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  • sucker-for-2d-boys
    18.01.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    Just read a fanfic where the mugiwara weren't together anymore so i wrote this to cope :')

    Here's how i think it would go:

    Luffy & Zoro - would stay together literally until one of them dies. Both of them still want to explore and find new challenges around the world. And their bond is too strong for them to separate from eachother

    Sanji - He'd stay a long with the crew, but eventually he would go back to Baratie. Zeff would die or just pass the title of Head Cheff to him. The crew would visit him, and in rare occasions he'd visit them.

    Usopp - What are this man's ambitions? I'm not sure but i think he'd go back to Syrup to open a small repair/crafting store. OR he'd tag along witj name and would do the same thing but in her village

    Nami - she'd be the first one to want to leave the crew (after she finished her map) and would go back to Cocoyasi Village. She'll just live peacefully with her sister (and maybe Usopp) planting oranges and sharing her knowledge with other people.

    Chopper - it would take some time, but he'd be one of the firsts to leave. Maybe he would stay in a village with high knowledge of medicine, or one that really needed a doctor, or maybe he'd go back home. I don't really know. (But Kureha must miss him and i really want them together again)

    Robin - wouldn't leave the crew until she finds everything she's been looking for. After that, she'll find a small village with a strong scientific community, and would share what she knows and try to learn more. From time to time she'd find the Mugiwara and spend some time with them.

    Brook - he has no reasons to leave, initially, but maybe he finds a cool village. I dream about him opening a tavern and singing for thousands of sailors and other people during many many years and being happy I'm going to die

    Franky - he's the one that doesn't want to leave at all, and he stays last with Zoro and Luffy. What would make him leave? Like Chopper, i think Franky would only leave the crew if he found a place where he is more/really needed, or could learn things he never even dreamed about

    Jinbei and Yamato - i am so sorry i have no ideia!!!! Still getting used to them 😔🤚

    Just wait I'm gonna add more things to this

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  • zosanincorrectquotes
    18.01.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    Sanji: [knocks on door]

    Zoro: I'm armed.

    Sanji: [sighs] Open up, Marimo.

    Zoro: [door opens a crack] I meant what I said.

    Sanji: [shoves open the door] At least put some pants on, you lunatic.

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  • txvbios
    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    [R18+] (Sanji x Pudding!Reader) Never Forget Me

    Word Count: ~3.6k Key Word/s: Angst, seemingly unrequited love, heartbreak, first times, open ending Rating: R18+ (NSFW) Warning/s: No protection, cumming inside, loss of virginity Playlist: House of Memories by P!ATD, Est-ce que tu m’aimes? by GIMS, AM I DREAMING by Lil Nas X (ft. Miley Cyrus)

    Summary: You are Charlotte Pudding, and there is time enough to ask for a favour bigger than a kiss. Vinsmoke Sanji—your prince, your kind and gentle man—obliges.

    currently in sanji brainrot hell. vinsmoke sanji i will carry on your family lineage i am no longer asking i am demanding. ily my lil french gordon ramsey♡

    on another note, please don’t engage if the content doesn’t tickle you. as the title says, the reader is charlotte pudding—that is their identity. this is effectively a second-person narrative.

    that said, if it does tickle you, please enjoy!!


    You take brisk, halting steps towards him, your heels clicking on the pavement.

    ‘I want to apologise,’ you think to yourself.

    ‘I want to apologise!’ as you clench your hands into fists.

    ‘I really have to apologise!’

    Sitting on the steps of a nondescript backdoor entrance, cigarette between his lips and a smile creasing his eyes into half-crescents, Vinsmoke Sanji looks almost holy, too bright for you to reach out to. The closer you get to his blinding light and his warm, outstretched hand, the more your resolve only falters. 

    You’ve always been proud, much too proud even when you know the situation warrants for humility. You’ve had to be proud even when you felt anything but, having had to force yourself into this neat little box in order to please everyone around you. You’ve played this identity game with yourself for so long that you no longer know where the façade ends, and where you begin.

    “Shut up!” you say aloud, glaring at him with all three of your eyes—

    —and you turn away.

    ‘Wrong, that’s wrong! I did it again!’

    His laughter echoes down the alley, that rich smoke-soaked baritone that casts your skin alight. 

