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  • ladyalayne
    27.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    i find it funny that in fics robb is the jealous older brother but I don't see him being like that at all??? in my little fanon au he stans jonsa harder than we do.

    #if anyone would be jealous that would be arya #and jealous because of jon #that's only my opinion tho
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  • enderspawn
    27.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    I do want to do something and share some of my dsmp playlist but. then I’m like hrm do I trim them down to be more precise and/or internally consistent first

    #ESPECIALLY my lmanberg one bc it’s like half. tragic bittersweet looking back songs and half much more cheery happy #bc it’s based on different Times and perspectives of it #and I think they all FIT but trimming to just one type would be a LOT more consistent in tone and musically for like the listening exp #experience* #if you have Opinions on which do you lemme know bc I. tbh may just decide what to do on my own but I like crowdsourcing thoughts first #delete later#og post#personal #BUT yeah I’m most happy w my wilbur and lmanberg playlists #tho if I trim from tommy and tubbos playlists I could make a p decent clingyduo playlist #…which I’ve been intending to do ANYWAY bc I think I accidentally just made tubbo’s playlist clingyduo and my inner tubbling is raging
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  • obvslybatgrl
    27.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    was anyone gonna tell me how good Catradora canon sounds in the japanese dub or was i just supposed to stumble upon it on tiktok

    #she-ra and the princesses of power #opinions and commentary
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  • nymsonlinecottage
    27.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    what if my blog just sort of revolved around music in general cuz I'm not really in a fandom atm aside from sometimes rbing things, and music is the only interest I'm sort of passionate abt like,, idk would that be interesting?

    #I would probably post different playlists and stuff #and give my opinions on songs (probably good opinions cuz I dont want to hate on smth I have no experience with #*) #and maybe post audios of covers? I've been saying I would do that for like... since the beginning of my blog #maybe I actually will this time 🤪 #along with my usual shitposts and things #and art I've been trying to do more art #yeah anyway#Nym thoughts #I ask for opinions but then I make my own decision in the tags wow #hskshsl
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  • whosxafraid
    27.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    Borrowed Writing Prompt Meme Day 27 : Hades Verse: Tra la la la la || Main Verse Featured: n/a

    Greece---Thesprotia, Igoumenitsa specifically--in the spring. Though one might not realize it given how nothing has bloomed yet, and how cool it still is. Winter still clinging as it is. But he could think of a quite a few things far worse. Enjoying the early evening as he is. Coffee when he wishes it for as long as he’s been occupying the chair he’s taken up most of the afternoon. A little down time with his boots on the ground between flights. He doesn’t need to be where he’s going for at least another week after all. So he decided to take it a little slow. Mix with the locals as it were. Even if here he sticks out like a angrily sore thumb.

    Another turn of a page. Another sip of scald. It’s different here. The coffee. He likes it more than he’ll ever willingly admit. A rare treat really. Given the fact he’s not returned here in centuries--and for good reason. But today it was the best option for where to settle for the next little while, waiting for his deadline. Or at least it had until--

    The scent of water and salt. Normal given the setting and yet it growers thicker. More...present somehow. And it only takes an old man a fraction of a moment to work out why. Green and yellow never moving from the page even if he’s making audible acknowledgement of his uninvited company.

           “Were d’inkin’ we were agreein’ ta live an’ le’ live.”

                And yet here you are. Lounging upon my my very door step, as if every absurd inch of you belongs.

    A pause. His gaze rising up from paper and ink to settle in the purest ocean blue to ever be. And there time seems to stop. The breathes of mortals pass them by in countless numbers until the sun has all but sunk beneath the horizon. And a twitching of lips, and crinkling of eyes breaks the stand off. A chuckle that rises up from his company’s chest and lodges in his throat like sea foam. Luka’s amusement much the same, as arms are grasped and the god of seas is offered a chair.

                It is good to see you have yet to lose your sense of humor.

          “Be dependin’ upon company.”

    A smirk between them and nothing more. A heart beat spent in silence.

                What brings your shadow again to my door, Lucian? 

          “Jus’ be passin’ d’rough. Where oi’ be needed nex’ dunna be needin’ me for o’bi’.”

                 So you’ve time...

    And ears prick away from his head every so slightly when a god hums. The pitch of it far to thoughtful for Luka’s liking. The old sea is up to something. He can taste it as much as hear it. And while it could take hours for the god to get to the point, Luka hasnt the patience to play the game today.

          “Wha’ ye be wantin’, Poseoi’don.”

    An almost offendedly coy expression is given him in response. And while others it might terrify--it only pulls another small chuckle from the outcast.

