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  • bozosquinted
    28.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    See here for info and master page Notes at the end of chapter

    word count: 1872 words descriptive, but short scene of violence

    A Visit From Family

    The halls of my palace had always been fairly empty, as I never allowed many inside. The citizens of the city below looked up at it, it was bright and unlike anything on the entire planet, so it was only natural for the citizens to admire it, as I did too. Of course, I wasn't a bad leader who had to force that idea onto them. No, instead I was seen as the God to all. Bringer of peace and prosperity. They saw me as their creator, which I was, and I was proud of that fact. I was a ruler as well, and as a ruler, it was important for them to know my power and to not underestimate me. Enforcing that correctly however, was always a problem for me.

    But perhaps I was letting my ego grow too big. I was equal to them. Just a man with dreams of greatness, power, knowledge, and a better understanding. I felt as though meeting with my brother for the first time in an era would make me feel better. I remember showing him around the first advancements of mortal life on my planet many a year ago, but now that my people were so advanced I wasn't sure where to even start with introductions.

    A glance out of my window would reveal the rising sun over the horizon, finally awaking me from my half-baked slumber. I wasn't a heavy sleeper, if anything, I slept with one eye open at all times. Keeping an eye on an entire planet is stressful, but I've managed to survive so far. This is a hell of my own doing, after all.

    I stood up and fixed my long white hair into a messy bun before pulling my robe on. I always had a specific way of waking up, but today the glare of the shining white sun was what interrupted that. I could tell today was already up to a bad start. As I wash my face, I get soap in my eyes. I wince, washing it out and groaning.

    "Aurora, please add Neo's ship to the whitelist. I forgot to last night." I sigh. "Oh, and make sure to send a gift to my sister next Friday. It's her birthday." "Yes, my liege." The woman from the door says, having heard me despite our distance. "And— raise your own salary. You're doing great." I smile at her, patting her shoulder as I pass. "How is your daughter doing?" "S-she is well, sir. She's nearing her adulthood soon. I just hope she won't run off and do anything dangerous. I have her training under the monks in Yeyix." "Ah. Well, I'm sure she'll learn something valuable there. Could you tell me how much more time we have before my beloved brother arrives?" "Y-yes- erm- about an hour." "Mm. Tell the kitchen to skip breakfast. I will be outside if anything is required of me." "Yes sir." She quickly skitters away, her heels clicking hastily against the marble floor.

    I watch her leave before heading down to the courtyard. It's fairly quiet, save for the soft wind and buzz from the city below. I gaze upon the flowers, remembering how much my sister loved to create flora for her planet. Fruit, vegetables, animals. They were always her favorite, even over the first humans.

    I look up at the light orange sunrise, watching as a dark ship swoops past me and lands somewhat far from the castle. I sigh, smiling softly to myself as I pivot off of the ground and fly towards the spacecraft. It might have scared a few citizens who are unlearned of space travel and history, but perhaps this would be a safe and needed lesson to them. I may have a lot of power, and the throne, but I am not always seen as the most trustworthy by those who are unenlightened. Their unintelligible blabber bores both me and the rest of the people around them. Though, they seem to be the ones sending the most calls and letters my way.

    As I arrive in front of the spacecraft, I look around to see if my brother had stepped out just yet. I don't see him and worry that he might have gotten himself lost. I can't have him causing chaos. Not just yet.

    "Neo?!" I call, looking around the green field. "Brother, is that you?! I seem to have gotten myself in quite a bit of a pickle here." "Have you already gone astray from the ship?!" I call again, following the sound of his voice in order to pin his exact location. He just grunts in response, bumping into me as we meet in the tall grass. I sigh in relief. "Good. You haven't caught yourself on fire." I chuckle, patting him on the shoulder. "Why are you surprised? I am capable of more than just lighting myself on fire from time to time!" "... Right, of course, brother." I shake my head subtly. He looks me in the eyes for a moment, analyzing my facial expression and furrowing his eyebrows. "Is there something wrong?" "Your hair is longer." "...I guess so. I haven't had the time to cut it." "It doesn't fit you. You should cut it soon." I stay silent, brushing him off and leading him towards the castle. "You came earlier than expected, brother. I even skipped breakfast." "Hmph. It's not like you need to eat much anyways with how much weight you've gained." He comments slyly.

