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  • Remember back in October when I said I’d finish this late???  Well I was right!!!

    Here is the completed Vampress Tsyrelai~! she actually isn’t comfortable acting so sultry XD but she was a good sport and modeled for me anyways ^^ 

    Thanks to @aeris-blue for the awesome idea :D 

    #OC#kyadraws#original character #Stories from Steiray #Tsyrelai#Vampire#Vampress #I got a lot of good color practice #shading is still hard #i hate it DX #but i really like how this turned out!
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  • image

    I hate drawing legs if you haven’t noticed that’s why I draw PANTS!! Once I finish the refs I’ll do the relationship charts and make a blog for my project

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  • was vibing with this one

    as much as I love a sassy lady, Nyn has always been kind of cold

    some background: I am sort of making alternate modern au of my fantasy setting with Nyn and James… This time as Nara and Jamie.

    #artists on tumblr #ink painting#original character #Nyn Naura Ma Gorggia #SHarvester#modern au
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  • I just woke up and realized that I slept through the entire day… :(

    Well anyway, here’s some more pictures as promised.


    Honestly I’m a little disappointed that I FINALLY figured out how to add more than one picture to the same post…

    Anyways, I hope you guys like it.

    #oc#original character#ibispaint art#ibispaintdrawing#ibispaintx#original #i hope you all have a wonderful day/night! #i hope you guys like it #original art#idk#:P
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  • “My Zelda.”

    “Hyrule.. I.. I went to the Spring of power today… I’m afraid-”

    “Hush, now.. I’m not the King. You are doing everything you can to awaken your sealing power.. That is all you can do… My dear.. Your power will awaken when the time is right. My Zelda, Darling Zelda.. Your efforts will not be in vain.”

    #Uli#Zelda#OC#Original character #don't @ me #im sorry#aa #lore? #I guess?? #HWS OC#hetalia OC #Fictional country OC
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    Zark likes the little things that go *boom*, especially when used as a suppository on his enemies.

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  • las fotos de la familia cosío el antes y despues

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  • image

    Yeehaw am fixated on the snooty, smug, bunny man wjehsn Even though I already did a semi half body on him in one of the last posts, I had art block soooooo,,, I drew him again like this! Just not pastel gorey sksjsj I actually like doing character drawings like this, cause I enjoy drawing and coloring the faces and eyes of characters the most! However hands? Ugh… ECK- That hand took so long to do good loRD- I both regret and not regret taking so long on that hand sksj

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  • tag the oc that’s a messy eater

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  • Favors & Gifts


    Araceli has started bringing gifts to Seraphim upon their meetings, and introduces a new friend. Seraphim takes the snow goddess for the ride of her life; Hera’s manipulation becomes more brutal.

    “What are we looking for again?” A gruff voice called out in the middle of the forest, coming from a woman with pale salmon colored skin and black eyes. Her hair was an ashy platinum color, and four horns sprouted from her head like a crown. Her footfalls were heavy as she walked, crashing through the burnt leave of the winter season as she gazed around. Eyes landing on the young winter goddess, Hagar pursed her lips as the youthful maiden rushed around, looking in rotted tree stumps and under large rocks paying no mind to her question.

    The cool breeze blew through their hair as the wandered the woods in question, a few birds chirping here and there as the traversed along. There was no path here, and one would begin to wonder how the two even knew where they were going. Coming up on a river bed, Araceli lifted her dress and stepped into the cold water, brushing her hair from her face as she bent over and looked around.

    Her hands would move through the steadily flowing stream, trying hard not to get her dress wet as she pecked and puttered around. The winter goddess went deeper into the water until it was at her knees, and Hagar clenched her jaw a little alarmed. Hagar was a Fire Gensai. If something happened to Araceli in the water, she would not be able to help her.

    Thankfully, she cried out in excitement as she wrenched her fist up towards the sky, clutching something in her tiny hand. Quickly she skipped out of the water, letting her dress down slowly causing it to stick to her legs just slightly before she drew near to Hagar. She opened her hand and showed her what she had found, the Gensai peering into her palm with an unimpressed look on her face. An ugly brown rock.

    “It’s Tiger Iron! For the gift I’m making Seraphim!” Araceli explained with a smile. That’s right, she had been working on some sort of charm bracelet for him, to commemorate knowing each other two weeks. Yes, perhaps it was a little excessive, but the little goddess didn’t know the meaning of the word realistic. Her smile was bright and her eyes were even brighter as the took the bracelet out of an unknown location, showing the slot that would hold the stone.

    The bracelet itself was composed of little melded and grinded pieces of Palladium, little diamonds of flint in between, and in the center would hold a polished piece of Tiger Iron. She had carefully thought out the entire process, wanting it to be absolutely perfect for him to wear. Silently she began to wonder what he was doing. It was undoubtable the youthful maiden had begun to fancy him in the time they had met, but she was always to skittish to admit it.

