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    light and shadow anatomy practice turned into somthing intresting today

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  • Taking a slow drag from the cigarette, I watched as people — young and old, men and women, rich and poor alike — passed me by on the congested streets. Rain dropped from the graying sky, creating a steady rhythm, settling into the bones of those caught without an umbrella. Exhaling a puff or smoke, my face scrunched up in disgust at the people rushing from something stupid to nothing at all.

    Regardless of where they were going or what they were going to do, every stranger that passed was huddled inside a jacket, trying their best to keep themselves as dry and warm as possible in the heavy storm.

    An exasperated sigh passed my lips as I stomped out the cigarette, running a hand through my hair to remove it from my field of vision. Looking around and the crowded sidewalk and the people packed like sardines, I took a step away from the alcove I had been taking up. Instantly, the rain drenched me, but I didn’t bother with trying to keep myself dry or warm — it was pointless.

    I laughed at myself. After living in this city for twenty years, I just now realized just how pointless everything in it really was.

    Puffing our another breath, I began walking against the crowd, shouldering past people either too engrossed in their phones or just assholes in general.

    “Hey! Watch where yer going’!” One man hollered. Flicking my gaze to him, it wasn’t hard to tell he was drunk. So I kept walking, muttering apologies every now and then when I would bump into a child or elder.

    I was nearing my apartment when a shrill cry reached my ears. Looking into an alley to my left, I just barely saw three veiled figures. One of them was being pinned to the wall, crying out in pain and alarm as the two other figures took turns touching them. I quietly turned into the dark alleyway, watching as the two larger figures kept grabbing the smaller.

    “Ple… please don’t,” the smaller figure pleaded, their voice shaking interior. The figure — a small woman — whimpered when the two others —bother men, one brunet and one blond — reached for her. She squeezed her eyes shut and looked away as their hands went lower and lower. When their fingers reached her pants, her eyes shot open and looked directly at me.

    “Please…” she whimpered, this time to me. As I looked into her eyes, I could see the blatant fear they housed. She wasn’t just scared. She was terrified.

    Sighing internally, I stepped up to the men and pulled them away from her.

    “All right, that’s enough,” I grumbled as I gripped the blond’s shoulder loosely. “Leave the lady alone.”

    “Who are you?” The man scoffed. He wrenched his shoulder from my grasp and flared at me.

    “Just someone passing by,” I replied, stuffing my hands in my jeans pockets.

    “Then keep moving. This doesn’t concern you,” the brunet snarled.

    “Just let the lady go, then I’ll be on my way.” Immediately after finishing my sentence, the blond lunges at me with a weapon in hand. I stood there with a sigh as he grew closer, the knife in his hand flinging dangerously in the minimal light that made it this far into the alley. I took a slight step back and narrowly missed becoming a bloody mess as he had aimed for my neck. Turning to the woman, I quickly said, “Go on, get out of here.” She nodded quickly, her hair sticking to her face from the rain, and ran to the entrance. The brunet attempted to go after her, but I grabbed his wrist and threw him behind myself, effectively keeping both men in place.

    “You fucker,” he growled, producing a knife of his own from his jacket pocket. Both men then rushed me together, their weapons drawn back and easy to strike. Dodging the brunet was relatively easy, but I failed to stop the blond, as his blade sunk into my shoulder. He then grabbed my arms and held them behind me as the brunet approached me again.

    “This’ll teach you to butt in on other people’s business,” he announced, plunging the knife into my abdomen. He then continued to eviscerate me, shredding me to ribbons.

    As I laid there on the alley floor, blood pooling around me and rain pelting my face, the two men spat on me.

    “Fuckin’ prick,” the brunet spat as he wiped the blood from his knife on his pant leg. He and his friend walked toward the entrance, leaving me swimming in blood, intestines, and polluted rainwater.

