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    GOOD MORNING @magnusbae

    mind & heart, body & soul - chapter 9

    It takes the damn Shadowhunters twenty minutes to let Magnus into the Institute, even though they knew he was coming. He stands on the steps, pacing, growing increasingly irritated, the sun uncomfortably hot over his waistcoat.

    God, Magnus hates Institutes.

    By the time a Shadowhunter—neither his husband nor his lovely sister-in-law, more’s the pity—finally opens the door, Magnus is practically seething. Bad enough that he has to come crawling over here to get his payment when it should have been delivered a week ago. How dare they disrespect him as well?

    But he swallows his rage and merely offers the Shadowhunter a steely glare. “I’m here to collect my payment for the ward repair,” he tells him, and the Shadowhunter nods, silent, and ushers him into the entryway.

    “You’ll want Lightwood,” he says, which makes no sense since Alec’s already submitted his bill, or so he said. Perhaps he means Isabelle, though Magnus isn’t sure that makes much sense either. But he’d rather deal with either of the Lightwoods than with this random Shadowhunter who’ll barely give him the time of day, so he doesn’t protest.

    They search in Ops first, then in the Head’s Office, to no avail. Magnus wonders briefly if Alec’s even in the Institute at all. Presumably the Clave is keeping him busy with all sorts of inane tasks, though Magnus hasn’t gotten the chance to ask him much about it yet.

    Then they turn the corner towards the training room, and Magnus hears the smack of fists impacting a punching bag. The Shadowhunter waves him forward and disappears before Magnus can thank him sarcastically for all of his help.

    Stepping forward into the room, he finds Alec going at a punching bag like it murdered his family, gaze dark and intense, breath heaving. He’s not wearing a shirt, muscular chest glistening with sweat, and Magnus stops and stares for a long moment, forgetting that he should probably be a little more discreet, thinking instead about how Alec’s chest had felt under his hands when he’d drawn their wedding rune, how Alec’s body had felt against his when Alec had helped him heal Luke. He just stares, swallowing hard, feeling pleasantly off-kilter, his former irritation vanished.

    Then he finally manages to get a grip and shakes himself, clearing his throat. “Warlock TLC may be free-of-charge, but broken fingers cost extra,” he says, stepping closer and more into Alec’s line of sight.

    Alec stills the punching bag and fixes his gaze on him, chest heaving. It seems to take him a moment to come back and fully realize Magnus is there, and then he frowns.

    “Did they seriously not pay you yet?”

    Magnus hides a smile at how easily Alec’s read him. “What, a man can’t come see his husband?”

    Alec just shakes his head. “They didn’t pay you yet. I can’t believe this. I told them six times. I’ll go make them do it now, come on—”

    He starts to walk away, but Magnus catches him by the arm. “I didn’t mean for you to go rushing off.”

    Alec pauses and looks down at himself. “Yeah, I guess I should probably put on a shirt.”

    And that’s not what Magnus meant. He sighs, put out, as Alec grabs his sweatshirt from a nearby bench. “If you really must…”

    Alec side-eyes him as if he knows exactly what Magnus is thinking. “Think I’d better. Wouldn’t want to short-circuit your brain.” He slips his arms into his sleeves, smirking a little, as Magnus chokes.

    “But I’m serious,” he adds before Magnus can say anything. “The Clave has to pay you for the wards, and I’m going to make sure it happens right now.”


    They wind up back in the Head’s office, where Alec makes a beeline for the paperwork on the desk. Magnus follows him more slowly, looking around, a realization slowly dawning.

    “Alec…” he starts, “you’re not… running this Institute, are you?” How can he be, when he has all his other work to do as well? But it sure looks like that’s what he’s doing from here.

    Alec huffs out a bitter laugh. “Not technically.”

    “Not technically?”

    “My uh… current position precludes me from being an Institute head. But I was basically doing it before, and it’s not like anyone’s going to do the work now. Technically my parents are supposed to run the Institute, but they’re never here.”

    He finds whatever paperwork he’s looking for and places it at the top of the stack, lifting his desk phone to his ear and dialing in the same movement.