          “Only way ye were noticin’ me be ye were lookin’. An’ f’ye were lookin’...well oi’ be suspectin’ were no’ ta be checkin’ up on me heal’d.”

    A thin lipped smile in answer this time. And again the eternal game of silence returns. Hearts beats over heart beats. Eye to eye. And not for the first time Luka has to wonder what it is with them and prolonged eye contact. Though he supposes shared with a mortal it has an entirely different effect. But just when he’d been about to break it. To drop his gaze and return to his book, whilst the elder of them buffered...

                Zeus has asked a favor be sought from you.

    A single brow rises. Zeus huh? So like him really to send Poseidon to do his errands for him. A brief curiosity why Hermes wasn’t sent but then--ah...right. Luka knows he would have sent that fluttering humming bird back where he came from. At least in this way he’s dealing with some one capable of making proper deals.

          “An’ wha’ be i’ d’at oi’ can be doin’ for ‘is hoi’ghlyness d’at he nor d’res’ o’ye can be doin’ for him?”

    Blue flares in the hanging lights of the dock side cafe, as a god of sea leans forward. Elbows on the table and voice pitched low.

               Finding out where our dear brother has vanished too with Persephone, and why.

    #Tra la la la la || Main Verse #Nothing More Than A Villain || Luktober Writing Prompt #Wolves Do Not Lose Sleep Over The Opinions Of Sheep || Que
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  • agnesmontague
    27.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    also if any of my mutuals have a letterboxd please please let me follow you i crave reading your takes on movies i haven’t seen

    #rambles #i'm hinorei on there #just. just so ya know #also this is not some desperate plea for followers on my end. i don't have movie opinions. i don't watch movies #they're genuinely not my preferred form of entertainment #i literally only need to read my mutuals' thoughts on them bc im beholding aligned
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  • strawbugz
    27.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago
    #technos commentary is always so funny #n it would be fun getting his opinions on things #strawb.asks #northerner asks tag
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  • theautisticgamer
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A Familiar Frontier (Opinions on Pioneers of Olive Town [Story of Seasons])

    First off, kudos to Nintendo and Marvelous for making this game part of Nintendo Switch Online (NSO)’s Exclusive Access line-up. It was a great idea! (From 09/22-28-2021, the game was available in its full form, and those who played this ‘unlimited demo’ and purchased the game could play right where they left off without so much as juggling a save/cloud file). After my horrible experience with Story of Seasons: Friends in Mineral Town, I couldn’t afford to jump back into this series with a blind eye. I needed to make absolutely certain the game was worth investing $40-50 USD* into. After all, if I wanted to play a really good farming sim, I could just replay Stardew Valley that cost a better price of $15 USD. Do not take this as me calling the game over-priced; farming simulators, as long as they’re well-made, are usually a great value. Games like these tend to get players greatly invested, loaded with content, goals, and customization. Friends in Mineral Town missed a lot of these marks for me, and it was impossible to invest in a hollow experience. I’m pleased to say Pioneers of Olive Town is nothing like its predecessor this way, full of content galore.

    The Town Itself: Olive Town is a different setting than I’ve seen before in farming sims. While still embracing the rural routes that make these games such a refreshing form of escapism, Olive Town is a coastal pier town with dreams of becoming a tourist destination. While I live nowhere near the coast myself, I do live in a tourism town for one of America’s biggest cities. Still embracing the rural traditions of my rural home while observing the influx of city immigrants and license plates from other states, I can’t help but appreciate Olive Town as a second home. Even those who can’t relate to this economy can find it refreshing. As you help Olive Town develop, you’ll get more businesses in town and see more tourists wandering the streets.

    The Locals: While many players complain about repetitive dialogue from NPC’s**, it’s much more unique than in Friends of Mineral Town or other games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The people themselves are also interesting, racially and culturally diverse (there is even a racially-blended family). There are also different roles than I’ve seen in other farming sims. The mayor’s son is a lazy sloth that tries his best and always comes up short; there is a young and wealthy noble from a ‘distant land’ that is overseen by his guardian (who is himself a cultured yet humble gentleman), a park ranger, a food critic, an amnesiac ancient spirit, and so on. These people are very interesting to talk to. As you gain friendship points with these characters, you’re rewarded with cutscenes not only based on their interactions with you, but interactions with the surrounding townsfolk (such as that character’s family members, employers, and friends), fleshing out not only these characters but fleshing out the community within your town.

    Never a Dull Moment: The farm has a surprising variety of tasks to do. While mainstays like crop-growing and livestock-raising have rightfully returned, there are shorelines to collect sea creatures and rock salt on, puddles to be cleaned up with buckets to collect clay (which can be used for bricks and mortar, which the games finds usefulness for both of these), sump-pumps can be placed in larger puddles or ponds to collect sunken treasure, and more. I never find myself wondering what to do next even when I’ve accomplished easier crop and livestock maintenance; there’s always something to do.

