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    16.09.2021 - 1 mont ago


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  • harper-lyh
    04.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Versace: Met Gala 2019

    With the 2021 Met Gala happening on 13 September, I myself made a list of most the celebrities who wore Versace to the Met Gala 2019. That year's theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion.

    Dua Lipa

    Dua Lipa wore a Versace gown with VRAM and KatKim jewels. Her over-the-top hair paid tribite to the popular Bombshell hairstyle in the 1960s.

    The prints of her gown is reminiscent of the 60s psychedelic prints & patterns which were popularized by The Beatles back in the day.

    Jennifer Lopez

    With diamond-embellished headwear, iridescent platform heels, diamond bracelets, rings & a silver Judith Leiber clutch, these matched Lopez's sparkling fringe marquisette gown with some large sequins to add to the shine and faint rainbow colours from waistline down to the train.

    Her gown paid tribute to her friend and Versace tailor Luigi Massi, who passed away earlier that year whilst making Lopez's gown.

    Serena Williams

    Instead of stilettos, tennis player Serena Williams opted for a pair of highlighter-green Volt Off-White x Air Force 1 Nike sneakers for her highlighter-yellow gown. Her gown adorned with yellow and pink butterflies and sewn beads.

    It is a common thing for Williams to wear sneakers to almost any event, including her own wedding day.

    Kylie & Kendall Jenner

    Kylie Jenner chose a monochromatic purple crystal mesh gown trimmed in hand-painted ostrich plumes. The gown, which initially came with a feathered hat and sleeves, are handcrafted in Milan, Italy at the atelier of Versace. Kylie's gown was completed within 30 days.

    Reminiscent of the 1920s flapper-esque look & slicked hair, Kendall's bright orange gown also borrowed inspiration from singer Cher's look with its fringes & semi-sheer skintight. The orange feathers twinned with Kylie's fur gown. Kendall's accessories featured 19 topaz and 40 white diamonds by Tiffany & Co.

    Lupita Nyong'o

    Borrowing inspiration from Marie Antoinette, creepy carnival references and Lauren Kelley's self-portrait "Pickin" (2007), Lupita's gown and hairstyle heavily featured camp.

    Her avant-garde Versace gown has blinged-out crystal embroidered stars on her pink column dress as well as metallic macramé with sculptural ruffled jacket & matching fan.

    Above the dress is a ruffled rainbow ombré of lime green, bright turquoise & hot pink, with giant shoulders that spreaded out like wings.

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  • eisenfaust
    29.04.2021 - 5 monts ago
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  • mistsandshards
    20.03.2021 - 7 monts ago

    What Would Magnus Bane Wear? — 18th Century Edition

    I'm quite taken with Magnus Bane's evolving fashion over the years, so I started noting the descriptions of his outfits from each of the books. They feel like too much for a single post, so I'll start with his fashion from the 18th century (everything I could find from before The Infernal Devices):

    "What Really Happened in Peru," The Bane Chronicles

    Magnus awoke in his roadside inn just outside Lima, and once he had arrayed himself in an embroidered waistcoat, breeches, and shining buckled shoes, he went in search of breakfast.

    When his particular expertise was called for, he brought Ragnor with him. They boarded the ship in the Salaverry harbor together, both dressed in their greatest finery. Magnus was wearing his largest hat, with an ostrich feather plume.

    "The Runaway Queen," The Bane Chronicles

    It was brutally hot inside his cabriolet as it bumped its way along. Magnus had animated one of his magnificent Chinese fans, and it flapped ineffectively at him, barely stirring the breeze. It was, if he was completely honest with himself (and he did not want to be), a bit too hot for this new striped blue-and-rose-colored coat, made of taffeta and satin, and the silk faille waistcoat embroidered with a scene of birds and cherubs. The wing collar, and the wig, and the silk breeches, the wonderful new gloves in the most delicate lemon yellow … it was all a bit warm.

    They wore long, workmanlike pants, and they cast long, judgmental looks at Magnus’s own exquisite breeches, which matched the rose-colored stripe in his jacket, and his faintly silver stockings.