    “If I was the real Institute head, I could have signed for your payment myself. Instead we have to deal with all of this bullshit. Hey, Whitelaw, where the hell is that payment?” This last bit he snaps into the phone. “The one I told you to approve six times. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You want the New York Institute to go without wards? ‘Cause I’m happy to lay all of the resulting deaths at your feet if you don’t approve this payment. Oh, you’ll put it through today? Was that really so hard? No, I didn’t think so.” And then, as fast as he started the call, he hangs up.

    Magnus watches, speechless. Alec scribbles something on the paper he’d found, then looks back up at him.

    “Well,” Magnus says when he’s regained his ability to do so, “that was sexy. Perhaps I can take you to lunch?”

    Alec raises an eyebrow. “In return for getting you the payment you’re rightfully owed?”

    “For providing me a show on a day full of irritation. Besides, I want to hear more about this running-the-Institute-but-not-really-running-the-Institute thing you have going on.”

    Alec looks down at his sweaty workout clothes. “Uh, yeah, that would be nice. Just give me like fifteen minutes to shower.”

    Magnus almost makes a comment about joining him. Almost. But that might be a little much. The flirting is meant to be a joke, after all.

    Before he can decide what to say instead, there’s a Shadowhunter standing in the doorway—the same one, in fact, who had shown Magnus around the Institute, the one whose name Magnus hadn’t bothered to learn.

    Alec looks up at him. “Yes?”

    “I’m here to show the Warlock out of the Institute.”

    Alec’s jaw grinds. “You’re here to show him out?” he repeats flatly.

    “Yeah, presumably he’s got what he came here for.” The Shadowhunter looks bored. There’s a vein standing out on Alec’s neck now. There’s no way anyone in the Institute is ignorant of Magnus and Alec’s relationship, which makes this even ruder than it would be normally, but Magnus isn’t sure whether to feel offended, or whether to sit back and watch the show.

    He’s watched Alec decimate Clave officials twice his age. He has no doubts about his ability to handle one mediocre Shadowhunter.

    “Mr. Bane can leave when he wishes,” Alec says, voice tight with annoyance, “and he certainly doesn’t need your help finding his way, Greywell. Don’t you have something more productive to be doing, like staring at a wall?”

    Greywell just shrugs. “Suit yourself.”

    He starts to amble out, then pokes his head back in the doorway.

    “Oh, by the way, your parents are here.”

    Alec startles upright, mouth dropping open. Fortunately, Greywell is already gone, and only Magnus witnesses it.

    “Shit,” Alec says, “they didn’t tell me they were coming. What am I saying, of course they didn’t, they love to do that.”

    He starts scrambling around, putting papers in order, seemingly without reason, and Magnus steps forward to lay a hand on his arm.

    “Alexander, darling, breathe. You’re doing brilliantly, there’s nothing they can say to you. And besides, you’re your own man now, remember? Don’t Shadowhunters place a lot of importance on the independence of marriage?”

    Alec offers him a small smile. “Yeah, I guess that’s true. I just haven’t seen them since—”

    It’s at that moment, of course, that Maryse Lightwood strides into the office. Magnus feels the weight of her gaze bore into where he’s still touching Alec, but he doesn’t move away.

    “This is a sacred office, Alec,” Maryse begins without even so much as a hello, “I better not see any canoodling corrupting the air.”

    “If you didn’t want him canoodling you shouldn’t have married him off, it does rather come with the territory,” Magnus says, before immediately realizing that antagonizing Maryse is probably a bad idea. But he’s feeling incensed—he detests the tension he can feel in Alec, a tension that wasn’t even there in front of the entire Clave. Magnus almost wants to take his hand, as he’d done at the Clave event, but he doesn’t think that would go over so well with Maryse.

    He gives Alec’s arm one more deliberate squeeze before turning to Maryse.

    “Warlock,” Maryse says, lips set in a line. It’s not quite a greeting, more a grudging acknowledgement of a mess.

    “Maryse,” Magnus says, matching her tone.

