that on a Stormtrooper-infested planet. That could get you killed."

              Your eyes widened to the size of two small moons, "You're a Jedi, aren't you...?" you trailed off, looking at her in a new light, "You could've told me, you know. I'd rather die than give information up to the Empire, and we could've left long ago."

              "No, I couldn't have told you, and I still technically shouldn't have told you," she sighed in an aggressive manner, "Just come on. I'll tell you everything back at the house. Might as well."

    The way Ashla was behaving really puzzled you. You knew Jedi were constantly being hunted down, but you couldn't fathom a force powerful enough to actually kill one. Actually, you just never thought about it before. Following Ashla closely, you began to get guiltier and guiltier with every step on the loose farming soil,

    "Ashla, I'm sorry I asked," you sighed as the two of you turned into the city, "I can't imagine all the pain you've gone through in the last year. It was insensitive of me to ask. I've always just been curious about everything."

    She shook her head and kept moving, "We can talk later. Apologize when we can actually sit down and discuss without worrying about getting a blaster bolt through the back of our heads."

             You nibbled your nails absentmindedly as you raced back to Ashla's small hut that you've also called home multiple times during your apprenticeship. It looked untouched from the Stormtroopers, yet it also looked the oldest and most eroded out of any of the buildings on the moon.

              The two of you slipped inside, disregarding the alarm system that a young resident of the town had set up for Ashla when the Troopers arrived, and plopped down on the floor tiredly, "I don't know how you could deal with that stress constantly. I mean, Troopers? All the time?"

              "They used to be Clones. My brothers, and most importantly, my friends and companions in battle," Ashla half-way snapped. She was obviously aggravated about her exposure.

               You swallowed a mouthful of saliva and motioned for her to sit by you, "Will you talk to me? I mean, really talk to me? You've never been this mad at me before and I want to understand."

              The Jedi scooted beside you after slowly disregarding her backpack, leaning against the wall tiredly, "It was dark times, (Y/N). The Jedi fought in the great Separatists Crisis. A great Jedi Master by the name of Sifo-Dyas created an army for the Republic and the Jedi to use— the Clone Army. We fought long hard battles but it was all in vein. Our Clones turned on us, killing well over half, maybe more Jedi. I've been in hiding ever since."

             Rubbing Ashla's back, you ponder over how some men with guns could slaughter the most powerful breed in the galaxy, "Ashla. How did you escape?"

              Ashla's brow furrows roughly, sadness appearing on her face, "I was betrayed a while ago. The Jedi blamed me for something I didn't do, and I couldn't trust the order anymore, so I left everything. I left my Master, my friends and my name."

              "Your name?" you asked hesitantly, almost not wanting to know what that meant, "How do you leave your name?"

              The wind was beginning to pick up outside. One of the famous dust storms that Raada is known for is about to hit our small town. Ashla's expression hardens, whether it's from her thoughts or from the storm, you can't tell,

    "Both literally and metaphorically," she began, locking the door behind us; the alarm system attached by Miara Larte, who is a very young mechanic, closing behind her,

    "Once I left the temple, I was a new person. I couldn't continue being me. I had to adapt to being non-force sensitive, which is rather difficult for someone who is force sensitive," she joked a bit, but the sadness was evident in her eyes, "And literally, because of the war. I regretfully have been lying to you, (Y/N). My real name is Ahsoka Tano. Ashla is my pseudonym. I'm so sorry."

    You held onto her hand and smiled, "Ahsoka, I know why you did it, and I don't blame you at all. I would've done it too," you comforted as best as you could. The wind was beginning to whip and smash harder against the wooden walls of Ahsoka's hut.

    "You're a great friend, (Y/N). You remind me of Anakin a lot," she marveled at your similar characteristics— how you refuse to back down even if the odds are against you, yet you know when you're wrong and you'll admit it.

    Before a reply could conjure up in your mind, a sharp knock echoed from the door and through the one room house. Ahsoka immediately clenches harder onto your hand. It felt like your bones were smashing under the pressure, but you knew otherwise,

    "It's the curfew Troopers," you calmed, knowing the fact that she potentially knew the men under the helmets made her uneasy, "I'll get the door."

    You stood up and walked to the door, swinging it open to face two Troopers; their white and black masks making your soul float from your body in fear, "Evening, Sirs," you nodded, looking at both of them, "Can we help you?"

    "Just the usual," he grunted, "Shouldn't you be at your house, scum?" he growled, sticking his head into the house, past you, to see if Ahsoka, or as far as he knew, Ashla was in there, which she was.

    "I have an apprenticeship here. I was just helping Ashla finish up here, and since it's past curfew, I was planning on staying the night," you grumbled back, attempting to show at least a little bit of respect, "There isn't anything mechanically you need help with, right? We're always open for new business."

    The Troopers, without another word, slunk off into the night, "Jeez, if they were actual customers, I would've spit in their astromech's parts," you hissed while slamming the door, "They don't have to blatantly be so rude."

