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  • maphel-n-doodles
    19.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Small art dump. Been really busy so I haven’t done nearly as much art as I wish I have.

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  • dinsengii
    19.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    me? drawing something decent???? it’s more likely than you think

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  • silverbloom
    19.05.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Adoptables! Dog edition! First come, first serve

    Message me to claim one!

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  • acidbathdemon
    19.05.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    (oc art, they/them)

    *autotuned screaming*🌈🌈 transparent under readmore

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  • kefliboo
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Beach day Sierra I drew during class a couple of days ago


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  • kaissauce
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i'll drop sOme stuff about their old lore: they're fuckin terrified of Ink. why? well since they weren't apart of an au they didnt have a script to follow and they were unpredictable. basically they were like papyrus to flowey, with ink being flowey. unlike the other outcodes that are all practically gods (like error, nightmare, etc) these two were weak af and couldn't even travel aus on their own. So ink basically said "oh cool free characters to manipulate" and put em in dangerous situations whenever they weren't vibin at home. Blue actually considered Ink a friend before he put them in danger. after that they cut ties and no liquid is allowed in their house (since ink can travel through any liquid)

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  • sophiarebecca13
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I found this picture on pintrest and redrew it as my ocs

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  • bobalites
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my ocs in Filipiniana wear, it reminds of Raya and the Last Dragon ✨👀


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  • im-the-ant
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    hELLO! I have come back from procrastinating to yeet you oc content

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  • hotshotshitshow
    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    "You know that young woman they caught stealing Benzedrine from the store last Tuesday? I heard from Blanche they found her body out in the creek this morning. Stark naked!" "No! The poor thing." "She deserved it, had an eerie look in her eye. Nothing but trouble, especially stealing like that." "I heard she was possessed by the devil! When they pulled her body out, she had horns growing right out of her head!" "Gladys, don't you go repeating such things! After that young girl she had with her disappeared, she just wasn't right." "So young and already endured so much...." "Tsk, what a shame, what a shame, God rest that poor girl's soul." "Yes, how very tragic. Now did you hear the news about the elections? Thompson says they're rigged!"

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  • herebegiants
    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    (Spoiler, he frien. He's just now realizing Nick might be too)

    Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

    Word Count: 2,379

    TW - minor blood

    Here Be Giants - Part 4 -

    ‿︵‿✎ Friend or Foe? ✎‿︵‿

    The last rays of daylight glowed dimly through the leaves. A waxing moon shone overhead, ready to take its turn in the sky as the brightest of stars already flickered in the darkening blue, the crickets chirping their chorus.

    Nick landed on a branch, panting to catch his breath. He glanced behind them as the giant slowed to a halt. Trees and underbrush surrounded them in every direction. Ferns and leaf litter on the forest floor snapped beneath the weight of the giant’s feet as he shifted.

    “I… I think we’re good now…” Nick nodded. He took a moment to subdue the storming thoughts trying to break into his mind.

    Thoughts about everything that had happened.

    Thoughts that made sobs try to rise from his throat.

    But it wasn’t the time for that. Not yet. Not with a stranger at his back.

    So he forced them away and turned around - and did a double take as he found the giant staring at him intently.

    The giant jumped as well, eyes shot wide. He snapped his gaze away.

    Nick shifted his wings.

    Perhaps he’d been looking behind him?

    He cast a glance over his shoulder.

    Definitely not.

    “Uhh…” He breathed an awkward chuckle as he looked back again. “Can I help you with something?”

    Hesitantly, the giant turned back, fixing him in a sideways squint. “Why’d yeh thank me?”

    Nick blinked. He snickered. “Because you kinda saved my ass?”

    His jaw slacked as he raised a brow, the harshness on his face dissolving away.

    He looked to the ground, thinking.

    Nick tilted his head, puzzled. He jumped into the air - wincing at the sharp pang that shot through his wings - and swept over to him.

    The man snapped up.

    “How about we get all that mud off you?” Nick offered with a smile. After all, he was still caked in it - though clumps had fallen away in their run. “That can’t be very comfortable.”

    The giant looked him over, his expression only turning more confused.

    “Not really.”

    Nick fluttered backward. “Okay then, follow me! There’s a river not too far from here.” He said, and took off through the trees.