    “Will you leave us?” she asks, gesturing to Alec, and then, when Magnus doesn’t budge, spits, “Please?”

    “That depends,” Magnus drawls, “what does my husband think?”

    A muscle in her jaw twitches when he says ‘husband,’ and Magnus relishes in it.

    Maryse grits her teeth. “Alec?”

    Alec finally turns to her. He looks calmer now, gaze set and impassive. “You heard what Magnus said. We’re married. Whatever you have to say, he can hear.”

    And isn’t that something?

    Maryse huffs. “So be it. It involves him anyway. Alec, you made fools of us at the swearing in. Parading that Warlock around like you’re proud of him. Insulting the Clave officials. How could you?”

    Alec crosses his arms. “I was protecting my family. Isn’t that what you’ve always taught me?”

    Maryse’s mouth pops open, and Alec stares her down, daring her to say Magnus isn’t family, which is clearly on the tip of her tongue.

    “You helped arrange this marriage,” Alec continues when she stays silent, “what did you want me to do? Pretend like he doesn’t exist?”

    “Yes, exactly! The whole point of this— this— marriage is to restore our family’s reputation with a political sacrifice. Not for you to go whoring around the Downworld. I already have one child making a disgrace of herself, I don’t need another.”

    “Don’t talk about Izzy like that,” Alec snaps. “And do you really think Izzy dating a Seelie is what ruined our family’s reputation? You and dad did that yourselves long before she was even old enough to pick up a seraph blade.”

    “Alexander!” Maryse looks furious, but Alec doesn’t back down. Magnus stays by his side, crossing his own arms over his chest, mimicking Alec’s posture. “Perhaps this… alliance was a mistake, after all. I’ve never known you to be so insolent. Clearly, this Warlock is a bad influence.”

    “Oh, clearly,” Alec says, a little of the sarcasm Magnus saw in him at the Clave event slipping into his tone, and Magnus has to hide a smile. “It’s obviously Magnus’s fault.”

    Maryse softens a little unexpectedly at that, and for the first time Magnus gets a glimpse of the mother underneath the soldier, the mother who might, at least at one point, have wanted the best for her son. “Alec, I know you see your role as more… ambassadorial, and maybe the Clave does too, in their own way, but just make sure you know which side you’re on. Make sure your allegiances are clear.”

    It’s a warning, rather than a threat, and the gears start spinning in Magnus’s head. Are they in danger? Is Alec in danger? He knows the Clave doesn’t mind them associating—whatever Maryse says, they are married—but perhaps Alec’s blatant support of him at the council event was a step too far. Perhaps Magnus being around him so frequently is a step too far.

    Alec nods seriously and says, “My allegiances are clear.”

    With that, he takes Magnus by the arm and marches past Maryse and out of the office.

    Outside, in the hall, he leans against the wall, pressing a hand to his eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to get so… so petty. I just— I can’t handle her right now. I should be able to, but I just—”

    Magnus silences him with a fingertip to his lips. Alec drops his hand from his eyes, and goes a little cross-eyed trying to look at Magnus’s finger before he meets Magnus’s gaze. “It’s alright,” Magnus says. “You already handle so much, you don’t have to handle everything. Besides, don’t you know that ‘petty’ is my middle name?”

    Alec frowns in thought. “So your name is ‘Great Petty Destruction’?”

    “Precisely!” Magnus releases him and starts walking down the hall. Alec follows him as if drawn along on a string behind him. “Now, will you allow this petty man to take you to lunch? I believe I was promised lunch, and you certainly deserve lunch after all of this drama.”

    “Yeah,” Alec says, and Magnus can’t see his face but he can hear the smile in his voice, “that would be great.”


    “Actually serious question for you,” Magnus says around a bite of noodles, pointing his chopsticks at Alec’s face. God, he can just hear Catarina scolding him for his manners. “What your mother said. About your… allegiances. That sounded like it came from higher up.”

    Alec watches him uneasily, stirring his broth. “What’s the question?”

    “Do you think…” Magnus bites his lip in thought. “Are we in danger? Are you in danger? I don’t want the Clave coming after you. Perhaps we should be a bit subtler. There’s a fine line between pushing back against the Clave and aggravating them to the point of danger. I’m afraid that we’re crossing it.”

