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  • thereisnocure
    17.04.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Blare the music

    Let it play

    I don't want to listen

    To people

    Or my thoughts

    The silence is louder

    Than any noise

    I want to hear

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  • mycollectioncloud
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Do you really love me? I sit and wonder

    Gazing forward Eyes reveal I’m somewhere else

    Put us out of this misery Of uncertainty

    Well, maybe I’m certain But letting go...seems scary

    Everything will change From what I know

    But... Doesn’t life do that anyways?

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  • ohsotwistedwords
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago


    As the sun sinks past the edge of the world,

    it stains the clouds orange and pink with its dying light.

    The clouds, mournful, swirl and inch across the once-pale-blue sky, 

    now a shade of purple and a dark blue that will darken until it becomes a backdrop for the other stars, all pinpricks compared to the sun.

    Even in its dwindling hours, the sun remains bright-

    as bright as it was to light up the day.

    But it is still dying, and the stars and the moon will take its place.

    Yet tomorrow the sun will be reborn, 

    emerge from the border where land and sky meet,

    and the sky will be blue once again.

    - Snapdragon

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  • burymewithmybooks
    17.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Another poem, unedited as the rest of my poetry. (- is in place of a space since it wasn’t working.)


    Distanced From Himself

    ‘Is that so?’

    He mutters it in the wind.

    The other stares at him with a heaviness.

    If only he could explain!


    The steam drifts in the air;

    yet, the mirror is still clear.

    The reflection fills his head with cotton.

    If only this boy could explain to them!


    His chest tightens as he looks away;

    he is shoved in box against his will.

    He makes a desperate attempt for air;

    maybe, just maybe, one day they might understand.

    #poetry#poem#my poetry#my writing#orginal poetry#original poem#writing #This is baddd #sorry #I’ll edit it as I look at it more
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  • sun-kissed-icarus
    17.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    O Myth

    O Icarus, who flew to fall laughing
    And reached out hands, only to grasp nothing
    Who saw the feet of sovereign gods sunlit
    O gods, preaching words of a hypocrite

    O son of sun, you fly like a wild fawn
    Timidly brave and so suddenly gone
    You felt her warmth, a self proclaimed prophet
    O sun, you watched him fall like a comet

    O child, for a moment who couldn’t care
    That the gold shone silver strings in your hair
    Who felt waves extinguish the burning wax
    O red waves, drowning the wings on his back


    #icarus#original poem #yes this was from a school project #my poerty
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  • andrew-kelly
    17.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Our Beginning

    Creatures of the deep,

    Snakes, demons, and beast

    wicked thoughts

    secrets of which they do not speak

    no land, only abyss.

    Oh! but wait...

    What is this, I missed?


    Not a creature but beautiful...


    but in this abyss?

    could it be?

    or is it illusions, I see?

    It's otherworldly, for that...

    I must seek!

    This unforgiving place

    acts as if this beacon is a blank space.

    I approach...

    to my surprise... not a beacon!

    yet a face...

    tear filled eyes, and flushed cheeks.

    so a hand I reach,

    an end to the tears and a smile in exchange.

    By Andrew Kelly (AKE) 2021

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  • that-stressed-out-chic
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Mountain Movers

    People expect our generation to move mountains

    Truth is with all this technology

    We’re still LOST..

    Searching for what is, what isn’t and what will be

    Thinking 'bout who we really are beneath all

    The facade and smiles..

    All this questions be making it harder

    To move on from all we’ve ever known

    Wanting change but not wanting to change

    Numbing all our pains and dumbing our brain cells

    Maybe that’s the reason we can’t figure our shit out

    Mountain movers

    Ground shakers

    Wave riders

    The world be forcing upon us shoes ten times our sizes

    I hear them




    I hear them

    All saying the same thing

    Of how we waste our youth and resources

    Waste all that we’ve be given

    On useless things that don’t matter

    When we could be changing the world

    So I ask

    Tell me what you did when you were a youth

    Speak to me about all the mountains you’ve moved

    The grounds you’ve broken and

    All the waves you’ve ridden..

    Maybe then I shall tell you of all

    The billions of tiny mountains I’ve moved

    While you were busy

    Screaming about how useless I am

    Maybe I shall tell you of all

    The thousands of ground that I’ve shaken

    And the waves I’ve ridden..

    We’re trying to live up to your expectations

    But it is hard

    You should know that

    Because if it was easy your generation

    Would’ve changed the world

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful

    Just stating facts..

    Life is already hard as it is

    Your expectations just making it harder to breath

    Let us be

    Let us see

    Let us find ourselves

    Let us heal ourselves..

    Then we’ll move the mountains you place at our feet…

    At a bad place right now, but I thought I'll dump this here 🙃

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  • courtneyopoetry
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Wendy was 14 and chatted with a lot of guys they sent her dick pics and she felt oh so fine Was it arousal? was it a brutal lack of self-esteem? was I better than her at all? did the pride make me sick? sometimes, you have to shake your parents' off was I really stuffed with so much doubt and fear?