    “You’re right!” he exclaims, not at all minding your rudeness. Your vanity. Your true, ugly self. “We’re enemies, after all. To you, our marriage was just a trap, and the whole thing was staged by the Big Mom Pirates, but...”

    And trails off, as you finally find the courage to peel your hands from your wretched face.

    “...I’m glad that you played as my fiancée, Pudding-chan!”

    You pause, eyes wide, still facing away from him. You can feel the tears start to well up involuntarily, clouding your vision the way a thick sheet of sugar glass might obscure the world from beyond a windowpane.

    This man is the worst.

    He must hear your pained sobs, because he stands and gently walks towards you. “Oh! I mean... I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you!”

    ‘No, don’t you dare come out!’

    ‘Stop it, tears!’

    You scold yourself unrelentingly, even as he continues to placate you. It should be you apologising, you reason. You at his feet, relaying all your errors. He’s done nothing but treat you with all the propriety in the world, all the chivalry of a knight and all the gentleness of a prince, and you’ve thrown that back all in his face and made a fool of him in front of the whole world.

    And still, in spite of everything...

    Perhaps it was a moment of weakness. Perhaps it was a long-repressed yearning. Perhaps it was a fantasy come true. But in that split-second, at the altar before all the invited guests, it was your older sister’s words that rang through your mind as you returned his awed gaze.

    “I wanna choose who I’m gonna marry myself!”

    ‘I found him, Lola-neesan,’ you’d thought, trembling at the adoration you were faced with. ‘I found the man I want to marry.’

    But you know, most of all, that it isn’t meant to be. Big Mom’s most prized doll, wedded to the chef of a crew whose captain has smeared her very name? A foolish, idealistic thought, and one that you cannot afford to entertain. Your life has never been yours; from your first breath to your last, your actions will be dictated by those around you. It is only that, at some point, you will be handed over to a different jailer.

    What would it be like, to live a free life at his side?


    You almost can’t bear to look at him. Sanji frets over you like you’re made of the finest porcelain, like he’d let you get away with murder, and—goodness, it hurts. He deserves someone better. Maybe that orange-headed woman he carried in his arms at that disaster of a wedding, she seems nice enough. Yes, they’d look good together…

    And it’s not like he’d want you. Not anymore. Why would he, after you’ve spurned him so? But you can’t help it—you want him so much, too much, and just the thought of him leaving makes you feel ill. But you must let him go, you’ve no other choice, and in any case, the wedding was a sham. He’s not really yours to keep, nor yours to love; he belongs to the sea, to freedom, to his friends…

    Not to a vile girl like you.

    “H-Hey, Sanji—san…” you call out, unbidden, before you can bite your tongue.

    You shouldn’t—it’s too much to ask, but just this once… Maybe, if he forgot… If only for a moment, if you could only pretend…

    “I have a favour to ask!”

    When you turn to look at him, tears flowing freely down your cheeks, your chest pulsates at his expectant gaze. Soft, kind, and so, so patient. He will take your heart to his grave.

    “Just one, for the last time… I want to ask you a favour…”

    And before he can insert a reply, you all but dive into him, wrapping your arms around his waist and standing on the tips of your toes as you look into the sterling blues of his eyes, pleading, begging.

    Without wasting another moment, you lean up.

    The kiss itself is not very much like a kiss at all. It’s your first, and perhaps will be your most treasured, but the angle at which you crash your lips onto his is not quite right, and he’s not ducked down far enough to meet you halfway, so you must crane your neck to reach his height. Still, it’s perfect, everything you could’ve ever asked for, and you can’t bear to let go so you don’t—you hold onto him tighter.

    Perhaps getting over his surprise, Sanji pulls you up by your hips, lowering and tilting his head so that your lips slot into place. He takes all your shuddering breaths and hiccupping sobs and returns them with a passion that seeps into your very bones, sets your skin on fire, and leaves you awash with a pure, aching want.

    Finally, in the span between a millisecond and an eternity, he pulls away. Fear blossoms in your throat like burgeoning fireworks, rising and rising just before they pop.

    ‘What a selfish girl you are,’ you berate yourself.

    ‘You complete, utter fool.’

    “P-Pudding-chan, you…”

    But you cut him off before he can get another word in.

