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  • The sun sets on my ideals 
    The bubble has been burst 
    Wishful thinking on my part 
    This to always be a curse.

    A sky of pink, orange and blue 
    Clouds also dancing by 
    I breathe deeply in the air 
    The trees not caring why.

    Setting still- it takes its time 
    The dusk sneaks over land
    Booms echo from a distance
    No need to take a stand.

    Still as the last of color fades 
    My mind can’t help but soar 
    Knowing trouble will come 
    If there ever is a more. 

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  • There is one boy I can’t write of 
    It stings when I replay - 
    I can’t think too long of you- the one that got away

    You’re the one I wanted most 
    I came so close to love
    I would have gone where ere you go 
    All doubt my mind free of 

    You held me and I was safe
    Your kiss a joyous thing 
    I thought there was a life to build 
    Maybe one day a ring 

    How I was wrong
    Strike one 
    Strike Two
    Is there a third in love? 
    At least regret no longer there
    from past mistakes thereof 

    You left my life again 
    Broken- I wished you’d stay 
    Leave me twice- shame on me- my one that got away.

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  • Things were coming out alive tonight
    My friend called me up late
    She dyed her hair pink
    She has no idea how she got there
    We spoke about things we wanted to scream about
    It was like we were in the year 3000
    Her pink hair would remain ‘cause she changed that night
    I complained something about the fourth or fifth Italian I meet
    She laughed, added some mean true
    Things were better then
    'Cause we are ridiculous of our kind
    I love that
    Being aware things aren’t ending

    No need to fear what can’t avoid
    I will just laugh it away and love again
    I can’t help to stay still and look over people
    Those who pass by don’t know what they are missing when they don’t look back
    It’s 2 a.m
    I miss you, still
    'Cause we could be together
    I am losing, losing, losing
    The weather is changing
    I don’t fear what I can’t avoid

    I look at my friend’s pink hair
    Listen to her mean joke about men in disguise
    Don’t think about you when she makes me happy about who we are
    It’s just the rain going by
    Listen go slowly away
    It will pass
    It’s just not worthy anymore stay up late
    Wondering how we got there.

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  • For darlin
    I bring the
    I am the
    I am all of the colours
    Of the sunsets
    As bold as the crimson
    Painted on my lips
    For darlin
    I was not made to be subtle 


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  • You should stop trying

    Stop making that art,

    And that poetry

    They suck, anyway,

    And you should stop

    Going to work

    You ruin that, too

    While I’m at it,

    Stop listening to music

    Stop sleeping at night

    Stop eating breakfast,

    And lunch, and dinner

    Stop crying, this is only

    The beginning again

    You should know better

    Your ex boyfriend was right

    To beat you

    You need restraint

    You need deliverance

    You are imperfect,

    And disloyal, and cowardly,

    And nobody will ever

    Want you until you’re so sick

    That the butterflies come back

    Into your stomach

    Nobody will want you

    Until you’re silent again

    Nobody will want you

    Until you become a doll

    Shell yourself until all

    That’s left is that stupid


    The one you make with

    No teeth,

    Because your teeth

    Are stained yellow

    Wear makeup every day

    To hide the bags

    Under your eyes

    Those aren’t attractive,

    But neither is your snoring

    Sleep is death’s free trail,

    And you don’t deserve death yet

    That’s why all of your

    Suicide attempts fail

    You don’t deserve anything

    Not people, or friends,

    Or animals, or a job

    Not food, or drink, or sleep

    Not happiness, or emotions

    You don’t deserve anything

    Shut up you worthless

    Piece of shit

    This is why your family

    Hates you

    This is why your friends

    Can’t stand you

    This is why your coworkers

    Want to fire you

    You’re useless,

    And stupid, and ugly,

    And idiotic, and worthless

    You need to just lie down

    Stay here where you’re nothing

    But a happy persona

    On the internet

    No one would expect

    You were suicidal

    So let’s go back you bed,

    You annoying stupid bitch.

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  • It’s You

    It’s not the silence that make me tremble

    I revel in it

    It’s not the stretch of space that makes me fumble

    I prefer it

    But it’s your silence that reverberates and leaves me shaken

    I’m definitely not mistaken

    The space between us is stretching further

    Your back turned to me

    My warm hand reaching for your cold shoulder

    Reaching for you to come nearer

    As, step by step, you get farther

    (Farther away)

    You didn’t look back

    (Farther away)

    You never do

    - PM

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  • Oh god, it’s back again
    It never really went away
    This itch on my brain like evil sits
    At the back waiting for me to play
    Why has it chosen to make me its home
    When will you finally leave me alone
    Though you have, technically,
    Still your ghost is more vivid than ever
    It’s red, it’s hot, it’s freezing cold
    Goosebumps on my skin, you never get old
    It’s a scowl, it’s a grimace, it’s such deep pain
    Crying out because I know I’ll never see you again
    Why would I, or you, after all we’ve done
    So why is a piece of red string still about me strung?
    Is terminal love your carte de visite
    I’d beg to be put out of this misery, though so sweet
    But that’s okay, my dearest love
    I don’t feel much anymore, absolutely not what I should,
    Now the only way I can ever feel again
    Is to play my own sweet version of your game

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  • image

    “Forgive me, for all the things I did but mostly for the ones I did not”

    ~Donna tartt, the secret history

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  • Dark thoughts

    Too many to put into words

    I just need someone to talk to

    Drunken words are sober thoughts

    And I have so many

    I need reassurance everything will be okay

    Broken hearts and tear streaked faces

    I want to heal others

    But I have to heal myself first

    I hurt so much

    But I hide behind quick wit

    And kind words

    I will be okay

    I’m fucked up in so many ways

    But I know I can work this out

    I just need a little help

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  • June 20, 2018

    Maybe it was when I was sad and you told me you were going to cook something, you don’t know how much that helped me feel better, and you used things you usually wouldn’t to make a warm and cheesy sandwich. You didn’t have to, but you did, and it made me feel better. 

