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  • naomi-247
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Oswald Cobblepot Moodboard

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  • checkeredmice
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ed, very focused: I may be a zero. you may be a zero. but two zeros next to each other are infinity

    os: how high are you

    ed: 183 why

    #gotham#edward nygma#oswald cobblepot#the riddler#penguin#nygmobblepot#riddlebird #incorrect gotham quotes #own #i cannot into Imperial measurements
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  • roguish-gallery
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I honestly don’t care if it’s cringe and OOC I thought the CatGuin comic that Danny Devito wrote was cute as hell and it made me grin and feel nice the entire time I read it.

    #I just KNOW the 12 other catguin stannies are feasting rn #oswald cobblepot#selina kyle
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  • amelielunaa
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #TY FOR THE ASK MWAH KISSIES #text post#ask box#asks#gotham#oswald cobblepot #i take no criticism on any of these #<33 #he is magnificent #ask game
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  • elushedgehog
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    。*☆  GET TO KNOW ME  ➝  TOP 20 SHIPS ☆*。

    1. Edward Nygma & Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham)

    you showed me feelings I've never felt before. we're making enemies, knocking on the devil's door. and how can you expect me not to eat, when the forbidden fruit tastes so sweet? our hearts are too ruthless to break, lets start fires for heaven's sake. so lets be sinners to be saints. and lets be winners by mistake. the world may disapprove, but my world is only you. and if we're sinners, then it feels like heaven to me. 
    - sinners (lauren aquilina) 


    #honestly i don't think i've ever recovered from that 5x11 hug #nygmobs#nygmobblepot #villain supremacy i guess #otp: you gave up your revenge for me #riddlebird#oswald cobblepot#edward nygma#gotham#gifset #edward and oswald #the riddler#the penguin #edward x oswald #oswald x edward #robin lord taylor #cory michael smith #smaylor#gettoknowme
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  • cheesebrackers
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I love this scene for so many reasons

    They're not just two bad guys working together, they're friends

    To me they're more but that's for later

    Oswald wants to be sure Ed is okay, asking again if he needs medical attention

    They don't lie to eachother at all, Edward reveals the entire plan and what happened

    Also, he hints that he knew Oswald would save him

    These two can betray people in very smart ways, which is what Edward made butch believe, and he made a plan just to get Oswald what he wanted, become a mayor

    Nygma also got rid of all bribed people that voted for Oswald to become mayor, which may have been taken as a betrayal, but that was just to prove Oswald that people believe in him and love him now, including Nygma himself. Which worked.

    “I can't be bought, but I can be stolen with one glance. I'm worthless to one, but priceless to two. Love.”

    They've somewhat lived similar experience; decent into madness, being made fun of/ignored and pitied, had a loved one die in their arms, have been treated as the “umbrella guy” at work, has gotten called names so much they could kill for it, these guys went through a mirrored path, they understand eachother

    Also y'seen that hug? Y'seen how tight Oswald's hugging Ed? They got eachother to trust, they're in this together

    God damn I love this show

    Those gifs aren't mine

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  • twinkle-starlight-writes
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    This is my first ever Batman fanfic, and I'm really proud of it.

    In this fic, the Gotham rogues come together to find out why Batman has become so violent.

    Set after the "Death in the family" saga

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  • riddlerandpenguinaregay
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    watching the ‘wake up alone’ sequence is funny as shit if you think of Ed slapping himself in the face as the ‘go to horny jail’ meme.

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  • askjonathanandtherogues
    02.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Frick it

    I'm back and I present how I shall barley make anyone in my au Straight

    Jonathan Crane is Gay and Demisexual (He/It) Married to Jervis Tetch

    Jervis Tetch is a Transgender Man and Pansexual (He/Him) Married to Jonathan Crane

    Edward Nygma is Gay (He/Him) Currently Single and used to Date Oswald Cobblepot

    Oswald Cobblepot is Gay (And Homophobic) (He/Him) Crush on Basil Karlo and used to Date Edward Nygma

    Harleen Quinzel is a Non Binary Woman and Bisexual (She/They) Dating Pamela Isley and Used to Date The Joker