    “Yeah, maybe you’re right,” Alec sighs. Then he shakes his head and looks hard at Magnus. It’s an intense, determined look that has Magnus swallowing, his throat suddenly dry. “No. No. We said we would make this marriage our own, and that’s what we’re going to do. They won’t do anything to us—they can’t, not without threatening the Accords. I’m not going to let them tell us what to do with our marriage.”

    The last thing Magnus wants to do is contradict such a passionate affirmation of their relationship, but he can’t help but fear for Alec a little, fear what will happen if someone the Clave considers a pawn starts making too much of a reputation for himself. “Well, you know I have your back, darling, just please be careful, especially when I’m not there. I couldn’t stand the idea of something happening to you.”

    Alec lays a hand over Magnus’s on the table. “Hey, come on. Nothing’s gonna happen to me.”

    “It better not. Who else is going to eat ramen with me?” Magnus lifts some more noodles to his mouth and slurps them up, just to enjoy the way Alec rolls his eyes at his antics.

    “I don’t know, anyone?” Alec says, but he’s smiling again, and Magnus smiles with him.


    “Wait,” Alec says, stopping Magnus with a firm hand on his chest. “Don’t move.”

    Magnus waits, listening intently for whatever Alec might have heard, but he doesn’t have a Shadowhunter’s hearing.

    “There!” Alec spins toward a nearby alley just as a winged demon comes careening out of the shadows and straight towards him. He shoves Magnus out of the way and impales the thing on a seraph blade Magnus hadn’t even known he was carrying.

    Magnus regains his balance just as Alec yells, “Watch out, there’s more!”

    There are indeed more. A stream of winged demons comes flying out of the alleyway, claws outstretched. Magnus incinerates the first few that get near with a wave of fire, but soon he’s surrounded, fending the things off with fireball after fireball. Alec seems to be faring similarly, slashing at the demons with his blade. He doesn’t have his bow, not that it would be much use in close quarters like these anyway.

    Magnus gets distracted by a demon flying at his face, and doesn’t realize Alec’s lost his blade—presumably in a demon—until Alec yells, “Magnus, I need to borrow your magic!”

    Magnus explodes the demon before it slashes open his eye. “You can just use it, darling, you don’t have to ask permission.”

    “Of course I do!”

    And then Magnus feels a slight tug in the center of his chest, a minor drain on his magic and a slight pull from the bond, and turns just in time to see Alec hurl a glowing blue fireball at a demon, shattering it into a million pieces. He looks down at his hand, then at where the demon was, then up at Magnus.

    “Wow,” he says, wonder in his tone, “that was more powerful than I expected.”

    Magnus raises an eyebrow. “Should I be offended by that?”

    Alec doesn’t get a chance to reply. Another demon is winging towards him, and he spins and launches another fireball in its direction. His use of the magic is slightly shaky and uncoordinated, unpracticed really, but he’s getting by.

    Magnus turns back to his own demons. “Try using a rune!” he yells back over his shoulder.

    “But we haven’t practiced it since we healed Luke!”

    “Well, nothing like a crash test!” Literally, Magnus thinks, as one of the demons slips through his blind spot and hurtles into his shoulder, knocking him to the ground.


    Magnus tries to hold the demon off his chest. Its claws scrabble at his shoulder. “Could use a strength rune, Alexander!”

    There’s a pause, and then Magnus feels strength flood into him, and he throws the demon off, pushing himself back to his feet. Alec destroys the last few demons with fireballs, and then the street is quiet, and they stand, breathing hard, eyes locked.

    Magnus can still feel Alec’s heart pounding alongside his own, can still feel Alec’s adrenaline, his battle-heightened emotions, much stronger than the bond normally allows for. He tries to calm his breathing, remember where they are, because it’s either that or do something deeply, deeply stupid.

    Like grab Alec by the front of his shirt and kiss him senseless.

    “Nothing like a little demon-hunting to help you digest your lunch, hmm?” he says instead, voice shaky.

