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    17.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #The Pile#G4#Cinematech #Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions #Gcycle#Umisho (PS2) #Kamen Rider Hibiki (game) #Higurashi: When They Cry: Matsuri #School Love! #Star Ocean #Kanojo no Densetsu Boku no Sekiban #Chuukana Janshi: Tenho Painyan Remix #The Idolm@ster: Live for You! #Dragon Tamer: Sound Spirit #Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! G.O. Summer Fair #The Space Sheriff Spirits #Otome no Jijou #Army of Two #Fanboys#Universal Studios #Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
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    17.09.2021 - 49 minutes ago
    #tasogare otome x amnesia #manga#manga cap#monochrome #edits.and.seekrets
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  • sweet-pinkitty
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Day 16... The 2 other Birthdays

    Irresistible Mistakes


    My Forged Wedding


    🎂 Month of September 🎂

    Day 9 - Hideki Ishigami (HLITF/MSB) Day 11 - Rei Rindoh (D:MAR) Day 13 - Hidetaka Sera (ASA) and Shun Randoh (KOP)

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  • lexiiferr
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Need active friends ❤️

    ID: 12127223

    #mr love mobile #mr love queen's choice #mlqc#english otome#otome romance#otome game
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  • obeytempst
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    8: “Don’t you think you’ve done enough?” - Beel

    this ones rlly short just something i thought of on the top of my head

    Don’t you see how much you’ve done for people and your work is still going unnoticed?

    Don’t you think you’ve done enough?

    Just forget it already.

    #obey me one master to rule them all #obey me #obey me hc #obey me headcanons #obey me shall we date #obey me otome #obey me beelzebub #obey me beel #om! beelzebub #beelzebub x reader #obey me angst #angst prompt#obeytempst
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  • marycecilyy
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    (Masterlist - old)

    (Masterlist - new)

    (Masterlist - favorites)

    Join Otome's Little Corner! || Eldarya Fix-it event

    #masterlist#masterlist mcl#masterlist eldarya #otomes little corner #eldarya fix it event #eldarya #my candy love #otome#otome games#visual novels
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  • thedeliverygod
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Man you pulled a lot of shit last night to be acting all cute and innocent 😂 (tbh I was convinced I got a bad ending)

    #sora’s first otome #olympia soirée spoilers
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  • ianarothecorgi
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Tryst with Saint-Germain - Fanfic

    Game/Fandom: Code Realize

    Description: You finally meet with Saint-Germain, & desire him greatly.

    @smutember Day 16: Secret rendezvous

    Reader is AFAB & uses the pronouns she/they

    18+ ONLY

    Commissions Open! Message me here or email me at ianarothecorgi[at]gmail[dot]com or find me on Discord at Ianaro#8393 OR on Twitter at @IanaroTheCorgi

    Commission info: https://ianarothecorgi.tumblr.com/IanaroCommissionsInfo

    You could’ve read this story early on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ianaro

    NSFW after the Keep reading!

    Contains: Kissing; reference to blowjobs, hickies, massaging the clitoris

     It took you a while to find the place where you’re meeting Saint-Germain. But finally, you’re here.

    You turn the corner, & see your lover in front of you. Relief instantly fills you—when you had to flee separately from the mansion, you weren’t sure if you would ever see him again.

    Your lover smiles as you approach. Then, he speaks. “I’m so glad you’re here. But we need to go.”

    “No,” you say, surprising yourself. “I know the only reason we had to meet here is because Idea is pursuing you…but right now, I want to stop running. At least for a little bit.”

    Your partner looks at you. “What do you want, then?”

    You smile. “I want you.”

    With that, you lean forward, & kiss Saint-Germain on the lips.

    The kiss is your purest expression of your love, of your desire for him. You haven’t seen this man in days, which is why you had to meet here, & come separately—to run from Idea. All that time, you’ve been without your lover, & all that time, you’ve missed him. So, you won’t miss your chance to show your affections now that you’re together again.

    You pull away, forcing yourself to let Saint-Germain go. You want more. God. You want to suck his dick, & kiss his chest & give him hickies all over; you want this man to touch your clit with his finger & let pleasure pulse through you. But you know it’ll have to wait. You’re still on the run from Idea, after all.