    Meanwhile, at the demon camp, Seraphim leaned against the old crooked tree, rubbing his head from where he and Hera had just got into a fight days ago. She was always so angry.  To recap, she was beyond pissed that he was talking to the winter goddess, and that she kept sneaking away from the heavens to see him. That didn’t stop him though, Araceli’s visits had become the most exciting parts of his week, though her visits weren’t exactly often. She had to be careful not to get herself into any more trouble than she was in. It was admirable, actually. She was risking her own safety and reputation to come and see him, to entertain him.

    Hera had got naught from him the night before. The demon had been playing a hard game of abstinence ever since that night, the night Araceli had told him the story of her hidden myths. As it turns out, Hera and the other deities of the pantheon had been intentionally covering up her existence. Seraphim remembers that, he was almost angry when he heard this, before she continued her story. According to what he had been told, there was an accident, a little over a decade ago.

    Araceli had wiped an entire Polis off the face of the Earth, a freak accident. It was an event that shook the entire world, her powers going completely berserk and spiraling out of control. There were too many gaps in her memory to recall the entire tragedy, all she knew was that it was awful. Supposedly, the goddess Zenith had erased every mortals memories of the event, and Leto was tasked with destroying any and all evidence she even existed.

    Seraphim didn’t believe in worship. He didn’t, but.. It was a sad thought. That the winter goddess would have no following, no worshippers at all, over an accident she had no control over. No one every prayed to her. There were no mortals that talked to her or told her about their day, or even gave her offerings like the others. Never had he wanted to kneel before someone so badly before. Not because he pitied her, and not because he thought himself beneath her. He believed she /deserved/ it. Such a gentle being of light, she deserved a following, a family and friends to adore her. According to her childhood tale, she didn’t get much of that.

    Turning on his heal and entering his tent quietly, Seraphim let his ruby eyes gaze over the fixed up table he had pieced back together form when he threw her against it. Fresh bottles of ink laid on the flat surface, accompanied by new stacks of parchment, most of them untouched. There was also a new book; A book he was writing himself. Beside it was a small, poorly woven basket with several little things inside of it.

    A small bird skull, a piece of charcoal, and an old preserved tulip were some examples. They were all gifts, from her. Gifts all to him. Oh to be in the favor of a goddess. Araceli’s love was nothing like Hera’s disgusting and convoluted vision of infatuation. Her eyes shimmered like sapphires, her cool hands against his face.. Every time he saw her, the war was pushed to the back of his mind.

    Truth be told, he was procrastinating, and Hera knew it. Unbeknownst to him, so did Zeus. The god of thunder knew love when he saw it, and relief soared in his heart when he saw the two interact. He turned a blind eye every time he watched Araceli leave Olympus, only to have his ear chewed off later by his wife. Truth be told, he was depending on Araceli to end this. Neither of them knew that though. As far as they knew, they were just two friends.

    Hearing the familiar chirping of a certain snow goddess outside his tent, Seraphim hid his scars under his cloak and approached the tarp, pulling it back to see his lady and someone entirely new. He tried to smile, but he couldn’t stop his face from twisting into one of confusion, his eyes peering over at the Fire Gensai in perplexment.

    “Seraphim, this is Hagar! She’s kinda like my guardian. Hagar, this is Seraphim, my friend.”

    Guardian? Araceli didn’t need a guardian. Even if she did, he would be more than enough protection for her, and he would keep her from harm as she had done for him. As if reading his thoughts, Hagar leered and stuck her tongue out at him, picking Araceli up by the waist making her squeal. What a delightful sound, it fell pleasant upon his ears.

    However the sight of Hagar trying his patience was unkind to his eyes as he followed them into his tent. Silently he prayed she would not be staying the night. After she set the girl down, her feet padded gently against the ground before she sprung into the demon’s arms, catching him off guard. Seraphim groaned softly, not of pain but of shock, his arms looping around her waist before he regained his barring and he snickered, pulling her up to hold her properly. “Well aren’t you charming? It’s been nearly three days; I suppose this means that you missed me then?”

    Araceli’s giggles strung out in a way that made his eyes squint just a tad.  The demon stood tall and held his head high, while his pupils seemed to dilate a little bit as he focused his gaze upon her. All the while Hagar stood quietly to the side, her arms crossed over her chest as she watched them mingle, seeming a bit annoyed. Though she behaved like an angry step sister, the truth was she was only looking out for the ice nymph, in debt. That’s a tale for another time.

    “What have you for me today, mon ange?” Seraphim mused softly, his firm hands holding her securely by the waist, his lips curling into a smile as she gazed into his eyes, her dainty hands moving to stroke his hair back. Slowly, she patted his shoulders and he lowered her down to plant her feet softly upon the floor, turning to rummage through her pockets before taking something out of them.

