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  • I had an idea for a Daisy MAP with a song from the Six Wives musical…

    #oop#warrior cats #warrior cats multi animator project #warrior cats map #multi animator project #daisy warrior cats #aka i found a song in which daisy can yell at spiderleg
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  • #oop #but tysm i appreciate it!! #darthvaalhazak
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  • Macklives is reading homstuck, I wont at them but like, them pointing out Equius being kinda manipulative to Nep is eye opening o-o

    #you get so caught up in like #the cute fandom shit #and you kinda forget #he was lowkey a dick at times #OOP
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  • catch me trying to redraw one of Sevastian’s route artworks as Tyril sjsksksk

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  • image

    uh oh it’s nearly exam season again

    #oop#meme #i made this #funny#school#study#haha#humour #pls gimme clout i know i was offline for a year but it wasnt my fault #jamesjambles
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  • All my RWBY fans, go check out my new RWBY side blog


    #rwby #rwby college au #rwbg blog#side blog#blog#ask blog#au blog#not ts #not sanders sides related #im not sorry hoes #not ts related #not sanders sides #oop#sue me#hahahahah #the unwanted fan is HERE hoes #sorry not sorry #hehehehe#trans qrow#gonnakillthatone
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    Why the fuck John Egbert and Dave Strider out here taste testing cereal

    #i could not stop thinking about this the entire video #oop#ted nivison#homestuck#john egbert#dave strider
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  • me: I am an adult and I don’t let other people’s opinions about fictional characters and ships affect me…it’s really not that deep and I can just shrug it off and choose not to engage if I disagree.

    also me, whenever I detect even a hint of salt against my favorite ships or characters:

    #mine#oop #every time i see adrien salt #or alya salt #or salt against any side of the love square #AAAAA #*hades from hercules voice* #ok fine fine im cool im fine
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  • #new gear is so cute #ffxiv screenshots#ffxiv#my screenshots#alicaryn #i am once again #posting at 3 a.m. #oop
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  • Mitsuhide route spoilers ahead, I couldn’t help myself!

    Mitsuhide x MC, 1,303 words, fluffy, for the beloved @toreii I hope I could do him justice for you! I’m sure this isn’t the last Mitsuhide content I’ll write… Hehe!

    Keep reading

    #ikemen mitsuhide#ikesen#ikemen sengoku#fanfic#writing #oml i had fun #even tho proposals are cheesy #oop #i just want to marry him and it shows #I hope u enjoy toreii mwah
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  • ‘  ——  @alucinored​​​   /   start    ’


              HE  SUPPOSE  THERE  WAS  AN  EERIE  SORT  OF  BEAUTY   behind  the  fresh  purples  and  splatters  of  green  that  painted  the  other’s  skin  ;   as  vintage  as  adam  parrish  was  in  his  features  ,  the  blemishes  which  was  too  kind  of  a   word  to  describe  the  damn  things)   seem  to  provide  a  sense  of  etherealness  ,   like  he  didn’t  quite  fit  in  with  the  familiar  antiquity  of  henrietta  or  anywhere  on  earth  in  general.   ronan  hates  it.   he  hates  the  impossible  aura  that  emanates  from  the  beaten  boy  ;  he  hates  the  possibility  of  this  ending  in  something  worse  ;   that  ,  one  day  ,   adam  would  truly  belong  elsewhere  rather  than  here.   dead.  buried  in  his  backyard  somewhere  or  thrown  into  the  back  of  an  old  blue  pick-up  truck.  his  grip  would  tighten  around  the  steering  wheel  then  ;  an  incoherent  curse  being  hissed  between  dry  lips.   and  just  like  that  ,  ronan's  foot  would  slam  on  the  breaks  ,  as  his  hands  work  to  turn  the  vehicle  around  before  they  could  reach  the  end  of  the  road.    “   like  hell  ,   i’m  taking  you  to  school  like  this.  ”   he’s  got  a  new  goal  in  mind  now:   find  robert  parrish.  

    #alucinored#oop #what do i tag this as idk #/ angst ???? #V -------  TBA ! #/ - START !
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  • * Today may seem tough.

    * You may be struggling with something hard. Like schoolwork, or tending a garden. Perhaps you’re lost, even.

    * Perhaps, you’ve been lost a while…

    * …

    * Please remember that mazes and caverns aren’t infinite, and neither are problems.

    * You will hit the finish line and make your way out of this if you choose to keep going, and the reward for your success will be better than you think.

    * Keep going.

    #characounsiling#advice#positivity#ut#undertale#narrator chara#schoolwork#lost #by the way #for those few unfortunate souls who see when i accidentally reblog on the wrong blog #oop#sorry #guess you're just getting penguin dinos on ya dash
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  • image

    I forgot to take a picture of my snowman when there was light outside. So here’s this poorly lit photo.

    Frosty has been decapitated today. And it’s currently raining, so he’ll probably dissolve soon.

    I’m gonna go collect some of the remains before they melt away and put it in the freezer so when school starts back up I can chuck it at my friend for revenge because they made fun of my Snowman.