    Slowly the tension diffuses. “Yeah,” Alec says, running a hand through his hair, which has drops of ichor in it now. He offers Magnus a gleaming smile. “It does mean I have to shower again, though.”

    Once again, Magnus is tempted to offer to join him, and this time he doesn’t have the self-restraint not to. Fighting demons right after lunch will do that to you, apparently. “Let me know if you want some company.”

    Fortunately, Alec seems to find this hilarious instead of revealing. His grin only widens. “I will.” Then his gaze narrows on Magnus’s shoulder, and he frowns. “Oh, that one got you.”

    Magnus looks down at his shoulder to find his shirt and blazer torn, blood seeping through the fabric. He’d been so focused on Alec, he hadn’t even noticed.

    When he looks back up, Alec is standing close by him, and Magnus’s breath catches. Alec presses a hand gingerly to the edge of the wound.

    Magnus starts to summon his magic. “It’s no big deal, I can just—”

    “No, let me.” And Alec pulls out his stele and activates his iratze, and they both watch as Magnus’s wound disappears.

    “That’s neato,” Magnus says. “Thank you, darling.”

    “‘Neato’?” Alec echoes.

    Magnus just smiles at him in response. “I don’t suppose you have time for a drink? A virgin drink, if you prefer.”

    Alec grimaces. “I should probably go report this.”

    “Another time, then.” Magnus pats Alec’s arm, and turns away, calling over his shoulder, “You’ll get back okay? No more demons crawling about?”

    He can almost hear Alec roll his eyes. “Yeah, Magnus, I’ll be fine.”


    Magnus doesn’t necessarily expect Alec to show up at his apartment that evening, but doesn’t not expect it either, which is probably to say that he hopes he’ll show up.

    Which is maybe why Magnus is practicing tai chi on the balcony, shirtless, when the front door clicks open.

    He hears Alec stop and stand silently for a long moment. Magnus smirks, but doesn’t turn to face him.

    “Okay,” Alec says at last, “fine. You win. This flirting thing was over before it began, I should have known.”

    Magnus finally turns around and throws him a wink, ignoring the way his heart flutters at the way Alec is looking at him, all fond and amused, his gaze dark. “Oh, darling, we’ve only just begun.”

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    talking to mom about autism is fun because i’m pretty certain everyone in the family is on the spectrum, and there’s this like...unsaid acceptance in it, at least with mom. We were talking about that when she was young it just Wasn’t Tested For

    #i told her that tippy toeing is often a sign and brought up how both Jo and I had a habit of it(before i got too heavy ofc) #and we talked about how she struggles to talk to people at work bc she gets flustered if they ask questions she just hasn't been trained to #answer...there's plenty of other things ofc but #i kind of would love to see a study about how susceptible autistic folks are to being in abusive situations/having abusive partners/etc #bc well.....in my own experience i wonder how many of us value familiarity(the same thing over and over) even if it's bad over changes? idk
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    #anon#asks #i watched a review earlier and one of the people in the video said #'oh it's implied they would lead some kind of revolution if they worked together' #but that's not what striker was suggesting at all? he was telling blitz to ditch the company so they could be partners in crime #other imps be damned (or blessed i guess).
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    actually i think online relationships (platonic or romantic) are good bc you get to love the person for who they are, not how they look. all you get is an icon and a bio and the fact that people can love each other based off someone’s personality and that alone is beautiful

    #kinda like the beginning of everything everything but like they kinda saw each other a little bit so not really #anyways my point is #dont shit on online friends/partners #and online relationships are great #idk something that just popped into my head yknow #kae is kool 😎
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    #「ꜰɪʟᴇᴅ ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ」: ꜱᴍᴏᴋᴇ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ (ᴏᴏᴄ) #idk if i'm going to be very active today as a head's up! #i got my second dose of the vaccine and i have body aches like no other #thanks so much to everyone who reblogged my promo and to everyone who followed/followed back!! #i noticed some of my old rp partners are here too so I MISSED YOU GUYS!! ;;; #and to all of my new followers... welcome! i hope we can write together soon!
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    #out of character. #answered asks. #it was sad typing this out but truth is heavy rain doesn't have many well-developed characters. #i would like to see better for madison's character but i haven't really written with one that can help change my mind. #it doesn't really help this fandom is small in comparison to quantic dream's other game #so it's very difficult to have partners willing to write her #i don't think i've met anyone who liked her canon character either so that says a lot about heavy rain
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    (ooc) overkill is looking for papers and literature about the psychology of older siblings parenting younger children.

