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  • Ascocenda Princess Mikasa blue

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  • Orchid blooms

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  • shell orchid

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  • image


    I am dancing around like a maniac waiting for this to fully open.

    When it does I’ll post (lots of) pictures of it in better light to show off that blue Tinge.

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  • Dracula chimaera

    Syn.: Masdevallia chimaera et al.

    September 26, 2020 

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  • A typical scene in a flower shop when somebody buys a plant:

    “How often do I water it?”

    I’ve mentioned in the past that it depends on your environment, where exactly in the house you’ll be placing the plant, the time of the year, etc etc.. But there’s also something I haven’t mentioned because I hadn’t noticed it until recently. Now I realise it’s quite obvious but hindsight is 20/20 and all that. 


    For us, orchid lovers, is quite common to buy young orchids. They’re usually cheaper and if you don’t mind waiting, you can learn a lot about the orchid before it matures and blooms. The thing is that as they grow, our orchids’s needs change. So it’s not only that they need a different water regime, for example, in summer and another one for winter. They need a watering regime for when they’re young plants and then another one for when they’re mature. I’m seeing this specially with some of my cattleyas. When I got them they required water more often but now I’m seeing that the roots rot quite easily. Why? Because as the plant matured, its needs changed. A mature cattleya, in general, doesn’t need to be watered as often as its younger self. 


    It’s funny because that big cattleya above, with her big pseudobulbs, big leaves, etc.. could go longer without water than the young cattleya from the previous picture. Why would I need to water more often a younger and therefore smaller orchid than an adult orchid? I guess in their size I can find the answer. Adult orchids have established root systems, big pseudobulbs which can store lots of nutrients. Meanwhile young plants are building all of that, so I guess that’s why they need to be watered more often.  

    That’s why it’s really important to check on our orchid’s roots frequently.

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  • image

    paph doll’s kobold wide open today! 🌱

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  • Pleurothallis loranthophylla

    Syn.: Rhynchopera loranthophylla and many others

    September 25, 2020 

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  • Florian Neuville by Ferry Van Der Nat.

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  • image

    paph doll’s kobold almost there! 🌱

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  • Bits & bobs

    Some things regarding my orchids. Let’s begin with my miniature phalaenopsis. Last week I talked about the latest leaf she was growing and that it had a folded corner. Well,


    the corner of the leaf is still folded and now there’s a new leaf emerging. I’m glad that the fold is not in any way impeding the new leaf’s growth. Also, I know this orchid is small but the folded leaf is really small. I thought it wasn’t done growing but now, seeing as there’s another leaf sprouting, I guess it means the orchid underwent a stressful period (when I bought her and repotted her) and as a result she’s growing smaller than normal leaves. Well, at least she’s putting out new leaves so that’s good!


    That leaf belongs to my catasetum and that thing on top of the leaf is living there. I don’t know if it’s responible for the strange sap accumulation you can see on the right of the picture. My catasetum produces a lot of sap (well, more in previous years, this year not so much) but never like that. Anyway, I checked and I think this thing is all by its lonesome. I grabbed a tissue soaked in alcohol and removed that thing. It hasn’t munched on the leaf or anything so yay!


    And lastly something many of us use with our orchids. I’m running out of sphagnum moss and I thought I could buy some more but I don’t remember where I bought it and my usual go-to sites don’t have any so I tried another store where they only had this type. The main difference with the sphagnum moss I’ve been using is that this one is not pressed. I also suspect this one consists of long strings unlike the pressed one. Well, I hope this one works like the other one.

    If you want to know more about the two orchids I mention in this entry, please check the tags and the List of my orchids link under the header.

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  • Prom gone (hilariously) wrong

    A/N: I have no idea where this came from but I thought this would be a cute, short one so there! Bit of time skip for this one. Orchid has her sight back and is practicing for the show! Enjoy, dears! Leave a like and reblog if you did!

    Fandom: Hazbin Hotel

    Characters: Alastor and Orchid (OC)

    Warnings: Banshee gets wrecked with tickles by mentor, more at ten!

    Summary: Alastor sits in, watching Orchid rehearse for ‘Carrie,’ in order to critique and help her. He can’t resist being an asshole, however!


