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  • gorgxoxus
    06.05.2021 - 40 minutes ago
    #ana 🔪 #now I’ve cleared out my inbox yay #my opinions #my weird brain I go in such wild directions
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  • birdkoskincare
    06.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago
    #answered#brand overview#tatcha#skincare#skin care #i just... don't have a lot of opinions on them lol it's just another brand that does overpriced shit catering to rich consumers #and in the process duping less well off enthusiasts into believing they should spend money they don't have bc their products are special #which they aren't not really #Anonymous
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  • cheeseanonioncrisps
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tumblr users on both sides of a debate will be like "go outside", as if the Outside World is some sort of ideological monolith where everyone holds the same opinion, and it's only in the mythical internet world that people are stupid enough to disagree with you.

    Tumblr users on both sides of a debate will be like "everyone I am friends with irl (where I can choose who I interact and share my ideas with to a greater extent that I sometimes can online) agrees completely with all my ideas and values. This proves that I am more aware of what the general public wants than people who disagree with me."

    #tumblr#discourse#i mean #don't get me wrong #there *is* a problem on this site with certain ideas #becoming so aggressivelt theoretical #that they become completely divorced from the irl context in which people live #but 'go outside' rhetoric has always bothered me #because like you think these ppl stop existing when they go offline? #you think they don't make an effort to surround themselves with ppl who agree with them? #like the very fact that both sides of a debate will use this doesn't suggest to you that ppls experiences of the outside world #might be … different? #like due to age race gender class culture country etc. etc. #no? #i mean seriously what ppl usually *mean* when they say 'go outside' #is 'talk to people who have lived experiences relating to this topic and use their ideas to inform your opinions' #or #'consider whether your ideas would work in an irl setting for people who maybe don't have the same privileges #(not living in a progressive area or not being as educated or not having access to the same facilities) #as you do' #but none of these things can't be done online #and 'go outside' is just fucking patronising and unhelpful #and for people in some areas basically translates to 'go hang out with a bunch of right wing people'
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  • fushiquro
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the chongyun standee is calling my name ,,,

    #nini.txt #he's just ?? pretty nd his standee is one of the prettiest #but also beidou... and xiao...... razor #besties give me ur opinions
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  • jenslyndelleofficial
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    okay i may be grasping at straws at 2 a.m. but i have a theory about the next main cast D20 season. i present my Thoughts

    -Emily talks about her other dnd characters on the short rest sometimes.

    -If it's a home game, she usually says so. If it's pc from d20, she usually says so. She will often also name the characters when she does this.

    -HOWEVER, before CoC came out, she referenced Jet and Saccharina's builds without naming names or specifying where they're from. Saying something like "this sorceror character I played..."

    - And she's done it again! Emily has been referencing Circle of Stars druid since hot boy summer and into the early eldermourne short rests. But she is very vague about this character

    so I bet the next main season will be a new setting where Emily plays a circle of stars druid!!

    #emily axford#dimension 20#naddpod #i hope this makes sense #tell me your opinions!
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  • whatmyhobbiteyessee
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    you know my main takeaway from months of mele marketing has been the absolute confirmation that bioware doesn’t give two shits about kaidan. like hoping that they’d spell his name correctly was the absolute bare minimum of my expectations since i knew he was going to be sidelined, the bar was at the magma and yet they somehow managed to fuck that up.

    i feel like the conversations for marketing planning were going like this:

    but anyway, he will always be one of my absolute favorite characters despite bioware’s best attempts to ignore him because i have excellent taste in fictional characters and he’s an excellent man

    #kaidan alenko#bioware critical #im tired and it's 2am so im allowed to be petty lmao #being a kaidan fan is such a weird experience #because you have to ignore the ridiculous opinions of both the devs and 90% of the fandom #you know that 'your experiences are not universal' meme #honestly that's been my experience throughout these past couple months #because like bioware and journalists were always making sweeping generalizations about characters when promoting things #based on the way they're describing the story i totally played these games wrong lol #like please not everyone despises human characters give them and us a break
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  • telemarcs
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago



    #You should feel lucky i'm too nice to say my actual opinions #How does this paper dare publish this #Uneducated bread heads #At the person writing this article #I gotta take a break from reading the news imma bout to snap #Should i comment in my dialect sksks i usually talk bokmål online so there's that #And she's annoyed nrk has people with dialects you know what FINALLY imo there's so little representation of dialects on tv #She's not even educated on her own... I would comment but i don't want my full name lmao #My brother got banned from commenting on big news sites hahahah
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  • aevyk-ing
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    When you see someone reblogging and using your rant in the tags as their own tags and you don’t know if you should be flattered or worried.

