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  • thestorytellingforestshaman
    15.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    The Englishman and the Viking

    Chapter Forty Five

    Adrian walks away from the longhouse, gripping the letter he had just finished tightly in his hands. The wax seal glistened in the midday sun. The stamp in the wax was of a Bear’s roaring head, made from small knots and swirls. Adrian glanced down at the letter, he felt himself choke up again, but he swallowed hard and forced it down. No more guilt. He straightened his back as he grew closer to the Caravan. He saw a man standing there, as if he was waiting, leaning against a cart with his arms folded. He looks up and sees Adrian and his face lightens up with a smile.

    “Ah! There you are! Good timing too! I was just about to go and see if you were finished or not. Sorry, I am the one who had brought the letter. King Harngar told me you would have a letter to be given back to these men that had written that letter for you.”, The man extends his hand to shake Adrian’s.

    “Um… Yes. I have it here.”, Adrian shakes his hand then hands him the letter.

    “Perfect. I assure you that it will be delivered personally to your friends.”, He tucks it into his belt pouch.

    “Thank you. This means so much to me, and my friends.”, Adrian rubs his left arm.

    The man raises his hands and shakes his head, “It is my pleasure to do this for you. I deliver many letters to people, but you are something special, Lockenheart. You have changed the course of history as we know it. And who knows, it may change even more today, and even further down the road.”, The man smiles then turns to walk away, “I must go now. You need not worry about the letter. I will get it to your friends as soon as we get to the kingdom. There is rumored to be a storm on its way, so I may be delayed by a day, but it will be delivered.”, the man climbs onto the carriage and then sends the horse out of the gate and the other carriages follow.

    Changed the course of history? Really? Well, maybe helping Harngar get his kingdom back is a fairly big thing. But Adrian didn’t feel it was all that big of a history changer. What else could that man have meant by that? And what did he mean by history being made today? Adrian brings his right hand up and rakes his fingers through his hair, looking around for Harngar. He is nowhere to be seen. He said he was going to wait for him, yet he isn’t even here.

    “Our Lord told me everything that had happened, my son.”.

    Adrian turns around and sees Tolvir standing there with a sympathetic look on his face.

    “Tolvir, you scared me.”, Adrian holds his chest as if he had really been startled.

    Tolvir chuckles, “I am sorry, my son. I did not mean to startle you.”, he folds his arms.

    “It is alright.”, Adrian straightens himself, “Have you seen Harngar by any chance?”, he asks him.

    “Aye, I have.”, he nods.

    “You have?”, he asks.

    “Aye.”, he nods again.

    “You’re not going to tell me where he is, are you?”, Adrian folds his arms.

    Tolvir shakes his head.

    Adrian lets out a sigh and tilts his head back to look up at the passing clouds. He then quickly looks down when he feels something take his left arm and tugs it. Tolvir has his right arm interlocked with his and then smiles at him.

    “Come with me, I have something to talk to you about.”, he says softly.

    Adrian hesitantly walks with him as they walk back towards the Dining Hall. They make their way past it and stop at the shrine hut.

    “Today is a very special day for you, my son.”, Tolvir stares at the hut.

    “You are not going to tell me why that is, are you?”, Adrian asks him.

    Tolvir shakes his head again, “No, my son. But trust me when I tell you this, I know deep in my heart that they already accept you.”.

    “They? The Gods? Harngar’s people?”, He questions Tolvir.

    Tolvir does not answer. He then tugs him away and leads him back towards the longhouse. As they round a house, Adrian’s gaze meets the dozens upon dozens of staring eyes of the kingdom’s people. They stood to either side of the entrance way of the longhouse's doorway. Tolvir walks away from Adrian and makes his way inside, stopping for but a moment to look back at him.

    “Your time has come, my son. Come now. You don’t want to keep the King waiting now, don’t you?”.

