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  • Part 11!! Thank you all for reading and special thanks to the readers who came chat with me for a bit. Hope you enjoy this one!


    On Tour (part 11)

    Niall was banging on Lewis’ door. Lewis opened it, looking sleepy and scared at the same time.

    -What the hell?

    -Exactly. You tell me what the hell you think you’re doing. -Niall forced Lewis to let him in.

    -I’m done with this. With us making countless mistakes. It’s been a week since I last talked to you. I am extremely sorry. Now please tell me how to fix it. Or just tell me how you’re feeling. Just talk to me!-He sat on the bed.

    Lewis was standing.

    -Fine. I needed time for myself to recover from the fight, that’s all.

    -So can we start talking to each other again?

    -It really fucking broke me. The things you said.

    -If I could take them back I would.

    -Fine. Turns out I agree with them. And I was extremely embarrassed and ashamed of myself so there is that.

    -You shouldn’t. Lewis please. I was angry. You are one of the best musicians I know. I admire you a lot. You truly are incredible and yes you don’t always know when to stop joking around but I like that too. And I wasn’t being fair. You fucked up once. Everyone makes mistakes. I know this for sure now. So stop beating yourself up, please.

    -I’ll try.

    -Can I hug you? I swear I won’t get between you and Y/N ever again.

    -Yes you can hug me.

    Lewis didn’t hug back at first. But gave in eventually.

    -Why won’t you talk to her?

    -Can’t face her


    -Too ashamed of myself. She deserves better, you know it, and now she knows it too.

    -She loves you, Lewis.

    -She’s sorry for me

    -She has always loved you. She’s worried sick

    -She doesn’t trust me

    -About that… she, hm. We saw the blond girl walking out of your room.


    -Talk to Y/N. Or you’ll lose her forever.

    -I think I already did. Don’t want to put her through more pain

    -Why do you never fight for what you want?

    -Because if we start something and she leaves or if anything goes even worse I won’t be able to take it. If I get used to waking up next to her, kissing her, and then it stops… the times we did it, afterwards, my body hurt from how much I missed it. How much I wanted her again.

    -Don’t you trust her?

    -I don’t trust myself. I fuck everything up. You said so yourself.

    -Forget the crap that I said. If you both love each other, you’ll make it work. Now please talk to her. She’s completely broken

    -That blonde, it truly meant nothing. I wanted to feel less lonely, a distraction that’s all. This week was tough. I thought Y/N was disgusted. Thought she would never come close to me ever again.

    -She tried to talk to you multiple times. She kept coming here but you wouldn’t see her.

    -I thought she was mad.

    -She was. But she wanted to make things right again.

    -I can’t do this, Niall. Not now that she saw the girl

    -You’re being a coward

    -I can’t.

    -Alright. You’ll regret it though

    -Don’t tell her we had this conversation

    -I won’t. Thank you for talking to me. I hope our friendship can go back to normal eventually


    -Goodnight, Lewis.


    Waking up was painful. Every sensation from the night before coming back. She felt humiliated. She had to get up and turn things around. She was done waiting for him. Y/N took a shower, put one of her favorite summer dresses on and did her makeup while listening to Lizzo. From now on she was going to live her moment and have fun.

    At lunch, she called Angie:

    -Let’s party tonight!

    -Party? You? Partying?

    -Yes. We have two nights off and I want to drink and have fun so yes we are partying.

    -I’m not saying no

    Y/N invited Angie, Leny and Chris. They went to a rooftop bar and before midnight were already completely drunk. Y/N kissed two random guys, danced until her feet hurt and went back to the hotel laughing nonstop with Chris and Leny trying to carry her, them being just as drunk. They all went to Angie’s room and collapsed on the same bed.

    Angie was the first to wake up and run to the bathroom, vomiting all the colorful drinks she had had. The boys started to get up as well. Y/N wanted to sleep forever.

    -Hey, Y/N, we are going to get something to eat. Do you want anything? We’ll come back to check on you. -Leny said

    -Uh, yeah, uh, maybe an apple? I don’t know, just anything really. A sandwich.

    -An apple and a sandwich. Got it. Call us if you feel sick.

    As soon as they left she felt it coming. It was her time to face the toilet.

    Leny came back, held her hair while she let it all out, and sat next to her on the floor.

    -Quite a night, huh?

    -That’s why I don’t drink much. Always regret it.

    -Eat something, rest, and you’ll be good as new.

    -It was very fun, wasn’t it?

    -We should do it more often. Maybe with less alcohol though.

    -We should.

    After a shower, Y/N decided to go for a walk. She was feeling better and in need of fresh air. She saw Lewis at the lounge but kept walking.

    Seeing him made her want to go to a bar again. She called the boys. Both of them had plans for the night. Angie said yes. But she wanted to invite more people, so she called Niall.

