So, it’s been on my mind for a long while now, 

1) Jaune is clearly going to end up being the grandson or great grandson of the King of Vale. It’s why one of the opening has him looking up to that statue. It’s not just anybody. It’s most likely the founder of the school, the King of Vale, and a few other important people in the Great War.

This is why Jaune has so much aura and why Ozpin and Tyrain have interest in him. It’s because he has an important bloodline. Someone of note. 

2) Ozpin was a man of two souls. He clearly says this to Oscar. Ozpin says he was once like Oscar, a normal person who’s soul got attached to another persons. This soul is the King of Vale. We know this because the King of Vale made the Huntsmen Schools and Ozpin said we helped build Heaven, the school made by the dead king. This is important because it makes so much sense why Jaune was let into Beacon.

If 1 and 2 are correct, than Jaune is, in a very complex way, Ozpin’s grandchild. So, not matter how good Jaune falsified his transcripts Ozpin would have known it was all bullshit. He would have been like, “Bitch please. I check up my children and grandchild and I know you didn’t do any of that, but you are the grandson of my co-soul. So, I’ll let you in and see how far you’ll go. If you have any bit of me, or rather that part of my soul, than I know you’ll do great things”

Ozpin is basically a grandfather who’s letting his under skilled grandchild in, but doesn’t want anybody to know that. So, while everyone is wondering why Jaune is even there, Ozpin is like “Oh, look how far he’s come. I’m so proud and I can’t show it.”

I dare you to tell me this isn’t the case. I Dare You!

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