    Adrian blinks and slowly makes his way towards the doorway, feeling the eyes of all those who stood around him, watch him closely. What in the fuck is going on? Adrian was very uneasy. As he stepped through the doorway he brings his eyes up to see the hall had people standing at either side as well. Following them down he sees Tolvir, Brunar, Sigurn and Ralof standing to the left and right of the throne platform. Adrian does a double take when he sees Harngar sitting in that very throne, waiting, with a grin on his face.

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  • thestorytellingforestshaman
    15.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    The Englishman and the Viking

    Chapter Forty Four

    Harngar sits on the bench to Adrian’s left, holding him tightly to his chest. Adrian gripped Harngar’s hammer pendant tightly in his left hand as his right wrapped limply around him, still gripping the letter in his hand. Adrian sobs hard into Harngar’s chest as he gently rubs his back. It was like pent up emotions that he had forgotten he had finally been released. The reality of him leaving the closest friends he had made when all else had fallen apart came flooding back as guilt. Harngar gently pulls away a little so that he can look down at Adrian’s face. Adrian barely looked up at him. His face was drenched with tears. Harngar carefully brings his right hand up and cups Adrian’s face, rubbing his wet cheek with his thumb.

    “I understand your pain, my love, but you must not feel guilty for you leaving your friends behind.”, He says softly.

    Adrian slowly looks up at him, sniffling and blinking back more tears, he tries to speak but Harngar cuts him off.

    “They miss you greatly, and that saddens me. I feel as if I am keeping you from them, but I know I am not. I would take you there right now to see them. I would even go and bring them here for you. It is the repercussions that I fear… I do not want to bring your friends harm because of my presence.”, He brings his forehead to Adrian’s.

    “I don’t want you to risk your life just for something like that. It's just… I feel so powerless. I don’t know what to do…”, Adrian tries not to break into sobs.

    “Hush now… How about you write them back?”, Harngar pulls his head away, tilting it slightly.

    Adrian brings his right hand up and rubs his face with the back of it, “You… you sure? But how?”.

    “I have everything you would need at my desk in our home.”, He nods his head towards the longhouse, “It would be good for them to know you have received the letter. You could tell them whatever you want them to know. I will not force you to hold information from those you love.”, He softly smiles at him.

    Adrian looks over his right shoulder towards the longhouse, “But how will I get the letter to them?”, He sniffles again.

    Harngar lets go of Adrian and stands up, “The Caravan should still be here. I will go and keep them busy so you can write your letter. I won't be able to keep them forever so do be quick, ok?”, He helps Adrian to his feet.

    Adrian nods, “I will, and thank you, Harngar. This means a lot to me.”, He rubs his face again with his left hand.

    “Worry not, my love. I had left friends behind too. I know your pain. I just want you to know you have a way of communication with them, and that I will not keep that from you. I never had any with mine until the small trade group would come to my little village.”, He rubs his back and gently nudges him forward, “Now go, I will be waiting for you.”.

    Adrian looks back at him, “Where is the Caravan? Just so I know where to go after I finish.”, he asks.

    “The south gate, my boy.”, he puts his right hand on his hip.

    Adrian nods then makes his way towards the longhouse. He slowly started to push the guilt aside. They didn’t blame him for leaving them behind. They understood his reasoning for wanting to leave. They helped him. He was grateful. Not just for how much they cared enough to help him, but for the fact they are so supportive of his decision and lover. He had to write them a letter back, but he didn’t know where to start.

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  • moraglewis
    15.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    It's hard to maintain a complicated hairstyle without help, and Inric clearly hasn't thought about asking Ylva, who'd love to do his hair ;)

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  • thestorytellingforestshaman
    15.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    The Englishman and the Viking

    Chapter Forty Three

    Dear Adrian Lockenheart,

    We hope this letter makes its way to you in one piece. You may have noticed already from the writing who this is. Yes, it is me, Zander. My friend, when I found out that you were still alive I couldn’t believe my ears. Then when I saw you with my very own eyes, I did not know how to react. Yes, my friend, I saw you. I was in that group of knights that was led by Isac, that had infiltrated your sleeping camp in the hopes that the rumors were true. I wish I could have run to you, but the binds of the King and General kept me still. My friend, how happy I am to see you well. But, I am more happy to see you happy. Yes, It is known around the kingdom at this point of you getting this letter that you are with Vikings, and that you are in love with a man. You may have expected me to say some shit about you sinning or being a betrayer, but no. I am sick of this place and its ideology as much as you have been. I am happy that you have found your place in this forsaken world, and I do not care if you love a man or not. You are happy and that makes me happy.

