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  • So, recently I’ve been having some issues with creative things. In the hopes of finding that spark again, of falling back in love with characters and stories for myself, I’m planning on not being here for a bit throughout March. My queue has reblogs in, weekly questions will be scheduled, but I’ll be absent (the rest of the OC Trope Challenge posts have all been queued at thevoyageurmoteplass and justmoreocs if anyone wants to see them).

    Just wanted to make people aware (just in case). We’ll see what happens if I sign in occasionally or not, but for the minute, this is where I am with all this. 

    I hope everyone is doing good, and keep up the fantastic creating because you’re all wonderful.

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  • What I wanted to do with today: Writing drabbles for next month. 

    What I did do: Scrolled through Pinterest feeling bad that I haven’t sorted out my boards for characters yet and lost enthusiasm to do anything.

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  • I’d be lying if I said I’m not obsessed with Six of Crows all over again because of that trailer. I’m so excited!

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  • https://r7.whiteboardfox.com/7514867-7284-7299

    Come one Come all to WiddleDiddles whiteboard!!

    Draw a au or sketch a headcanon do whatever you want!! heck leave a small doodle of a thing you like!! PLEASE READ THE RULES FIRST


    No NSFW

    Please keep it wholesome

    No arguments in the whiteboard

    Don’t be a jerk and scribble over someone’s hard work

    I have faith in y’all so don’t ruin it😊

    #WiddleDiddles Whiteboard!! #it’s only available for 2 weeks then it’s gone! #but don’t worry I’ll make more whiteboards in the future!! #I don’t expect a lot of people to join but whatever!! #little witch academia #the owl house #other things#akko kagari#chariot dunord#ursula callistis#amanda o'neill#charoix#diana cavendish
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  • More so I hopefully don’t forget some ideas I’ve had, even if I have no energy to make them:

    • Gifsets for ‘love languages’ between OCs that I’m really feeling at the moment;
    • Gifsets of something for relationships (starting with this list- Fox and Lion; Lily and Eggsy; Alia and Marty; Badger and Collie; Cammie and Seph; Chelle and Smokes; Benji and Aoife; Robin and Abe; Bri and Nathan; Stephie and Isaac; Matt and Sophia.
    • Gifsets for characters using Yungblud lyrics. 
    • Try to make book posters.
    • Make some sort of introduction post for the new vague OCs I have (here’s the list- Death in Paradise OCs: an older teenager trying to solve crime and just getting into trouble; an ME who is so done with Englishmen not wanting to learn about island life but biting off the head of anyone who dares insult them; Harry Potter OCs: a collection for random character for ‘missing moments;’ Moody’s ward; Lupin’s younger sibling; same year as Charlie and Tonks; same year as Percy and Oliver; Fate: The Winx Saga OCs: a character to butt heads with Riven 90% of the time; friend of Terra’s; another adult who is so done with the teenagers most of the time but is constantly reminded by the others that they just as bad - if not worse - than the current cohort when they were their age. 
    • Make an edit for this post; make crossover edit for this post; make edit for this post.

    Let’s be fair though, none of these are getting made, but they’re ideas. 

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  • #people dont do well in school they cope with school #wanna know what theyd be doing if there were no pressure? #OTHER THINGS #i cant think of one person who genuinely enjoys the core curriculums so dont feel bad yk #did i ramble my brains kinda fuzzy rn sorry if that didnt make sense #mutuals
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  • Probably just me being self-pitying, but wanted to do something of an explanation for things. 

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    #Other Things#To delete #Maybe; I kind of like how this turned out in an odd kind of way
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  • When the way you normally make gifs isn’t working and you suddenly wonder why you’re even bothering. 

    Hello again sour mood. Can you leave me in peace, please?

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  • So, I never actually got around to making what I wanted for the beginning of this month - are we surprised? - however, I’m hoping to have some time over the weekend and next week. So, here’s a current list that people have shown an interest in OC ships (romantic, platonic or otherwise) and who were on my list to do something for. If there’s anyone on here you want to see - or anyone you want added - let me know and I’ll see what I can do. 

    • Fox and Lion (Original Fiction)
    • Lily and Eggsy (Kingsman fanfiction)
    • Alia and Marty (Constantine fanfiction)
    • Badger and Collie (Original Fiction)
    • Cammie and Seph (Original Fiction)
    • Chelle and Smokes (Original Fiction)
    • Benji and Aoife (Shadowhunters fanfiction)
    • Robin and Abe (Spiderman fanfiction)
    • Bri and Nathan (Misfits fanfiction)
    • Stephie and Isaac (Teen Wolf fanfiction)
    • Matt and Sophia (Original Fiction)
    #Other Things#Curious #Going to read again
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  • I was tagged by the wonderful @thecharmedburrowspn-files, thank you. 

    How it goes: answer these & tag 9 people you’d like to know better/catch up with

    Last song: I honestly can’t remember, but something from McFly’s latest album. 

    Currently reading: Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas.

    Currently watching: Nothing, because I am so far behind on my To Be Watched list.

    Last movie: Um… I honestly can’t remember (I’m really bad at this today, I’m sorry!).

    Currently craving: Nothing right now… Maybe tea, but that’s just a given for me.

    Tagging (if you want to do it, of course): @randomfandoming1; @bravelittleflower; @scienceoftheidiot; @fiercefray; @xmelia-pxnd; @kendelias; @jerigoats; @codenamekryptonite; @randomestfandoms.

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  • Original Post Here.

    I was tagged by the wonderful @catharticallysarcastic, thank you so much.

    Rules: Tell us a line from your latest WIP then tag as many people as there are words.

    I currently suck with WIPs, but here’s something from a story I should be working on:

    ‘Did he… Did Gabe really just ask us for help?’

    Sidekicks and Criminals

    Tagging: @mystic-scripture; @witchofinterest; @eddysocs; @randomfandoming1; @bravelittleflower; @scienceoftheidiot; @fiercefray; @xmelia-pxnd; @kendelias; @jerigoats (If you want to be added to, or removed from, this or any other tag list, let me know).

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