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  • hyperfixated-on-chuuya
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Dazai & cuddling Head-cannons

    GN! Reader

    Very physically affectionate so expect lots of cuddles

    No matter if you’re bigger or smaller then him, he will lay on you 

    Mostly at work

    It’s not uncommon for him to drag you onto the couch they have in the office

    In most situations you’ll be laying on your back with him on top of you, his head typically using your chest as a pillow

    Also, fluff his hair

    He loves it

    His hair is very soft and addicting to ruffle once you do it for the first time

    So put your hands in his hair and ruffle it while you cuddle and you’ll get a few cute little chuckles out of him and a smile

    It’s literally the cutest thing trust me

    Don’t expect to not get yelled at by Kunikida though

    At home the way you two cuddle differs depending on the situation

    If it’s on the couch it’s basically the same as it is at the office

    Sometimes you two will sit up and lean against each other with a blanket wrapped around you

    It’s not uncommon for Dazai to flop on the bed and fall asleep in his clothes, though this only happens when he’s especially tired from the events that day

    He’d fall asleep in his over coat and everything; sleeping on his side with his hand resting under his head and leaving his arm folded I’m the perfect position for you to use it as a pillow

    He also has a very relaxed and peaceful and cute face when he’s asleep so I won’t judge you if you end up sitting there staring

    He won’t mind if you curl up beside him after he’s fallen asleep like this; using his arm as a pillow or just curling up into him

    In fact it usually results in him being able to actually sleep through the entire night

    Dazai has a very hard time sleeping so if you’re not there he usually doesn’t sleep through the entire night

    When it comes to falling asleep normally, he’s typically the big spoon, especially if you’re smaller than him

    You’re just so small he can wrap his entire body around you as if he was your own personal shield-

    He doesn’t mind being the little spoon though; quite honestly he doesn’t have a preference

    If you two fall asleep face to face, he’d wrap his arms around you and probably run his hands through your hair or just pet it if it’s too short

    Surprisingly doing this actually helps him fall asleep

    Sorry for not posting in a while!! A lot of things happened recently and I found myself unable too. I thought of all of these little head cannons and I wanted to write it down, sorry if it’s a bit jumbled up-
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  • tsukkislover
    01.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Text messages the HQ BOYS would send you

    A/n; Please take this in the mean time while I work on some requests !! I found these really cute too! All of these are from Pinterest if you guys are wondering!

    Characters; Half of the hq characters lmao.

    Tw; Suggestive!!









    #haikyuu smau #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff #kenma x reader #atsumu x reader #kuroo x reader #suna x reader #tsukishima x reader #Bokuto x reader #semi x reader #osamu x reader #kunimi x reader #lev x reader #oikawa x reader #tanaka x reader #nishinoya x reader #sakusa x reader #Kageyama x reader #akaashi x reader #tendou x reader #hinata x reader #Daichi x reader
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  • athenarosaline
    01.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ☀︎︎ Ch.26 ☀︎︎

    𝐾𝑜𝑜𝑘𝑠 𝑣𝑠 𝑃𝑜𝑔𝑢𝑒𝑠

    Previous | Masterlist | Next ➪

    a/n: hi y’all, sorry if its been a while since i last posted!! been pretty busy ); but i have alot of time this week so expect 2 more chapters to be posted in the next few days hehe🌷✨

    ☀︎︎ FUN FACTS:

    • y/n had never slapped her face so hard before. She didn’t mean to tell Kuroo she loved him, it was just a mere slip up and she’s never felt more embarrassed to confess this way.

    She loves Kuroo.. Inlove with him in fact but he doesn’t feel the same way. Who knows what he truly feels for her? their relationship is strictly ‘friends with benefits’ and they haven’t talked about dating before. She refuses to bring it up and so did he.

    • Kuroo was lowkey hurt that y/n didn’t mean to tell him she loved him. So was Akaashi lying after all? why did she take back what she said so fast? he’s probably over-thinking this.. if he wants to know that her feelings for him are genuine then he’s gonna have to ask. But screw asking, why not just confess? the thought of confessing his feelings to y/n whilst her dad is home terrifies him lol.

