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  • tar-mairons
    28.01.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    so episode 3 was stupid good huh

    #GOD. PERCIVAL DE ROLO. TALIESIN JAFFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FUCKING HELL #yeah im a shill i watched the first two eps earlier this week and said nothing #won’t lie! shed a few manly tears at the intro for this one!!! #god i am so glad they had so much oversight with this because it is just so satisfying to watch #like they really distilled 3+ hours into a neat 30 minutes and it feels like nothing is missing #AND they still sneak in so much #fuuuuuuuck man like we only got a couple minutes of How Percy Is during this arc so far #but they’re really not gonna shy away from any of it are they #it’s so good it’s SO good #fhjgdjd okay it’s stupid but i loved the little thing with the mirror with sylas and delilah #that was clever #also loved how the first two eps really set vax up to be this super cool dude who does everything effortlessly #and then boom he is a damsel in distress. welcome to life with vax. #UGH GOD!!! i could go on all night!!!!! #i knew the show would be good but i could never have hoped it would be THIS good #cr #critical role spoilers #tlovm spoilers
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  • woofwoofdaniel
    28.01.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    had a dream everyone mass unfollowed me n I was left with 89 followers but I didn't care cause the besties stayed 😤💪

    #i dream the most stupid shit #rambles
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  • the-blights
    28.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    behold my finest creations!

    #these are so fucking stupid but i love them #lost boys michael #david the lost boys #marko the lost boys #keanu reeves#alex winter #the lost boys
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  • lovetrace
    28.01.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    yknow looking at it. my parents really fucked up my view on relationships, friendship, and like. happiness

    #my parents hate each other but pretend not to #my dad is still in love with her even though she’s abusive #and my mom.. hates him for being abusive and wants to leave #and yet. She stays with him because she’s afraid to be alone #most of the relationships I like. Internalized were theirs and ones in media #but like. Obviously children r stupid #my mom wants him dead #it scares me #i can’t trust her #my dad is abusive but most of its reactive #even so #i remember telling him how he abused me and my brother and he point blank said wel imagine how it was for me #and it’s like. i don’t actually care. i don’t care that she wants to kill him or if he’s accusing her of cheating #i think they should’ve both should’ve stepped on a fucking landmine long before they met each other #however that’s not how things work. #i was a fucking trap. #my little brother was wanted. my other siblings were wanted #they just. fucking abandoned me #left me to get raped and abused even more #they didn’t raise me they just. expected me to do it myself #and I will always hate them #and yet. when my mother smiles I melt. when my dad and I get talking about comics it action movies or social justice #it’s like lookin in a mirror. i love comics because of my dad I love makeup and wigs because of my mom #i dont know how to love because of both of them. i count steps and flinch at every raised voice and sob silently because of them #i don’t know how to do anything because of them. i have no social skills because of them. i… owe so much to them #most parents don’t encourage their artistic kids but they did. i mean they always monetized it but they supported me #they’re trying to support me. they let me and chevy stay #they let me and chevy get harrassed for like a year or so. only stopping when it got physical #my unhealthy relationship with my body and food are their faults. and my dependency on a bottle is genetic #i hope their relationship woes aren’t genetic. i can only try and break the cycle
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  • cobwebpiss
    28.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    i feel so messed up bc

    i mean i know that some people care about me and stuff but it's just kinda like

    they don't care enough

    even if they care a lot

    why do i need so much can't i just be happy with what i'm given wtf

    #idk how to write this w/o the stupid spaces #yeh well
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  • oughthescrunklies
    28.01.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    on one hand i love the angst potential of kuwagong and how gong *knew* beetleton, and oops now he's an undead demon and kuwa being bitter but still tagging along with gong bc he's the first guy to show him basic respect and kindness

    but the ''we all have our demons, and this one happens to be mine' (pan to kuwa dropping his hammer on his foot and creatively swearing)' dynamic is also a serotonin generator for my mush brain

    #.text #patapon#kuwagattan#gong#kuwagong #theyre both so stupid but in completely different ways
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  • unmetroymedio
    28.01.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    Anoche mientras dormía bajó Dios y me dijo que vos ya te olvidaste de mí.

    Y sí, gracias a Dios que ya ni creo en Dios, así que olvidé su voz y me dormí para soñarte aquí.

    #canserbero #stupid love story #apache#g
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  • occasionalincorrectquotes
    28.01.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    First time Simping for a character that doesn't have an actual love interest at all so I'm forced to just,, look at him, instead of project my affection through a different character

    #hate this #its daisuke its his stupid smug ass #芷 #even bartender has one Ryu literally was invited on a date but he was like: what? /genq
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  • respectfularents
    28.01.2022 - 44 minutes ago


    #woke up after falling asleep #to try to get stupid ass tickets #lets hope hope hope #i also watched the third after movie #what an awful movie #it was so bad yall #like god #but anyways pray for my paris tickets pls
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  • relativespaceandanxiety
    28.01.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    It's 2am and I can't sleep, I work at 7am.