    It’s a Big, Big World Out There: The farm is way bigger than I expected, even when hearing about its sheer size in reviews. You get access to greater stretches of land as you progress, and these new areas always have new kinds of resources to collect, as well as new kinds of livestock to raise. You also have a lot of freedom when it comes to organizing and decorating your farm, and that is always appreciated.

    Mining: Lots of farming sims have well designed mines; Friends of Mineral Town wasn’t one of these. I’m pleased to say mining makes much more sense in this title, and is much more rewarding. A small thing, sure, but worth mentioning as it was my biggest fear in buying the game.

    Quality of Life Updates: Even Stardew Valley would envy these upgrades; when you run out of storage, tools can be stored in an extra tool bag that you receive on day one in the game. This is priceless in the mines and while foraging. There are no longer tools needed in your inventory for milking, shearing, or brushing your livestock either; these are done automatically by the game. Just walk up to your animal and take care of them without worrying about rearranging your inventory. The shipping bin is also available all day instead of until only 5pm, which has been in other farming sims already but is a worthwhile update to Story of Seasons. Day cycles also feel like a nice length, 40 minutes, and while AutoSave returns for when you put your avatar to bed, you can also manually save your file at any time of day. No lost progress when you have no choice but to stop playing (be it battery life or life’s obligations).

    Now That’s the Spirit!: Earth Sprites are a Quality of Life Update worth their own discussion. Story of Seasons has long had a system called Sprites. In Friends in Mineral Town, Sprites were elves that could be bribed to help you with chores, and this was a complete slog, as you had to waste time in your in-game day to seek their help, and then deciding what these Sprites should do for you was a hassle. Pioneers of Olive Town set things on a better course with the new Earth Sprites. As you do tasks on your farm- any tasks- Earth Sprites will be rescued and you can alot them to various categories; the Sprite Leaders of these categories will give you prizes like resources and ‘Sprite Coins’ when you (optionally) visit them, and as these leaders level up from more sprites assigned to them, you can get better prizes from them. These sprites also offer optional minigames to earn more Sprite Coins if you desire. Sprite Coins (which the game gives generously) can be spent on harder-to-get resources of your choice, and are valuable in a pinch (all these resources can be obtained without Sprite Coins just by playing the game). Earth Sprites are also much cuter than the elf-looking Sprites in previous entries. These bear a great resemblance to the collectable toy “Squishmallows” and the leaders have cutely patterned bodies related to their task. Of course, cosmetics aren’t everything, but they make a big difference.

    Small Gripes: Many people have mentioned the farm will lag often once the farm has expanded. For people who are obsessed with their framerates, it may ruin the moment. Loading times are also slow between the farm/mines/town, about five seconds, but considering just the sheer size of data being unloaded and reloaded, this is forgivable to me. Not only have I frozen for a full second on my farm numerous times, though, once in Olive Town I froze and found unloading and reloading in new locations, some of the characters were different characters entirely. The other problem I have, though small, is the museum. While the photographing mission here is nice and small enough not to be cumbersome, a statue full of local animals leaves much to be desired. The treasure you can put on display looks lackluster, and you can’t get a very good look at the sea-life you donate. Unlike Stardew Valley, you can’t see in your menu what you’ve already donated to the museum, either, and having to go to the museum just to check every time feels like a waste of time. My last gripe, though it’s common in farming sims, is just how far away the town’s bulletin board is from the farm. It’s in the back of town, and in the back of the large town hall on top of that. It’s a hassle to go there and as a result, I’m not checking out the bulletin board as often as I’d like to.

    Value for Your Money: While I discussed the great value of this game already, I do love to play with numbers and statistics. According to the site How Long to Beat, players played for an average of 74 hours and and 39 minutes***. Now, value from there depends on the price you are paying. Albeit, it doesn’t vary by much, only a few cents.

    $40.00 (standard asking price): $0.54 per hour

    $50.00 (premium edition’s asking price): $0.70 per hour

    $35.00 (standard version if Gamestop Pro Rewards [$5 discount] are applied): $0.47 per hour

    Many players have gotten more than this time out of their copy of the game in a single playthrough, and the game has replay value too. So like most farming sims, you can really get the bang for your buck out of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.

    Premium Edition Comments: I had bought the Premium Edition for this game, so I’m also able to discuss the bonuses, which were a small plush toy of a bull and a cloth poster.