    🌷𝑇𝑎𝑔𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑡: @itoshibaby @oikawasbuttcheeks @babyshoyo @koolaidkoolykid @bongofrito @myanxietyandme7 @underratedmage @babiiey @moremilkforkags @freyafolkvangr @ctrlstar @asahiswrld @chai-tea-isnt-real @darlingkuroo @bestgirlb @rinsangel @kenma-supermacy @sumebreaks @sunaispretty @kowalsqq @scarymucci @tycrackculture @kuroohoeee @schleepyflocci @art-junkie-13 @theunknownparasite @ks-kitten @cherriesanwine @sebariaman @starsabove-me @szeonn @tina-98 @aaniyahz @b0bablinds

    [ if your @ is bolded & in pink, means i can’t tag you ]

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  • sakuctsu
    01.08.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #SEND ME FLUFFS OR UR THOUGHTS 🗣 #— fluff tag <3 #haikyuu x reader #sakusa x reader #osamu x reader #bokuto x reader #suna x reader #kita x reader
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  • haikyutiehoe
    01.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Kuroo, Osamu or Bokuto for a Olympic Drabble?

    #kuroo x reader #osamu x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu smut#haikyuu fluff#osamu fluff#kuroo fluff #bokuto x reader
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  • sleepy-zel
    31.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I'm a sucker for that domestic shit, you already know it. Here's some haikyuu boys and domesticity with them because I feel like it. Enjoy.

    Domestic Things with Haikyuu Boys

    -Playing hide-n-seek in a new house with Satori. You just got married and he wanted nothing more than to spend time with you, so the idea of hide-n-seek came up. You hide in a shower, covered by curtains. When he finally finds you, he picks you up by the thighs and carries you to the front door, where you had started playing. "Your turn, Miracle Baby!"

    -Studying with Kuroo. A soft lo-fi playlist in the background. His cute face scrunching up as he rereads a sentence. (Bonus + if you think Kuroo uses glasses to read, he adjusts them a bit) Going through flashcards with him and giggling as he makes dorky chemistry jokes. When you take a break, you get food and cuddle up in a blanket, taking a small nap. "C'mon, play with my hair... it's relaxing."

    - Cleaning with Kiyoomi. Music playing loudly as you swirl around the house, dusting the bookshelf while he mops the floor. Collapsing on the couch with him in the end and ordering take-out because you don't want to get the newly-cleaned kitchen dirty from cooking. "Good job, love. You did great."

    - Cooking with Osamu. He jokingly teases you as you crack an egg with both hands, challenging you to do it with one hand. He just loves getting reactions out of you. He purposely tells you that you're doing it wrong as an excuse to get behind you and hold you in his arms while he shows you how to cook. "Yer cute when yer angry, ya know that?"

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  • toomanyhaikyuufaves
    31.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    5:15 PM

    Atsumu opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. He just sighed. Again. He’d been acting like that ever since you both got accidentally stuck in the classroom. His fault by the way, so now you were both standing beside the door, waiting for Osamu and Suna to get you out.

    “Do ya think I’m stupid—“ he finally started, but you cut him off.


    “I haven’t even finished—“

    “Ah. Not really stupid, just clueless, I guess? Aside from volleyball, you’re pretty clueless in like, a lot of things.”

    “I am not—“

    “Like in Math for instance.”

    “Aren’t we all—“

    “English too.”

    “I’m not that bad at it—“


    Atsumu pouted, “Aren’t ya just being mean—“

    “My feelings.” You whispered, hoping he heard and didn’t at the same time.  

    His eyes widened. “Huh?”

    “I said—“

    “I heard ya.” Atsumu’s voice cracked. Eyes still wide, he turned his back on you. His shoulders rose and fell as he took a rather deep breath, before facing you again. “Well, aren’t ya clueless too?”

    And it was your turn to say, “Huh?”                                  

    “If only ya had let me finish…” Atsumu trailed off, and the silence that enveloped you both was deafening.


    “Come on, ‘Tsumu! Say it!” It was Osamu, from the other side of the door.

    Atsumu closed his eyes, both in embarrassment and annoyance, “Shut yer trap, ‘Samu! We’re havin’ a moment here!”

    “I trusted you, Y/n. I thought you were going to confess first.” You heard Suna this time, clearly disappointed.

    Osamu cackled, “That’s 500 yen for ya, Suna.”

    “I haven’t even confessed yet! Yer both ruining it!” Atsumu wailed, almost banging his head on the door.

    You were just standing there, appalled. “What? … Yet?”

    “I…” Atsumu gulped and smoothed his hair. It was the first time you saw him blush this hard, cheeks and ears, all the way to his nape, while trying hard to look at you straight in the eyes. “I…” he cleared his throat and tried again, “I like ya... a lot… so much… do ya think I’m stupid for not telling ya that sooner?”

    “Yes, ‘Tsumu, that’s stupid.” His twin answered for you.

