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  • sapphos-ruwumate
    29.11.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Really getting back into watching minecraft streamers, so have some more origins niki sketches

    #The little fishes are Remoras and they're super cool #They look super cursed tho when they're not sucked onto a shark #I have so many other ideas and wanna paint this arghhh help #my art#niki fanart#my sketch#osmp#origins smp#niki nihachu#wip
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  • sp-ud
    29.11.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Theory/hc, ghostboo is acting.

    Why? Because he doesn't want anyone to risk making any kind of deal with dream to bring back ranboo from the dead.

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  • frienderbee
    29.11.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    What do you mean there's upsetting dream smp lore *opens up tab of fluffy origins fanfics* I see no angst here.

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  • cupqueencake
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    New duo just dropped. Fragrance Man and o!James. A holy man in need of fragrance and a begrudging RPG main character.

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  • riodoesstuff
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    When your younger brother dies and you get all the family's fortune for yourself

    This was for a DTIYS i made for the ppl on Twitter, you can do it if u want! Just tag me so i can see and reblog :D

    #art#fanart#ranboo #80's mess and axolotls #digital art#osmp#osmp ranboo #o!ranboo #originssmp ranboo #origins smp ranboo #origins smp
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  • mcytcoffeehousecare
    29.11.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #origins smp kin #mod blue☕
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  • mahgck
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    make up a dsmp guy

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  • itschipstime
    29.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    anyways rip to dsmp!ranboo but osmp!ranboo is simply built different.

    he would never let anyone score an easy kill on him like that.

    #MCYT#Dream SMP#Origins SMP#ranboo #/j /j /j with a touch of /lh
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  • boffys-coffee
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Dream smp fan artists be like

    “Here is my favorite character”

    *draws a skrunkly little guy with horns wearing five shirts and jackets on top of each other*

    #dream smp #99% of the dream smp fanart features clothes straight out of a disney channel original movie #and im here for it #this could be about tommy eryn ranboo tubbo ponk purpled or anyone tbh
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  • meowcorner
    29.11.2021 - 7 hours ago
    may I request an alliumduo stimboard for an origins!ranboo? we were platonic husbands so that'd be nice to include somehow. maybe some nature themes? just go crazy.


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  • fkin-pengu
    29.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Bedrock Bros

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  • shinko-aly
    29.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Let him in plz lol

    < Tap for better quality >

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  • cool-new-side-blog
    29.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    [Image ID/ Tweet that Ranboo liked from smeegsmack guy (@/ Sneegsnag) reading: Ranboo enjoyed saying what he felt like on Origins so much he made his Dream SMP character the same /End ID]

    #i made a post #i made an image description #sneegsnag#ranboo#ccs#dsmp#origins smp
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  • restnowyourhardshipisover
    29.11.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #I made this about Origins events this week but hey it works for Dream smp too #he is one of my favorites but fan interpretation can be so scuffed #origins smp#tommyinnit#dream smp
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  • eclecticfanfics
    29.11.2021 - 13 hours ago


    Fandom: MCYT - Alternate Universe - Aliens - Origins SMP

    Theme: Human Technkblade gets kidnapped by aliens because they thought he was the human equivalent of a Shiny Pokemon, since he had pink dyed hair. He goes on to be a pet, then a fighting ring fighter, then gets meets the OSMP Crew, who treats him like the sentient he is.

    Ships: None

    Wordcount: 15,245 | Dehumanization/Crack then Fluff/Found Family at the end | Finished

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  • moonstar0002c
    29.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    i only just finished my ranboo dream smp design a few weeks ago and now lore happens >:( now i need to make his new design god damnit

    #ranboo#dream smp#art#digital art#drawing#dsmp#dsmp spoilers #dream smp spoilers #osmp#origins smp#origin smp #idk if its origins or origin #it doesnt look like a word now tho lol #fanart #i was lazy on the osmp art lol #now im off to make a new ranboo design yayyyyy
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  • boonbeenblade
    29.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I Care

    Technoblade is, in many ways, a loner figure. It's not necessarily because he wants to be, or because he doesn't like people (though, to be fair, animals are better than people in most cases). He's no misanthrope - he's a survivor. It's safer to keep people at arm's length, and to care more about the process than the person. After all, he's seen time and time again how people either betray you, get used against you, leave you behind, or find someone more they care about than you. Philza is an exception only because Philza understands what Technoblade needs. When Techno needs someone to stand beside him, Phil is there; and when he needs to know that Philza is safe, he stays out of danger. They work as a team, and they can both survive on their own - they're just better together, when the timing is right. But everyone else can stay away. One person - one very competent person. That's as many people as Techno cares about. That's all he can care about. All he can afford to care about.


    And then Ranboo entered the equation. As often happened, Technoblade met him during a battle, as part of the Butcher Army that attacked him at his home. Yet Ranboo never made a move to harm him, only to defend those fighting alongside him. That was a choice that Techno could understand, and respect - fighting for something was a lot more powerful than just fighting against something. It also helped that he showed up later, carrying the pieces of Techno's armor that he was able to bring back after the execution. They understood that there was nothing personal between them, and Ranboo seemed willing to listen. He didn't write down Technoblade's location, even when the rest of the Cabinet would obviously be looking for it. And when Ranboo was outed as a traitor, Technoblade claimed not to know him. It was, on a level, true - they were certainly far from friends - but he knew how tainted one could become simply by association with another. Ranboo didn't deserve that.