    I bring us back to the palace, where a long row of servants stand bowing on both sides of the hall. He gives me a smirk. "My, my... I would not have expected this from you, dear brother." "Expect the unexpected with me from now on then, Neo." I reply blankly. I don't usually have them do this, as it feels a bit unjust to have them treat me like a god instead as one of their own. I feel like walking amongst the mortals makes me just a bit more like them, and I like it that way.

    "I don't think I will. I have a feeling you're putting up some sort of act in order to impress me." He places his large hand on one of my servant's faces. I see their entire body tense and their face fill with panic. "This one seems to have some sort of problem with me." "Stand down, Neo." "How about I teach you a little lesson?" He sneers, his sharp fingers digging into the poor servant's scalp and jaw.

    I don't stop him though. I'm not sure why. I just stand there, staring at him and the small-bodied Marusian coldly. I know he wouldn't hurt them, he could have crushed their skull by now if he really wanted to. "Let them go." I say, inhaling sharply in annoyance. "I don't feel like it." He grins, raising them up in the air. Their nails dig into his hands as they try to free themselves, choking out and flailing as they struggle. They reach a hand out to me, tears streaming down their face.

    I blink once again, watching as their eyes squeeze shut in pain. Blood stains their white button-up, their screams of pain filling the empty halls. Neo finally drops them as they fall unconscious. "You should work on your manners." I say, picking the servant up in my arms and holding them gently. I look down at their gentle, unconscious face with a frown. "It was unnecessary that you did that." I say, placing my hand gently on their chest. My hand glows on their bloodied shirt, healing their wounds in an instant. I hand them over to another servant. "Take this one to the infirmary to rest. If I hear that a single word about this incident gets out, you're all going to suffer the consequences."

    I watch all of them nervously run off with the unconscious servant in their care. "Don't do it again." I say threateningly to Neo as he stands behind me. "You're no fun." Neo crosses his arms. "Come along then." I turn, leading him towards the throne room. He follows, his eyes wandering the place curiously as we enter.

    The throne room has statues all around, plants, art work, and other bits and bobbles. I quite like it, as I treat it as if it were my own room instead of a throne room. I'm really the only one who comes in here anyways.

    "It's nice. Your planet has grown." He comments, sitting down on a sofa near the end of the room by a window. "How has yours been?" I ask, sitting down across from him and manifesting a green-yellow fruit into my hand. "...War-ridden." He sighs. "So you come to me for advice?" I raise an eyebrow. "Yes." "You couldn't have come at a worse time..." I mumble. He rolls his eyes. "Tch. You're perfect, what could have possibly gone wrong?" "Conspiracy against me is starting to rise... I knew it would happen soon, but not this soon." I sit back, taking a large bite of the fruit. He raises an eyebrow. "Conspiracy? You?" "Yes, brother." I sigh. "My people are turning against me... I have a feeling this corruption is no laughing matter. Even if I have the confidence and power, it's not a good idea to let it fester. Do you remember what happened to our youngest sibling?" "Yeah, yeah. Stoned to death with the hottest stone in the entire fourth realm. It was his mistake for letting the rumors grow against him." "I cannot risk that. Not now."

    Neo stays silent, picking up a book from the side of the room and sits back on his end of the sofa. I close my eyes and sit back, the feeling of the sun on my face is nice. "You know, I was actually going to ask if... perhaps we could create an alliance. Your diplomacy and leadership skills would help my planet grow beyond the need for war." He says, turning the page in his book. I don't open my eyes, just taking a bite out of the soft fruit in my hand and humming in approval. "I would not mind. I'd need to find the time though." "As long as you can come. I need as much help as I can get. All the types of enforcement that I've been doing have only made the chaos worse." "You have a violent approach to things, brother. Take it slowly, and calmly. You'll see." He grunts, closing his book. "Tell me when you can come. I will be here for a few more hours before I return home." He stands, putting the book away. "Have fun!" I snicker, sitting up. "Don't get lost." He grumbles, exiting the room.