    “Very stupid, indeed.” Suna agreed, “We won’t see if you kiss now, so go ahead and kiss.”

    Atsumu sighed and gently held your wrist, leading you away from the door, “You haven’t answered me yet, Y/n.”

    You wanted to answer him, you really, really do, but your heart was beating way too loud, and you couldn’t really comprehend what was happening. 

    The blond boy in front of you, whom you’ve liked for so long… liked you back.

    You did the only thing you could think of, and had been thinking every time you were with Atsumu.

    You stepped closer, and stood in tiptoe so you could reach his face. You cupped his burning cheek and gently kiss the other, “Is this… enough answer?”

    Atsumu smiled softly, as he melted in your touch. “More than enough.”

    “The door isn’t really locked, is it?”

    “Oh.” He smiled sheepishly, and took the key out from his pocket. “It is.”

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  • elysianslove
    31.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    and i know that osamu gives the gentlest kisses, regardless of where. when he presses his lips to yours, there’s a softness unlike any other. not like he’ll break you, or that he’s scared to, but more of his belief that you deserve nothing short of softness. more that this is the best way he’ll ever be able to convey exactly how he feels about you— it’s serene. kind. gentle. easy. lighthearted. beautiful.

    and it’s the same with the kisses he presses to your temple, not light pecks but firm kisses, yet they display just as much gentleness. it’s also the same with the kisses he litters along the side of your neck, all over your collarbones, down your chest. it’s the same with the kisses he plants at your inner wrists, on your knuckles, along your fingers. it‘s the same with the quick, shoulder kisses as he walks up to you from behind, strong arms looping around your middle. it’s the same with the wet, cheek kisses he gives as he pulls you closer to him by his side.

    it’s in his morning kisses and goodnight‘s, his goodbye kisses and his hello’s, his i missed you and i love you and how was your day? wherever they may be. he just can’t bring himself to believe that you deserve anything less.

    #miya osamu x reader #miya osamu headcanons #sal’s fluff tag <3
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  • beautifulblhell
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    Tags: Fluff
    WC: 764
    A/N: Not proofread, but I kind of wanted to get something down so welp, here you go😭👍🏻

    After making sure everything was clean, Osamu flickered off the lights in the store before trudging up the stairs with a yawn.

    Now that the Olympics have started, more people have flocked into Onigiri Miya because of Atsumu being on Japan’s volleyball team. Not that it was a bad thing, since it acted as free advertisement for Osamu and business has been booming, but it does mean he has by the end of each day his stomach was rumbling and his steps were heavy.

    The aroma of your cooking leads Osamu into the kitchen. Your back was to him, and you were stirring a pan with concentration. Cooking wasn’t your forte. Usually, Osamu was the one who cooked, but seeing how busy he was, getting up even earlier than normal to make onigiri and closing up so late, you offered to cook until his schedule returned to normal.

    Seeing you standing there brought a smile onto Osamu’s face. He wrapped his arm around your waist and rested his chin on your shoulders. The feeling of your warmth eased all the tension in his body, and he felt the exhaustion that had accumulated throughout the day come crashing down on him.

    “God, I’m so hungry.”

    “Samu!” You looked up at him with a bright smile. “I’m making stew tonight. It’s nearly ready.”

    “Can I have a taste?”

    “Here,” you scooped a spoonful onto a small plate and held it out to him.

    “How is it?” You watched him with a frown as he ate it in one gulp.

    “It’s delicious.”

    “Really?” You frowned at your husband. Last time you burnt the curry and he still said it tasted good.

    “What, you don’t believe me?” Osamu grinned at you. Then before you could say anything, he leaned down, and his lips met yours.

    “See? Tastes good, right?” Osamu licked his lips as he pulled back.

    You rolled your eyes, trying to hide your blush. “It’s nearly ready, now go and wait in the dining room and stop bothering me. And will you go and check up on him? He has been really quiet.”

    “Sure, but the pot is boiling over.” Osamu chuckled.

    “Wha-?!” Turning around, you saw the pot had indeed boiled over and was spilling across the stove.

    “Do ya need any help?”

    “No, no, I’m fine,” the panic in your tone didn’t match your words, but you were determined not to let Osamu work anymore since he looked so tired.

    You shooed Osamu out of the kitchen. “Just go and check up on him please!”

    “Just don’t burn down the kitchen, I still need to use it tomorrow.” He left with a laugh.

    Osamu walked into the dining room. It had been awfully quiet. Usually, your son would be the first one to come and greet his father, but today, he was nowhere to be found.

