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  • sensitiveheartless
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #bungou stray dogs #bsd#bsd fanart#bsd wan#art#soukoku#nakahara chuuya#dazai osamu #watched the hanami bsd wan episode and really wanted to draw these two bickering while sitting back to back #bsd chuuya#bsd dazai#my art
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  • whoreforbsd
    28.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    50 follower event - Collaboration

    Thank you all so much for helping me reach 50 followers, I can't believe 50 of you out there support my writing!

    To celebrate this, I'll be collaborating on one SFW fanfiction (BSD, male character x fem!reader) with one of my mutuals/followers! DM if interested <3

    #bsd chuuya #bsd x you #bsd fluff#bsd smut #bsd x reader #nakahara chuuya#chuuya fluff #chuuya x reader #chuuya smut#dazaibsd#dazai osamu #bungou stray dogs dazai #dazai hcs #dazai x reader #dazai headcanons #bungou stray dogs chuuya #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bungou stray dogs smut
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  • simpforchuchu
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #dazai#bsd#chuuya#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs #chuuya imagine #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara #dazai x you #osamu dazai #dazai x reader #dazai fic#dazai imagine #chuuya x y/n #chuuya fluff#chuuya hcs#dazai hcs#bsd hcs#bsd chuuya
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  • ao3-saiki-updates
    27.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Dangerously Balancing at the Edge of the World

    Dangerously balancing at the edge of the world by villain klaus

    Dazai Osamu takes a deep breath, as if to prepare himself for something exhausting. On one hand it was, after all he just managed to make it in front of his cousin's door. The cousin he hadn't seen in years. Dazai wondered how he'd react, probably freaked out of his mind because Dazai was proclaimed as dead years ago. He shook off the thoughts and knocked. A few seconds later, a boy with pink hair and green glasses opened the door. “You're not Shota.” Dazai said with a sour face. The boy didn't budge at all, he simply just stared at the bandaged man with those green glasses of his.

    Words: 1003, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: 斉木楠雄のΨ難 | Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan | The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs, 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Characters: Saiki Kusuo, Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs), Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead

    Relationships: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Saiki Kusou, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs), Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya (Bungou Stray Dogs)

    Additional Tags: Multiple Crossovers, BNHA crossover, bsd crossover, saiki k crossover, dazai and saiki, dazai and aizawa, saiki and aizawa, the ships mentioned above are referred to but they don't even appear in this lol, mashup of worlds, Family Reunions, Aizawa family

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35367430

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  • unwrittenfate
    27.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Dazai is so gender. Sigh.

    #Bsd #Dazai Osamu 😩 #[Rant🌼]
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  • simpforchuchu
    27.11.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #bsd#chuuya#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs #chuuya imagine #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara #chuuya x y/n #bsd chuuya#chuuya fluff#chuuya hcs#dazai osamu #dazai x you #dazai#dazai hcs #dazai x reader #dazai x y/n #dazai imagine#dazai fic#bsd dazai
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  • seitosokusha
    27.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The thing about civilians…

    The thing about civilians was that they were so frail.

    Kouyou was always right about that. That was why Dazai and Chuuya had talked about not bringing Shirusu into the darkness that was Port Mafia. It was why they pretended to be normal teenagers around her. Shirusu was fun to bring around, but she didn’t need to know about Port Mafia.

    Shirusu was so strong, she shined so bright, but Dazai knew she didn’t know how dark things could get, didn’t know the kind of violence it took to break people, what it truly meant to be okay with breaking people.

    read more

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  • sissy-am
    27.11.2021 - 7 hours ago
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  • rakunloverpoe
    27.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    *Dazai heyecanlı ve mutlu bir şekilde Chuuya'ya koşar: Merhaba Chuu-Chuu!

    *Chuuya hüzünlü bir şekilde gülerek: Umarım bir gün görüldüğü gibi gerçekten mutlu olursun.

    Dazai: ...

    Chuuya: Haha! Ane-san bunu sana söylersem senin artık beni rahat bırakacağını söylemişti!

    Dazai: ...

    Chuuya: Dazai? Aman tanrım! Sen ağlıyor musun? Özür dilerim! Ağlama n'olursun?!