    I look back out the window at the fresh green fields outside, a smile sneaking onto my face. I finish my fruit and toss it away, standing up to go finish my dream. I wish I hadn't gotten up so early. I had nothing else on my schedule for today besides that meeting, after all. I don't need to sleep as a celestial, but I quite enjoy the activity. I liked dreaming of the stars, even if I saw them every night. It felt like looking through an entirely different lens.

    —————— thank you for reading! reblog, copy link, and like to support me :))


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  • kafkaonthebrink
    28.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Masochist's Love Song

    I am in love with

    the edges of knives and the shining outer coating of pills

    i am in love with

    standing on the edges of cliffs and falling down hills

    I am in love with

    this idea of death, this

    momentary distraction

    a hope that one day i will no longer kill;

    because doctors and mothers say that i’m ill

    but i am certain that death is my bliss

    i am in love with-

    (I am everything your mother doesn’t want you to be-

    no sugar coating, no frills)

    my mouth runs numb with the bitterness of orange piths

    and enteric coatings that spill

    out of my mouth




    I am everything that God wanted man to be not-

    I am against all evolutionary logic and instincts,

    On the beautiful map of human successes I am

    an ink spilled-blot.

    I am sorry to all man and animals who see these links

    between the atrocities committed for gain that pushed these children to their brink

    I am sorry to all mothers and doctors who try and find the cure

    to something that was never meant for people to live for.

    I am in love with

    the ropes around her neck.

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  • sullivanwrites
    28.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Ode to the man I should’ve been

    Ode to the girl I once was

    Ode to the child I used to be

    Ode to the tender lover I was in the past

    Ode to the lover I will be

    Ode to the man I am becoming

    Ode to my healing

    Ode to my growth

    Ode to me

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  • candycoffin12thbride
    28.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    100 Year Quest

         Deep in the depths of the royal castle lives a witch who is too far gone in her studies. It’s not the first time she’s been like this either. When she starts on Hyper Fixating on something she’ll be deep into her research at least until she finds another topic that captures her interest. Though this topic is very different to her other interests. It's her life's work, her ultimate reason why she wanted to study magic. Even if it might cost her life.

         The girl was asleep on her wooden desk. Candle still lit very dim. “Harriet?” a soft yet deep voice appeared after a squeak from the wooden door opens so quietly. Almost as if it was whispering;. “Harriet?” the voice raised a little higher “Goodness! Oh, It's just you Sawyer.” said the dutch braided girl. He was disappointed in that reaction. “Come on aren’t you happy to see me?”

        Harriet was too exhausted to make a comeback. “We’ll I was having a nice dream about poisoning a certain someone with an elixir but it was rudely interrupted.” The brown girl said as she rubbed her eyes. “Anyways give me a good reason why you decided to barge into my office this late at night?”

           “I was just doing my nightly patrol as usual.” He said as one arm leaned on the wall while the other rested on his hip. The medelic sounds of metal from his armor and weapon syncing with movement. “So I thought it would be a good excuse to come see you instead.”

             “Sometimes I’m still Amazed at the fact that the King hasn’t beheaded you yet.” She said bluntly. Going back to rest her head on her left palm. The messy blonde walked over as the clanky sounds of metal followed in his footsteps. Sawyer was curious to see what Harriet was studying since she locked herself up in the office for a whole week. Once he got to the wooden desk it was now clear how messy and disorganized It was. Which was unusual. Full of worn out dusty books with solid colors along with some tea stained papers with inked illustrations covering the negative space.