    A small shuffling noise came from the dining table.

    A single plate stood on the table, holding a few clumsily made onigiri. It was evident whoever made it did not press hard enough, and all the filling had spilled out. Small finger marks were etched on the surface of the onigiri.

    A pair of innocent grey eyes peered up from the table edge. Grains of rice were stuck in his hair and around his mouth.

    In an instant, all of Osamu’s fatigue melted away as he looked at his son. He could feel a warm smile spreading across his face. It was moments like these that Osamu knew he made the right choice in opening his own onigiri shop. To be able to see his beloved wife and son everyday, and make a living out of doing what he loves, it was truly a blessing.


    You looked at the dishes you had prepared. Tonight, you were actually quite proud of what you’ve accomplished. No dishes cracked. No burnt food, and it actually tasted quite decent.

    You crossed the room until you came to the living room.

    “Samu, dinner’s ready-“ you peered through the doorframe then paused.

    Osamu was sprawled across the carpet, his arms were around his son who was lying across his chest, who rose and fell with each steady breath Osamu took. Both of them had grains of rice stuck on their cheeks.

    Your eyes softened as you gazed at the two people who you loved more than they will ever know. You gathered a blanket and laid it softly across your husband and son. Quietly, you turned off the light.

    You could let them rest longer.

    After all, it was after hours at Onigiri Miya.

    Masterlist | Ko-Fi | 2021.07.31

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  • shoyotime
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    synopsis : after shutting doors to his high school years with a painful memory, akaashi finally decides to move on; until his first love steps back into his life as his roommate. the catch is, she should be dead.

    CHAPTER 9 :: happy music stops

    chapter summary : got nothing as usual except bokuto is lost and akasshi continues to be a disappointment <\3

    taglist : open, send in an ask to join !

    !! series masterlist !! chapter eight !! chapter nine !! chapter ten !!

    taglist ( bold means can't tag ) : @renarderouges @its-the-aerieljeane @erwinss @lemonocity @itsmeaudrieee @animclarinerd @elianetsantana @curiouslilbeast @perqabeth @skusavr @sunalma @feiwelinchen @i-am-a-hoe-for-shinya @1-800-simpingcowbaby @miraeluc @toshiswifey @twistedvalkyrie @liliesloves @akaashis-wife @peachiikichu @vb-s1m-p @cinnamonruts @winunk @llamakenma @kazubot @srkuv @lilies-and-rosies @itssaturdaytoday @lilith412426 @maizumis @leviandnanamiswhore @https-lexi @sassyglassesbunny @pluviophilefangirl @fairywriter-oracle @tetsusbbygrl @encrytpta @daninaninani @omega-simp @honkingnat @togesslut

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  • sxtooru
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    holding hands for the first time with hq boys;

    a/n: i've got so many things in my drafts, like one-shots and drabbles that i have to finish, but i've been so tired lately so all i can manage are lame headcanons :/ i hope you like these though! and also, feel free to leave a request :3 sending all my love to everyone.

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ subtly grazes his pinkie against yours, effectively catching your attention, and then takes your hand, ignoring the warmth that creeps up his chest at your pretty smile:

    tsukishima, akaashi, kenma.

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ impulsively catches your hand in his quickly lets go, sensing that it was a bit rushed, but if you assure him that it's okay he will totally be happy:

    lev, bokuto, hinata, koganekawa.

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ presses your hand against his chest to show you how fast his heart beats because of you and then tightly squeezes it so that you can sense his appreciation:

    daichi, yaku, kita.

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ kisses the top of it playfully with a little bow and interlocks his fingers with yours, watching your cute expression:

    atsumu, oikawa, tanaka.

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ plays with your fingers for a while before finally deciding on fully touching your hand:

    suna, hanamaki, yamaguchi, sugawara.

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ compares your hand sizes, not forgetting to mention how small yours is against is, and then slowly puts his fingers in the sections between yours, locking your palms together:

    kuroo, tendou, iwaizumi.

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ doesn't really try to initiate anything at first, but then starts thinking about it and finally gives it a try:

    wakatoshi, asahi, kageyama.

    masterlist + about requesting.