    Alastor sat in the front row of the hotel’s music hall, ready to watch his student rehearse. Her first triumph as Christine in Phantom of the opera was truly spectacular. Now that she had secured the title role of Carrie, (and incidentally, her true name) it was time to see her expand her range.

    Currently, she was about to go over the infamous prom scene, with Shadow wanting to jump in and help. He wanted to dump the blood and split off into multiple versions of himself, so Orchid had ‘students’ to ‘kill.’ It would be entertaining and fun! Hell, he was more excited about this than Orchid!

    Orchid stood in the center of the stage, in her costume, awaiting the bucket. Apparently, it was real blood. It would only serve to help her get into her character’s disgusted, frightened, enraged mindset.

    “Shadow, we can go whenever, I’m getting a little hung-“ Her words were cut off by a (evidently) warm, red blanket of blood, utterly drenching her. She gasped, willing herself not to scream in surprise, Alastor barked a laugh. Ah, the look on her face was priceless!

    He’d worked with her privately on this scene, before any of this came to fruition. Mainly on her rage. He taught her how to channel it and use it for acting. Maybe this would even help with “redemption” but he wasn’t ready to let her go yet.

    “Remember your rage!” Alastor called encouragingly. He manifested a cup of coffee, sipping on it. He was in for a show!

    Shadow split off into multiple versions of himself, starting the rehearsal track on the music hall stereo, before gathering around Orchid on the stage taunting her.

    Nothing personal but he had to start the fire under her, so to speak. The copies of him would also help with the special effects. Alastor watched as she began to sing, humming along happily. He always did like a scene of mass murder!

    He watched and critiqued her internally or rather tried to. She had come so far since Phantom, it was hard to find anything she needed to work on. But only naturally! After all, Orchid had a great tutor, he thought feeling rather vain.

    Though he knew it wasn’t all him. Orchid had every reason to be proud of herself but she was so modest and humble.

    Alastor watched as character and actor became one, feeling truly proud of her. If she gave her best at rehearsal, then the audience was truly going to be thrilled and hopefully frightened as well. Though nothing much frightened the hardened souls of Hell. No matter. Orchid could still put on a damn good show!

    And God made Eve to bear the curse, the curse of blood! The curse of blood!” Her voice resounded and echoed throughout the music hall with power, commanding Alastor to listen and he did. She was a firecracker when it came to her roles.

    Thankfully, he used magic to seal the doors shut. Too many demons wanted to sneak a peek during her rehearsals and ruin it for themselves. If Orchid hadn’t given Charlie the go ahead to watch every so often, he would have shooed her out as well!

    Of course he could be here, he was her mentor but anybody else? Absolutely not!

    As proud and as entertained he was, however, Alastor couldn’t help but tease her a little. It was funny watching her trying to sing while laughing and wanted to see if she’d corpse. Plus, he was an asshole.

    He’d discovered during rehearsals for Phantom, Orchid got the giggles easily and if somebody even looked at her the right way, she’d bust up.

    Well, time to test the waters! He struck when she extended a hand to use her ‘telekinesis’ to dim and kill the lights. A copy of Shadow sprang into action at the light switch.

    With her arm in the air, Alastor snapped his fingers, grinning mischievously, and a tendril sneaked into her armpit, unnoticed.

    “An eagle’s just another bird, until he can spread his wiIIIIIINGS!” The note morphed into a loud, high squeal, as she bit down her giggles and continued.

    Alastor was impressed. He honestly thought she would simply fall into a giggle fit but supposed that’s what happens when one is focused on their craft. Time to up the stakes.

    They’ll make fun of you! They will breheheheak your heart! Thehehen they’ll laugh at youhoohoo, watching you fall apart!” A tendril had come to tease her belly and behind her knees. Her resolve was not broke but she glared at Alastor, who withdrew the tendrils.

    He wanted to see this next tiny bit. This was where Carrie well and truly snapped and became vengeful and wrathful.

    Orchid stood dead center of the stage, refocusing, recovering, getting back into the zone, looking at Shadow’s copies with pure murderous intent. His copies looked frightened and ran around in panic as he was supposed to.