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  • #bakugou x reader #haven thirst hours #oop
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  • having a day where i just wanna bang my head against a wall like do i wanna write?? not really !! do i wanna play sims ?? not really !! i just dont feel like doing anything but at the same time im b o r  ed

    #someone save me #im just in such a bad headspace #oop #ⅵ․         in general․         out․
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  • @accntnt said || “ need a hand? “

    Startled was one word for it, mud up to her neck, clothes soaked, horse laying silent in the midst of it all. Thrown, chased down by a gang she’d taken a bounty out on, Hawk sent into bog water with an array of bullets. Hell, she was sure she’d only survived by lying dead beside her poor mare, listening to gargled breaths until the stampede of hooves finally was drowned out by the rain.
    Now she sits, resting the head of the black horse across her lap, petting the cool fur and WEEPING into a soaked mane. Soft apologies that she couldn’t hold her like this in her final, pained moments. Easing the bridal from her head, feet digging to the mud in desperate attempts to glide the saddle from Hawk’s back. Distraught, tears streaking her cheeks, struggling to HAUL the body of the mare onto higher ground, desperate to keep her from scavengers but to no avail.

    That’s how he found her. Standing in the dirt and grass, staring at an all too PERFECT stranger, pristine amongst the heavy rain. Blood and dirt soaked clothes, bridal still held in a trembling grip.
    “I… Wh-who, who are you?”

    #accntnt #v. ‘ dustbowl of broken souls. ‘ || rdr #oop #animal death //
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  • i have fucking incredible asks in my inbox (as always) but tumblr is being a dick and not letting me reply to any? Or edit tags of posts? IT LET ME RESPOND TO TWO asks I feel attacked. I hope tumblr didn’t eat any asks either I’ll try again later.

    #so many of them are cracking me up too #yall support my chaotic ass andim so grateful for you all #tumblr really cutting me off #this is prob the universe tellingme to work on my essays #oop
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  • i do be feeling 22

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  • The arrangement had been the same for quite some time: Eri steadily hard at work, Marcus sat in the armchair, and Violet inside the containment cube for the safety of herself and everyone else. The pain never went away, never really faded either, she simply found ways to cope with it… or at least pretended to. The monotony of the constant pain management and attempted rest was broken by a notification.



    Vi: Do we know any antiviruses?

    M: No?

    Vi: Because apparently there’s one on the way.

    Eri was immediately on guard, pausing her work but making no other moves. The telltale sound of teleportation was heard in the next room, and in a moment a program in uniform stood in the archway.


    She stepped into the room, Eri continued to watch her with suspicion.

    A: I’m your newly assigned personal antivirus, I look forward to working with you Miss Violet.

    Her attention drew to Eri, she spoke with a warm smile.

    A: You must be the firewall that’s been keeping her stable? It’s a pleasure to meet you, I greatly appreciate the work you’ve been doing! I should be able to take it from here, my software is equipped to address this sort of thing relatively well. Alright if I get the protocols to the containment cube?

    Eri muttered something under her breath, staring much more intently at the new program, seemingly studying every bit of her for something off. After a tense moment, she exhaled and her shoulders relaxed almost imperceptibly.

    E: She is who she says she is. She should be able to take care of Violet better than me at the moment. I’ll be off then.

    Vi: Oh, alright Eri, take care of yourself alright?

    M: We really appreciate everything you’ve done.

    Eri got up to leave, only briefly glancing back.

    E: Of course. You take care of yourselves as well, and maybe call me before you get the life threatening virus next time?

    The group said brief goodbyes and Eri left, muttering something about getting back to work under her breath.

    A: Now, let’s get rid of this for good, shall we?

    M: You seem confident, you sure?

    A: Been around the block a few times. Doesn’t really matter what it can do, it all works the same to me! May put up a fight but that’s pretty typical.

    Vi: Hell of a fight… do you know what we’ve been dealing with? I trust you… but we haven’t exactly had much luck fighting this one…

    The antivirus’s—Atalanta’s—expression softened.

    A: Don’t worry, I’ve been tracking and studying up on your file and everything that’s been going on. I’m just anxious to be out on the field again.

    Violet and Marcus looked at each other, he shrugged.

    M: Best chance we got at this point.

    Violet nodded.

    Vi: Whatever you can do. Anything is better than how it has been.

    A: Alright then, just brace yourself. Now I’m gonna give you the choice here. I can treat this while you’re conscious, but you’ll feel it, and it won’t feel good. But once it’s done, it’s done, and recovery should be fast. OR, I can put you under. You won’t feel anything while it’s happening, but the recovery afterward is gonna be longer and probably a little painful, itself. Which would you prefer?

    Violet thought for a few moments before coming to a decision.

    Vi: I’d rather not prolong anything anymore than it already has been. Just go ahead and… make it quick?

    A: I’ll be as fast as I can while still doing everything right, how’s that sound?

    Vi nodded again.

    A: Alright then, Miss Violet. Hang in there, it’s almost over. I’ll be back before you know it.

    Vi: Be back- ?

    Before Violet could finish her thought, Atalanta disappeared, and in the same instant, she felt what could only be described as another presence in her code. But not a threatening one like there had been. This one felt steady, strong, and protective.

    That’s when the searing cutting sensation came back.

    #long post#plot#oop #NEW CHARACTER INTRO HELL YEA #atalanta#my art #if anyone says anything about my handwriting i stg
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