    #soukoku #bungo stray dogs #incorrect bungo stray dogs #dazai osamu#nakahara chuuya
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  • bsd-bibliophile
    27.11.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #dazai osamu#japanese literature #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bsd
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  • chuuy-a
    27.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Idk what Nikolai expects by " fighting to death " because the best either of them can do is kick a chair and fall down (joking)

    #am i really joking tho? #bungou stray dogs #bsd#dazai osamu#fyodor dostoevsky#nikolai bsd #bsd 95.5 #< shie's original posts >
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  • kunikinnie
    27.11.2021 - 8 hours ago


    featuring: Dazai

    a/n: ahh sorry for flooding with unrelated drabbles again HAHAhuhu another one I just needed to get out of my system

    Until recently, you had been working two separate jobs. But as time went on you decided to focus your energy only on one and join it full time - namely, the Armed Detective Agency.

    "But don't you miss your other job?" Naomi asked curiously. You rarely spoke about it in the Agency, so it was only natural for her to be curious.

    To be honest, your other job wasn't too terrible. Although you didn't particularly miss the workload, you did nearly look forward to working there everytime you entered the establishment.

    "I had such a wondeful and kind senpai," you said. "I guess if there's one thing I want to see regularly again it's him."

    He was just a ball of sunshine who tried to support you as best as he could. Your day would immediately brighten up just by seing his smiling face, and to say that you respected him wasn't enough to describe your feelings.

    "Ohh, so you have a crush then?"

    You frantically waved your hand, dismising the comment. "N-no! Not really... I just admire him, that's all."

    Unbeknownst to you, one of your current senpais was watching the entire conversation.

    Dazai saw how pink your cheeks and how bright your eyes were when you spoke about him. He lazily rest his chin on his arm, further observing the way you described and borderline worshipped the guy. You were never like this when it came to him, and that was what offended him. Hadn't he been charming enough?

    But what annoyed him more was the very fact that he was annoyed at the situation since that meant he cared about your opinion - and the implication of that he wasn't quite ready yet to accept.

    After a while, he found you sorting documents by the cabinet alone. He slowly but casually walked to your side and leaned against the glass panes.

    "Y/N, can I ask you something?"

    "Of course, Dazai-san."

    "Am I not a good senpai?"

    You noticed the empty look in his eyes even though they were looking somewhere else. It was almost pleading from a deep sort of hurt you couldn't quite understand.

    "...you're a good senpai, Dazai-san. A little stange, but still good."

    That was an honest answer that you tried to reinforce with an honest smile. It seemed to have worked, even just minutely.

    "But you don't smile in the way he makes you smile, right?"

    Wait, was this because-

    He chuckled. It wasn't the usual mischievous kind Kunikida was victim to nearly everyday, but rather a gentle and genuine one. "I guess I just have to work harder."

    After flashing you one more smile, he left you alone to finish whatever it was you were doing. You really weren't sure about what just the heck happened, but you were grateful anyway.

    #bsd#dazai osamu #dazai x reader #dazai x you #dazai x y/n
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  • no-longer-tainted
    27.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Screentime Chuuya

    Okay, small warning first: I logged in after a whole while here again and I was looking through my drafts and found this sweet piece and I can’t tell why I did this and how long this was waiting in my drafts but I guess it doesn’t hurt to publish that now! :D

    - We all know Chuuya is just a side minor character in the main story of Bungou Stray Dogs and because I’m re:watching the Anime I noted down the Episodes where he appears because useless knowledge is important c:

    S01E09 (Episode 09): 00:15:53 - 00:17:56 [meeting Dazai after 4 years] S01E10 (Episode 10): 00:01:47 - 00:08:22 [fight against Dazai] S01E12 (Episode 12): 00:21:25 - 00:22:10 [meeting with Mori]

    So in the first half of the anime, he has a screentime of 10 minutes and 23 seconds c’: I’ve the feeling the less a character appears the more I love them :’) 

    #Soukoku#Chuuya Nakahara #Bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bsd#dazai osamu#screentime chuuya #I always fell in love with side and minor characters
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  • 5vin
    27.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    let me show you: dazai’s hand

    #dazai osamu #posts this and disappears for 1 day
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  • disaster-in-glitter
    27.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    “School is turning me into a Dazai Kinnie”

