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  • Just a little animation i did to try not loosing my hand lol

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    • Jaune : I'm not sure we should go invite the others... nobody will want to come...
    • Oscar : Come on, we should at least try. You'll see.
    • Jaune : Ok...
    • Jaune and Oscar finally invite the others and Weiss said she'll come.
    • Jaune : (Oh ! Cool !)
    • Oscar : (See ? Told you ! :D)
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  • Her aura is suddenly multiplied and she succeeds in breaking the force field. She rushes to the kid who manipulates Ruby and puts her blade in his body. Ruby is freed from her grip but falls, fainted. In just one second, she attacks other mercenaries who do not understand what is going on.
    The hound and the chief are the last ones left.

    “What the hell is that?! »

    The giant one finds himself cut up by his own weapon under the eyes of his boss. Alice walks towards her and throws her toothed half-wheel. She can do nothing and is just cut up several times savagely. No screams, only the sound of the metal that cuts again and again… Without really understanding, Ozpin had taken control of Oscar’s body. He gets up and discovers with horror Alice’s actions….

    "Damn it… »

    Once she’s done, there’s nothing left of the mercenaries…. But her rage hasn’t subsided. In the grip of her madness, she turns to Ren and moves dangerously towards him. Understanding what might happen, Ozpin intervened. Alice stops her advance, disturbed by his presence, as if, despite her state of murderous madness, she recognized Oscar.

    "Everything is fine, Miss Vremia. Please calm down.
    - Oscar?…..
    - He’s fine. You didn’t have to….
    - They were threatening him… I… I had to… »

    She approaches Ozpin and hugs him crying. Ozpin responds to her hug to try to calm her down as best he can. But he notices the Governor coming forward to attack them. Unlucky for him, Alice immediately turned around to attack him, as if she had felt his presence.

    "No!!! »

    Ozpin interfered again and took Alice’s attack with full force. She realizes what is happening and starts shaking… She had just hurt the Professor… and Oscar as well. At the same time, he took the Governor’s attack. But one thing bothered him, amazed that Ozpin had decided to protect him when he had understood his intentions.

    "Don’t worry… everything’s fine… Says Ozpin to reassure Alice.

    He falls to his knees and drops his cane. The governor fell in turn and tried to catch his breath as he watched his bloody weapon, just removed from Ozpin’s body.

    "This is the state in which the world will sink… if we continue to destroy each other… Governor…. »

    After these words, Ozpin falls, face down. The Governor stays there not knowing what to do and Alice starts crying, thinking about her own actions.
    When things finally calm down, the Governor made the decision to help Ozpin and the Hunters. Not that he was finally sensitive on Ozpin’s side, but he had to admit that he was right. He then decided to make technological aids such as means of transport available to them. But first and foremost, appropriate care in a private hospital.

    In his resting room, Ruby wakes up. In the same room as her is Alice, already out of her sleep and lost in her thoughts.

    - Ruby….
    - You’re fine. I am reassured.
    - …
    - What’s the matter? What’s the matter?
    - Nothing… I’m glad you’re okay. The others are recovering strength in their rooms. »

    She seems lost again elsewhere and Ruby is not sure how to approach the subject. In the end, she says nothing and closes her eyes. Alice hides her emotions perfectly, but inside she is devastated by what she has done. Not that she regrets executing those mercenaries who threatened Oscar, but she almost attacked her teammates… and worse… touching Oscar while she was trying to protect him was taking away all her joy.

    The next day, early in the morning, Oscar went outside the hospital to get some fresh air. The freshness of the morning reminded him of his days on the farm. Then he noticed, on her knees, near a flowerbed, Alice. He gets closer.

    "Hello Alice. »

    She gets up, ready to slip away, stammering a bit :

    "Oh….. Oscar. Hello. I… forgot something in my room… »

    Oscar grabs her hand, which stops his friend’s escape. She avoids looking at him, not knowing if his gaze would be accusatory or begging that she does not behave in this way towards him.