    "They weren't always like that," Ahsoka let out a breath and moved to her bed, patting the spot beside her for you to fall in, "They were great once. Honorable and willing to make sacrifices."

    You nuzzled into the Jedi's side, taking in her scent. She was unique, that's for sure. Not just the fact that she was a Jedi, but her personality and her ability to talk in such a way that you had never experienced. She was amazing,

    "Ahsoka," you began, clearing your throat a little bit, "I feel like even when I knew only Ashla the traveling mechanic, I knew everything about you, but ever since I discovered Ahsoka, Jedi Knight, a new door has opened. What I'm saying is, you shouldn't hide from who you truly are."

    You stood up and smiled, "I've thought about it for a while now, but ever since you came into my life, it's kind of established it's place in my heart," you point at her, "There is a small Rebellion forming. We can leave Raada together and fight against the Empire. Avenge Anakin and all of the other Jedi."

    Ahsoka rises from the cot and crosses the room to you, intertwining her fingers with yours, "That sounds lovely, (Y/N), but I have a job here. So do you. We can't abandon your people, you know that."

    You rested your head on her shoulder and nodded sadly. You knew she was right. You knew you had to endure this suffering a little bit longer for your people,

    "How are you always right about these things, Ahsoka?" you asked, raising your head up and staring at her lips, as if in a trance.

    She catches on, and begins moving towards you as well, like clockwork, "I'm a good guesser," she smirks as your lips skim each other, then proceed to engulf in passion, "I'm a good guesser."

    February 25th, 2020

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    𝒐𝒃𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒊𝒐𝒖𝒔 [𝑖𝑤𝑎𝑖𝑧𝑢𝑚𝑖 ℎ𝑎𝑗𝑖𝑚𝑒 𝑥 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟]

    « 𝓶𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓽 »

    For the longest time, (y/n) has had the biggest admiration towards Iwaizumi Hajime, Aoba Johsai's ace and vice captain.

    She's actually glad that Oikawa also goes to the same school as her, and he's Iwaizumi's best friend. Many girls would choose Oikawa over Iwaizumi, but not (y/n).

    (Y/n) can still remember the day she was first introduced to Iwaizumi Hajime.

    One day she was dragged in the gym by her two friends, Yahaba and Watari and they told their coach about her, saying she's interested in becoming the boys' manager. Coach Irihata and Coach Mizoguchi are both impressed by how detailed (y/n)'s notes are, and they're also surprised that she works diligently. The fact that she doesn't fangirl over Oikawa was the tip of the icing!

    (L/n) (y/n) was the perfect manager!

    “I am so gonna kill you two for this,” (y/n) glared at Yahaba and Watari after she agreed to become her manager. She doesn't mind the new title, she's just a little overwhelmed that all this happened in just an hour and now she's immediately the boys' manager!

    “Sorry (y/n)-chan. We'll treat you to ice cream after practice,” Watari said. “We are just in desperate need of a manager, and you're not one of Oikawa-san's fangirl, plus you are super hardworking abd it just works y'know,” Yahaba adds before the two smiled innocently at the girl.

    “Ugh fine whatever. I need the credit for college anyway,” (y/n) said and starts to write down in her notes. “Oh! Before that we gotta introduce you to everyone!” Watari saif and (y/n) was once again dragged around the gym and was introduced to the rest of the team.

    The first years have immediately start to like her, and then (y/n) was dragged over to where the third years are. “You're about to meet the chaotic four,” Yahaba said.

    Now (y/n) stands in front of four third years and she immediately recognized them from past games.

    Iwaizumi and Oikawa are arguing and wrestling on the floor, Hanamaki is video recording everything and Matsukawa just stood there with a bored look on his face. “Ate they always like this?” (y/n) asked her two friends.

    At the sound of an unfamiliar voice, Matsukawa turns around and saw (y/n) being dragged by Yahaba and Watari. He raised an eyebrow before tapping Hanamaki's shoulder.

    The two turned their attention towards the three second years. “Who's the pretty girl?” Makki asked. “Guys this is (l/n) (y/n) and she's gonna be our new manager,” Yahaba said.

    Oikawa's ears perked and he saw (y/n) standing there. He immediately got up and tried to act cool as he approached her. “Hi cutie. The name's Oikawa Toru, the captain of this fine team,” he said.

    “Oi! Shittykawa don't scare her off,” Iwaizumi huffed and approached the group as well.

    “Hello, it's nice to meet you,” (y/n) bows her head at the third years, “I'm (l/n) (y/n), please take care of me.”

    “She's such a little cutie,” Oikawa coos, “Wanna go on a date with me?”

    “Erm you're not really my type, sorry. Plus I would like it if I graduate this school without getting attacked by your fangirls,” (y/n) politely says.

