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  • sam was really on his hands and knees begging for guy to trust him huh

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  • hey look guys i did a thing to my blog be proud of me- :)

    #gifs#blog#oof #inbox me if you want me #to do this to your blog #lMAO-
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  • Oof i missed the deadline, wvhich figures nowv that I’m done wvith my main pieces foar both zines i wvas busy wvith

    #my owvn fault foar naut just hitting submit wvhen i had my app filled out #oof #thats wvhat i get lol oh wvell maybe next time this one opens again if it does again !
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  • Do you ever feel like the universe is just against you?

    #me #2019 was shit #it isnt getting better #oof#big oof#universe#bad vibes
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  • why is it that i do not look like michael langdon i would kill to look like that man

    #obviously or like revenge gerard or frank #but michael langdon #hes so#OOF
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  • ugh ! i’m so bummed rn .. i had a mc server for a while that i started up w a bunch of friends and we had SO much fun at first but then after trying to let other people join things got a bit chaotic and i got super overwhelmed and everything went downhill from there cause i’m not the best w stress/stressful people and ugh.. i barely even talk to those friends anymore cause i feel that whole situation just rly kinda ruined our friendships ig? which rly sucks.. but after like they slowly left some of the new people stayed and kept playing but they’ve slowly stopped coming around too so today i finally cancelled the server and im sO BUMMED. like sdjflhdsjf ugh. this suck..

    ik it seems like smth dumb to be sad ab but like.. mc was so much fun for me when all my friends were like into it too it just makes me like sad that like it also kinda ruined some of my friendships too :o( but i still have good memories w it so im like dfjdhs idk

    feels weird..

    #oof #idk what im saying #txt*#tdl
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  • image

    So I did a redraw of an old LOTR OC I made back in 2015. I was like…. 14? Yeah.

    Anyway his name is Oliver Cast and he’s basically just your average roguish vagabond: sleeps outside, occasionally resides in trees, has an affinity for mead; *john mulaney voice* STREET SMARTS, etc. etc… except he makes his living by tackling deer. Most people just hunt with bows and arrows, or traps, but this fool yEETS at his prey and tackles it to death. People laugh at him but they cannot deny the efficiency of his methods. He regrets nothing.

    There’ll probably be more info for y’all later but for right now this is honestly all you need to know.

    #redraw #lord of the rings #lotr#oc#original character#oliver cast#art #fanart? #rustic space doodles #artists of tumblr #oof#sketch#digital art#original art#deer tackler#lotr oc #glo up 2019 #yeet
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  • is there an emoji that’s like a sad smile bc that’s about how I’m feeling

    #this :/ is about as close as I can get #oof
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  • continued from here || @hargroeve

    the words burrow under his skin because murphy knows they’re right. hargrove is right; he’s the issue here. always has been, and probably always will be. something has been growing inside of him since the day his dad died, and it’s like a slow-working poison, rotting away anything that’s good and pure. he sees himself in billy, and maybe that’s why he hates him so much.

    “where do you want me to go, huh?” there’s anger in murphy’s voice, but also something vulnerable. he glares at billy, taking a step forward. “you’re not allowed to be the only fucked up person in this stupid town.”

    #hargroeve#oof #murphy's a tiny bit hurt lol #➳ john murphy | muse. #➳ painting worlds with words | thread. #tbt
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  • image

    I thought of putting this here. Why not? qwq

    Fell! Strawberry

    Fell! Shattered belongs to my friend @unpredictabletori

    #My art#My oc #Not my oc #Friend's oc#Strawberry #strawberry x shattered #Fell! Strawberry #Fell!Shattered #unpredictabletori#Tori#Oof #Why not? #I thought of sharing this here
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  • image

    what a decade

    #the fact that lights up is top song of the decade when it came out a few months ago..... huh #oof
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  • A H H


    Why must I have such a cursed sleep cycle?

    #I swear I must be a vampire sometimes #I even have a bad habit of biting the inside of my lip to drink mouthfuls of my own blood #and I've been doing that since I was very very young #like since before I was 8 #I'm 17 now #wtf#sleep#shit post#sleep schedule#circadian rhythm#vampire#night owl#oof#3am thoughts#demon hours#lol
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  • Part 28

    Charlie woke up in a daze, the morning light gazing through the window. She was so comfortable and warm, she felt like drifting off into eternal sleep. But the hotel couldn’t wait and neither could the day. She sat up, her hair was in a mess, her eyes heavy and her body limp. She stretched as far as her body could muster. With a hup, she got up and headed towards her wardrobe. She froze in place, realising the most obvious thing to her. She wasn’t in her room, she wasn’t even at the hotel. She was instead at Alastors place.

    It all came back to her, her fear for Als’ well-being, her running all the way here, the scars and blood she’d seen all over his body, her embarrassing moment were she offered to sleep with him, him holding her tightly for so long and finally that annoying realisation he had a spare room and he was just teasing her. She dropped in disappointment and annoyance. He played her like a flute. She decided to try and get over it and try to get back to the hotel as fast as she could and forget everything that happened yesterday.

    She strides out of his room and into the lounge where she found Alastor sitting at his couch, drinking some coffee and reading a newspaper. He looked up to see the princess, looking rather tired and rather irritated. Alastor: “Ah, morning my dear, I hope you slept well”. Alastor got up from his seat, closing the news paper and putting down his coffee, he approached the sleepy princess to get a closer look at her. Alastor: “What’s with the frown my dear? Did you not have a good rest?”. He had his arms behind his back and loomed over her.

