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  • Hi y’all!

    Been a little bit but still kicking around!

    Might come online as fem!Sirius (with two other fem!Marauders, and maybe a masc!Lily) a bit later with some mates.

    Thinking 7th year? War is present but still in school?

    Send asks maybe? We’ll be doing some shitposts and textposts anywho, but asks are always fun to play with.

    #hp rp community #other rpers#send asks
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  • Cissy and Bella are off to bed, because the muns have early mornings.


    Sorry for the couple of unanswered asks but we’re banking them away for next time the sisters get a chance to see each other.

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  • I feel like I’m being avoided. Did I do something wrong?

    #cutiehouse-askbox-rpthing#other RPers #Did I do something wrong?
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  • ooc: Some rper who needs more partner. (I don’t often advertise others but oh well, they’re my friends)





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  • highkey hate myself for being hogwarts mystery trash cause i’m legitimately saddened by the lack of rp blogs even though it is not worthy of having rp blogs dedicated to its story……… but also? love me my knockoff draco goth gf, and i would die for a merula snyde

    #| OOC: HEY GHOULS! #i don’t write draco or merula but i want them to be fwens 🥺 #i wanna see other rpers interact 🥺 #want to rp my chiara and tonks with some characters #does anyone else play this hell game
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  • this is a billy hate blog now sorry

    #( OOC ) so when my thoughts take off may i breathe deep #me who lives with a billy rper #me who is gonna cosplay teddy next year with said billy #i just hate billy bc i like other ships more #icb i have to move out
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  • Remember kids. December 21st is Eri’s birthday and I’m vibrating.

    #.゚☆。'` | OUT OF CHARACTER. 🍬 Bee! #I also found out some you kind people aren't so kind at all !! #I still can't use my laptop  &&  I'm suffering immensely #Sorry if you're not able to wait for me  &&  begun to prefer other RPers!!
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  • I want a FC for Asha but ??? Twi’lek

    #suggestions? #how do other twi'lek rpers handle fcs? #ooc #star wars rp
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  • I just want everyone to know that these two are getting married in January and this is 85% of the reason why

    #the other 15% is that we're extremely compatible RPers and friends #but cmon man he got that Vegeta Pink shirt and Idan's like yep this is it this is my life #ffxiv shitposting#ffxiv#roegadyn#highlander #crystal data center #mateus rp#himbo#certified himbo #that's legal right like notarized himbo #idanwyn lluanswys#seran lancier #Idan and Seran
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  • ( t.iit.an.s spoilers !! )

    ╳ ── ჻  also where’s jason ???????

    jason would’ve fought in the finale battle. no matter how much shit has hit the fan in these personal relations—- jason won’t stay out of a fight. he won’t leave his bro && the team hanging like that.

    but alskdfjalksdjf jason … not … being there at the end ????? i just. i ? ?? ?? like it’s expected jason’s not going to be at family events post-death / being RH. but ? ??? ? ? jason already doing that while he’s still robin ? ? ?? ??? ? y’all gonna play me w/ A++++++ brother content then apparently jay doesn’t even exist to dick ( && bruce && everyone else ) ???? quq 

    IT’S OK. I CAN WORK W/ THIS. I’LL FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT WORK ( like i was telling hailey—– canon = IKEA instructions that you glance at, take as optional, but you figure the rest out on your own lol )

    #(( did this ep break me #(( i still love this show && i'm grateful it exists #(( most grateful for the other tii.ta.n.s rpers !!! quq <3<3<3 #(( IT'S GOING TO BE OK EVERYONE #(( WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER #(( /throws out canon diverg cards at everyone #BEHIND THE MASK ╳ ── ✧჻ .𝚎𝚡𝚎 #**titans spoilers #TITANS ╳ ── ✧჻ .𝚎𝚡𝚎
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  • “Listen, insects aren’t the weirdest thing you could eat. Also, there’s bug parts already in processed foods like peanut butter. Enjoy that information!”

    #dash commentary#in character #FINALLY I KNOW WHATS GOING ON AND GET OTHER PEOPLES DASH COMMENTARY #other rpers are welcome to comment or rb i guess LOL
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  • God I don’t know why I love hosting roleplaying taverns so much but I do. It’s like I have a long lost previous life as some medieval woman who ran an ale house. Sit down let me get you a drink. Had my first little RP event and it was all nice people with interesting characters and save for a few typos and the location triggering some weird quest events it was just like old times.

    #wow classic#bloodsail buccaneers #so nice to see other rpers!! #they are out there!!! #always try something!! #if you host it they will come
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  • i feel like i have to make it obvious but like i said in my last post on the matter. i dont hold anything against clover’s character, i feel like he’s an interesting opportunity and has the potentially to be a really fun and meaningful character both in the show and the rp community. my opinions on his semblance are purely from the point of view of my own muse and, like most things, aren’t set in stone. they’re perfectly capable of being changed throughout the volume. my only gripe is with the idea of him ‘fixing’ qrow that appears to be a strong theme with some of the people shipping them. not with the ship itself, tbh i really look forward to exploring their relationship and potential connections/possibilities for character growth on both sides.

    i also feel like i need to appologise for having such a strong reaction to the episode yesterday and to anyone i could have possibly upset through said reaction. it was never my intention to hurt anyone and i really am sincerely sorry for any hurt or upset i might have caused.