    -School graffiti

    #bungou stray dogs #dazai osamu
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  • v4mpzie
    27.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    - 氷が溶ける。📂💭

    ﹫v4mpzie <3 ( ̄~ ̄;) 🗯 ドボー

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  • bazookiestest
    27.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    My first fic its a Dazai x reader. Its based off the one line where fyodor gives dazai terrible advice on how to get close to the cafe women ^^ hope u like it, i also split it into numbered sections for my own sake

    1. You work at a cafe, it's a simple cafe, well built, sturdy, the usual, it's cozy, there's a bell over the door to signal to you there is a customer. You have been working at this cafe for over three months, previously you were a job hopper but that's not what we are focusing on. Three months have passed and every day at the same time a man with no name, well at least you don't know of it, everyday he orders a black coffee with two packets of sugar and everyday he asks you questions.

    2. This man has a distinct appearance with nice, fluffy, brown hair and pretty brown nices to match, he seems very simple but you could pick him out of a crowd with the amount of times you've seen him, you've studied his appearance, you couldn't help it, his presence is so nice. He wears a tan, long trench coat over a white dress shirt under a black vest fitted with a nice amulet type thing in place of a tie, and bandages all over his body that suit him well. This man is always cheerful and playful that you know of and seems to understand you quite well.

    3. It was a day like any other, you stand at the counter cleaning cups. You like to watch the clock and you notice it's almost time for the man to show up, as you notice this you can't help but to feel a little excited, but you don't smile about it. The clock ticks and the room echos with idle chatter of others from the booths near the windows, the clock ticks a little more until you hear the familiar ring of the bell atop the door, you already know who it is but you turn your head anyways, it's a habit thing, it's the man.

    4. The man sits down at his usual seat with a smile on his face, it suits him well "one black coffee with two sugars, please!" You nod your head with a silent chuckle and while you make it he asks "what's so funny ?" With a nice tone and you respond with "well it's been three months and every day at the same time you order the same thing, I feel as if I can read you like a book sir !" He chuckles a little and places his hand on his cheek "could you now ? As I recall , you don't even know my name !" You hand him his coffee and sugar with a smile "no, but you seem so in tune, er in line you know ?" You can't recall the word "Orderly ? Regular ?" He asks and you nod your head

    5. The man puts his sugar in his coffee and stirs it up "Dazai… Osamu…" he states and takes a sip "your name is Dazai…. Hmm" he puts his cup down and asks "what, is there something wrong with it ? I thought you'd like to know" he gave a slight chuckle "oh absolutely I think it's horrid" you follow up your sarcastic tone with a head shake no "your name is fine, really " he takes another sip of his coffee and puts it down with a smile.

    6. "You know...tsk...never mind" you rub the back of your neck with a sigh, dazai puts down his coffee yet again "no go on, I want to hear your thoughts." he says "you make it sound so easy, dazai " you chuckle nervously and lean on the counter, and face him "I can't help but to think about my rent, this job is hard to maintain... but i don't want to leave it, I love it here so far and there's no other jobs in the area I can get part time in...tsk" you lean your arm on the counter and rest your head in your hand and look him in the eyes with a slight smile, you seem kinda anxious about it, but he laughs slightly "my dear I'm sorry to hear about that, I've only got enough for coffee and a dry cleaners !" You laugh along a little "you can't be that low on money, I'm sure you've got a wonderful job" you say, he laughs slightly and stands up "right you are, but I put my profits in other things " he puts his index to his lips and pays for his coffee and leaves with a wave goodbye, as you watch him leave you think to yourself with your hands on your hips "my dear…?" You shake your head "how bold of him" and you let out a content sigh and hear a "Hullo, I'd like to order !" And you get back into the work zone.

    7. The next few days pass with idle chit-chat of you both, he arrives at the same time each day and orders the same thing, and leaves again at the same time.