    You turn to your partner, & kiss him on the cheek, your last action before you run together. “Let’s go,” you say.

    And so, you go, together, to create a new future.

    A very special thanks to my Patrons: TastyAce, Shirenda

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  • thecornertrashcant
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I need people to write fanfics with the reader having anger issues. Not being rude to everyone kind the kind that’s like you accidentally snap at someone and cant take it back anger issues.

    Or a reader who’s the one needing comfort. I’m so tired of comforting ppl it’s annoying when that’s all the fanfics I see lol.

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  • ladykaiba
    16.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    There is so much green because there is literally Family members there lol!!! And I didn't forget the In Laws!!! Family or family zone friendship is green. BFFs are blue :3 So basically Katarina and Maria are such nice girls Bffs of everyone :3 And red the OTPs. If Kieth ends up with Sophia, Ai chan will be always close to Katarina UwU Source of template here: https://sapphireshineauthor.tumblr.com/post/662104176107651072/my-ship-chart @sapphireshineauthor

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  • jxstaokiparadise
    16.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    One Little Mistake

    A/N: Just a midnight stroll of fanfic I came up with because I couldn’t sleep. It turned out pretty angsty and Im so sorry- I wish I didn't make it this angsty but ahem have fun

    Mentioning: Y/N, Taki, Yosuke

    ships: Taki X Y/N

    Warning: angst, ? slight smut?

    I don't know why. What happened . My heart throbs and my head hurts. I feel like I'm drowning but I still have oxygen. The wind feels loud, and tree leaves move around. It sounds like they are mocking me while some are wailing. Some might as be wheezing.

    Back in pandora, I remember having a drink with yosuke...he touched my shoulder and told me it was just one time thing. I loved taki but...yosuke was probably outstanding with his movements in bed..atleast that's what I'd imagine.

    I didn't know what I was thinking but it was pure stupidity. 'If he really loved me, he would accept me for having a casual sex night with yosuke.'

    And it so happens that taki catches me. I remember his eyes widening, his smile vanished, no where to be seen. He runs through the hallway from the pandora to our con-...his condo.

    'Please hear me out, i swear I can explain! ' is what I yell..but what can I say? 'If you loved me, you would except me having casual sex with other men?'..am I supposed to say that?

    'Well. Explain yourself.' He yells as he jerked me into his condo. 'W-well I-!' Is what I say but I'm shaken. His soft warm eyes shaped like almonds, colored like gold and copper..just looks like an empty void, he looks colder than he seemed when we first met..

    'Baby..I ca-' is what Im still trying to say but he shuts me off. 'I DON'T WANT TO HEAR 'BABY I CAN EXPLAIN'. I ASKED YOU TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF'.....his tone is loud. Usually he would apologize if he yelled at me ...let alone if he made me cry, he would look miserable. But now? It's as cold as it was...not a sense of warmth

    "WELL! THANKS. I DON'T THINK WE CAN MAKE IT WORK. YOSUKE IS MUCH BETTER THAN YOU." I yell as I clap a hand over my mouth. His eyes widen and there's tears gathering in the corner of his eyes. 'No wait taki! I didn't mean it!' I yell but hes frozen in spot. Won't move at all.

    'Pu..hahahhaa!' He laughs. At first I think this was a prank but no it wasn't...me and yosuke had sex, and it doesn't change the fact I cheated. "Well I hope yosuke can treat you right." He says as he throws something which ends up straight on my forehead. It hits so hard that I know it will leave a bruise. "Happy fucking anniversary, MC." He says. 'Funny I thought this would be the most precious day of our lives, where we get engaged but that was all false. This was the day you proved your insincerity and we separate. We were never meant to be." He says.

    "H-how could you say all of that with a fucking smile on your face?!" I clap back although I have no right to.

    Am I talking? I hear my voice but it's not me. I hear my tone, it's not me, I feel my mouth moving, but it doesn't feel like it's me. These aren't the words I want to spit out to a man I vowed to give my love to.

