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  • peterholland765
    27.07.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Is er nog een mooi rendement te behalen op zilver?

    Is er nog een mooi rendement te behalen op zilver?

    https://www.dagelijksestandaard.nl/2021/07/is-er-nog-een-mooi-rendement-te-behalen-op-zilver/ Bij het beleggen in edelmetalen denken de meeste mensen aan goud. Niettemin bestaat het beleggen in zilver al duizenden jaren en ook tegenwoordig is het nog mogelijk om hierin te investeren. Er zijn een aantal redenen waarom zilver kopen bij Doijer & Kalff een goede investering is waarmee je mooie…

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    #Is er nog een mooi rendement te behalen op zilver? #News#nieuws #Peter Holland 765 articles
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  • plxtxn
    27.07.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    End of July:

    Female, 21 years old, 5’’3 tall, owns two cats, has an amazing family.

    However, still do not know who she is. What path should she chose; is she following her dream, is

    She is following someone else's dream or adapting to the future society.

    That is still a misery in her everyday life. Will she find happiness, or will happiness find her?

    A daily question that runs non-stop in her mind. Has she made the right choices in her life either way

    those choices put her in the spot she is now? It must mean something positive.

    But what if it is the beginning of an end? End of a subtle but tragic history with its own charms.

    Not much of struggling life, but for her the most devastating that she has lived.

    The following year she will be 22 and hopefully with more dreams to achieve, dreams that

    hopefully belong to her and only her. Sometimes the only thing that she needs is motivation,

    but it is difficult for her to find it. It is difficult to find something that you do not know what it is.

    I am rooting for her, to overcome her fears and obstacles.

    As she is sitting at 3’clock alone in her room, she feels lonely, but still finds comfort in the music.

    She made such an improvement from the person she was a couple of years ago. Her other one would have

    Been crying until her eyes were all swollen. Now all she does is write her thoughts with the hope of finding herself

    Through the words, she types. Still, she is unsure and sometimes sad about not knowing where her life is taking her,

    Not knowing if her choices were the correct ones. Sometimes she even considers that her depression never left her,

    That it just was sitting in the corner waiting for the opportunity to shine once again. She even feels as if she is welcoming

    An old friend. Even though she fears depression taking control of her mind and feelings, she tries to fight back and keep

    The depression was like an old friend. A friend with whom you keep your distance for your sake.

    There are moments where her past haunts her, which is such an inevitable event in her life. She can be laughing,

    enjoying the moment but in the split of a second, there it Is, scenes of her past overtaking her mind. At this moment is

    when she realized that she might never be happy. Never is such a negative word that in the story of many people can become a reality.

    She has changed but is still the same.

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  • mythicexplorer
    27.07.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    New page in my new journal

    Just thoughts about what a crime is compared to doing the right thing. Snufkin is on there for his amazing scene where he removes all the private property signs. And of course my "be gay do crimes" sticker belongs on this page

    #omg im the op
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  • superedsonsoterio
    27.07.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    1.043 ofertas de trabajo de TRANSPORTISTA encontradas

    1.043 ofertas de trabajo de TRANSPORTISTA encontradas

    Almacenista-Transportista (H/M) Pinto CUPA STONE Pinto, Madrid (España) Publicada el 22 de jun Salario no disponible Experiencia mínima: al menos 2 años Tipo de contrato: indefinido, jornada completa Descripción de la empresa En CUPA STONE somos expertos en la producción, transformación ycomercialización de piedra natural. La compañía garantiza su compromiso conlos clientes gracias a una…

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    #administrador de fincas #american express burgess hill #bricodepot #busco trabajo urgente #como encontrar trabajo sin experiencia #donde encontrar trabajo #east of england co op jobs #empleo marketing digital barcelona #empleo ofertas #expedia jobs london #freelance web developer london #guia turistico en ingles #health education england jobs #historic england jobs #homes england jobs #hotel busca musicos #Indeed#linkedin #listado empresas limpieza #live in care london #los mejores portales de empleo #marketing digital#Mercadona empleo#nutricionista madrid #office cleaning london #php developer london #portales de empleo gratuitos #se ofrece informatico #ss great britain jobs #técnico informatico en ingles. enfermeria como profesion
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  • has-gilgamesh-doneanythingwrong
    27.07.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Lmao i think i need to play fate stay night visual novel because i legit just cannot move on from fate stay night. I think it's my favourite fate series installment. It has such an incredible atmosphere, and Fuyuki's worldbuilding is fantastic; they legitimately bring it to life. And the whole cast is just something else entirely.