    8. A couple of days pass and dazais order becomes only black coffee and he comes in one day, just like any other, and you start his order once more and he sits in his familiar spot "my dear you know you've taken the spot of another, it pains me to think that, you know ?" You looked at him confused, you expected a frown adorn on his face but he was smiling "I couldn't have, you couldn't have fallen for folk like me " you laugh and give him his coffee "it's true ! There was a lady that worked before you, she was just the prettiest, sweetest, lovingー" "oh you hurt my soul dazai ! How could you love another before me !" You joke with a laugh, and your hands on your heart "I know I know how awful of me ! But she's the reason I order two sugars, but I haven't lately, I've stopped thinking about her…"

    9. You think about this with a smile and put your hands on your hip "you sound desperate in your words dazai" you tilt your head to the side and sigh "oh I am, I love you my dear !" You cover your mouth when you laugh and he sips his coffee "don't say that dazai ! How bold you are ! You seem like you'd drop dead on the spot for me !" He hurriedly nodded his head "any day of the week !!" He sounded excited "you could now !?" You seem malicious with a smile on your face "don't be so cruel to me, I promise I'll be the only one you have !" He seemed to plead playfully " you wouldn't really... " You seem sceptical and raise a brow "of course I could ! " he states with a happy smile but that still doesn't make you mine, i can be the only one to you but your aren't to me" you put your hands in your pockets and shake your head with a smile "one day you might be~" he chuckles and gets up with a smile, in similar fashion he puts his index on his lips, pays for his coffee and leaves with a wave goodbye "see ya !" You shake your head once again and sigh and think a little to yourself before you serve the next person.

    10. A few days go by again, the usual, dazai with his playful talk does the same, and you pay along, never asking questions but always getting asked them.

    11. Another day goes by, your doing a little sweeping in the cafe and in comes dazai again "no counter work my dear ?" You shake your head no "I just thought I'd do a little more than usual as it isn't so busy, trying to get a raise you know~ im practically being underpaid !" You laugh a little at the joke "hmm I see, will you still serve me ?" You nod your head yes "just give me a second to put the broom up."

    12. You put the broom up and dazai sits in his usual spot, as you rush to make his usual your asked another question "what's your day like ?" And you stop to think while you make his coffee "hmm well I get up like any other person, I get up at 5:05am and run for five minutes, then go for five more if I feel like it, then I eat five different things for breakfast and get ready for the day often putting on five layers of clothes " he chuckled "you couldn't really ?" He asks and you hand him his coffee "of course not, but I do take a five minute run each morning " you state "why did you pick five ?" He asks yet another question and takes a sip of his coffee "five is my lucky number" you mimic his actions and put your index to your lips and give him a wink and he follows it up by saying "your never truthful my dear, theres no harm in lying every once in a while but you go tooooo farrrr~!" he chuckles a little bit "well I can't let you get too close to me, now can I~ we have a business relationship, I give you coffee and you ask me questions and I answer them its a two in one deal, I never signed a contract to be truthful !" He puts his cup down and nods as it is true.

    13. Things seem a little quiet, he's sipping his coffee and you're doing your usual work behind the counter organizing and such things. "Why don't you wear your name tag but say your name when you greet people ?" He asks, and you think about how he knows this detail because never once have you said your name again after you had met him, yet he still knows your name "is it because you believe they'll just forget it anyways ? People are more likely to make a deal of your name if you have a tag ?" You nod your head yes "you could say that, in my old jobs we were required to wear are tags for people to get more comfortable but I always hated it, I didn't think the same, it kinda got annoying when people made a point of it but really people think it's more personal when you say your name upon your greet, and yes usually they'll just forget if they don't come back again, we have some regulars beside you, but they have never bothered to remember my name."

    14. "What a shame, you have such a nice name, i'm glad they don't remember though" you kinda laugh, you feel as if you know why he said that so it doesn't really get questioned "I see,, well at least one person rememー" your interrupted by a cheerful tune, the tone of a phone, its Dazai's, he perks up a little and puts his cup down "ahー" he pulls out his phone, its a small flip phone "hullo~ Dazai speaking~" he stands up, pays for his coffee and walks out with a wave goodbye. You put your hands on your hips and shake your head and get ready to serve the next person.