    The others miss you greatly, but not as much as I. Sven is well, and is still the voice of reason here in the barracks. He speaks nothing but the truth. He is the one who came up with the idea to write to you. He wants you to know that he is the one that is supporting your decision the most, but I digress. He wishes that you were still here however. The bullying has been bad, but it is only to get worse with the news of you. Do not worry though, my friend, Davis has taken the liberty of being his chaperone.

    As for Davis, he is pissed off that you haven’t come to take up arms against the kingdom yet. As he typically is, his aggressive nature is keeping him alive. He is fighting well, but has had a few close calls. I stepped in and helped him, so you need not worry. He hates to admit it, but he did, he misses you greatly. Not only that, but he says that he will have to hold back killing anyone who dares slander your name. In other words, he supports you and your love life. He also says that he doesn’t believe my description of this Viking that you love, and that he thinks he could easily overpower him in a brawl. He is going to get himself killed one of these days, and you know it.

    Joseph is doing well. Though I can tell that this news is making him want to run away as well. I tell him that the day will come, but he is definitely going to become more restless. He still is a bit of a pickpocket when no one is watching. I give him the look that you would give, but I do not have the same effect. I tell him what would you think of his actions and it helps for a little. He misses you as well. He has read the books you given him so much that they are falling apart already. He refuses to get replacements, which I can understand why.

    To put it more forward, we all miss you greatly. Not only this, but we are in full support of you and this relationship you have gained. We wish we could come see you, join you, but it is impossible. We are but three men against an army of about one hundred soldiers. Yes, you read that right. The kings army is dwindling due to his efforts to locate you and these pointless battles. The same four battles that have been going on for years, with the same four kingdoms. Enough of that stupid stuff. This is about you. We all hope that one day we will get to see you again. Battle with you, side by side. I am willing to join arms with you and this clan if I am welcome. Only time will tell sadly. I hope I get to hear back from you, my friend. I want you to know this, you were never forgotten. I am rambling now, my apologies. I must finish this letter to send it off to you. I hope we get to meet again, my friend. Best wishes, and may whatever god or gods you worship now protect you.

    Signed, Zander Stagthorn.

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  • july-chams
    15.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    “ Dear Axoter, Lately i've been not feeling well. The Doctor says that i don't have much time left. That's why i'm writing now to you (it took me long to find your address). I know that you and girls hate me, and i understand that i was an awful person. But it's been so long since then, i really miss you and want to fix everything. I want to see you again so we could spend our last moments together happily. Spare your old man and forgive me. It's been really long and i know it doesn't hurt you that much now, i'm a completely new person now. Waiting for three of you in the hospital next to your old school. With love, Dad.“ When Axoter was a kid she had a very abusive father. It's been really long since she and her sisters ran away from him. But now he tries to manipulate her again which makes her really anxious.

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  • sleuthsayer
    15.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    A piece of nothing. A scene that goes nowhere.


    Jonah took a deep breath filling his lungs with crisp cool air of late autumn. The ground beneath his feet felt hard and unrelenting against his rushed walking. The cold pushed its way inside his thick winter coat. The lining of lush wool warmed him, providing him with hope that he may be comfortable soon. His face had grown pale and his ears burned red as he tucked his nose within his scarf. He faintly smelled nutmeg and cinnamon mingling with the light scent of baked apples. His pace quickened as his door became visible. Soon he broke into a light jog fishing for his keys seemingly lost within his pockets. His fingers wrapped around the familiar shape and hastily pulled it out. The key brought a feeling of patience with it as he inserted the key. The door announced his arrival as it clicked open and invited him inside. He happily accepted.