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu#hq fluff#haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x reader #kuroo tetsurou x reader #kuroo fluff #bokuto koutarou x reader #tsukishima kei x reader #daichi sawamura x reader #sugawara koshi x reader #oikawa tooru x reader #iwaizumi hajime x reader #ushijima wakatoshi x reader #tendou satori x reader #miya atsumu x reader #suna rintaro x reader #miya osamu x reader #asahi azumane x reader #kita shinsuke x reader #hinata shoyo x reader #kageyama tobio x reader #kozume kenma x reader #akaashi keiji x reader #yamaguchi tadashi x reader #tanaka ryuunosuke x reader
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  • lacunav
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Little things they do

    Characters: Kozume Kenma, Suna Rintarou, Iwaizumi Hajime, Kita Shinsuke, Akaashi Keiji, Miya Osamu

    Trigger warning: none; no pronouns used for reader

    A/n: Sorry for not posting the last two days, but I was just not feeling very motivated and had zero ideas for what to write. But somehow, I managed to write this, so enjoy whatever this is lol. Have a great day/night and take care <3

    tap to request (pls read rules before requesting)

    Kenma — Like I already said, Kenma is not big on PDA, but what he does do is linking your pinkies when the two of you are in crowded places. I think at first, it was you who initiated it because you saw how uncomfortable he looked with all the people around him. But after some time, he links your pinkies almost unconsciously.

    Suna — He would make you playlists and then send them you randomly. He has one with songs that remind him of you and one with your and his favorite songs mixed. Suna doesn’t think of it as a big deal, but in secret, your heart melts every time he sends you one.

    Iwaizumi — I never really wrote for him, but he seems to be the type of guy that puts your hands in the pocket of his hoodie when he notices that you are cold. And then he puts his own hand over yours, for extra warmth.

    Kita — He knows on which days in the month you get your period. He also has an emergency case with period products when it’s that time, so when it comes unexpected, you are fully prepared. And another bonus: He is not afraid to buy you pads or tampons.

    Akaashi — This gentleman right here knows all your beauty products. Like your favorite face masks, cremes, lotions, peelings, everything. So when he sees that you are short on anything, he will buy it. But not in an obvious way, it’s more undercover. Sometimes, you just find a new tube of lotion standing in the bathroom, coming from nowhere.

    Osamu — He knows your favorite food of like every restaurant and take away?!? And when he knows that you are feeling sad or unwell in general, he will definitely show up to your house with food. He will also order for you except you tell him that you want to try something new. And sometimes he even tries to cook one of your favorite meals at home.

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff #hq x reader #hq fluff#kozume kenma #kenma x reader #kenma fluff#akaashi keiji #akaashi x reader #akaashi fluff#miya osumu #osamu x reader #osamu fluff#suna rintarou #suna x reader #suna fluff#iwaizumi hajime #iwaizumi x reader #iwaizumi fluff#kita shinsuke #kita x reader #kita fluff
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  • intelsea
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    genre: fluff

    wc: 680

    miya osamu has always liked to cook for you.

    it is rewarding for him to see the smile on people’s faces when they like the food he prepared, but he loves it more when it’s the smile across your face and a compliment coming from you.

    baking is an area he hasn’t ventured on yet since he usually cooks meals for you and for everyone. he’s kind of nervous to mess up, but knowing him who handles the kitchen better than you, nothing could possibly go wrong with the cake he’s planning to bake.

    throughout your relationship with osamu, you don’t remember a time where he cooked food you didn’t like. it was always amazing, and it’s something that always makes your day. so for the first time that he’s baking, you decided to do what you thought would be a harmless prank.

    he came barging into your shared bedroom, an apron still tied to his waist, eyes filled with excitement, and a plate in his hand, “i finished the cake!” he beamed. he walked his way towards you while you were sat on your bed working on something on your laptop when he sat next to you. you noticed how cutely decorated the cake was, it looked delicious. it looked like it came straight from a bakeshop.

    “really, this is his first time making one?” you asked yourself.

    he was quick to offer to feed you and you were happy to accept. he sliced the cake with the fork in his hand and gave you a piece of the cake.

    he had expectant eyes, waiting for what you’ll say about the first cake he baked, but you pretended to gag and you were prompted to reach for the tissue at your bedside table to spit the cake out of your mouth.

    “‘samu… what did you put in here?” you complained, continuing to wipe your mouth with the tissue in your hand.

    “did you not like it? i just followed the recipe,” he asked.

    you only shook your head. the thing is he hasn’t tasted the cake as well yet, so he takes no time to slice a piece for himself since apparently, you didn’t like it.

    “it tastes fine babe, what are ya talking about?” he claimed, while you noticed the hint of annoyance in his voice when his accent showed up. he knows it tastes fine and you’re just messing with him.