    The meal was simple enough to arrange—getting dressed, however, was not. Absolutely nothing was right. He needed something that was flirtatious and fetching, yet businesslike and serious. And at first it seemed that the lemon-yellow coat and breeches with the purple waistcoat fit the bill precisely, but these were discarded for the lime-green waistcoat, and then the violet breeches. He settled on an entire ensemble in a simple cerulean blue, but not before he had emptied out the entire contents of his wardrobe.
    #wwmbw #what would magnus bane wear #magnus bane #the bane chronicles #tsc #the shadowhunter chronicles
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  • wishmachines
    10.12.2020 - 10 monts ago
    In Chloe, a great city, the people who move through the streets are all strangers. At each encounter, they imagine a thousand things about one another; meetings which could take place between them, conversations, surprises, caresses, bites. But no one greets anyone; eyes lock for a second, then dart away, seeking other eyes, never stopping.
    A girl comes along, twirling a parasol on her shoulder, and twirling slightly also her rounded hips. A woman in black comes along, showing her full age, her eyes restless beneath her veil, her lips trembling. A tattooed giant comes along; a young man with white hair; a female dwarf; two girls, twins, dressed in coral. Something runs among them, an exchange of glances like lines that connect one figure with another and draw arrows, stars, triangles, until all combinations are used up in a moment, and other characters come on to the scene: a blind man with a cheetah on a leash, a courtesan with an ostrich-plume fan, an ephebe, a Fat Woman. And thus, when some people happen to find themselves together, taking shelter from the rain under an arcade, or crowding beneath an awning of the bazaar, or stopping to listen to the band in the square, meetings, seductions, copulations, orgies are consummated among them without a word exchanged, without a finger touching anything, almost without an eye raised.
    A voluptuous vibration constantly stirs Chloe, the most chaste of cities. If men and women began to live their ephemeral dreams, every phantom would become a person with whom to begin a story of pursuits, pretenses, misunderstandings, clashes, oppressions, and the carousel of fantasies would stop.

    — Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities (translated by William Weaver)

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  • witch-ofthewoods
    06.10.2020 - 1 year ago

    Five Best Duster Products

    Dust is a consistent test in our homes. There are various approaches to clean and eliminate dust. Here is a posting of what we consider to be the five best duster products.

    1. Microfiber fabrics. These products are incredible for dusting on the grounds that they can pull in and hold a lot of dust without it going into the air. However long you don't have to utilize any showers, these fabrics make a brilliant showing of getting the dust so you can clean and clean furniture without the concern of scratching or harm from arrangements. These cushions can be washed and reused commonly.

    2. Roof Fan duster. A roof fan frequently gathers a lot of dust. Since the cutting edges are so high up, it is regularly hard to keep them cleaned. A roof fan duster has an extra long shaft and full head to take hold of the dust when you clean the sharp edges. They are accessible from an assortment of manufacturers. Moreover the top of the duster might be produced using ostrich plumes, or lambswool or even a microfiber cushion.

    3. Compacted air. This doesn't eliminate the dust however fundamentally blows it to another zone of the room. Anyway it might be adequate to eliminate collections of dust and scatter it all the more equitably. For this situation, compacted air permits one to brush the dust off a region wanted and get it clean without the need to wipe or rub.

    4. Vow furniture clean. This is a reliable product. It is incredible for eliminating dust and cleaning furniture. Use it on a material to help draw in the dust and afterward the oils in the product will assist with finishing the wood. It has been around for a long time and makes certain to keep on drawing in new clients.

    5. Promise Grab It materials. This is extraordinary new product which draws in dust by pulling in it to an expendable fabric. These fabrics are extraordinary for fast positions and the way that they are dispensable makes it simple to consistently have new clean materials to get however much dust eliminated as could be expected.

    So as should be obvious, there are various magnificent products which are extraordinarily intended to eliminate dust and keep in on cushions or different gatherers until it is fit to be discarded. These products are commonly genuinely modest however they work incredible.