            All these illustrations were so full of detail and it seemed like they were all following a similar theme. First a stone pathway with stairs surrounded by flowers. The next has shown some kind of temple full of beautiful overgrown flowers and thorny vines. “Wow” Sawyer said in disbelief. “This is your best work yet.” He says. “Do you think humans still retell the story of the Temple of thorns?” He asks to hand the artwork back.

               “Probably still in some ways.” She says as she readjusted herself. Her small dark brown hands reached for the same illustration out of his hands. “I doubt it though. It’s not as popular as the other stories. Which is quite a shame. It’s one of my favorite pieces of history to study. Been this way since I was a child.” Harriet said Studying her own interpretation of what the temple might look like with fond memories.

                “A girl who was forced to go to sleep forever because she was tricked into thinking that she was the key to saving the green life on earth.” Sawyer recalled stroking his chin.  looking to the left like he just remembered something.  “Then the messenger turned out to be a corrupted witch and ended up taking over her life as if she was never there. Like everyone had just forgotten her.” Harriet continued stroking the tea stained paper with her thumb. Her Almond eyes were full of sadness now. It was almost as if she had something to say.                Whenever Harriet gets like this she just prefers to be alone so that was Sawyers clue to leave. “Ah! Wait. Sawyer before you go. I’m happily to announce that I’ll be leaving in a couple of days.” She says with a warning.             Stopping himself from going up the cobblestone stairs. “Hm? Did you take on a request from the guild board?” He asked with sudden surprise looking both ways.               “No.” Technically he was right but she didn’t take on the quest. “I’m actually the one who made the request. I call it the 100 year plan.” Now he was interested. Harriet’s at a level in her adventuring career where you are allowed to make request yourself. It means that you’re at a pretty respectable rank in the king's eyes. “I see… I’m sure it has nothing to do with your recent hyperfixtions no?” He says as he turns to see the back at harriets double braided hair.             “With that you are correct. I plan on searching for the hidden temple. I refuse to believe it was destroyed. I believe that the girl is still out there somewhere.” Harriet said her eyes shimmering with hope.            The messy blonde sighed. He didn't want to discourage the courage that she showed in her sleepy eyes. He decided it would be best if he would save it for the next morning when she’s all rested. Besides, it was getting late anyway. “Alright. We’ll discuss this in the afternoon. Have a good night.” With that the door closes as the girl's eyes slowly close as well. 

    #original story#original writing #I might change the name of these characters idk. #writeblr#beginner writer#oc concept#story concept#world concept #I just want to get into writing stories more #Im a bit shy so go easy on me. #um
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  • plan3t-marzz
    28.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    The Lost Prince // Chapter Two

    The second chapter of my ranboo-centric fantasy au is out!

    As usual, all comments and kudos are greatly appreciated! It means the world of me to know that I have your support :]



    #c!ranboo #origins!tubbo #origins!ranboo #origins AU#dsmp fanfic#dsmp au #c!tubbo #ranboo dream smp #ranboo dsmp #tubbo dream smp #tubbo dsmp#My writing #the lost prince AU #The Lost Prince
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  • ash-la-rose
    28.09.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    I waited with a hand over my glass to keep the fruit flies out. I took a humid sip and tried not to think about the bugs.

    ‘If you’re gonna worry, be consistent.’ I reminded myself.


    Like always, Sage blew in with the wind. She was a breath of fresh air.

    “Are there any blackberries left?” She asked.

    “We’ve got about an hour of daylight to go find some.” I said.

    We walked through my dusky neighborhood, cups in hand, laughing too loudly. We followed crunchy vines that had braided themselves into fences. Late berries hung on in clusters, taking shots of filtered light. It was last call.

    “Did you know blackberries have worms in them?” I asked, picking through the brambles.

    “Like, all of them?” She laughed, plopping a few under-ripe berries into her drink.

    “Yeah, little fruit fly larvae.”

    I reached up and inspected a very shiny berry. It came off easily with a puff of pollen, staining my fingertips dark purple. Tangy seeds and saccharine flowers.