    Araceli held her hand out, and he was quick to reach for the trinket, however he seemed more interesting in clutching her hand, his clawed fingers dragging across her smooth skin making her shutter and look down at her feet. He narrowed his eyes with a smirk, his shoulders back before he examined what she had brought to him. “I-It’s a key.”

    It was. A small and rusty little key with a tiny arch towards the top, some decorative coils around the shaft and a two pronged tip. He blinked once as he turned it over in his hands before sighing and shaking his head with a soft chuckle. Gingerly, the demon gripped her hand and offered a small bow, raising her hand to his face to brush his rough lips over her knuckles.

    “It is a wonderful gift, princess.” Seraphim smiled, letting his eye lashes flutter against her skin softly before he let go of her hand, watching her heat up and giggle softly, rubbing the back of her neck skittishly. Hagar sneered and cleared her throat, stomping one foot against the ground before stepping closer making Seraphim pout and roll his eyes. He turned to the desk to place the key in his basket, Araceli holding her breath as she looked at his back muscles, feeling her heart race.

    Hagar gawked at her and smacked her softly in the arm making her yelp, the soft sound making the demon whip around and grip his bident defensively. The two ladies froze up in surprise as they eyed up the feverishly suspicious demon king, Hagar swallowing harshly before holding up her hands to show she meant no harm.

    Realizing there was no danger, Seraphim set his bident back against the wall and folded his arms over his chest, looking away awkwardly before clearing his throat. It was then that the scars from Hera’s assault were shone, making Araceli gasp and pace over, her cool hands gently brushing the still healing open wounds. He winced softly and stepped away, looking down at her with resistance in his eyes before she furrowed her brows and crossed her arms over her chest.


    “No.” He cut her off sternly, turning away from her before she walked to his other side, making him grimace and turn away again. His feet dug into the ground as he covered his wounds with his cloak, hearing her groan and huff in frustration, all the while Hagar snickered and watched from the sidelines.


    “I said no.”

    “You turn around right now!”

    “Make me.” Instant regret filled his chest as he realized what he had just said, tensing up and clenching his jaw before glancing down at her. He was behaving like a child who didn’t want to take their medicine because it tasted bad when they were sick. It was when his legs began to feel cold that he gasped and looked down. She had frozen his feet to the ground up to his knees, trapping him in a block of ice.

    Araceli them hummed smugly and walked in front of him, smirking triumphantly before moving to grab his cloak. She shrugged his touch off in defiance before she whined and gripped the fabric, tugging it away from him. He clawed to get it back, but failed as she tossed it towards Hagar. The woman picked it up and sniffed at it before faking a gagging sound.

    “Stop fighting me.” Araceli challenged as she examined his wounds. He could only sigh and give in quietly as she began to doctor him up with ice. Gods it was cold, but it would seal the wounds and give him at least a little comfort. The ice around  his legs eventually dissipated, and by that time she was finished.

    She took some scraps of fabric that were laying around to wrap them up, he was seated on a barrel as he quietly watched her, examining her body language. She stood in a slightly slumped position, showing her submission. Her feet faced him, and her head was held somewhat high. Her legs were shifting the weight from one to the other every now and them. Such smooth, well toned legs-.. They would probably be great in battle! Heh…

    When she finished properly, she smiled and let his hands go, he muttered a quiet thank you as Hagar rummaged through his desk, making him call out loudly. Seraphim stomped over quickly and watched as Hagar pulled out a few papers, laughing and showing what was on it. It was a bunch of sloppy drawings of the ice nymph and winter goddess, none of them were perfect, but you could definitely add art to the list of the demon’s proficiencies.

    “Aww really, Seraphim you’re great at drawing!” Araceli chirped obliviously as she looked at the drawings, smiling as she took them up and tilted it to different angles to see it better. There was minimal color, but it didn’t seem to bother her. The demon could only groan and punch Hagar in the arm as she made face smooching faces at him, leading to a small fight.

    They stopped quickly when Araceli turned to them in confusion, acting as if they hadn’t been doing anything at all. She shrugged quietly and continued looking before putting them down and walking over to sit on Seraphim’s bed, humming softly. The two continued to glare at one another before a soft roar could be heard from outside.

    Jumping up quickly, Araceli sprinted outside making the two tense up and shout after her, running after her. Outside was a strange hybrid of lion, goat, crow, and alligator. The beast flicked it’s ear softly before opening it’s mouth to let out a loud yawn, causing Araceli to beam and rush over to it. It tensed up in surprise before Seraphim snatched her up, pulling her tight against his chest. His large arms wrapped around her as he panted in alarm, sighing in relief before she whined.

    “I want to pet it..”