    “Sanji-san, please,” you beg. Pitiful, and weak, and roiling with desire. “Just once… before you go…”

    You purse your lips, shaking.

    “Hold me. Please.”

    Vinsmoke Sanji’s breath dies in his throat. You see it in the line of his slightly-gaping jaw, his rapid blinking. “Wh—are you sure? I… So suddenly—”

    “I know we don’t have a lot of time,” you continue to insist, because you are so very selfish. Mama has always told you so. Dolls are not self-servient. Dolls do what they’re told. “But I want this. Please, Sanji-san. Just this once.”

    He looks as if he might turn you down, but he must see something urgent in your countenance that makes him change his mind. Sanji tucks a stray strand of peanut-brown hair back behind your ear, and gently caresses the space beside your third eye. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he looked fond.

    “Alright, Pudding-chan. If a lady so insists, then who am I to deny them?”

    You smile up at him, watery. You say nothing of the pang of jealousy that runs through your veins for all the women he must have taken to bed already.

    He looks around the alley for any stray onlookers, before looking back to you. “T-Then, do you know of any place where we might…?”

    And the rest of the sentence is left unsaid, but you know what he’s getting at. You can feel Sanji’s eyes roaming your willowy frame, his gaze tinged with worry and something more ambiguous. But he’s holding back the flush of his cheeks and the sight warms your heart a little; even now, he remains a gentleman.

    “Here is fine,” you assure him. You sound surer than you feel. “Any other place could be dangerous.”

    “But to bed you in such a public place, where anybody might see, and where we wouldn’t be able to take our time…”

    “Is more than alright with me. Why, a-are you too much of a coward to do it like this?”

    That last part seems to tickle him. “Not at all, Pudding-chan. I just don’t wanna give you less than what you deserve.”

    Without another word, Sanji crowds you gently up against the biscuit wall, tiny smile still on his lips. He pins your limp wrists on the spaces beside your head, and from this distance, you can feel the way his breath quickens. Maybe yours does, too. You’re waiting for it when he kisses you again, better timed than the first; you let out a quiet whimper when you feel his tongue prying your lips open.

    Keeping your wrists up with one arm, he deftly snakes his free hand around your waist. The tight hold has your hips positioning flush against his own—you can feel his hardness from beneath his pants, prominent despite the layers between the both of you, and you keen at the thought of him inside you.

    You’ve never done this before, this is all so very new. But Sanji definitely has experience; the skill with which he unbuttons your chef’s coat and coaxes your breast to spill out from underneath your loose blouse is proof enough. He gives you one pointed look, as if in askance, and when you nod, he wastes no time in leaning down and taking your nipple into his mouth.

    You struggle to keep your voice down. You want to rest a hand on the back of his head to urge his mouth closer than is humanely feasible—you want to pry open his cloak, too. Sanji’s mouth is devious as he licks and sucks and toys with your nipple with his tongue, sometimes even biting it softly.

    “S-Sanji-san,” you sigh out, lower stomach feeling hot, your cheeks pink with want. You struggle to free your wrists from his hold. “Let me… Please, I want…”

    He seems to know exactly what you’re asking for, because he takes his arm away and uses it to hike up your skirt and cup your ass. Using your new-found freedom, you pull at his cloak and fling it to some ambiguous space, afterwards cupping his chin so you can give him another kiss. The mewls that come out of your mouth are ungodly, perhaps unimaginable to your past self, but they spew forth unbidden and liberally in short, hot breaths that sound almost like his name.

    “Such a good girl for me, Pudding-chan…” he groans into your lips. You can feel the rise and fall of his chest as he draws his hands to your waist and— perhaps in a moment of impulse—pulls you free from the rest of your blouse. The rip of the fabric satisfies some cloying heat inside you, and you purr.

    “I wanted to take my time. You deserve much, much more than this,” Sanji continues, seemingly oblivious to your delirious panting. One of his hands trail down to your hip, to the jut of your thigh, and then to the hem of your panties, tugging at it idly. “M-May I?”

    “You may,” is the breath that answers him. Instantaneous.