    We’d had our fill so we moved on. Drooping sunflowers towered over us. We bit into rose-hips from the witches’ briar and spat them out.

    At the end of my street, there’s a stream. Sage found a patch of white clovers. We sat for a bit looking for some luck.

    “There were four-leaf clovers in the garden of Eden.” I said.

    “Wasn’t there also a talking snake?” She stood, tucking her hair up into her hat. The orange skies cast pink on her cheeks.

    “Poison fruit too, I think?” I laughed.

    Sage smiled mischievously and dropped a clover into her glass.

    “Into the sangria!”


    I put my wine on the floor. There was a coffee table across the room, covered in mail. I crossed my legs and pressed my back into the overfilled couch cushions. I stretched up my arms and sighed.

    Music rattles the floors here. I spotted a tiny fly drowning, drunkenly paddling through a burgundy wave pool.

    Jace played idly, draped over his guitar, looking at his hands but not really seeing them. Even his passing refrains are unexpectedly lovely.

    A fly flew into my ear. I panicked and batted at the side of my head.

    “You ok?” He asked.

    “You should really clean up.” I pouted. I touched his hair but he didn’t look at me.

    That night, I listened. I picked little bugs out of my wine and I drank it anyway.

    #journal#creative writing#original wiritng#narrative #writers and poets #love#friends #walking in nature #writers on tumblr #prose poetry #pt. 4
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    28.09.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    So I've been here for awhile, but I've never set up a proper tag list for my writing. Whoops!

    So, going forward, I'm going to have a couple of different tag lists (and hastags to, theoretically, make it easier to find stuff posted prior to joining a list)

    Legend's Legacy Tag List - if you want to be tagged when I post stuff about my published series (and the in-the-works stuff for the next book in the series) #LLstuff

    Dead Impressions Tag List - if you want to be tagged when I post a new chapter of Dead Impressions (the pride and prejudice and zombies for people who actually like pride and prejudice) #P&Predone

    General Writing Tag List - you'll get tagged whenever I post any writing (short stories, excerpts, chapters, etc.), including Legend's Legacy and Dead Impressions chapters/excerpts (but not any behind-the-scenes or additional info type stuff) #myscribbles (and FYI, that's one I've already been using for some of my writing, so you can already go explore some of my stuff!)

    If you'd like to be on one (or more) of these lists, please reblog or comment with which list you want

    Thanks, my lovelies!


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  • kaikuro
    28.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Soul dark cloud rain Thunder fall on ground

    Monday Blues Hell fire burns my solitude

    Flicker not fire ball oh sun what’s love

    The poetry a pond my heart of goldfish

    Eros Don't hit me with fine needle of arrows

    Fin a fish it's hand you should hold mine hand

    #poem#original poem #dead poets society #poetry#my writing#spilled ink#writing #poets on tumblr #new poets society
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  • asomeoneperson
    28.09.2021 - 53 minutes ago



    The year is 3065, more than a century into the future, and many have fallen victim to humanity's selfishness. The last place on Earth with life is protected from the Outside via a dome that engulfs the sky. Inside this dome is a spot of heaven known as Incolumis, and only those who can be controlled are allowed to stay. Since animals cannot be controlled, the drones that cleanse the streets of "filth" are instructed to kill them upon sight. A black cat named La Notte has managed to evade death for years, and has reason to believe that he will live the rest of his days in lonesome. Then, he meets a mutt named Mochana, who has a dream to see the Outside. And, well, La Notte doesn't have anything else exciting to do.


    Young/New Adult | Literary Fiction | Dystopia, Futuristic


    dystopia, blood, violence, death, mentions of genocide


    escape, dystopia, (somewhat) cyberpunk, futuristic, platonic relationships, inherent amounts of sadness, animal-centric


    main: animals/ferals (cat, dog) | side: human


    Third-Person Limited (Elements of First-Person) | Present Tense Animal Narrator(s)


    Work in progress. Estimated to be less than 70k words when finished.