    15. You hear commotion outside, it sounds a little far off and you don't think much about it, but it does make you think a little and you remember something but it's shoved way back down and you sigh thinking about it "ey, aren't ya gonna make me some coffee !?" The voice of a man snaps you back into reality "oh, yes sorry !" You laugh nervously and get on with the task

    16. The next day passes by and like usual dazai is on time, and like usual he asks for the same thing and like usual you make his order "what other jobs have you worked before this one ?" You hand him his coffee "oh two sugar packets please" he asks and you nod your head "right, feels like lately you haven't asked for those " he smiles with a nod "you've noticed~" you kinda smile back and remember his question "right jobsー uhmー hmm...supー" you were cut off by the ringing of the bell and you turned your head towards the sound, it was your parents, you haven't spoken with them in a while, you didn't feel dread or relief.

    17. "There you are ! I assumed you had died, you haven't texted or called or even visited !" Your mom frantically states "well I don't need to, I'm a living adult I've got things to do " you reply "of course you are but you must make time to speak with us !" She says and you shake your head no "I've got better things, like work and making sure I don't starve " you state "that doesn't mean you can just ignore us ! You're our child for heaven's sake ! " your mother seemed frustrated "justーjust call us once in a while, that's the end !" And your mother leaves just like that.

    18. You roll your eyes and cross your arms and lean over towards Dazai. "I'd be killed by my own family if they knew what I'm going to say" you lean in close to Dazai's ear and whisper "I've got an ability… but I just…. It's a dangerous one, they'd hate to see me if they knew" you stand back up straight and mimic dazais usual goodbye, putting your index on your lips and winking "don't tell a soul or I'll have your head !" You chuckle and he follows, laughing as well and soon he got up and gave his usual goodbye, he paid for his coffee and left.

    19. The next day comes by and you get ready for your job, you put on your jacket as the cold months are coming soon so the weather is a little chilly and you leave your home.

    20. As you enter the building on your work you notice a familiar face, its Dazai, you wonder what he could be doing so early. You recall your boss stops by early in the mornings too so you slightly dread seeing him, you slightly groan to yourself and put your jacket up before putting on your apron.

    21. Your boss stops next to you to say "please don't focus on one customer." And leaves, as he does you think "that's pretty lame, but manageable" and you sigh and start on your work "Dazai, your here early today" you say as you get his coffee ready "sure am, wanted to see what time you come in, my dear" he smiles and you hand him his coffee and his sugar and work on the next person "I was told I couldn't focus on one person, so sorry my dear" you mock Dazai with a smile.

    22. The next few days pass and each day you get told more and more things you could not do, or things to work on and each day it gets more and more restricting.

    23. As the day passes into weeks and onto the next you get ready like usual, you feel a sense of dread getting ready for the job you once liked now feels like a chore to attend to each morning.

    24. You stand looking at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a stern look with a rough sigh "you can do this, maybe it'll all blow over… yeah, things will get better in no time !" You smile to yourself and tilt your head down, a little bit of doubt still lives rent free in your mind and you lose your smile, each day you seemed to look forward to Dazai's questions but you've barely spoken to him in the last few weeks "today might be different, todays pay day after all !" Your little smile returns but you know you won't have enough to do anything worthwhile but at least you have a place to go each day.

    25. You enter the building putting your bag and jacket away and replacing them with an apron and get to work at the counter, Dazai these past few weeks has always been there before you. You get started on making his order as you already are familiar with his taste and he asks "how are you today my dear ? Anything special ?" You stand there and think for a moment "none in particular but todays payday ! Hopefully ill make enough do something worth while on the weekend~" you laugh a little and give him his coffee and sugar "if only I could invite you out~" he states with a smile "I'd bet that'd make your day, wouldn't it ?" You shake your head no "not at all, I'd rather be by myself !" You place your hands on your hips and tilt your head to the side with a smirk and get on to your next line of work "don't be so mean to dear me ! You're my only !" He states and you roll your eyes with another head shake and serve the next person.

    26. The day passes on with nothing to much of note, dazai leaves at his usual time and pays like usual and you leave at your usual time and later it comes time to check your bank account on your phone, you notice ...."it's less than before !?" Your dumbfounded, shocked, bewildered and the first thing you do is ring up your boss "yes, sir, I wanted to ask you a quick quesー" you pause to listen "mhm, I promise it's quick" you pause again "yes, it's about my paycheckー" you listen "tooーtoo many complaints !? " you sigh "yes, it's justー" you pause, being interrupted again "okay….bye" you let out a long breath, you felt as if you could cry.

