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  • Oscar: I will fight the next person who insults Ozpin.

    Ozpin: I’m such an idiot…

    Oscar: Alright, Oz, square up!

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  • Going in the Ozpin tag and seeing passive-aggressive Oz hate:

    #it's sad that this is all i can expect from the FNDM at this point #Ozpin#Ozma#Oscar Pine#RWBY
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  • image


    Okay, sorry for this, but my wife posted this scene in her fb, and Im sure that bunny and Weiss have the same dna 😂

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  • Ozpin: Stop it! Do you want me to never talk to you again?



    Ozpin: What?

    Oscar: Hang on. I’m considering.

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  • Ozpin: I’m a saint, you know. I’m a living saint, and I get absolutely nothing out of it.

    Oscar: Well, you get a false feeling of superiority.

    Ozpin: That is nice, but this time it’s not enough.

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  • Just realized that last year this was around the time Oscar jebaited the entire fandom when just going out for new clothes. Makes me wonder what the last episode will be before Christmas

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  • that new adam driver meme

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    So I am really considered for the next chapter because Ruby and possibly Oscar running around Mantle trying to cailm things down is the perfect opportunity for Neo and Cinder. For quick reference Cinder wants to kill Oscar and Neo is supposed to kill Ruby. The part I am excited about is a possible double fight Ruby and Oscar vs Neo and Cinder; the problem is if Ruby was ever going to lose an eye it would probably be in that fight. Which is why I am excited and afraid!

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  • Mini Fanfic #232: Off to the Movies (RWBY)

    Weiss: (Walking Alongside with Jaune and Oscar) So Jaune, you have an idea of what kind of movie we’re watching?

    Jaune: I was thinking of watching a mix between Action and Comedy. I think it’s called: Junior Detectives 2: The Reckoning

    Weiss: Hmmm….Sounds a little too ambitious to me.

    Jaune: Yeah, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the watch.

    Weiss: I suppose….

    Oscar: You know, as much as I would love to ask more about the movie we’re watching, there’s something I need ask.

    Jaune: What is it, Oscar?

    Oscar: Why are you and Weiss holding both of my hands?

    Weiss: Oh it’s quite simple really. We’re making sure that we won’t lose you again.

    Oscar: Again? You’re talking about what happened at Argus?

    Jaune: That and the time you wandered off to town a few nights ago. Everyone of us and Ironwood form a search party and everything, remember?

    Oscar: Yeah….Sorry about scaring you guys like that.

    Weiss: It’s fine, Oscar. We’re just glad that you were okay. But….(Starts to Frown) if anything, we should apologise to you.

    Jaune: (Nodded Slowly in agreement) Yeah…

    Oscar: (Confused) Huh? Why are you apologising to me for?

    Jaune: Well I mean….the reason you wandered off was because you weren’t invited to that party Ironwood made for us, right?

    Oscar: (Immediately Remembers what Jaune was talking about) Yeah….

    Weiss: We are so sorry that we didn’t invite you, Oscar. Have any of us known we would be having a party, we would’ve come and get you right away. And honestly have no idea why Ironwood, of all people, wouldn’t even bother bringing you along with him since it was HIS responsibility to watch over you in the first place-

    Oscar: Weiss, i-it’s okay. Really. I mean it just a party anyways. (Shrugged) It’s not that big of a deal….

    Weiss: It was a big deal, Oscar. You had every right to attend that party as much as the rest of us. (Gently Squeeze Oscar’s hand while giving him a sad look) You’re a part of our team too, remember?

    Oscar: You guys…. really think I’m apart of the team?

    Jaune: Of course we do, bud. And you’re more to us than just a teammate, you’re our friend.

    Oscar: Guys I……(Starts to Smile) Thank you. I…think of you guys as my friends too. Almost like a family even…..

    Weiss: Oscar…..(Let go of Oscar’s hand and hug him) Thank you so much. I’m so honored you think of us that way.

    Jaune: (Joins in on the hug) Me too, man.

    Crowd of People: (Staring at the Group Hug) Aww……

    Oscar: Uh…Guys, I think everyone is starting to stare.

    Weiss: Let them. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    Jaune: (Chuckles Lightly) And who knows? Maybe we can actually have that Family Discount, after all?

    Weiss: (Rolled her eyes) Really don’t think you should have your expectations high on this one, Jaune….