    "The year is 3065, more than a century into the future, and what little life is left has learned that the imperfect know only to wreak destruction. Only those who fit the narrative are allowed to stay in Incolumis, a spot of heaven in a place that reeks of nothingness. Fidus, the government of all governments, holds a tight reign of control over its citizens, executing whoever they see as rebellious and distasteful—whoever cannot be bent to their will. La Notte, a black cat with dozens of scars to prove his dream to be free, is most definitely among the masters of insubordination. Having evaded capture for years, he's seen and experienced more than enough hardships to warrant arrogance. After all, animals are among the most despised in the "utopia," the drones surveying the streets instructed to kill them upon sight, and yet here he is, leaping from rooftop to rooftop like a graceful little worm, so slippery not even death can get its sticky fingers on him. He's old, he knows, but he's still got plenty of years on his side, so he plans on living them to the fullest.

    And then he meets Mochana, an optimistic, innocent, far-too-happy puppy who really shouldn't exist. After reluctantly allowing the pup to tag along with him on his journey to nowhere, La Notte discovers that the mutt has a dream far too large for his body: he wants to escape from the dome that keeps their home safe. He needs help to get there—to the Outside. Surely, a feline who has lived for so long knows the way?

    La Notte does. And, well, it's not like he's going to be doing anything exciting for a while."

    Make sure to follow my blog for possible updates!

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  • shipmydear
    28.09.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    Paper Fortress

    I wonder if one day you won’t even remember this happening. If you’ll wake up and all the pain will be a distant memory just like the others became before her. A dull ache that stings if you think about it for too long, but isn’t quite present…You can feel yourself building your walls a little higher, maybe this time with materials that are just a little bit stronger. If you’re being honest, you don’t know how she managed to get through the first set so easily. She barely had to scale. She just showed up one day on the other side. So close you were almost touching, taking up so much space it was like she had always belonged there. You know not to make that same mistake twice. So, you do what you have to in order to keep her out. Call in reinforcements, lock yourself away behind a fortress if that’s the only solution. The irony of it all, maybe she’s the one responsible for building…If you think about it, you wouldn’t have needed a fortress if she just would’ve stayed on the other side of the wall like she should’ve. If only she would’ve kept her crazy hair and indistinguishable eyes On. The. Right. Side. You never wanted to think about any of those things in the first place. It had always been a doomed mission. Two people with a knack for collecting things. Hers, an affinity for hearts and attention… You, with your weakness for pretty smiles and everything warm. She shined so bright you couldn’t not take a moment to bask in her brilliance. But now, you remind yourself one last time that she’s overstayed her welcome. You have no choice but to lock her out; You hope with everything inside of you she forgets she’s always been the one to hold the keys. ~JDS

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  • delphic127
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Pinky Promise

    content warning: alluding to suicide, suicidal ideation, mentions of self harm, talk of death/being dead, mentions of self-hatred.

    Remember you control the media you consume, please don’t read this if you think this may be triggering, take care of your mental health first.


    Promise me, you said

    “Pinky promise, cause that way you can’t break it”

    I extended my pinky and accepted that unbreakable vow

    Good thing this isn’t harry potter or i would be dead


    I wonder if pinky promises matter when you’re dead.

    I wonder how hurt you will be when you realize

    That i broke it, the silent promise, culminated by two entangled pinky’s

    Promise me, you said

    As if that means anything to me.

    I’ve already concluded pinky promises don’t matter when you’re dead

    Because nothing you say or do can save me

    Not from this storm of blinding chaos

    Not from this unbearable self-hatred

    Not from this scariness that creeps up my bones

    Promise me, you said

    As if that was going to change anything

    Change the fact that every day i wake up wanting to be someone else

    Change the fact that sometimes i crave my blood to cascade down my body

    Change the fact that i want to be gone.

    Promise me, you said

    No, i thought

    Because i’m so far gone

    Nothing can save me.