    “i really don’t like it ‘samu,” you muttered.

    guilt washes over you when he left without a word in your shared bedroom and went straight to the kitchen. he was upset and you wanted to punch yourself for the prank you pulled because clearly, he wasn’t happy with it.

    you quickly got out of bed to follow him, putting down the laptop from your lap.

    there, you saw him standing in front of the sink, washing the dishes as you quietly went your way beside him.

    “‘samu, i’m joking i really loved the cake,” you tried to laugh. osamu, on the other hand, ignored you as he continued to wash the baking utensils he used.

    “‘samu?” you called him again as you leaned on the counter.

    “i made an effort to make it and then you’ll just say you didn’t like it,” he said while avoiding your gaze.

    “worse, you even tried to make fun of me. spitting it out and all,” he sighed.

    “i’m sorry,” you began, “i didn’t think it would upset you. i really loved it, if i didn’t know you i probably won’t believe that it was your first time baking,” you added.

    “i’m sorry, i promise i won’t do that again,” you apologized, grabbing a bowl to help him rinse the rest of the dishes.

    “really, you loved it?” he asked, as he finally looks at you.

    “yeah, i loved it sooo much,” you smiled, “and i really appreciate the effort,” you noted.

    “hm,” he hummed, accepting your apology with a soft smile on his face that you didn’t notice.

    “would you like some cookies next time?”

    #haikyuu fluff#hq fluff#haikyuu scenarios#hq scenarios #haikyuu x reader #hq x reader #haikyuu imagines#hq imagines#osamu fluff #miya osamu fluff #osamu x reader #miya osamu x reader #i enjoyed writing this one hehe #intelsea.writes
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  • atsubaka
    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Inarizaki Masterlist

    Kita Shinsuke

    Miya Atsumu

    Miya Osamu

    Suna Rintaro

    - when he does your makeup

    #inarizaki #inarizaki x y/n #inarizaki x you #inarizaki x reader #inarizaki x manager #suna scenarios#suna angst #suna rintaro imagine #suna smau #suna x you #suna x y/n #suna x reader #atsumu fluff #atsumu x you #atsumu x reader #atsumu x female reader #osamu drabble#osamu scenarios #osamu x reader #osamu headcanons#atsumu headcanons#suna headcanons #kita x y/n #kita x reader #kita scenarios#kita headcanons
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  • honeybunny-sawamura
    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #dear anons 🌟💝 #dis miya twin #miya osamu#osamu miya#haikyuu #haikyuu!! #osamu fluff #osamu x reader #osamu x you #osamu x y/n #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu fluff #haikyuu!! x reader #haikyuu!! x you #haikyuu!! x y/n #haikyuu!! fluff #haikyuu drabbles #haikyuu!! drabble #mini macaron drabble #honeybunny bday bouquet
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  • strawbearisamu
    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    he overhears you complimenting another guy

    gets whiny and pouty, keeps following you around, and won't stop till you cuddle him and give him so compliments of his own. might try to copy whatever the other guy did and declare that since he's the best, obviously he can do it even better.

    ·˚ ༘ ꒰⇢ bokuto, atsumu, sugawara, oikawa, terushima, tendou

    gets really excited and starts complimenting him too. a literal ball of sunshine. 

    ·˚ ༘ ꒰⇢ hinata, inuoka, komori, aran, yamaguchi

    agrees, and joins you in complimenting him. will point out something super specific. too.

    ·˚ ༘ ꒰⇢ ushijima, kita, daichi, iwaizumi, kai, aone, reon , akaashi

    jokingly insults him (but not really), might sound a touch condescending and accidentally start a fight

    ·˚ ༘ ꒰⇢ kuroo, oikawa, kunimi, atsumu, tsukishima, futakuchi (kenji), yaku, shirabu

    stonewalls and ignores you but refuses to tell you what's wrong. gets caught glaring at the guy too many times. only stops when you say you don’t like jealous boys, cause now he’s pouty and sad and you have to cuddle him. 

    ·˚ ༘ ꒰⇢ sakusa, kageyama, shirabu (aka salty setters), kyotani

    super chill, nods in agreement and moves on

    ·˚ ༘ ꒰⇢ hanamaki, osamu, matsukawa, kenma, suna, hirugami, ennoshita, nishinoya, akaashi

    becomes bros with the guy and makes it his goal to personally destroy him. very patient but you find a piece of paper scribbled "schemes to destroy guy y/n complimented," and tell him to knock it off or you're breaking up with him, he apologises the next day.

