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  • sorry don’t come for me •3•

    just some opinion that i feel needs to be put out there

    • lapis’s backstory is kinda sad but u know what’s sadder?? AMETHYST’S BACKSTORY WOOOOOOO
    • jasper is kinda🙅🏿‍♀️🚫 evil and 😬🤡 that’s her only personality
    • evil steven X spinel is honestly SO GOOD AND I LOVE THAT FOR THEM; TBH, NSFW IT UP GUYS WOOOO🥴💕❣️💕❣️💕❣️
    • steven is a power switch don’t @ me😤🤤💓

    (i will keep adding on when i think of more opinions uhh 👍🏿)

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  • I know amongst all of the Colts fans in ColtsNation, I will probably be “standing by myself” on this topic but oh, well. This is one of those times, where I’m here to speak my peace and not look to entertain the other side and their arguments. if you’re a Colts fan, who is still hoping, praying, or doing any other relatable term about Andrew Luck coming out of retirement, then you are totally out of your mind. Point, blank, period!


    In fact, I’ll take it another step further. I don’t WANT Luck to come back next season or ever again. Even as you’re rolling your eyes or in disbelief of my statement, just understand the truth which lives in it. I loved Luck just like anybody else did during his playing career, but let’s face it. Who wouldn’t have doubts about his desire to play after what happened last summer? 

    Now, do I blame Luck for retiring this past August? No. But I still took note of Luck’s mental physic from that moment, especially when thinking of everything he said during/following his recovery from shoulder surgery, two seasons ago. No. 12 vowed to never go through that kind of pain and torture again, and the thought of retirement had already crossed his mind, which leads me to my final point. 

    If you’re in the Colts’ position, where you’ve already made significant progress following Luck’s sudden retirement and you’re tasked with finding out whether or not Jacoby Brissett is truly your answer at quarterback, does it make sense to go back to him? I know the opposite side of this argument would believe it’s easy, but actually, think about it. If the once-anticipated NFL MVP returns to action, how does the Colts organization readjusts their vision of today? 


    In the event of Luck’s return, we immediately have questions as to the future of Brissett, who’s due to make $15 million next season. Secondly, there’s the reality that certain offensive skill-players (Parris Campbell and Eric Ebron in particular) were brought to Indianapolis, because of their matching skill-sets with Luck’s talent, but ultimately failed to do so because of his retirement. As a front office, do you bring them back along with sign/draft talent who fits Luck’s needs or someone else’s? Lastly, it comes back to the fans and to an extent, the media.

    Do you quickly become a believer in Luck again? Or do you wait and see? Between the fans and Luck, there has to be proper handling of how both sides move on from that August night when news of his retirement broke and fans were extremely upset. I mentioned the media because although Colts coverage is normally A1, they’re a bit careful, to say the least. 

    Will, we actually get a clear picture pertains to everything Luck 2.0 or no? Either way, I don’t believe No. 12 is coming back and you guys need to let him live his best life. Love is always love, Andrew! Thanks for everything, once again.

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  • Settle an Argument for me

    I’ve said that my sister is dating a himbo. She is. I insist this is NOT an insult (and note that it was not intended as such). She insists that is IS an insult and that I’m just trying to backpedal or that I should just use another word.

    In her argument, sis specifically brought up the words dork and nerd, which have negative connotations but are used affectionately, too.

    My archetypes of the Himbo include:

    Hercules, Kristoff from Frozen…

    Actually just about every main guy love interest in a Disney movie - like - ever? Except maybe Flynn Rider but maybe him too?

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  • toxic people are actually shocked when you move on and make new friends.

    they really act as if you’re the problem.

    they really try to make you feel guilty for having new, kind, supportive friends.

    like, screw you. i don’t give a crap about your toxic opinion.

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  • The world expected her

    To bow down forever

    Like she had for so long

    But when she didn’t

    The world clapped

    And clapped

    And clapped

    As she rose

    From ashes

    To become the strongest



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  • image

    M I R R O R M O O D .

    M I R R O R .


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  • image

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, unlike his colleagues, is more loyal to initiatives to create their own digital currencies by private companies.

    He said he had met dozens of times with Facebook representatives and expressed his regulatory doubts, which led to the suspension of the project as a result. However, when asked by lawmakers about Facebook’s initiative and the People’s Bank of China’s own digital currency, Mnuchin replied:

    “I am not against Facebook creating its own digital currency, but for this the company must comply with all the requirements related to the law "on Bank secrecy”, as well as the requirements for combating money laundering. We cannot allow Libra to be used to Finance terrorism.“

    He also said that the U.S. does not plan to develop its own national digital currency in the near future: 

    "Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and I talked about this and decided that in the near future, namely over the next five years, the fed will not develop such a tool, because there is no need for it.”

    In a letter to a member of the House of representatives French Hill Powell said that now the U.S. Central Bank is studying the advantages and disadvantages of issuing its own digital currency, but the Bank does not intend to move to practical actions to create this instrument. 

    He also added that before developing its own digital currency, the fed is obliged to eliminate all operational risks associated with the possibility of cyberattacks, transparency, as well as monetary and financial stability.

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  • Alrigjt Here are some of MY OPINIONS

    Incest in a story is disgusting. I understand if it’s like the people are messed up in the head and it actually contributes well to the plot but if the whole thing is “this guy & guy/girl & girl/guy & girl that are siblings fall in love and date” then please, no. Incest is one, illegal, and two just whY? It’s absolutely disgusting.