    "Do you think you have any rights to yell and scream after doing what you done? But....I don't care." I don't have the time to say anything before taki continues "as I said, I hope yosuke can make you happy. Also go to kiyohito and shun, they can arrange you into an actress. You'd make a great one with the way you fooled me into thinking you loved me."

    Every word he spits out with those beautiful lips of his hurt..miserably. he puts on a self mocking smile and says "you managed to fool a man like me. Perhaps I should get you an award ."

    "Do you..DO YOU THINK MY LOVE FOR YOU WAS A FUCKING LIE?!" I yell, "no, what?? Of course not! Not like you slept with another man while your boyfriend was spending hours picking out a ring for you. A dress to go celebrate your engagement. Hiring an entire venue to tell everyone our engagement. Spending 30 million dollars on a celebration. Not like you ever done that!" He says, sarcasm overflowing in his voice.

    He did all that for me and all I ever done was cheat on him.

    "You done what you hated the most. You hated your ex husband for cheating on you but you copied his exact steps and cheated on me.". The realization took me so long but went it hits me, it hurts me. I want to scream and yell and plead for forgiveness but I can't, because I have no rights to.

    " You and tomohiro are perfect for eachother. You know.. they say the people with most common interests last the longest. You both love cheating, lying and breaking hearts. Instead of getting together with yosuke, get back with your ex husband." He spits. My heart and my head feels like it's squeezing. Like rocks are hitting me. He's right, I'm no different from my ex husband. He smiles, so kindly, it scares me. Saddens me.

    "I will say it. So let's end things on a good note." He smiles unbearably kindly "I Hate You." And I fall to my knees.

    I leave the condo and suddenly spot Sydney. Sydney looks at taki and them me and it feels like if she could talk, she'd say 'I'm disgusted'.

    Yosuke finds me crying on my knees outside of takis condo and picks me up, I explain and he takes me in. Is that what I want?

    "Don't worry MC. Atleast you have me." Yosuke says. I feel shameful but I'm grateful to have someone beside me....

    A few weeks later , yosuke takes me to a party. I'm in a shiny wine colored dress with shiny diamond earrings and white silhouettes. I then notice taki...with a girl on his arm. It's...kozue. the woman my ex husband cheated on me with.

    Taki puts his hand on her stomach and says "I can't wait to see our little one." And kozue giggles. "I can't wait to see my little taki either. " they both smile with their hands clasped together. I can't breathe. I dont want to breathe. I feel like all human resources in this world are gone. No oxygen. I soon step out to the balcony and we know where this goes. 30 years is a pretty long time to be alive. I hope I get a proper funeral to say the least.

    I blink once..twice and open my eyes, looking at the familiar ceiling. Where am I? I thought I jumped off?

    But no. I didn't. My beloved man, right beside me, breathing softly. Holding my hand. Shirtless from our passion from last night.

    I look to my right, at the white clock. It reads 4:21 AM. relief washed over me. No matter how much we love each other, it can change in seconds. One choice can change an entire relationship. Now I understand why it's so important to be sincere. If you're untrustworthy, you will lose everything you have.

    Slowly I balance myself on top of my fiancee and put my hand on his abs as I roll my hips around him. I want to feel him...closer to me. I want to be as close as two humans can be. Physically and emotionally, I want us to be connected.

    'Ngh....' taki groans and I watch him as I run a hand down from his abs to his pelvis.

    "M-MC?!" Taki startles as he goes entirely red. "What are you-" I hush him as I reply "I love you, and you love me. I'm yours and you're mine. I don't want to talk anymore. I want incoherent blabbering. I want us to scream eachothers name until we physically can't anymore. I don't want a single centimeter distancing us."

    "W-wha?- I didn't know you had this in you.." he says. Nonetheless, he's always happy to accommodate to your horny desires

    #taki kozaki#yosuke sagara#kop#kop taki#kop yosuke #king of paradise yosuke #king of paradise #king of paradise taki #voltage fanfic#voltage inc#voltage otome#otome fanfic #too much angst lmao #didnt expect it to be that scary heheoawndihwoai #aoki writes
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  • thedeliverygod
    16.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    We getting spicy up in here 👀

    #sora’s first otome #olympia soirée spoilers
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  • isa-the-butler-simp
    16.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


    If you haven’t already, do go on the game - you get some cool stuff! Honestly, thanks to the Asmodeous tears I got, I ended up getting to 89 time tickets, multiple random acquisitions and A LOT of acme

    #love unholyc #love unholyc otome
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  • crescencestudio
    16.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Devlog #5 | 9.16.21

    Hi everyone!