    #personal#me #that's not how you use tags #i like to rant in them #don't reblog my comments in the tags as if they were your own opinions please
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  • von-frappe
    06.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    if artie abrams was more conventionally attractive, people would eat him up the way they do for sam

    will i elaborate? not today

    #glee#artie abrams#anti fandom#yet again #people really say that artie is the worst person ever for saying some sexist things in s1 #but then sam makes racist micro aggressions but still think he’s a saint #bc he was dumb and hot™️ #this isn’t anti sam #i just disagree with a lot of fandom opinions about him #being some pure innocent angel too good for this world
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  • ivory-line
    06.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    just saw there’s a son of sam doc series on netflix and i’m ready to tear this shit to shreds based on the trailer and description alone if any of y’all watch it drop me a line because once i watch it i can promise you i’ll have Opinions

    #it’s late af i’ll get to this shit tomorrow #we all know the satanic panic was bullshit #i’m vaguely familiar with maury terry and if you take berkowitz at his word then idk what to tell you man #i understand opinions at the time but in the modern day? come on now
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  • ganondoodle
    06.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    you ever see an opinion you disagree with so much that your head feels like its gonna explode bc you cant even comprehend how someone can think that and then see otHER PEOPLE AGREE ????

    talking about someone saying that botws colors look "washed out" and bad bc its sometimes low in contrast/saturation ??

    botw is the prettiest game i have ever laid my eyes upon, and im not saying games like ori ARENT pretty, but calling botw inherently worse looking bc it isnt overly saturated/high in contrast all the time is pretty unfair ??

    most of the "washed out" colors are also caused by the fog/atmospheric fog botw simulates especiallly when looking far into the distance which is a thing that they got so right botw feels much bigger than it is (to me)

    and yes i get that this is a very biased opinion of mine, but it makes me so angry nonetheless

    they also made some ""color corrected"" shots in which ... its just more contrast and saturation and GOD it looks so awfully plastic and much more dated/old (partly bc the low quality textures get through much more clearly than before), i realized that that is also the problem i have with aoc, bc there they actually did that as well (and possibly also got rid of most of the atmospheric fog) and whenever i saw gifs/screenshots of it i wondered why it looked so weirdly ... plastic to me and now i see why

    botw has high contrast/saturation when it NEEDS to, and saying it looks worse inherently bc it doesnt have it all the time is an opinion i never thought id get so aggressive about

    #personal#botw #do you look outside on a rainy day and think hmmm this looks ugly #could use some color correcting #???? #yeah yeah i get it #games dont have to be realistic #and i am a big advocate for that #bc im tired of games trying to emulate realism #but theres a difference in trying to COPY the real worlds looks #vs making it FEEL more real #im not trying to hate on the one that made the video either #we actually do share alot of opinions #but this one i couldnt forget bc i heard that the first time #and a ton of people agreed with them #SORRY but i dont want my eyes to be burned ou of my skull #when looking at a game #bc it has 500% und saturation #12 glow dodge layers #and 200% contrast #just so some people can call it pretty #more glow/contrast/saturation doesn equal prettier #like i cant articulate myself good enough to sound convincing #and i know its also an opinion #but seeing so many ppl agree broke me #rant over
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  • enamoured-x
    06.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #omg i’m sorry this way a lot longer than i thought it’d be #but i have so many opinions about miguel and emily rn #they’re my fav storyline this season #miguel galindo#emily galindo#mayans mc#mayans fx
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  • officialtokyosan
    06.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    imagine being so good at your job that your own military tries to assassinate you by not fucking looking for you and the 355 crew stuck in the world’s most powerful submarine locked away at the bottom of the sea at 15 degrees for 698 days

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  • smashingmirrcrs
    06.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    So if you liked that post about Pirate Lewis shenanigans, I’m going to toss out like one open per scenario - One for him boarding a ship and one for him finding a stowaway. if you would like something more tailored to your muse let me know! :) I’m bad at plotting but I’m happy to do muh best. Otherwise, feel free to the opens.

    Also I’m going to toss out opens for the fantasy canon since that’s what i’m moving forward with. I’m not sure what to do with the modern day stuff, i’ll probably keep it and try to just create a more modern setting to fit that all in, but w/e w/e not every thread I have is confined to my old canon setting pblthththththth 

    #♠ | ♡ | ♣ | ♢ out of glass ( ooc ) #tbd #thoughts and opinions are appreciated if you have 'em but i'm not too worried we'll figure it out #thank you all for being patient with me! #i appreciate you all so much!
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  • charmdforsure
    06.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    to the anon that sent me the regina war crimes ask, it’s probably gonna be a day or 2 before i actually get my thoughts together enough to fully answer it but pls know that i got it and i’m working on it!!