    #ooc;; mun #the things we do for our headcanons i swear #yams: leaves 0 indication that marcel was a 'parent child' other than being called reliable and trying to protect his brother #and disciplining him when he attacks reiner #me: yeah but wHAT IF #i apologise to my warriors writing partners
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    My girlfriend and I religiously follow each other on this site but have RADICALLY different interests on social media, so we literally never interact except to smile fondly at pretty aesthetic photographs (hers) and extensive text posts about narrative cohesion (mine) interrupting our dash full of the opposite

    Anyway, romance(TM)

    #story time with star #i follow all my partners obvioudly but gf and i were joking about this today #we have LITERALLY never reblogged even one thing from each other #it's 100% a loyalty follow #her (watching me convince everyone i know to read gtn): 'you go you funky little nerd' #me (scrolling past her fifth picture of a porch with plants and maybe a bench): 'live your bliss girl i love you'
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    And I once played the Rumpus Cat... So do it again. Come, do it again! I could do it again...

    #CATS Musical #CATS the Musical #CATS 2016 Revival #Gus the Theatre Cat #Old Deuteronomy#catsedit#my posts #more of my own self indulgence because i CAN #(this is how i cheer myself up - by becoming more miserable) #and now you know why i've been talking about them non-stop the past little while #i love them and i will not apologize for this #i would like to thank the 2016 blocking for this and this only (kidding - there are like three other things) #giving the older cats their own senses of identity and history is just....perfection #also i *just realized* #that the seventh gif bit of choreo very much reminds me of the minuet section of the ball #where they divide into partners and they link arms with the kick? you know what i'm talking about
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    i love the song “king and lionheart” because it applies to raven and bellamy’s relationship so much. bellamy is literally the rebel king, impulsive and rash and reckless, and raven’s a lionheart, spirited and impulsive and brave. she’s supportive and caring and kind to bellamy. she’s a steadying hand to him, and he is that to her as well! he always provides support for her, he praises her constantly and genuinely about her brilliance and her value, not just as a mechanic, but as a person, as a friend, as a partner.

    they’re ride or die, they compliment each other, they’re both made of fire and they burn bright. they know so much about the other, better than they know themselves, and are attuned to each other’s needs and desires and flaws and strengths and weaknesses. also, i’d like to point out that “if the world comes to an end, i’ll be here to hold your hand” is literally a lyric in the song, and that, in the show, the world literally ended! and even after such a traumatic event, they found strength in the other. she promised to be with him, by his side, always.

    #like... the ruined potential though #they understand each other #they love each other #whether as friends or as partners that love is still strong #the 100#braven#raven reyes#bellamy blake #coral.text #the 100 spoilers
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    no spoons kinda day

    (further id under the cut) 

    text conversation reads as follows:

    Today 7:14 AM Yue (blue text): no emoji, spoon emoji, crying emoji (shorthand for “no spoons”) Sokka (grey text): four distressed emojis; “Okay, I’ll let school know”; “Get some rest!!!”; three red heart emojis Yue: four blue heart emojis Today 12:11 PM Sokka: “You’re so lucky you missed school today we’re having an assembly about how to say no to drugs” Yue: “Even prescription drugs? But I need those!” Sokka: “NO DRUGS, YUE.” Today 4:21 PM Sokka: “School’s out I’ll be over in 17-19 mins” Yue: “That’s so needlessly specific” Sokka: “Thank you!!”

    end text convo. 