    #ooc tbt. #mobile // #rwby spoilers // #yea #im goin out tonight so this is all im posting for a bit #please don't judge me for how heated i got the other day #i know how it can come off #but i really really dont have anything against clo.ver #or clo.ver rpers at all #in fact i look forward to interacting and exploring the characters
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  • #m: alex #{brotp: i'm gonna toss you off that bridge; alex & milly} #{v: powered beings} #[you don't understand how much i love these guys' relationship #in main verse??? will fite all day every day #in siblings??? annoying little twerp #in powers??? they will protect each other and she will destroy anything that comes for him #anything] #a simple rper #{ask responses}
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  • Yo, RPers, please don’t go interacting on other non-RPer posts. Make your own post, I reblog to share because the content is good. Otherwise, you’re going to litter the notes with RP notes and coming off like porn-bots. Thanks.

    #i know i have rpers following me #roleplay#batfamily#batman#rper #i dont like rp but thats NOT your post #dont intrude into other peoples spaces
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  • no one:

    not a soul:


    #tf2 shit post #tf2 meme#tf2 sniper #what's that you say? #why is my rp account just full of shitposts and memes? #well #what a marvellous question #it's because i'm too chicken shit to try and engage with other rpers #jarate
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  • Here’s my ted talk on how black dragons evolved to fill their niche as primarily cave dwelling creatures :’)

    They tend to be longer in the body and not quite as bulky as they’re portrayed to be in game. They’re nothing like as long as the noodly Cloud Serpents of Pandaria, rather it’s more like a ferret which is absolutely what I’m basing this on lmfao. Black dragons are essentially just big scaly ferrets in terms of their build, though not quite that long. In line with this they have much, much shorter legs than other dragons comparative to their body length, and walk with an arched back when above ground. When in caves/tight spaces they walk with their backs straight, dropping their height and allowing them to fit into tighter spaces. 

    Their shorter legs allow them to retain full degrees of mobility when moving in tighter places, meaning they’re essentially as fast bellow the ground as they would be above. All of this makes them bendy as fuck though, with whelps especially just sort of acting like slinkies you can bend in lots of weird ways without hurting them. Adults too can bend themselves into weird as hell position that shouldn’t be considered possible for something their size, and to a dragon from another flight certainly wouldn’t be as a rule.

    Their bodies are much, much hotter than other dragons to the point their scales canonly retain heat long after the dragon itself is dead/the scale is removed. They’re comfortable wallowing in magma, indeed their preference tends to be to partially submerge themselves in it when lounging around. Even in mortal forms they run much warmer than normal. 

    They’re very cold averse though being that they tend to gravitate more to volcanoes etc for dens, and as such do generally avoid colder climates where they possibly can. Their eggs require higher temperatures to incubate as a result.

    Generally black dragons aren’t as big as dragons from other flights. Neltharion was an exception, and ultimately Wrathion would also be an exception as he’s going to be a fairly hefty boy. 

    #black dragons are ferrets change my mind #anyway obviously i don't expect other black dragon rpers to use this #but if you wanna... dm me :') #this applies to my ony blog too #obviously #⥑Ω⥏ headcanons.
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  • placeholder. rambling abt kda/td akali in tags.

    #i feel like the biggest reason akali is taking a ‘break’ from kda #is bc she never went looking for the idol life #she was kinda dragged into it #and with all the contracts and rules and regulations #it probably suffocated her? #shes such a free spirit i dont think she was able to manage being in a kpop group very well #ofc she loves the girls in kda #the environment just... isnt for her? #she just wants to express herself and so #i think post pop/stars she was like #ok well i wanna experiment more #& wanted to collab w her friends in an environment where she felt free #and it was solely about expressing herself & others doing the same #instead of being confined and held back #its everything she wants in terms of her career #on that note if any ekko / senna rpers wanna plot w me for true damage interactions lmk #bc id love to have in depth plots w all members of the band since #theyre her actual close friends ? #edit: i also think like... #this isnt a full time project for her either #shes kind of doing this in her off time from kda #because she wants to balance the two #but obviously cant do it consistently
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  • I keep saying I’m gonna RP again, and then I completely forget about it. Honestly, it’s partly because Tumblr is so dead in the RP scene due to the NSFW ban -_- Still, I want to give it my best go. 

    I have a separate account for my DBD OC, and on this account, it’ll mostly be my mismatched OCs from a weird, ever-changing universe. Primarily though, as long as you’re okay with high fantasy/urban fantasy/monsters, we should be compatible. 

    Primarily though, this sona was originally created for Undertale, so obviously, I will happily play around with Undertale characters. As for other fandoms, it’ll be hit or miss, and I love RPing with other OCs.


    I have a firm rule about RPing with ONLY 18+ individuals. This is to protect me and my future job prospects as I like mature (sometimes NSFW) RP, so please understand this hard rule will not change and respect it. 

    #time to try RP again #RPer#OC RP#Undertale friendly#OC Friendly #other fandoms are hit or miss #hit me up any time
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