    Doomsday came. Technoblade's vendetta was with L'manburg, and he told Ranboo to leave. No need to make an enemy by hurting someone who didn't already want to hurt you back. And then Philza invited Ranboo to live with them - since they had, in their rampage, destroyed his house along with everything else. And things, as they tended to, got more complicated.

    He wasn't his mentor, not exactly. Ranboo seemed to know enough to keep himself afloat - and quite rich, if the rumors were to be believed. And being rich on this server was a hard thing to do without it being stolen from you, or you being used for it. (Techno knows the price of that grind all too well.) He was his landlord, officially. Ranboo was technically on his land, and Technoblade had a reputation for keeping everyone away from his land, so paid rent seemed the easiest explanation for anyone else coming by. It was a joke, to start with. And then Ranboo made him an axe, sharpened to the finest point. Made to replace the Axe of Peace that he knew Tommy had kept at the confrontation in the ruins of the Community House. Technoblade was no stranger to the time and effort it took to craft a netherite axe and enchant it to this strength, and Ranboo handed him one made personally for him. Techno pretended he didn't care, and Ranboo pretended it was rent, and they both pretended there was no bond forged right then.

    They never intended to stop pretending, but things just... went on.  When Ranboo's body began to change, and grant him new powers, Technoblade took it in stride. He trained him to use them - if not for some kind of greater good, then at least for his (and Techno's) personal good. He helped him gather totems from the distant mansions, both of them well aware of the fragility of life without them. They joked that Ranboo was destined for greatness, and those destined for greatness always lost their teachers tragically. And yet Techno didn't stop teaching him.


    Techno saw Sam march Ranboo into the prison, and he leapt from his tower without care for the impact. His trident whirred, Technoblade trying to catch them, running as fast as he could- Not fast enough. The portal shattered to pieces in front of him. Ranboo was gone.

    No amount of collected totems would do him any good in the prison - if Sam didn't just take them for himself, Ranboo certainly wouldn't have them in the cell. Technoblade had been through the invasive search procedures for visitors; he could only imagine what it was like for prisoners. (Or, well, openly stated prisoners, at least; Techno's imprisonment had been a trap.) If Sam took out his frustrations with Dream on Ranboo... If Technoblade had any doubts about trying to break into the prison to rescue Dream, they were gone. He was getting Ranboo out of there.

    The breakout was...chaotic. Glass prevented even an attempt at sneaking out quietly, the guards kept trying to block their path over and over, there was another prisoner besides Dream stuck in there for stolen valor, Techno dropped his ender chests into the ender chest he couldn't pick back up- And there was Ranboo. No matter the insanity, at least he would be okay. 

    They made it to the land, faced by an army. Technoblade was no stranger to fighting losing odds, and all they had to do was run. And he turned around, and saw Sam shaking a photograph in front of Ranboo, who looked like the world had dropped from under his feet.  Dream called for them to leave. Technoblade wasn't going to leave Ranboo. Even as Ranboo stripped off his armor with shaking hands, laying it at Sam's feet. Techno called out to him, trying to get between him and Sam, but Badboyhalo blocked the way, and all Techno could do was watch. Watch as Ranboo took the photograph from Sam. "He has Michael." Techno didn't understand. Michael? Who was Michael? Why wasn't Ranboo pulling out a totem? Why wasn't he RUNNING? He wasn't leaving without Ranboo.

    Ranboo turned, and looked Techno dead in the eyes. There was a peculiar feeling that passed through him, then - and not the usual strangeness of staring into an enderman's eyes. It was a feeling of great importance. A feeling of trust. A feeling of regret. A feeling that formed into a single word. Please. His hand opened, the photograph fluttering out, caught by the winds of battle. It splayed itself against Techno's chest plate, catching in his armor, and he could hear nothing. Not Sam's demands for Dream to come back, not Dream screaming that he didn't care if Ranboo died, not even the distant roaring of withers. Only Ranboo's words. "Techno, he had this."

    Sam ordered Techno to get Dream to stop, or Ranboo is dead. Dream doesn't care about Ranboo. Technoblade couldn't rush him. He knew he wouldn't make it in time before Sam could swing his sword. He tried. He tried, he tried, he tried. "Dream doesn't care about Ranboo!" The sword lifted, gleaming in the night.  The words came out too late.

    "I care!"

    The sword fell.

    (Techno doesn’t know if Ranboo heard him.) (He doesn’t know if it’s worse if he did, or he didn’t.)

    #van writes#original#my writing#dream smp #dream smp fanfic #dsmp#dsmp fanfic#dsmp fanfiction#technoblade#techno fanfic#ranboo#ranboo fanfic#peerpressureduo#philza#awesamdude#dsmp dream#dsmp spoilers#jailbreak#jailbreak spoilers #two days in a row we get #someone who has vowed not to care #caring and then losing the person they care about #i don't think techno saw himself in ranboo #but i think he saw a friend #and only too late does he realize he doesn't know enough #no riches. no totem. no firepower can save you when they take what you care about #and who knows why Sam thought Dream cared about Ranboo?
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  • moomoorare
    29.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Duck mask for the Quack Meister

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