    It hadn’t taken long for the roar of water to greet their ears. The river surged, a vast split between the dense trees, splashing in waves where it swept over submerged boulders. Its current would have easily dragged anyone under. Except for a giant, apparently. He barely looked twice at the rushing water before wading into it up to his knees to crouch, half submerging himself. He splashed it over his filthy clothes, rubbing the dirt out.

    Nick landed on the pebbled riverbank. His feathers ruffled as the chilly air sent a shiver up his spine. He folded his hands behind his back, shifting on his feet with more than a trace of embarrassment weighing on his smile. “I, uh, I should introduce myself, shouldn’t I?”

    The giant paused. He twisted back with a tilt of his head.

    “If yeh want.” He frowned again. “But know I don’t care what title yeh have, and I couldn’t care less whatever noble family you’re from. I’ll call yeh ‘sir’ or ‘lordship’ or whatever the hell else you’d like, but I’m not gonna be treatin’ yeh any differently otherwise.” His frown turned into a scowl. “Do what yeh want to me for bein’ blunt, but whatever power yeh hold here doesn’t matter in this. So yeh kin save the rant.”

    Nick frowned back with confusion. “O…kay? I, don’t have any kind of position or, anything like that, so… doesn’t really apply.”

    The giant blinked. His face returned to a void look.


    Nick arched a brow.

    “And what do you mean by:” bending his arms, he rocked them side to side with a mock scowl in an attempt to appear tough, doing his best to imitate the giant’s voice,

    “‘do what yeh want to me fer bein’ blunt’?”

    The man lurched. A genuine laugh burst from his lips. It grew into a merry boom that sent birds flying out from the nearby trees.

    Nick winced, but the distance between them certainly helped with the volume. He grinned at the sight of him being more comfortable.

    It’s nice to know he CAN be anything besides cranky. He thought. He breathed an amused snort. Maybe he’s even got a more fun side to him.

    “Call me Nick. Nick Borealis.”

    Out of habit he stepped forward and extended a hand.

    The giant cast a glance between him and it.

    Nick followed his gaze. He flashed a sheepish grin and pulled it back, wiping his hands together.

    “Right. Bad idea, huh?”

    The giant frowned, tightening his lips.

    “Hmmm… Actually… Let’s see!”

    He ducked his head under the water, scrubbing the dirt from his face and hair before coming back up with a gasp. Getting to his feet he waded onto the riverbank, his waterlogged boots squelching and clacking the rocks together. With a flourish he swung into a bow.

    “The name’s Christopher Lynch.” He whipped up straight, tossing the dripping hair away from his eyes with a huff and a shake of his head before crouching on his knees. “But ye’ kin call me Chris.”

    Carefully, and keeping an eye on his own hand, he reached out.

    Nick leaned back, but stayed where he was. His eyes widened warily as the giant - Chris - took his hand between finger and thumb. The massive digits completely covered his own, each pad of his fingers rough with callouses against his smooth palm.

    Chris gave it a single shake.

    Nick’s brow shot up, surprised at how gentle such a big thing could be.

    Especially this one.

    An awed laugh bubbled from Nick’s chest.

    “Woa-hoh-hoh!” He craned his neck to beam at him. “Can’t say I’ve ever met a giant before! It’s a pleasure!”

    Chris gave him a funny look, the expression twisted almost sadly. But a smile perked at the corners of his mouth.

    “Nice to meet ye’, too.” He slowly took back his arm. “Can’t say I’ve ever met a fairy before, either. I’ve met goblins an’ other sorts of little-folk, but...“ He trailed off with a shrug. “Oh, an’, uhh, n-nice wings by the way.” He added, gesturing to the feathers behind his back. “They’re different. Neat. I, I like ‘em.”

    His gaze shot distantly over Nick’s head as he blinked, awkwardly frowning to himself.

    Nick decidedly ignored that, fanning his wings out to glance them over. “Thanks?” He tucked them tightly away again with a nervous chuckle. “Uh, heh, hopefully not to eat, right?”

    The giant snorted a laugh. “The h*ll does that mean, little man?” He turned a sly grin on him. “What? Scared I’m gonna bite?” He jerked forward, gnashing his huge set of teeth shut in an audible snap.

    Nick jumped. His feet scrambled out from under him and sent him falling back to his rear, his feathers standing on end.