    "Alice… you don’t have to avoid me…
    - I’m not avoiding you…
    - So you think I’m blind? »

    She melts into the silence, hoping that he will finally let her go, but Oscar is more stubborn than he seems…

    "The days we shared together on the farm, you remember that, don’t you?
    - Of course I remember…. Tell me, Oscar… do you regret these days?
    - No. No. I don’t regret anything… but what matters is now. You’re with me again…. »

    Her fingers are tightening on Alice’s hand. Its hold is both firm and hesitant….. As if he was wondering what was the best thing to do….

    "Look at me… please… »

    Alice turns to him and his eyes finally meet hers. A sharp pain seizes her chest when she understands the pain Oscar feels. She tries to get her hand out of Oscar’s hand, but it doesn’t work.

    "Let go of me, Oscar… I’m too dangerous for you… I hurted you… you and your friends… I hurted the professor…. I don’t want it to happen again….
    - Alice… you didn’t avoid me when you discovered that I had become Ozpin’s new host… I refuse to avoid you…. »

    You’re too precious to me….

    These words, Oscar couldn’t pronounce them… Not by lack of courage, not by doubt… but, now was not the time to say them, he thought to himself… He was just hoping that Alice would understand his intentions… and no longer want to run away from him… Because seeing her go away would be much more painful than suffering any attack from her….

    "Oscar… you’re so sweet… You don’t think anything bad about me despite what I did to you… despite what I did to you all
    - It was just an accident…. And you said you wanted to help us. You have a mission now….
    - But I don’t want to put you in danger like that anymore….
    - Then learn to control your power… it won’t happen again…
    - It’s not that simple Oscar… every time I see you suffering… or being in danger, I can’t control myself… You’ll be much happier and safer without me…
    - You’re talking nonsense…. You know that seeing you like this is breaking my heart! I would only be happy if I knew you were happy… And remember when I was hurt by that Grimm when…
    - No… don’t remind me of that… »

    Alice puts her free hand on her mouth to prevent sobs from escaping. Everything was still so vivid in her memories. She and Oscar had gone out to find a sheep, but they were attacked by a Grimm. While trying to protect her, Oscar was violently attacked and wounded in the neck (hence his bandage). A group of hunters then arrived to help them. Since that day, Alice has made the decision to become a Huntress, not to protect the weakest, as she said, but in fact, to protect Oscar… However, she did not reveal anything to him, except in her letters that she never sent… for fear of his reaction. She felt so selfish… Oscar puts his other hand on the one he already has in his own.

    "Miss Vremia… you don’t have to hide…
    - Professor?
    - (What are you doing ?)
    - Oscar refuses to share your memories with me… but believe me, you can…
    - ASSEZ !!
    - Oscar? Alice is surprised.
    - (What are you doing?)
    - I don’t care what you think she’s hiding…. Alice is my friend… I trust her. No matter what her past is… no matter if she’s hiding something or not… I love her as she is… and you should do the same… »

    Oscar had regained control without warning, leaving Alice speechless in front of this statement. After calming down, he looked at her without adding anything, but one thing was clear, there was no fear or embarrassment in his eyes. He fully assumed his words, understood or not.

    - You know I’m not lying… So please think carefully when you decide whether or not to stay away from me… it hurts me… and you too… so don’t lie to yourself… Please Alice….. »

    He finally lets go of her hand, as if to let her know that everything now rests on her decision… and Alice finally takes back Oscar’s hand in hers. Her heart is beating very fast… maybe a little too fast for her to handle.

    "I… need to show you something, Oscar… »

    Oscar feels his heart slowing down… and around him and Alice, everything stops moving… not living anymore… everything becomes silent and empty. Oscar turns his head on both sides, questioning himself…

    "What… what’s going on?
    - It’s… my semblance… chronokinesis…
    - Is that what you used in the attack?
    - Yes… I stop time but it keeps passing for me, or those who are in contact with me.
    - Wow…
    - But when I use this power… I continue to age… and… »

    To stop her, Oscar embraces Alice. How many times had he done it ? However, he never gets tired of it… but here it is not he who needed it, but HER… If only she could be reassured and forget what frightened her…

    "Alice… I told you. It doesn’t matter… »

    She doesn’t answer, unable to find a valid reason. The wind starts to move again, the footsteps and life returns, at the same time as Alice takes her breath and calms down.

