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  • sognicaramella
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    It’s go time.

    #✕ | MUN | THE BEAUTY UNDERNEATH | OOC #(im working on the masterlist now!!!) #(you are all so awesome im so happy you all took the time to reblog!!!!) #(i got you all no worries!!!) #(if you all know any other rpers as well let them know so they can get on here as well!!) #(i am the type that helps everyone out even if you dont know me!!!) #(i am willing to take the time to do this all for us!) #(we deserve to have fun!!!!)
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  • stormwithskiiin
    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago
    anonymous   ⚡   asked:    Do you play with twins/doubles?

    YES i love my fellow larx rpers and adore writing w them owo

    #╳  .     │        OOC        │     .  ╳ #╳  .     │        ANSWERED        │     .  ╳ #i used to have a discord gc w a couple other larx rpers #and i heart them...
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  • koyblogs
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    come on, brain.. can’t you think of something good enough for once? i JUST need a goddamn backstory. that’s all i ask of you!! 

    #vent#writing #maybe ill just be too stupid to write until im in my 30s like most other rpers lmao
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  • deetz
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    u wanna know a spooky girl i miss?? s*brina sp*llman

    #i wrote her.. mm.. i wanna say circa 2018-2019 #she was SUCH a good ass muse #and probably my oldest one on hellblr #i don’t think i would bring her back buuuut #agh. good spooky girl #anyways where can i find other spooky girl rpers #c*rrie white.. brina.. wednesday.. #there r SO MANY #GIVE THE SPOOKY GIRLS… #mobile tbd.
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  • dcvilmade
    21.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    this kinda goes without saying, considering elijah’s uh..... living status, in legacies. but most likely any interactions with canon tribrid!hope/nh!hope will require plotting with me. for whatever legacies verses i have where he didn’t die, he’d likely spend a lot of time in MF to be with hope (esp in verses where her parents still died, bc he would be watching over her) so that kinda interferes with the plot a lot. just thought i’d make this smol post for all the wonderful hopes out there!

    #i feel like this might apply for a lot of mikaelson rpers too xD #considering legacies has kinnndaaaaa put the mikaelson name in the mud lol #rebekah or freya would never dip out on hope so easily xD #i get that it's in name of the plot and everything which is why i just wanted to make this post #this also will likely apply to any plots that involve nh!hope even with other legacies muses #⚜️ i'll probably be awake to 3am for no reason // ooc
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  • bxttenbound
    17.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Also for the love of fuck




    #Out for a Bite // OOC #Screams from the Abyss // MT #;; im saying this because i know people might #;; toxic and I both wanted to just move on #;; we felt a need to address it because they vagued us #;; but other than that we want this to end and move on with new plots and ideas #;; there will be other RPers and better partners #;; if they cant understand the issues thats something for them to reflect on #;; do not harass them
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  • detectiveconnor
    16.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    #i personally wish there was a 'these are the threads i am Particularly Excited About' spot on rper's blogs #where ppl could just Mark 'that's one i am enjoying writing with you rn!' #(i.e. 'The Ones I Am Waiting On With Immense Anticipation!') #particularly i want a spot like that for people to mark on My Blog #so i could Have Direction #i know it is so much work to have to choose things and it's not fair to make other people choose them and the social rules #don't work the way i want them to for the 'just be transparent and throw out 'this one in particular is Special'' #but #.... it would be nice is all #to have a 'this one' label
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  • arthur-rex
    13.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #Answered #//bear in mind RPers first and foremost write for each other #//but we don't mind others reading or showing an interest #//don't reblog threads though (I don't mind) but my partners do and I respect that x #OOC
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  • commandsir
    09.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    since bo-katan is almost certainly returning in mando s3 and ahsoka is getting her own show making some crossovers likely, i need ahsoka to run into bo again for the sole purpose of asking why bo called ahsoka a jedi. i know why ms kryze would say that, but what i really want is for ahsoka to know. 