    There was a few seconds of silence before Hanamaki, Matsukawa and Iwaizumi burst out in laughter and Oikawa is rocking himself back and fourth on the ground.

    “Oh man, I like you already,” Matsun said. “Yeah. You're the first girl whose rejected Trashykawa,” Makki adds, wiping his tears away. “He seems upset, I-I didn't mean to hurt his feelings,” (y/n) panics.

    “Don't worry, he'll be fine, just ignore him,” Iwaizumi assured her while rubbing her arm. That simple action has caused (y/n)'s heart beat to increase. “I'm Iwaizumi, and welcome to the team. And don't worry, we'll take care of you.”

    (Y/n)'s legs nearly caved in after hearing Iwaizumi's words. She's seen him play, and think that he's an impressive player. (Y/n) will admit, she was starting to have a crush on the ace, but now that she's gonna be the team's new manager, she's just taking in the fact that she's gonna see her crush everyday!

    (Y/n) smiled at him. “Thank you Iwaizumi-senpai,” she said.

    (Y/n) has become the team's manager for months now. The team adores her and protects her at all cost. Even though shes's just a second year, she found herself becoming close friends with the third years.

    It surely surprised her, and her classmates, when the four third years first walked inside her classroom, carrying their bento, and they smiled when they spotted her. “(Y/n)-chan! Can we eat with you?” Oikawa cheerfully asked, inviting himself in and grabbed a chair.

    “I tried to stop him, I'm so sorry,” Iwaizumi apologized, sitting next to (y/n). “N-No no, it's ok. I don't mind,” (y/n) stuttered, “Just g-give me a heads up if you guys want to eat with me,” she adds. “Hmm, then can we have lunch with you again tomorrow?” Iwaizumi asked, (y/n) shakily nods her head.

    The girl's admiration and love for Iwaizumi deepened and she tries so hard not to become so obvious.

    She starts getting anxious when she realized that the third years are nearing graduation. Her seniors are going to graduate and leave her.

    (Y/n) starts having late night thoughts, pacing around in her room as she comes up with a plan to try and convince herself to tell the ace how she feels.

    (Y/n) then sat on her desk and grabbed a clean sheet of paper and her pen. She then starts pouring her emotions in that letter, she wrote about her feelings for Iwaizumi and all the reasons why she started liking him.

    She gently placed the paper inside an envelope. Her eyes widened, 'If I can't confess my feelings, then might as well just write it' (y/n) thinks to herself before leaving the paper and got up.

    She laid bed and before she knew it, the sun started rising. About an hour later, her mom starts waking her up. (Y/n) didn't get much sleep, but it was ok. She got of bed and did her morning routine.

    She had breakfast with her parents before she grabbed her bag, bid them goodbye and left the house.

    She fidgets with her fingers as she journeys towards her school.

    “(Y/n)-chan!” the girl flinched at the sound of Oikawa's voice. She turns around and saw the brunette jogging towards her. “Good morning! I didn't know you live in this neighborhood too,” he said. “G-Good morning Oikawa-senpai,” (y/n) said.

    “Whoa you look tired, did you get enough sleep last night?” Oikawa furrows his eyebrows in concern for his friend. “Uh no not really,” (y/n) mumbled.

    “Oh well come on then, let's get you some coffee,” Oikawa said and drags the girl behind him to a coffee shop.

    (Y/n) looks around them to see if there are any signs of the ace joining them. She'd see the two best friends walk to and from school together.

    “Uh Oikawa-senpai?” (y/n) nervously says to the brunette, “Is Iwaizumi-san--?”

    “Ah Iwa-chan can't walk with me to school today because he is still needed at home. Why? Miss him already?” Oikawa smirked. He was just teasing and he didn't expect to look at (y/n) and see her looking at the ground with blushing cheeks.

    His eyes widened in realization.

    “Oh my gosh YOU LIKE IWA-CHAN?!?” Oikawa shouts. (Y/n) panics and jumps on the brunette, shoving her palm to cover his mouth. “Shut up,” she hissed.

    Oikawa chuckled and pried her hands off. “Oh you are so cute, you like Iwa-chan,” he said, “That's why you were so nervous around him when you first started being our manager.”

    “You noticed that?”

    “Well yeah. I just thought that you were nervous because you were a little scared off Iwa-chan, and everyone is scared of him,” Oikawa said.

    (Y/n) pouts. “I'm not scared of Iwaizumi-san, he's actually really cool and sweet and gentle around me,” she mumbled.

    “Yeah I noticed that too. I also started to think that maybe Iwa-chan has a crush on you cause of how much he turns into a softie when he's around you,” Oikawa chuckled. (Y/n) blushed at the brunette's words.

    “Yeah yeah ok, so I like Iwaizumi-san, so what? It's not like he feels the same,” (y/n) mumbled. Oikawa has dragged her inside a coffee shop and bought her a cup of (coffee/tea).