    "Oh Oscar… what would I do without you?
    - You don’t need me. You became a Huntress and I wasn’t there. You have the strength inside you to dare to make your dreams come true… and you have… given me… the desire to make mine come true…
    - You’re so adorable, Oscar… »She blushes when she speaks to him and Oscar’s face reacts in the same way."Stop… I’m not adorable… But you, I think you are… really….
    - Wha… Thank you Oscar….
    - You’re incapable of lying about your emotions. Even our meeting was amazing. Who would have thought a girl like you would want to spend time on a farm… lost in the middle of nowhere… Ever since I met you, I always knew you would become an exceptional Huntress, like Ruby and her friends.
    - Thank you Oscar.
    - But, you have to trust me, okay? I want to fight too…. I’m not asking you not to protect me, but, uh, don’t put your life in danger, okay?
    - You really grew up Oscar…. I’ll do as you ask.
    - Thank you Alice. It’s very important to me that everyone is fine. And don’t worry, I don’t intend to risk my life unnecessarily either. »Alice is admiring Oscar’s mature and responsible behavior. She does not doubt his abilities, quite the contrary."You’ll have to make it up to me now.
    - I agree with that. What can I do ?
    - We’re going to train together. I don’t want you to spare me at any time.
    - Oh, really?
    - Yes, and I want you to use your semblance if you have to. Learn to master it, okay?
    - You ask me a lot… but I accept. I am a Huntress and I promised to help you. I wouldn’t run away….
    - Glad to hear it.
    - But you have to recover fully before then.
    - Oh, it’s almost done,” he says proudly, “but immediately he feels pain in his ribs. Ow….. »

    He pouted and then they both laughed happily

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  • The next day, while the team heads to the leader of the city, called Governor by all, to ask for help, he awares them that their coming is not appreciated and that it would be impossible for him to help those who were disturbing around. Indeed, for him, the Hunters were just puppets led by a man with an over-developped ego who was already seeing himslef at power of everything, the so-called Ozpin. And since he wasn’t appreciated here, his death was an excellent new.

    “He thought he could dominate by making us believe that we need Hunters or Huntresses. He thought he had the solution to everything and see where it led him. Fortunately, we are rid of it.

    - And if he was right? Ruby cut. If he knew something beyond comprehension?

    - Nonsense, anyway it is too late now. You can only speculate and that’s it.

    - Not exactly …, announces Oscar. ”

    He advances, dermined to prove that the Governor was wrong.

    “And you are?

    - Oscar Pine … but I guess you know me better as Ozpin.

    - How ? ”

    The governor remains silent before Oscar.

    So this child would be…? It’s a godsend he’s here. We must not let him go…

    He presses a button, located at his ear and the thick and heavy doors of the establishment close. Five armed people appear then. A woman and four men who were not part of the army, but who were, for sure, ready to fight.

    “Hello you. We really have no time to introduce ourselves, but I can not wait to get you to bite the dust.

    - Try it; provokes Qrow.

    - I’ll start with you. Guys, I leave you the rest.

    - Okay boss. ”

    The woman throws herself on Qrow and begins to attack him with her revolver. Qrow deploys his mechanic scythe and twirls it at a very high speed. The bullets are stopped and fall to the ground.

    Whistles, “Well, it’s not bad at all. You are talented.

    - Keep your compliments for yourself.

    - That one would bite it seems. You’re pretty good, really. »

    A fireball comes to burst near the face of the chief of the mercenaries. She turns her head in the direction from which comes the attack and finds herself facing Yang.

    "Leave him alone.

    - Oh, want to protect your family? This is adorable. ”

    Yang stays on her guard and Qrow do the same. They both attack at the same time, their shots chaining as a well framed combination. Yet none of their hit could reache the target. She avoids every stroke without exception, which was seriously annoying Yang.

    “Calm down, ok. We have to change our strategy.

    - Yes I know. I will not be fooled. ”

    Meanwhile, another mercenary observes Ruby who was worried about the situation.

    “Hey, you should worry about fighting. ”

    The man prepares his weapon, a huge hatchet. Oscar stands between him and Ruby.