    Maybe it was when you told me you could dance to all of the old cheesy disney channel songs, and you do (and you know them better than I do). 

    Maybe it was way before that, when we stayed way pass our curfews to ramble about anime and people on the bench at church. And we talked about our feelings, and our fears, and our dreams.

    Or maybe it was just now when you were laughing while saying goodbye in every language you remembered, maybe it was the way your eyes look at me and avoid me altogether, and maybe it was how you stopped to kiss me, quick, soft, easy.

    Maybe it was the time, just wrong and right for the both of us.

    Maybe it was the moment, the heat, having nothing to lose.

    Maybe it was just you, the whole of you.

    Or maybe it was just me, all of me. 

    That adores all of you. 


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  • I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing has been my fault with past relationships. I know that I loved my hardest and maybe there were things I could’ve changed but in the end I can’t force people to carry out their own decisions. It’s not my fault one person fell in love with some other new girl and ditched me for her. That’s not my fault, he chose that. And it’s not my fault that another made a drunken mistake. I didn’t cause that and I can’t force people to stay and to love me as hard as I love them. Yes I’d love to be with someone and be so in love and loved the most in return. But I’m not ready for that now and I don’t need anybody. I’ve got me and that’s all I need right now. Until someone shows up and builds up my trust and proves to me they mean the best, I’m perfectly happy on my own. Because fuck love right now.


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  • Prowl.

    The days go by

    in a blink,

    one by one

    blending into the


    like the blur

    from the window

    of a car as a


    Much like in


    my sense of fear

    is palpable,

    wondering when

    I’ll take my last

    and if it’ll hurt


    Come taste my anxiety.

    Lick the tears

    from my cheeks,

    growl a low one.

    Be the wolf,

    I’ll be the carion.

    It’s the end anyway

    and I will laugh

    in death’s face

    whether I do this

    now or later,

    afraid or not,

    no matter when

    we roll on by.

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  • i looked for a place to die 

    but found a trampled sidewalk. 

    i looked for a hole to put my body 

    but they were all full. 

    i searched for a gravestone to mark 

    but they all had names. 

     i looked for a jar for my brain 

    but all they had was jars for fingers and toes. 

    i looked for a wolf in the woods 

    all i found was a heart eating deer shedding its gorey antlers. 

    i searched for a pad to write my life story 

    but the pages were full of a madman’s ramblings. 

    i looked for flowers to smell 

    but they were all wilted. 

    i looked for clothes for my back 

    but they were all tattered and torn. 

    full of holes. 

    empty holes.

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  • oh, hilarious. so that’s what you think of me, i see. and where are all those verdant sometimes that we laughed together? have you thrown those out in favor of mockery? what a sad reversal.

    what is the point of friendship if all it boils down to is the deep-seated need to appear wanted? yes, i thought i loved you, but the person i loved would never do something like this. who are you?

    calling it a betrayal would be melodramatic to the extreme, but i think i’m entitled to a little melodrama. i want to keep the tears at bay and if it takes cutting words then watch me spit them out like poison needles.

    i don’t need your presence. i don’t need you. i miss you and i might still love you but i’m not so weak as to collapse without your support. you helped me and then you tried to make me fall. goodbye.

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  • i remember being seven 

    years old and thinking 

    being in love meant 

    the person i loved,

    loved me back.


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  • First this, then that. What else could go wrong.

    This week is going to be long.

    Relax. No worries. Just take your time

    Get through today one breath at a time.

    #poem by jay douglas #original poetry #in my own words #anxiety#stress #take your time #no worries#no hurry
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  • Can’t imagine how nice it must be to know yourself and not feel yourself transition from one personality to another every few minutes. Wow, mad.

    #dark academia#chaotic academia#poetry#writing#romantic academia#academic #dark acadamia aesthetic #academia aesthetic#original poetry#poet#light academia#romanticism #dead poets society #deep thinking #light acadamia aesthetic #kill your darlings #writer#original writing #chaotic academia aesthetic #romantic academia aesthetic
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  • I’ll be your biggest
    What if?


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  • If love thinks in colors 
    There’s black and there’s white
    I’ve only acknowledged
    the wrong or the right

    Now I try to embrace 
    the grey that surrounds
    knowing there’s chance
    though the idea confounds

    All or nothing the tale 
    I’ve spun in my head
    after all the romances 
    read to me in bed

    But in between
    has its beauty too 
    In moments we share 
    as I process you 

    If I must admit- 
    then I want more nights
    I want our two wrongs 
    to finally make right
    To turn said dull colors
     to those that are bright

    But I can’t force what might not be there 
    I revel in the vague 
    and let time take care
    We may come together
    We may fall apart
    But at least there will be 
    no regret in my heart 

    Take each as it comes 
    Soak in us like the day
    embracing the grey.

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