    “You'll never know unless you tell him, I'm sure he likes you too,” Oikawa said. “Yeah about that I was planning on confessing to him today,” (y/n) admits. “Really? Aw that's so sweet of you (y/n)-chan!” Oikawa claps his hands, “When are you gonna tell him?”

    “That I can't tell you, I don't want you to ruin everything with your big mouth,” (y/n) smirked. Oikawa gasped offensively, “How could you say such a thing? You're so mean,” he pouts.

    “Oi what are you two doing?” a familiar voice says from behind the two. They turn around and saw Iwaizumi approaching them. “Iwa-chan! What brings you here?” Oikawa said while playfully nudging (y/n)'s shoulder.

    “I was on my way to school and I saw you two talking. Am I interrupting something?” he asked. “Huh? Oh God no! Oikawa just bought me coffee, we were just leaving,” (y/n) quickly answered, hoping Iwaizumi won't get the wrong idea. Iwaizumi nodded his head, “So let’s head to school now?” he asked. 

    “Yeah sure! I’m gonna go ahead so I can ask coach the keys for the gym. You two kids have fun and enjoy the scenery,” Oikawa said before dashing out the door. (Y/n) shakes her head, ‘idiot, Assikawa has the keys to the gym’ she thinks to herself. 

    “What’s up with him?” Iwaizumi asked. “I have no idea,” (y/n) replied and the two left the store. 

    “Hey we still have a few minutes left before I have to be at the gym, do you mind if we make a quick stop at a 7-11 or something for an onigiri? I haven’t had breakfast yet,” Iwaizumi said. “Uh sure,” (y/N) nods her head and followed the male to walk across the rode to get to 7-11. 

    “So how have you been?” Iwaizumi asked. “I’m good, you?” (y/n) replied. “I’m alright,” Iwaizumi answered. After picking up an onigiri and an energy drink, the ace paid for it before the two head to school. 

    Iwaizumi and (y/n) had a decent conversation and are both laughing about something stupid that Oikawa did. “But you gotta admit, deep inside you care about Oikawa-san. He may be stupid and silly sometimes but I’m sure he’s a great friend,” (y/n) smiled. “Yeah he is. I can’t think of anyone else as my best friend other than him,” Iwaizumi said. 

    That’s one of the reasons why (y/n) likes Iwaizumi. He can and will argue with Oikawa, he can and will kick the brunette’s ass but at the end of the day, those two are still friends and will not leave each other’s side. 

    They walked inside the gym and (y/n) allowed Iwaizumi to head to the locker room to get changed as she collects the water bottles for the boys and helped set up the net. “(Y/n)-chan,” Oikawa sweetly says while walking towards the girl. “Ugh what is it now?” she said. 

    “So did you finally confess your feelings to little Iwa-chan?” Oikawa smirks. “No, just leave it to me ok? Don’t you dare do anything stupid, and don’t even think about opening your mouth and tell him that I like him ok?” (y/n) threatens. “Y-Y-Yes ma’am,” the brunette stutters, “Man you’re scary, a perfect match for Iwa-chan,” he smirks. (Y/n) glared at the male who quickly scurries away in fear. 

    The boys arrived and started doing their morning warm ups as (y/n) sat with the two coaches and start reviewing them about what the boys has done. After a few more minutes, a little game between the team started. 

    30 minutes before classes start, the boys are now preparing to leave the gym. (Y/n) is waiting for Iwaizumi since the two always walk to class together. She smiled upon seeing the ace approach her. “Ready to go?” he said. “Yeah sure,” (y/n) smiled, his cheeks immediately turned pink when Iwaizumi suddenly held her hand and they walked to class together. First Iwaizumi has to drop (y/n) to her classroom before he goes to his. 

    Before they knew it, they have reached (y/n)’s classroom. “Thanks for walking me here,” (y/n) said. “You say that to me everyday (y/n)-chan,” Iwaizumi chuckled.

    They stood in front of the door and (y/n) smiled at him. “Well I have to go now but I'll see you at lunch?” Iwaizumi asked. (Y/n) nodded her head and watched as the male was about to leave but she grabbed his arm. “Uh Iwaizumi-san before you go... I uh I want to give you this,” (y/n) said and hands him the letter, “Please read it later. I have to go now bye,” she quickly adds before dashing inside her classroom and slammed the door behind her.

    (Y/n) takes a few deep breaths to try to calm her heart beat down. She did it! In a few minutes Iwaizumi is going to read her letter and then...

    “AAAHHHHH!!! What have I done?!?” (y/n) screamed.

    Lunch time rolled by fast and (y/n) decides to eat at the rooftop with her friends. She's already told Oikawa that she can't eat with them. (Y/n) drags her friends, Yahaba and Watari, towards the rooftop and they sat down.

    “What's up (y/n)?” Yahaba asked. “Did something happen? You look pretty freaked out,” Watari adds.