    #⬦{ ooc }⬦ padawan acadawan. or is it pademy academy? #the aftermath of 66 is long past #but old habits die hard #and ahsoka always swore she was not a jedi anymore #i'm wondering what happened in between rebels and mando #that made her respond to that title with anything other than outright refusal #did she decide 'jedi' meant more than graduate of the temple? #has she just given up and stopped correcting people? #does she not want to be perceived as the last? #i think she knows she isn't but what on earth #why was she okay with it TELL ME FILONI #i honestly don't think it's a scaring thrawn tactic. he's dealt with them before #so that wouldn't be it #i'm summoning all the mando rpers preemptively #please indulge me here
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  • otherwoofs
    05.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

              nick is ready to adopt finch into the sorrentino home for wayward young werewolves -

    #and by that he means just adopt her #with the other young werewoofs he's adopted #GIVE HER HOME FAMILY AND PACK #i've been going through her tag #she'd fit in well with the pack gfdhiuhgdfg #ooc // i'll probably be awake to 3am for no reason #are there any finch rper's? lmao #and if there are do u want your finch to be Adopted by a pack #pull her away from legacies LMAO #and the STUPID amount of hate she gets #for no reason #like what the fuck my guys
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  • sognicaramella
    05.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    You are all in trouble once I get this blog ready

    #♚❣ 'MISS HEED' STREAM PROCESS.' OOC #(I AM MEETING OTHER VILLIANOUS RPERS) #(AND I AM SO HAPPY HI I HOPE YOU ARE READY FOR THIS WOMAN TO FIGHT YOU ALL) #(i need to just make one icon of all my others muses and work on a special guest)
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  • alluringroyal
    03.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    This blog would be inactive if people just stopped trying to be sneaky with changing mun-names, creating new blogs constantly, not having a proper rules page that would clearly give away who they are, and / or just trying to make constant comebacks to the RPC where they previously claim that ‘they’re not coming back’.

    An innocent person doesn’t need to hide, same thing goes for people who have legitimately changed. People who know they’re in the wrong and know they need to trick newcomers into rping with them by not being truthful with who they are. It’s completely fine to change your mun-name on occasion, but when you either don’t share your mun-name or change it every time you get called out. Why else are you doing it other than to avoid consequences.

    It’s just so tiring. All of these ‘people’ are the same. They harm other muns in the community, play victim and / or act smug post-callout, and either leave for a bit and attempt to come back, or the better option. They leave for good.

    I urge these people to leave the RPC and either pursue Discord RP or writing Fanfiction. People do not want you in the community and will continue to warn people about you. No amount of bitching about ‘don’t gatekeep or police others on who to follow’ in your rules page is gong to stop people from alerting possible victims. If you’re so adamant on not leaving, then be fucking straightforward. Link your callout in your rules or do something along those lines that inform people that you are indeed trying to be a better person. 

    Actions speak louder than words. Acting like a stubborn prick when you get called out and your victims tell people to block you is a very loud action.

    By the way, you are not obligated to forgiveness. People do not need to forgive you because you apologized, they’re still in their right to tell people to block you. Get over your-fucking-selves.

    #The whole 'wait out your callout' tactic died out when that weird fucking timone rper tried to do it ten fucking times in a row. #What I'm trying to say is; fuck off. Genuinely #The better thing to do for everyone is just rp in a closed discord server with your friends. #Simple. #There nobody will be critical of your weird fucking behavior. #I hope to keep this blog collecting dust for a while. Unless Rowan or some other shithead tries to come back.
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  • voiceofduality
    01.11.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #i didnt need to go into this much detail but here you go! #also for anyone reading this. this is my headcanon and i wont force it on any wulf or astrid rpers #but feel free to use it when writing with my caleb #not with others thought... that'd be rude #caleb.isms #thanks for sending this!! <3
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  • mk19s
    23.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    since there’s been a bit of an increase in prototype rp blogs lately (ones who aren’t me!! it’s exciting), would anyone be interested in- hypothetically- a prototype rpc server on discord? hypothetically. we’re pretty widespread, and ive seen other rpcs do it, so it could be fun 

    #//: OOC. #tbd // #( it'd be small / pretty laidback but it could help other prototype rpers find one another! )
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  • oldvulgrim
    19.10.2021 - 1 mont ago


    “Does every horseman make a point of arriving with as much commotion as possible?”