    Those who pre-ordered Friends in Mineral Town had received a small plush toy of a Strawberry Cow, and the Bull is fairly identical in size (can fit in your fist). It’s cheeks are slightly bigger, the material is slightly softer, and the detailing on the stomach is stitched (the Strawberry Cow had a sticker on its stomach; the stitch-work looks much better).

    The cloth-poster is very vibrant in color but it is flimsy. The ends aren’t sewn in any way and so they are a bit frayed. A paper poster may have been the better option, but it still looks nice hanging up.

    As discussed, the game is a great value with any version, and if you like getting little goodies with your games, I’d say it’s worth the extra $10 spent. If you don’t care about these items though or are tight on funds, you won’t be missing out on much. With how common the Premium Edition copies are, there isn’t any collector’s value or resale value here.

    Conclusion: I didn’t set out to write a review, but this was a really good game and I had a lot of fun talking about it. I’m having a lot of fun playing it, too, and would definitely recommend this title to anyone. Thankyou for reading my post and if you have anything to say about the game or any questions about it, I’d love to talk to you some more in the comments.

    Notations Index:

    *: United States Dollars **: Non-Playable Characters ***: These statistics were from October 26th, 2021. At the time, seventeen players had been surveyed (fifteen played the Switch version; two played the Steam version).

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  • the-notorious-s-i-p
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    It’s time for ✨dippy’s opinion✨ because I’m too stupid to figure out how to make one of those nifty tier lists and I’m too old for tiktok (and also I’m bored) SO here’s a purely superficial ranking of the lupin gang over the various pieces of media I’ve watched so far, minus the comics

    VERSIONS: Parts 1-6, Koike, Miyazaki style, The First


    1) Koike Lupin-spit on me??????????? hate that I’m into this

    2) part 2 Lupin-iconic monke; balance of goofy and handsome u_u

    3) part 1 Lupin-literally never gonna get over the color palettes in this one

    4) part 6 Lupin-smiLE LINES

    5) First Lupin-baby, can do no wrong

    6) Miyazaki Lupin-infant…..I don’t hate it, i just think he looks too nice hdhdjshdj like he’s too gentleman, and not enough thief

    7) part 5 Lupin

    8) part 4 Lupin

    9) part 3 Lupin-cueball head, everyone gets a butt chin regardless of whether they deserve it. The pink jacket is the only saving grace but WHY is it paired with an ORANGE tie and TEAL shirt??? good god. @ the 80s please get your shit together



    2) part 2 Zenigata-classic, very shape. Looks like a stressed out muppet

    3) First Zenigata-wrinkles………..😳 the eyes and face shape are a little uncanny valley but he has tiny little freckles on his chin that balances it out uwu (very kissable lips too u_u)

    4) Miyazaki Zenigata-SNATCHED waist; a good, beefy boy

    5) part 6 Zenigata-smile lines!!!!!!!!!!! And a nose bump!!!

    6) part 5 Zenigata

    7) part 4 Zenigata-ngl after watching part 1 I saw a screencap from this part and was like “where did all his blood go???”

    8) Koike Zenigata-mostly just hate on principle tbh

    9) part 3 Zenigata-they really didn’t try this season but BOY HOWDY did they flip flop on my man’s face. Like what was that


    1) part 1 Goemon-simply too iconic not to have at the top

    2) part 3 Goemon-(first half, obvs) actually makes the cleft chin work??? sturdy boy, GREAT hair. It seems like they wanted to make him masc af which….now that I think about it I might just be telling on myself here

    3) First Goemon-adorable dramatic baby, works really well in 3D

    4) Koike Goemon-really puts the “cut” in “cute” 🥴

    5) part 6 Goemon-good balance between classic Goemon and Moemon imo

    6) Miyazaki Goemon

    7) part 2 Goemon

    8) part 5 Goemon-infant, but the pink is cute

    9)part 4 Goemon-toddler


    1) First Jigen-they had no right making him so fine in this movie the FUCK!!!!! His classic grin and puppydog eyes and ALSO STUBBLE???? JAIL!! NOT ALLOWED!!!!! ILLEGAL!!!!! also the slicked back look is best in 3D I think

    2) Miyazaki Jigen-wide boi (let the record show that my phone autocorrected this to “wife boi”. I feel like this is relevant somehow)

    3) part 1 Jigen-gud colors

    4) part 2 Jigen-BANGS

    5) part 6 Jigen-you already know who it is!!!!!!! (smile lines)

    6) part 5 Jigen

    7) part 4 Jigen

    8) Koike Jigen-I’m begging them to figure out how to draw a hat on these folks….they do get credit for putting him in different colors tho. But why does he have Jafar’s beard