    It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve done a formal devlog, even though it’s only been about 2.5 weeks. I think with Chapter 1 releasing, I got so used to updating often and releasing more marketing materials, now it feels weird to be back in a normal routine lol.

    For those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, the Chapter 1 Sample is available here! I know I’ve said it already, but I really just want to thank you all for the reception to Alaris q.q It was already rewarding to see my vision become a tangible game, but it was even crazier to see that people were interested in and liked it <3 

    I’ve started work on Chapter 2, and for those who don’t follow me on Twitter, Chapter 2 will be including a polished version of Chapter 1. Before the final demo releases (which will include Chapter 1-4), there will be little changes I’ll be making along the way to the game if I have access to the funds (like a BG artist or GUI) but I hope Chapter 2 will be as close to an accurate representation of the game as possible (excluding if I’m able to afford commissions)! Since I won’t have the same time constraints as SuNoFes, I think I’ll be able to make all the small edits I wasn’t able to for the sample release :D 

    Many of you said you liked the personality feature of the game, which makes me so happy since that’s one of the biggest pieces I was excited to introduce into the game hehe. And with Chapter 2, you will already start to see some of those personality choices affect the content you access - I even had to make a Google Sheets to keep track lol

    Read below the cut to find out how the tracker works and other updates around Chapter 2!

    Regarding the actual status of Chapter 2: 

    Writing: 95% Done | Most of the writing is done regarding the plot of chapter 2. The only thing I need to write is how free time will go, since that’s a new component I’ll be adding to the game! 

    Art: 20% Done | This part is a bit iffy since I need to see how many sprites, BGs, CGs, etc. I need to make

    Script: 40% Done | This is the part I’ve been putting most of my time into so far since it will help me see what art I need to make, coding, etc.

    Coding: 30% Done | Because I feel more familiar with coding, most of the remaining portion will be for GUIs, the new Free Time feature, Screens and the complete Personality/ Stats Feature, etc.

    So! Lately, I’ve mostly been working on writing up Chapter 2, and specifically scripting it since that typically takes up the most time for me. Scripting also helps me map out where I want to include choices, what art I need to make, etc. So this is usually where I like to start, at least for the rough draft of the script. I have many scenes scripted, but there’s some remaining ones that mainly have to do with choices/ consequences of choices that I have to script for. 

    For the choices, if you see my little sheet above, essentially each row is a choice prompt. The things highlighted are the choices that are available to you and what trait they might be associated with. In chapter 2, you will start to see the effects of these choices depending on your affection and personality points from chapter 1! The consequences of these choices are noted by the slightly red highlighted boxes in the left column. I kept them blank to avoid spoilers, but as you can see, even in Chapter 2, the choices you make start to impact the content you see. So if you’re more brave, for example, a response you choose may come out differently compared to if you’ve been more kind! You might also get different cut scenes depending on what your personality and affection points are hehe~

    There will still be a lot of choices you can make in chapter 2 that aren’t shown here, and I’ve decided to include free time so that players can feel like they have more autonomy over their choices and the storyline, but I’m excited to see how personality choices will start to affect the story when I code it in \o/.

    I’m hoping to have the script finished by the next devlog so that I have more concrete screenshots and updates to show you all, so I hope you stay tuned! Let me know if there’s anything that is particularly interesting to you about chapter 2 or that you’d like to see in the next update! Until next time~ <3

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    16.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    some disgusting middle aged man is trying to tease me about taking photos of him on the trail in the grand canyon and frankly no. I am talking on discord about how much better otome games would be if you could kill the love interests. Shut the fuck up

    #personal #ren plays otome #this wouldnt be a problem if my brothers hadnt decided to hike way past the point we agreed on... now i get to fend people off alone :)
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    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    another yooha cross stitch because I got kinda addicted of making these 🥴🥴

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