    Pamela Isley is a Trans Woman and a Lesbian (She/Her) Dating Harleen Quinzel

    Selina Kyle is a Trans Woman and Bisexual (She/Her) On and Off with Bruce Wayne

    Harvey Dent is Genderfluid and Bisexual (He/She) Crush on Bruce Wayne and Married to Gilda Dent

    Basil Karlo is Gay (And Technically Genderfluid) (He/Him sometimes She or They) Crush on Oswald Cobblepot

    Benito Dorrance (Bane) is a Trans Man and Bisexual (He/Him) Currently Single

    Waylon Jones is Demiromantic and Pansexual (He/Him) Dating Grace Balin

    The Joker is a Non Binary Man and Pansexual (He/They/Clown) In Love with the Batman and used to Date Harleen Quinzel

    (I shall make all LGBTQ+)

    (Any questions about my headcanons you know where/who to ask)

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  • battysideblog
    02.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    It's an unpopular opinion, maybe, but Danny Devito's writing in no way harms Catwoman as nobody will take this non-canon comic seriously. I just appreciate that he asked Michelle Pfeiffer for her opinion before writing a crack ship that involved a fictional character his female co-star played.

    #catwoman#selina kyle#the penguin#Oswald Cobblepot #Not my ship #but #It's a damn sight better than Bruce has been treating her lately #ngl #If it was nygmobblepot I'd assume I'd died and gone to the good place
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  • riddlerandpenguinaregay
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    where did nygma sleep. when penguin was in his bed. all of the nights in gotham where we didn’t see them. they are all fanfiction gaps. :-)

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  • angelofthenight
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    You: *rolls over in bed and knees Oswald in the ribs*

    Oswald: Ow! You kneed me!

    You: *sleepily* Yeah, I do need you

    Oswald: *voice cracking* Okay

    #incorrect quotes#gotham #gotham incorrect quotes #incorrect gotham quotes #reader insert#oswald cobblepot#the penguin #gotham x reader #gotham imagine #oswald cobblepot imagine #oswald cobblepot x reader
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  • sylverinnk
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    say hi to Oswald

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  • bat-losers-inc
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Seeking the wisdom of the Batfam community on some lingering questions I had after reading RHATO REBIRTH

    Black Mask and Jason Todd:

    So in RHATO Rebirth there was that whole scenario with Black Mask revealing he knew Jason’s identity before he injected himself into a coma via the techno virus. All of this left me with some questions concerning Roman.

    1. If Roman knew who Jason was does that imply that he knows Bruce is Batman? Also is it ever explained HOW Roman figured out Red Hood’s real identity? Because I remember some panels where he was questioning Jason about the emblem on his uniform and trying to suss out his connection to Batman.

    2. Is Roman still in said coma being taken care of by Ma Gunn? Has he been seen in any other DC storylines since then?

    Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot and Jason:

    1. Did Jason actually kill Penguin? If no, was there any fallout from Jason revealing himself (apart from his fallout with Bruce). I thought I remembered seeing him in future panels with Jason after he bought the iceberg lounge but I can’t remember what comic that was from.

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  • lem0nshark-writes
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    "Cold Days In" Oswald Cobblepot x Male Reader

    Word count: 1016 Warnings: plotless smut, bottom Oswald, top reader, perhaps a bit ooc Oz, bit of fluff if you squint your eyesXD, yes

    Rain poured down from the sky thumping against the window, sound mixing in with the sound of pleasure-ridden moans that were filling the room.

    You groaned around Oswald and took him in deeper as he raked his fingers through your hair and tugged it a little.

    "F-Fuck.. y-y/n.." he moaned out, followed by a bunch of sweet little sounds of pleasure.

    You hummed, working your mouth up and down his length, getting him in as deep as you could as your hands gently rested on his hips, holding onto them.

    "I-I'm getting s-so close-..m-mmhh-" he moaned out eyes closing in sweet pleasure that overtook his body, quickly having him go over the edge and spilling into your mouth as he rode out his orgasm.

    You let out a soft moan as you struggled to swallow around him, licking him clean afterwards.

    He just watched you, cheeks graced with a deep blush. You smiled up at him, before lifting yourself up and leaning to him, leaving a kiss on his still parted panting lips.

    You moved your kisses to his neck and jaw, kissing along his soft skin, not leaving an inch untouched by your lips. You kissed him slowly but filled with passion, as your hands rested on his sides, gently rubbing them up and down. Oswald let out soft moans and gasps every little while, drowning in all the attention you were giving him, cheeks never stopping to blush.