    I've watched many other anime and have favourites like Hunter x Hunter, Kill la Kill, Beyblade (lmao), a million sports anime, one edgy anime that i forgot etc and I definitely have become a lifelong fan of a few shonen series. But compared to my other favourites, there is something so special about Fate... i ain't got a clue what though XDD

    AH !!! Yes, Fate doubles as the innately deep experience of having a favourite video game😊 Yes, like a video game to me it immerses me more deeply.

    #Op speaks #I just...fate is ...bit weird lol
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  • spectorcorp
    27.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    head between my knees reading snowbirds and seeing slurs and ableism everywhere

    #op #help help help help help #ITS SO FUNNY THAT THEY THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA.
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  • spectorcorp
    27.07.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    starting to read roy was a mistake not bc hes a bad character but bc oh my god what the hell did these writers DO to him

    #op #literally one thing after another #roy im so fucking sorry these ugly bitches did this 2 u
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  • rickypozzi
    27.07.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Day after day, train, train, train

    One Piece Cover 116 - Little Garden

    #one piece#koby#helmeppo #koby vs helmeppo #navy #one piece chapter 116 #one piece manga 116 #one piece cover 116 #one piece capitolo 116 #op edit#opgraphics#mangacap#little garden
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  • delient-scoot
    27.07.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Why did they name him Reginald

    Someone please tell me.

    #its 4:30 am dont mind me #subnautica #dumb brain thinks this is funny. it sounds threatening lowkey but like #i am in harrowing despair every time i see him #i am so serious why did they make that model n say hm yes were gonna call this one reginald 💕 #i mean it fits?? i see him and go into a fit of despair and like; ‘why he look like that why he look at me what is wrong w this one’ #well theres that and garyfish but honestly gf looks better than regi #a lil fucked but he does not look harrowing and awful #i mean this in a good and bad way reginald i hate u but i also cant but god #grackle yells #grackle yells in the tags #sleep deprived ramblings i stg #im gonna wake up n see this like wtf is wrong w me but also b like; true; good point op
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  • rickypozzi
    27.07.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    “The reason we fight..is long forgotten!“

    One Piece 116 - Little Garden

    #one piece#dorry#brogy #dorry vs brogy #giants #one piece chapter 116 #one piece manga 116 #one piece capitolo 116 #op edit#opgraphics#mangacap#little garden
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  • rickypozzi
    27.07.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    “I am Dorry, the mightiest warrior of Elbaf!“

    One Piece 116 - Little Garden

    #one piece#dorry #monkey d luffy #one piece chapter 116 #one piece manga 116 #one piece capitolo 116 #op edit#opgraphics#mangacap#little garden
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  • rickypozzi
    27.07.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    “Behold the mightiest warrior of Elbaf…Brogy!“

    One Piece 116 - Little Garden

    #one piece#brogy#usopp#nami #one piece chapter 116 #one piece manga 116 #one piece capitolo 116 #op edit#opgraphics#mangacap#little garden
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  • tardfem
    27.07.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    if anybody ever adds some stupid shit to any of my posts i'm shooting them with a sniper rifle

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  • glitterandsalt
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    LMAOOOO 🤣🤣🤣😭 NOW Ma is saying the road trip might not happen if the car doesn't pass the break check and tune up/if that takes too much money bc then we won't be able to afford to do the road trip and its like

    A childhood and teen hood and adulthood of THAT RIGHT THERE is a big reason I have trust issues and problems with trusting ppl even when they say something is going to happen or be done - bc that's ^^^^ how I grew up; getting told something awesome was gonna happen and then getting told later that it wasn't bc of bad planning or lack of funds or both

    #my op #ugh hate this #just fucking be dependable for once plz!
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  • my-reality-my-rules
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my Naruto DR script (pt. 2)

    [extra details]

    this one’s mostly on other mundane things and timeline stuff that i didn’t include in my backstory. part 1 here.

    mangekyō sharingan

    I achieved the mangekyō sharingan when I witnessed my father, Junichiro, get fatally injured on the battlefield. The Uchiha were battling against the Senju. An hour and a half into the fight, Senju Tobirama managed to slip past my father's defenses, and killed him with a fatal stab wound. This happened right before my very eyes, and it was then that I awakened the mangekyō sharingan. The battle ended right there, with both sides calling for a truce at the moment.

    eternal mangekyō sharingan

    Junichiro managed to live for a few more hours after Tajima called for a retreat from the battle. Since medics were few and far in that period of time, he was slowly dying. My iryō-jutsu wasn't as refined as I wanted it to be, so I couldn't save him. But my father knew I was a genius, in every sense of the word, so he gave me his eyes, which had evolved into its mangekyō state (to mine and everyone else's surprise). It changed at the very last moment, and so he wanted to give it to me. I accepted it, and my sharingan matured once again.