    Chris’ eyes shot wide as he clamped a hand over his mouth, trying to stifle another laugh. “Oh-hoh-no! Are yeh alright? I didn’t mean teh spook yeh!” He held his other hand out to him, failing to restrain a muffled snicker. “Oh okayyy” He bobbed his head in a nod “I’ll admit, it was rather much for a joke. I’m sorry.”

    Nick hesitated, but took his hand.

    Chris pulled him back to his feet. He flashed half a smile as he got up and stepped away, taking off his coat to twist the water from it.

    As he did, Nick took the chance to look the now clean giant over from head to toe. He was a stocky blond with a broad, sharply pointed nose and a bearded chin. Layers of rather mismatched clothes were strapped down under a large pair of belts wrapped around his middle. One of the boots he wore was mid-knee length, and both were plated with brass toes. The other was oddly different, glimmering with brass in even more bits and rising nearly halfway up his thigh. His face itself was heavy set and almost friendly - when he was smiling, at least.

    “So, ‘Chris’,” Nick briefly frowned - it sounded all too real to be a pseudonym - “I, couldn’t help but notice earlier that you… ate the jail cells?”

    Chris paused. “Well, like I said - yeh didn’t have blood ready for me.”

    “Uh-huh.” Nick nodded as though he knew what the connection was.

    But it wasn’t good enough. Chris craned his neck toward him.

    “Stars above, yeh really don’t know what you’re doing, do you?”

    Nick squared his shoulders. “Well, I did know about the bloodthirst part, but I didn’t think it was a necessity!”

    Chris shot him a frown. “I don’t have no ‘bloodthirst’. I’m not an ogre, I’m not about to kill people over it.” He huffed. “I take it ye’ don’t know what being summoned does to yeh then, either.” He thought a moment. “Yeh ever been anemic?”

    Nick knitted his brow with concern. “No?”

    “Uh-huh.” Chris nodded. “Well the long-an’-short-of-it is that I’ve practically got a long-term iron deficiency. An’ guess what your body needs to function...”

    With a subtle grin Nick wagged his head from side to side. “Lots of things.”

    The giant stomped over with a sigh and dropped to a crouch, putting his elbows on his knees as he leaned forward.

    “Magically, smart-*rse.”

    One of those huge fingers poked Nick on the forehead. The force of it shoved him a step back on the pebbled riverbank. As far as one might expect from being pushed by a giant, it only left a mild discomfort.

    But Chris’s expression still fell for a moment.

    Nick hurriedly righted himself with the help of his wings, rubbing the spot and flashing a smile. He didn’t want the man to think he’d hurt him. “Yeah I get it I get it.”

    To his surprise Chris’s cheeks bent with a warm grin as he chuckled.

    Nick’s own smile grew too.

    Maybe I WON’T have to do this alone, after all. Maybe his company really won’t be so bad.

    Chris cleared his throat. “The thing is, I can’t keep this up all by myself. From blood or from metal, or whatever, iron’s a must. It’s the price I gotta pay for bein’ among the living.”

    Nick eagerly nodded, fascinated as always by the topic of magic.

    He couldn’t help a slight frown.

    Would’ve been nice to know these things beforehand, though, too.

    Chris arched a brow, giving him a sideways look.

    “Kin… kin I ask yeh somethin’?”

    “Huh?” Nick snapped himself out of his thoughts. “Oh, yeah! Sure!”

    He frowned curiously. “Why are yeh bein’ nice to me?”

    Nick blinked. “What… what d’you mean? Should I not be?” He chuckled.

    »———— .❅*⋆⍋⋆*❅. ————«

    He meant it.

    He really meant it.

    Chris blinked back the tears that threatened to well in his eyes.

    The little man had no idea what that meant to him after all this time. After all the people who hadn’t been so kind.

    But this summoner seemed different. At every possible turn, he hadn’t wanted him to hurt anyone. Not even the soldiers who then hunted them.

    It made no sense.

    If it were me I’d-

    He bit his lip.

    No… No I wouldn’t want that either, actually. Maybe I shouldn’t have assumed he did want me to fight.

    He looked back to Nick, who, on top of all that, was treating him like a person. Like an equal.

    Chris tried not to frown at him.

    Why does this man even want me here then?

    He straightened up with a sniff, wiping the side of his face before resting his head in his hand. A knot tightened in his throat - which wasn’t helping, that was for sure.

    He looked down and clenched his jaw, taking a long breath, trying to steady himself to keep his voice from exposing his emotions.