    27. You make it home and race to your booklet full of savings, there's nothing left for you to use for this month's rent, this is the 2nd time you haven't been able to pay it, your home owner is… to put it simply… a prickly pear.

    28. You lean back and put your head in your hands and move them back to go through your hair, you were frustrated… there's nobody you could call at a time like this, you have no friends to support you and you sure don't have Dazai's number… sadly you will have to just tell your homeowner you can not make the payment again.

    29. You rang up your home owner "Hi, it's me…" you paused "yes… it's about the rent…" you gave a nervous laugh "actually… I was just about to say that…'' you pause "yes i know…..buー" you begin to get worried as he speaks "EVICT ME !? THIS MUST BE A MISTAKE… BUーBUーBUT…" you groan internally and rest the back of your head on the wall "yーyes……yes i will…." you hang up and begin to cry, tears stream down your face and your desperate attempts to wipe them away does not succeed as they keep streaming down from your eyes, this has been the worst last few weeks of your life.

    30. Eventually you manage to stand yourself up and pack all your important belongs in a backpack and just leave, everything else you own that's not too important was left behind, the only place you can think about going to is your parents, on your way there tears keep rolling down your cheeks and with the cold air it feels as if they sting but you manage and you feel as if you're almost there.

    31. As you notice your house a familiar face appears in front of you, it's Dazai, but you're still crying and you stop in front of him and he does the same and looks down upon your wet, red, and tear-y face. Dazai wipes your tears and holds your face in his hands ``what's the matter my dear ?" He asks so politely but you stay silent "don't want to talk about it " he lets out a little sigh and smiles "that's just fine, we can save it for tomorrow" he lets go of your face and walks away humming a small tune of his own and you continue to make your way to your parents house.

    32. You reach the door and as you go to knock you notice your hands are a little shaky, you're hesitating to knock. Even after you fought you still never gave a call to your parents "what will they think" you thought "i bet they're still mad at me" you think and shake your head with a sigh before knocking and wiping your tears once again.

    33. There's a long pause but you can hear a little bit of arguing before the door opens, and in the doorway is your mother she looks a little worried "its you !" She tries to muster up a happy tone but you don't seem to notice her slight discomfort "Hullo… IーI was wondering if I could stay with you guys until I can… get back on my feet'' you avoid her gaze and look a little worried "you don't have to agree if you don't want to…" your voice seems a little shaky but your mother doesn't seem to mind "but of course my dear" she musters a smile and comes in to hug you and lets go rather quickly, all you could think of was her "my dear" part, it made you think of him but you quickly brushed it off and came inside the house.

    34. You stand in the entrance with your hands in your pockets ``is my room still available ?" You awkwardly look around the room, everything was almost the same as when you left, nothing seemed out of place, your father came in the room and had answered your question with a "yes it is actually…it's the same as when you left it" he smiles at you and goes into the kitchen "that's good, I suppose I'll make my way to it then…" you can't help but to think of how akuward it seems but its brushed off and you make your way up through the halls and towards your room.

    35. In your room it's just as your father had said, it was the same as you had left it, there were old drawings apon the walls of various cartoon characters and magical cat girls. Your desk was under the window near the corner of the left side of your room, it was cleaned to a slate aside from various containers containing pens and pencils and other supplies you needed and in the desks drawers were old notebooks, diarys, and more drawings. All around the walls were posters of singers or of the same cartoon characters you had drawn or even just silly other things like newspaper ads or other such items like necklaces which you don't wear too often or your tassel from when you graduated even small keychains of cartoon characters which you also don't use too often. Your bed was the same as always, you had no frame so it was just a mattress laying on a thick block of wood cut for the mattress and in front of it was a mat where you put your shoes before you get on the bed and next to it was a small night stand with a nice little lamp, the shape reminded you of a flower, the colour was yellow so it lit up your room a shade of pale yellow near the end of the day were the sun begin to set and the moon comes out to say hullo.