    I was busy fighting the ghosts my head created hard to tell when ghosts are all you've known in life and the fighting created more ghosts in turn. This was the issue: the world seemed such an ugly place to grow up vulgar guys and vulgar goals, I wanted to get out so I did: I cancelled myself till the baking was done I blocked the sugar - sugar gone I was a missing link, desperate to be found she was cheap, she was easy, she was common place, she was difficult, she had only sex in her mind, she was empty otherwise I was empty too, in my own way - filled with dust, missing the plot, the scent of the whole

    She had the drive of pure lust who can blame the girl for feeling hot? she had park teenagers' cocks, I wanted older dudes,

    despite what was and all I did not do: Wendy, I no longer fear you I no longer fear myself or nature.

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  • nalano-thinkings
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ~ Sometimes theres strength in fragility ~

    Trauma didn't make me heartless or cruel

    Or mean and cold

    Or toughen my skin like I was made of coal

    It didnt make my bright eyes dim

    Or my smile limp

    And it did not leave a tear drop unwept

    Instead trauma rounded my edges muted and mellow

    Shy and pale

    My voice nothing but an echo

    Made my skin stretch thin

    And my eyes open wide

    Flinching at every possible surprise

    But surviving is surviving

    No matter the kind

    And theres strength in that

    My dear fragile mind

    ~ E.N

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  • deuteragonized
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    if my tender, aching, false body

    was an olden text

    that no one could read

    i'd switch around the letters

    so you could be my scribe

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  • roseandverse
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago


    I stand rejected  yet again  My hope defeated by a pass Why does confidence betray me? It scoffs behind my back  As no’s resound ~ AB

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  • requiemforimmortals
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I’m trying to stay out of my head today. It’s not a kind place right now, not safe, not in the slightest.

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  • fairiezguts
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    you tell me i look so skinny

    "why don't you eat?

    stop starving yourself

    do you throw up?

    you're anorexic

    eat some junk food for once"

    you continue to sabotage me

    not knowing how I'm feeling

    you won't ask me anyway

    on how i truly feel

    when you say these words to me

    i give you the same answers

    so why do you continue to bring me down?

    is it fun?

    to mess with my head and make me upset

    my body isn't that skinny

    so stop judging

    you complain almost every day

    an ungrateful human being, you are

    sad to say you are my mother

    more like a stranger

    you continue to project onto me

    i am your mirror

    do you see?

    or are you stuck in a loop forever?

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  • palerosepoetry
    17.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I hold you in my dreams— In this surreal landscape it seems That all the world is grand... In reality, Love's a grain of sand Because you cannot be my man— That's why this pain began.

    I dream you rest in my heart—     You wrest out my heart     And rip it apart. Ah—but I'd kiss your feet as I lie bleeding Just to have you as I've been needing.

    What bliss is this that I'd die as I smiled If by your lips my mouth'd been beguiled?

    I dream about owning your heart— We'd never be apart. But then you utter "no"— My heartbeat seems to slow— Dreams dashed on the wall, On my knees I fall; If you'd just look down you'd see me crawl.

    I dream that I have strength to reply, Even as I feel I'll die: "You don't have a choice." I'll choke off your voice It will be you on your knees Begging me please                                      Kiss me It's all I want, some simple touch A lie of devotion—     Oh, this cruel, cruel emotion!

    I touch you in my dreams— Even through the screams, Your body I'll subdue— Even if I can't have You.

    © original author @palerosepoetry (Reblogs welcome.)

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  • subliminaldissociation
    17.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Put on a smile to hide the fear in your eyes

    It's the mask you use to hide the tears that you cry

    You had a chance to say your goodbyes

    This is something you'll regret until the day that you die

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  • tortiespaw
    17.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    content warning: can get a little dark

    dark encounters

    all through the night,

    constant anxiety plagues my life,

    constant thoughts run through my head,

    a moment of desperation,

    a moment of depression,

    is this all inside my head?

    is what i’m feeling really there?

    or am i just a fraud?

    wanting more than what i have,

    the thoughts won’t quiet,

    sleep won’t come,

    i just want this to end,

    to feel better,

    to move on,

    to take the day on,

    to stop having these thoughts,

    these dark thoughts,

    never of harm,

    but of my failures,

    of things i no longer desire,

    of what i’m supposed to be,

    of what i am,

    of what’s to come,

    and what’s already come,

    i am not my constant doubts,

    and i am not my constant thoughts,

    for i am me,

    and to me that’s enough,

    because what is life?

    without a little bit of dark.

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  • gay-ass-bitch
    17.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    not my teacher volunteering me for poetry day to read my very very gay poem about 2 married women that are having an affair with each other. its too fruity.

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  • perdituspoems
    17.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    A Gentle Pry

    After a yawn and stretch the song begins here to bring joyous music with a flourish of wings The melody alarm warms the heart teases open the eyes with a gentle pry

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  • yensboredspace
    17.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I hear whispers from the past of a life I’m trying to live

    I want to hear the clicks of the keys under my fingers

    i want to fade away with the sound of a record

    The difference in the decades I’m in and I want to be in is astounding

    maybe I was simply born in the wrong time

    #poetry#original poem #poets on tumblr
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