    He was slowly getting excited again so you moved one of your hands down, gingerly and gently taking a hold of his shaft and starting to slowly work him. He gasped at the sudden contact and the pleasure that followed.

    Your kisses started to get more passionate and you slowly moved your lips to his mouth again, kissing him and drowning out his sweet moans in your mouth. He wrapped his arms around your neck, bringing you in closer and he started to slowly rock his hips into your palm.

    Not wanting him to reach his climax just yet you slowly parted, slowing down the pumps too, he looked up at you. Oswald was already ready to protest but your voice stopped him.

    "Ready baby?" You smiled at him.

    His blush got darker and he nodded, slowly letting go of you so you can reposition yourself.

    You smiled at him warmly as you pulled out a bottle of lube out of the drawer of the nightstand and got a generous amount onto your hand, slightly warming it up before moving it to his butt, lubing up around his hole before slipping a finger into him, working him loose slowly.

    He moaned into the pillow quietly, trying to silence his pleasured moans.

    You moved your free hand to his jaw and gently turned his face away from the pillow, "Baby you know I love your moans, don't hide them~.."

    He nodded and you slipped another finger in, making him gasp out, and then added another. Once you were sure he's all done and ready you added a little bit of extra lube for a good measure and proceeded to apply on a hefty amount onto your shaft.

    He watched you intently, need brimming inside of him.

    You put the lube away onto the nightstand and moved closer to him, grabbing him by his thighs gently and scooting yourself over, positioning your length at his entrance.

    "Ready?" You asked, looking up at him as you gently rubbed the tip against his hole.

    He nodded, licking his lower lip as if bracing himself for the good stuff.

    You smiled up at him before pushing in slowly but all the way in.

    He let out a long moan, sweet feeling of fullness engulfing his whole body.

    You bit your lip, damn did he feel good around you. You slowly started to move in and out of him, holding him by the back of his thighs and ass as you leaned in to kiss him, deeply and full of passion. He moaned out into your mouth, arms wrapping around your back and his legs around your hips, pulling you in closer.

    You rocked into him, thrusts deep and faster with every passing moment.

    He moaned into your ear, arms wrapping around you tighter and pulling you in even closer. You let out a low purr, enjoying his moans so much as you kissed and bit on his jaw and neck.

    It felt so good. He felt so good.

    You kept rocking into him, reaching deeper and deeper with every thrust and then repositioned yourself even better, now starting to hit his prostate.

    He moaned out, mouth agape as the feeling spread through his body like like an electric wave. Swarming him whole and swallowing him with intense pleasure.

    You felt him nearing his high as you felt his walls closing in on you.

    It slowly drove you near the edge as well, speeding up your thrusts and making sure he sees the stars as you hit his prostate with every thrust.

    "F-Fuckk y/n!!~" Oswald moaned out, gripping on the sheets and your arms, not being able to handle it anymore "I-I'm gonna-"

    Watching him come and ride out the pleasure was enough to push you over the edge as well, spilling deep into him as you gave him a couple more last thrusts.

    Panting, you pulled out of him, lifting yourself up to give him a peck on the lips. He was blushing like crazy and panting equally as much.

    "That was amazing.." he muttered, letting out a light laugh and looking away shyly but with deep fondness resting in his gaze.

    You smiled warmly, "I agree." You then gently put his legs down and shifted yourself halfway onto him, laying down beside him, snuggling your face into his neck and wrapping your arms around him, legs softly tangled with his own.

    "Nap?" you asked looking up at him.

    "Nap," he smiled down at you, wrapping his arms around you and snuggling his whole body into the warmth of yours.

    #Oswald cobblepot x male reader #Oswald cobblepot x m!reader #Oswald cobblepot x reader #Oswald cobblepot x you #Oswald cobblepot x y/n #gotham x reader #Gotham x male reader #male reader insert #male reader #m!reader #x reader#reader insert#smut #x male reader #y/n#m/m#fanfic#gotham fanfiction #gotham x you #gotham x male reader #gotham x male!reader #fluff#fanfiction #Oswald cobblepot fanfiction #Fic#dc fanfic #oswald cobblepot x male!reader
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