    ·˚ ༘ ꒰⇢ kuroo, oikawa, atsumu, terushima, daishou, tendou

    pretends he's okay then cries when he's alone. you find him crying and give him lots of kisses, hugs and reassurance lmao.

    ·˚ ༘ ꒰⇢ kindaichi, semi, asahi

     tries to start a fight. you either have to apologise and pull him away or he actually gets a bloody nose and you have treat him as he sniffles and apologises to you. 

    ·˚ ༘ ꒰⇢ tanaka, yamamoto, hoshiumi, kyotani

    sol's comments: haha joke :') don't come @ me. <3

    m.list <3

    #sweet by sol 💗 #haikyuu headcanons #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x reader #miya atsumu x reader #kuroo tetsuro x reader #bokuto koutaro x reader #oikawa tooru x reader #ushijima wakatoshi x reader #miya osamu x reader #sakusa kiyoomi x reader #semi eita x reader #tendou satori x reader #iwaizumi hajime x reader #hirugami sachiro x reader #komori motoya x reader #sugawara koshi x reader #hanamaki takahiro x reader #matsukawa issei x reader #daishou suguru x reader #akaashi keiji x reader #daichi sawamura x reader #tsukishima kei x reader
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  • samu-sorbet
    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    hi hi, haikyuu tumblr world !!

    a notice that i'm an x-reader ff writer accepting requests - you don't have to follow me, you don't need to complete any long process, but you can just drop by and request here !!

    i'll write anything sfw - so please don't be scared to drop on by !! :))

    #behind the counter #haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu oneshots#haikyuu fluff#haikyuu angst #karasuno x reader #nekoma x reader #inarizaki x reader #seijoh x reader #osamu x reader #kageyama x reader #akaashi x reader #atsumu x reader #suna x reader #sugawara x reader #tsukishima x reader #oikawa x reader
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  • toru-oikawas-milkbread
    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Haikyuu Boys Responding to “There’s a Spider in My Room” | Pt.2

    Pairing: Haikyuu boys x f!reader

    Notes: I’m back for the final time tonight with another texting series! I’m working on some other stories, but nothing is ready to be posted as of right now, so I have this instead! I hope that you enjoy this part as much as the first one, if you enjoyed that one it is 😂💕

    In this chapter I have: Osamu, Atsumu, Sakusa, Kita, Suna, Lev, Yaku, Semi, Tendō, and Ushijima!

    If you want to check out my masterlist for the texting series posts as I make them, you can follow {this link} to the page!


    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu #haikyuu x female reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x reader fluff #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu texting#haikyuu texts #haikyuu osamu miya #osamu miya x reader #haikyuu atsumu miya #atsumu miya x reader #haikyuu kiyoomi sakusa #kiyoomi sakusa x reader #haikyuu shinsuke kita #shinsuke kita x reader #haikyuu rintaro suna #rintaro suna x reader #haikyuu lev haiba #lev haiba x reader #haikyuu morisuke yaku #morisuke yaku x reader #haikyuu semi eita #semi eita x reader #haikyuu satori tendo #satori tendo x reader #haikyuu wakatoshi ushijima #wakatoshi ushijima x reader
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  • shiningfriday
    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago


    summary: what it’s like to kiss them goodnight :)
    with: kita, atsumu, osamu and suna! (read part 1 here)

    kita is the type to sit on the edge of the bed anxiously scrolling through his phone while he waits for you to get out of the shower. he hates getting into bed without you, so he’s just sitting there patiently waiting for cuddles as you take forever to do your skincare routine. the second he hears the door open he’s already stretching his arms out for you to come and give him kisses. you look so fresh and pretty, he grabs you by the wrist and makes you straddle his lap as he runs his fingers through your wet hair, kissing you deeply. the kiss gets a little heated but that’s just his cute way of saying goodnight. when the kiss ends you lay your head on his chest and he plays with your fingertips until he drifts off to sleep.


    atsumu is legitimately so clingy when he’s tired, and i’m not kidding. when you try to get up and grab a glass of water for you both he just wraps his limbs around you like a koala about to be dropped into a volcano. “noooo, baby please don’t goooo!” he pouts up at you and you give him an awkward look even though you’re honestly used to it by now. “sumu,” you grab his face and look at him sincerely. “listen to me carefully, ok? i will be back in literally 25 seconds. remember, you timed it last time? or do you want us both to die of dehydration?” he sighs, letting you go and dramatically flailing back onto the bed. “so i guess i just don’t matter to you anymore, huh?” you roll your eyes because you know he’s kidding, and of course he gets his way with 45 minutes of cuddling before you eventually fall asleep. you’ve really gotta stop spoiling him this way, man’s getting an ego.


