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  • I think I might’ve gotten shorter. It’s the only explanation for why I keep picking fights this week.

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  • i start a daydream 

    but then something distracts me so i have to start over so i can Properly Appreciate it

    but then i think of an alternative route/dialogue so then i start over again to make the daydream better

    but then i wasn’t fully invested so i better start over just to make sure i get my money’s worth

    but then i think of another daydream and i have to figure out which one to play and which one to add to the queue

    but then i remember an old ending to my current daydream that i used to enjoy so i have a #throwback nostalgia version 

    but then the bus stops so i have to modify my daydream so that i can walk while daydreaming and still get The Most out of it

    but then i have to keep myself from making faces while enjoying the daydream

    but then i start over one more time because i like my daydream and don’t want it to end

    but then-

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  • Burgundy palette hex: #858372 #23301d #661e1a #852e2e #984245 #d496a3 #d3b6b0 #f9f3f0

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  • Monólogo N°25: “Empieza por tu brazo”

    No tengo tantas preguntas esta vez. Aprovechar el tiempo y meditar a veces es la única forma de responder a las dudas que nos atormentan. También es una buena idea consultar la opinión de los demás, 2 mentes siempre consiguen más ideas que una, pero el que tiene que decidir es uno, y el peso de esa decisión también lo cargara ese uno.

    Digamos que las cosas no salieron bien, y me hice mucho daño. Probablemente solo le importe a las personas que me quieren, pero precisamente esas personas son las importantes. El daño que recibí producto de mis decisiones quizás demore en sanar. Al menos ya estoy mejor que hace un par de días. Las decepciones y ambigüedades ya son algo cotidiano. Muchas veces vas a sufrir solo por ser lo que decides y crees correcto. Si te equivocas, acepta ese error, aprende de él. Si no lo haces, entonces no cambies lo que crees correcto. No permitas que algo que vale la pena se muera por cosas que demostraron no que no la valían. Tampoco le falles a las personas que te quieren. Muchas veces lo harás sin querer, así que trata de reducir ésos incidentes lo más que puedas. Lamentablemente la vida no ha sido justa conmigo, así que no puedo decir que sea justa. Lamentablemente me fallaron una y mil veces, así que tampoco me siento culpable por no poder confiar a plenitud ni en mi sombra.

    Trate entonces de sentarme y ordenar mi vida, mis prioridades y mis objetivos. La verdad no fue nada difícil. Muchas cosas las había pensado a lo largo de los años. Hay variables y oportunidades, solo queda avanzar hacia ellas. Vuelve a parecer tentadora la idea de irme lejos, no tengo muchas ataduras ni problemas con eso. Quiero mi piano, mi auto, herramientas para una vida más plena. También decidí que es momento de trabajar me físicamente, no solo con acondicionamiento físico, también con algún tipo de arte marcial. No es que es filosofía sea la que dirija mi vida, o mi camino a seguir. Pero me dará la disciplina para poder seguir mi propio camino. Mientras tanto, mi mente solo tiene que sanar un par de heridas y ya, estoy contento con ella.

    No tengo mucho más que decir. No creo haber cometido muchos errores, quizás un par. Y si lo demás lo llegó a considerar “error” algún día, pues tampoco será algo malo para mi, quizás así le pueda sacar aprendizajes a todo. Le pedí a Dios que me permitiera ver lo que hay en mi corazón. Aún queda mucho odio, pero trabajaremos para deshacernos de él. Aún así, estoy orgulloso de lo que ví, lo demás, es irrelevante.

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  • Me, every time I open an umbrella: I am Neopolitian. I am all powerful. Fear me.

    #in my experience #that’s just part of being a rwby fan #rwby#rwby neo#neopolitian#rwby neopolitan#neopolitian (rwby)#neo politian#original post
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  • I genuinely don’t understand my body. Even when I was working out for 1 hour or more 7 days a week and restricting myself to 1500 calories a day, I didn’t lose a fucking ounce. If I sit on my ass for months and months and eat garbage every day, I maybe gain a pound here and there. It literally makes no fucking difference. It makes me feel unmotivated to take care of myself if I’m not even going to see any benefits.

    (D0 n0t rebl0g.)

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  • Aşk emek ister.

    Devamını getirin bakalım.

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  • Why haven’t I seen the Thursday the 20th meme on my dash yet today? 🤔

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  • I have decided today that the true luxury tax should be for people who drive pickup trucks for commuting and don’t ever use them for work…

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  • I’ve been slacking my Supergirl binging as well as my impressions, but here’s a little longer post on what’s going on in the show through my eyes. 

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    #that was it i guess #i'll try to write some more from s3 #supergirl #hmwj watches supergirl #original post
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  • Local Enby keeps accidently introducing themselves by their kinda-but-not-really-deadname, causing confusion wherever they go.

    #original post #the struggle is real
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  • Action movie?

    Canal Grande - Venezia

    © 2019 Oscar Alcañiz - Please, do not erase this text if you reblog this picture

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  • No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Me: Kitty!!

    #original post #late night/early morning thoughts #cats
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  • Reminder that your regression/space doesn’t have to always be rainbows and pastels.

    It can be late nights and crying fits

    It can be laying in bed with a stuffie all day because you just can’t seem to get out of bed

    It can be hiding it from people who say they love you the most

    It can be numbingly eating snacks watching tv because you can’t seem to feel anything

    It can be crying after a panic attack with your CG/by yourself

    Sfw Age regression and sfw space doesn’t have to be a certain way, the way you cope is unique to you.

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  • Takeaways from the Space Battle in Season 1 Episode 4 “Absolute Candour” of Picard:

    • Non-Spanish speakers wondering what kind of Mexican Spanish Rios and Emmet are throwing at each other.
    • Non-native Spanish speakers having a serious confidence crisis regarding their grasp of the language.
    • Native non-Chilean Spanish speakers needing subtitles at some points for Santi’s intense Chilean accent in general and the curses in particular.
    • Chileans officially declaring it a national holiday because their slangs made it to the 24th century.
    • Me deciding that Santiago Cabrera cursing in Chilean Spanish is my new favourite thing in this entire galaxy.
    #aramis in space #rios#cris rios #cristobal rios #chris rios#captain rios#santiago cabrera#emmet #la sirena emergency hologram #la sirena emergency holograms #emergency holograms#emergency hologram#star trek #star trek picard #picard #season 1 episode 4 #absolute candour#original post
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  • The new handbook

    Hi siblings in Zion, our FQE family,

    Tonight I, mod Amulek, want to reach out to all of you in the aftermath of our new handbook. This isn’t official material for the podcast but I, personally, have a message for you all.

    We are all beloved children of God and His love for us is boundless. No one can take that away from you. Our Saviour and brother Jesus Christ atoned for our sorrow this night and made it so that one day and today we can have joy.

    The physical and ecclesiastical structure of the church is not the gospel. The words in the handbook are not the words of God, they are not revelation. They are a thing that exists in this world. They hurt but they do not represent the words of our Heavenly Father.

    I beg you, if tonight or any night you are feeling hopeless and alone, pray and ask for His comfort and His peace. Do something that makes you feel better and get some rest. Tomorrow will be another day. Tomorrow we can do something coherently and with more poise. Tonight it is ok to mourn.

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  • Pole vaulter

    Canal Grande - Venezia

    © 2019 Oscar Alcañiz - Please, do not erase this text if you reblog this picture

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  • image

    Tonight’s dinner

    #wanna be tiny agin #healthy#huge thighs #wanna be thin #original post#original content
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    Ended my first 24 hour fast of the year!

    So far only 534 cals after the fat ended…which was obviously at 1

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