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  • I was talking to my sister about Mamamoo (a kpop girl group).

    My sister said, “I don’t know who are they. I only like blackpink. Blackpink are talented”

    I was like: You’re too close minded to explore other music. They are much more talented groups out there beside blackpink.

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    “Music is just music. There is no such thing as music that’s too heavy for young skaters to skate to, unless it includes vulgar lyrics. It doesn’t matter where the music comes from (movie, musical, whatever).”

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  • Tell me your honest thoughts on my writing and give me ways to improve!

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  • Y'all just finished BNA (as per request from a friend. Thank you.) on Netflix and it’s so good??? If you’re a fan of Kipo (or BNHA, though there’s less similarities) you should definitely watch it!! Fair warning, there is some pretty intense violence, but otherwise it’s generally child-friendly (don’t quote me on that but I thought it was fine) and deals with interesting themes. Also! The design (scene and character-wise) is really nice?? Very aesthetic. Just! Very cool!!

    So yeah, if you’re looking for something to watch, I totally recommend!

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  • I never feel as much for something that is not music, animals or books. 

    “You’re cursed” people claim. “No, it’s a superpower” I say instead.

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  • why are woke ppl on twitter constantly sucking china’s dick… honestly don’t they understand what kind of state that runs that country? (i just wanna get it out of the way; i don’t think bad of the people - they’re just ppl living their lives, it’s the state that i’m questioning). the state is highly fascistic and they want to run a military state. i could go on but im tired, all im saying is… china isn’t something to celebrate, if they took over the world we’d be fucked. i mean, maybe it’s something i’m missing but i just dont think treating your people like animals, killing them, starving them and controlling their every move is a good thing. ???

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  • I think what happens in fandoms is that a few people get popular quickly. That’s fine, but the problem is that they’re so popular that they get overwhelmed easily. I’ve seen it in other fandoms and to myself , and sometimes it happens because the writer doesn’t let themselves have a break, and burn out eventually follows. I reveled in my popularity back in the day, but I didn’t take time to actually approach people, and before long I was staring at 300 followers and no one to talk to. Multiple times, with multiple blogs in different fandoms. I just depended on my popularity to get people to approach me. It took a lot of learning to just be mindful in my own experience.

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  • Oh, you better believe, I remember where I was on this night lol. On July 8th, 2010, I was a 17-year-old Junior Camp Counselor in upstate NY, who had spent the previous two months stressing about what LeBron James was going to do. At that point, I was desperate for answers in various ways: 

    “The Cavs are trying to bring Chris Paul to Cleveland?" 

    "Wait, we’re talking to Toronto about getting Chris Bosh?”

    “I mean, I love JJ Hickson, but I’m not sure about letting him go.”

    “Mo Williams is solid, but c'mon we need more.”

    “I still believe in Antwan Jamison and his potential as our second or third option.”

    “Hold on, WHAT ABOUT BIG Z?!?!?”


    But between actual hoops talks, hearing the Knicks blew their shot at LeBron, and watching SportsCenter track every one of his moves, I just wanted to watch “The Decision” and hope he decided to stay with us. As I think about that night, did I believe LBJ was staying? Absolutely. I was very confident in the possibilities of another star coming to Cleveland if the King was staying and recruiting. Yet, the tea leaves were slowly showing themselves.

    “LeBron spoke with Players X, Y, and Z, but none of them want to come to town.”

    “Players A&B are interested in coming to Cleveland but want to know if LeBron is signing long term.”

    “New Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott hasn’t spoken with LeBron, and LeBron doesn’t seem interested.”

    Even as each headline concerned me, I remained optimistic until I couldn’t anymore. After I got work, I sprinted to my camp’s dining room, where they had a flatscreen TV and joined a dozen watchers, who were patiently for LeBron. For those who might not believe me, but I always been known as a Cavaliers fan. Always! Since 2003, I have aligned with the Wine and Gold, and today, I’m still a fan. But what a journey we went through after LeBron announced he “was taking his talents to South Beach." 