    “Absolutely not.” Seraphim snapped quickly in a panic. Araceli pouted sadly up at him before sighing and going limp, moping in response. He tried to hold a straight face as Hagar made faces at him, making him feel guilty. Moments of silence passed before he let out a soft groan and sat the snow goddess down, gesturing for her to approach the monster. “Her name is Absinthe.”

    Araceli beamed with stars in her eyes as she tip toed over to the creature, her master gesturing for her to behave and play nice. Slowly she reached her hand out towards Absinthe’s snout, stopping quietly in hesitation, however she didn’t have to move anymore, for her damp snout met her hand slowly. The winter goddess grinned happily and began to pet and brush the creature softly, running her hands through her wild mane.

    It was when she scratched behind Absinthe’s ears that she began to purr softly and groan, turning to lay over on her back, her wings flapping softly as she exposed her belly to the youthful maiden. Seraphim couldn’t help but smile quietly as he watched her climb onto Absinthe’s body and rub her belly softly making her roar and turn back over, pinning Araceli under her and nipping her gently and playfully.

    “Can we ride her?” Araceli asked with pleading eyes as she clasped her hands together, making him wince and rub the back of his neck quietly, looking away from her. He didn’t want to meet her eyes, because he knew that if he did he wouldn’t be able to resist her request. “Hagar, you’ll have to wait here, I don’t think all three of us should go at once, plus I don’t want to hurt the baby.”

    Bingo. Seraphim quickly turned back to her and smiled helping the winter goddess up. Absinthe most certainly was not a baby, and could take three people, but as long as he could get Araceli alone and to himself for a little while, he didn’t mind. This was going to be a long ride.

    “Alright, hop on-.. Nah ah, in front of me. I don’t want you flying off.”

    They flew around for hours. Seraphim just showing Araceli the world. She hadn’t been here in years, and it was nice to finally see how its grown and changed. However when the passed over the burned Polis, her lips would curl into a sad frown. She didn’t know what had happened. The goddess didn’t know that he and his people were souly responsibly for all the damage.

    When they landed, the three exchanged a few more conversations before they all ended with goodbyes and the winter goddess and demon exchanged a short hug before they departed, leaving him already missing her. He didn’t get to miss her long before Hera arrived.

    It was the same as every other night, she would try to come onto him, he would shrug her off and tell her he wouldn’t sleep with her, and she would get angry. However, it was different tonight. She didn’t even try to seduce him as she circled around his kneeling body like he was some sort of meal.

    “She doesn’t love you.”

    This caught him off guard. Seraphim’s lips parted as his mind flashed to images of Araceli, and his brows furrowed. She knew they had been meeting. Of course she did, how couldn’t she have known; They had already been caught once after all. She continued.

    “She could never love someone like you. You’re a monster, Seraphim. A creature of darkness. You already hurt her once. You don’t actually believe you can make her happy. Does she know that you are the mastermind behind the smoldering world around you?” Hera asked him, grabbing his chin harshly before sneering down at him and spitting in his face. He hissed softly and reached to hit her before she slapped him to the ground. “You, will never deserve her. You’re demon, are disgusting. You’re better off looking for a night whore to warm your bed, because you’re an moron if you believe such a purebred would sleep with you. How does it feel, to be so worthless and pathetic?”

    Her words cut him deeper than any knife could, his throat burned as he breathed deeply, holding his face and sneering angrily at the ground. She was lying. Her had to be lying. Araceli was kind to him, and would never see him as a monster… right? I mean sure he had… killed a few hundred people… and enslaved the survivors.. maybe burned a dozen villages to the ground…

    Hera chuckled softly and pulled his hair once more before shoving him over onto his fire pit, the hot coals spilling out and burning him making him groan loudly in pain. Hera watched him with hatred and malice in her eyes before crossing her arms over her chest and sucking her teeth. “Don’t forget who you belong to, Seraphim. You do my bidding.”

    Hearing quick footsteps enter his tent, Seraphim was surprised when a smaller demon helped him up, brushing him off quickly. He looked down with surprise in his eyes, clouded by the pain. A young demon woman with short white hair and the same ruby red eyes, looking concerned and alarmed before speaking in a calm voice.

    “Are you alright, My Lord?”

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  • Ok so over the course of two days I’ve kind of been re-watching wakfu and went “Hey, you know what? I’m bored, I need to draw something other then my special interest. How about I make an original Class!”

    So here they are :] I haven’t really thought of a cohesive storyline for the entire race as a whole but I’m just thinking about it atm!

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  • image

    A more mature looking Dragon Prince 👑 (Saros)

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  • trying out a new way of coloring!!!

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  • It’s an assortment, of the boys

    its been a while since I posted my regular artwork on here. They’ll be more pokemon keychain content tomorrow.

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