    There are number of different products to consider. Simply do a Google search under best duster products and you'll make certain to discover numerous extraordinary products recorded there. They site which depict frequently contain a lot of data and they may make compelling correlations with other comparative product so you'll better comprehend the upsides and downsides of each sort.

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  • scarletarosa
    24.04.2020 - 1 year ago


    A demoness who is one of the divine daughters of Lucifer and Lilith, the King and Queen of Hell. Aetherea is one of their most ancient children and has been around since the early years of the Earth. This information is based on what she has said to me and my experiences in working with this loving goddess.

    Rulerships: prophecy, visions, divination, lecanomancy, dreams, fresh running waters, serenity, gentleness, beauty, wisdom, imagination, intuition, emotional healing, death, rebirth, fate, and the Moon.

    History: Aetherea was raised by her parents within their Kingdom and is very close to the Moon, as she is a patroness of it. She has helped many different civilizations throughout history under different names and is truly a wondrous being to behold. She is also the one who taught lecanomancy (divination by gazing at water under moonlight) to several ancient civilizations. 

    Rank: Princess

    Element: Water

    Colours: Blue, silver, and white

    Appearance: A slender and beautiful young woman with silvery skin, long black hair, violet eyes, and small black horns. She wears long, elegant mauve dresses with sandals.

    Personality: Aetherea is full of love, patience, and wisdom, she is a goddess of wonders and mystery. She is very gentle-hearted and loves to advise and heal the emotional burdens of others. She also teaches her devotees to value the simple joys of life and the wisdom of taking in lessons of situations, instead of avoiding them. Aetherea has been so wonderful in my workings with her and has helped me to overcome many of my inner-challenges. She gives loving and wise advice that allows one to feel at peace.

    Aetherea is the gentle waters during the night and peaceful singing. She is the glistening silver Lady who teaches the sacred arts of divination and wisdom with serenity, making her one of the most peaceful of the demons. Some things that she enjoys are playing in forest clearings at night, watching the sunrise at sea, sunsets, collecting seashells, and the reflection of the moon on water. She also likes snowflakes, icicles, fabrics (especially silk), cushions, horses, moths, dragonflies, koi fish, red-tail catfish, the stars, and music such as nocturnes, pianos, harps, and mandolins. Things that she hates include injustices and people who lust after her; those who do this end up severely harmed or killed by Lucifer and/or Lilith.

    How to call her: Speak to Aetherea as you would with any other entity, be polite and considerate. Contact her through telepathically speaking in your mind, directing the words to her (you can do this verbally, but if malicious spirits hear, they may pretend to be her). Please remember that Aetherea is royalty and of very high status due to her parentage, treat her well and give thanks for her assistance, for she works very hard. 

    What she can do: help with psychic abilities, granting visions, guidance through healing, shadow work, lessening the pain of your heart, clarity in thinking/removing doubts, making the heart gentle, making peace between friends or foes, inner-strength, patience, harmony, and self-love.


    Tell her of your dreams and secrets. Vent to her and open your heart.

    White wine, champagne, rum, sangria, lavender tea, chicken, turkey, seafood, ostrich eggs, honey, chocolates, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, watermelons, Turkish delights, baklava, pastries, tarts, brownies, sugar, floral perfume, pearls, clams, white quartz, selenite, moonstone, rose quartz, beryl, silver silk, dark blue silk, divination tools, snail shells, river/creek water, white lilies, orchids, anemone flowers, moon flowers, creeping vines, moth figurines, moth wings, elegant silver necklaces, blue antique plumed fans, blue or white candles, lavender perfume, night flower perfumes, unicorn figurines, mermaid statues/figures, artwork, and devotional poetry.

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  • otussketching
    28.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    Steven Universe Dinosaur AU!

    Yep, you have read the title right! I was recently inspired to make some character designs of Steven Universe characters as (mostly maniraptoran) dinosaurs!

    Now, it should be noted that this is basically fan art of some fanart the awesome @albertonykus​ did a while back, so all the credit goes to them! I just did my own twist for it, and to practice some character design! Also, the characters are from seasons 1-3, so if you wanted to see the more recent characters and fusions, I’m sorry. They’re not here. Hope you like these though!