    Friendly or not, he wasn’t sure he wanted this stranger to see him cry.

    Not right now, at least.

    “That’s… not a sentiment I’ve often come across.” He admitted.

    The fairy’s expression melted.

    “What? Why?”

    Chris’s face scrunched in a puzzled frown.

    They were the same questions he’d often asked himself.

    “Because I’m a summons! What would yeh need with a dead monster if it weren’t teh use it as one?” He grimaced, his answer coming out harsher than he meant.

    Something he’d been doing a lot of recently. He scowled at himself.

    He hurriedly dropped the face as he realized Nick was ducking into his shoulders.

    Sh*t, wait, I wasn’t mad at you…

    He was about to come out and say it when the little man stepped closer. Hesitantly - and to Chris’ relief - Nick reached out a hand, patting him on the knee with a sorry look.

    “I didn’t summon you to be a monster for me. I just… I just need some help.” He looked up at him for a moment, breathing an exhausted sigh as he plopped his forehead against his knee and curled an arm up over his head there, giving Chris a pat.

    Chris blinked. And before he could stop it, a tear trickled down his cheek, dripping with a splash onto the dark pebbles.

    Nick snapped his head over to the sound. He turned his face to look at him again with surprise.

    Chris forced a weary smile, hurriedly rubbing his eyes. “It’s that d*mn sand again.” He joked with a laugh.

    Nick grinned and snorted in amusement. His shoulders bounced in a chuckle too quiet for Chris to hear as his wings swayed to a more comfortable position, revealing dark red splotches that stained his feathers.

    Chris’s eyes widened.

    Those hadn’t been there before.

    “What the h*ll’s on your wings?”

    Nick tilted his head. He bent them over his shoulders and fanned them out in front of himself to get a look.

    His jaw dropped.

    “O-oh, heh,” he ducked into his shoulders once more, “I, I guess that’s what those arrows did, huh?”

    Chris had to restrain himself from latching onto his shoulders to shake some sense into him. Instead he smacked his hands to the sides of his own head.

    “GOOD F*CKIN- What-is-the-matter-with-ye’?!”

    Nick jumped as Chris grabbed him by the waist and leapt to his feet, bounding into the woods in a heartbeat. He wasn’t a doctor, but there was one thing he could do.

    If he could find what he needed to do it.

    “W-WAIT where are you taking me!?”

    Chris growled under his breath, his eyes darting around the trees that sped by in his vision, wanting to focus yet also afraid to think too much about what was happening - about how long he might have been bleeding there on the riverbank without telling him...

    But he forced himself out of his thoughts long enough to reply.


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  • blackrosesandwhump
    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Inherited, Part 3: Bram's Discovery

    CW: blood, impalement, death, thoughts of death, pet whump

    He had never seen so much blood before. And it was all his. All his, seeping from the hole in his abdomen where the iron shaft had impaled him. He pressed his hands harder over the wound, fingers slick and shaking, trying to stop the flow of his own blood. It wouldn’t stop. He gritted his teeth, a racking, wet cough rising from deep in his chest.

    It’s okay, I’m okay. I’ll be fine. It’s just blood.

    He had acted without thinking. His body had moved of its own accord, creating a barrier between Violet and her brother before he take his rage out on her. Bram could handle his master’s anger, but Violet—Violet couldn’t take it. Her stricken, tear-filled eyes had met his as he glanced back at her, preparing himself to be punished—but Lucas had grabbed him and thrown him with inhuman strength across the room.

    And now he was alone, alone with an iron spike piercing his stomach.

    I’m okay, it’s going to be okay. I just need to move.

    He felt around behind him, trying to ignore the darkness creeping at the edges of his vision. The ruined hunk of iron had bars he could use to brace himself. With enough effort he might be able to push himself free.

    If I can just do that, I’ll be fine. I can heal.

    Another cough racked his chest. He tasted blood.

    I’m going to be fine! I can heal! I can—

    A trickle of blood leaked down his chin. He tried to push off the bars behind him, but his hands slipped. A scream of agonizing pain ripped from his mouth as the sharp movement jostled the wound. He squeezed his eyes shut, fingers helplessly clenched around the iron shaft.

    I can do this! I can—I can get away—I’ll be all right—

    He couldn’t die. Could he? It was impossible—

    With a ragged breath, he sank in the darkness, and it swallowed him whole.