    “I'm fine,” (y/n) assures them. “Fine? Then why are you eating here and not with the other third years? You always eat with them,” Watari raised an eyebrow at her.

    “I uh...” (y/n) nervously says, “I finally told Iwaizumi-san that I like him.”

    “SAY WHAT?!?” the two screamed before bombarding her with questions about her "feelings" for the ace.

    (Y/n) tried to answer the basic questions. “Wow... I-I mean we're happy for you really,” Yahaba said. “Yeah (y/n). The team has been shipping you two since you became our manager,” Watari adds. “Thanks you guys I just wish I don't mess anything up,” (y/n) mumbled.

    “You're not gonna mess anything up. You're an amazing girl, any guy would be lucky to have you. If Iwaizumi can't see that, then it's his loss,” Watari said.

    “Thanks guys,” (y/n) smiled at the two guys before offering a piece of beef from her bento.

    School is over for the day and (y/n) finished packing her things and is now making her way to the gym.

    Her heart beat won't stop increasing as she nears the doors. Thankfully no one was inside and she makes her way towards the storage room to slowly get everything ready.

    A hand comes from behind her and pins her against the wall. (Y/n) released a loud shriek but the person covered her mouth. “Shhh relax, (y/n), it's me,” Iwaizumi whispered.

    The girl relaxed a bit and pried the male's hand off her mouth. “Iwa? What the heck are you doing?” she asked.

    “I asked Shittykawa to get the rest of the team away from the gym so I can talk to you in private,” Iwaizumi explained.

    “Oh... What about then?” the girl nervously asks and mentally prepares herself for the rejection.

    “About your letter,” Iwaizumi began, “I want to tell you that I like you too.”

    “Huh?” (y/n) tilts her head to the side.

    “I like you too (y/n). I just spent the entire hour getting lectured by Oikawa about how oblivious I was that you were trying to make a move on me these past few months. I've liked. You since the day I met you and I'm sorry that I didn't have the guts to tell you sooner,” Iwaizumi admits.

    (Y/n) smiled and jumped in the ace's arms. “Thank you Iwaizumi-san,” she said.

    “So will you let me take you on a date then?”

    “Duh of course,” (y/n) giggled and kissed his cheek, “I'm so happy. I was just talking to Watari and Yahaba about how nervous I was that you are gonna reject me.”

    “There's no need for you to ber nervous,” the ace said, tilting (y/n)'s chin and they looked at each other.

    They slowly leaned closer, their lips nearly touching until someone bangs on the door.

    “YO! You guys better not be doing the dirty in there, or I'm telling coach!” Oikawa shouts.

    “I'm gonna kill a certain captain,” Iwaizumi mutters, causing (y/n) to giggle.

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  • jiang-xinfei
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    OK so this is a jiang cheng harem headcanon post

    the venetriad brothers are inlove with him😂

    Like nie mingjue is inlove with him because of his justiful personality and how good of a sect leader he is while, xichen is inlove with him because of how pretty and cute he is every time he goes red and his tsundere personality(idk how xichen sees jc or better yet all the brothers all I can say is that love at 1st sight ig? I haven't really read jc venetriad fic cause i don't have recs on it so yuhh) and Jin guangyao is inlove with him because of how a good parent he is towards Jin Ling and how soft he looks🤣

    I even imagined that the reason why the 3 of them agreed to become brothers is to look out for each other not to make a move on jiang cheng or to be fair or sum shit

    And jiang cheng sadly can't see it cause wei yings oblivious personality rubbed to himself

    And then when guangyao and mingjue dead and after. Xichen went outside of seclusion the first thing xichen did was to make a move on jc🤣or in a friendly relationship cause of there brothers being married so made a move🤣like meeting together alone to talk about there brothers or Jin Ling and jingyi to the point that somehow jingyi sees jc as his mother😂

    Lol and then when they All got revived again(in my au Jin Ling lost his core for 5 yrs and wwx found a way to restore it and not get corrupted by the resentful energy and somehow along the way he found a way to bring back everyone - I'm gonna make one on this don't worry😘)

    Jin guangyao Nd and nie mingjue don't have a shit chance on jc cause his already married to xichen so everytime the family met and jc tells xichen I love you's or call him a'huan or sum shit xichen or just cling to him just Turns soo smug towards his sworn brothers

    That's it!! Hehe sorry this has a lot of emojis it's because I made this whole chatting with my bff😂anyways like i always said u can use this headcanons if u want just credit me and sent me the fic cause I wanna read it😊now bye bye