    “I will not let you hurt my friends …

    - (Proceed with caution, this is not a simple ax)

    - That’s what I thought ; answer Oscar ”

    Ruby launches into the fight against the ax man. She gives him quick and powerful blows, forcing him to protect himself. Oscar rushes, delivering quick strikes to the opponent, but no way to weaken him. Both stop their attacks at the same time, while the man stares at them.

    Blake and Weiss find themselves in front of the 3rd mercenary who does not seem to want to fight.

    “Yawn. I have so many better things to do…

    - Take your weapon instead of lamenting like a child.

    - Hum? You look too young to think like an old woman. What’s your problem ? ”

    Blake tries to calm Weiss before she falls into the trap of his opponent, but it was too late.

    “ Sorry ?! Who do you dare to call old ?!

    - Oh no…”

    Weiss rushes to strike a direct blow at the enemy, but she ends up in a vacuum. No time to recover that she is propelled to the ground.

    He’s fast … very fast

    “Your friend at least had the wisdom to observe before attacking me. What a little idiot you do. An old little idiot, he sneers like a hyena.

    Blake takes advantage of his lack of concentration to attack him. She twirls her sword and touches it right in the shoulder.

    "Ouch! But that’s hurts! ”

    He sits down on the ground and looks at his shoulder from where a little blood escapes.

    “I can not believe that … I’m bleeding …”

    Jaune, Nora and Ren take charge of the 4th mercenary. A kid, just older than Oscar and who looks totally to the west.

    “ Hello ! We play together that’s it?

    "I’m not sure he’s very conscious of what’s going on here …” says Jaune.

    “Do not be fooled by appearances,” Ren said suspiciously.

    - Yes, Ren is right, let’s break his legs as much as we can! “

    The kid laughs as he hears Nora’s words.

    "I see, so this is the game you want to play? ”

    The tone of his voice changes dramatically:

    “ Very good ”

    He walks slowly towards them and suddenly disappears, then reappears more and more near them. Jaune does not have time to realize what is happening that he gets knee-belly with such violence that he is raised in the air at almost 2 meters above the others.

    “ We’re really going to enjoy ourselves. ”

    The last mercenary is a bit special. Although he does not seem interested in what’s going on, he looks at Alice from top to bottom.

    “It’s very rude to stare at people this way.

    - I seem to have seen you somewhere, princess.

    - Then you must be wrong. I am not a princess.

    - It was a way of speaking. ”

    Alice takes out her gears and opens them.

    “Yeah, you look dangerous like that.

    - Do not make fun of me or you may regret it.

    - I’m not laughing. ”

    He goes to Alice and she protects herself instinctively. But no blow comes to hit her. She does, however, feel a strange force encircling her. She turns on herself, her blades in each hand and breaks the aura around her.

    “Oh, beautiful princess. You are good. Let’s move on to serious things now. ”

    The fights are chained each on their side. The mercenary leader lost his advantage against Qrow and Yang as the bullets fired were scattered all over the ground.

    “ I really like you. Too bad I to have to eliminate you. ”

    She gestures with her hand, her palm going from the ground to upwards. Ground balls rise in the air and encircle Qrow. She turns her hand around, closes her fist and the bullets let an electric current flow between them, while Qrow is in the middle of them.


    - It looks like the current goes well no? ”

    Qrow collapses to the ground, paralyzed. He drops his weapon, under the dumbfounded eyes of Ruby and others.

    “Uncle Qrow! Ruby screams.

    - Ruby! Watch out ! ”

    The giant ax hits Ruby hard. She is sent away, blood gushing from her body.

    “Ruby! No… ”

    Oscar is stunned at the violence of the attack but is forced to recover when a second shot is directed to him. He dodges it narrowly and focuses on the opponent.

    “Ozpin, then … What courage to hide behind children. Are those your Hunters ?

    - Do not go too hard, let us kill others before, since he is so attached to them.

    - Yes, you’re right. ”

    Understanding what was going to happen, Oscar deploys a barrier that unfolds around each of his allies. No matter how the attackers hit and hit again, none of their attacks was reaching their target, protected behind an invisible wall. Because of that, they were appalled.

    “What’s going on there?

    - Don’t you want to play anymore?

    - Oscar? You’re the one who made that ? Nora asks.

    - Yes … I do not really understand how, but … »

    BAM !