    Not even a pinky promise.


    heya folks! wrote this at a bad time, actually this was directly impacted when i got out of the pysch ward for having suicidal thoughts and the fear i might act on them. my dad asked me to pinky promise that i would stay alive, and before he walked out the door, this poem was already half-formed in my mind. i'm doing much better and am in a happier place. anyways thank you so so much for reading! i hope you have a wonderful day, night, or afternoon. love y'all and stay safe!!

    if you or a loved one are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please reach out to an established mental health professional, or use any of the resources below. there is help out there, and it will get better.

    National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

    Crisis Text Line: 741741 in the US or UK (686868 in Canada)


    signing off, del~

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  • wellnoe
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i want these panels to be from a good comic so so badly but they are not

    [id: two panels from x-men fairytales #3. In the first panel is a silhouette of a pair of scissors in scott’s hands, pointing toward jean’s neck. jean is saying: “Please, the spell’s already starting to take hold. I can’t do it myself...if you love me...”

    the second panel shows jean and scott facing each other. jean has wrapped her hands around scott’s, holding the scissors with him./end id]

    #this comic makes me so mad bc it is so bad and then it introduces this concept on the last page and utilizes it SO poorly #w.me #truly i think about this comic so often it sucks so much. #doesn't get what can work about the original dps and doesn't do anything good with its own version #and also doesn't care about jean despite choosing to write a story about her
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  • ninjaguyden
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    “What’s with the hesitation?” asked Etsuko. Alexa ducked an attack before explaining.

    “Well, this bomb could very well blow up this entire mountain,” said Alexa.

    “Yea? Well we might need that fire power to destroy this monster,” said Etsuko, obliterating an attack at the cost of a few cuts.

    “Well uh-”

    “Cough it out.”

    “We could also be blown up with it,” said Alexa. Etsuko sighed.

    “Alright, what are our other options?” asked Etsuko.

    “Uh, hmmm. I’m setting this thing to a timer, but we’ll need to get out of here very quickly. At most it goes to one hour,” said Alexa. Etsuko sighed.

    “No worries, just set it up and lets blow this joint,” said Etsuko. Alexa nodded, going along with her orders. She double checked to see if everything worked and then set the bomb.

    “Alright, let’s get out of here!” said Alexa, running while dodging a few more attacks.

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  • xodotpng
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Posting my Twitter thread here too because brain

    rotting (same @ as here lol)

    Can't believe origins Ranboo is a charismatic chaotic

    cartoon type style villain who dresses just a bit over

    the top and doesn't actually know what the word

    murder is even though it seems to be his favorite


    Also his husband is equally as chaotic bee hybrid

    who doesn't actually know that the taller cryptic

    does a little murder on the side but is confused at the

    sudden influx of valuables that they definitely did not

    have before.

    He likes to change outfits depending on the weather,

    his mood, and whatever gives him inspiration in the

    mornings. He has the most intricate clothing ever

    seen, he likes to hand stitch stuff into it.

    Sometimes he's just terrible at doing what he does

    but that's okay.

    Definitely not based on him dying so much right now.

    He refuses to accept he just is not great at it

    sometimes, but it's okay because at least he looks

    awesome during it.

    He just very salty about it though. Passive

    aggressively glaring at whatever kills him. He's so

    funky I love him with all my heart.

    He would bring me the stolen valuables of a dead

    person to show we're friends (real!) He would just go

    hey look I brought you this necklace don't ask where

    I got I just thought it was cool!"

    He totally does that to tubbo and tubbo has learned

    not to ask because no matter how much you pester

    ranboo he won't say anything.

    Also yes he is a Prince in this, and he knows it but

    that's for another day.

    "I am upset, I am disgusted"

    My OSMP!Ranboo when someone even implies that

    he's committing murder.

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  • orlandoswords
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    untitled vi {bed; 11:57 pm}

    and while fear was plentiful

    in the hearts of those present

    peace was abundant

    and the future hopeful

    - d.h.

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