    Blankets. The scent of soap and fresh linen. A low voice nearby, murmuring something he couldn’t understand. A terrible weight on his chest, making it hard to get enough air. He couldn’t move, couldn’t even open his eyes. He had absolutely no strength at all. He might have been a statue, imprisoned at the bottom of the ocean. He could feel it, seawater lapping over his feet and legs, crawling its way up to his neck. He didn’t struggle as it consumed him, filling his nose and mouth, settling over him in a salty shroud. At last, he could sleep. He could sleep forever—

    “Bram.” A soft voice parted the waters of his dream. “Bram, you’re alive. I was so scared.”

    It was Violet. He jolted awake, sitting up with a violent gasp.

    “No, no, lie back. You’re still weak.”

    Her gentle hands eased him down and he let them, breathing shallowly through the spreading ache in his abdomen. He couldn’t remember. He couldn’t remember where he was, or what had happened, or why his body hurt. The ocean. He had just been sinking in the ocean. But the bed on which he lay was dry and clean.

    “I think you were dead,” she whispered, brushing the hair off his forehead. “I think you died, Bram.”

    Died. When had he died? He couldn’t die.

    “You don’t remember, do you?”

    “No.” The word sent a spasm through his lungs. He coughed until his eyes watered. Why couldn’t he remember?

    “You were impaled when Lucas threw you,” Violet answered, her face grim. “You bled out and—and you died.” She looked down at her lap, twisting the edge of the blanket in her hands. “You died because you protected me.”

    I died. I can die. I can die, and I’ve died before. The realization crashed over him, bringing with it a memory from the depths of his mind.

    “You’re remembering, aren’t you?” Violet laid her hand on his trembling arm. “You’ve still got memories of your past life. Lucas took them away when he inherited you, but—I guess he couldn’t completely erase them.” She sat down on the bed next to him and folded his cold hand in her own. Bram shut his eyes, focusing on her touch as three words repeated over and over in his head.

    I can die. I can die. I can die.

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    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
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    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the weaver, the dancer, the potion maker & the sculptor

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  • bireyli
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  • slackslumber
    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Uh making notes about my ocs body types and fighting styles for later


    Height: 5’11

    Weight: 122-ish lbs

    additional body info: Because Lucee shares blood with a Old Turae bloodline, he’s pretty skinny, but not overly thin since he is half human. Regardless, his body isn’t meant to pack on tons of muscle. So even if he tries to work out, he’s at the risk of pulling something or like seriously fucking up his skeleton by crushing it with muscle or smth.

    Fighting style: Naturally, Lucee isnt meant to fight short range or hand to hand combat. So he definitely relys on a more long rangd fighting style, so instead of punching people, or landing physically blows he uses long range weapons. Mostly guns, but he can use crossbows from time to time.


    Height: 5’9

    Weight: 143 lbs

    Additional body info: The only way I can describe Bella is that she’s built like an elite runner. There’s a lot more corded, leaner muscle in her, especially her legs. So whenever she works out it’s mostly cardio or running.

    Fighting style: haha cant wait to talk about this. Bella’s fighting style is def my favorite. Bella does specialize in hand to hand combat, however she has a hard time taking a physical blow. So instead of just regular old punching and shit, she relies on speed and analyzing where her opponent’s weaker parts are. Bella specializes in strategy and quick problem solving. Whenever she’s presented with a difficult situation, she takes time to think of possible solutions. This can be analyzing where most strain is shown in a opponent’s body or a part thst looks particularly soft or vulnerable. Besides, a small hit in a weak place saves a lot more time and a lot more damage than a bigger blow in a smaller place. Because Bella has to keep everything light for speed, her weapons of choice can be small knives and maybe even a dagger.


    Height: 5’4

    Weight: 235 lbs

    Additional body info: this bitch SWOL. Like 200 pounds of pure muscle. Which can look a bit odd due to his height, but he could still crush your skull between his big ol palms.

    Fighting style: Munchy is kind of the exact opposite of Bella. He uses a lot more strength and powerful blows, but he is pretty slow because of all that heavy muscle. In terms of weapons, very heavy weight stuff like gigantic swords or sledgehammers because of his very strength based fighting style. But he is okay eith knives.

    @bluefuckboy not me over analyzing my ocs nooooo-

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  • corpsecak3
    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    wake up babes time for me to show you all another oc you dont know shit abt

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