    If you’re gonna joke about rape/suicide/anciety/and any other mental illness/sensitive topic then please leave. Just stop. It’s a serious matter and shouldn’t be joked about. Like I will literally disown you.

    {kpop and non kpop related}Why would you hate on an idol/group for literally no reason?? You don’t like them so stay away from them? Like ???????????

    Stop using idols deaths as clout.

    Chubby/fat girls/guys-overly skinny guys/girls-girls with no ass/breast are valid. Stop body shaming them, not everyone is perfect.

    If you ever EVER make/made fun of someone with a sickness/autism/ext. get tf out.

    The analysis videos for ships are going too far. They point out the SMALLEST things and say stuff that’s obviously not there ? Like please, shipping them is okay but going out of your way to say smth that’s not even true like “he’s obviously jealous, did you see the way his eyes moved like that” iTS NOT OKAY it might make the idols feel uncomfortable!!!

    These are just my opinions/thoughts so don’t take anything seriously

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  • I don’t know why but- when I see ships of other characters shipped with another character I just internally cringe- (Like for example: Sniper x Scout- that ship lowkey makes me cringe and dislike it) and this is coming from a person who selfship’s-

    yeah surprising right?

    I’m fine with f/o ships because I’m apart of that f/o and selfshipping community.

    but Character x Character ships-

    hoo boy

    that’s just straight up weird.

    basically I’m 2 faced when it comes to shipping

    like when I see ships that include other characters from the same fandom. I immediately mentally dislike it and cringe whenever I see fanart of that.

    now selfshipping on the other hand. that is something I am A okay with!

    like I love when people share about their f/o’s and stuff!

    but i just don’t see why people ship characters with characters…

    Judge me all you want, but that ain’t stopping me from disliking ships from fandoms.

    and if ya want you can unfollow me for all I care. because I don’t want ya’ll yelling at me for disliking someones ship!!

    People have their opinions. and so do I.

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  • People keep bringing up the Angels two parter in series 5 of Doctor Who as the best, but I honestly just found it so-so. The resolution for it too was… I think hampered greatly by the terrible sound mixing of Murray’s music and dialogue.

    I would hold up Impossible Planet/Satan Pit as the standard for two parters, more IMO. Sure the first 1 minute with Rose and Ten was them at their most obnoxious but if you go past that everything after is a banger.

    Especially the talk of faith in the second part.

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  • Tito Ortiz subs Alberto Del Rio in the first round

    Imagine paying money for the obvious outcome.

    Dude, Tito has collected 3 six figure minimum checks in a row for fighting old washed up Chael Sonnen, punch drunk Chuck Liddell, and hasn’t fought in MMA in like 2 decades Alberto Del Rio. And two of them were on PPV! Watch someone pay him to fight Tank Abbott or a Shamrock next.

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  • Marina Rodriguez and Cynthia Calvillo fight to a majority draw

    2 draws in one night. Not something you see a lot of in American MMA. Rodriguez ran away with the first two rounds, tagging Calvillo at the end of her range but really making her money in the clinch with knees and elbows. Calvillo rallied for a big 3rd round though. Got the takedown and refused to let Rodriguez up. Battered her with GnP, got to mount and her back a lot. Just complete dominance. Enough to earn her a 10-8 on two judges scorecards.

    Oddly enough, this will be Rodriguez’s 2 draw in 4 fights in the ufc.

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  • Marina Rodriguez is like if Tim Means and Karolina Kowalkiewicz had a surprisingly athletic baby. Just a goddamn tornado in the clinch and has that mean gene in her dna.

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  • Ben Rothwell stops Stefan Struve in 2nd after kicking him in the balls twice

    Struve hurt his leg throwing a kick, Rothwell capitalizes off the check and storms Struve. Mirg should be fucking yelled at by Struve’s team for talking him into continuing the fight. Like, his ability to ref should be brought up to the athletic commission.

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  • Aspen Ladd stops Yana Kunitskaya in the 3rd round

    Ladd’s corner/BF screamed at her to punch Yana in the face like 50 times after the 2nd round. She then proceeds to run directly at Yana and knock her on her ass with a right hand. She then hops on top of Kunitskaya and beats the crap out of her til they stop the fight.

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  • Song Yadong and Cody Stamann fight to a majority draw

    Let people knew people damnit!

    An illegal knee in the first round costs Yadong a win as he got a point taken away. DC throwing a fit on commentary because the judges didn’t give Stamann a round where he got two takedowns but didn’t do anything with them.

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  • Rob Font takes the UD over Ricky Simon

    Fun ass bantamweight fight between these two. Font showed off his jab extensively in this one, repeatedly popping Simon upside his head. Simon had his share of big moments, hitting takedowns and actually hurting Font to the body. But he just ended up eating too many punches. No head movement and no parrying. He’d duck, but Font would catch him with the uppercut. Great fight all around.

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  • Fun scrap between Means and Alves. Alves got out ahead with a few really nasty kicks to the body on the southpaw. Means charged forward, even shooting for TDs to close distance. Landed a nice spinning back elbow followed by two body shots as Alves circled out along the cage trying to create space. Means was able to put Alves down with a straight left hand. After knocking him around on the ground around the cage for a bit, he grabbed on Alves neck for the guillotine.

    Violentweight lives

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  • Welp, we got our submission of the year.

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