    #CANNOT BELIEVE I GOT AN ASK ABOUT MY OPINIONS ON REGINA MILLS WAR CRIMES IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2021 HJBFBVBAJBRHSBV #the maddie diaries #the english student in me simply has to fact check and explore some ideas #and also it's like 2:30am so i'm not writing a coherent half essay rn rip #but this is definitely something i'm interested in so i'm down to write it!! #and to all my other followers sorry you're gonna have to see this anjvbhbahvb but i was an ouat blog first #and sometimes that means writing about how war crimes don't matter if she's hot and the writers are Not Smart anvjhbbahbhvba
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  • jentlemarks
    06.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    sm is really using the blackpink strategy with aespa

    #i have thoughts and opinions
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  • letmeaddalittlebitofspice
    06.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    oh god

    dream smp unpopular opinions (i think)


    Phil didn’t have to kill Wilbur

    Ranboo puts himself on a moral pedestal

    Sam was not completely in the wrong when it came to the whole Tommy break in thing

    the syndicate by definition isnt an anarchy group

    it’s better that tubbo chose his nation over tommy rather than the other way around

    techno and quackity are actually very similar

    michael doesn’t have to die

    torture is bad but i make an exception for child abusers like our favorite little green bitch

    #dream smp #dsmp unpopular opinions #idk if these are unpopular #hell idk if these are opinions #remember this is all roleplay #i’m totally willing to go into an explanation with any of these
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  • cesium-sheep
    06.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    finallly read the first volume of nyankees I got for christmas, honestly it reminds me of what appealed to so many Weird Kids abt warrior cats XD it’s very tropey and it feels like it’s kinda just getting by on its gimmick, but the art is good and it seems like it was a fun character design exercise.

    I don’t think it hooked me, but it’s not bad, it’s just. leaning on its gimmick I feel like. it was still fun to read, I just don’t have a vast enough manga budget for it to feel worth reading more of anytime soon.

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  • iturbide
    06.05.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #answered#anonymous #fire emblem: three houses #look i have a lot of opinions about how things work in three houses #but dissecting the problems in governance fascinates me #some of that last concept comes up in the spite project interestingly enough
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  • jerepars
    06.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    My QOTS 5x05 live reactions:

    Wait why is this “previously on” so long (and why does Peter do the voiceover in his James voice), there’s been literally 4 episodes. Are they thinking now is a good time to bring back plot lines from S3? LOL

    “Love, Boaz” omg yes, love Boaz.

    wait is George TRYING to get caught spying

    “There is no way out” sounds like a James problem to me

    So…okay….Teresa’s just gonna take her core crew—including a woman who is with child—to Berlin to solve Oksana’s problem? That’s the premise of the episode? WTF, at least write a believable thing that doesn’t require Teresa saying they can’t lose the Kostya connection to solidify why they’re going -______-

    no seriously George why are you trying to get caught

    James in a suit James in a suit James in a suit James in a suit

    “ski the slopes” oh I like that one


    Too bad Jeresa can’t hold hands as they’re walking down this hallway past this art because of all this “maybe in another life” and “I miss who you used to be” bullshit. They look so cute next to each other.

    Buy the helicopter, George!

    isn’t this guy Louis Litt’s therapist from Suits lmao

    Wait wait wait wait. So James just stole the art? In that tiny clip? No trouble at all? WHAT? *cough* whowrotethis *cough*


    shut up about your son, Pote, it’s gonna be a girl and she’s gonna be a bad ass, not like you


    the helmet and the “you’re welcome” he’s so hot I-

    Pote is such a dunce. He sucks. The sound of his voice has become like nails on a chalkboard. Full offense. Not sorry.

    “you still haven’t learned, cabrón” HAVE YOU

    “I can’t stop thinking about the future” thanks, but no thanks, James has no future

    George hitting his head on the railing is the first moment of the episode I laughed out loud at. I’m a fan of the physical comedy.

    “who is this de la Peña” Does this REALLY seem like the appropriate time to be asking that???


    Look, if James is the one with a weapon of any sort you know it’s gonna be efficient. But his sniper skills? Forget it, you don’t even get the chance to think. You’re already dead.

    Oleg is gonna kill Oksana one day, isn’t he? No one agrees that easily.

    Europe? You need Europe, too? How are you ever going to get out of this business.

    oh there IS a Jeresa exterior balcony shot FUCK ME

    That was a married couple conversation. Soft voices. Somber looks. (But it still doesn’t make sense for James to stick around for all of this just because she asked when he doesn’t believe in any of it and hates who she’s become. When do we get a feasible explanation beyond the implication that he loves her? Like, yes, obviously, we know that, but why do they want James to have absolutely zero self-respect? Tell me that preview for 5x06 signifies we are moving into the part of the story that explains why it was important for James to stay and be a simp etc.)

    JT Campos always bringing the heat, man.

    #qots spoilers#qots 5x05#qots #queen of the south #teresa mendoza#james valdez#boaz jimenez#king george #kelly anne van awken #pote galvez#oksana volkova #queen of the south season 5 #i have opinions they are unpopular
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