    Anna had set herself up in the kitchen. Light flooded the lively little room illuminating the colors of her life. All around seemed to tingle with the feeling of magic and spice. In the oven sat a pie simply gushing with tender delicious apples baked in the heat of the inferno. Anna was in her element creating a gentle hum that reverberated inside her home. Her warmth filled the room she occupied.  Each step had a purpose. Everything had a place. The quintessential baker was dedicated. Even as a novice she created cakes and pies that filled one with a savory sweetness that slashed through the bitter chills of fall. A distant click echoed invading the bubble that encapsulated Anna.

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  • abzorbaloff
    15.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #if u have a different favourite origin story for the doctor then that is canon too <3 #bc my point was just that dw canon is already so flimsy #that you may as well just pick and choose whatever u like best u know ? #ask#anonymous
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  • ninjaguyden
    15.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago


    ‘Why are you on guard? You’re surrounded by companions, you’re moving to your destination, why not rest?’ asked Hina.

    “Gotta be something to do,” muttered Etsuko, scrolling through her phone. She had already finished checking their budget and calculating how long their pay would last them and also checking the news.

    ‘Maybe, but wouldn’t it be better to rest right now?’

    “Wouldn’t that screw with my sleep schedule? Most work happens in the day.”

    ‘You can tire yourself however you like after you wake up, but you need rest. Your eyes cast massive shadows. I can feel your fatigue,’ said Hina.

    “From what?”

    ‘Well yesterday you slayed some monster plaguing a destroyed lab, ran out of said lab, walked to a town, and then got on a train. You got on at noon. You can sleep, you’ll probably need the extra hours,’ said Hina. Etsuko yawned, feeling heavier and heavier.

    “Maybe you’re right,” said Etsuko, laying down on her seat to sleep.

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  • gemkinetic
    15.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    “I am and will forever continue to be pissed about what happened to the Radium Girls. They knew! They fucking knew about the effects of radium, and they still did nothing to protect the women working with it!”

    #epic origin story (open rp)
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  • calamity-unlocked
    15.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago
    #i love it when people make a really out there AU work #because so often the original context is essential to a story #so when a writer removes that context they have a lot of issues to tackle #and when that's done well? * chefs kiss * #the fun is endless #answers and such #sweet anons
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  • wolfborn-project
    15.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Book Name Guides

    The Wolfborn project is spread across a few books. So I figured I should probably clarify before I start confusing people in the future lol

    Wolfborn: Aerin Wolfe (the main protagonist) helps Eastern Princess Albina Sola to save the Northern Queen Selene Caenari.

    Sunborn: Albina Sola and Selene Caenari's relationship and how it evolves as they grow up together.

    Moonborn: Frey's (Selene's mother) story of how she decided to start a relationship with Selene's father. Frey is a stringseer (someone who can see all possible futures/someone who can see the 'string of fate') so it is told from the first time she sees him and their full future together, leading up to their assassination. She decides to start the relationship anyways, even knowing what will happen.

    Skyborn: Mae Wolfe (Aerin's daughter) tries desperately to find her mother, who went missing when she was four. She travels with Seshaion, the deity of time, and Asherah, who seems to be not entirely human.

    Timeborn: a collection of short stories, containing legends, background lore of Wolfborn, and some short stories about deities that didn't make it into the main plot.

    Metalborn: the story of Andre, a cyborg living in Arden, and how he becomes the first person to escape Arden in over three centuries.

    The World Before (temporary name): the story of how the World Before ended, which the goddess Caere uses the remains of to make the Wolfborn universe. Still being heavily planned at the moment.

    Chronologically, they go: The World Before, Moonborn, Sunborn, Wolfborn, Skyborn, and Metalborn. Timeborn is scattered throughout.