    Senju Itama's fate

    I had reluctantly saved Senju Itama from his death. Even then, however, it was by pure accident. I had been 6 years old at the time.

    I was returning from an assassination mission when I stumbled upon my clansmen cornering a child my age. While I harbored hatred for the Senju, I loathed child-hunters more, especially with what happened to some of my clansmen. So, I had suppressed my chakra and distracted my kinsmen with ninjutsu (since they would easily see through genjutsu), and shunshined Itama out of the area. I made sure to leave no traces of my chakra, so that it wouldn't be tracked back to me. I dropped him off near the Naka river, by the Senju borders, and shushined away, never letting him see my face even once. However, due to being in close proximity to me, he felt my chakra, and recognised it.

    Because I saved Itama, I managed to prolong his life. He grew to be a capable shinobi, and even discovered that he possessed the mokuton like Hashirama.

    elemental techniques I utilised













    flame colour variation

    lightning bending

    combustion bending


    voice manipulation

    gas manipulation

    • • • • •


    bone regrowth

    bone weapons

    bone hardening

    crystal generation and release


    earth pillars




    water tendrils

    water rope

    ice spheres/ice shield

    ice cage

    ice spikes

    ice pillars

    ice wheels

    ice wall

    blood crystals

    blood control

    blood clotting

    blood bursts

    bodily fluid possession

    blood regeneration

    skin regeneration

    muscle regeneration

    lightning generation and release

    lightning tags/lightning seals

    blue fire wheel

    blue fire shield

    fire blades

    fire wall

    jet propulsion


    advanced jet propulsion (air + fire/air + water)

    bastardised mokuton (air + water + earth)

    bastardised magnet release (air + fire + water + earth)

    poison dome (air + water)

    poison field (air + water + earth)

    age differences

    Hashirama is 1 year older than Madara. Tobirama and Izuna are the same age, and are 2 years younger than Madara. Kawarama was 1 year younger than the two of them. Itama and I are the same age, 2 years younger than Kawarama

    in comparison to the others:

    me = 17

    Itama = 17

    Kawarama = 19

    Izuna/Tobirama = 20

    Madara = 22

    Hashirama = 23


    Some of the monikers that I've earned over my career as a ninja:

    Mind Eater — reference to (my) sharingan abilities

    Mind Thief — reference to (my) sharingan abilities

    Corpse Puppeteer — reference to (my) sharingan abilities

    Blood Demon — Hama that shit

    Kyō of the Blue Flames — inspired by Azula

    #headcanon that eternal mangekyō is not just from a sibling's eyes #rather an immediate family member's #senju itama deserved better #my friend says my dr self is too op #and y'know what??? you bet i will be #in a world where op murderers control elements and energies?? #damn right I'm gonna avatar that shit #inspired by avatar: the last airbender #naruto#naruto shippuden #shifting to naruto #shifting#shifting realities#reality shifting#desired reality#shifting script
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  • lizardamiibo
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    whenever i see a cool life hack for diy automation or organization etc my brain is like woa cool idea have minecraft dopamine because your epic. like its not fucking minecraft you piece of shit. its not a problem though honestly whatever works, its just that minecraft has changed my brain chemistry to a research or dissertation-worthy extent

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  • manlet-matsu
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #like bc if its the op of the post frankly it dont bug me they added nothing to it #like they just screencapped an article
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  • thebestpanelofonepieceeveryday
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    best panel of one piece every day

    #one piece#op #monkey d luffy #best panel #best panel of one piece
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  • piratedrouge
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    sanji: i may not have a lot to my name right now, but i do have one thing.

    usopp: self-respect?

    sanji: no! taste.

    #sanji#usopp#one piece#op #incorrect one piece quotes #source: schitt's creek
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  • piratedrouge
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    sengoku: you know what they say about love and war.

    garp: yeah, one involves a lot of physical and psychological pain and the other one's war.

    #sengoku #monkey d. garp #garp#one piece#op #incorrect one piece quotes #source: spaced
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