    Oscar takes a violent kick that propels him away. The barriers break just as Oscar takes the attack head-on.

    OSCAR !!!

    He falls heavily to the ground and remains on it … completely knocked out …

    ”(Oscar … you have to get up fast!)

    - Oscar! “

    Alice runs to him, but she’s stopped by something. She tries to get rid of the force field that applies to her in vain.

    "Ohoh … where are you going princess?”

    Too much worried about Oscar to pay attention to what the mercenary was saying, Alice screams with all her strength as if she was hoping that her voice would wake Oscar up.

    “Oscar ! Oscar!

    - Oh … I see …Looks like you care a lot about this … young man …”

    While she is still restrained by the force field, the man approaches her. The others still conscious trying to rescue Oscar but find themselves blocked too.

    “I, too, know this kind of trick.”

    The mercenary leader approaches Oscar and places her foot on his head, causes Alice to lose her temper instantly.

    “Take off your dirty paws from Oscar’s head right now!

    - You can shout as much as you want, in any case, if this kid is Ozpin, he is dead. A second time. Haha.

    - Leave him … »

    Ruby gets up, despite the pain she feels and her gaping wound.

    "Ruby …

    - Eh … Go play with her.

    - Hehe ! She wants to play? We are going to play. ”

    The mercenary boy arrives in front of Ruby in a fraction of a second. He looks at her, smiling and then sticks his hand on her forehead.

    “Quiet.” he says.

    Ruby loses consciousness and begins to walk in a strange way, like a doll that we would lead in a rather chaotic way.

    The boy directs her towards Oscar as the leader departs from the path.

    “Since he did not want to see you die, it is you who will witness his death.

    - But what’s the point? His soul will find another body anyway … and …

    - Blabla … I was given a mission I obey … Rha kids these days… »

    Alice is overwhelmed by her emotions.

    "I will never let you … kill … Oscar …”

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  • - But … I … It’s Oscar standing there in front of me … How?
    - I did not know you were a close friend of Oscar. He is just as surprised as I am to know that we have a mutual acquaintance.
    - (Indeed …)
    - I wrote so many letters about you to Oscar … Unfortunately, I never could send them …
    - Alice …
    - But … the academy … and you … I heard you were …
    - Dead … said Ozpin heavily. It has indeed arrived.
    - But then … why? … Oscar is …
    - Oscar … is my host. It’s a rather complicated story and it will take a little while for me to get through it. But, to make it short, once I lose my life, my soul find … a new body … And Oscar and I share this same body now, by pure chance.
    - But it’s insane … Why?
    - I think he and I are … similar. Let’s say, very close.
    - (Without being really …)
    - But if you share the same body, Oscar is still there, is he not ?
    - Of course. He hears everything we say.
    - I am reassured. But it’s really strange to see you … under the guise of Oscar, professor.
    - I imagine your astonishment. And to explain to you, I’m the reason why Oscar left home. He has…. no … we have, a mission.
    - Really ?
    - We must save the world from the claws of Salem. A ruthless witch. And Oscar has no choice but to carry this burden. Certainly, he hesitated, and who would not do it ? But, he is here. I owe him a lot, to him and to my students that you met earlier.
    - Are these people your students too?
    - Effectively. Just like you. They just arrived a little later, not to mention your extraordinary potential for learning.
    - Professor …
    - Yes ?
    - I too, would like to help you in this mission.
    - You really do ?
    - I would really like.
    - If that is your desire, I can not oppose it. After all, I do not have that power. But know that the road will be dangerous …
    - I know it. Otherwise, I would have chosen another path than the one of a Huntress.
    - I recognize you there. I think you should share this news with your new friends. But for the moment, Miss Vremia, I let you resume your touching reunion with Oscar.
    - Wait! “

    Ozpin who was about to give control to Oscar stops and finds himself in the arms of his former student. This surge of affection surprises him somewhat. He thinks at first to push back the young lady, but touched by this mark of affection for him, he smiles.

    "I’m glad you’re here too, Professor Ozpin.
    - Thank you. ”

    Without adding anything else, he leaves room for Oscar, who finds himself trapped in Alice’s arms. Embarrassed, he does not dare to be noticed and simply puts his hands at Alice’s waist. The latter seems to notice that this gesture is not that of the teacher. She jumps up and tries to get away, but Oscar holds her back and hides his face against Alice’s shoulder.