    #rwby#oscar pine#weiss schnee#jaune arc#friendship#heartwarming#fluff #a bit of rwby chibi reference #weiss is low key best big sister #jaune is lowkey best big brother
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  • My Idea For Oscar’s Semblance


    Here’s what I want for Oscar’s Semblance, he can redirect energy. Thermal and electrical is easy. Magnetic is a bit harder. Kinetic takes practice, but eventually he can change the direction of bullets after they have been fired. On a very, very good day he can redirect flowing water or gravity.

    It’s a support power, it’s hella OP, and it’s in keeping with his overall motif.

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  • If we don’t get Oscar content this episode, I’ll be pissed, and if we continue to not get it this season, well…

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  • image

    “Oh my, does anyone know where Robyn went? I’m a bit lost!”

    (Open rp!)

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  • image

    I was talking to a friend about the joke going around that Weiss and the Boys would pull some shenanigans at the movies so I doodled something dumb and it just escalated from there,

    #also jaune totally stole the moustache #weiss schnee#jaune arc#oscar pine#rwby#rwby spoilers#rwby7#rwby7 spoilers #crwby you better at LEAST let them get through their movie before everything bursts into flames #or i’m gonna have to throw hands
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  • Oscar: Mercury, what does “thot” mean?

    Mercury, smirking: It’s a thoughtful person.

    (Later, at dinner with team RWBY and JNR)

    Yang: Here Oscar, I cooked this for you!

    Oscar, excitedly: Thanks Yang! You’re such a thot!

    Yang: *chokes on food*

    Mercury: *hiding his face in his hands as he laughs uncontrollably and bangs his fist on the table*

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  • ci incanteremo mentre scoppi in volo  ~

    #oscar pine#rwby #i drew a thing
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  • I am 200% behind this team

    [get early access to the process video, available now on my Patreon!]

    #rwby#nora valkyrie#oscar pine#jaune arc#lie ren#alpn #is how im gonna tag them i think #but to cover our bases #jnr#jron#fanart#my art
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  • the face oscar makes when weiss says she’ll go to the movies with them, reblog if you agree

    #HE'S SO PRECIOUS #okay but actually it's really nice #getting to see the one who's the closest to being an actual child #get to kinda seem like an actual child for once #instead of just the consistent dread he's held #over literally waking up with the fate of humanity on his shoulder #like yes he looks so excited to just go out and do a fun thing with friends #all of them need that tbh #and i know shit hits the fan and it won't end well #but still just for that moment lol #rwby spoilers#rwby #rwby volume 7 spoilers #rwby volume 7 #oscar pine#Lee speaks
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  • nijiroz mentioned you on a post “I was randomly think how cute it would be if Oscar had a tiny…”

    @littlemisssquiggles Oh, did you ever mention in any of your posts how Oscar was reading an Atlas mechanics magazine in the volume 6 opening? I think that kinda supports the theory a bit.


    Squiggles Answers:

    Oooh so nijiroz is also @coleroz​. Awesome :D Yes, I’ve seen you liking my posts so thank you so much for the love, fam. Happy to hear that you enjoy my RWBY content :D

    And yes! I remember the mechanics magazine from the V6 opening. While I don’t think I ever used it in a musing or headcanon post, I do remember that the magazine sparked the hunch that eventually inspired Oscar’s Pumpkinhead. When I first saw Oscar with the magazine, it made think how cool it would be if as soon as the gang arrived in Atlas, Oscar showed an interest for mechanics or at least a hidden talent for it coming from his sheltered farm-bred background. I’d like to think that Oscar’s family were used to being jacks of all trades; taking care of themselves since their neck of the woods was far away from the protection of the main kingdom and of course, it’s huntsmen. So my idea was that Oscar learned all about mechanical repairs with a dash of engineering (among other things) from his family who were knowledgeable in the trade and were more than happy to pass some of that knowledge onto him; especially after he began working as a farmhand.

    Oscar having a snack for tools and tinkering was what led to me thinking it’d be cool if he paired up with Pietro Polendina as an inventor’s apprentice which then led to the creation of my concept for Oscar’s version of Jack Pumpkinhead. So you’re right, that magazine did help spark this theory. Wished the canon had taken advantage of that though. It would’ve been a cool trait for Oscar to have which would’ve fit with his background ^u^)b 

    ~LittleMissSquiggles (2019) 

    #nijiroz #squiggles answers: rwby #oscar pine#rwby theories
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