    36. You place your shoes on the mat in front of your bed and you flop onto the bed, it had the same familiar scent just slightly faded upon the sheets, blankets, and pillows which you lothe and begin to cry once again, its a scent which you had not smelled in ages and it felt nice, you wipe your tears once more and place your bags at the end of the bed and make your way around the house, nobody was around so you begin to make yourself one of your favourite drinks and sit at the kitchen table.

    37. As you begin to reflect upon your week you can not see any discrepancies within it "today has been the worst, it can only go up from here" you think to yourself and sigh putting your head in one of your hands and lastly the thing you can only think of last is "I wish I could see Dazai" and you take a sip of your drink before you drift off to sleep, you were so tired from the constant crying, walking, and the build up of the week that you crash.

    38. The next time you wake was your father shaking you awake and leading you to your room, after that you can not sleep again so you pull out your crappy laptop and get to work looking for cheap houses for rent, the more you frantically click the next and the next link the further you feel a good deal slipping from your grasp, the back of your head leans on the wall and you groan a little bit, you can't seem to find anything worth buying for, everything you found was too expensive and yet so cheap but still it's nothing you could afford, in frustration you put your laptop away and take some time to think to yourself.

    39. "Tomorrow is saturday, i'll be able to do as I please" you laugh to yourself a little as you think about tomorrow "I'll try to do something nice for myself for once" you nod your head and go right to sleep afterwards as the excitement that awaits tomorrow is too much to bear!

    40. Tomorrow comes just like promised and you search through your bag of clothes for a nice outfit until one strikes your eye and you instantly go to put it on, you do that and do the normal things you do when you get ready, brush your teeth, put on deodorant, and other such things before your leave the house. You notice before you leave your parents are both in the kitchen and you say goodbye to them with a smile, it's cold out so lucky of you that you remembered to bring your jacket.

    41. You go about the town just window shopping, finding different things and stopping near some stores you notice a little place with a few gashapons. They are of course pretty cheap so you pick the lucky cat one "I need some luck that's for sure !" You say to yourself and run some money in the little machine and out comes a little capsule you click it open to find a pink cat holding a cherry blossom and you kind of blush a little bit "ahaーnot the kind of luck I asked for…." You sigh and move onto the next one, it's a rather meaningless one of different kinds of sea life, once again you put some money in the machine and twist the crank and out comes another capsule, this time you got a squid ! You've had a fondness for squid characters in cartoons since you were young so it pleased you to get something you liked and for the last one you decided to pick something you think a certain someone might like, he seemed like a rabbit person to you so you choose a rabbit themed gashapon and turned the crank with the money in the slot.

    42. The capsule was blue in colour and Click ! It was a snow rabbit, it seems very fitting as the winter season is almost starting. You moved on from the gashapon machines to a food stand, there wasn't much you liked food wise so you moved on and continued your window shopping and you stopped to think of what else to do but there wasn't much you liked in town and you sure wanted to save your money just in case something happened so you decided to go back home "it was nice while it lasted " you think as you look up to see the tall buildings that nearly covered the blue sky and you smiled a little "the break was nice " you think and make your way back towards your parents house.

    43. You find yourself almost there and once again you see dazai in your path, and you seem so excited to see him that you hop towards him "Hold out your hand !" Your warm smile was a contrast from yesterday "better now are we ?" He chuckles and holds out his hand, you shuffle through your pockets to find the blue capsule to hand to him, as you find the object you place it in his hands and place your own hands in your pockets, you smile widely waiting for him to open it, and he does and his previous blank expression turned into a smile "how cute !" He messes with the little thing before he puts it in his pocket "you seem a lot better than yesterday from what I recall, my dear, what had been bothering you ?" He asks politely with genuine concern, and as he finishes your smile fades "yeah…. I don't… think I want to say just yet" you muster a smile again and wave goodbye "I'll see ya! Usual time like always !" And you head to the house and your fake smile fades, it's like a switch had flipped inside you, his question kind of hurt you in a way but you know it was just his concern for you.

    44. You reached the house and took your shoes off at your bed and flopped onto it with a sigh, you inhaled the familiar scent and went to go take a shower. After you hopped out you blow dried your hair, brushed your teeth and other such things that fall in line like getting dressed and finally you leave back towards your room, once again you pull out your crappy laptop to look for home deals, like yesterday there is nothing better you can find "seems like all the prices increased " you groaned and leaned your head back and once again out of frustration you put your laptop away after a while of searching, you laid back onto your bed and looked up at the ceiling, you head was just blank, you couldn't seem to think of anything and before you knew it you passed out.