    Charlie looked up at his snarky grin, still not pleased. Charlie: “I did actually, I’m just annoyed on what happened last night, did you seriously make me go through that for your "entertainment?”. Alastor still looked at her grinning, he honestly did find it hilarious but at the same time, he enjoyed her company. Alastor: “Oh sweety, do not worry yourself”. He stroked her fine blond hair and through his claws felt an incredible softness he hasn’t felt before. Her hair may have been in a mess but it’s shine and beauty still came through. Alastor: “Besides I didn’t exactly sleep last night, I’ve been out here, enjoying the quiet while reading as well”.

    Charlie looked up in surprise, he didn’t sleep? But why? He must of been exhausted from the ordeal he went through yesterday. Alastor saw her surprise and concern written on her face which gave him a sense of warmth. Alastor: “You see my dear, it is very difficult to sleep with a terrible wound like this and anyway, sleeping isn’t something I partake in often”. Charlie couldn’t argue with anything he said, it made sense after all. A wound like that would hurt too much to even have a goodnight sleep, no matter how comfortable you were. Also, Alastor doesn’t seem like someone who sleeps causally like everyone else. She has seen him sleep but even so, she’s always been surprised to see it.

    She sighed to herself, the annoyance washed away far easier then the shock. She just wanted to get back to the hotel as soon as possible. She knows for a fact Angel has told Vaggie about this and that Vaggie is now worried sick. She walked past Alastor heading towards the door, before she could reach it, Alastor popped up in front of her. Charlie stopped in her tracks confused on what he was doing. Alastor: “Wait a second my dear, are really going back to the hotel looking like that?”. Charlie looked at herself, he wasn’t wrong, her clothes were messy and her hair was one messed up birds nest.

    She didn’t exactly care for her looks though but she would be embarrassed to be caught like this. Her parents would definitely go wild about it too if they saw this. Before she could speak, Alastor grabbed a brush that came out of thin air and with a click of his fingers, her clothes had changed from her usual suit to another suit but a little different. It almost matched the same style he had but hers as well, like a mixture of both. It did look good on her though, she had to admit.

    Alastor sat at the couch again, welcoming her to sit beside him. Alastor: “Come here my dear, I’ll help with your hair”. Alastor maybe a horrible beast of a demon but he was kind as well, even if some of that kindness is fake it still felt nice. She accepted his offer and sat beside him. She turned herself so her hair could face him.

    He spent 5 minutes gently brushing her hair while also untangling snags here and there with his hands. When it was all done, she gave him a gentle smile as a thanks. He smiled back, her smile always made his heart soar. The feeling for her were strong and he never wanted to let them go. Before she could get herself up, Alastor grabbed her chin gently and kissed her cheek. She jumped, another kiss to add to the collection. She felt her heart pound, her body shiver with goosebumps and her face burn.

    When he let her go, she shifted backwards right to the edge of the chair. She held her face as it held its red colour. Alastor always loves seeing that face, her actions made him laugh. He’d kiss her a thousands times just to see it. Charlie: “W-why do you keep doing that?”. She tried her best to hide her embarrassment while looking away from him. Alastor: “Hehehe because I love it my dear, your reaction is always hilarious to see and anyway”. He leaned in closer to her, right to her ear. Alastor: “Have you forgotten how much I love you, it makes sense to show it, doesn’t it?”. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, of course she couldn’t forget, how could she, it’s just something she didn’t want to concentrate on.

    Alastor got up and opened the door, he spun to her direction and summoned his cane. Alastor: “After all, you will be mine one day”. He gave her a wink and left the house, closing the door behind him. Charlie might as well be a tomato, her entire body was completely red. She dug herself into her legs as she sat alone on the couch. All she could hear was the sound of her beating heart and the clock ticking it’s tune. He really isn’t giving up on her. However, deep inside her heart, she couldn’t feel any happier to hear that.

    #hazbin hotel#charlastor#fanfic#Alastor#Charlie#oof#oh boy #my hearts racing #ooh what's gonna happen next?
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  • Kurogiri really pulled an Obito on us, huh?

    • Cute, kinda dumb kid
    • Crushed by rocks saving people
    • “Dead”
    • Protagonist’s main teacher bases morals off this death
    • They are not dead and are a villain now
    • More Serious and Smart™
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  • Also here’s a quick humanoid from the same year

    #This was my masquerade bloodlines character #Toby Maxwell #named after my two rats #He eventually became Toby Caterwalk #my human MSPA character #This old version has it's own charm though #Gangrel #his positioning is still super awkward #that floating foot #oof
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  • A Hundred Days of Headcanons: Day Forty-Four


    Dandelion’s music is his passion next to his writing. Every composition of his is influenced either by events in his own life or in Geralts, with the majority actually being more Geralt than anything or anyone else. After all, Geralt goes on so many fantastic adventures, Dandelion would be a fool not to write about them. 

    He plays the lute primarily, but has a certain fondness for stringed instruments in general. He likely could play other instruments very well, but the lute just happens to be his favorite. 

    In his modern verse (because yes I have one and he’s a shit there too), he primarily plays rhythm guitar, but is more than capable of playing any other types of guitar.

    #ooc#headcanons#44/100 #sorry this is late #oof#life #Dandy's headcanons are harder to write for some reason #idk why
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  • image

    sans did some fucky stuff w fae, if i remember or he was going to

    #ooc#mun speaks #saw faes blog again #rememebers#oof #also if u cant tell #really cant motivate myself to write #really anything #feels bad man
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