    “ It is not fair… ; says Oscar.
    - What are you talking about ?
    - You want to take the professor in your arms … and you try to run away when it comes to me.
    - It’s not…
    - I am teasing you… ”

    Alice laughs, both reassured and embarrassed by Oscar’s remark. After all, she has only one desire, to tell him that it is for him that she came back … that she wants to protect him more than anything … but that would certainly be a bad thing … or not … and if she dared ?

    “Oscar I …
    - It is starting to get cold. We should go back to find the others. I think they’ll be happy to have one more person on the team, he said, handing over Alice’s freedom.
    - I hope so. I will also apologize for treating them as kidnappers.
    - Haha. ”

    Oscar reaches out to Alice, inviting her to follow him again. She does it without hesitation and gives him a smile full of sincerity. Oscar’s heart is just leaping in his chest. That smile … it had something changed … and strangely, it was tinged with the same tenderness as when they were children.

    “(I understand you’re not insensitive to her charm, am I wrong?) Said Ozpin.
    - What … ?! Just shut up…
    - What is Oscar? Did the professor tell you something ?
    - N … no no! Nothing important. Let’s hurry up okay? I do not want you to catch cold …
    - Very good.”

    They both go back to the inn where their teammates were waiting for them.

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  • While they are at the doors of the next city, Ruby and the others meet a named Alice Vrémia. The girl, furious, accuses the group of kidnapping Oscar. It was then that he recognized his childhood friend who sometimes came to visit him on the farm.

    “There is a mistake …; he explains, raising his hands to try to calm Alice. Ruby, do not you mind if I explain all this to her in private?

    - Of course not Oscar. We will wait for you at the inn. Ruby answers, understanding the situation.

    - Thank you. I’ll join you right after. ”

    Oscar runs to Alice. She grew up, but her personality has not changed a bit.Her look … is the same as at the time, but for some unknown reason, seeing those eyes resting on him makes him a little anxious.

    “Alice? ”

    His faltering voice seemed to say, “Is it you? But she does not answer him. Oscar takes the girl’s hand and takes her a little further to talk. It’s on the way that she decides to ask him …

    "Oscar? Who are these people ? They caused you trouble?
    - Alice … it’s really you? ”

    He had finally formulated it …Oscar starts to shake with emotion and Alice feels it. She continues to follow him without asking more questions. They finally stop, in a street corner, near a park with little traffic. Oscar stays with Alice, but still holds her hand. She withdraws and comes to hug him, while he is still back to her. In the hollow of the arms of his childhood friend whom he thought never to see again, Oscar began to cry with hot tears.

    “I thought … never see you again …

    - Oscar …

    - I missed you… ”

    As if not to disturb them, Ozpin refrains from addressing Oscar, letting their reunion happen as it should. One thing was certain, Oscar was extremely fond of this girl.

    “I missed you so much, Oscar …”

    The boy leaves his friend’s arms and turns to her. She would have liked to smile, but the tears of her precious friend deprived her of all desire. Seeing the distress in her eyes, Oscar tries to warm the atmosphere and wipes the tears that run down his cheeks rubbing his nose with his fist, making his face all red.

    “Do you see what you make me do? You will have to be forgiven.
    - I’m sorry Oscar … I’ll do whatever it takes to …
    - They are tears of joy Alice. I am teasing you.
    - Really ? ”

    After drying his tears, he gives Alice a smile. Now she is reassured. There was nothing more precious than Oscar’s smile for her. And how long had she not seen it? The little boy she had known at the time had grown up, but his smile and his expressive eyes had not lost their purity.
    Seeing that they no longer spoke, Ozpin interrupts Oscar for a moment in the midst of his reveries.

    “(Oscar, do not forget that this girl has questions she would like you to answer.)
    - I know ; grumbles Oscar annoyed by the intervention of Ozpin. I will answer it … ”

    Alice looks at him wistfully. Oscar notices him and blushes at his behavior, which for sure must have been strange to his friend.