    He helps you bend to take them off, bunching your skirt up for you as you do anything and everything to avoid his eyes. But you can’t escape the gasp that leaves him as you clamber out of your underwear, making known the trail of slick that connects the lace to your untouched heat. A growl bubbles from the centre of his chest—the sound surprises you to the point of keening, smitten as you are by how animalistic the sight of you has made him.

    “So wet for me, darling,” he murmurs. You moan at his touch on you.

    “Mm—ah, S-Sanji-san…” Only for you… Just for you…

    You almost let out an incoherent shriek at the foreign finger inserted into you.

    Sanji sighs into your neck, his breath fanning over your skin. From here, you can smell the faint aftertaste of tobacco on him, and you cling desperately to the futile hopes that it’ll stick to your clothes, too.

    “You take my fingers so easily…” he marvels, still so, so gentle with you. “Does it hurt anywhere, Pudding-chan?”

    “No,” you answer. Never, with you.

    He stretches you out just like that, his fingers slicked up with your wetness, driving in and out of your heat. The symphonies you two make are scandalous, obscene, but you can’t bring yourself to care; his fingers are so big, so warm inside of you, curling up and knowing exactly where to hit—like he’s done this a million times before, and the action has become pure instinct.

    One finger becomes two, and two becomes three. By the fourth, you are a panting mess, flushed to your abdomen, your chest rising and falling desperately and your skin damp with sweat. Sanji himself has rose tinging his cheeks, his grip firm on you as he pulls one of your hands gently towards his hardness. He kisses your head as he does so, right over your third eye.

    The action isn’t lost on you.

    “Take it in gently. Relax for me, princess,” he says against your ear. It’s as if he’s speaking to your very soul. “If it hurts, we stop, okay?”

    “O-Okay.” You’ll just swallow down the pain, in that case.

    You line him up to your entrance, and you feel it then—the throbbing want of his cock, twitching against you. Oh, does it make your mouth water. You want this inside you, always and forever, you want him tethered to you and filling your hollow soul up with his vitality, you want his everything, and you want more. You’d milk him dry if you could. More than you already have.

    The head of his cock breaches your hole, and you know it by the dull sting. But Sanji has prepped you well, so that your entire being accepts him with everything that it can muster, and when he bottoms out inside you, filling you up to the hilt—well. It feels an awful lot like home.

    “S-Sanji-san,” you gasp out, clawing at his back.

    “That’s it, that’s it… You’re doing so well, Pudding-chan, so good for me.” Sanji presses soft kisses to the side of your jaw, all the way down to your neck, your collar, your sensitive breasts. He sucks marks into your skin, colouring them a vibrant red-purple, and it suits you, you think idly, it suits you so well.

    He stays, unmoving, inside you for a moment, to get you adjusted to his girth. A considerate gentleman, as always.

    “So big,” you whisper in awe. You can hardly believe that you fit him inside you.

    “And you, my sweet,” he whispers back to you, like a secret. “So tight.”


    You can’t speak anymore. He thrusts into you with all the vigour he has, skin slapping against skin. His pace isn’t so rough, but it messes you up all the same; everything about Vinsmoke Sanji tends to do that. There are hands on your hips, rubbing circles into the small of your back, his teeth biting into your shoulder and branding you with wet kiss after wet kiss. It’s all you can do to be pliant for him, to let him take, to melt into his arms and whimper out his name with all the love you have.

    Because he’ll know it, surely. This traitorous love of yours that sucks him in deeper, and deeper.

    “Sanji-san, Sanji, Sanjisanjisanjisanji—!”

    The blonde chef muffles your scream with a kiss, groaning into your mouth at the way you tighten unconsciously around him, still sensitive from your orgasm. In that moment, you see stars, and you forget everything—your mother, your siblings, your place. All that you know is right here before you, in the shape of a kind man who has indulged your every whim, and who sees within you the sort of beauty that you still don’t believe you have.

    “I-I’m gonna pull out now, Pudding-ch-chan,” Sanji warns, but he’s still slamming into you as if it’s the only way he’ll find the air to breathe. “You have to let me go, or I’ll cum insi—”

    “Inside,” you breathe out in wonder, in selfishness. “Inside, yes, please? Please, Sanji-kun, inside me, please cum inside me, please?”