    I figured maybe a shower would help, but it did not, so I tried other things-

    Brushing my teeth, flossing, mouthwash, face mask, cutting my finger nails, filing my nails, plucking my eye brows, washing my face, moisturizing, walking my dog, smoking a bowl (or 2... possibly 4), meditating....

    And honestly, I can't tell what's worse, being unable to sleep for the 3rd night in a row... or laying awake watching my fan turn, wondering if I did the wrong thing.

    Hoping that somewhere in the universe, there's someone watching- that will just pop out of the nth dimension, grab me by the face, and scream "it's okay, in a few days everything will be back to normal"...

    But it won't, I never will, because- as you say- I make impulsive decisions, dont consider the consequences, and it's up to you to consider things beyond the two of us.

    Whatever that means, it's always just been the two of us, and now it's feeling like it's the one and only me- I know you have a tumblr, I know you can find this, I hope you understand.

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  • vydumaj
    28.01.2022 - 51 minutes ago


    #beating the no sleep allegations by sleeping for 5 hours (not straight) 🥰 #zorry I think ‘gay allegations’ is such a stupid meme
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  • aresite
    28.01.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    Also, me  looking at the Arcues Plot:

    I was doing ‘isekai’d into Fantasy-Pokemon’ before it was cool.

    #crack!post #its stupid-o'clock #ooc!time
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  • gosiksmallspace
    28.01.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    How did police arrested Jaeho in the first place? What did he do to end up in jail? I want to know how that happened! Or at least listen to some theories. Also based on his actions in movie and his own admission that he worked for Ko for 20 years, how did he got only 3 years?

    Maybe they could give us prequel...

    #the merciless#han jaeho#korean movie#kmovie#merciless 2017#prequel #it would be nice to know #hope is not something like driving over the speed limit #or avoiding taxes #or something completely dumb #but if its something stupid better be hilarious
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  • japiform
    28.01.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    imma make a chat for assholes

    #come one come all #those fuckers who end shit with 'i'm just bein honest' after they make someone cry #those fuckers who assassinate and slit throats to get where they wanna be #those that do anythin to succeed #or just those who don't give a shit #this is a serious post #hit the stupid heart button if you wanna join #law abiding and imperialism ain't necessary #seadwellers best not be stupid though #no one cares about your problems
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  • voidgremlin
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    im back on my home bullshit:

    (because it will take me forever to write.)

    - is your home a place where you can be yourself ? is it you.... in some way an extension of you...

    and if its not. can you restore the warmth it should have ? is it cursed to destroy you ?

    #sooooo #i keep hearing army recruitements ads and im stressed out #so im gonna babble on that #it doesnt have to make sense #just vibes #ref: the stupid masterplan
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  • catgirlkatebush
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Been up doing integration problems it’s almost 3 am what if I ended my life prematurely

    #Calc ii is so HARDDDD I am definitely never doing something with it. god #am I just stupid. Ithink I am
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  • kinschi
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
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  • hrrysgirl
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #finished Take a Hint Dani Brown last night #gooooddddd lord I loved it #as a PhD student I related hard to Dani’s character #how she was navigating carving ‘balance’ into her life #things kept popping up that I really resonated with #struggles with burn out and career/research pressure and cutting everyone out to work all the time #not to mention having a crushing research idol that you’re desp not to be stupid in front of #I’ve not read a PhD MC before so that was cool #and this book is just filled with love from front to back!!!! commeee on where’s my own Zaf?! #the epilogue???? okay 😭💌 #liz’s 2022 in books #thoughts
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  • jessaarons
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    like taylor swift’s lyrics are not even that complicated have these people ever read an actual published poem in their lives like do they know how to interpret meaning from literary devices did they ever pay attention in english class or were they too busy joking about mercutio from romeo and juliet being gay. i’m sorry i’m not trying to be such a bummer but taylor’s lyrics are like. so simple in comparison to the shit i remember having to read in english class like i’m still traumatized over death of a naturalist. and you can’t understand “i can’t stop you putting roots in my dreamland”???? roots in my dreamland is where she lost you????

    #can someone tell me this was just those ten people in that tiktok’s comments that are this stupid and not the greater population as a whole #can someone reassure me that we are not beyond hope #beth.txt
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  • lady-maeda
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Benkei Homophobic Moments

    #I miss his stupid ass omg #Not me posting about a game that seized to exist years ago
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