    “Doesn’t anybody ever get it right?! Doesn’t anybody think, that I hear?!” Her demonic banshee form flashed in and out of view, like someone was flicking a lightswitch on and off

    Alastor nodded in approval, applauding enthusiastically, despite the number being far from over. Neither was his fun. He watched Orchid bring death and destruction to a few of Shadows copies, before she moved onto the next line.

    This line had been in the eighties version of the musical that flopped. Orchid was thankful her director chose to put it back in. Well and truly in the zone, she began to grin. It was bloodthirsty and horrible. Alastor approved.

    God has seen your sinning! Just beginning! Pray for your salvation, from damnation!-“ Her next line was cut off, turning into a fit of giggles, as the tendrils returned, growing hands to pluck and tease her ribs.

    Alastor’s grin was wide and playful. Yes, he knew she took her acting and singing seriously, as did he but sometimes, Orchid took herself too seriously and needed to be shown to lighten up. A little messing around here, never hurt anybody.

    Time to be even more of an ass and tease her. She didn’t look very threatening now! “Sing, my little songbird!” He teased, watching and listening to her laugh.

    Orchid bounced right back, listening for her cue. “Pray or he will burn you! He will burn you!Now came the part where Carrie killed the prom goers in a variety of ways. Shadow got electrocuted, burned, crushed, all the ways the director instructed for each death.

    Alastor laughed heartily as he watched his Shadow get ‘killed’ it almost made him forget to mess with the banshee. The tendrils returned once more, teasing and pinched at her ribs, squeezing at her kneecaps, making her jump and squeal.

    He watched as she slowly became a giggly wreck, unable to keep herself in check at this point. She fidgeted and wiggled, still doing her best to carry on but was lost to a fit of laughter.

    Alastor continued to chuckle, watching her. Oh, she had done stupendous and had been doing stupendous on this scene for the last week. He was proud of her and thought she deserved a break. Hence his little attack.

    She had never not given her best here and today proved it. Orchid continued trying to get herself together and she eventually did but a goofy grin didn’t look very frightening!

    As the rehearsal track wound to a close, she crossed her arms, glaring at him playfully. “Maestro…” Orchid huffed, her grey cheeks flushed a light pink.

    Alastor laughed again, slapping a knee. “Oh, my apologies, cher! I just couldn’t help myself! I promise, when you show me the scene again, next week, I’ll leave you to it!”

    Orchid laughed as well, stepping offstage to join him for a quick break. The title song was next. He manifested a glass of water for her to drink and rest her vocal chords.

    “Any notes?” She asked.

    Alastor nodded. Nothing regarding her singing or posture. Rather, things that would enhance the performance.

    “Certainly! For starters, I think it would be a brilliant idea, if you allowed your banshee form to come in for a minute or so! That would well and truly get the hearts pumping! Next, I suggest you spread your wings out on the ‘God has seen your sinning’ line. It’ll look astounding!”

    Orchid looked at him quizzically. “Anything else?”

    “Nothing! My dear, I know you’re doing your best to truly get into the mindset of your character and to ensure your performance is utterly flawless, as it will be, but don’t forget to have some fun every once in a while! It’s no good if an actress takes herself seriously, twenty-four-seven!”

    Shadow snuck up behind her and teased her wings, making her giggle. He gave a muffled chuckle and waved, going back to the darkness of the music hall to be a shadow.

    Alastor refilled her glass, allowing her to drink more. “Now, show me the title song and perhaps afterwards, I’ll make those disgustingly sweet maple brown sugar pancakes you like so much, for a brunch of sorts!”

    He snapped his fingers and there was no more blood on her or on the stage. She smiled and gave an obedient nod.

    Oui, enseignant!”

    As expected, Orchid knocked the rehearsal out of the park. Alastor was proud. She would triumph in this musical as she did the last.

    She’d come so far and would continue to fight for her redemption. Orchid would win said fight but hoped not for a little while longer. She wasn’t ready to leave everyone yet and she wouldn’t.

    Not for another three years.

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  • Dracula woolwardiae

    September 24, 2020 

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