    #avatar the last airbender #atla#yue#sokka#sokkaxyue#modern au#art#mart #id in alt text #and also under the cut #for the text convo #also for anyone wondering #their matching bracelets read 'lab partners' #bc they are nerds. #on her bedside table is supposed to be two paperbacks stacked on top of each other and a thing of pills #but both look kinda fucked up lmao #hopefully the solar system poster & the periodic table poster are distinguishable at least #god modern au yue rly lives in my head rent free huh..... #disabled nerd <33333 #sokka brings her her hw from school every time she misses a day #and then they just chill together #take a nap or watch totoro or smth #they have a whole routine #and then she dies. womp womp #ok ANYWAY
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    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    *thinks through a whole storyline w my OCs and doesn’t write any of it down*

    #cliff getting kidnapped? and Corvid going after him? and the two of them being housed near each other Bc fuck it they look the same why not #listen in on some conversations if the magic is mostly being stopped anyway? and Corvid realizing they can’t get the both of them out but #sometimes whatever’s interrupting magic falters and they can dip into he fade and try and get help? and aegis getting a whiff of them there #during some sulk and letting laris know he’s going after Corvid and laris insisting on coming along and aegis has to stop ever so often Bc #their head is spinning really bad but he won’t leave them behind Bc he’d hate that and knows they wouldn’t leave him? and him begrudgingly #starting to care about them? and them seeing past the grump a little? and they each have their respective moments of ‘Corvid would be so #proud of us for getting along’? and they end up kind of friends? #and when they catch up with Corvid they’re immediately like ok we have to turn around and get cliff out #and aegis is the one to actually like go in and he and cliff maybe commit a lot of damage and also maybe some homicide but neither of them #will tell and it’s sort of a thing between them after that of like ‘this guy’s my guy. if I need to break some shit and can’t do it alone #he’ll get it’ #and anyway what I was getting at is that once Corvid and their partners were reunited they 100% cuddled for a bit. either that night or as #soon as cliff was safe. and maybe aegis purrs a little and nobody says anything about it. and maybe Corvid half heartedly argues for a #minute but they also kinda want to be maybe held and laris has their arms wrapped around everyone and would maybe later compare aegis to a #lap cat or smth #and this could be summarized better but #character rambles#elysur#corvid qerq#aegis blackstone #also fun fact Blackstone is the town he lives in #he said fuck last names you have the info you could need leave me alone #and Corvid went ok hell yeah #and it stuck
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  • sinners-call-me-baby
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hoo boy... finishing the game then jumping back into free roam with Stefan really makes you appreciate how light-hearted and fun he is.

    #all the other partners (except Biggs)? #trash. #Stef knows how to have a good time even in bad situations #and I love him for it #the deeper into the game you go the more depressing it is #then it gets real bad at the end oof #I missed you baby <3 #ship: idiots to lovers #sunny speaks
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  • mistiqued
    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago
    the phrase ‘albrecht von closen was the eye’s original special little boy’ keeps pinging around in my head and it’s terrible and won’t go away so i guess i’m over here 
    #ooc. #it's odd he had such good taste in friends and partners and shit #other than specifically the twinks #pov u choose to simp over the wrong twink and u end up with eyes on ur bones #anyways thinking abt Them. (albrecht and clara and how happy n kind they were before everything) #every like month or so im just hit with intense Thoughts on the regency bastards #i have brainrot might post starters soon
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  • gengarfamily
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    feeling sad and I’ve been anxious and stressed for 2 days so watching my ex paint Pokémon cards on stream and chatting to him, and it’s actually super nice??

    #he’s my ex from before Alex and he was always such a cutie #my nerd bestie for sure #he’s humming along to the circhester town music and it’s cute #I’m obv not going backwards but it’s nice to appreciate other romantic partners again now that my relationship with Alex is breaking down #anyway uh#personal
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  • bijulian
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    *sidles up to jadzia and worf at quark's* so have u 2 considered......opening ur marriage?