    #mdzs au#mdzs headcanons#mdzs fanfic#jiang cheng #Jiang cheng x venetriad bros #jiang cheng x lan xichen #Jiang cheng x nie mingjue #Jiang cheng x Jin guangyao #prompts#oneshot #the untamed fanfic #the untamed#Mxtxx
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    #mcyt imagine#mcyt imagines#mcyt smut #mcyt x reader #mcyt x y/n #mcyt x you #mcyt yandere#georgenotfound #georgenotfound x y/n #georgenotfound x you #georgenotfound x reader #georgenotfound imagines#georgenotfound imagine#georgenotfound oneshot#georgenotfound yandere#dream smp #dream smp x reader #dream smp x you #dream smp x y/n #mcyt oneshots#mcyt oneshot #yandere mcyt x reader #yandere
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    summary: donghyuck broke your heart, and you decided to respond to his actions.

    genre: high school au, lil angst, revenge time

    pairing: no pairings but reader is female in this :)

    Irene sighed, her back turned to you who was walking over to one of the most popular boys at school, Donghyuck Lee. She could only hope you’d run back, into the safe arms of the rest of your shared friends…

    Finding her food to be more interesting, Wendy picked at the substance on her tray. That was saying something, considering she’d complain about how shit the food was at school and how the school just spent all of the funds on the sports side.

    Seulgi and Joy, on the other hand, intensely watched your figure stroll up to the now-disgusted male, wondering what your next actions would be.

    Donghyuck was too busy talking about how he was gonna attempt to score with the school’s sweetheart next somehow. However, he missed the crucial detail of his friends’ eyes flickering from him to your unnervingly calm form.

    Spilling the entire bottle of coke in you hand onto the unsuspecting boy, Donghyuck let out a shrill shriek that alerted the entire school. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“I asked that same thing about you after that night, Lee.” You on the other hand simply scoffed, walking back to your friends who sported a flabbergasted expression like his own group of friends, the girl who sat next to him and some of the students in the cafeteria.

    The night you referred to was last Friday, where you had been utterly humiliated by him in front of everyone. You’d been dating him, and was dumped by him after 2 months as you were ‘just a bet, a gullible one at that, too!’.

    “(Y/N), you fucking legend!” Howling in laughter, Joy patted your back gently, “He totally deserved it. Right?”

    “Yeah, I didn’t think you’d do something like that, but I’m honestly proud of you!” Wendy commented, eating her lunch with a ghost of an entertained smile.

    Ryujin, a friend of yours who was passing your table, nudged you gently on the shoulder with a grin. A silent "good job".

    A few groups in the cafeteria, including yours, observed the boy marching towards one of the teachers, evidently infuriated, “Miss Choi! You saw that, right?! She poured it on me!”

    Gossip spread like wildfire in this school, so the teachers knew of Friday’s events. Your homeroom teacher, Miss Choi, shrugged, “We don’t have cameras in here, bud. I didn’t see anything, sorry. Not my problem,” and turned back, making the other teachers laugh. You were one of the teacher’s pets who did their work diligently, anyways.

    You watched Donghyuck storm out of the room, probably to clean himself up, with a satisfied smile on your face. You were aware that you were being childish and selfish, but why couldn’t you be just for this one moment? Just like the boy that you gave your heart to, only for him to crush it.

    #nct oneshot#nct dream#nct 127#nct#nct angst#nct imagines #nct x reader #nct scenarios#nct fanfic #nct 127 x you #nct 127 oneshots #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 angst #nct dream x you #nct dream oneshots #nct dream imagines #lee donghyuck #haechan x y/n #haechan x you #haechan x reader #haechan imagines#haechan scenarios#haechan angst #lee donghyuck x reader
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  • peyda
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    Vanilla latte

    Summary: You haven’t seen Chris in person since that night you caught him cheating. It’s been almost 6 years now, you couldn’t possibly still have feelings for him, right?

    A/N: This is part 3 of my series Staring Over

    WC: 2599

    Time stopped. You started to feel lightheaded, your heart rate speeding up the longer you looked at the pair, you felt as if you couldn’t breathe. You were having an anxiety attack. All the signs were there, feeling lightheaded, erratic heartbeat, feeling as if you were suffocating. Eyes burned at the sight of his hand resting on her knee.

    Six years. It had been Six years since you last saw Chris. Six years since you walked away from him and never looked back. Six years since you walked in on him with your best friend. Almost ten years since that day you met, the day the two of you went on your first date, shared your first kiss-fell in love.

    “I’m sorry, do the two of you know each other?” Your eyes shot over to the woman seated next to Chris. She truly was a natural beauty, emerald green eyes that almost sparkled in the light, long, wavy, brown hair, with plumb red lips to top it all off. If you weren’t in the midst of having an anxiety attack you would’ve been jealous of how stunning the woman was.

    “No! No, this is our first time ever meeting.” You had known Chris a long time, knowing him better than you did yourself at one point. You could hear the fear in his voice by the way it kept breaking as he spoke. Locking eyes with him, your suspicions were confirmed. His eyes were pleading you to keep the two of yous past a secret. His eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes. The same eyes that caused you so much pain but held so many memories. Tears started to well up in your eyes, the room started to feel as if it was closing in on you, your heart felt as if it was physically breaking-you had to get out of there. “I’m sorry, excuse me,” you told the pair before walking out the room before they had the chance to respond.