    suna is actually really low key before bed. he’s got that usual nonchalant attitude that you love so much, but that doesn’t stop him from pulling you in close and giving you the usual kiss on your forehead. every. single. night. he kisses your forehead and asks how your day went. and he genuinely gets excited to hear your answer, hearing those little details about your day relaxes him. he can’t fall asleep unless he knows you’re in a good mood and safely tucked under his arm. always gives you one last kiss before you close your eyes. suna loves you a lot and shows it in his own subtle ways.


    osamu is also very low-key, doesn’t talk much before bed especially when he’s tired but the way his eyes follow you as you change into your pajamas and slip on one of his sweatshirts makes him smile. he’s still a little shy even after months of dating, so he prefers to admire you from afar or bring you a quick snack before bed to show his affection, he loves whipping up little things for you last minute. you don’t miss the excitement in his eyes when you crawl into bed and snuggle up next to him, osamu just wants you to be happy and he wants you close to him all the time because he knows he can give you that. you always give him a kiss on the cheek and he kisses your neck before you nuzzle into him. it’s your little routine.

    #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #haikyuu headcanons #haikyuu x reader #atsumu x reader #kita x reader #suna x reader #osamu x reader #haikyuu fluff#atsumu fluff#suna fluff#kita fluff#osamu fluff#haikyuu scenarios#inarizaki#miya atsumu#miya osamu#kita shinsuke#suna rintarou #haikyu x reader
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  • ichigoromi
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    𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐡𝐢𝐦 𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐚 𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 | 𝐌𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐎𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 | 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧

    Awww, I missed my onigiri boi.

    Hehehe, so I'm going to write about him. I haven't been writing much this month since I was so busy with school and rushing datelines. I'm literally so tired, but I love writing.

    I'm sorry for keeping y'all waiting!

    Pairing: Miya Osamu (timeskip) x fem reader! (she/her)

    Genre: fluff

    Warning (s): none


    Miya Osamu

    Osamu rarely complains when he comes home after work since it was his dream to open a restaurant.

    You were still studying to become a veterinarian and working part-time to help pay the rent and utilities.

    Since he was always working till late at night at the restaurant, you would make dinner when you return home.

    He felt bad that you have to do the chores and make dinners for him since he was busy.

    But, you felt that it was your responsibility as well.

    Today, he was late, and he did inform you that he was going to be late.

    You stayed up, waiting for him while doing your assignments.

    The door unlocks, and Osamu, who was still in his uniform, walks in.

    Seeing him with such a fatigue expression on his face, you immediately wrapped your arms around him, and he wraps his arms around you.

    He had a long day and seeing you when he reached home definitely made his day better.

    You told him to go shower while you heat up dinner for him.

    You cleared the table and set it up for him.

    He didn't say much while eating dinner, and you were fine with it.

    After dinner, you two head to the master bedroom.

    Osamu's arm rested around your waist lazily as you two brushed your teeth before heading to bed. You were really drowsy and almost fell asleep standing, but his arm was supporting you.

    "Hurry up. I wanna sleep." He complains and pokes your cheek.

    "Go to bed and wait for me then." Osamu pouts but heads to the bed first to wait for you.

    After you were done with your night routine, you skip towards the bed, and he was already softly snoring while hugging your pillow. You switched off the lights and pried his arms off your pillow, but he pulls you into his arms instead.

    "Ah! What's this? Why are you so clingy? Huh, did my baby miss me this much~?" You teased him, and he lets out a laugh.

    "I did miss ya. I'm only clingy for ya. Now, sleep, or else yer dark circles won't go away. Sleep well, my big baby." He kisses your forehead and hugs you tightly so you could not play with your phone.

    You let out a sigh and decided that maybe a night rest is fine.

    "Fine, night night, Samu. I love ya!" You imitated his Kansai accent.

    "Hmm, I love ya too."

    Babe...Babe, have y'all seen Takahashi Ran? That gorgeous babe had me simping and I'm not complaining. He's so freaking fine! Okay, I hope y'all enjoyed this headcanon!

    See ya!

    Stay safe and healthy!

    With love,


    #miya osamu #miya osamu headcanon #miya osamu hcs #miya osamu scenarios #miya osamu fluff #miya osamu x you #miya osamu x y/n #miya osamu headcanons #miya osamu x reader #osamu headcanons#osamu scenarios#haikyuu osamu#haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x female reader #miya osamu drabble #osamu drabble
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