    “Excuse me … I … spoke to myself …
    - (That’s the case indeed.)
    - It’s nothing …, says Alice. I’m listening to you. Tell me, who are these people?
    - Hunters and Huntresses I met when I left my aunt’s house. They are incredible and very friendly. Well, there was some friction at first, but nothing really bad. They are … my friends.
    - Your friends ? So they did not cause you any trouble? She asks with surprise. I’m confused … I hope they do not mind me …
    - Do not worry. They will understand.
    "But why did you leave your aunt’s farm?
    - That’s … where to start? ”

    Oscar scratches his head while wondering how to explain the situation. He takes a breath and looks at her. His serious look astonishes Alice, but she listens attentively.

    “Promise me that you’re not going to run away, okay …
    - I will not run away. I became a Huntress, you know. And you are the last person who can scare me Oscar, she announces with a smile. ”

    He hoped that she was right. He closes his eyes and breathes slowly. An impressive aura emerges from him, as if he had become another person … Yet, this was a person Alice knew well too …
    She recoils, surprised to feel that aura … and places both hands in front of her mouth.

    “It’s a pleasure to see you again … Miss Vremia. ”

    Her mind is freezing on this one thought : This voice? It’s impossible…

    “Professor Ozpin?
    - Haha. It’s me.
    - (Wait, do you know each other?)  

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  • Here’s another hot chocolate time, but this time about Oscar and Qrow. In this, Qrow has prepared the hot chocolate for Oscar to taste it. And guess what ? It was the one Ozpin made him taste (by replacing his alcohol)

    Qrow : Eh Oscar. So, what do you think about this hot chocolate ? 

    Oscar : It’s a nice recipe

    Qrow : I’m glad you like it

    Oscar thinking : Qrow is a big softie finally

    Ozpin : He always was

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  • Do you want to share some hot chocolate in Oscar and Ozpin company ? 

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  • I gonna share a bunch of sketches i did with you again. All about RWBY too, and i hope you’ll like them. Don’t hesitate to tell me wich one you prefer if you want. 

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  • Just a little comic i did about Chibi Alice, Chibi Oscar and Chibi Ozpin.

    Oh yeah Alice is my original character
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    • Time : It's late now, go and sleep
    • My mind : No let me. I'm just day dreaming
    • My body : What's that again ? What hapenned ?
    • My heart : Oscar...
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  • This was my very first drawing about Oscar. I forgot to write the date (i should have because it’s good to see how you evolve in time…)

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  • Just a quick sketch i did. Do you think they’re shy ? I think so lol

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  • I hesitated… but i have to share my drawing. It’s digital work and i Just finished it. I had to draw Oscar today (well infact i could draw him everyday lol) 
    Oh Akina Yoake is my Artist name by the way.

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  • So, it’s been on my mind for a long while now, 

    1) Jaune is clearly going to end up being the grandson or great grandson of the King of Vale. It’s why one of the opening has him looking up to that statue. It’s not just anybody. It’s most likely the founder of the school, the King of Vale, and a few other important people in the Great War.

    This is why Jaune has so much aura and why Ozpin and Tyrain have interest in him. It’s because he has an important bloodline. Someone of note. 

    2) Ozpin was a man of two souls. He clearly says this to Oscar. Ozpin says he was once like Oscar, a normal person who’s soul got attached to another persons. This soul is the King of Vale. We know this because the King of Vale made the Huntsmen Schools and Ozpin said we helped build Heaven, the school made by the dead king. This is important because it makes so much sense why Jaune was let into Beacon.

    If 1 and 2 are correct, than Jaune is, in a very complex way, Ozpin’s grandchild. So, not matter how good Jaune falsified his transcripts Ozpin would have known it was all bullshit. He would have been like, “Bitch please. I check up my children and grandchild and I know you didn’t do any of that, but you are the grandson of my co-soul. So, I’ll let you in and see how far you’ll go. If you have any bit of me, or rather that part of my soul, than I know you’ll do great things”

    Ozpin is basically a grandfather who’s letting his under skilled grandchild in, but doesn’t want anybody to know that. So, while everyone is wondering why Jaune is even there, Ozpin is like “Oh, look how far he’s come. I’m so proud and I can’t show it.”

    I dare you to tell me this isn’t the case. I Dare You!

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