    At first, there was an empty feeling, as if it wasn’t real. That feeling lasted a few days. Then came the harsh reality of LeBron’s departure. I couldn’t go anywhere around camp without seeing dozens upon dozens of LeBron’s new Miami Heat jersey. Of course, many people send me their condolences. And somehow, during that time, I had a little belief the Cavs can make the 2011 Playoffs with Williams, Hickson, and Jamison leading the way (LMAOOOOO). 

    But, yeah, that’s my tenth anniversary of "The Decision.” Thank god, much has changed since then *stares proudly at the 2016 NBA Championship banner.

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  • (It’s just my opinions, please don’t get mad)

    I didn’t like it much, the graphics aren’t great, I don’t like the rendering, and stylistically it isn’t my cup of tea. Not to mention the customization, which makes Monster Factory a dream come true, but there’s just too much customization for making something normal looking. The color mixing is wack; I want gray, not blue and a dark green nose with red cheeks. And the Khajiit are just… They look gross.

    I can’t use all the cheats I know, like going into the console and typing “Help “Item” 4″ doesn’t do what I want it to do, I can’t turn on immortal mode and AI detection doesn’t turn off. It’s not game-breaking or anything, but for my RPG playstyle, it’s very annoying.

    There isn’t enough armor,clothing or weapon options, which isn’t the biggest deal but it definitely doesn’t help that the available apparel isn’t ideally designed. The Daedric armor doesn’t look good, it reminds me more of samurai armor than something associated with Daedra.

    The voice acting isn’t something that I can form an opinion from NPC voices, I didn’t play enough for a solid opinion on that. But the noises that my character makes? Startling, to say the least. I don’t think that my lanky dark elf lady would make such noises when bludgeoning a rat.

    The combat system is not ideal. I get staggered every five seconds, then my character takes her sweet time getting un-staggered. I don’t like how fast my health goes down when it seems like my attacks do nothing to my opponent. It’s easier to go into the console and use the “Kill” command than fighting a singular azhklan troll with its AI turned off for five minutes. The fact that I’m wearing a full set of Daedric armor with a shield that I’m using to block means nothing to the game, apparently. And the archery. The archery! I used to use it all the time in Skyrim, but it just doesn’t work for Oblivion.

    Getting quests and managing them is just bad, I don’t know how I got a long lost relative’s letter in the sewer. The interface is just impossible for me to navigate.

    The controls and mechanics aren’t very good, either. I like holding a weapon or a spell, I don’t want to have to remember what key or button I binded to “Cast spell.”

    The spells and effects aren’t great, I think that “Night eye“ should only come into effect when it’s very dark and I almost can’t see. I dislike the blue, and I think it should be closer to a black and white, like darkvision in D&D.

    I do like that there’s more customization than in Skyrim, and I like the little minigames for picking locks, I haven’t tried the speech minigame thing but hopefully it’s fun too. I also love that there’s a location called “Goblin Jim’s Cave.”

    But the most unforgivable thing in the entire game is this-


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  • Can we normalize not liking certain things? Like, it’s okay to not like something. You shouldn’t have to make excuses or have to defend yourself after saying things like “I don’t like spicy food” or “I’m not a big fan of anime”. It’s okay.

    You’re not hurting anyone by preferring vanilla over chocolate. Or not wanting ice cream at all. You don’t have to have lactose intolerance, maybe you just think it tastes bad. And that’s okay. Opinions are opinions, as long as they don’t invalidate someone else’s existence.

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    “People really think skaters are ‘nice, humble, friendly and good, hardworking boys/girls?’ LoL some of them are nice people, but some others are not, that’s why competition is about real abilities and not private lives.”

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  • Things I still dont wanna believe: that Dicks official first name in Titans (2018) is Dick and not Richard

    #based on that police screen when he went to prison #which #also is a thing #elie talks#opInIons#titans tv#dick grayson
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  • isn’t it fascinating how everyone in this world has their own thoughts and opinions and everything and we’ll never know any of these things because it’s locked up in their head just like our own thoughts and everything and wow that shit is so fascinating

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