    Air, you needed fresh air. You rushed past Gwen at her desk, not stopping to hear what she had to say. You needed to calm yourself down and the only way to do that was to go outside. Pushing open the door, you felt a rush of cold, November air hit you in the face like a slap. Your lungs started to burn from inhaling the icy air. No matter how hard you tried you couldn’t calm yourself down. Chris out of all people was sitting in your office. The same man who shattered your heart in a million pieces and never looked back. You started to sob, not caring who saw. All the work you did to forget about him, erase all those memories you two shared, gone as soon as you looked into those blue eyes. You felt sick. Running to the nearest trash can, you threw up your coffee and bagel from that morning. Choking on your sobs, you wiped your cheeks and mouth before attempting to take a deep breath. You repeated the actions until you felt strong enough to go back in, to go face Chris. You were going to go in there, listen to their problems, advise them what to do, and get paid. You had to push your feelings aside, not just because of the fact he was now engaged but because you had a job to do. A job you were damn good at.

    Walking back into the room, you noticed the gap between where the two sat. How tense it felt between the two. Reminding yourself your job was to help fix their relationship, you straightened out your skirt and sat in your chair across from them. “Sorry about that, I had to…handle something.” They could tell something was up, hair sticking up from your once neat bun, eyes bloodshot red, cheeks stained from tears. You saw the concern on their faces, but they didn’t say anything. “Let’s start by telling me your names and what brought you two here,” you told the pair, opening your notebook to take notes.

    “Well you obviously already know Chris, my name’s Amelia. We've been together for about a year and a half and engaged for 6 months of that.” You couldn’t help yourself from tuning the woman out as she talked about her relationship with Chris. How they met on the set of a movie, claiming it was “love at first sight.” She described how Chris asked her out two days later, taking her for dinner then later kissing her under the moonlight. How she felt butterflies when they kissed and how they still appeared when they kissed now. She told you how he accidentally said he loved after 2 months into their relationship, how cute he looked, all flustered, scared she wasn’t going to say it back. How accepting his family was of her, treating her like a part of their family immediately. What really caught your attention and hurt the most was when she described how he proposed.

    “Many times before we had talked about how he was going to propose,” she told you, beaming down at the extravagant ring on her finger. That didn’t surprise you, Chris and you had had that discussion many times when you were together. He wanted to plan your future together which included planning how you wanted to be proposed to. “He drove me to this field he had found, it was full of every flower you could think of. Tulips, daisies, dandelions, and even some roses. He had set up a picnic for us,” you clutched the necklace around your neck at the words. “God I don’t remember how long we talked for but I remember laughing until my stomach hurt. I remember he looked at me with so much love and adoration in his eyes before he pulled out the ring. He could barely get the question out, he was so nervous but when he did I said yes.” You felt tears well back up in your eyes. You couldn’t look at Chris, not after you had just found out he used your dream proposal to propose to another woman.

    The heat the past few days had been unbearable so when it finally cooled down enough, you and Chris took advantage of the opportunity, deciding to go on a picnic. The two of you had been together for over a year now and Chris had been nothing but perfect. Helping you study for your classes, taking you out Friday nights when you needed a break, spending every free moment he had with you. You loved it and you loved him- despite what people thought about your relationship. “He’s eventually going to get bored of her.” “She’s just another notch on his bedpost.” “He’s just going to break her heart like he did the rest.” It had been a year and the rumors never stopped, if anything they got worse. But you didn’t care, they didn’t know Chris like you did. They didn’t see the side of him that was reserved for you and you only.

    “What are you staring at Evans?” The two of you were sitting on a picnic blanket near a lake you found nearby campus. You had had a busy week so you spent this time catching up on some reading, stopping when you felt your boyfriends gaze on you. “What’s your dream proposal?” You laughed at his words, “are you planning on proposing some time soon?” “No, but someday. I want to make you mine forever, have kids with you, and grow old together. I want it all. So I’ll ask again, what’s your dream proposal?” You were speechless at his words. You had never gone into detail about the future of your relationship, making comments here and there about what type of house you each wanted or how many kids, never admitting to wanting a future with the other person. “I wouldn’t want something extravagant. If anything I’d want this, just me and you enjoying each other’s presence. Whenever the moment feels right. And maybe some flowers would be nice.” “I got it, baby.”

    “That’s all the time we have for today,” you told them, not even bothering to see if their session was over. You tried to keep it inside but you were hurt about this whole situation. Jotting down in your notebook some notes from the session, you felt his gaze on you. You hadn’t made eye contact since Amelia told you about the proposal and you weren’t going to. You kept your eyes focused on the book as they told you goodbye, waiting until you heard the door fully shut before soaking the page with your tears. The universe must have hated you. Why out of all people did it have to be Chris to walk through that door? And why’d he have to be engaged? As much as you didn’t want to admit it you still had feelings for him and seeing him with Amelia you couldn't help but feel jealous. Chris was back in your life and there was nothing you could do about it.