    “Shit,” he curses, his pace growing erratic. You can feel him pulsing inside you, moulding your walls to his shape. You know that, after this, you will belong wholly to him, and only to him, regardless of who will use you thereafter. “You sure about this, my sweet?”

    “Absolutely sure,” you say. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

    And with one final, searing kiss, Sanji pulls away and presses his forehead against yours, his eyes closed and his lips upturned into a slight smile. “Then it will be… Hah, a-as the lady desires.”

    You were already full of him before, but you are even fuller now. Sanji cums inside you with a low moan, his grip on your waist near-close to bruising, and just the satisfaction alone has you keening into another orgasm. You mewl into his mouth, eyes watery and sight blurred, and he holds you like that for a lifetime and a moment, as you pick up all the broken pieces and try to slot them back into place.

    “You were perfect, Pudding-chan,” he offers. The words are mouthed into the crown of your head. “Did I… was that… good?”

    “It was… acceptable.” It was everything.

    You take a few more moments to recollect yourself, before pulling away and tidying your clothes. There is a mess everywhere you look; your blouse is ripped, your underwear wet with your slick, your coat crumpled, and your hair—which had been done up in long pigtails—has gotten completely loose, so that it cascades freely down your shoulder.

    You don’t bother trying to tie it back up again. You can hardly register the tears that are forming in your eyes—this time, not out of pleasure, but out of something else entirely.


    This, too, is your selfishness.

    “Thank you,” you tell him, letting a smile grace your lips.


    “And goodbye.”

    Without warning, you reach over to pull the memory fragments from the side of Sanji’s head. The scenes of your lovemaking, each and every one of his tender caresses, all rest inside the strips of film that you ruthlessly take from him.

    ‘This is for the better. This is for the better…’

    By the end of it, it’s as if you went back in time, faced with his same earnest expression from before.

    You can’t bear to see that, not anymore. Not again. So you turn away, unable to spare him another glance. You clutch the roll of film firmly to your chest, the aching sin of what you’ve just done rising from your core all the way up to your throat. It threatens to come out in wracking sobs, all of which you hold back until you’ve turned into another inconspicuous alleyway, sinking down to the floor.

    Mindlessly, you open the roll of film. There, after the scene of you leaning up to kiss him, is a thought represented by a black scene and white letters.

    ‘Pudding-chan, you… you took my first… kiss…?’

    And then, after you’d pleaded him to hold you…

    ‘Really? Me? But I’ve never done this before…’
    ‘Ah, that can’t be helped! If it’s Pudding-chan, I’ll do anything!’

    You gasp, horrified. So he wasn’t experienced in that regard? He was… and you…

    You vile, despicable girl.

    The strips of film fall from your grasp, and you have to gather your knees to your chest for support because there’s nothing left to hold, no more broad shoulders to cling onto, no more warm chest to cry into. He’s gone, you’ve taken two very precious things from him, and you can’t give them back.

    “Sanji-san, Sanji-san,” you say through your sobs, your shaking. Of all the women in the world he could’ve had it with, it was with you. You, when he was probably saving it for someone he loves…

    “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” And you rock yourself back and forth, trembling in your own embrace.

     …But despite all that, you are selfish after all.

    Not even the guilt that imprisons you is enough to make you regret what you took.


    Just a few seconds ago, Pudding had pulled Sanji aside, and asked him a favour. But without even telling him what the favour could be, she’d said her goodbyes, and ran off into the night.


    Sanji tries to ignore the bitter weight in his throat. Sighing, he rummages his pockets for his cigarettes and his lighter.

    “Huh? What’s this?”

    Wedged between the items he was looking for is a single white hair tie. He feels the elastic, stretches it out and toys with it, frowning.

    ‘Odd. Didn’t I pull this from her hair earli—’

    A mere quarter of a moment. Hair coming loose from the clumsy way he carded through her hair. Red-hot heat between his loins. Hands clinging to his back, three teary eyes pleading into his very soul.

    And then, nothing.

    Vinsmoke Sanji holds onto the hair tie like it’s the only lifeline he has left.

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    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Pudding and Luffy fangirling over Sanji 😭😭😭 and Sanji telling Pudding he wants to come back to his nakama... I love him.