    #IC Status #slkjdhf I just #realized that he commented on the noise when both Fury and War showed up #'well aren't YOU making a ruckus!' #'subtle. i almost didn't hear you coming!' #ahhhhhh my kingdom for other darksiders rpers
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  • deusxmachiiina
    16.10.2021 - 1 mont ago


    //Semi-private multiverse Donatello blog. Inspired by 2k3/IDW - Written by Mel

    .\\CODE     |      .\\BLUEPRINTS     |       .\\SPECIFICATIONS     |       .\\QUERY

    #tmnt donatello #Donatello roleplay blog #donatello#tmnt #//logout MACHIIINA [OOC] #TRANSMISSION [PROMO]#rp blog#rp#tmnt rp #//Ok we are getting to a place where I should be good to go soon #//I have one rp lined up but I gotta get going so I'll work on that and some memes another time #//Calling all tmnt and other rpers #//If you want to roleplay with a multi-verse donnie boy hmu #[[ARCHIVED RP]]
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  • multixmused
    15.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    New muse added!

    Meneldor from The Faraway Paladin

    #the faraway paladin rp #saihate no paladin rp #muse >> menel #ic post >> menel #open post >> menel #answered >> menel #crack >> menel #headcanon >> menel #aesthetic >> menel #visage >> menel #not sure if ill find other rpers ;A; but i love him and the series
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  • placesyoucallhome
    13.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Writing Wishes Asks

    For all those little snippets of stories still bouncing around a writer's head, for all those tropes you gravitate towards and plots you want an excuse to write, for rpers, fanfic writers, novelists, and more!
    Send emojis to the askbox for thoughts on:

    💥 Favorite action trope ☁ Favorite fluff trope 💔 Favorite angst trope 💢 Favorite dark trope 🎈 Favorite comedy trope 😢 Favorite tragedy trope 🎭 Favorite drama trope 😎 Favorite character trope 🐾 Favorite duo/group dynamic trope 👥 Favorite familial trope 🤝 Favorite platonic trope 💞 Favorite romantic trope 🤺 Favorite antagonistic trope 💫 Random favorite trope

    🤛 What's an action plot you'd like to write? 🧶 What's a fluff plot you'd like to write? 🖤 What's an angst plot you'd like to write? 🔪 What's a dark plot you'd like to write? 🎉 What's a comedy plot you'd like to write? 😭 What's a tragedy plot you'd like to write? ⌚ What's a drama plot you'd like to write? 💛 What's a familial plot you'd like to write? 🧡 What's a platonic plot you'd like to write? 💗 What's a romantic plot you'd like to write? 🗯 What's an antagonistic plot you'd like to write? ➰ What's a random plot you'd like to write?

    💌 What's your favorite genre to write? 💕 What's a genre/trope you'd like to write more? ❌ What's a genre/trope you don't like to write? 🗨 What's a plot or trope you'd like to write [character] in?

    #writing meme #writing ask meme #ask meme #feel free to reblog #obviously not just about ships #tried to keep it usable to rpers as much as other writers #comment if there's maybe something to add that I missed? #and ill edit it
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  • maskhellion
    09.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    thinkin abt shuharu..... <3
    #SCHOOL LIFE ✭ ooc. #itll always have a special place in my heart #need 2 find other haru rpers though.
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  • lapisdex
    08.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    //hornt jail? Nah this cretin demolished that place first day, there was no way I could contain him
    #ooc;; #//most other Zhongli rpers all handshake #emoji agree trying to contain this man’s sin is #impossible abs you just sit there and let it happen
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