    It had been a week since your first session with Chris and Amelia. You had taken the rest of the day and the week after off, telling Gwen you were feeling under the weather which wasn’t all a lie. You were heartsick. The first two days at home you spent eating your feelings out, taking breaks in between to cry. You had put your phone on do not disturb, not telling Kelly or Willow what happened. You considered calling your therapist, you probably needed to talk this out with her before you did something stupid but you didn’t. Instead you avoided the problem, pretending those 40 minutes in your office didn’t happen.

    Day three and four were spent watching Chris’ shows and movies. You had come to the conclusion that if you could sit and listen to his fiancée talk about how amazing their relationship was, you could watch his movies. It pained you how good of an actor he was but you were also happy for him. As much as you told yourself you hated Chris over these years, you didn’t. You could never hate him and watching him succeed and be happy warmed your heart. You genuinely wanted him to be happy despite what had happened and as much as it hurt you were going to have to accept that his happiness came from Amelia and not you.

    You spent the last three days of your week off doing things to prepare yourself for Monday. You focused on self care, trying to put yourself back together before your second session with the couple. When Monday finally did roll around you were ready, you felt stronger as you walked into the office. Walking past the temporary assistant you had for the week, Gwen being out on vacation, you made your way into your office. The first thing you noticed when you walked in was the coffee sitting on your desk. Thanking Gwen in your head for training the temp while you were out, you went to grab the coffee, noticing an envelope next to it. Your heart stopped as you recognized the messy handwriting on the front of the envelope. Picking up the letter and opening it with shaky hands, you felt your heart speed up as you read the words, We need to talk- Chris, with what seemed like his address at the end. You looked down at the coffee on your desk, nothing on the top read, Still like vanilla lattes?, in the same sloppy handwriting. You grabbed the coffee and threw it away without even taking a sip. You felt sick again. Sitting behind your desk, you opened your laptop. Going to check your schedule you noticed that Chris and Amelia had canceled their appointment, freeing up your schedule. You made a decision then and there on what to do, hoping you made the right choice.

    You were nervous as you stood in front of the house in front of you. Deciding that day in your office to meet Chris and hear him out, wanting to get closure. You felt like talking to him was necessary to help you heal. It had been 6 years since that night and you needed answers, you needed to know why you weren’t good enough. Taking a deep breath, you walked up the steps and rang the doorbell. Not too long later the door was opened and you were greeted by an eager pup. “Well hello there,” you told the pup before scratching behind his ear. “Dodger’s very friendly when it comes to new people,” you heard Chris say. Looking up you took in his figure, mouth watering at the sight of the white t-shirt clinging to his body, showing off his amazing physique. “Want to come inside?” you shook your head, following the man and dog inside the house.

    As you walked down the hall you couldn’t help but notice all the pictures that decorated Chris’ wall. Pictures of Dodger as a puppy, him and his mom on different red carpets, him and his siblings, but not a single one of Amelia. Making a mental note of the missing images, you walked into the cozy kitchen, taking the glass of wine he offered you. “So what’s you want to talk about?” you asked him, taking a sip of your wine. It was your favorite in college and still was today. It warned your heart at the fact he still remembered little things like what wine you drank and your favorite coffee. “I just wanted to say I didn’t know it was you until we got there. Believe me I wouldn’t have stayed if I had known, didn’t even wanna be there in the first place.” “Why?” The question seemed to catch him off guard, “Amelia wanted us to go because she thinks I’m still holding onto guilt from….she thinks I still feel guilty about cheating on you.” You didn’t even notice you had dropped the glass of wine until you heard the glass break against the floor. “I’m sorry,” you told him, bending down to try and clean up the broken glass, cutting your hands in the process. “Hey don’t worry about it. Let’s clean your hands up,” Chris told you, grabbing your wrists and leading you upstairs to his bathroom.

    He gestured for you to sit on the counter while he grabbed the first aid kit from under the cabinet. “You know you don’t have to do this, it’s honestly not that bad.” “It’s the least I could do,” he told you before grabbing your hands. He gently cleaned your wounds, not wanting to cause you any more pain. You could smell his intoxicating cologne, the same one he used to wear all those years back that drove you crazy. Between his soft touches and intoxicating scent, your brain was starting to feel fuzzy-you needed to get out of the bathroom before you did something stupid. “Ya know I regret it everyday,” he told you while wrapping up your hand. “I was scared. I thought you were going to go off to New York and find someone better so I wanted to end it while I could,” you looked up at him. You could see the tears in his eyes, he was being sincere. “I really want to kiss you right now,” you were shocked at his words but even more surprised at the ones that came out of your mouth. “What’s stopping you?”

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