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    18.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Taz Skylar appreciation post 💖

    HIS SMILE, he looks like Sanji-kun come on!! 🥺

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    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    obsessed with when they’re drawn like this

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  • childofblackmaria
    17.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    🎂 One Piece characters in charge of your birthday cake

    a/n: it's my birthday week and because of that i'll throw out some birthday related headcanons and stuff! no birthday without a cake - i've ordered mine from a friend who is a pastry chef and i'm VERY excited for it, i've been dreaming about if for almost a year now (since my last birthday actually...)

    those who aren't any good at baking but are willing to give it a try because they know you will appreciate it (and it turns out to be a wonky but delicious cake)

    ❀ Law, Usopp, Marco, Zoro (with a little help from that "stupid chef"), Page One, Jinbei, Shanks, X Drake, Whitebeard, Hina, Kiku

    those who bake the whole cake from scratch, starting their undercover research about your favorite flavor, design preference and other important details six months in advance because it has to be perfect (and so it is)

    ❀ Thatch, Sanji, Killer, Katakuri, Izou, Boa

    those who go and buy a cake from your favorite pâtisserie, the one you sent hints for a very long time, "accidentally" leaving a list of detailed instructions on the kitchen table

    ❀ Smoker, Rayleigh, Robin, King, Denjiro, Crocodile, Who's Who, Mihawk, Iceburg, Benn, Momonga, Lucci

    those who go and buy a cake form your favorite pâtisserie and send you the bill afterwards

    ❀ Nami, Black Maria, Cavendish, Kalifa (if you're Iceburg)

    those who forget about the birthday cake (because they're too caught up in your other gifts) and then panic the day before when they think about your disappointed face, buying you a frozen cake from the store or maybe a birthday fruit basket with some candles in a bundle of bananas

    ❀ Ace, Yamato, Kid, Franky (he was to busy to build you the 8-in-1 vibrator you asked for or something), Buggy, Oden, Paulie, Perona, Ulti

    those who eat the birthday cake before you get a slice, leaving you with crumbs only (RUDE)

    ❀ Luffy, Big Mom, Queen, Doflamingo

    those who bake the perfect cake but stumble and fall with it, accidentally throwing it through the whole room straight in your face (don't worry, they will help you clean up afterwards and you will bake a new cake together)

    ❀ Rosinante

    those who will jump out of your cake butt naked ("a birthday cake bigger than me? HMM I WONDER WHY IS THAT" [the cake chuckles])

    ❀ Roger, Sabo, Garp, Bartolomeo

    those who forget your birthday and improvise a birthday cake ("let's see what we can make out of booze, sugar and a bit of flour")

    ❀ Kaido (you're doing amazing baby girl)

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    17.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    *High school au*

    Nami: what sports are you entering?

    Usopp: archery

    Nami: okay, you?

    Sanji: Luffy and zoro

    Nami: that's not a sport

    Sanji: try getting them away from the kitchen before dinner time, one of the hardest sports.

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    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sanji: Did you tell anyone we got married?

    Zoro: Yes Sanji, I have no self-control and told everyone we know that we got married.

    Sanji: All right, no need to be sarcastic.

    Zoro: No, I’m serious, I have no self-control and told everyone we know that we’re married.


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    settled ; cat burglar nami

    ↻ fluff, near kidnap situation, platonic shit, grammatical mistake cuz i suck at english, some cussing, straw hat reader, slight zoro x reader 👀
    ↻ pairing ↬ nami x fem!reader!

    @heartsforteruhashi asked: hellooo!!! :) could i possibly request a platonic nami scenario or smth and the reader sees nami as a big sister while nami sees the reader as a younger sister? and like the scenario is just a super cute one where they go shopping to help calm the reader down because of some sort of accident? thank u sm!! also good luck on your midterms<33

    a/n thank you! i'm actually taking my final exam. since we had online class almost the entire year of last year, we're still in the same year to make up for last year :) i hope this is good cuz i enjoy writing this!

    It was yet another 'normal' day on Sunny. You relaxing with the girls while the boys cause chaos or simply relaxing. Which... wasn't often. It was normal until Luffy decided that he wanted to eat a random big bird that flew on top of the Sunny.

    It was definitely normal. But that was until he accidentally slammed the bird down way too hard, causing the ship to sway violently, and threw you off board. Yeah, you were still learning how to swim. "Help!"