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  • 🌼 hi there everyone~ 🌼

    so, since quite a few of my oc’s are just spirits/demons inhabiting other characters’ bodies {i know it sounds strange, bear with me}, i figured it would be appropriate to make a ‘guide to my oc’s’ post - at least what they look like and how to tell them apart, i guess. :)

    first, here’s namiko 🌧️


    i’ll usually draw her with a cool color scheme like blue. her eyes tend to slope downward and her hair is very long and straight. she almost always wears a jumper over her uniform (unless she’s in casual wear, but she appears most often in her school attire).


    next, otome 🌸

    otome is one of the two spirits that are attached to nami. because of this, she only appears when possessing her and thus looks exactly like her. however, otome usually wears her hair up in twin tails and decorated her hair with chalk and clips. her eyes are noticeably different as well. i’ll also be heavy handed with pastel pinks when coloring her.


    now, suits ♠️ {i didn’t have any good digital portraits of it, so have this scrapped comic panel wear it appears as a dog}

    suits is the other demon possessing namiko. similar to otome, it usually only appears when taking over nami’s body. however, this demon can also appear in the form of a black dog, as seen above. when it possesses nami, it’ll make alterations to her appearance such as tying up her hair and causing her eyes to roll back in her head. something i couldn’t include was the fact that i’ll usually draw it with a green or black color scheme.


    lastly, mio 📖

    in the image above, i used a variety of colors instead of a monochromatic color scheme. however, an easy way to pick her out in the future will be when i draw her primarily with the color orange. aside from that, mio is shorter than nami and also wears her hair in more of a bob style. she also wears glasses and i’ll rarely draw her without them.

    🌼 thanks for reading and sorry for reposting art (~_~;) hope this can clear up any future confusion! 🌼

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    Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix) vs LAX (Mike Draztik and Angel Ortiz)


    #beyond wrestling#mike draztik#LAX #latin american xchange #EYFBO #all elite wrestling #aew #santana and ortiz #proud and powerful #santana #proud n powerful #the inner circle #pro wrestling edit #professional wrestling#pro wrestling #pro wrestling edits #wrestling#wrestlers#original content
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  • But could I stay at the end of my ribbon, distant and safe as a moon-maiden’s glow,

    Or would I, unwise and impulsive, flow like the tide into the harbor of your arms?

    #original content #very short story #poetry?
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    Sucking on this popsicle.. while I think about someone sucking on me…

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  • a cute moment from last weeks living room dj set :)

    #I’ll have more gifs for ya tomorrow #from tonight’s set #alan palomo#neon indian#original content
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  • soft dom Steve would include:

    • listen.
    • Steven Grant Rogers gives off the biggest soft dom vibes ever okay?
    • no you cannot change my mind on this.
    • on to the adorably nasty!
    • let it be known, you belong to him.
    • and only him.
    • as he does to you.
    • and you are okay with this.
    • he loves how obedient you are and always rewards you accordingly.
    • but if you wanna piss him off…
    • godspeed to you.
    • his default setting is being a little rough with you.
    • hair pulling.
    • a lil slap on the ass.
    • and a hand on your neck to remind you who you fucking belong to.
    • whilst he drills his massive cock in your pussy.
    • or asshole if he’s feeling adventurous.
    • all the while he’s saying shit like-
    • “your little pussy is so greedy, baby girl.”
    • “you feel me, baby? fuckin’ you nice and deep?”
    • “who do you belong to?”
    • “you, daddy. I belong to you.”
    • but going back to my previous statement.
    • if you’re being a brat, he’ll put your ass in your place.
    • he’s getting the belt.
    • and he’s marking that ass.
    • it’s his anyway.
    • “are you going to continue being a brat, little one?”
    • “n-no daddy. I’ll be a good girl. I promise.”
    • oh my god, he is the king of aftercare.
    • especially after a particularly rough session.
    • you’re doubled over, crying.
    • your ass is on fire and your throat hurts.
    • like the sick bastard he is he’ll chuckle and run a hand on your sore skin.
    • “this is what bad girls get. you don’t wanna be bad anymore, hm?”
    • you whimper in response.
    • he leaves the room and starts the bath.
    • he’ll get in with you and bathe you like a child.
    • washing your hair, combing and blow drying it.
    • tending to your wounds with the first aid kit.
    • dressing you in your favorite soft PJ’s with your favorite food.
    • he’ll feed you too.
    • because daddy may be mean, but he’s never negligent.
    • he’s open to all of your kinks.
    • and will try anything at least once.
    • when he’s feeling soft, he’ll cuddle you for hours.
    • some slow and passionate sex in there too.
    • you two will take your time.
    • feeling the curves of each other’s bodies.
    • the warmth and softness of your skin.
    • and Steve will draw out both of your orgasms.
    • because he just wants to feel you.
    • and after you both cum, he’d keep his cock nice and warm in you.
    • you live and die for that man’s praise.
    • especially when you give him a blowjob.
    • “such a good girl.”
    • “you’re so wet, did I do this?
    • "you’re taking me so well.”
    • “you little vixen.”
    • trust me when I say, all of your hard work is not in vain.
    • he spoils the ever loving shit out of you.
    • whether it be clothing, jewelery, hell even food, he’s coming in with something special.
    • one time he even rewarded you with a trip to Paris.
    • that was awesome.
    • Steve never expected to fall in love with you.
    • it was just supposed to be a business transaction.
    • but holy shit did you two fall.
    • and fall hard.
    • and he wouldn’t have that shit any other way.
    • uh wow, I need to go sit down. likes are great, but replies and reblogs are gold! thank you! 😘
    #i forgot to mention #yes the reader is of age #steve rogers headcanon #sugar daddy!steve rogers #daddy!steve rogers #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x you #steve rogers #steve rogers smut #marvel#original content
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  • Rena: You don’t understand how stupid he is when it comes to his love for you. Chat would throw himself in front of a car for you

    Ladybug: Chat would through himself in front of a car if anyone dared him to

    #incorrect miraculous ladybug quotes #ladynoir#chat noir#ladybug#rena rouge#original content
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  • This was going to be a print detail shot with the stickers that arrived in the parcel but there he is!! And that’s it that’s the whole reason I bought the dress.

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    Alright, so i made these characters in, idk maybe 2017? i guess, but they went through a journey for sure. I made my animatic to MaydayParade’s Somebody That I Used To Know with these guys, but since then i changed stuff. I hope i can be consistent by drawing them a lot more than i used to, since i’m more comfortable with myself and i finally have some story for them. Maybe I’ll redraw some of their old art or maybe I’ll compare them to their old versions :D soooo yeah. take my boiz

    P.S. i know i have a typo, but i don’t want to fix it, because i don’t really care at this point so take it or leave it

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  • “Sechs Uhr Früh. Er spürte die Dämmerung ehe er sie sah. Sie kam nicht wie sonst, wie eine Auferstehung, eine Befreiung. Sie kam kalt.”

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  • “One thing you can rely on about your father: He can’t be relied on.”

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  • My anxiety has been ssooo much better over the last few days, regardless of ups and downs. That makes me feel so much more hopeful.

    I should be able to complete my externship hours and graduate on time. I would have loved to have been able to complete my hours at the wildlife rehabilitation site, but shit happens.

    My employer is putting me back on fulltime so that I will omce again qualify for health insurance through work. Because let’s be honest, it’s a horrible time to be uninsured right now. Clients have overall been very understanding of our new curbside policy, so that’s a relief.

    However, everything is a rollercoaster. I personally know 2 individuals who have confirmed cases of covid-19. One passed away earlier in the week. The other is currently on a ventilator. The man who passed away was a local veterinarian. The one on the ventilator is a client who runs a dog rescue, the rescue that my boyfriend adopted his dog from. He’s a great guy and I’ve been in close contact with his wife throughout all of this. He’s slowly starting to improve, but is definitely not out of the woods yet.

    My chihuahua and I have moved in with my boyfriend and his dog, so we can quarantine properly. It’s such a relief to know we are staying safe, growing together, and taking on the world together day by day.


    Please enjoy this pic of my tiny boi enjoying his nap.

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