    #p #the point of this post is im bi n theyre both hot #this is a dumb post tho cuz im sure they already had other partners like #jadzia: this is my gf kira n my husband worf n his bf will n his gf deanna...... #ds9 polycule extends into the tng universe i spose
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  • louiscassettes
    30.04.2021 - 6 days ago


    #this is so unhealthy on my part prolly #but I feel like I sometimes project onto zouis #a friendship ended last year essentially around when the pandemic started #we were so close #attached at the hip since day 1 of college #weed buddies too lmao #partners in crime #we broke onto the roof of our hostel #picked the lock and everything #went to every class together and sat together and everything #everyone in class knew to leave us be #even as early as barely a month into 1st year when we just started ti know each other #but we gre distant suddenly #*grew #tumblr pls let me edit tags #anyways so yeah it basically ended during april last year #not even in person #its end of april again #and college is ending in like 2 weeks #so all of the nostalgia and memories is hitting me hard #and I never got any closure #and I suck at emotions #and i'm projecting onto zouis coz there are some similarities ig #but mostly its the kind of friendship :( #this is stupid on my part i'm aware #I need to deal with the emotions like an adult #I will #once college is over once and for all #till then i'll have my breakdowns #lmao if you see it no you dont bye
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  • colderthancoldest
    30.04.2021 - 6 days ago
    #i got an ask!! #yall are ridiculous #of all the requests I thought I would get #I had no idea that these would be so popular #if you want to read my other dh!m and reader fics they're under an ao3 collection #labeled 'Partners in Crime' #you can probs find it if you want #anyway yeah I'll get to this prompt(s) when I can lol #dhawan!master #dhawan!master × reader
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  • obeysword
    30.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    still thinking about how narukami didn’t have a single friend before coming to yasoinaba. & i think it was through meeting yosuke that yu finally broke his habit of never forming connections to others. without yosuke, i don’t think yu would have felt motivated to even reach out to people. it’s kind of funny bc on the first day everyone wants to be yu’s friend & yu is just -_- ‘another new school, another uniform, another group of faces i’ll forget about in a few months’. like his opinion is so low & he thought yosuke was such a fool: unimpressed. what a loser. ‘i’ll just leave him be’ he didn’t extend a hand out to him at all when he was falling on his face or... getting a critical hit to the nads. but yu second day: fine i'll help him out of the garbage. yu is painfully quiet, really just acts like a wallflower & is there bc he has to be not bc he wants to be. i think it really confused him a lot how he instantly made a friend & then chie is suddenly his friend & yukiko too.

    i feel like if he hadn’t done this little act of kindness he never would have reached out to others. he would have still connected with nanako bc he just sees so much of himself in her & how she waits for dojima & is sad her dad can't be around. unlike yu’s parents, dojima actually has a valid excuse & just needs to work out his problems & grief about the death of his wife. yu’s parents never tried to understand him or wanted to. they set high goals, if not unrealistic expectations, for him since birth & i doubt his own mother showed him much physical affection. i hc she married for money, not for love. i believe yu is intimidated by her. his father is just stagnant & ignores him. but his mom, she has a very icy, serious, & high maintenance personality that would be seen as borderline abusive with how haughty she is. but i just don’t think yu would have felt motivated to hang out with chie or yukiko. they might have offered, but he wouldn't bother & just head home & study like how he always used to do. he never would have felt the need to bother with people or feel attached to them. yosuke was the one & only person who broke yu out of his quiet shell & gave him the ability to make friends & give love toward the people around him instead of being mechanical if not not anti-social to a very unhealthy extent.

    #we love partners in this house #platonic or shipwise #i was talking about this last night & just wanna get it down bc they're such great characters & a powerful dynamic #like it really just gets me how much they've done for each other & have so much faith in their potential #▼ OOC △ #▼ HEADCANON △ #causal reminder that yu's biggest fear is being alone & being abandoned #he's terrified to be alone yet he made himself be alone all his life
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  • a-ghostlight-for-roman
    29.04.2021 - 6 days ago
    #only a 5 because Wolf in Sheep's Clothing & Partners in Crime are excellent songs. I haven't liked any of their other music #*4 #haven't listened to all of it but only because I just dislike what I've heard so much #asks #ask game answer #listening to Set it Off while answering this made me think about that OC for the first time since like 2015 hdfhgk
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