    The characters, the animals they are based on, and some insights for the designs are under the cut. This... will be a long one.

    Here are Steven and Garnet! Steven is a little baby dromaeosaur, with additional inspiration was taken from frizzled chickens and curly-feathered fancy pigeons. I also changed the t-shirt for a comfy scarf, and the flip-flops are leg bands! Garnet is based on the oviraptorosaurid Anzu, and she is quite large. I have a feeling she might get broody with Steven. The visor and the Garnet-afro were a pain to design, but incorporating those elements into the skull shape of Anzu paid off. It should be noted that I couldn’t come up with good designs for Ruby and Sapphire to save my life.

    Pearl is an elegant and dainty troodontid, and mainly based on Zanabazar. The main thinking behind her mannerisms is, for me, an egret. Egrets are beautiful and seem quite elegant, but will pull some weird faces when disturbed. She also is the mother hen and, literally, a bird mum. Amethyst is based on a small therizinosaur, like Beipiaosaurus. She is rather fluffy, and uses shapeshifting to fit as much food into her crop as possible. Think constrictor snakes. Also, with her usual weapons, maybe she could rapid-fire seeds from her crop.

    Now Peridot! She is a generic small maniraptoran, with lots of inspiration from scansoriopterygids, like Epidexipteryx and Yi. Her limb-enhancers have freakishly long fingers, and the retrices on her tail are used to make screens and pericopter blades. Her form without limb-enhancers is based more on a generic maniraptor chick. And of course, she has some of those mannerisms, like hiding behind bigger gems, curiosity, and peeps.

    Here, Lapis Lazuli and Jasper. Lapis is based on an unenlagine dromaeosaur, as they are thought to be piscivorous, and live near the waters edge. I imagine her having mannerisms similar to cranes, but i think she would also be constantly alert and nervous, with ruffled feathers and jerky movements. Jasper is a large Therizinosaurus, with large claws and a similar attitude to a Ko Shamo rooster. 

    Here, Greg and Rose! Greg, like Steven, is a dromaeosaur, but kind of ragged, and his feathers are not in great shape anymore. He has similar choises in clothing to Steven, and plays guitar, His “beard” is heavily based on those of the faverolles chicken. Rose is a therizinosaur, based on Nothronychus, and she has overall roundish shapes, as round shapes convey kindness in design. You can say she is quite plump.

    Now; Connie, Lion and Opal! Connie is a dromaeosaur, with glasses and safety boots for her talons. Her original clothes were fun to incorporate into the design. Lion is an Emu. Emus are cute, silly, regal, and somewhat derpy. Enough said. Opal is based on no dinosaur in particular, but took lots of inspiration from Kakuru, an australian dinosaur known from rather scant remains, but they were preserved in opal, I’ve heard. I Imagine her being in mannerisms a mix of a flamingo, a falcon, and a ballet dancer. Also, fluffy.

    Here are Sugilite and the lovely Sardonyx. It was actually hard to come up with a good design for Sugilite, since most theropods don’t have Popeye arms. Fortunately, Megaraptor was the next based thing, and I like the way it turned out, since personality-wise, a large, powerful and dangerous predator suits her too well. For Sardonyx, it was easier to come up with a good design, since fancy ladies used to have ostrich plumes on their hats. From that, I thought of the ostrich-mimic Gallimimus, and the pieces were put together.

    And finally, Alexandrite and Malachite! Alexandrite is a Yutyrannus with a gorgeous mane, and I also ancorporated the visor on the hornlets in front of the animals eyes, which is a nice touch, I think. One of my personal favourites. Malachite is based on a Deinocheirus. Spinosaurus was going in my head while designing this, but in my opinion, a Deinocheirus flying with hydrokinetic wings sounds slightly less dumb. Besides, it needs more love. For Malachite, I think her having a personality similar to a goose the size of a bus, and I have a feeling she would enjoy tearing watermelons to shreads.

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