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  • midcarder
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    dealing with a very VERY bizarre emotion that I don't have a word for yet

    #so mitch is my most fleshed out character and has been kicking around for 20+ years #and long story short: IC was a different story by a different name that my ex eventually became involved with #(obviously that didn't work out) but like...i didn't have the courage or energy to touch the story anymore for a decade #so i've had this character that feels like a friend and i guess a son? just...rotting away #i've thought about him almost every day but no idea what to do with him #consumed by i guess GUILT because he was never going to have a happy ending of any kind...or i guess any ending at all. which is hell? #but like...he's gonna get that now and i'm...i don't know how to describe it? #he gets to finally move on and grow and become a better dude and reap those benefits #(and of all things it involves a fuckin' pokemon oc that i came up with a long ass time ago as well lol) #(avi was originally a former ace trainer turned physiotherapist for the elite 4 I HAD A WHOLE IDEA GOING ON OK) #anyway yeah that's where i'm at rn #again it's weird but this is really important to me
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    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sweet boy? Anyone order a sweet boy?

    I love drawing Lavender so much, my soft alien man <3

    [Reblogs are hugely appreciated as are comments that help to inspire me further!]

    #Lavender the Leaper #original character#oc#alien oc#original story #hey i love him and you all need yo see him too he comes in peace #he is here to guide wild rabbits safely across multiverses. thats it. hes just a little creature #he makes my brain go soft ;O; <3 sweet boy i will protect you #art style loosely inspired by kurzergsagt because their art style makes me go BRRRRRR :0!!!
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  • frozenfishfillet
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just remembered that i had a dream where tommy was streaming origins and ranboo was in vc and tommy was like asking for help or something and ranboo said something like "thats not my fucking problem" and it jumpscared the dream version of me but chat + everyone else just acted like it was completely normal because he was possessed by the spirit of o!ranboo

    #like yeah that makes sense but it came out of nowhere #and cc!ranboo still talked about him cursing as if he never cursed before #it wasnt even the curse that shocked me it was the fact that no one said anything about it #ranboo#mad ramblings#osmp#origins smp #i want this to be formatted like a fake story tumblr post #thats what i was going for
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  • hunderian
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A scene from Chapter 5 in part 2! This is the first image of the scene of Thomas laying all bandaged up

    Background was done by IronShears on Twitter!

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  • bangtoes
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    came all the way to the beach just to get stood up at the last minute LOL! but the sets is mayjah

    #૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა #plenny action #I keep getting stood up but that’s okay! This is just fueling my villain origin story
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  • the-overanalyzer
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just wish the names were a little more varied.

    #there's og kon #new 52 kon who is jon #new 52 jon who is kon (yes those are two separate guys) #convergence jon #who is technically the same person as rebirth jon #even though they have slightly different origin stories #it's not quite as difficult to keep straight as the 90s supergirls but it is a close second #superfam
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    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    [Page 3]
    #school of monsters #school of monsters webcomic #school of monsters comic #webcomic#comic#lgbt#original story#original characters#pages
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  • nhaneh
    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    Final Fantasy XIV: Stray Stories - “the Taste of Rain”
    #ffxiv#y'shtola rhul #y'shtola x wol #lyse hext#kea lurvis#stray stories#gpose shenanigans #this was originally six pages #then I revised and edited a bit and now it's nine whoops #anyway I tried actually writing this in text form for months now #but apparently that's just not something I can do anymore #so comic form it is haha #i will go down with this ship
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  • punzoblr
    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I have a confession. The only reason I started watching MC content again is because Dreamnotfound reminded me of Phan (Dan and Phil ship)

    #that was my origin story #I stumbled upon a compilation of the first 3 SMP streams and thought to myself #‘oh it’s just like Dan and Phil. they remind me of Phan. people even make compilations about them. I like this’ #the Phan to dnf pipeline #‘they remind me of Dan and Phil’ me. May 2020 #omg and I distinctly remember thinking ‘oh and they have a small fandom. this will be my first non mainstream fandom’ #I literally was so hyped that I’d have a not mainstream intrest for once #now I see DNF couple cosplayers in the halls
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