    He met her and Angie at the bar they find out about online. Y/N was already drinking. She hugged him when he appeared, cheering happily. The three of them decided to do shots.

    -Are you girls ready?

    -Yall know I can drink more than the two of you combined! -Screamed Angie

    -I don’t doubt it! - Niall laughed

    First shots came in.




    -YEAHHHHH-Niall put his arms up, cheering.

    -FUCK- Y/N screamed

    -MORE-Said Angie




    More laughs. Hugs. An explosion.





    Y/N almost struggling to keep her balance. Then celebrating, dancing around her friends.

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  • Tony Stark & Bruce BannerHEADERS

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  • Stobotnik cooking

    Stone, moving egg shells: Oh, there was still egg left in there..

    Robotnik: Wonder what it would taste like.

    Stone: Sir no, you’ll get salmonella.

    Robotnik: You don’t get salmonella from the floor.


    Stone: You do from raw eggs.


    Robotnik: Shut up, I am smart.

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  • image

    I’ve been watching you for some time

    Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes

    Burning cities and napalm skies

    Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes

    Your ocean eyes

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  • Following in the footsteps of the CBS Elementary fandom, I proposed the idea of Uhura and Spock/Uhura to also have a positive tag. Like the Elementary ”squee” tag called #elementasquee, we would put only positive posts, graphics and fanworks in this tag while reminding those on the regular tag to use it if they wish. It’s been voted on and the tag names have been decided. They are “uhuralove”, “spuhuralove” and “spyotalove.” Feel free to tag all your positive Uhura and Spock/Uhura centric posts and follow the tags. Enjoy. Thank You

    Friendly S/U Links: https://spockuhuralove.tumblr.com/post/24338529301/spock-uhura-main-links-for-fans

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  • Smart lucy!

    #the rookie#lucy chen#tim bradford#Chenford #he found the ring!! #smart thinking lucy #give it a few seasons and he will be on his knee with her ring again #OTP
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  • #naley #nathan & haley #one tree hill #otp#vidding
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    I’m sorry I can’t return soon knowing you’re waiting for me

    #kdrama#romance#cute#otp#new kdrama#screenshot#screencaps#love#quotes#kdrama screencaps#2020 kdrama #i love you #kdrama quotes#jtbc drama#jtbc chocolate#chocolate #ha ji won #moon cha young #yoon kye sang #lee kang #jang seung jo #yoo teo #min jin woong #park shin hye #hyun bin #crash landing on you #kpop#exo #son ye jin #im sorry
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  • i’ve shipped klance for approximately 1300 days, by the way, and I’m not going to stop soon.

    #vld#klance#keith/lance #keith x lance #voltron #voltron legendary defender #ship#otp#personal
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  • Person A: I don’t have a soul to give you anymore, I sold it for a cornchip.

    Demon Person A made a deal with: B-but we had a- okay, how about give me your heart?

    Person B: Sorry bro, I already have that.


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  • A poor soul: Wow the bromance in this is great! I love positive male relationships! The complexity of their story and their interactions are great. If one of them were a girl, they’d definetely be romantically involved!!


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  • image

    I don’t know where you’re going,

    But do you got room for one more troubled soul?

    I don’t know where I’m going, but I don’t think I’m coming home.

    pls do not repost. love you!

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  • 3 OTP Questions

    Tagged by @codename-alex. Thank you :)

    Tagging: @cameoninja @cameoninja @ultravioletsoul @trauma-team-international @cyberpunk-thot @stanisuaf @ocheewa

    Here we go:

    John Soap MacTavish x Alison Akins

    1. How did they meet?

    They met in Scotland, while Alison was on her way to work. She’s a journalists, used to write for a newspaper in Glasgow. That day she was pretty late for work and stumbled over a dog’s leash in front of Soap’s feet.

    2. What did they think of each other at first?

    Alison was kinda frightened and confused. Since Soap was dressed civil, she thought he was a hooligan of some sort. And Soap for that matter… I think he liked the image of having a normal person as a partner. He probably wasn’t really looking for one but he invited her for coffee because her phone broke during that stunt and he felt kinda sorry for her.

    3. Were they immediately interested/attracted to one another or did that come later?

    I think they both had some sort of interest. I always considered it some sort of “way out” of their usual life. As mentioned Soap invited her for lunch for because he felt sorry for that cracked phone and though Alison tried to find a way out, she accepted and met him. It took them some time to find together eventually but it worked out pretty well so far.

    When I created her, I had someone boring, but mentally stable in mind. Someone Soap can come home to. He’s got enough action at work… he doesn’t need that at home

    #ask memes#otp#three questions #john soap mactavish #alison mactavish#codename-alex #call of duty #soapxoc!
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