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  • Oh fuck I got so into writing lab reports I forgot it was Wednesday

    … I’ll watch the episode tomorrow and give my thoughts then

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  • The moment you realize your phone glitched and the replies you posted to a judgement meme never posted.

    >…> oops…..

    #delete later#oopsie #sometimes I hate my phone
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  • Oops, i’m now shipping my P5 OC with Yusuke the most right now-

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  • Me: [in the shower, shaving my legs, thinking about my Endocrinologist appt tomorrow]
    Memory: [Endocrinologist hissing between her teeth and going, “Ohh, you shave your legs. Stop doing that.”]
    Me: [freezes, razor in mid-stroke]


    Originally posted by zacksnydered

    #oopsie #it's just been so HOT #actually I wanted the shot at the end #where he's 'stabbed' Marta #and is like 'Shit.' #BUT TUMBLR GIF SEARCH CAN'T FIND ONE #even though I KNOW FOR A FACT it's out there #but this also works
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  • image

    note to self: don’t try to catch scorpions that are sitting on top of a dormant hermit crab

    #oopsie #didn't realize the shell was a hermit crab #acnh#animal crossing #animal crosing new horizons #top 10 photos taken before disaster hh
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  • (goes offline right after posting a selfie)

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  • image

    Hi yeah I don’t know

    #behold #literally just me procrastinating #i should not be doing this #i shouldnt even be on tumblr today #please i need to do my work #this is not good for me to be doing this right now #jay#ninjago jay#ninjago#jay walker#oopsie#ninjago doodle#my art
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  • Everyone it’s the time… it has begun! The yearning has started ٩( ᐛ )و

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  • my new vape has a little hit counter on it that restarts every time you turn it off and every time it hits 69 i giggle a lil bit

    it’s the little things bitch

    #completely non ed except i rly do be using nicotine to control my eating oopsie #i call myself a health god bc im borderline ortho w how meticulous i am about what foods i'll eat #but then i shove nicotine down my lungs like a fuckin god #oopsie
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    • me: Corona is finally the time to eat healthy, keep fit and get in shape
    • me as soon as f1 started again: *buys multiple bags of snacks* *never wants to properly cook* *buys multiple cans of energy drinks* *spends the whole day on her lazy ass being on f1blr and watching sky sports f1 24/7*
    #f1#formula 1#2020#oopsie #I really clowned myself into thinking I was gonna do that #personal #too i gues
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  • tobias hankel.

    tobias bangle.

    tobias cankel.

    tobias sexy hot daddy ankles.

    tobias and the dilaudid scandal.

    tobias jingle jangle.

    #sorry not sorry #i don't know what the fuck this is #i have issues #oopsie#tobias hankel
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  • #june#word count #forgot to post this the other day #oopsie
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  • Uh oh, it’s happening again

    So, it’s probably become very apparent that I haven’t been as active on here yet again. However, this time I’m not going to be disappearing for 6 months 😌

    I’ve come up with an idea that will hopefully keep my motivation for writing up!

    I’ve been getting into a lot of other fandoms yet again, so I’m going to keep this blog still mainly JoJo but I want to write for some other fandoms. I will be changing this list occasionally, depending on what I’m interested at the time and will reblog it any time I make a change to it!

    At a later date, I’ll make a full post of all the things I’m going to write for, but for now I’m going to close requests and finish my matchups. I am also going to be purging my inbox to get the amount of requests I have down.

    I’m sorry if this upsets anyone, and feel free to unfollow me if multifandom isn’t your thing

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  • damn i wish my mom would listen to me and take me seriously instead of scolding me or belittling me or laughing at me or mocking me or yelling at me or starting an argument or shutting me down etc. :/

    #abuse tw #i guess?? i'm probably just overreacting. #sorry #it's funny how she takes all of my jokes way to seriously #but when i try to be serious she acts like it's a joke #i may be the first born and 'more mature for my age' #but i'm still a kid!! i don't want to be yelled at every single day. #vent #FUCK I DID IT AGAIN #oh well #it's great to get some of this off my chest #:') #*too (the fourth tag) #oopsie
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  • #my art#sneha answers#ishaan #dont tell anyone but i lowkey based him off of hritihik roshan in mohenjo daro #and a bit of prabhas in bahubali #also a bit of aamir khan in lagaan #oopsie #aph north india #aph india#historical hetalia#hetalia#hetalia fanart#aph fanart #hetalia world stars
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