    9) part 3 Jigen-imo the only one that didn’t look absolutely crazy by the middle of the season, by virtue of being a moon man. The color palette was A Choice tho, oof. also a TERRIBLE beard


    1) Miyazaki Fujiko-could kill me and I’d come back as a ghost to thank her

    2) First Fujiko-great hair, great boobs, great fits, 10/10

    3) part 1 Fujiko-queen of my heart

    4) part 3 Fujiko (first half)-HAIR. GOD. Fuck me UP, I’m so sorry they did that to you later tho babes

    5) part 5 Fujiko-I’m so gay for the outro my dudes

    6) part 2 Fujiko-consistency? who’s she

    7) part 6 Fujiko

    8) Koike Fujiko-oramge 😬 they do this thing where they want her to be curvy but not fat, so she’s got big tiddies and wide hips but stick limbs ://

    9) part 4 Fujiko-No organs allowed!!!!!!

    #yells #lupin the third #arsene lupin iii #fujiko mine#daisuke jigen #goemon ishikawa xiii #koichi zenigata#_(:3」∠)_ #also I don’t have a lot of opinions on the blue jacket series bc I binged it in one weekend oops #and also. the style just doesn’t stand out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • qrson
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #vent tw #i feel bad #idk how to explain #like i feel bad because my mums all stressed and has a lot of emotional stuff right now and im just bothering her #i just feel like more of a burden than normal i guess #wish i could just suck it up and deal with it like i normally do #and i dont want to add to her problems #and then theres the fact that i think its been more than a month now and im still coping in the wrong wayd #got to be so fucking stubborn all the time #i just really cared about his opinion and i figured if i stopped then maybe he would talk to me and care about me again #and it didnt work but now i cant start again because its just too hard
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  • christianotome
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    To err is human, but to remain in error is stupid

    It’s a known fact humans are unable not to sin. In the Old Testament God took care of that by temporarily covering involuntary sin with animal blood. In the New Testament Jesus’ blood permanently paid for our sins.

    Jeremiah 8:4-6 says “Moreover you shall say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord: “Will they fall and not rise? Will one turn away and not return? Why has this people slidden back, Jerusalem, in a perpetual backsliding? They hold fast to deceit, They refuse to return. I listened and heard, But they do not speak aright. No man repented of his wickedness, Saying, ‘What have I done?’ Everyone turned to his own course, As the horse rushes into the battle.’”

    When we make a mistake, and that’s a when not a if because we will eventually think, say or do something we shouldn’t and sometimes we won’t do something we should have done, our next action should be to honestly repent our actions, to confess our mistakes to God, ask for forgiveness and not doing that again.

    A life in sin will only lead to an afterlife of misery, so why would you do that to yourself? Your past mistakes don’t matter, what’s really important it’s what you’re going to do from now on. While we’re alive we have the opportunity to change, but that opportunity is lost after death. Think carefully, because you’re the only one that can decide your future.

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  • offslime
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #[squid speaks] #actually yknow that’s changed my opinion a lot #i do like that
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  • seawing-vibes
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ramble#ask #not much to say on this one really surprisingly I dont have a lot of opinions on Leaf Speak rn I’m sure I could find somethin though #leafspeak ramble for later possibly…
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  • taylorswiftstylequestions
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • misandrist-girlboss
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ok gals I'll be mildly embarrassing

    Is monsterfucking bad, from the radfeminist point of view? Or is it based cause it can aid in normalizing and maintaining separatism?

    #to be clear I will not stop simping for aela from skyrim mwah #and being gross in general #but i wonder what is everyones opinion on this #terf safe#radfem safe #HNNNH I FEEL LIKE WHEN I ASKED HOW TF PEOPLE MADE ROUND BRICKS IN RENAISSANCE #STUPID
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  • sylviebrettsey
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I think not replying to people who try to start shit on my posts and instead just blocking them is actually the mature thing to do. I fully encourage using the block button!

    #like… do not take that damn Lightyear post seriously no one wants that and no one wants to hear your opinion on “celeb voice acting” #on that post 🙄
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  • cashewally-sarcastic
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #yes i have the spiders thing memorized that's all i'm saying about it #anons asking#anons opinions#bto
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  • percebug
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    like i like both of them but amb-rprice shippers on tiktok are so annoying especially the ones who are adamant on saying its better than pric-field or even Healthier when it isnt

    #u can have an opinion on whether its better. like. In My Opinion . i like pricefield more. therefore i believe its better #but objectively its healthier too #pricefi-ld is complex.... and they both have stuff going on... and they have a realistic relationship that doesnt make it the #unhealthiest ship in the universe
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