    45. The next time you wake up is to your alarm, you grovel about rubbing your eyes and such you having a hard time getting up properly. Today you felt a sense of dread but you managed to get up anyway and get dressed for work like usual, you head out with your jacket on and leave like usual, you yawn as you leave the house and move on like usual.

    46. You come into work like usual and you notice Dazai sitting in his usual space, he gives you a wave and you wave back with a smile, you put your jacket away and put your apron on and get to work making Dazai's coffee like everyday, but this day the silence felt so loud as Dazai continued not to speak, you knew what he was going to ask and it's killing you, once you were done you handed him his coffee and sugar and started on the next person "so do you want to talk ?" He asks but you seem frustrated "it makes me mad, I'm not sure" you sigh and finish your other orders before leaning on the counter in front of Dazai "everytime I speak to you I feel punished for it, I lost my house and I'm basically, actually being underpaid at this point" you say and as you do Dazai puts down his coffee and places his hands under his chin "did you really now !?" He asks truly surprised and you nod your head with wide eyes, soon you act like you were doing something to please whatever cameras that may be watching, Dazai and you both talk pretty sporadically throughout the day and like usual he leaves early with his usual goodbye, pays for his coffee and leaves you wave him goodbye as well and get on with work as per usual.

    47. The day goes on like always and you leave once your able to and make your way back with your hands in your pockets and for what feels like the hundredth time you see dazai again, he stands in front of you with a smile "hullo my love~ you look so pretty in the cold" he holds your hands in his with a smile, the only thing you can do is look at him shocked "you must be losing your mind Dazai" you laugh a little as your quite confused "but no, I'm only telling you the truth !" He looks so nice but you hadn't the heart to let him go and you let it slide "thank you for the comment Dazai, I suppose I'll take it for your sake" you roll your eyes with a smile and he looks ever so delighted and hops off singing his tune, you can't help but to laugh and go about your way.

    48. You enter your parents home to see none other than your parents standing near the door "Hullo mom, hullo dad… is there something you need ?" You seem kind of confused while your parents seem ever so worried "yes...well I….Im not sure how to say this…" your mother says with a look of discomfort "I think we dont want you living here anymore….yーyou're… you're just too dangerous…. I'm not sure we want you around at all…." She says rather bluntly but drawn out, you could tell she was choking up just saying it, it took her time to say what was on her mind but you were just too shocked to even reply "wーwhat do you mean ? IーI don't think I quite understand what you're saying ...." you shake your head no and cover your mouth "we know you hold an ability…. And we can't…. We can't bear to see you around us any more…. You might hurt us in some way…." Your father is also choking up a little but you still seem so shocked "how could they know !?" You think "How did they find out !?" And think "I don't understand what clues I left !?" And think "How long have they known !?" And think, the thoughts race through your head but you're unable to cry. "We want you to pack your things and leave as soon as you can" your mother says and you nod, it feels like that's all you can do, you can't muster anything else and do as she asks.

    49. You pack your belongings in your room and leave for the only place you have left, your job, you sit outside the building still processing what happened and you notice it's beginning to snow and the sight of snow puts you at ease to let you drift off to sleep. You had a rough day, you deserve this.

    50. You awoke the next morning by the feeling of your boss shaking you awake only to then let you know "you're fired " and the only thing you could do is nod and you move farther from the entrance, you seemed dead, lifeless, nothing and you sat like this in the cold until somebody had sat next to you, Its Dazai, you turn your head and he holds his arms out for you to jump right into him and you do and finally your able to cry, you sob into his vest "you're all I have left... " you say "I have no house, I have no car, I have no job, and my parents left me…" you sob even more into his clothes "please don't leave me to !" You beg and he rubs your back with a smile "of course my love, of course I wouldnt~" he chuckles a little as he speaks so playfully and it makes you cry more, his tone feels so foregin yet so welcoming you've missed it so "but you'll have to do something for me in return~"

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