    "Luffy, you idiot! You just knocked Y/n off the ship!" Nami scolded while Zoro jumped into the deep sea and come to your rescue. Once you were back on deck, you coughed out the water that you had swallowed a little, feeling the burn in your throat due to the salty water.

    Nami quickly came to your aid with two towel in her hand. The bigger one was wrapped around you while the smaller one was to dry your hair. She kept on mumbling about how 'Luffy is so stupid' and 'He wouldn't have been alive till this day if it wasn't for me.'

    Your shivered at the slight cold breeze, Sanji arriving in front of you with a hot drink.

    Chopper insisted on giving you a few check ups just to make sure you didn't suffer from anything. As the next island came to view, everything was back to normal except for you. You were, no doubt still shakened by the incident earlier. It was as if Death was thinking of visiting you and take you back with him.

    Nami gave you a side hug, rubbing your arms comfortingly while saying, 'you're save now'. Her presence brings comfort to you. Something that you didn't have in a long time. She gave you a somewhat sisterly figure. You wished that she was your real sibling instead of the ones that have the same bloodline running through your veins.

    "Oh! Why don't we go shopping for new clothes?! And maybe talk about you know who..." Nami suggested as she wiggled her eyebrows. You felt heat rushing to your face, looking away anywhere but her. Coincidentally enough, the scenery that you were looking at was Zoro, still in his drenched green coat that he seems to unwillingly discard off of the top.

    Somehow, all the water that was drenching his body still makes him looks hot. You shook your head, dismissing any sort of thoughts about him.

    When the Thousand Sunny finally docked at the island, you followed Nami quietly as she rant about clothes and jewellery. The two of you strolled from shop to shop until one of them catches your eyes.

    Well, it was a dress shop. The dress looked so beautiful that even Nami had stopped her ranting and noticed how you were staring at it. "Do you like it?" She asked, a big smile plastered on her face. You wanted to say yes, but you held yourself back from saying it. "It's pretty," You said instead.

    "We can buy it if you want. Who knows, maybe he would love to see you in a dress..." Nami teased. "Stop it..."

    "Let's get inside and try it on!" She pulled your arm and went inside the shop. The dress that you saw earlier were held up by Nami. She was trying to picture you in that dress to see if it fits. "Hmmm... you would look good in it! Go on, try it! I can't wait!"

    "N-Nami, what about the price? It's expensive! Even if it looks good on me, it doesn't mean that we can buy it!" You tried to make an excuse. In all honestly, you were more scared of Nami's lies than Usopp's.

    For all you knew, she could be buying you the dress now and would ask you to pay her back later. (Yes, you've seen her done that to you and the others a few times already.)

    You finally sigh in defeat, taking the dress out of her hand and went inside the changing room.

    When you went out to show her the dress, she gasped loudly. "Y/n! You look so pretty! Of course I'm prettier, but that's not important!" She complimented. "Wow, I bet every guys, and girls! Are probably going to swoon looking at you in that dress,"


    In the end, she bought the dress for you and insist that you should wear it immediately. Your cheeks flushed at the thoughts of people gawking over you. Quite embarrassing if you ask me.

    When everyone had finally gathered back at the ship, Sanji almost fainted because of his nose bleed. "A-Angel!" He screamed. Looking around, you get to see everyone's reaction of you in the dress.

    Luffy was just smiling and said that the dress looks beautiful, Usopp has a slight pink dusting his cheeks, Chopper kept on complimenting you and Robin gave you an aproving look.

    "You look SUPERRRR cute!" Franky complimented. "Yohohohoho~ can I see your panties?" Brook asked resulting in Nami punching his head- skull. When your eyes finally landed on Zoro, the two of you made eye contact for a moment before he looks away.

    But not before you realize the blush that was covering his face. Nami nudged at your side with a smirk. She had really calmed your nerves from the earlier event. You had completely forgotten about the fact that you had almost drown.

    Before you could think twice, you find yourself hugging her form tightly, catching her by surprise. "Thank you," You whispered. She returned your hug. "Anytime,"

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  • darkskinsanji
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    Zoro leaning in: are we gonna kiss?

    Sanji pulling away: I don't think so

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    can you imagine being caesar's roomate??? poor sanji

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